McDowell County Queries - 2004

Updated 31 December 2004

I am looking for family aand relatives of Taulbie Lowe born in Russ. Co. Va. s/oJohn B. & Ellen L. Sanders, Lowe.Taulbie has a son Taulbie Lowe, Jr, who visited in cousin Ira Lowe a few years ago along with his sisters. Ira is wanting to get in touch with this family about the Lowes reunion that is held in WVa and in Va. Anyone having any info. of this family please email me at or contact Ira Lowe Honaker, Va. 24260 Thanks Jan

I am looking for the grave site of Mrs. Willard or Bessie Osborne. Also Mary and Tommy Osborne. They lived last in War. Thanks for any help. Tom Rorrer

My Name is Melissia Ann Senter I am researching the surname Senter. I am A descendant of Ernest Joseph Senter and Ada Lee Perkins Senter They are My great great grandparents.
My father was their son Arthur Joe Senter he is one of many children I think they had seven children all together My dad was born and raised in McDowell county as far as I know

Here is a list of their Children's Names

Franklin Delanro Senter
Charlie Senter
Arthur Joe Senter
Francis Senter ( she was Frank's twin sister)
Agnes Senter
Ethel Senter
Phyllis Jean Senter
Hazel Senter

I didn't Know many of his siblings there was only two of them that I knew. And they were Aunt Agnes and Aunt Hazel I knew of Frank through my Mom I know that he was shot and killed in Ohio, But as for the rest of them I did not even know they existed until a year ago. I am looking for any and all information on the Senter's Of McDowell County West Virginia that anyone might have and wish to give me. Sincerely, Melissia Ann Senter

Looking for information on the Englands from Hensley hollow or Zella Lester that married my Grandfather Dennis England. Thanks, James D. England

I am researching my mother's family. I have gotten the names to my great great grandparents; however, I am looking for any photos or additional information regarding this family. The names I have are Sarah and Dale Payne. They had a child named Clarence E. Payne who married Virginia (Virgie) Wagner Payne. They were from Paynesville, WV area. Virginia and Clarence had several children - Etta Marie, Philip, Clifford, Freda, Hubert, Roland, Wanda, Burrell, Wilma and Chester. Any information or photos of any of these family members would be greatly appreciated. If you have any information on Docia Wagner - Virgie's mother - it would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your help. Christy Hunt

I would love to see pictures of the school house in big Ginny hollow if anyone has any? My mother attended that school, Dora Carol (Osborne) Mullins

I am looking for W.S. Barbery, They are who wrote the article on the Shortridge Family from McDowell County, WV. My ancestors were from Bradshaw. I would like to know if anyone has anymore info. on this family. I'm also looking for anyone that would have information about the residence of Atwell's and Cyphers. Kelly Ellis Williams

We are looking for Selma Maines and Jackie Maines.Went to BCHS and lived in Squire back in early fifties. Thank you Martha Ann Broyles Snyder

I am looking for information regarding my father. He died when I was 12 years old, and from that time I was not around his family very much. I know he was raised in a mining area known as Welch West Virginia. His name was Clyde Cochran he was born in 1918. His father was William Cochran, His mother was called Vine. He has 8 brothers and sisters. The brothers also worked in the mines. Clayton (Clate), Glen, sisters Velvie, Ersie and Pearl. There were twins I think but I don&#x0092t know their names. I know the men worked for an organized mining company in this area, If I could find the name of the mining company, perhaps they would have some records. I know there was some type of general store close by. I understand the men gathered there and drank on Saturday night. That is pretty much all I know. I would greatly appreciate any information you may have. Thank you again for any information you may be able to provide. Terri Johnson

Evans family Reunion. Some of the Evans Family are trying to get a reunion going next Memorial Day . This will be the first . It is the Family of Charles Thomas Evans Born (6-5-1891 to 6-21-1950 ) son of (Robert Newton Evans and Matilda Jane Kilgore-Evans ) and Della Porter-Evans ( Born 9-9-1892 to 9-281987 ) daughter Of ( Harvey S Porter and Mary Isabelle" Mollie " Carty-Porter ) We are looking for the grandchildren of Charles Thomas Evans and Della Evans ( Granny ) We have Contacted Elsie Evans- Wolf -Crigger , Her two Daughters Cheryl Wolfe-Asbury , Stephanie Wolfe-Williams , And Dickie Wolfe . Also contacted Abby , Abb Evans-Simpkins , Her Two sons Mike and Larry Simpkins and her daughter Peggy Simpkins-Muncy . Mayford Evans , His three sons Gary , Rick , and Jeff and oldest daughter Geraldine Evans-Stockinger . We have Contact with Mary Evans-Boyd family . Looking for " Ival "Evans and his children and Grandchildren . Wendell Evans , I mailed his wife Ruby and daughter Brenda . No reply . Wendell has passed on . Spencer Evans , Children and grandchildren . Spencer also has passed on . Carl and Bonnie Evans have both passed on they had one son Billie Evans he died at 9 years . Never knew him he died before I was born . I am the son of Charles J. Evans (His name was supposed to be "Charles Thomas Evans Junior") Dad is the youngest . I am Charles Allen Evans. I go by Allen Evans . My Mother is Fannie Virginia Smith-Evans. Thank You Allen Evans

I am from the Lewis family of Beckley, My Grandfather's name is William D. Lewis and his dad died when he was 8 years old also had a brother named Herbert Rose Lewis. My Great Grandfather was a Doctor named William Dickerson Lewis. I am pretty sure he died in 1937. I need some help, because I am not finding anything on the computer to help me find some pictures. I have one picture of him and you can't see clearly at all what he looked like. I know his father's name was Paris Edward Lewis. Some of the other family names would include, Cam Lewis, Tom Lewis There was a sister as well, but I can't think of her name. Please contact me if you have any information that would help me in my search. Thanks the Lewis Family

Looking for surnames Moscoe, Mosko, Lustritz, Lynch, Gasculus, Odley, Zloba, and Brunika. Would have been in Kimball/Powhatan Coal Mine area in the 1920&#x0092s. Also have some connection with Sacred Heart Church. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Barb Moscoe

I'm looking for Robert Lewis Hutchinson and his wife Isabella Marcum that lived at Marytown, West Virgina around 1910 any information would be appriciated

Looking for greatgrandfather "Big Joe" Gemellaro, died in coal mining accident in Berwind (?) around 1910. Lin Gemellaro

I am searching for information on the family of James Harris listed in the 1900 McDowell County census at age 93, born in North Carolina, with his son-in-law Alexander Payne. His wife was Mary Polly ?. They had Rebecca Harris who married Elisha Bishop(son of Henry Bishop Lucinda Johnson/Johnston)m Amanda Harris(Murphy) who married Alexander Payne, Chloe Harris and Elizabeth Harris who married Peter Cline, Jr.

His father is supposed to be Abraham Harris who married Rachel Williams. Abraham Harris was born in Pike County KY 1784. This family was supposed to be Indian.

James Harris was located in 1840 Logan County census, 1850 Wyoming Co., VA census (listing his wife and two daughters), 1860 McDowell County, VA census, Tug River P.O. , 1870 McDowell County census Big Creek Township and the 1880 Big Creek Township, McDowell County census and the 1900 McDowell County census with Alexander Payne in the Big Creek Township.

I did found a Jas Harris in the 1830 Goose Creek, Beaufort County NC census that matches the right age with his wife. I also found an A. Harris in the 1810 Brunswick County NC census listing four personws as "other free persons". They were not listed as white or black. Any help on this family would be appreciated. They are supposed to be Indians. Rebecca Harris Bishop was my great great grandmother The 1810 census listed all free white persons, slaves, and non-taxed Indians. Lee Ann Riffe

Gary #2 Coalmine, McDowell Co Wv....I am looking for any information on this coal mine, my grandfather John Q. Adams worked there and I just found out that he had invented a "switch plate" (or something to that effect) for the railroad and he was given $500.00 for this invention and his photo was in the newspaper there in McDowell, I am not sure if it was the McDowell Daily News or some other paper. I would love to get a copy of this, I only know this was in the 1940's. I would appreciate any help at all...thank you so much! My email is if you need to contact me.

Looking for any information about a long lost friend from the past. Helen Altizer lived in Warriormines WV, and was still living there in the summer of 1964. The last letter I received from here was in the year on 1965, and I do believe she was still in Warriormines at that time. Bobby Lockhart

Hi everyone! I'm doing research on the Green, Lambert and Kenney families. I have family buried at Justice Cemetary in Davy, including James Green (unmarked, grandfather), Levi Green (marked grave beside James, great grandfather), and Grace Green (unmarked grave beside Levi, great grandmother). If anyone has information on these families or individuals, please let me know at Thank you!

I'm looking for any all info pertaining to Arawana Pauline LAMBERT. She was born on top of Crumpler Mountain near Crumpler on 1922 10 13 and married Okla Alan McKinney in 1941. She has a sister called Alban (Nellie) who married Evert Lester. Also a Sister called Audry and a brother nicknamed "Scooter". The courthouse's records has no last names on the birth record for her parents. There were Alfred, David, Ronnie and Virginia Lambert tied to her directly somehow. I was told that David was my uncle? HHMMMmmm..... I do thank you, whomever responds,in advance for the help! Edgar McKinney

Would anyone know anything about an old grave sight located on the hill to the right (behind a church) as you enter Middletown in Coalwood? In the 50s or early 60s, my dad told me his mom was buried on this hill. I would appreciate any info...thanks John Weimer

I have been trying to locate a friend, Barbara Ball that lived in Davy, WV, I left Twin Branch in 1955, do not know what her married name would be, do hope someone will be able to help in trying to locate her. Many Thanks Emma Magda

Does anyone know of anywhere on the internet I can find a map of the districts of McDowell County. For instance, I'm looking through the census maps to find relatives in Roderfield, but I don't know if it is in Sandy River District or Browns Creek, etc. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks Carolyn (Lester) Osborne

Looking for an old cemetery that is supposed to be in War. From information I have received the cemetery was either moved or house trailers were placed where the cemetery was. The trailer park was put there quite a few year ago. I know that you come through town going toward Welch but you turn and go across the bridge. I am looking for George Washington Yorks grave he was buried there in 1929. Anyone have a clue of where this might be. Thanks Theresa

I'm trying to research my family tree, I'm looking for other Day family members who made be related to William Day and his wife Eliza Payne. They were from McDowell County in Jolo. Their children are Florabell, Clara, Virgie, Robert, Hurstin, Gilbert, and Isaac. If you have any information please contact Diane (Day) Mullins @ Thank you.

I am looking for any information on an old cemetery located about 5 miles up the holler from Wilmore Dam. My GGGrandmother Rachel Marcum Adams Smith ran a boarding house near there and I am trying to find out if my GGGrandfather Erastus Adams is buried there. Any help appreciated. Charles Sturgeon

I am looking for any infromation regarding a marriage. My 2xGreat-Grandfather worked as the general manager of the Gilliam and Arlington Coal mines from 1887 to 1895. During this time he married. James Johnstone m. Virginia Holmes before 1895 dau. Virginia Johnstone born in 1895 Is it possible there are court records for this marriage? Jennifer Pellegrino

I would like to find a list of fatalities from the 1948 coal mining accident at Berwind No. 11. I am looking for my g-g- uncle who died in a coal mining accident. His name was Asery Mull, I would like to know where he died and where he is buried. Is there a list in the courthouse or with the company that he may have worked for? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to find out if there are records from the grammer school in War and how do I go about finding out when my father was in school. It was during the thirties. Shelby Wood

I am hoping to hear from anyone who either attended the Hemphill-Capels elementary school in McDowell County, West Virgina or has any information or pictures concerning it. I am especially interested in the years I attended, 1940-1950 but interested in other years also. I also have information & Pictures to share or exchange. Thanks Shirley(Gwaltney) Skiles

I am looking for any information on Jerry M. Talbott or Talbott. he was born around 1875 and he married Blance Ann brown. They had at least one daughter, my grandmother, Virginia mae. Virgina Mae was born 25 mar 1907. Any info would be appreciated. My e-mail is Thanks

I am hoping someone can help me identify the daughter in the below newstory. I think this Joseph Elkins is my great great grandfather who was on his way to visit his daughter, (my great grandmother), when he died. Anyone who may know the identity of these folks or who may be able to look up any death records/burial records for me, I'd appreciate hearing from you. The below story was taken from the internet & the source is listed at the end. Thanks!

JOSEPH ELKINS DIES ON TRAIN: Russell Man Was Enroute To Visit Daughter When End Came. Joseph Elkins, probable 70 years of age and whose home was Swords Creek, Russell County, died suddenly of heart failure Wednesday afternoon March 25th about 4:45 o'clock while a passenger on train No. 1 bound for East Vivian to visit his daughter. After the train passed North Fork the conductor passing through the train punched him thinking that he was asleep and asked him for his ticket, but the aged man had passed away. He was accompanied by a small boy, probably 10 years old, but the lad was so frightened that he could give no information. In the deceased's pocket was a ticket from Swords Creek to East Vivian, so when the train arrived at that place the body was taken off. It developed that his daughter lived several miles east of Vivian and it was the poor old fellows intentions to walk from East Vivian to that place.
Source: Lebanon News: 03 Apr 1908

Please contact me at if you know anything that could help me.

I am looking for any information on a Virginia Holmes who married James Johnstone in the 1890's. He was the general manager of the Gilliam and Arlington Coal Mines as well as a Civil Engineer. They moved to Canada before 1901. Rob Pellegrino

I am looking for Bell, Shirley ,Perkins and Senter Family from and around McDowell County. Especially War, Davy, Welch, Berwind, Cucumber, Big Sandy, Ieager and Bradshaw areas. Elizabeth Ann Shirley


I was born in War West Virginia in DEC. 1952. My name was Brenda Farley. I lived with my grandparents Mae and Fred Watkins for many years. My brother was Larry Watkins. I remember them owning a small grocery store in my early childhood. I would like to see if I could get in touch with any of my childhood friends. I moved away when I was maybe 8? I played with a girl named Debbie Coleman she lived across the road from me. Her Mom was Mildred Coleman, can not remember her dads first name she had a brother named Ronald. Her grandparents lived next door to her their last name was Williams. I would really like to get in touch with her. Also a Bonnie York, her Mom had lived in Florida I think in the 70's her name was Della York her dad was Dave York, she had a brother named Ronnie and a sister named Carlotta and another brother I think named Deprey? Most of my family has passed on so I have no other information. We all lived in Warriormines WV. Thank You. Brenda

Looking for any living relatives or information from the Welch area. My grandfather was Sherman French and was buried at Twin Branch Grave Yard. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Carla

Looking for a Clarence Jessee who lived in McDowell Co., more specifically Iaeger, WV in early 1940's. He was killed overseas in the U.S. Army sometime during 1944. Any info anyone? Gloria

I am looking for information on the WALKER family. Names from the 1930 census are Jimmie, Wade, Essie and Arthur. Census shows them living in the Sandy River District of McDowell County. If you have any information that you could share I would really appreciate it. Thanks,

I am looking for information about my Aunt Frankie Boling Rowe. She is buried in Bowles Cemetery between Union City & Mile Branch. Can anyone tell me how to get there from War? She was married to Walter Rowe who is also buried there. Anyone connected to either of them? I would love to hear from you. My Aunt Frankie died at Bradshaw after 1979. Does anyone know when she died? She and Walter never had children so it would be his brother's or sister's children who might have some information that could help me. Thanks. Christine Hayes

My Name is Tabitha Otton, maiden name is Kendrick. Im looking for Eugene Kendrick and Marie Hedrick Kendrick, They are my grandparents and I know they are from West Virginia and I think my grandfather was from McDowell county. Please replyto:

I am trying to find information and maybe even pictures of my Grandfather, Frank Kennedy. I am actually trying to find information about his baseball team that he was on, I know it was for a coal company around the Bradshaw/Jolo area. I do know he was a pitcher and a great one at that. I'm researching trying to find this information as a gift to his daughter, my mother. He passed away in 1995, and it would mean a lot if I could find something. I know I don't have a lot of specific information, but I will help you in any way I can. Thank you so much! Kayla

We are looking for a Charles E. Lowdermilk family. They were listed on the 1930 census as being in Northfork, McDowell County, WV. Listed with them was a Ida Wilde who is our GGrandmother. We are trying to find her date of death and burial site. The wifes name was Charlotte A. Wilde Lowdermilk. If you can provide any info or suggestions we would appreciate it. Thank You. David and Linda Smith

My name is Jo Ann (Ray) Aten. My cousin Janet Arden and I are researching the Arden family. We are currently in search of the burial site of Andrew Jackson Arden--Born:aby.1813. Last known residence was with his son Ribune Arden in Twin Branch,W.V. in the 1920 census. We were wondering if he is buried in McDowell Co. His wife's name was Elizabeth Taylor Arden. My cousin just visited the grave site of Elizabeth and Andrew was not there. We greatly appreciate any help--Jo Ann (Ray) Aten

Am searching for Susan Vandalls Married to Randy Vandalls.Four kids,Brandon,Veronica,Christopher,and Nikki Smith. Also looking for anyone who went to Welch Jr High in 1988. If anyone knows there whereabouts. Thank You, Lisa B. Johnston

I am trying to locate a man who was a contractor in McDowell County. His name is James Savage. Thanks! Debbie

Looking to contact people from Eckman &#x0096 Eureka Hollow &#x0096 Stable Hollow &#x0096 today or in the past. Danny Weiss (Appalachian Volunteer in the summer of 1966)

Hoping someone can tell me where "Fort Branch School" was located. Also Little White Oak Farm and Schoolhouse. Recently came upon some old family photos. Believe this may be Wyoming Co. or Pinnacle but unsure. Any help appreciated. Alicia Brown

I am looking for info on Edd Mooney from WV and his wife was Hattie Wyatt. thanks Susie in VA

I am looking for a picture of my Great Grandparents James Stanley and Amanda Harman Stanley and/or any of their children. They lived in the Big Creek area in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Their son William Bartley Stanley was my grandfather. He was married to Julia Coleman and then to Mary Hicks Christian. Bart & Mary were my grandparents. Mary had a brother Harman Hicks and her parents were John & Pricey? (Preca?) Hicks. Bart and Mary's children were James, my father Robert, Frank, Rhoda (who was known in Caretta as Dot Jackson), and Ellis Stanley who was a minister in the War/Warriormines area. I would love to communicate with any cousins or other relatives in any of these lines. Christine Hayes

I am looking for information anybody might have on a murder that took place on Burke mountain or in bottom creek. it would have to be after 1942 and I have heard that the mans name was John Short that was murdered, but I am not sure. If you have heard of anything like this going on please let me know. The tail that I have heard is that the mans head was cut off. I am trying to find out if there is any truth to the storys that have been told to me. Thank

I am trying to locate a SGT. JERRY MARVIN BAKER. He divorced a woman named BETTY JEAN LAWSON in McDowell County in 1965. The court docs state that he was a 20 year resident of West Virginia prior to the divorce. Not sure if he called McDowell County his home for that long. My name is RICHARD M BROWN, I am an adoptee and BETTY JEAN LAWSON is my birth mother. Being born in 1967, 2 years after the divorce, I am not even sure if JERRY MARVIN BAKER could possibly be my father, although he may know who she ended up with after the divorce. She moved to California not long after. I do not know if she is originally from West Virginia or California. I do know that she is buried in Inglewood California, passed away in 1971. So far I have no information about Mr Baker other than his name, probably my brothers father, and he must have or still is in the military. Not sure which branch SGT. belongs to. ANY INFO WILL BE A BIG HELP. THANK YOU. Reply to: Richard Brown

I am looking for information on my gr grandfather Charles Brewer who worked for a coal mine. He was probably killed in the explosion in Welch WV on 8/01/11. I am looking for information on the six accident victims. They worked for the Standard Pocahontas Fuel Co. Thank you. Jackie Manescala

I am looking for information on the Howard Little murders which happened in Buchanan County, VA. I am also looking for any information on the Lee families in that area. Mickey Smith

I am looking for any information about the Belchers of West Virginia. My great grandfather is Noah Belcher b:1864 and Grandmother Rhoda Roseanna Belcher ( lambert) born 1873.

I am looking for any information on the family of Sarah Elizabeth Payne b.1865 in VA. She was first married to a J.W. Mobley who then died leaving her with a child, Harry Mobley b. 1893 . She then married John Brown and they resided in McDowell County having more children Ethel (Lizzie)b. 1896 , Titus, Helen, Georgia, and John Brown Jr. If anyone makes a trip to the McDowell courthouse, I would love to find a marraige record for Sarah and John which would be between the years 1892 and 1896. I believe there is an index for those years. Sarah's last name could either be Payne or Mobley. Thanks for any help. Tammy

Mack L. Smith, born in JenkinJones, WVA, in 1923 passed away in January 2004. If you were acquainted with him, would you please write me? I am interested in learning more about my father. My name is Mike Smith and am Mack's youngest son living in Texas. My e-mail address is and I look forward to hearing from you.

I am looking for information on the Lambert family...Name Issac Lambert from Eckman his wife Dorothy Lambert. Father of Issac was Simon Peter Lambert. If you have any pictures that you could share or information I would really appreciate it Thanks

I am trying to help a elderly friend find a attorney that was helping him with his S S benafits.He says he believes the attorneys office was in the old courthouse.about 5-6 yrs ago. Thank you for any help. Pat Stiltner

I am looking for any relatives or information that anybody might be able to give me on Jackie D. Green, from mcdowell co.His parents where George Thomas Green and Iva Snead Green. I am starting on a family tree and I am starting from square one, so any info on The Green Family or Snead Family would really help. Thank

James Jester here. I am researching the George Washington Griffith Family from McDowell Co. WV. On the 1880 Census there is listed:

George Washington Griffith wm 50 VA VA VA head
Sarah Griffith wf 45 VA VA VA wife
Erastus B Griffith wm 19 VA VA VA son (md. Sarah A. Combs
Tazwell, VA.)
Deeney J Griffith wf 15 VA VA VA dau
Polly Ann Griffith wf 12 VA VA VA dau
James A Griffith wm 6 VA VA VA son
Franca C Griffith wf 4 VA VA VA dau

Eratus Blair Griffith and Sarah A Combs were married in Tazwell Co. VA. He went to North Carolina, then find him on 1910 census of Wythe Co VA., then on 1920 census of Letcher Co. KY. I haven't been able to find George and Sarah in 1870 census of any State. Also haven't been able to locate Erastus and Sarah in any State in the 1900 Census. So I am at a standstill on this family. Appreciate any help on this family. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.......James

Does Anyone know anything about General Jubel Early, or Jimmy Early? I have been told that I am a descendant of the Hatfield's and McCoy's. My greatgrandmother's name was Bertha Clara Miller from Welch.My grandparents name's are Thomas Marshall Early from Kimbal and Helen Joyann Early from WelchMy Grandmother, Helen, has a brither named Burgess Miller. If anyone knows anything about my heritage, please e-mail me at

I'm looking for information on the Wolfe and George Alexander Smith families of the Keystone area. I am the grandson of the late Leonard E. Wolfe born to George Alexander Smith in December 1925 and given up for adoption a short while later. I am interested primarily in the ancestry of either of these families. Any information would be most appreciated. Greg Wolfe

I am looking for information on Knuckles in mcdowell co area. my grandfather was Roy Knuckles son of Rennie and Arvid Knuckles. Just would like to find out some family history and find some relatives. If you have any info or pictures email me at

I am trying to find any information on the following family: James W. & Ambia Lawson. They were listed on the 1930 U. S. Census and stated that the family, 2 sons (Alonzo T. and Carl J.) and 3 daughters (Eudora, Mae and Margie) were all born in Kentucky. Alonzo was my father-in-law and was born 1/19/1914 and died in Beckley on 5/28/1948. Any info you can send me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bert

I'm searching for an old picture of Hensley Hollow school house. Does anyone know where I might find one? Thanks Regina

I'm looking for information on the Novince family that lived in Gary, WV from around 1915 until roughly 1950. My grandfather was Tony(Anthony) Novince, born in 1920. My great grandparents were John and Frances Novince, both born in Yugoslavia(Croatia). John died in 1948 and Frances in 1934. There were 8 children. Anthony, George, Matthew, John, Katie, Frances, Rudolph(Rudy), and Frank. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate it greatly. My grandfather was also a POW from 1943 to 1945. Joni Koneval

I am trying to find out where Brammer Stafford married his two wives. His second marriage was to Viola Conley but I don't know where they married. Parke Bogle

I am looking for information on any Belchers from Mcdowell County. My grandmohter was Hazel Belcher Blankenship Lawson. She used to live in Welch and in War. Also, on the Cline side of my family. My grandfather was Herman Cline who used to work at the Bailey Lumber Company in War, and lived in the holler of Soft Branch, his wife was Dorothy (Whitt) Cline. and Herman's father was Ira Shannon Cline. Ira used to be the Sheriff of Iaeger. Also, on any Blankenship's ..My father was Larry David Blankenship. He died in a coal mine accident on June 28, 1979, I was 3 years old. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Misty

Kimball Gospel Singers--My father, Dewey A Mitchem, was a member of the Kimball Gospel Singers in 1950, in the Bluefield area. They had a weekly radio show, possibly station WWYO in Pineville, WV. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers this group, particularly the other singers. Pictures of Dad, and several men who he sang with (Curtis and Othur Byrd, and also Curly Parks) are posted on our family web page, Cherryl Mitchem Crouch

Hello out there ,does anyone have picture of the old one room school at Davy,WV back in the 40s-50s I am told that it was by some rail road tracks also had about 3 houses there.Thanks Rev.Earl J. Lawson

My name is Richard Washington. My grandfather was Ike Phipps and my grandmother was Ada Banner/Phipps of Bishop. My mother went to Excelsior HS. in War. Her name was Bernice Banner. I plan to travel to the Bishop/War/camp area in mid July. I remember as a kid walking up the road to Crockett's general store. I plan to bring a load of pictures that I inherited when my Mom passed away about ten years ago. Any leads would be appreciated. There was also a little town we called the Camp a few miles from my Grandfather's house that had a church just as you entered the "camp". My grandfather had a pit bull named BOSS that was the most feared dog in the area!! Thanks in advance

I'm searching for information on a cemetery in the Boggs Mountain area south east of Anawalt. If you have any information on this cementery, please let me know. Thank you Jess Goss

Looking to correspond with anyone who worked for the railroad in the Bradshaw/Iaeager/War area...40's, 50's 60's Thanks, Leslie Eversole, Houston TX

Anyone with knowledge of the Gilreath Family of Hemphill or Welch? Please contact me. Charles Smith

I am trying to locate Cindy Moore who was/is a postal carrier in McDowell County (maybe Crumper). Thanks for your help! Debbie

Looking for information on the Dave Osborne family, Dye families (Russell, Grover, Bailey etc.) and Sims families. They all lived in or around Berwind in the 50's. My father was Dave and my mother was Virgie Osborne. Please e-mail me at

Can anyone tell me the exact location of Wilmore Cemetery? Have been thru Wilmore and know where the dam is, but can't find the cemetery. Any help appreciated.

I am responding to the query posted by Betty Jean Murphy. I am one of the persons she is trying to locate. I responded to the email address that she posted on this query board, but my response was refused. Betty, if you get this message, please contact me at Thanks. (Her email address that was posted was

My name is Mark Mullins, I was born in Welch. I want to find relatives and family that know more about our Mullins family? My father is Lee Mullins his father was Walter Mullins which is my grandfather. His second wife is Gladys. He has several brothers and sisters still living in Welch. Jr, Johnny, Cathy, Phillis, Diane, Sue, Orville, David, Oley, Amos, Elvis and Geneva. Brothers deceased, Carl, Cody and Marvin. A brother in Ohio Clarence. All Information would be appreciated!! Thanks Mark D.Mullins

I would like to know if you have any photo's of the old Bishop Company Store, it might have been called Pocahontas Fuel Company Store in Bishop, I am trying to research it's history. Thank you, Teresa

Doing personal research on the coal mines, and railroad on the dry fork branch. I am looking for any information about train movements from Auville yard, to the mines. Also, any info/pictures of coal camps, tipples, etc between Iaeger and points south. Thanks Leslie Eversole

Need info on the Wm. Hamilton Atwell family. He married (1) Nancy ??? and one of their children was a daughter, Cosby (Causby) who married an Asbury. Ham & Nancy had other children, Bill, Isaac (Went), Dora (Dorie), and Mary. Ham & Nancy possibly lived near Berwind,WV. Ham married (2) Eliza Jane Mullins and had more children. Thanks for any info. Ruth

Looking for records for Komperda Family that lived on Tipple Row in Adkins around the 1920"s and later. Gloria

I am looking for information on a Samuel Mahone who passed away in 1955 I believe. He is supposed to be buried in Hartwell Cemetery in McDowell County. I am trying to find this info out for his Daughter "Elsie, who is 85 yrs old and would like to be buried by him if possible. I would appreciate any information that anyone can give me. Thankyou, Dave Mayer

I am looking for pictures of Mt Pleasant Baptist Church and Little Zion United Holy Church located at Filbert. Any help would be appreciated. Alex Schust

I am looking for a picture of the school house that used to be in Davy years ago my mother who is still living went to school there it was a one room school and the building still stands but it has been renovated she wants a picture as it was in the 40s also there used to be some houses along the railroad track there I think 3 of them they are all torn down now but some pieces of them still lay there along with some old chimneys. Anyone who has these pictures please email them to me or if you may know my mother her name is Ella Mae Morgan she married James Clark Mitchem please email me also at

Looking for information on my grandpa,brothers, sisters,mom,dad there names.I know he was from McDOWELL CO. He had a brother named WARNER and a sister named MARY. I know there were other brothers and sisters but I have no names.His name was JESS "bug" HALL. Any information would be appreciated.E-MAIL me at THANKS

I am looking for information on Herbert (DOB 10/9/1898) & Daisy Mae Bolden of McDowell County. Any information would be appreciated. Renee Bolden

Does anyone remember Barrett's Grocery that was located on Big Creek, near Big Creek High School? Any stories, rememberances, photos, etc.. greatly appreciated. Stephen Phelps

Looking for the parents of Martha Lester who married Morgan Davis 1847 Taze. Co. Va.they were living in McDow. Co. WV in 1860.census. Carl Lester

I am looking for any information on the town/place of Nacols located near Iaeger-specifically information regarding the mine operations and the old tipple that is still present. Jeff Davis-Archaeologist with Div. of Culture and History

Looking for a young lady I met a few yrs ago that lived in welch,she was a home health care nurse. I have a pic of her. Her first name was April and has a brother that just recently got married, I would really like to talk with her again, she is very special. If anyone could help me find her I would be very greatful, Thank You, James

Does anyone have the resources to help me find which coal mine explosion or mining accident that my gg uncle was killed in? All I know was that the mine was in War, West Virginia. The accident probably happened in the 1920's. His name is Oliver Fields b. 21 Aug 1894 in Hawkins Co, TN. Oliver was not brought back for burial. He was buried in the War, WV area. My aunt remembers the town of the explosion, but doesn't remember the exact date. Thanks, Shirley

GRAVELY - Would like to have any information on Robert F. Graveley or James Lee "Doc" Gravely. James Lee was a clerk at the Turkey Gap Coal Co. and Robert F. was a state road employee. Both belonged to the Masonic Lodge. Freda

Would like to know where in Mcdowell County, the towns Pan and Antler are located. Maybe you could give me other towns nearby so I can find the locations. Thank You, Gwenn

I am looking for Samuel Scarberry and William Scarberry Jr. Their mother was Rebecca Justice and their father was William Scarberry . He died in January 31,1969 .They lived in Chattaroy when he died. He is my husbands Grandfather from his first marriage.

I'm looking for information on George Day b. abt. 1885 m. Gertrude Mick abt 1910. They had a son, John Day, b. 1919. They lived at Anawalt and Gertrude d. 1920. Gertrude was the sister of Nora Mick Tabor who lived at Maybeury. Any info will be appreciated.

Looking for any student that attended negro schools in McDowell County before integration began. Especially Maybeury school, Elkhorrn High or Kimball High or any other negro school during that time. Really need to hear from all teachers.

I am looking for pictures and any information about the Island Creek # 6 Mines at Beartown, WV. My father was killed in that mines in 1956. Any information will be appreciated. Wilfred G. Davis

Does any one have a copy of the obituarie of Joseph Melvin Quesenberry who died on or about the 4 of April 2004. Thanks PS I think that he was from Newhall,WV Rev Earl J. Lawson

I am trying to get any information i can about my mother Sharon Kathleen Hopkins. Her maiden name was McLaughlin. According to my records she passed June 11, 1994 and was married to James L. Hopkins at that time. If anyone has any information please contact me. Thank you. Dorena

My grandfather, David Darrell Puckett, was from War, West Virginia. I'm looking for information pertaining to his family. Also, he was in prison in West Virginia numerous times, escaped at least three times...I'd really like to obtain newspaper articles regarding his crimes and escapes. This would have been in the 1960's and 1970's Shannon Sepulveda

I am looking for any info on the Lester or Keene families who live in English/Bartley area. L Ratay

Hi. I am researching my Great Grandmother Margaret Hewitt Jordan. She was living in Antler, McDowell county in 1909. I believe she went their from Floyd county , Virginia. I think she went to stay with a half sister, to have a baby. I know she was born in Floyd in 1889. Was still there in the 1900 census, she would have been 11 then. So, sometime between 1900 and 1909, she got pregnant, I would think between 1905 and 1908, 1909 she had already had the baby. He lived to be about 8 months old. He died of Hives or consumption. My grandfather wrote her a letter in 1909 she was living in Antler at the time. So, I am trying to figure out, the migration she took, how she got to Antler, maybe a death or birth date for the baby. His name was Amos. Thanks for any help, Billie Jo Kelley

Looking for information on the Asbury family. My dad was Adam Lavern Asbury b 3/18/1921 d 12/20/1987. His dad was Alvis Rufus Asbury (?) I can find no information. His mom was Matilda Kennedy d of Daniel and Victoria Kennedy. She was blind and attended the blind school in Tazewell sometime in the 1910-1920's. There was another son born a Hobart Robert or Robert Hobart who would have died around 1928-1929 that I have no other information Thanks in advance for your time. Renae Asbury Hughes

I am looking for information on Morris & Ora Collins who lived in War or Warriormines, West Virginia. I believe that when I wrote to them as a child I sent the letters to Bartley, West Virginia. Morris was my dad's uncle. We are looking to obtain information to see if we can find out his parents name. My dad passed away in 1992 and none of his siblings knew their grandparents names. Morris & Ora lived in the area for many years. It was the early sixties when we went to visit them. We drove up an old dried up creek bed to get to their house. I remember it was a big white house with a porch all along the front, both on the lower & upper levels. Morris and Ora's youngest son was Chester. Chester was selected to play for a professional baseball team but returned to the area and did not pursue a career in baseball. I think that Ora may have passed away in April of 1977 and Morris in 1991 - if the information I have is correct. I also remember that his brother, known as "Uncle Bud" (Collins) lived just above him and everyone in the area was related to us. As children, we went from house to house to play with a lot of cousins. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have fond memories of our trip to see them. Ann (Collins) Storland

I am researching my great great grand father, his name was john w mitchell, and that is all I know, his son, my grand father, Ballard Preston Mitchell, was born at Welch, West Virginia, on April 14, 1892. his mother's name was Causby Workman. I hope you can help me. John Mitchell

Hi. I am trying to gather information on the CAMPBELL family which lived in the Warriormine area in the 1930's and previous. I am particularly interested in William CAMPBELL, born c. 1911. Thanks. Bill

I am looking for photos of the Noah England and Matilda Bishop family as well as the Joseph England and Martha Jane Blakely family. I am interested in any family member's photo from either family. If anyone knows of any online or is willing to share any, please contact me at Thanks in advance - Michelle Brown

I am looking for any information someone might have about my maternal grandfather Robert "Bob" Love. He was married to Frances Mullins now Hurt of Hemphill. He left sometime in the 1950's when my mother and her siblings were very small. I would appreciate any help I can get, I was told he was deceased and buried in ohio but I have not been able to confirm anything. thanks in advance for any assistance.

I am trying to gain information on research I am doing involving a Bureau of Prohibition agent who was killed in the line of duty during the execution of a search warrant near Welch, WV on or about 2/14/1925. The agent's name was Malcolm M. Day and he was killed by a Jim Sneed, who was killed by return fire. Special Agent Day is memorialized on the Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, DC, but I've been able to find very little about him or the incident. Could you possibly point me toward some historical account of this incident and/or some biographical information on Special Agent Day? Bernard V. Teyssier

I would like to obtain copies of Iaeger High year books, from 1972-1976, if anyone knows where I could find them. Thank you for any information you may provide You may email me at:

Can anyone give me any information on John Plummer. He was born in Va. as far as I know. He married Matilda Rose (Steele) in Sandy Huff west virginia. From what I was told He died in 1934/5. I have been searching & come up with nothing. I have a copy of his marriage lisence,so I know he was in west virginia at that time. Any info would be helpfull

Looking for a photo of the warncliff train depot in Warncliff WV. Thanks, Ernest Hatfield

I am searching for any information on the Robert Williams or Spencer families around War WV area also any information on the town of Black Wolf. Jackie Tollison

I am researching for my grandfather William Henry Yost who died in Kimball May 8, 1938. He lived in Kimball for 50 years. Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sandra Yost Patterson

In reply to this query of 1999: Lucy Scarberry-Schwarman - Seek info on the Scarberrys from Anawalt and surrounding areas. My father was Robert Sheffie Scarberry, one of 16 siblings including Cook, Edward, Mary and William. The remaining 11 siblings are unknown to me. My grandather was Thomas H. Scarberry who married Sarah L. Terry on 5 May 1877 in McDowell Co. Would like to find out why and when family moved to Bluefield area, Mercer Co. and what happened to them?

My Grandmother is Dianna (nee Scarberry) George, born in Richardson, KY. She passed 7/9/1950 C. Rolf Milton

I am trying to get the obituary of Arthur Hankins that was shot and died in 1946 in War, WV am told that the Welch news paper did the reporting can anyone help me. Thanks, Rev Earl J. Lawson

1. Is VFW Post 8413 in Welch? 2. Does the post have an email? 3. Maybe another War? Thanks for your help! Little Will

I am looking for any information on several family surnames. They are Wiseman, Smith, Davidson and Miller. Please contact me if you have any information on the names listed. Thanks, Carol Smith

I am looking for a picture of War,WV in the 40 s & 50 s. Would like one coming into town from each end. Thanks, Rev Earl J. Lawson

I am seeking information on a man named Marvin Franklin who resided at 83 Lake Drive, Welch, in the 1930 census. I've heard that he was a policeman and subsequently went to prison for killing a man. Can anyone help? Marjorie Williams

Looking for info about the Davidson family of Squire W VA. am acquainted with mildred who went to Lee College in tennessee in the 50's Contact Dave W, Whitener


I'm looking for information on Evelyn and Marshall Levi Craighead. They lived in Welch. Marshall was killed in a mining accident. Evelyn had a son in Welch Hospital in November 1946. Thanks. Evelyn L. Nash

I am searching for anyone who knew of Dennis and Nora{MCCOY}Waldron who lived in Berwind WVA. They had three children, Clyde, Edith, Lena. Edith married, "Ike" Parsons and Clyde married Jewel Starling . Nora and Den divorced and he raised the children on his own. Thank you, Jean Beavers Parsons

I am looking for a Northfork High School yearbook for the year 1979-1980. I lost the one that I had an would love to get a copy if anyone has one. I Will pay for the copy if there is one out there somewhere. Tammy Kosa

Could someone help me, I am looking for some pictures of Garland WV near Avondale. Located between Bradshaw and Iaeger. Garland is an old coal camp, most of the houses have been torn down. There was an old tipple any pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ella of Mcdowell Co.

I am looking for any information on the Solomon Mullins family. His parents were Richard and Cindy Mullins. He first married Lucinda Simpson, then Matilda Wyatt. I show Solomon being born in 1868, and died in 1952. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Melvin Sims

Seeking information on Elizabeth Deskins and Hiram Vanover family had 2 sons William and Henry, Sarah Deskins and Greenway Vance had large family, Eliza Deskins and Hop Blevins, Lydia Deskins and Norris Davis also Rebecca Deskins. June Green

Is there anyone still around who was taught in school by William Thomas Farley? Or, maybe just knows something about him? L. Neale Clifton

Could anyone tell me which cemetery would be near Long Pole and Ieager? Looking for a Compton Trent and his wife Dicy (who later married a Shelton). Thanks so much! Cindy

I have a picture of a baby, dated Sept. 1968. On the back is written "Hoyt Parrot, 8 mo." I would love to give this picture to the child's family. Joyce Crigger

I am trying to find any info on Ozella Keene, who lived in English. She should be about 58 or 60 by now. She was formerly married to Preston Keene, Sr. He lived in War. Laurie Ratay

My Great Grandfather, Albert Patrick Henry Tweedy was murdered in the county of Tazewell on or around April 9th, 1927. He was murdered in a coal mine near Pocahontas, Va. The undertakers name was Draper. There was an Inquest. That's all the information I have. Can you help me put the pieces together? Jeff Marsh

I am looking for any information on Henry Henderson Wilson,born April 17,1907,Hemphill,McDowell County,WV. He was the son of John William Wilson and Mable Linkous. Diane Renfrow

Looking for a copy of Mountview Highschool yearbook. It would be for the graduating class of 1996. Her copy was lost in a tragic house fire. It would be a great surprise for her to find another copy because she really misses having the photos of old class mates. Any help in finding a copy would be greatly appreciated.

I am a former McDowell County coal miner and I'm doing historical research on the old mines there and Gary Hollow in particular. Would like to hear from any former coal miners that can offer or relate to interesting experiences while working in the mines. Any historical information or general information about the coal company and mines you worked in would be greatly appreciated. I would be glad to share with anyone the information I've collected about the mines down the Elkhorn Valley and Gary Hollow. Please send any responses to

Please advise where I can get a copy of these books 1. "The Clines and Related Families of the Tug River Region of Kentucky and West Virginia" by Cecil L. Cline 2. "Some Days in Virginia" by James Day

I would like to get some information about Hemphill - Capels Elementary and Jr. High School. Is it istill there? I'm looking for Betty Little, Ruthie Highberger, or Clifton Cozzuli. We moved and left for Wyoming County in the fall of l947. My name is Betty Jean Murphy. Also, I would like some info on my Fathers reatives. His name was Earl Leighton Murphy and my Mothers name was Helen Edna Cardwell and they were divorced when I was 7. My Mother remarried and I never saw any of my relatives on his side. Dont know his parents name. He had a brother, Denver. and several other siblings. They met and married in Pocahontas, Va. where my two brothers, Sylvester and Leo were born there. I was born in Roseville, WV. Also, My Mothers father was Samuel G.. Cardwell of Pocahontas. who married my grandmother, Mattie Tinsley. I never knew him and neither did my Mother. Any info would be so greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is

My name is Nancy Payne Workman, I was born in Bradshaw, WVA. My father's name was Tennis Payne and my mother was Dorothy Rowe Payne. My dad's father was Albert Payne and his wife my grandma was Martha Stacey Payne. My Grandpa's brother was Dan Payne and Bradshaw was originally call Dan. My grandparents live on Payne Hill. I went too Bradshaw Elementary School and Bradshaw Jr High. also Iaeger High School, I graduated in 1965. I had alot of Uncles and Aunts - cousins and good friends both in Bradshaw, Iaeger and War. Actually Welch, Coolwood and etc. If anyone reads this message please e-mail me. I married Theron Workman from Iaeger. But my first love was Bob Heflin who went to Big Creek High, his best friend James Hatcher married my best friend Jennifer Davis. Anyone who knows anything about what I have wrote please email me at I have alot of information on people from Bradshaw, Iaeger, War and etc. One other thing my Aunt Nannie had a restaurant beside the old movie theather. And if anyone knows anything about the Keene family that also lived in Bradshaw please let me know. I could go on for every but I will wait and see if anyone knows my family or any of the people I am talking about. Thank you, Nancy Payne Workman

I am looking for any information on Waddells in McDowell County. My grandmother was born in Wilcoe in 1917 - I believe my great grandfather was working as a miner then. I have an old picture of a group of miners with him in it and a few names on it. Any one help? Thanks! Sarah Carpenter


I am trying to locate a small place called Sandy River. I located a family on the 1930 census as living there, but have not found it on one of the maps of McDowell CO. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you. Bea

Does anyone know if there were any woman miners in the McDowell mines if so do you have names and pictures.Thanks Rev Earl J. Lawson

I am searching for pictures of two of my gggrandfathers. One is Zachariah Bailey, Sr. and the other is a Hirman Christian who was an attorney and judge in McDowell County. Since Hirman was well known I was hoping there would be a picture of him somewhere in the history of McDowell County. Thanks for your help. Sandy Miller

I lived and grew up in War and Berwind. I would like to share stories with anyone back home. I moved away in 1981. My name was Lisa Puckett, now Hall and I live in Washington. I was 18 when I left.

I am searching for the daughter of Rose Blankenship and Floyd Justice, I believe Rose's parents were Ance and Pricey Blankenship, Rose died in childbirth in 1929, Her daughter Emma Jane ''or" Imogene'' Justice married Odis Proffitt, they lived for sometime in the area of Bartley or Jolo WV, and later moved to North Carolina. any info appreciated..Thanks, Sue

I keep finding a notation on the 1920 McDowell Co. Census in the "Year Immigrated" category that says "BWF" Does anyone know what this means? Christine Poarch

I am trying to get the correct email address for Tina Voyles as I think I can help her with the Cheek family. The listed address on the Surname Research page does not work. Sam Dalton

I am trying to find any information on an Erastus L. Adams who married Rachel Marcum in 1901. I have been told that Erastus worked for the Railroad and died in a Railroad accident between 1910 and 1912. Any help would be appreciated. Chuck

I lived in Yukon during the early 1980's for 2 yrs. I year in Yukon and one year in War. Who were the owners of the furniture company in Yukon and also the one in war. They were my landlords. I taught music at Bartley El. School. I would like to find any info about the following individuals - Lesters from English/Bartley area - Ozella (Dee) Keene from English - Danny Fragile from Bradshaw - Wesley Baker from Raysal Hollow. Laurie Ratay

I Have an old Civil War tintype photo with the name Logan Hill on it. Did a google search and got a query for McDowell Co by Betty Barton. She mentions a Logan Hill. I am from Morganton, NC and several of my relatives were in the War and could have met this Mr. Hill. I know nothing about Mr. Hill except that his name is on the photo. Please pass this on to Betty Barton. Mary Lou Furr

Looking for any information on the Mitchem family from Crumpler or somewhere in Mcdowell or near Pinnacle Creek in Wyoming County. My husband has always heard that his Grandfather changed his name from Mills to Mitchem. Moody was born around 1910 we think maybe in Carswell Hollow, McDowell Co WV. Tina

I am looking for my family members. Can you please help me. Their names are Mack Coleman (grandfather) and Hazel Louise Coleman. They used to live in McDowell County, West Virgina, in the Mohawk or Bullcreek area. Their kids names are Orville Coleman, James Coleman, Herchal Coleman, Joeann Coleman and Doug Coleman. Any information you can send me would be great. Thank you very much. Sandra Coleman

Does anyone know where a person may see or obtain a photo of the graduating 9th grade class at War Jr., 1949? Thank You! - Little Will

I am trying to find anyone who would have a picture of Zachariah Bailey, Sr. from the Leckie, WV area and a Judge Hirman Christian who was a judge in Welch around the late 1800' or early 1900's. Both of them are my ancestors. Sandy Miller

Hudgens, Thomas Lee, was a prospector for coal and other minerals, He Married Laurinda Loven or Lovin their children were John Welch Hudgens named for Capt. Welch. Laura Frances Hudgens, was first white child born in Welch. Nora Hudgens, Robert Hudgens, Clayton, bigboy, Hudgnes, Clifton Pat Hudgnes , Carl Paul Hudgnes. they were among the early settlers in Welch . Thomas and Laurinda owned several particals of land. Their children worked in the coal mines. they lived near where the new court house was built. Thomas Edward Loving, and Adeline Shaw Loving built the first house in Welch according to a document found at the Welch Court House. I would like to know if any one has any information on them they left Welch in the `1920 to 30'. Thank you Jean Hudgens

I am trying to locate the grave of my ggrandfather, William Hawks who proabably died somewhere around the early 1900's and another relatives Franklin Hawks who died in the year 1944. Franklins death cert. states he is buried at the Hawks Cemetery in Matatoka but I have been unable to find anyone who knows of such a cemetery. Both of them had a one time lived on Wind Mill Gap Mtn. and was married to Mary Bailey Hawks. Sandy Miller

I am searching for a relative, her name is Emma Jane Proffitt, Her husbands name was Otis or Odis Proffitt, they lived at Bartley WV during the 1970'S and 1980's, I believe they later moved to North Carolina... they had two daughters, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Sue Moulder

I am trying to find the marriage certificate date of my great grandparents Ira and Ora Mitchem Shumate. Ira was in a coal mining accident sometime in the early 40&#x0092s, and Ora died years later in Jacksonville, Fl. Can any one help me? Thank you, Teresa Davis

Seeking information on family of Michael and Mary O'Brien who are listed on the 1930 Census as living at Big Creek in McDowell County. Michael was a General Foreman in a coal mine. He had worked at other areas in W.Va. as a Mine Superintendent as indicated on the 1920 Census for Marion County. Their children on the 1930 Census were Thomas A (18), Marie V.(14), Margarette (10), Alexander (8), Francis (5), Kathleen (3) and Anna C (9 mos). I am the Grandson of Michael's sister Mary (O'Brien) Butler and have information on the family back to Ireland. Ed Butler

Cindy Wade--I just found your query in the 2000 McDowell site. Just found the site itself!!! This is Harold Mitchem from Ohio. You are looking for relation !!! Well Ernest Wade's wife was my grandmother sister. Her name was Nora Mitchem, Husband was Carl. We need to get in touch, I have a lot of family history on the Mitchem side, and very little on the Sizemore side. Waiting to hear from you---Harold Mitchem

I lived up Carswell till I was 16 years old. I ran away from home, and went to Ohio and went to work. I am still in Ohio, I am looking for any pictures of Carswell coal mines. I am into old electric American Flyers trains. I want to build a scale model of the mines for my railroad layout. Any pictures will be helpful. Will pay for any expense that you may have. Thanks, Harold Mitchem

I am looking for a Henry Bowles/Boles b. about 1790's in either NW North Carolina or Virginia. He m. Sarah Taylor Downey. Their daughter Martha Ann Bowles b. 1842 in Virginia (possibly Tazewell or Wythe County). She m. Sampson Porter and resided in Ohio. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Betty Joyce

In 1949, I graduated from War Jr High, 9th grade, and enlisted into the U.S. Army, January 5, 1951. I was trained in the 101st Airborne, Camp Breckinridge, KY. Shipped directly to Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, for medical aidman (medic) training. I had twelve days to travel from San Antonio, Texas to Caretta (Shaft Bottom) WV and onto Seattle, Washington. I was afraid to fly.

I would love to know about the places that I dearly remember? Will someone please help me?

1. 1947, 48, 49, there was a cabin on top the mountain between Caretta and Coalwood. It was called Conservation Club, which had a high lookout tower. The tower and cabin stayed secured, however, we got the cabin keys from somewhere. Even being a young man at that time, I realized it was so beautiful up there, especially early in the morning. We had such great times on that mountain. Never will I ever forget my times there with my buddies. Does this cabin stand today?

2. Does Shaft Bottom, below the coal mine, still stand? Many houses stood there at one time.

3. Traveling through the Shaft Bottom toward Yukon near a few more houses, a pipe came from the hill across a small river, that put out the coldest water you've ever drank. People came from miles around to get this water. Does it run today. People that lived around Caretta will know?

4. At the forks of the road at War, Yukon, and Caretta, stood a theater that was owned by Roy Warren. How about it? Ole Roy lived East War, I believe. Some of us stole apples from the house nearby. The only house. I never thought they cared because no one ever chased us and/or yelled.

5. Was a beer tavern nearby. Is it there?

6. Going down the hill entering Buchanan, go a small distance, cross the railroad track, like going to #2 Yukon, directly to the left, was a baseball field, which we played on quite often. This was the Caretta Miners home field. We followed them everywhere to watch on Sunday's. Anyone recall Clint Richardson, Larry Noble, Mule & Johnny Reece,etc. Does this field stand?

7. I am hoping someone will be able to help me with this info. Thank You = Little Will

Hi,I am looking for info on the Sheridan family who lived in MacDowel County from about 1915 until the early 1930's. Mr Sheridans name was Frank, wifes name was Florence and the children were John Richard, Lawrence, Ruby, Pauline and Thomas. Any info on this famuly would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob

Would someone send me the principle's name and address at Big Creek High School. I'm trying to obtain a 1952 Year Book from Big Creek High School? All assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Little Will

Does anyone have any information about the grist mill pre 1906 behind the Iaeger Bank that was owned by Mastin Christian. Was this the Mastin Christian born in 1865? Thanks for any and all info or pictures on the Christian/Hicks/Stanley/Harman families of McDowell Co. Christine Stanley Hayes

Wanting to find out what year Grace Hospital in Welch W.Va. closed? What is in the building now? Tammy Evans seems to be searching for family roots. Her late grandmother Girtha Barker,and Bill (Roundman) Barker,uncle also deceased lived at Hemphill. Jerry Barker an uncle deceased(1977) lived at Premier. Any information you can give me on the famlly would be appreciated. Helen

Was wondering if someone could help me find some info on my dad's family in the records. His mother's name was Levicy Harman from Big Creek or War and his dad was Joseph Brewster from the same area. My dad's name was Carl Brewster, his sisters names: Mary, Rosa, Sarah, Lula, Maude, Amanda, and his one brother was Clyde. I believe there was someone else but I do not have a name. Thank you Nonia

Would like to find photos of the old school house at Belcher Mountain. Would also like to know if anyone knows when it was built. Thanks David Grubb


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