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Recently I discovered there was a Cementary on BEECH HILL just off Main St., War, W.Va. I would appreciate anyone that would give the exact location and list as many of those buried there as possible. Also, if possible, number the unmarked graves. Please write the complete wording on the stone or marker since some may be written in Italian. I want to get this information to post in this website, The McDowell County, WVa website.
Tell your friends about this site. There is much help here for Family Tree search.
Rev Jim Mullins
Dec 27

Looking for information on wife of Ambrose Johnson, Abigail G. Habenn??. Their daughter, Nannie Johnson, was adopted by Henry D. and Elizabeth (Rose) Belcher. She married Joe Sharrone on 30 May 1912 at Welch. They lived at Pageton, WV. Nannie's death certificate of 27 Mar 1970 in Welch, states her father was Ambrose Johnson and her mother as "Abadail Habenn". It is likely that Abigail's last name, Habenn, is also misspelled by the person filling out the death certificate.
Larry E. Smith
Dec 18

We recently added a new cemetery (with photos) to our cemetery page, the Number 8 Mine Cemetery, which is located above Cucumber Creek, in Newhall. The question has come up as to whether this cemetery might also be known as Cucumber Cemetery or possibly even Baldwin Cemetery. We would appreciate any information anyone might have on any of these three cemeteries that might help answer this question.
McDowell County Coordinators
Dec 4

Hello! I'm trying to locate the marriage record of Fanny Mabel Shelton and Logan Dempsey Belcher, married in 1936, perhaps in McDowell Co. Fanny is found in the 1920 and 1930 census records for the county. Their son, Jarrell Belcher, was born in 1938 somewhere in WV, but I haven't been able to confirm that location. He said it was Bocoa, but I haven't been able to find such a place. I'm wondering if it could have been Matoaka. They are all deceased and I would like to have this information for family history.
Thanks for any help you can give.
Tony Belcher
Dec 2

I am currently researching the Dinkins / Adams Families of West Virginia and Virginia.

My grandfather was Thomas Peter Dinkins, born 1885 in Chilhowie, Virginia. My grandmother was Mary Frances Adams, born 1888 in Kayoulah, Virginia. At various times, they lived in Thorpe, WV, and Anawalt, WV. They had five children, the oldest son being my father, Joseph Harold Dinkins.

My parents divorced when I was very young and I have not seen family members since the late 1940ís. Through online research, I have been able to obtain a great deal of information on most family members. Sadly, I believe only one of the five children is living.

A daughter, my aunt Ellen Dinkins, married Letcher Blevins of North Carolina. They had a son, Letcher, Jr., and a daughter, Alice Marie. I was told Alice and her son died in a car accident in McDowell County, possibly in the 1970ís. I have been unable to verify that information and would appreciate any leads you could give.

Thank you. Patricia Mohar
Nov 26

With some research I have found my great grandmaw Cynthia (additional photo). She could not read or write, her marriage certificate says (she married) Solomon Rowe but actually it was Salem Rowe. I would love any information anyone has on Lydia Harmen, Salem's first wife. I can't seem to find anything on her but their marriage license.

Buired at the Vance Cemetery
McDowell County Bradshaw WV
Cynthia Rowe, 12 Mar. 1880 - 9 Jan. 1969. d/o James L. & Louise (Vance) Payne. Wife of Salem Rowe also buried there in a unmarked grave

Thank you, have a wonderful day.
Happy Happy Joy Joy,  Chris Ann
Nov 13

We are looking for a detailed map of McDowell County, either a picture or link that we can include on this site.
Reggie Mitchem.
Nov 7

I would like to get a location on the Altizer family cemetery at Davy, WV. My 2nd great grandparents John A Altizer and Sarah Baldwin Altizer are supposed to be buried there as well as their son Floyd Aaron Altizer. If anyone might know of this cemetery, I would like to get the location.
Dan Roberts
Nov 7

Hi my name is Carol (Messer) Wilson my father and his father worked in the coal mine in McDowell county are there any records of workers back then?
My Grandmother and grand father were buried in Mudd fork cemetery does that still exist. Were ther birth records for people living in the coal mines who delivered theier babies at home.

Carol Lee Wilson
Nov 4

I would like to know the date the Leckie WV Post Office closed, and who the Postmaster or Postmistress was.
Oct 24

Thomas Lester supposedly died 2 March 1884 in McDowell Co, WVa. He was married last to a Pollie Richards and had a daughter Nelly that married a John Harvy Hall 1876 Buchanan co VA. Hope someone has info on this line. Thanks,
Oct 18

Does anybody have any information on an Ethel Pennington, buried in Scott Family Cenetery, in Princeton, Mercer County, WV? She is buried with four of the Scott family. There is no date of birth or death.
Oct 18

My name is Judy Smith Aldrich and I am trying to locate information on my mother's family from McDowell County, WV. I would like to find information on my grandmother Sarah Lou Stevenson Day McFearson born in 1874 in VA and died in 1922 (ABT) in McDowell Co. I found her marriage application to Joseph McFearson the minister was MM Day which would have been her first husband's uncle, but unable to find any census after 1900. I am also having trouble finding info on my mother's sister (Pearl Day) and her husband (Ben Mullins). Last time I visited Welch they lived above a softball/baseball field. I can't seem to find the names of Ben's mother or father.
Thank you!
Judy Smith Aldrich
Oct 17

I am researching the beginning of the Havaco Community Church. The church opened in 1953. I would like to complete a history of the construction. If anyone has any information, such as who was the first pastor and who were the pastors thru the years. Who helped build the church and any pictures. I have been the pastor of the church for over 21 yrs.
Dean Hatfield
Oct 17

I am looking for info on Mohegan. I am particuarly interested in the housing, where the well was, pictures, or other redevelopment that has been done since 1950. the area looks nothing like what it looked like when my gtandparents lived there. As a matter of fact, the things not changed are the railroad, tunnel, the Tug River and rt16.
Larry Ledford
Oct 12

I'm looking for a cemetery in the brown's creek dist in mcdowell, west va. The grave that I'm looking for is for Irene Boyd, death date 10-30-1952 register 11-17-1952.
Thanks if you can help
Ann Thomas
Sept 26

I am looking for any of the Thomas Green branch family still living. I am a branch that would like to meet some of my relatives. Please contact me. Thank you, Barbara Snead
Sept 20

Looking for information on the family named Nash who lived at Wilcoe Yard.

Bosen (sic) Nash worked for the N & W
Birdie (sic) Nash
Betty Jean Nash born July 1928, graduated from Gary High in 1947.
Thank you, Alisa Weaver
Sept 19

I am trying to locate information on two people. The first is Hugh Forrest Powers although sometimes he went by Forrest Hugh Powers. He was born 1898 to Henry Hobart and Ida Belle Bevins Powers. I was told he died in 1918 but not sure how or where.

The second person is Mary Culbertson Powers, the daughter of Stephen Culbertson from McDowall Co. She married my grandfather, Melvin Patton Powers in Richlands in 1917.

They were only together for a short time before she left. Grandpa was told that she had been killed in an accident either 1918 or 1919. I'm trying to find out for sure when and where. All I really know about Mary is that she had a twin sister, Martha, who married one of Mel's brothers. I think it might have been Hugh.
Any information on these people would be greatly appreciated.
Debbie Bryan
Sept 18

I am looking for any information on Samuel Rose, born 1822 in North Carolina, death after 1870 in McDowell, West Virginia. Wife, Kissiah Rose, born 1822 in North Carolina. Death after 1880 in McDowell West Virginia.

Children: Mary (Polly) Rose, born 1838, North Carolina
William Rose, born 1840, North Carolina
Sarah A. Rose, born 1842, Virginia
Jessie Rose, born 1843, male, Virginia
Janie Rose, bprn 1848, Virginia
Emanuel, born 1849, Virginia
Elizabeth Rose, born 1850, Virginia.

This family lived in Tazewell County, Virginia in 1850, and in the 1860, 1870, 1880 census of Dick's Creek or Big Creek in McDowell County, West Virginia. Kissiah Rose was living with her son Emanuel Rose on the 1880 census in Big Creek, McDowell, West Virginia. Samuel Rose is believed to be the son of Joel Rose from Ashe County, North Carolina. I would appreciate any information that you might have on this person or his family members. Thank you,
Gerri Unitt
Sept 10

I am looking for any information on Jonah and Myrtle Adkins. They lived in Davy and they had a son who was supposedly killed in a car wreck in 1958. Anyone with any info on them or their children or who Jonah's father was can contact me at Sharon Vencill. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you
Sept. 7

My name is Teresa Truman and I'm searching for any information available on the William Arlin Spencer (wife, Jane), Jesse (Jack) Spencer, or Ellis Murphy families. My grandmother's name was Emma May Spencer and she lived with Will and Jane Spencer from around 1921 until around 1934. Her name is listed on the 1930 census as being in their home. The reason for my inquiry is to find out who my great-grandmother was. I do know that she was deaf and dumb, she had 2 daughters by Jesse Spencer (my grandmother, Emma Spencer and her sister Vicey), and a son after she was committed to the State Hospital at Marion, VA. Her son was adopted by the Florence Cole family of Pounding Mill, Va., my grandmother was taken from an orphanage by Will Spencer and that's how she came to live with them, and Vicey was adopted and also taken from the orphanage and ended up in California. My grandmother married Garney (Doc) Alley in July of 1934 according to county records. Any information would be of great value to our family. Please contact me at Teresa Truman or by phone at 540-243-4091. Thank you!
Aug 24

I am looking for information about Everett and Brydia Campbell who lived in Keystone, West Virginia in 1957.
Thanks, Julie Hensley Utt
Aug 21

Looking for any of the Kalowick family from War or anyone that may have known them.
Thanks, Fred Neely
Aug 21

I am looking for information on Asher and Sarah Collie Mitchell Damron who came to McDowell County about 1900 from Pike County, KY.
Thanks, John Yopp
Aug 14

I am looking for information on the parents of my grandmother, Maude Mitchell Bean. They are John (or Jonathan) Mitchell and Frances Mitchell. Her maiden name was possibly Frances Damron. Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks, John Yopp
Aug 14

I need info on Richard and Virginia James family. I'm the youngest of their 12 children. They lived in Litwar Holler near Iaeger.
Thanks, Toni Thompson
Aug 13

Hi, I am looking for any info on Frank, Florance, Richard, Lawrence or Ruby Sheridan.The Sheridans lived at Davy, WV from the mid 1920's to about 1935. Frank was disabled due to a mining accident, Florence ran a boarding house, Richard and Lawrence were miners and my aunt Ruby worked at the 5 and 10 store in Davy. Any info will be helpful
Thanks, Bob
July 26

Was hoping that you may be able to answer a question for me. There is an area in McDowell County called Keystone. An ancestor of mine worked at the mine. He had two children that died on the same date, May 14, 1894 in the area. Would you know what cemeteries would have been in the area at that time period?
Thanks, Jeff
July 23

My name is Michelle and I have information on Laura (Lura Conner) Mosnick for Mr. Charles E. Walker, who posted an inquiry on 5/16/07. I tried emailing him, but I think the email address is no longer in use. Can you help?
Thanks, Michelle
July 14

My name is Teresa Truman and my grandmother's name was Emma May Spencer. She was born in or around McDowell County. Her father was Jesse Jordan Spencer and she was taken from an orphanage by her uncle,  William Arlin Spencer and his wife Jane when she was around 9 years old. She was in the orphanage because her mother was committed to the state hospital at Marion by Jesse because she was deaf and dumb,  and he no longer wanted a family,  so it was an easy way to dispose of her.

My great grandmother was pregnant at the time she was committed, and later gave birth to a son who was adopted by the Florence Cole family. His name was Ellis D. Cole and he lived at Pounding Mill,  VA until his death.

I am seeking information mainly about my great grandmother. All I know is that she was in the hospital in Marion all of her adult life and that her family had been told that she was dead. At her death her son,  Ellis Cole,  was located,  I assume through his adoption records,  and that's when we found out that she had been alive all those years. I am looking for information about William (Will) Arlin Spencer,  Jane Spencer,  Jesse Jordan Spencer (he may have gone by Jack),  and my great grandmother who was in Marion. I don't know her first name but would assume that her last name was Spencer since that was my grandmother's maiden name.

I know some of my relatives lived,  or live,  in Tazewell,  VA. My great grandmother would have been in Marion from around 1928 (according to birth records for her son) until the mid 1960's. She also had another daughter named Vicey who was adopted out and ended up in California. I don't know if she is still alive or not. My grandmother has a son still living named Erving Spencer. According to marriage records my grandmother married Garney Alley in McDowell County when she was 21.

If anyone knows anything about any of my family,  or maybe have information about the orphanage where my grandmother was sent I would very much like to hear from you.
Thanks so much!
Teresa Truman
June 28

I am trying to find out how I got my last name. The only info I have is my father Rodney J Phaunef (Peters) and my mother (Linda A Phaunef (Herron). My father's parents were Carl Albert Peters & Catherine Peters Gilkerson. They are both buried in the Ieager Memorial Cemetery. I also know my father had a stepfather by the name of Leonard Gilkerson. My grandfather,  Carl Albert Peters was born Dec 25,  1909 and died Mar 20,  1976; my grandmother,  Catherine Peters Gilkerson was born on April 21,  1922. Obviously my last name has nothing to do with the Peters,  and that’s where I am stumped. I lost my father in 1990 and my mother passed away in 2006. I have no other way to find out how I got my last name. When I look it up,  none of the ancestry sites recognize the spelling. There are several of the last name spelled like Phaneuf. Would really like to find something out. Help please if you can,  and I will be willing to provide any info that I know. I have pictures of both of my grandparents and of Leonard Gilkerson. Sincerely, 
Rodney Phaunef

June 21.

When the court house burned in Tazewell,  Va. (around 1920?),  we were told that all the records that pertained to that county and Fort Whitten were destroyed.  The reason I am asking is that several years ago I was in the Archives in Charleston and while looking in the Land Book the name of David (?) Manier showed he had property in McDowell Co.  My GGGGG-Grandfather was killed near Fort Whitten in 1786 and his sons David,  John,  Jonathan,  Phillip lived there on their farm until three went exploring into Ky. and one came back.  Were told that David had been killed,  or ran off after a saloon encounter,  maybe gambling,  and was never seen again and Phillip went to Tn. with his mother either before or after she remarried.  I know that there are Minier/Manier in Tucker Co. and nothing has ever indicated they moved this far down into the state.  Most of their family was in Pa. WV and NY and later in Ohio. 

Maybe too much information but blame that on the military.  I spent 20 years there and was taught to give as much as you had.  The main thing is did all the records get destroyed when the court house was burned or was enough transferred to McDowell Co. that we could do some in-depth research.
Charles Mynhier
,  Mauldin,  SC
June 5,  2010

Note: Information on the Tazewell County Courthouse is of general interest to many McDowell residents, so if anyone has this information, please share with this website by responding to McDowell County.

I am searching for info on a James May who was killed in a mine in Welch,  West Virginia,  January 31, 1913.  Do you know where I might find something about this?


My name is Amy Kay Royster-Geiselman and I am searching for the surname Cregger.  It was my grandparents. Any information would be appreciated.
Amy Kay Royster-Geiselman
June 3,  2010

I am looking for Frances Lee Heath,  she is the daughter of Bogle J. Heath & Goldie Heath Reed. Frances was on the 1930 census at Northfork,  McDowell County,  West Virginia with John J. Reed & Goldie listed as her parents. It was put on the census that she was a stepson. I got Bogle J. Heath's death record from Hot Springs,  WY and his obituary from Skyland Post newspaper in Ashe County,  North Carolina that stated that Bogle J. Heath's daughter,  Frances Lee Holloway,  lived at Bluefield in March 1951. Frances went to school in McDowell County,  Northfork Elementary and Welch High School from l929-1942. I would appreciate any help in locating her. I would like to talk to her about her father's family.
Gerri Unit
May 29

My grandfather was Henry Meadows,  my mother was Bessie Juanita Meadows. Her mother was Emily Short,  who died shortly after my mom was born. I believe my mom was married to someone before my dad. Any information on my family would be appreciated.
May 23

My father was a coal miner in Gary. We moved to NJ in 1942 when i was ten years old. I would love to see some photos of Gary as it was in the early 40's.
Jim Marks
April 29

Hello,  I am looking for anyone who has Allen Mullins b. May 1884 listed with his mother,  Nettie Mullins in the 1900 Mcdowell Co,  WV census. Also listed are siblings ,  Sindy,  Nerva,  Joseph,  Elizabeth,  Rebecca Mullins. If anyone has info about this family would love to share files with you. The Nettie Mullins is my great grandmother.
Cindy Collins Holt
April 15

Can anyone tell me where the Flanigan Coal Co. was located and a little history?  Thank you.
Chris Santore
April 9

I am looking for information on Almeda Salyers Penley.  She is listed in her sister's obit,  in March 1953,  as living in Yukon,  McDowell Co,  but I haven't been able to locate her after that.  She was the widow of James Penley,  who died in 1933.  Would appreciate any help.  Thanks so much.
Kim Morrison
April 3

I am looking for an old friend,  Becky Gardner,  who lived in the Welch area in the late 1970s. I think she had a younger brother,  maybe two. Her mother delivered newspapers in Welch and I think she passed away some years ago. If anyone knows where Becky is or how I can contact her,  I would appreciate it.
Drema McCallister Pyles
March 29

This year,  the month of August 2010 marks the 62nd year of the terrible roof fall at the Caples Coal mines August 6,  1948. My father,  Eli Edward Mullins (1906-1948) lost his life (see Capels Mine Shaft and Caples Photos) . He left 5 sons and a widow with a year old baby. Are there any others who had a father or brother killed or injured at this site in 1948? I'd like to hear from you. Did you hear your dad or family members talk about this day in 1948? I'd like to hear about it also. I was only 10 years old and would appreciate knowing more or just hearing what others may know. Thank you,  Rev. Jim Mullins,  retired (jimandjuanitamullins@yahoo.com or rev224@yahoo.com) or Rev. Jim Mullins,  Rt. 1 Harmon Road,  Conneaut,  Ohio 44030-3131
March 26

I'm looking for a Gladys Price who would've been in West Virginia in 1930,  and born possibly 1927 or 1928.  I've been searching for many years for her,  but haven't been successful so far.  Any help would be appreciated.
March 20

Looking for birth certificate or any info on my grandfather Dale Dennis Lewis b. 05/21/1909 in McDowell Co.,  WV. His mother was Matilda Howard Lewis,  father unknown. They are listed in the 1910 and 1920 North Fork McDowell Co.,  WV Census. Dale was not in the 1910 Census with his family but is in the 1920 age 10. Were any school records kept between 1915 - 1920 in North Fork,  McDowell Co.,  WV?
Ronnie & DeeDee Justice
March 16

I am looking for Rebecca Jane Underwood. I'm unsure who she married, but she  had a had a son named Isaac,  Peter,  and Daniel,  and a daughter,  Jenny Vestie Underwood. Rebecca lived to be close to 100 when she died. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Jeff Gross
March 9,  2010

I am helping my Aunt Irene Settles Crawford  find her family. Her father's name was  Willard Settles, he was killed in WW2. and is  buried in Lone Oak Cemetery in McDowell County.  Willard had a sister named Chloe, who was a preacher and married  a Haggerman. Their father was Henry Settle,  who married a Vestie Underwood.
Jeff Gross
March 7,  2010

I'm looking for any information on a NANCY MUNCY/ DALE/ ATWELL. Nancy was born 1873-74. Her parents were HENRY MUNCY and ARMINDA HORN.
March 6,  2010

I am looking for a Samuel Reed who died May 11,  1936.  I need to find his grave site,  and according to his death certificate he was burried in Elkhorn,  WV,  but my sources thus far indicate that there is no cemetery there.  Any help,  contacts,  suggestions,  etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,  Sharee Comptom
Feb 28,  2010

I am attempting to contact family members of Jess Douglas Addair,  buried on Atwell Mountain in Jolo,  WV. His grave marker was recovered in this jurisdiction,  Washington County,  VA. After repeated attempts and even contact with the funeral home who performed his services,  I have not been successful. Jason Sexton
Feb 25,  2010

Would anyone know the name of #5 hill up at Thorpe? I lived up there until sixth grade and always thought of it as Thorpe,  but my brother says it was named Lesley. Can anyone verify this for me? Justine Giles Lane Feb 25,  2010

I lived at Gary,  #10 between 1946 and 1962.  If anyone has photos of Gary #10 from that period,  I would love to exchange some with you. I am particularly interested in photos of the #10 Company Store when it was in operation.  I am also looking for some photos of houses that were north of the old power plant at Gary up Adkins Hollow.  any other photos of Gary would also be of interest to me. I have several from that era and would be glad to exchange some if you have others. Thanks,  Eddie Hawks,  Lakeland,  FL

Feb. 21,  2010

Note to our Readers: Eddie's request for photos of Gary #10 is a good time to remind you that we would all love to see more old photos from McDowell County. Please send us photos of people events,  and places to add to our existing Photo Album. If you have stories or histories to go with the photos,  include those,  also. Thanks,  Cherryl and Reggie,  McDowell County Coordinators

I would like the names of teachers that taught at Anawalt Jr High School from the 1920's to the present. Also,  information about the grade and years they taught. Pictures would be great. Bill Lambert
Feb 20,  2010

I am looking for Francis L. Heath the son of Jackson Bogal Heath and Goldie Jarvious Heath Reed. He was born in 1924 in McDowell county,  West Virginia. Jackson Bogal Heath is the brother to James Monroe Heath who passed away in 1950 and my grandfather. I would like to talk to Francis about the Heath Family. I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you,  Gerri Unitt
Feb. 18,  2010

I have a picture of my grandmother,  Nevadie McKinney/Hazlewood.  She taught school between 1920 -1940's.  Does anyone know what school it is from or know any of the students listed in the pictures? I know she taught in both McDowell,  Mercer and Wyoming counties. She is in the first grade photo. Thanks,  Janice
Feb 11,  2010

I 'm doing some family research and my wife's great grandfather was a resident of McDowell county WV,  mainly in and around the town of Vivian,  Bottoms Creek district,  from around 1910-1950.His name was James Overton Stanley. His wife and second marriage was with Mattie Frith Stanley and they had children who were Ralph,  Cecil,  Dennis,  and Dorothy. His first marriage was to Cora Maddy Stanley,  and she died in 1908. They lived in the Summers County area and had children Monsie,  Henry,  Joseph,  Winnie,  Lola,  and Samuel. We know he did work in the coal mines but many stories from my wife's grandmother Lola tell of him being some sort of law enforcement officer. How can I find out about the history of law officers in McDowell County?

Randy Siron
Feb 11,  2010

I am looking for someone to look up a news article in the McDowell area. My great grandfather was killed when he was struck by a train there on March 14,  1940.
I appreciate any help. I believe there was an article in the Allegheny Star Times.
Thanks in advance, 

Norma Pierce Suckstorf
Feb 6,  2010

I am a descendent of William "Doc" COLLINS and Levicy Johnson COLLINS who according to excerpts are in the book,  "First Families of McDowell County."  It was written by Norma Jean Pontiff Evans.  Does anyone have an idea where I can buy it?  I would prefer online,  as I live in Illinois. 

Also,  I am looking for COLLINS family pictures.  Through Doc and Vicy,  my great-great grandparents were William Bee COLLINS and Dicy ROBERTS COLLINS.  I know through the censuses they divorced,  and she remarried William PAYNE.  According to Bee's death certificate,  he is buried at the head of CRANE CREEK and I found that on BEE RIDGE. 

I would appreciate any and all help.  Thank you very much.

Holly Atchisson
Feb 6,  2010

Hello,  Mary Muncy--are you the Mary Osborne that married Rile Stacy at Stringtown and had a son caled Green Muncy? I would like to know more on Arch and Mary Muncy. Thanking you in advance for this information.
Raymond Payne
Jan. 27,  2010

We have a family member,  a Robert E. Pennington,  who was killed in the 1912 Havaco mine accident. According to the McDowell County website,  he was buried on the hillside below the mine at a location known as Little Egypt. Does this cemetery have a name and is it still active and accessible? Thanking you in advance for your assistance, 
Jan 18,  2010

Helen,  for information on Noah Belcher,  try the following two sites: WV Coal Exchange and WV Division of Culture and History. You could also list the name you are searching for (Belcher) on the Surname Research page of the McDowell County site.
Cherryl Crouch
January 16

Re Grace Hospital in Welch -- Grace Hospital was built in 1929 and the name was changed to Doctors Memorial in the 70s. The building is empty and closed or gone now. Most patients go to other hospitals for care,  Welch Emergency  or Bluefield. 
Jan 15

Looking for information on Belcher,  specifically on Noah Belcher born about 1870 in West Virginia. The 1910 census should have him living in Browns Creek,  McDowell Co,  West Virginia. I haven't been able to find this information. Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you and God Bless
Connie Gates
January 14

I am trying to find burial records on a Jesse and Julie Gross--they are buried at Christian Cemetery. Also am curious to the GROSS burials here. This cemetery is up at the end of Cow Hollow? Any records listed anywhere?
Franki Loring
January 10

I would like to obtain more information on my maternal grandmother,  Margaret Etta Mitchem (born Dec. 21,  1904,  in Speedwell County,  VA). Her parents were Steve Bennington (born 1872,  Speedwell,  VA) and Elizabeth Cornett (born 1882 in Grayson County,  VA). Margaret was the wife of Johnnie A Mitchem,  who was born in Gary,  WV,  1902. Nona and Papa,  as we affectionately knew them,  lived in McDowell County all their married lives.
Cherryl Mitchem Crouch.
January 1

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