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McDowell County Queries - 2005

12/30/05 - My name is Rosetta Mullins and I am looking for some information on my daughter's greatgrandparents on her father's side. Their names are Isaac Christian and Slvia. I am not sure that these names are totally correct. Two of their children was Wilderd and Oma Christian Masters. Oma had four son's. Their names were Jack, Ralph, Ray, and George. My daughter's father's name was George Masters and he is now deceased. I know that about thirteen years ago Oma was in a nursing home. I would appriciate any info that anyone could give me on this family for my daughter. It would mean so much to her. My email address is Rosettamullins@wmconnect.com sincerely, Rosetta

12/30/05 - Would like inf. on the John Patton Barrett family from War,WV. Like where he is buried and other members of the family. If any of you know Mary Barrett Muncy could you see if she has a e-mail address and if so give her mine and ask her to write me or any of the others of the family. I am there cousin Lora Etta Hicks Lawson. Thanks

12/29/05 - HICKS - Seeking descendants and information on Clayborn (various spellings) Hicks born October 1844 in Kentucky. Married Sarah Shepherd about 1868. They had several children..Rosanna; John H.; Elizabeth; George W. ; (Mary A., my grandmother); Martha; Cynthia; LaVina and Ruth. They apparently divorced and he went to West Virginia remarried a lady named Surillda Keene who was much younger than he. They had several children...Betty; LaNettie; Elijah; McKinley; Hattie; Reuben; C.L.; Elbert and Delina. Surillda remarried to William Charles upon Clayborn's death in 1916. Will gladly share information. And any corrections to my information will be greatly appreciated. Betty


12/26/05 - Looking for burial site of S/Sgt Kenneth F. Higgins Killed March 23 1944. Mothers last known address was Keystone WestVirginia. He was in The 90th Bomb Group 319th Squadron. Killed on takeoff for a recco mission. The Plane was "Naughty Blue Eyes". My brother and he were crew members of Lt. James S. Riley's crew. This was in NadZab New Guinea. Would appreciate any information regarding his grave site Kenneth Sheats

12/25/05 - Harrison Rose lived very close to Neal Rose (William C.) in the 1920 Census, anyone know of a relationship? Harrison Rose's father was Alexander Rose. Thanks, Neal Rose

12/22/05 - I am searching for any information regarding Elizabeth Littleberry-Burnett. She was married to Thomas Burnett. They bore a son, Littleberry Burnett whose B: 1775 D: 1843 are the only bits of info I have. Please share any info you might have. Terri Fields

12/13/05 - Looking for information on the location or former location of Tom Beavers Pond in McDowell County. Thanks, David Grubb

12/12/05 - I am trying to find anything on a Lawyer Earnest Asbury born in Panther WV On March 14, 1889. Cheryl Dahlkey

12/10/05 - I am trying to find out the birth date and death date listed on my grandfathers gravestone in Roderfield, at Ieager Memorial Cemetery...I am trying to do a search to find out my dad's relatives on his father's side and i want to obtain a copy of my grandfather's death certificate. his name as listed on the grave marker is W. Sam Mullins...he is buried beside of his second wife Maggie Mullins, if i recall right they are sort of up on a hill there is a road runs above the cemetery close to where their graves are i think..i don know they are at the outskirts of the cemetery for sure..if anyone can please help me i would appreciate it. Michelle Warren

12/1/05 - Does anyone have any information about the Island Creek Beartown Mines during the 1950's? Pictures? My dad was killed in that mines in 1956 and many of my friends and relatives worked there during those years. Wilfred G. Davis

12/1/05 - I am searching my maternal granparents family history...my grandmother maiden name was selma simpson, she was the daughter of robert simpon who was the son of wade simpson, i found in the 1920 census in the browns creek area distict 54a on page 23 the family...i no nothing before that...i found his mother peggy and his brother lee buried in the rock house #2 cemetary in mcdowell county ...i believe robert married a woman forest workman the lived in algoma where my grandmother was rasied i think they then moved to sandlick road in mercer county near montcalm area..i am not sure of roberts death forest passed way when i was a young child and she was in the glenwood nursing home....any one with in info on anyone related at all please contact me...than you blue_misty_77@yahoo.com


11/27/05 - I am seeking information on the gravesite of Mattie BOONE. Mattie died in Welch, McDowell County on 4 December 1921 and was buried in Crumpler on 5 Dec 1921. Mattie was the husband of William (Will) Franklin (Frank) Boone. They and their family lived in Northfork, McDowell, West Virginia as of the 1920 census. Their children were Early Robert, Ballard Preston, Roy, and Omar (Omer) William. Thank you, John NICHOLS

11/27/05 - Could anyone tell me the maiden name of Rebecca E. Flippen, son James he died about 1980 in Roderfield, his wife was Hazel.MJ. MJ Adler

11/23/05 - I am looking for pictures of General Burb b: 1877, d: ? , and his wife Rebecca Blankenship-Blankenship b: Aug 1881,d: Abt. 1944. I also need their death dates and where they are buried. They are my husbands grandparents. Your's Appreciated, Mary Belle Mullins-Mitchell

11/22/05 - Is there anyone that can check out Phillips Cemetery at Merrimac. I am told that is where my great grand father is burried? His name is James Hensley. Thank you Debbie

11/21/05 - I'm looking for pictures of the Premier Red Robins, a baseball team that played locally in the late 40s and/or early 50s. If anyone knows how I can obtain a copy, please let me know. Thanks, Donnie

11/20/05 - I am looking for an Arthur Elbert Cook, (sometimes called Dillard Cook), born in 1900 in Westfield, North Carolina. He died in July 1966 in Moundsville, West VA. He lived in Coalwood early on.. This is based on his marriage there in 1921. He may have been there as early as 1914, but that isn't known for sure. He was in Danville, VA up until he was 14, (1914). He left Coalwood as a widower circa 1953. According to the 1930 WVa census, Arthur was listed as a veteran from "WW," which I assume was "The World War." Any info that you could share or leads to similar researchers would be most appreciated. Regards, Donnie Noel

11/18/05 - I am looking for any information on the Clevenger family starting with the parents of Greely Clevenger. As far as I know he was from Kentucky. My e-mail is banjo.5@verizon.net

11/14/05 - I am looking for information on John Milam & Ollie Stanley Milam, they are my maternal great-grandparents. Contact jbedwell@kaballero.com. Thank you, Ellen Jean Bedwell

Tidewater/district 54

408/452 MILAM, John Head W 36 M WV VA WV Saw mill

Ollie Wife W 35 M WV VA VA None

Norma Dau W 14 S WV WV WV None

Beulah Dau W 12 S WV WV WV None

Ethel Dau W 10 S WV WV WV None (my grandmother)

11/10/05 - I am searching for information regarding my ancestors. My name is Roger Workman and My father's name is Roger also. I do know that my grandfather WILLIAM MCKINLEY WORKMAN Iaeger/Welch area. He was killed in a mining accident in 1954. He was married to Verna I don't know her maiden name. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

11/9/05 - A book about Big Creek High School is currently being compiled. This book will be a recollection of memories, thoughts, reflections, and ideas on the people of BCHS, and the surrounding community. Everyone from students (no matter how much time you spent there), to faculty members (current and former) to anyone else affiliated with the school are asked be a part of this effort.

What are your favorite memories of Big Creek? Who are/were your favorite teachers, and why? Why is school spirit for Big Creek so strong for people, even decades after they leave? What does this school mean to you? What do people not know about Big Creek, perhaps including some of its students? Why is there such a powerful connection to this school?

Teachers, what were some of your favorite memories, and why was Big Creek so special to you? How do you want to be remembered by your students?

Athletes, what was it about wearing the Green and White that made you beam with pride? What went through your mind when you took the field or court in front of your hometown fans? What was your favorite memory from a game you participated in?

Of course, the question that is asked of everyone would be, “What makes Big Creek so special?”

Input from ALL current and former members of Owl Nation is being requested. No memory is too happy, sad, or lengthy, no thought too outdated, and no idea is too insignificant. It is meant to be a book by Owls, about Owls, and for Owls. However, this book cannot happen without you.

It is requested that everyone who is interested send their submissions as soon as possible. The earlier submissions are made, the sooner they can be prepared for this work.

All submissions should be sent to owlsforever@earthlink.net , or mailed via postal mail to

“Big Creek Book Project”, c/o War Public Library, PO Box 68, War, WV 24892

Along with your thoughts, please send your name (nicknames and/or maiden names, where applicable), where you grew up, years you were at BCHS, your affiliations while there (football, faculty, band, chess club, etc.), and your current geographical location.

We are also accepting photographs. You may email scanned photos to the above email address, or mail them to the postal address. If you require the photos to be returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with proper postage, as well as a description of the picture(s), and why you chose to send them.

Please feel free to forward this information to any Owl whom you think would be interested in being a part of this book We realize that sometimes people don’t remember everything they would like to say at once, so multiple submissions are not only OK, they are encouraged. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

(Legal disclaimer: Your email address will not be sold or redistributed in any way. By way of your submission, you authorize publishers of this book to reprint all or part of your remarks or photographs without compensation to you. All submissions become property of the publisher. All rights reserved.)


11/6/05 - My name is Sandra Gayle Roberts ( my maiden is Coleman ) and I am looking for my family members. My dad's name was Orville Coleman he was married to Janice Gay Coleman (Gillespie is her maiden name) Orville was born July 27 1947 and died November 11 1999. Janice was born august 5 1949 and died June 19 1997. They had five kids, Jerry Lee Coleman age 38 lives in Raysal , Sandra Gayle Roberts lives at Lex, Michael Gary Coleman lives at Panther, Orville Coleman, Jr. lives at Welch and Ida Mae Roberts lives at Lex. We are looking for our aunts, uncles, and cousins ( I know that James Coleman, Herzel Coleman and Joann Coleman are brothers and sisters ) we want to find other members of our family. If you have any information please let us know. Thank you, Sandra Roberts

11/3/05 - I am looking for information on the Pocohantas Coal Company accident in Welch, WV in May of 1940. Also if someone close by could take a couple pictures of the grave of John Wison Smith, located in the Hartwell Cemetery. I would greatly appreciate it. wallacefs@yahoo.com or billfayewallace@earthlink.net

11/3/05 - I am looking for pictures of the Vivian Grade School in Kimball from the 1950's. Do you have any idea where I may be able to find these? I have researched on my own, to no avail. Charli Nolan

11/1/05 - I would like to contact Melissa Miller who posted l/30/05 requesting info on James and Mattie Wooten. The email address for Melissa comes back as not valid. Does anyone know how to get in touch with her. I am related to these people. I am also going to try to email a Tosha who asked for info on Pucketts. I am related to them also as that is my mother's maiden name. Thanks, Judy (Wooten) Broeckel

10/31/05 - Looking for any information about Edward England and his wife Mazzie they were my grand parents or a picture. Lisatysinger1972@aol.com

10/31/05 - I am searching for information on Mynatt Hatmaker (5/7/1885-2/5/1966) who lived around War West Virginia and was married to Rose. Any information is appreciated. chesterhatmaker@bellsouth.net

10/30/05 - I am looking for any information about Joseph England and family Lisatysinger1972@aol.com

10/27/05 - I am Harold Wingler and I am looking for three of my school friends: Amos and Jerry Neil and Walter Wright we all went to Big Sandy Elementry in the year of 56 or 57.If you know where I can locate these three at PLEASE let me know . And I am also trying to find a photo of the Welch Emergency Hospital when it was back in 1950.Please HELP! Thank You!

10/27/05 - Searching for any information about the Wheeler/Tinney family (Birth, death, Marriage records) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Staceymac72@aol.com

Bettie/Betty Wheeler Born Cynthia Elizabeth Wheeler VA 1886, Spouse- Steve Tinney Know only information found on census

Children: Mary Tinney Born in Kentucky, Earl Tinney b. West V. A., Rosa Tinney b. West V. A., Sam Tinney b. West V. A. and Ralph Tinney b. West V. A.

1930 census living with Tinney family - Stepdaughter Ruby Wheeler (my grandmother), Stepson Barney Wheeler and another known stepson Robert Wheeler

10/23/05 - I am looking for info on Millard Brown living in or near Anawalt WV in 1944 when his Brother George L Brown passed away in NC. Thank you for your time Dennis Taylor

10/17/05 - Where is or was the Catholic Church "Our Lady Of Victories" Is it in Gary or Thorpe? where are the church records? Nardinpark@aol.com

10/15/05 - My Name is Patty Ann harmon I am looking for any Information on a JAMES F HARMON II. He was born February19, 1911 in Northfork, Mcdowell, WV and died Sept 1966. If anyone has information please email me msppatty1967@yahoo.com. I am hopeing this is thr right James Harmon I am looking for. He had 11 children, James III , Douglas O, David L, Clarence W, Bobby T, Carol, Shirley J, Patricia A, Wanda, Elizabeth, Lvonne Gay and one girl.

10/10/05 - My wife and I are moving to Welch later this month. In August, she suffered a minor stroke that leaves her with moderate aphasia, so I'm looking for speech therapy for her. What programs are available within 50 miles of Welch? Thank you. Bob Aberman

10/10/05 - Is there anyone who would be willing to check at the McDowell Co. Courthouse in Welch to determine if the Virgil WYATT who died 28 April 1996 in McDowell Co., WV, was the son of Charles WYATT? Thank you for any help. Barbara Wyatt Rio

9/28/05 - I am looking for an obit. for Arthur Pruett.He was my uncle. Thanks, Nancy Asbury Miller

9/26/05 - I'm hoping someone might have some pictures they would share with me of Theyrl Sizemore and/or Gladston Sizemore. They both lived in Cucumber WV in the '40's and '50's. I would appreciate it very much. Jeanne

9/26/05 - I am looking for any information about Hartwell Church of God. The church has been organized for possibly more than 100 years, However there seems to be little if any recorded information. I have talked to one individual who is 97 years old now; His family attended this church when he was born. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Avery G.Lynch, Pastor, Hartwell Church of God

9/26/05 - Does anyone have pictures of Big Sandy WV? I had some ---someone was so kind to send them to me but my computer crashed and I lost them. My parents Jack and Lorraine Alberty lived there in the 40's when I was born and I have a brother buried in the old cemetery that you cannot even get to now. Also am trying to find info on the Alberty family and the family of my Paternal Grandmother---Rosa Harman, daughter of Charles Flavius Harman and Namcy Harman of the Skygusty area. There are several folks I know who are trying to find pictures of Big Sandy and I would share with them. Thanks, Brenda Young

9/25/05 - I am looking for decendents of Frank and Martha Church. I believe Martha passed away in Bluefield about 1969. She is the daughter of Henry and Ida Bevins Powers and is my father&#x0092s aunt. Any information on Frank and/or Martha and their family would be appreciated. Deborah Bryan

9/24/05 - Looking for Obituarie on a Darlene Hicks who died in June,1956 any help would be great. Earl Lawson

9/23/05 - I am searching for the names of my great grandparents. My grandfathers name is Ira Kenneth Cline. He lived in Davy, West Virginia.he was born June 18 1908 and died Jan.1969 in Pennsylvania. cli969@aol.com

9/21/05 - According to online sources, ERNEST HANNAH was shot and died in Welch, Brown's Creek, McDowell County on July 31, 1917. I don't know if he lived there or not. Does anyone know where I could find any other information? Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions. Nancy Hannah

9/21/05 - I am looking for any information regarding Dr. John E. Davis, who practiced medicine in McDowell County from 1919 until 1969. He began his career with the Pocahontas Coal Company in Switchback and retired from private practice in an office over the Flat Iron Drugstore in Welch. He delivered hundreds of babies and treated thousands of patients. Any information or recollections would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. John E. Davis, III

9/20/05 - My mother Thelma (Robertson) Morgan taught school at the school house in Asco. I&#x0092m not sure of the dates that she taught, however I&#x0092m thinking it was in the mid 1930&#x0092s. I am interested in finding pictures of that school house or any class pictures. If you can assist please email me at rmvette@alltel.net. Thanks in advance for the help!

9/19/05 - Arden, Albert or Virgie Looking for information on an Albert and Virgie Arden. Their daughter, Leona, was hit and killed by a train while carrying her infant daughter, Mary. Mary was raised by her grand parents and supported by her father, George F. Deskins. Mary was born approx. 1947. Any information on this Arden family would be appreciated. Mary is a half sister to my mother and I would like to contact her. Thank you, Susan Ryntz

9/19/05 - Coleman, H.M. (Doc) Looking for information on H.M. "Doc" Coleman born March 1879. His first wife committed suicide. He was married second to Grace Perdieu sometime after 1926. In 1900 he is enumerated in McDowell County with a T.S. Coleman and family as his brother and in 1910 he is enumerated in Mingo County with Noah Stacy and family and his occupation was a practicing physcian. I believe he had two sons with his first wife and his second wife divorced him. I think he could have been a brother to Jane Coleman who married Francis Marion "FM" Deskins in 1903. Susan Ryntz

9/18/05 - I am a US Army veteran looking for an old friend I served with from 69-71. We were both in the 5th Special Forces Group also known as "Green Berets." His name is Roland Preston Johnson and went by Roland. He served in Vietnam with honors. I am very sure he was from the Welch area but could be from surrounding area. He was married at the time and he would be 55-56 years old. I am sure he was a native of Mcdowell County area. If you can help at all please email me at lafongccc@aol.com . My name is Greg Lafon and we haven't seen each other in 35 yrs. And I don't want to make it 36. Thanks to all.

9/18/05 - Looking for Alexander W Huffman [Killed in Coal mines] sometime between 1865 and 1880 GGFather. Frank J Huffman

9/18/05 - I am looking for any information on Georgeos W. Andronis and Gust Andronis in or around Welch, West Virginia around 1910-1920. It is possible that Georgeos W. Andronis had a name change and went by James Andronis. I am also looking for information on the Busy Bee Restaurant or any and all restaurants at this time. Any information will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you! Chris Andronis-Jenkins

9/18/05 - "LITTLE JIM HARMON...DIED 12FEB1926...BURIED IN SKYGUSTY CEMETERY I am just starting to search for any information about my Paternal Grandfather. His name was Little Jim Harman and is buried in Skydusty(I believe the cemetery is called Shady Grove). His father's name was Floyd Harman who I have heard was married to an American Indian woman who I don't even know the name of). My grandfather, Jim was born app. 1902 and was killed Feb 12th, 1926 during a raid in the woods. We think he was only 24 and an only child. He was married to Nannie Phillips who eventually lived her life out in Gary # 10 or Venus. He had on son at the time of his death(James) and my Grandmother was pregnant with my father(Gilbert) but not sure my Grandfather even knew. Does any of this ring a bell and/or have do you know of anyone who might have? Thank you in advance for any help. I should have started this search years ago while more relatives were alive. Sheila in VA

9/18/05 - DAN ALEXANDER ROSE Looking for information on Dan Alexander Rose. Lived in Gary # 10 most of life and worked in the coal mines. Married to Nannie Phillips after the death of her first husband "Little Jim" Harman. Step Father to James Harmon and Gilbert Harmon(previously spelled Harman, not sure how or why it was changed). Any information on ROSE relatives would be greatly appreciated. Sheila in VA

9/18/05 - Is there anyone that would be willing to obtain copies of a divorce between George E(a)rnest Darby and Helen Virginia Thomas Darby between the years 1920 and 1925? Please contact me. Sherry Crawford

9/11/05 - Looking for Ritty Rose Married Elisha Lester 1880's Mcd, Co Wv. Elisha Born 1814 Taze, Co Va.2nd Marriage Did they have any children, Also looking for Christina or Lurinda Lester Born 1863 Mcd, Co Panther, Wv. D/o. Thomas M Sr. & Mary Richards Lester. Was Sister to Linzy, Leffage, John ,Arminta,Huldy & Alcy Lester Any help would Appreciated. Carl Lester

9/11/05 - There was a Thomas Lester Born abt 1850 S/o. James Calvin & Elizabeth ( Blankenship ) Lester. From Bull Creek Panther, Wv Area.Thomas Married, Nancy Unknown, They Lived On Bradshaw Mountain Most Their Life, Thomas & Nancy was in 1920 Mcd, Co Census, Thomas Was in 1930 Listed as Widower. Does Anyone Know what his wifes Maiden name was, Marriage, Birth & Death Dates. Are,Would Appreciate any help. Thanks Carl Lester

9/11/05 - Ccouple of questions: 1. Can anyone help me get a copy of a Mt. View yearbook 1990-1992, or a Welch Jr. High 1987-1989? It would be greatly appreciated, I graduated from Mt. View in 92, but lost all my yearbooks. 2. Anyone out there doing any family research on the Beavers family? My grandparents were/are Jack Beavers (he was a police officer in Welch, died in 1979 & Lucille Mitchell Beavers). Just interested in what others are finding. MCDOWELL COUNTY PEOPLE ARE THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY...I MISS HOME! Jacqueline (Beavers) Rodrigues

9/11/05 - I am looking for info on a coal company that would have been called the BBB Coal Company or the JBB Coal Company. It's hard to make out the first letter. My gr-grandfather James Crum worked there in the 1920's. Also some of his step-sons did also. Their names are Oscar,Wilburn. Irwin, Thomas. I'm not for sure if they all worked in the mines. But I know that Oscar and Wilburn did. Would anyone know if pictures exist? I don't have a picture of James and would love to find one somewhere. He died in 1937 in the Twin Branch area. He had remarried and moved from Carter Co, Ky before my Dad was ever born. His 2nd wife's name was Kate Bradley.Any info would be appreciated. Thank you, Sharon Crum Pinson

9/11/05 - I am looking for a newspaper article concerning Arthur Elbert Cook. He was a resident of Coalwood in 1953 or '54 when he made headlines in the local newspapers. He was convicted and sent to Moundsville. He worked for the Olga Coal company as a shot firer prior to this. Please respond to Starcitty@juno.com. Thanks

9/11/05 - I am seeking info on the Brewster Family MY dad is Fred Brewster grandfather Frank Brewster ggfather Joe Brewster . Ji3D@hotmail.com

9/5/05 - You are invited to " The Home Town Connection" a web site connecting the Virginia's. It is a new site, Totally Free. Forum boards, live chat, a place to post pictures, favorite links, ( you can add a link to your site ) and many other features being added. Check it out! Hope to see you there. http://www.kottministries.org/kott2_010.htm Thanks, johnihart@bellsouth.net

9/5/05 - Searching for info on my grandfather and grandmother....his name was Vance Bennett and he is buried in Iaeger Memorial cemetary.....he last lived with his daughter Jessie Rozzell up in Taplin.....he died in 1933...his wife was Lucy Johnson Bennett.......his son was Eston Bennett...he is buried up at christian roberts.....Jess is in Pecks Mill...if these names ring a bell...please email me...God Bless...Jerry

9/5/05 - My family is from the Mcdowell County area. Anyone who knew or has any pictures of a Catherine Deborah Robinson (Saunders) please contact me. Also, if you know where I can get a copy of 81-82, 82-83, and 83-84 Northfork High School yearbooks contact parrisross@aol.com

9/2/05 - I am looking for information of a William R. Caldwell who is listed on the 1880 census, living in Sandy River, McDowell Co., WV. He is listed with his wife Martha and a step-son Thomas Delung. Would like to know if they were married in McDowell Co. and if so when. Thanks, Kim Morrison

9/2/05 - For those of you who are searching for ancester who died in Mcdowell county,this might be a sight that interest you... http://www.wvculture.org/vrr/ Hope you find some of your lost relatives Richard Rash

9/2/05 - Please e-mail a list of Independent Baptist Churches or Southern Baptist Churches in McDowell County to pmoran@sitestar.net. I am interested in a contact there to plan a mission trip to help in the McDowell County area. Thank you for your help. Peggy Moran

8/28/05 - I am having trouble reaching the contacts on the McDowell County Historical Society page linked to this site. Has anyone else tried to join the Society or purchase the second volume of the McDowell County History Heritage Book they put out, and couldn't reach them? I am wondering if they are still a group and are there still books for sale? Is anyone else a member? Do they put out a monthly or quarterly newsletter of information? Can anyone tell me? Thanks, Christine

8/21/05 - Looking for information on LAURA A. FRENCH from Davey. She was my grandmother. She married JACKSON W. SARVER and lived in Davey in the 1920's. See querry posted 08/16/05. Any information is appreciated. Thank you. Darlene Paradise

8/21/05 - I'm looking for anyone who remembers Larry Simpson, who graduated from Welch High School in 1971. Ssissimpson@aol.com

8/21/05 - What happend to the Harmons, next to Bud Pippens Store, and on up the Holler, also are the any more Rutherfords in Yukon? DocHardy1941@netscape.com

8/21/05 - We are looking to buy a house or rent an apartment in McDowell County. Our only "deal-breakers" are that broadband Internet service is available, and if an apartment, we have two cats. Are there any Realtors or real estate agents in the County? Apartments? Mobile home parks with cable? Please advise... Thank you. Bob Aberman

8/16/05 - Looking for information on Jackson W. Sarver who lived in Davey in the 1930's. He was married to Laura A. and they had 5 children. Virgie, Winnie (my mother), Mamie, Nina, and William (Willie). Virgie married Emory Sands, Mamie died in her mid 20's, Winnie married Harry Johnson, Nina married Donald Wright, and William never married. If you have any information on any ancestors especially for Jackson W. and Laura A. , your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Darlene Paradise

8/11/05 - Waletta Williamson - Attemting to fo find information about her. Born in West Virginiaa, DOB 1910. Lived in Welch 1940. High School graduate 1 year of college. Believe she is my mother. Any help would bw appreciated. Robert F. Gavey

8/10/05 - Looking for information about the Wheelers, Childress and Tinney's (Tenney) Cynthia Elizabeth (Betty) Wheeler born in Va. married William Childress born around 1890 VA. had a daughter Ruby Childress Born Sept. 1913 in Lee county VA. went by her mother's maiden name Wheeler. At some point Betty married a Tinney (Tenney) and had other children. Robert, John and a Mary according to an aunt. I don't know how accurate her information is?? I also think they are the family listed on the 1930 census for Kimball, McDowell county which has other children listed. It is hard to read the fathers first name and the spelling of the last name. Any other information regarding the people mentioned here would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to locate any of them nor the people mentioned on the 1930 census. Staceymac72@aol.com

8/6/05 - I am looking for any information on the mining accidents that took place in the 50's. There used to be a copy of the paper in Hardees that spoke of one of these. My grandfather's name is in the article and I would really love to be able to find a copy somewhere. His name was John Dickerson. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Angie Dickerson

8/6/05 - Looking for information on one named Allen Johnson or anyone related to him. He died in October of 1969. He worked for Peerless Coal Mine and live on Peerless Hill in Vivian, WV. I'm also looking for information on his wife Chaney (Young) Johnson or the Young family in general. She died some time in the late 1940s or early 1950s from tuberculosis. I'm told she spent sometime at the West Virginia Colored Tuberculosis Sanitarium. Her father's name was Samuel Henry Young. Any information would be most helpful. Thanks. Kenneth E. Winkfield

8/6/05 - Searching for information, photos, ads, etc. from old Jewish-owned businesses in Welch, War and other locations in McDowell County. I have created a website: "West Virginia Jewish History & Genealogy" at http://www.westvirginiajewishhistory.com/ I have the following data and would like to hear from anyone who may be able to add more information such as locations, ads, photos, etc.

McDowell Supply Company - Welch, WV - Trucking company started by the father of Emanuel Katzen

King Cut-Rate Drugstore - Welch, WV - Sheldon & Teddie Alpert

Men’s Smart Shop - Welch, WV - owned and operated by Herschel Fleck, sold ca. 1970's

War Theater, and Grand Theater - War, WV - owned and operated by Mannie and Louis "Belman" Shore

Women’s Clothing Store - War, WV - owned and operated by Louis Shore

Michaelson’s Department Store, War, WV - Women’s Clothing - owned and operated by Sidney Michaelson

People’s Store - Men’s Clothing - War, WV - owned and operated by Milton & Sarah Gottlieb, closed around 1955

Men’s clothing store - War, WV - operated and owned by Samuel Rosen and son Irving

Thanks very much, Sincerely, Julian H. Preisler

8/1/05 - My name is Sandy Keene and I am trying to help my huband and his family find some realtives, we are stuck we are looking for realtives of Jess Keen who lived in or around English Wva. He died in 1951 he was the son of Jospeh and Liza Jane Baldwin Keen and we also are looking for his brothers children or grandchildren Alburt Keen we know he had a daughter name Hattie and she married Jess D. Addair. The Keen Reuion is coming up and we have been looking for a long time. Thank You Sandy42praise2002@yahoo.com

8/1/05 - I would like to share information and pictures with descendants of my father Bob Stanley's half sisters and brothers: Melvina Stanley, Rosa E Stanley, and Charlie Stanley. They were the children of Julia A Coleman and Bart Stanley. Thanks. Christine Stanley Hayes

8/1/05 - I am looking for information about Rev. Uncle Tom Robinette who lived at Union City (Long Bottom). He was a preacher and married lots of people. Does anyone have a picture of him they can share with me? Thanks. Christine Hayes

8/1/05 - I am looking for a marriage for a William Short who might have married a ? Rose around 1907 in McDowell co. WV. They were on the 1910 census for McDowell co. Thanks Sue

7/29/05 - Book on Gary Hollow published! Gary Hollow, a 480-page, 8 1/2 by 11, hard cover book has just been published by Alex Schust who is formerly of Filbert. You can view details of the book, including ordering information at: http://home.comcast.net/~aschust2/welcome_to_gary_hollow.htm or contact twomule@comcast.net

7/28/05 - I am looking for a cemetery in Twin Branch. I finally got my gr-grandfather's death certificate and it says he was buried in Twin Branch. His name was James Crum and he died May 6 1937. Fanning Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements and I talk to someone there and all they know was that he was buried in Twin Branch. Any help in this would be appreciated. Thanks, Sharon Crum Pinson


7/28/05 - We are looking for an Earl Johnson who lived in the area in the 1940's. He was an African American Male. Any help would be appreciated. Amy Monteiro, LMHC


7/23/05 - I am looking for any family of Albert Bowman, his fathers name was Carl and his mothers name was Vicie. He had 2 sisters by the names of Unis and Beatrice. He also had two brothers by the names of Eugene and Raymond. I know Raymond died at a early age. and Eugene died as a young man. I know they are from Mcdowell County. Albert had a daughter Dorothy and a son Tommy. He also had two more sons. I have no idea what thier names are. Any help or information would be great! Laura

7/23/05 - I would like to know if the Peelchesnut moutain is located in McDowell County. Thank you KYLEELGRAY@aol.com

7/15/05 - If anyone has any information on Wilmore Dam, built circa 1908, or the 80+ year old cemetery located up the same holler as Wilmore Dam, I would appreciate the information. I have been told by my grandparents and mother for years that my GGrandfather William "Bill" Adams helped build the dam and that his mother, Rachel Marcum Adams Smith ran a boarding house up the holler from said dam. This is my dead end, can anyone help? Chuck

7/15/05 - looking for my kin folks in Indian Head. Their names are Roger Morgan, Charles Morgan, Dorothy Morgan and Dee Morgan OLDMNTO@aol.com

7/14/05 - I would like to be able get in touch with anyone who lived in the Hemphill area and went to the Hemphill-Capels school during the period 1938-1960. I would also like to be able to see any photographs that were taken during that general time frame in the Hemphill-Welch areas. I have photographs to share and exchange. Charles Skiles

7/11/05 - I am looking for my Great-grandfather James Crum. He lived in the Twin Branch area in the 20' s and 30's. He died in the late 30's probably in 39. His wife was Kate Bradley Crum and he had stepsons. Some were named Oscar, Wilburn and Irvine Bradley. I believe they may have worked for the J B B coal company. I have contacted the Dept. of Vital Statistics in Charleston, W. Va. and they couldn't find a death certificate. I am hoping to make a trip there soon. McDowell County is about a 5 hour drive for me. Is there anyone that maybe would have any info? I would be interested in where he might be buried, etc. skpinson@zoominternet.net

7/6/05 - I am looking for relatives of Thomas Eugene Perkins, who lived in Twin Branch W.Va, in the early 1960's, his Mother's Bertha also lived there, he was in the Air Force, after this. Just a friendly query, I met Tom in 1964 in Greece. mozart@chariot.net.au

7/4/05 - My husband's grandfather was James T. Wynn. He was called "Tob", short for Tobias. I have found him and his family living in Davy, WV (Browns Creek Dist. 58, dwelling 34) in the 1920 Census which was (luckily for my search) taken in January of that year. Tob died in a mine disaster four months later on May 14, 1920. He was working in Mine #6 for the New River & Pocahontas Consolidated Coal Co. as a Bratticeman. I am looking for more information regarding that mine disaster. Was it an isolated incident? How many other miners lost their lives that day? Two of his oldest sons were also working there as Miners. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you. Pat Wynn

7/4/05 - I'm looking for any information about William H. Crockett's parents. William H. Crockett born: November 23, 1879 (Wytheville, VA) died: August 5, 1955 (Pocahontas, VA) Wife: Mary Gertrude Reed Crockett born: October 14, 1886 (Wytheville, VA) died: October 19, 1971 (Pocahontas, VA) Children: Ulyses Crockett, James Hearld Crockett (Pete), Roy Crockett. Cleon Crockett, Virginia Estella Crockett Pardue (my great grandmother) and Edith Crockett (died at age 18). I know that their daughter Estella Pardue lived in Jenkinjones, WV Thanks, Lorri Cyrus

6/30/05 - I need information on Ira Workman and wife Amanda "Mandy" Spence Workman children Carrie, Bertha, Lillian, Josie, James Ira Workman. Bertha married to Flem Muncy and Lillian married to Monroe Muncey, James married to Anna Mabry. Mandy was my grandmother's sister. All the children born before 1920. Thank you MJ


6/28/05 - I lived in McDowell County From 1979-1987. I wonder if anyone could help me. I am trying to locate an obit. on my mother. She was killed in a car accident on Jan. 20, 1980. We lived in Anawalt at the time. I believe she was listed as Bobbie Watson. Her maiden name was Saunders. She was born in Powatan or Elkorn to Mary Saunders (Smith) on May 19, 1949. Any info would be appreciated. Also I am looking for anyone who knows the whereabouts of Dimothy Campbell. His Foster parent were Benjiman and Hazel Wright of Welch WV. Any info would once again be appreciated. Thank You. Debra Campbell (Burks)

6/23/05 - BISHOP AND FARLEY--I am seeking old photos of the Pigley Wigley grocery store that was in Iaeger WV that my grand father and great grandfather, Franklin Dott Bishop and Henry Bishop ran for so many years. Franklin Dott Bshop was married to Euna Virginia Farley. Henry Bishop was married to Mary Brooke Godfrey. I would gladly pay for a copy of the photos. These photos would mean a great deal to me. Contact Lee Ann at shaggyhen2002@yahoo.com or lriffe@mountain-heart.org

6/23/05 - VIRGIE PAYNE...I am looking for any living relatives of Virgie Payne. She lived in the Iaeger area in the 1930's. She was married to William Payne. I know she had at least three children, their names were Thurman, Ruby, and Glenna. I need to know who her other children were. She died in 1985....Can someone please help me with this, I believe this was my grandmother. JoBaby002@aol.com

6/23/05 - I am trying to fine any news articles or court dockets on the shooting of John Plummer. He died July 12, 1936. Any info would be helpful. Sandy (Plummer) Moynihan

6/20/05 - I was born in Bluefield and raised in Northfork till age 10. We moved in 1966 to Hillsville, Va. where I am now President of the Carroll County Historical Society. Folks in this area have strong ties to Coalwood and Carretta. George Carter built these two communities. He was born here in Hillsville, the chimney of his homeplace still stands here as well as one of the Carter homes where after his death his wife Mayetta lived her last years. I have just begun my genealogy search and am looking for information on these two families, my great grandfather and my great grandmother who's husbands name was John. She appears as the Head of the family in the 1930 census. Cornelius Burnette 1930 Census, Callie Wife, Seeking info prior to 1930 Census, Lucinda Pickett, Head 1930 census, Seeking information prior to 1930 census. If you can help me I would be very grateful and pay any cost involved. Thanks, Joe Pickett

6/20/05 - I am trying to find a cousin. His name is Jack Stacy, most people called him junior. He was originally from Roderfield WV. His mothers name was Pearl Stacy. She was married to Jack Stacy and then I believe Lum Stacy. I don't know if he had sisters or not. I don't know of anyone that would know him. You can email me and let me know if anyone has any information about him. Sharon

6/18/05 - Searching for Green Blevins. Possibly died in 1987. At one time lived in Gary or Elbert West Virginia. Thanks, Terry Harman

6/16/05 - I am looking for any information on Robert Taylor Coburn. He was my grandfather and passed away in 1964. Robert was a miner, he resided in McDowell County around the Browns Creek? area from at least 1910 - 1920. He was married to and unknown woman in 1910 and had my Aunt Opal. In 1920 he is married to a woman named Bertha and has a child born in 1917 named Lillian Coburn. Doing a biography on him and my mother Dorothy Mae Coburn. Any help would be appreciated, We know nothing of these two families our grandfather had prior to our mothers birth. Jeff Ridge

6/16/05 - My name is Peggy Warrix Baker. I left Iaeger aruund 1960. If any one there remembers me and would like to get in touch, Id love to hear from you.I live in Wisconsin, and have been married for 30 yrs. I have 2 children and 8 grandchildren. Boy I have been gone a long time. My email is nateandpegb8@yahoo.com .Another one would be nwarrix@wi.rr.com .thanks, Peggy

6/14/05 - We are looking for info. on two Virgil Hicks who married two woman named Etta Brewster.One Virgil & Etta lived in War Cove.Virgil died Dec. 23,1964 and is burried in the cove cemetry.Etta died Oct.24,2001 and is burried in Big Creek @2 cemetry.The other Virgil Died Dec.16,1984 in Richlands,VA. Etta was still living there the last time we talked ,can anyone help? Thanks from Arkansas Rev.Earl & Loraetta [Hicks] Lawson

6/13/05 - Does anyone know what happened to the patient records at the old Grace Hospital in Welch, WV? If so, please email me at deb2460@yahoo.com

6/13/05 - I would like to hear from any family of Nora England Blankenship and Willie Blankenship of Hensley thank you Barbara England Dandridge

6/8/05 - My name is Bobby L. Elkins, I was born in Iaeger W.A. and was raised in Roderfield (McDowell County) W.Va. I left in 1968 and joined the navy and have not been back since 1988. I do miss it a lot at times. I am researching my family history and need any information concerning the Millard Franklin & Grace (Jones) (Steele) Elkins family of McDowell & Logan county W.VA. I am also interested in any information on the Lonnie (Red) Steele family he was my Uncle. Lonnie (Red) Steele lived in Roderfield and later moved to Gary where he died. My aunt still lives there. I also need any information on the Carnie Lee Spratt family he was my grandfather on my mothers side. My fathers name is Arthur Elkins my mother was Doris Ruth (Joe) (Spratt) Elkins I would also like any old pictures of the Roderfield elementary school and Welch High School if anyone might happen to have and could email me. Heck any old photos will be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for any information that you may have. Roll on Maroon and White Welch High Waves. Bob

6/8/05 - How do I obtain grade transcripts from Hemphill-Capels and Welch high school? the years1932 through 1942? I lived in Capels WV those years and attended those schools, my name was Gladys Bell Taylor, D.O.B. Sept 08,1926, Mother Clyde Taylor, Father Cloyd Taylor, miner at Capels , appreciate any info, or can you tell me who to contact? Gladys B. Gillespie

6/5/05 - I am looking for information on Arthur Powers. He is the adopted son of Henry and Ida Powers. In 1930, he was 17 and working as a clerk in a general store in Adkins. Can anyone help me? Deborah Bryan

6/5/05 - I am seeking information regarding Italian families who lived in Welch,WV around 1911-1916. Family names: Troiano De Bernandino Federico Troiano married to Antonietta Di Bernandino perhaps returned to Italy They had a son Pietro Troiano Antonietta had a brother Giuseppe Di Bernandino If any info please contact Jane Mantini

6/5/05 - SANDERS FAMILY; Searching for info pertinent to ASA SANDERS; Married Lillian Colman; Lived in Isaban; Died 1955 at Welch Memorial Hospital. Dan Gates

6/5/05 - I am looking for information about my great-grandfather. His name was James E. Crum and he was married to Catherine Bradley Crum. I believe he died in the late 30's. He had a stepson named Oscar Bradley and Irwin Bradley. In the 1930 census of Browns Creek he also had a step grandson living with him named Clifford Bradley. I know there were more step children. I don't remember in more of their names. They went to McDowell County from Carter County, Ky. My Grandfather was his only biological child and his name was David M. Crum. Thank you, Sharon Pinson

6/5/05 - I am interested in the Pucketts from Warriormines: Lake and Harvey Puckett. My father is Worley (foxy) Puckett. My name is Donna (Puckett) Hughes. Would love to hear from any old friends or family members in the area. My mothers family is Hawks..Bill and Minnie. Looking forward to hearing from you! Donna Hughes

5/30/05 - Searching for Oxleys, as my grandmother's mother was a Effie Sara OXLEY Perkins. Would also like to find something on Effie's husband John Perkins. Sure would like to get a picture of Effie herself. My grandmother was Ada Leigh Perkins Senter. Terry Senter

5/29/05 - I am looking for information on the parents and ancestors of a Raymond Reed, who was apparently born near Martinsville, VA around 1912, but apparently grew up and graduated high school in the Northfork area, if I'm not mistaken, probably around 1930. He was also a WW II vet, and upon his return, lived for many years of his remaining years in the McDowell Co. area - likely up until around 1970 or so. Again, any information relating to his siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. would be most appreciated. Thanks so much, Bob

5/29/05 - I am searching for pictures of my family. They are the Jones family from Carswell. William and Verna Jones had the following children, Faye, Robert, Herbert, Mary, Magaret, and Lawrence. Herbert played basketball for Welch High School. None of these children graduated, I am justing hoping someone has some old pictures, they would be willing to share. The Jones familly left Carswell, in the late fifties or early sixsties. Thank You, Sheila Ferchalk

5/29/05 - I am looking for anyone who has any information on William A. PAYNE(BILL) Shot and killed in Iaeger about 1939. He was married to VIRGIE PAYNE. I'm not sure of her maiden name. I would like to know their children's names and any other info anyone may have. I would also appreciate any info on LAURA "ROSE" JUSTICE who also had children with him. JoBaby002@aol.com

5/29/05 - Are there any Clines still living at Short Pole that would be related to me. My dad is Doug Cline,His parents were J & Isabell. Tiny(Cline) Blair

5/28/05 - I am insearch of my Biological Grandparents I hope you can help me My Great Grandmother Julia Harmon also my Great Grandfather James F Harmon II I know I have family neare or in Anawalt If you can help me I would appreciate it so much. Patricia Ann Harmon Chambers

5/22/05 - I am trying to find relatives of the WEBB family. My grandfather was Russell Webb he was killed in a mining accident in 1956 @ Beartown. I would also like to know about that accident. Jessica Hicks Harmon

5/22/05 - I'm looking for information on Raymond and Florence RATLIFF JONES. I have no dates. I do have the names of three of their children: Donald Edward born Oct. 9, 1928 -died Aug. 27, 2004, John and Winfred. Donald is the father of Dick Edward Jones born Oct. 5, 1951 in Mohawk, McDowell County and died Nov. 8, 2003 in New York. I would so greatly appreciate any information, leads and/or really good guesses on this line. Thank you, Drema Colangelo


5/18/05 - I am looking for Kenneth Andes. I don't know much about him, really not sure of the spelling of his name. I know if he is still living he should be in his late 70's or 80's. He would have know my mother, Thelma Gentry. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you Toni

5/14/05 - Looking for Larry Evans . For reunion Last known to live in York Pennsylvania . Larry was the son of Spencer and Bonnie Evans .. Spencer is from Excelsoir West Virginia , Spencer's parents were Charles Thomas Evans and Della Porter - Evans Spencer is buried at Hartwell Cemetery Allen Evans

5/10/05 - I am searching for information on Posey B. Conner born about 1878 in Patrick Co. Virginia. He was the son of George Washington Conner and Ostasia McAlexander. He married Nancy "Dovie" Hall. He is listed with his wife and two sons in the 1900 McDowell County Census at Brown's Creek. He was a coal miner. His children were Homer and Oliver. He later had a son named Cotrell. I think that his wife died after childbirth not too long after the census was taken. He is also listed as a boarder in the 1910 McDowell C. in Perryville. I can't seem to find him in later census records. I wonder if he died in a coal mining incident or something. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Desiree Hurst

5/6/05 - I have recently acquired a Hamilton pocket watch, inside it inscribed, "Presented to H A Cassell, By Foreman of Bishop Mines Dec 25 1938", As this was a quite expensive watch It would have been presented to a man of some importance. Does anyone have information on this mine? Thanks, Chris

4/25/05 - I am searching for any information on my great grandfather and great grandmother. My great grandfathers name was either Robert Cordle or James Cordle. He was married to a Rosa Pugh and had 3 children: Fred, Thomas and Hazel. He was in Eckman around 1919, which is when my grandfather Fred was born. My dad and I have been researching for years and have had no luck finding anything. I would greatly appreciate any help. randacox@hotmail.com

4/25/05 - Looking for death date of Hettie Spears (b. 1865 in KY). She was the wife of John Morgan Spears (b. 1865 in Elliott Co., KY; d. 7 Dec 1954 at Bartley, McDowell Co.) Trying to locate John Morgan Spears in the 1930 census. Anne Sheriff

4/24/05 - My mom was Dorothy Stanley and her dad, Charles Stanley worked for Maitland and Superior Coal co. around 1945-47. She lived on Belcher Mountain and is seeking info. on Ruby, Alice, and Erin Belcher. Also, John Virgil Bare, who was affiliated with the May Tag Co. in Welch. She attended Maitland elem. and Welch High School. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Is there still an airport on Belcher Mountain? Tony Wolf

4/24/05 - Going west on 52 from Roderfield to Wilmore, just before you get to Wilmore there is an old road on the left and what remains of a train track going up the holler. A little ways up the holler there is a dam. My GGrandfather William "Bill" Adams helped build that dam in early 1900's. My interest is that there is an old cemetery further up that holler and I was wondering if anyone knew who was buried in it? Any help appreciated. Chuck

4/21/05 - I am seeking information on Bernie Holbert Roberts, born in Johnson Co., Tennessee on 20 May 1896 to Hamilton Clayton Roberts and Nancy Caroline Clawson. He married Margie Shreve. According to family records Bernie served in WWI from Johnson Co., but cannot locate any records there. He died 26 Oct 1961 at Iaeger, McDowell Co., West Virginia. Where is he buried? I cannot locate him on the 1920 or 1930 US Census. His parents died before 1910. Ruby Coleman

4/21/05 - Does anyone have any information on the circumstances of Deputy Sheriff Travis Milton French's death? he served with the McDowell County Sheriff's Department and was killed (to the best of our knowledge) in the line-of-duty on Wednesday, April 20, 1949. Steve Varner

4/17/05 - Hello&#x0085I would like to hear from folks from back home. I was Motion Picture Projectionist after school at the War and Grand Theaters. Folks around town called me the &#x0093theater boy&#x0094. My cousin Bobby Morrison was managers of these Theaters. I would like to hear from others who work there or some of the 100 or so kids that I let in free in those days. I became interested in the Ministry in my early years. Today, Juanita and I pastor a very active Pentecostal Holiness Church on West Ave Ashtabula, Ohio 44004. The last almost 70 years flew by. This Mcdowell County, W. Va. Website has been special me so many as well as me. Rev. Jim Mullins

4/17/05 - My paternal grandfather was George Washington Allen. He had a store in the 1920s and helped get the miners unionized. He extended credit to miners during strikes. I remember my dad and mom putting headstone on his grave when I was little. I remember many stories from my dad about bloody mingo and mcdowell counties. Does anyone remember George and his store? Thanks, Bruce

4/12/05 - Anyone having any info on Henry Steele and Celia Steele or Llewellyn Chadwick and Sally Steele please contact me at: cthomas1@se.rr.com

4/7/05 - I am searching for any photo's of the Island Creek Beartown #6 coal mines taken in the mid 1950's. Maybe someone has a picture of the miners at the face of the mines. I will gladly pay for any copying and shipping cost involved. Wilfred G. Davis

4/2/05 - I am looking for anyone who may have known the Fine family that lived in the Wilco area in the 1940's and 50's please feel free to contact me by e-mail thanks John Fine

3/30/05 - I am researching the following family lines: SEXTON, WOODY, HICKS, BOLEN, PAYNE, VANCE. I would love to get in contact with any relatives in McDowell county, I know there is a bunch! And I would love to share information on the families. I have grown up most of my life out of touch with everyone. I now live in Virginia and I would like to get back in touch. Thank You for your help! Deborah Payne

3/30/05 - In search of information on Moses Muncy and wife Arminta Horn. Specifically looking for place of burial. Also if anyone else wants Horn or Muncy info I have quite a bit. Also have some pictures of Muncys and some of their relatives. Thank you for your time, Cynthia Hall

3/28/05 - Looking for information about the tipple at Coal camp in Bradshaw, and the tipple at Beartown. When was the coal camp tipple shut down, and what was the name of the coal operation there, and when was the tipple at Beartown built, and what was it's operational name. Trying to figure out where Pond Creek Pocahontas #6 was located. Thanks in advance. leslie@eversole.us

3/28/05 - My name is Ann Cooper Jackson. It has been many years since I lived in Caples, but wanted to see if anyone remembered or knows of my parents; "Sheriff" Cooper (Charles Marshall Cooper) or Georgia Neaves Cooper. They also had two sons Charles Jackie Cooper and Robert Eugene Cooper. Sheriff passed away about 1957? I was young 6 or 7 years old at the oldest. I am interested in tracing my family roots and honestly have nothing to go on. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. There are also links and ties to the Trent families. It is okay you cannot surprise me. Please provide any info you may be able to share. Thank you for your time and trouble. Sincerely, Ann Jackson

3/27/05 - I am trying to find some information on the cemeteries around Anawalt and if anyone has researched them. Jacqueline Williams

3/26/05 - I am looking for a picture or other information for the N&W station at Bradshaw. Will cover copying/mailing costs. Thanks leslie@eversole.us

3/24/05 - I am seeking photos from Blackwolf and Goodwill mines from the 1940's-early 50's. Also, if anyone has memories of William "Tom" Pilkenton. Bill Pilkenton

3/23/05 - My father, Max Campbell, played basketball at Big Creek High School between 1950-1952. If you have any pictures, articles or memories of his basketball playing days, please email to me, as I am collecting memories on his behalf for a special present! Please send to this email address. Thanks! Rob Campbell

3/20/05 - Looking for any information, history or pictures of the Tug mine or Tug community located above the old Forestry Camp at Leckie. Please send any responses to Buddy at Budm16@juno.com

3/20/05 - I was reading where Caretta West Virginia was named after , Etta Carter . I can't find out who Etta Carter is .Why , when and how was Caretta named after Etta Carter . If anyone has a history of Caretta or where I can find it , I would appreciate it . Also I was reading War West Virginia is named after War Creek . Is War Creek the one that goes up Warrior Holler . Can anyone help me find the history of War . Thank You , Allen Evans

3/17/05 - Looking for information on my uncle Hobart Goins who lived in Pageton at the time of his death in 1941. He was married to Bea Glass, and was killed in a car accident in Grundy, Va. If you have any information on him or his family please email me at Vaselaros@hotmail.com

3/15/05 - Does anyone know of a coalmine, coal camp or community in McDowell County named WARDUE? DizHarris

3/15/05 - My name is Pete Brown and I am writing this for my mother, whose maiden name is Dorothy Steele, daughter of Arthur Steele and Daisy Love. Arthur Steele was from Iaeger and had siblings: William, Ada, Addie, Viola and Amanda. My mother did not know much about her father, but what she remembers (mom's 83) is that her father's mother's name was Abigail (she died around 1928-29 , perhaps in a flood then). Ada and her husband ran the "commissary" in town for years. Please see what if anything you can find from what little I have given you. Knowing more about her father (he died in 1938 when mom was 17 or so) would make her feel good. Thank you in advance, Pete Brown

3/13/05 - Searching for anyone with Ratliff or Belcher family connections. My grandparents were Leslie & Sallie Belcher Ratliff. Greatgrandparents George & Callie Harman Ratliff. They all lived in McDowell County and both grandfathers worked in the mines. George owned a store in twin branch does anyone know how I could find out where it was located and the name of it. He died in 1927. Thanks for any help possible. Linda Ratliff Miller

3/13/05 - Searching for anyone who can help me with locating information and pictures of the elementary schools located at Premier, Roderfield and Coalwood. My father was born in 1927 and these are schools he attended. Thank you for any help possible. Linda Ratliff Miller

3/13/05 - Searching for anyone that could tell me about the first church in Roderfield. I have been told that my great grandmother was one of the original starters of this church. I would like to know its name and where it was located. Would appreciate any help possible. Linda Ratliff Miller

3/10/05 - I am trying to find any information available on my great x2 grandfather. They came from Hungary in 1904/05 and settled in Gary. My grandfather was a miner and was killed in a mine accident. His name has been spelled several different ways: Joseph Bunic, Josef Bunyck, Bunick and Bunyik. He is supposedly buried somewhere in Gary, but I can't seem to get a lead on any information. Thank you in advance, Madeline Mlawsky

3/9/05 - I am researching my ancestry from McDowell Co. I lived there from mid seventies to mid eighties. Then I moved to NC and then to TN. My family surnames are Handshoe, Hicks, Bailey, Sparkman, and Ramey. My father was Floyd (Shorty) Handshoe. My grandfather Sam Hicks. I am really stumped on my great grandma Florenda Sparkman Hicks married to Jesse Hicks. She died in 1957 in a fire. Also I can't locate much on my Bailey line from my dad's mother's side of the family. My grandfather was Silvester Handshoe married to Anna Mae Bailey. If anyone has any info or connections to any of these please contact me. Thanks Peggy Burnette


3/7/05 - I'm looking for info on a WILLIAM A. PAYNE (BILL PAYNE). I believe he may have been a town constable, Chief of Police or Sheriff of Iaeger. I think he was shot and killed in the late 1930's. Any info would be wonderful. Thanks, Jamie

3/5/05 - I am researching my family history and so far this is all I have. If anyone knows any of the following people or their relatives please let me know. Thanks!



CHARLIE EATON and RALPH EATON Ida later married Ed Money or Mooney


This is the only information that I have on the PACK family. Lula is my great-grandmother. Any information that anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated!! Tosha

3/5/05 - I am researching my family history and so far this is all the information that I have. If anyone knows any of the following people or their relatives please let me know. Thanks!

DAVID DARRELL PUCKETT married to Lynda Carol Baldwin, RALPH E. PUCKETT married to Margaret Rutherford, ALAN PUCKETT, OCIE TALMAGE PUCKETT married to Civil Erving Steele, WORLEY PUCKETT married to Janet ???, DOVEY PUCKETT, KENNETH PUCKETT, NORMA LOVELLA PUCKETT married to Worley Owens, IMOGENE PUCKETT married to Dave Hardy, HARLAN PUCKETT and JACK PUCKETT. I have information on some of them but I need a whole lot more. Tosha

3/3/05 - I'm looking for anyone who lived in Shaft Hollow { Caretta }, WV during the 1950s to 1970s who might remember me and my family. Sure would like to hear from some of you people. It seems that people are afraid/ashamed to admit that they ever lived in Shaft Hollow. I know that it's run down now, and there is not much left as far as industry goes; however, I still have some very fond memories of Shaft Hollow, going to Caretta Elementary school, the Big and Little Mine Company store, and going to the local dances above the post office. The Big Creek Owls reigned in sports, and Addairs store at Yukon was the favorite place to walk or ride your bike to get a cold soda pop, and fish under the bridge. Many years and miles have separated me from the hills, creeks, trees, and people of my days of youth; however, nothing can ever take that time from my memories. For those of you who were my friends, I miss you. For those of you who were not my friends, I wish that had been. I hope that there are others out there who'll read this, and try to keep the memory of Shaft Hollow alive. For some of us, it was a place we loved and hated the thoughts of leaving. For others, I know that you could not get out fast enough. Which ever the case may be, we who lived there journeyed through a portion of our lives together. Be it good or bad, we were connected for a while. I hope to reconnect with someone from that part of my past. Thank you, Clarence Jenkins Junior. AKA James C. Jenkins

3/3/05 - Does anyone know if Dry Branch Cemetery (located near Mile Branch) is visible from the rail road tracks, is it still in use? Thanks, Debbie (DeLong) Gullett

3/3/05 - I am trying to find info. on my ggrandparents James Whitt and Emma Wimmer. I have my grandmothers death certificate , her name was Kate and she was born in Davy 1890. Can anyone help? Thanks Brenda

3/1/05 - Can anyone tell me where all the cemeteries in Coalwood, WV are located? My great grandfather is supposed to be buried in a cemetery in Coalwood and I would like to know the location of any cemetery there. Tosha

3/1/05 - I am trying to find out some information about my family. My Great-Great Grandparents were WILLIAM PACK and ANGELINE HARMON PACK. Their children were NORMA LAKE PACK married to Harvey Puckett, their children are Norma, Worley (foxy), Harlen, Kenneth, Ralph (sunset), Ocie, Inogene, Dovie, Alan, Jack and Darrell. MEADIE PACK married to Harrison Hicks, their children are Carl, Elmer and Junior. IDA PACK married to Clarence Eaton, their children are Charlie and Ralph, she then married Ed Money. JESS PACK married to Susie Altizer,their children are Pauline, Irene, Geneva, Jeanette, Georgia, Silas, Edith, Bill, Edward (sonny boy), and Doug. And my great grandmother LULA ROSE PACK married to Theodore Staten. LULA and THEODORE had 9 children-Vivian, Hazel, Juanita, Della, Wilma, Stella, Helen, Arthur and David. DELLA is my grandmother and she was married to DAVID YORK. Their children were Delores, Stella, Depree, Carlotta, Bonnie, Ronnie and Dawn. DAWN is my mother. If anyone can tell me anything about the PACK family it would be really helpful. Who William Pack and Angeline Harman's parents were and who was married to who and what their children's names were. Tosha

2/28/05 - I have been searching for information regarding McDowell County schools, and wondered if someone could be of assistance. I have been researching secondary schools in West Virginia, and in general gathering data on when the school opened and closed, what the school mascot and colors were, and where students were sent when the school closed (when applicable). Any help, or a referral to someone who may have this information, will be greatly appreciated:

1. Were there ever high schools at Berwind or Coalwood?

2. Was Big Creek High School ever known as War High School?

3. What was the mascot and school colors for the Northfork High School, and when did it open and close?

4. When did Elkhorn, Gary, Kimball, and Northfork high schools close their doors?

5. When did the following schools open: Elkhorn, Excelsior, Gary, Gary District, Iaeger and Kimball?

6. Lastly, I need a bit of information on Northfork-Elkhorn. I know this school was formed in 1953 when Elkhorn HS closed and moved its students to Northfork HS, but I also know that it had originally been Northfork-Elkhorn District High School before the early 1920s when the two schools were split. Do you know when the original Northfork-Elkhorn District High School was established, and what its mascot and colors were? Also, is it considered to be the same school as Northfork-Elkhorn or Northfork HS, or do neither of those schools count that period in their history?

I thank you for your time. Robert Bonar

2/22/05 - Looking for 2 pieces of info. One, who would have been the minister at the two Presbyterian churches in Welch, WV during the 1950's? And, does anyone know if there was a doctor Saunders practicing in the Welch area during the same time period? Thanks Brenda Barnett

2/18/05 - I am looking for information on Jim and Mary Larsen of Warriormines. In the 1960's they use to live near the Warriormines store and postoffice. They had four children. Oldest was a boy then three girls, Kathy, Peggy and a younger daughter. M. Crosby

2/18/05 - I’m looking for information on Charles Walter Dillard. I’m interested in knowing information about who his father and mother were. Charles Walter Dillard lived in McDowell County, Pocahontas, and Coalwood. Charles Walter Dillard was married to Nancy Ann Odham (Dillard). The information on them is as follows:

Name: Dillard, Charles Walter Born: 1876 Where: Unk
Died: 1955 Where: Unk
Married: Nancy Ann Odham When: 1900 Where: Pocahontas WV
Children: Ilia Mae Dillard, Virgie Dillard, Rowena Dillard, Auburn(Coby) Dillard, Everett Dillard, Winford Hill Dillard, Hersel Dillard, Kermit Dillard, Rupert Arnold Dillard
Father: Unk
Mother: Unk
Comments: Charles Walter Dillard walked from Turkey Knob, North Carolina to Pocahontas, West Virginia in 1895. He married Nancy Ann Odham in 1900.

Thank you Harry Dillard

2/17/05 - I'm looking for Denise and Debra Jordan from Kimball in McDowell County. They both graduated from Welch high School. Appreciate any info anyone has Jennifer I. McFarland

2/16/05 - Doe's anyone know the whereabouts of a cemetary "across the creek" from Excelsior that was used in the 1930's ? I think my husband's grandmother and greatgrandmother were buried there. Thanks!! Jeanne

2/11/05 - Seeking info on tent meetings / camp meetings in 1920's and 1930's, particularly a woman Pentecostal holiness preacher named Nettie Farris, who is my great aunt. She was married to Frank James Farris with relatives in Duhring and lived in Montcalm at one time. Digging out local sources; any info or suggestions? Thanks, Grigg Family

2/4/05 - I am looking for information on the children of Homer David Rorrer and Bertha Rebecca Cochran Rorrer. Bertha supposedly died in Crumpler, McDowell Co. in 1974. I do not have a death date for Homer David Rorrer. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thomas Rorrer

2/2/05 - I would likd info on the Logan family. There is a Frank Logan buried at Big Sandy/Hensley cemetery. I need to find out about his wife, Arabell. She died in 1920, him in 1912. Also, where is this cemetery? Bill Pierce

2/1/05 - RITTER MINING: During the heyday of coal, Ritter was a large, if not the largest, employer around. My grandfather and great-grandfather worked for their stores: Clarence Merrill KYLE and his father, Robert KYLE. They lived in the Welch area and all of Robert children were born there. One died as an infant in 1888, and I am trying to find more about her. I am having no luck online, and may need to just wait until I can take a trip to Charleston. Other surnames include: Henritze, Arthur, Hutson, Smith and Osborne. Anyone else who has information on Ritter, please contact me. Kyleen Gavin

I am doing some research on the Atwell family of Mcdowell County, WVA which was Mary Atwell my grandmother on my mother's side. She was born in June 1884 died 1961 (third Generation) They go back to a William H. Atwell (first generation) born in 1800 died 1860-1870. Primarily what I am looking far is James Thompson killed in a mining accident in WVA either in MCdowell County or near Beckley, WVA. I think the date was December 1917. Any help or info greatly appreciated. Regards, Ed Weaver

1/30/05 - I am searching for pictures of the town of Kimball, downtown on main street, the old Bank Building at the end of the town going toward Keystone. Michael K. Richardson

1/30/05 - I am looking for anything on James Wooten born March 1854 in Carter County, Kentucky and died May 25, 1916 in McDowell West Virginia. I believe that he moved there to work in the mines (according to my grandmother, who was his granddaughter) and Martha Mattie Messer Wooten born Aug. 22, 1859 in Carter County, Kentucky and died Jan. 27, 1920 McDowell County, West Virginia. They are buried in the Big Sandy/Hensley Cemetery. Melissa Miller

1/30/05 - I am trying to find some information on my Grandfather - James Thompson, a native of Ashe County, NC. killed in a mining accident in WVA in 1917. I always thought it was December 15, 1917 in Mcdowell County, WVA at the Yukon Mine at Susanna, WVA. There were 18 deaths and his name did not appear among them. I think the date is partly accurate. Have also heard that it in a mine near Beckley, WVA. I think he was 31 years old or some where in his early 30's. He was married to a Mary Atwell of Mcdoweel County, WVA. Any info you could furnish would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ed Weaver

1/30/05 - I'm looking for my grandfather's first family. His name was Thomas Hunley. He was married to Rexie or Roxie W. and they had a daughter named Lena M.. This was around 1910 to 1920. My grandfather worked in the coal mines. He was from Wythe County Virginia. Please e-mail me at ellihun@aol.com. Thanks!!

1/29/05 - I looking for any information, pictures relating to the families of Goldie Gunn and Rachel Bowers. They lived in Ream #6. My Grandfather Goldie worked in the coal mines #6 hollow. Thanks CONNIE2040@aol.com

1/24/05 - I am Looking for pictures of the old Maybeury grade school in Maybeury, McDowell County, West Virginia. If anyone has any please let me know. Thanks W.P.Horton

1/24/05 - I'm searching the Lankford/Osborn lines. Any info. would help. Thank you Fran

1/22/05 - I'm looking for any info on Dan & Vicie Mitchell of Davy. Any help would be greatly apreciated Beverly Kuhn

1/18/05 - Looking for Hull's that lived in Mcdowell county around English & Flat Top. Also any Curry's from that area. Lemuel Hull, Zibe Hull, Walter Hull, John or Jim Hull or any descendents. Zibe had sons: Clayton, George, Walter, daughters Grace and Margaret. I know they worked in the coal mines 789 or 22 Holden. Thanks. Karen

1/17/05 - I have information on a person burried in Tom Sparks Cemetery. On the listing, it says Keen, Sr. His full name is George Allen Keen, Sr. He was born September 14, 1941 and he died September 16, 1996. He was my father and was unable to attend his funeral, and never knew where he was buried. I also know that his father was also buried in the same cemetery, but about 20 years ago it had a plastic marker so I'm sure he is one of the unmarked people. I would love to put a gravestone on my father's grave, so if anyone could give me any information on who I could talk to about it, or if someone could send this on to someone who could help me, I would sincerely appreciate it. I live in Ohio, so I really don't know who I could talk to. Thank you, Jennifer Steel

1/17/05 - Looking for Information for Virgie Rutherford Robinette who lived in McDowell Co. WV from about 1932 to abt. 1965. Her husband was Floyd Robinette and they had about 14 children. Anyone having information about this family and is willing to share, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance. Barbara Murphy

1/17/05 - I am trying to find the burial site of my grandmother Clemmie Smith(maiden name Ratcliffe). She was married to James Smith. She died of tuberculosis on Jan 17, 1933 in Yukon, WV. She was born in Glen Alum, WV around 1903. Thanks for your help. smithmt9@comcast.net

1/16/05 - I am intrested in looking for any information about my great grandmother Mattie Lee Wilson Ferris. Any one who can give me any information about my Ferris or Wilson ancestors will be appreciated. I know only that my grandmother was born Mary Ellen Ferris in Mcdowell county in 1895. Any information will be appreciated. Sincerely J Dotson

1/16/05 - Looking for information on the Vaselaros family of Mcdowell County. Reply to athenav_28150@yahoo.com

1/12/05 - I am trying to get info on the Keene or Lester families that live in Bartley/English. I lost contact with them about 20 yrs. ago, and would like to contact them. LRatay

1/11/05 - I am interested in an obit or a newspaper article from February 1940. My great grandfather was killed in the Algoma Coal mines. From what I can gather a coal car motor fell on top of him as he was working on it. I have been informed that this happened right around the time the union was forming. He name was Ira M Shumate. If any one could check around it would be greatly appreciated. Teresa Davis

1/10/05 - I am looking for any information on a cemetery said to be located about 5 miles up the holler from Wilmore Dam. My GGrandfather Bill Adams helped build the dam, and his mother Rachel Marcum Adams ran a boarding house further up the holler. Any help appreciated. sturgeon@netease.net

1/9/05 - Need information on Evy Kennedy Steele (Thompson?), my maternal grandmother, who died Dec. 1930 when a resident of West Chester (McDowell County). She was buried at Christian in Logan County. Would like any info concerning her birthplace/birthdate or any relatives. She may have originally resided in Mingo County. Her parents were Andrew and Martha Smith Kennedy. Any help would be appreciated. Brenda West

1/8/05 - My grandparents are Harvey J. KEEN(e) and Nellie L. (Rose) KEEN(e). My biological father is Roy D. MULLINS. I would like any pictures or information about my family. ( ERNEST ROSE, WILMA ROSE (DESKINS) THOMAS C. DESKINS, REBECCA KEEN[E], PEARL KEEN...) I lived in Jolo until I was 5 then we moved to TN. I'm curious to learn about my family. I have very fond memories of my years spent there. We used to live out next to Loneoak Cemetery. I have some family buried there. Family at Tom Sparks Cemetery as well. Also any information as to where my grandfathers (Harvey J. Keen[e]) grandparents are buried would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Tiffany Parson

1/8/05 - I'm searching for photos of the old school house at Belcher Mountain. Would also like to know if anyone knows when it was built. Thanks David Grubb

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