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McDowell County Queries - 2008

2/23/08 - I am looking for a photograph of Harrison Memorial Hospital located at Kimball, WV to be used in an upcoming book. Any help will be appreciated. Alex Schust

2/18/08 - I am looking for information on the Thomas J and Gertrude Puckett family. I know they were in the county in 1930s. Thomas was my great uncle. I would appreciate any info on this family and Thomas father James Puckett. Lois Drake


1/27/08 - I am looking for information on Birdie Cox, I'm not sure when she was born or when she died. I know she had a daughter Sarah Cox because she is my great-grandmaw and Birdie would be my great great grandmaw. Does anyone know her or her husbands name, when they were born, passed, if they had any more kids,where they lived. Any information would be helpfull. I think that she might be buried in Roderfield, but I'm not sure where. Also who Birdies mom and dad would be. Also any information on Lucy Combs or Lee Green Would be Helpfull Thanks! Thanks you can email me at kmullins08@gmail.com

1/27/08 - Thanks to all for the info on The Boothe, Gillespie, Creed, Altizer, & Green family info that I have received thru this site. I have over 7000 names in my tree and still searching for info. My name is Audrey and my email is mmacri4365@aol.com

1/26/08 - I am searching for anyone that has any information on Ira Shannon Cline. I have started doing family research and I do know that he was my great grandfather. His son Herman Luther Cline was my grandfather. Any information would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at bgrl1703@aol.com

1/24/08 - I&#x0092d like some information on a mining accident on August 28, 1927. The mine name I have is Mary Martha Mines and I don&#x0092t know if this is correct. My grandfather Alvis Asbury died on this date. I cannot find any info. I know my dad and gram lived in the McDowell area and just know that the mine that he died in wasn&#x0092t far. Also on another note, is there a state or private park to park an rv in to stay in the McDowell area for a week or so? Any help would be appreciated. Renae Hughes

1/23/08 - Looking for info on my g.g.g g.F William M Surber confedrate vet. I was told he was buried in Algoma hollow. Also info on the Brewster's from Euraka hollow. Ccarl, old man Dan and Fsnnie. Thank you for any help. kn_haroldowens@webtv.net

1/22/08 - I am looking for any members of the Dye family from Pageton im trying to help my niece search for her dads family. Her dad passed away 2 yrs ago his name was Mack Dye and his dads name was Russell Dye he was married to a Virginia McClanahan im sure if i spelled her last name correct and im not sure if she was born in Pageton. Any help would be greatly appreciated Also Virginia had other kids before she was married to Russell Dye so if there is anyone out there that is related to either of them pleas contact me..My niece and i visit McDowell county alot we have relatives all over the county. But she knows any of the Dyes. Nora Lester

1/21/08 - Looking for info on Ira Perdue married to Mary and Ralph and Josephine Consolo found some info in the 1920 census thank you twoforyou74@yahoo.com

1/21/08 - I am currently working on a website devoted to WV's fire (lookout) towers and am in need of information (history, ownership, current status, stories) and/or pictures of the various McDowell County towers, especially the 'Coalwood' tower and the three 'Olga' towers (Olga, Olga #2 and Olga #3). Also, an unknown (name) tower that is shown as being located about 2.2 miles northwest of Caretta. Your contributions will go a long ways towards making this project a success and will be duly noted! If anyone has ANYTHING that they'd be willing to share, please email me at wag2200@velocity.net . Sincerely, Ron Stafford

1/19/08 - I'm looking for any info on the Lester families from McDowell Co. My ggrandmother was Christine Lester she was born abt 1884. I was told she married a Tom Ratcliff in McDowell Co. somewhere around 1914. Christine was killed by a train in the 1940's in Mingo Co. WV. She had one child my grandmother Litty Mae Ratcliff that was born Oct. 25, 1914 in Iaeger. If anyone knows anything about this family it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Rose Waller

1/17/08 - I am trying to locate the burial plot of my Great-great grandmother, Nancy Hammed. She was buried June 3, 1925 in Kimble, WVA and the undertaker is listed as JW Luther of Welch, WV. It would be very meaningful for my Great Aunt, (Nancy&#x0092s daughter to see her mother&#x0092s grave). Any leads would be most appreciated! Thanks rkwhitaker@adelphia.net

1/16/08 - My name Is Vickie Lynn (Payne) Marcurella. I am looking for Old Friends/Family in ANY State really. I Graduated Big Creek High School In 1986 and would love to hear from old classmates. I moved away from Wva in 1986, Lived in Nc and a Few Other places and in 2001 Ii Settled in Sc where i Plan to spend my life. I am also trying to find Family. My Mother was Marie (Rose) (Payne) Keaton from Bartley, WV. She passed away July 19 2005. My (real) Dad was Finley G Payne also from Bradshaw/Bartley, WV area, (Passed away nov 2006) From what Ii've learned over time he has a lot of children spread all over the place, I have found some and would love to hear from more or any of My Step dads family> His name is Roscoe Keaton from Bartley WV, My granparents on my Mothers side > Fanny Nipper Rose Akers of English, WV, Cecil Rose (Clearwater Fl) Passed away April 2003, Finley G Paynes Parents were Alex Chapman Payne and Maggie (Attwell) Payne, Not sure of date of death for them. Their parents were Malcom Payne and Lorvinine Payne. My Step dad (Whom I Consider my dad as he raised me from age 5) Roscoe Keatons Parents were Nellie Jewell Keaton from Bradshaw Wva area, and Beaufort Keaton (Passed away Long ago). If anyone knows of any of these families please email me at vickieanddeanM@hotmail.com If you have a myspace page you can contact me there, Just look up my email on the search button, Thank you all for any help you can give me, God Bless and My Thoughts and Prayers are with you all. Thanks for any news you might be able to share with me, For anyone related to me I DO have photos of Finleys parents and granparents im willing to send you, Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless Vickie Lynn (Payne) Marcurella

1/15/08 - I was born in Woosley Holler and would like to talk to anyone knowing my family or friends. My dad was OAKLEY MULLINS and my mom was HELEN OWENS MULLINS. Please respond, thank you. Norma (Mullins) McPhatter

1/15/08 - I am looking for information on my GG Grandfather John Dye. He was born in 1898. He was a Coal Miner and worked as Coal Loader in the Coal Mines in 1920-30 in WV. His wife wasTabithia Dye. She was born in 1906 in Va. Their children included my Grandfather Arnold Dye 1918. He was and shot and killed in the 1940s in WV. I think Wolfe WV, Edward Dye1919, Loraine Dye1920, Beatrice Dye 1925, Wayne Dye 1927 and Nadie Dye 1928. If anyone can help me please email me at mspatty1967@yahoo.com

1/14/08 - I am still looking for any information that I can find about the Brewsters and Mitchells of McDowell Co. My grandpa was Patton Jackson Brewster, son of Demon Brewster and Mary Belle Mitchell Brewster. I have about 32,000 people in my family tree and I would love to share information with someone. Maybe we could help each other. I would love to see any pictures of Brewsters or Mitchells. I hardly have any. Thanks in advance. Donna from NC

1/12/08 - I am looking for a cemetery in Horsepen, that I thought was Horsepen Cove Cemetery, but cannot find it. Specifically I am looking for the burial place of Albert Perry Asbury, his wife Catherine Nora Ball Asbury, and William C. Asbury. I know William C. Asbury is buried in Horsepen in a cemetery on the hillside just above a white clapboard church. Any help appreciated. I have checked Tazewell County also, as I remember that Horsepen straddled the state line. Reply to mjasbury@verizon.net

1/9/08 - I am looking for information regarding my grandfather Fred Morgan. He was married to Myrtle, lived in Raysal crushed and died by a slate fall on Nov. 18,1943. I was always told that he died away from Raysal but his death certificate, which I just received, says Raysal. If you have any info please contact me; jimnlu@mchsi.com

1/7/08 - I am looking for Blankenship cousins, My Grand parents were Joseph & Harriot Blankenship, some of their children were Fred,Troy, Goldie,Sylvia ,William and I am sure there were more siblings. My parents were William & Rinda Blankenship. all from Mcdowell county. Berwinten@msn.com

1/7/08 - I am trying to find out more information relating to the birth and death dates for Julia Ann Webb and "Belle" possibly Mary Ann Blackburn Webb. I have listed below what I have found so far but I have hit a road block. My Grandmother was Julia Webb ( age 19) who Married Albert Kinney (age 21) June 20, 1921 in Logan County, West Virginia. The marriage record lists John Webb and Belle Blackburn as her parents. It also states that Julia was born in Louisa, Kentucky but census records have her listed as West Virginia.

Julia Webb
B: 1903-1905 Louisa, Kentucky or Logan, West Virginia
D: Feb 1985 Logan County, West Virginia

Julia's father was John Webb who was married first to Bell Blackburn then he married Virgie ? between 1908 and 1910. I knew that my Great Grandmother passed away when my Grandmother was young but I can find no documentation concerning her death.

John B. Webb B: Nov 1867
Married Bell Blackburn in 1897 (Lawrence County Kentucky Marriage Record)

"Bell" or Mary Ann Blackburn
B: 1879 Lawrence County, Kentucky
D: Sometime between 1905 and 1909 Kentucky or West Virginia

Bell Blackburn was the daughter of Dicy Wallace Blackburn Barnette. I believe that Dicy was born in West Virginia sometime around 1855. She was married first to a Blackburn and then married Oliver Barnette in 1887 (Lawrence County Kentucky Marriage Record). I found who I believe to be Bell listed in an older census record as Mary Ann Blackburn. She was born around 1879 and the record had the correct dates as well as her mother being Dicy Blackburn. That name is so uncommon I am almost sure it is the same person and that is why I have included the name Mary Ann in my search. Below is the census information that I found:

1900 Kentucky Census Record
Louisa, Lawrence County, Kentucky

John B. Webb 32 B: Nov 1867 Head KY - WV - WV
Belle M. 20 B: Aug 1879 Wife WV - WV - KY Children Born 2 - Children Living 2
Ada 1 B: Aug 1898 Daughter KY - KY - WV
Robert 6/12 B: Nov 1899 Son KY - KY - WV
Dicy Barnette ? ? Mother-In-Law KY - ? - ?

1910 West Virginia Census
McDowell, Twin Branch, West Virginia

John B. Webb Head 44 (Marriage # 3) (Length of Marriage 1 Year) KY - KY - KY
Virgie Wife 36 (Marriage # 2) (Length of Marriage 1 Year) KY - KY - KY Children Born 2 Children Living 2
Ada Daughter 11 KY- KY- KY
Robert Son 9 KY - KY - KY
Julia Daughter 4 WV - KY - KY
Loyd Son 3 WV - KY - KY
Fannie Daughter 1 WV - KY - KY

1920 West Virginia Census
Logan, Logan County, West Virginia

C.T. Ellerson Head 42 Va - Va - Va
Ada Wife 22 KY - KY - KY
Aubry Son 3 WV - Va - KY
Myrtle Daughter 10/12 Months WV - VA - KY
Webb, J. B. Father-in-Law 50 KY - KY - KY
Barnett, Daisy (Dicy) Mother 80 KY - KY - KY

I guess the questions that I am trying to find answers to would be if Julia Ann Webb was born in McDowell County, West Virginia as the 1910 census states or was she born in Kentucky as listed on the marriage certificate. Also, if Belle or Mary Ann Blackburn Webb died in McDowell County, West Virginia. I can find no marriage certificate for John B. Webb and Virgie (Virginia, I am assuming) so I do not know when he married Julia's step-mother nor if they divorced or if she died sometime between the 1910 and 1920 census. If you can help with any information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You, Anna Moore

1/5/08 - I am looking for info. on Thomas J Collins, birth about 1854, a Lottie Collins birth 1888 and her daugther Polly Collins 1902 LouVlt@aol.com

1/4/08 - I am trying to find the grave of my father's mother. Nannie Brown married William Thomas Gillespie after the 1910 census, c.1912. Nannie's father was Windom Brown and her mother was Maggie Asbury. Nannie was born in Jeffersonville, Tazewell County, Virginia about 1894. She left William Thomas Gillespie after the 1930 census. I think she died in McDowell County, but she may have remarried. If I don't locate the grave that is okay. I would like to know when she died and the cause of death. I will be glad to share information that I have. My dad's tree is sparse, though. Nellie Rae Gillespie Frazier

1/1/08 - My dad, Jack, grew up in the War, WV area in the 1950's. He lived in "The Cove" area in a two-story rock house. They also ran a small store out of the lower level. I was wondering if anyone had any pictures or info they would be willing to share with me and my family of the area or the house during the 50's. Sadly, on 12/28/07 we visited the area and found that a fire had destroyed the house. I would appreciate any help you could give us. Thank you. James Campbell

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