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McDowell County Queries - 2011

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Note:  There is a lot of good information and contacts in the 1996 through 2010 queries.

Also, have you posted queries in prior years and since then, changed your email address? If yes, please send us an updated address!

In addition, we occasionally get requests for information that requires living in or near McDowell County and visiting a cemetery, the local library or courthouse. If you live in or near McDowell County and would be willing to help, we would love to hear from you. Thanks, Cherryl Crouch and Reggie Mitchem - County Coordinators

I am trying to track down any photo's of Clinton Sturgill. He passed away 9-2-1949 in McDowell County. His parents where Nemonia Miller and Jackson Sturgill. He was born in Ash County N.C. I hope you can help? If not would you know of any living relatives?

Thank you for your time and attention.,
December 27

Does anyone know of a cemetery located on the grounds of the old Cere Poca Coal Mine outside of Laeger?

Merry Christmas,
Mcdowell County Coordinators
December 17

I am looking for information on Hershel Chaffin from Caretta WVa and Harold Ratliff of WVA . Both would be in their eighties.
Sincerely, Barbara Tipton Ratliff
November 29

The Fanning Funeral Home handled the arrangements for the burial of my cousin, John DeRossett, who died 74 years ago on March 27, 1937. His death certificate says the place he was buried is "Vera Poca (Iaeger)." I am unable to locate a cemetery with that name. Can you tell me if it now has a different name or, if it still goes by that name, exactly where is it located. Your understanding and cooperation is most appreciated.
Sincerely, Bill DeRossett
Kingston, Tennessee
November 28

I am looking for a Ernest Bennett married to Anna Mae Bennett. He was killed in a coal mining accident approx the late 1890s.
Sincerely, Claire F Kukielka
Schnecksville, PA
November 7

I am trying to find descendants of John Church. He was born in North Carolina about 1870. He married Betsy Triplett in 1888. They moved to Johnson, Tennessee. My Grandmother was born there. Her name was Belle. Later they lived in West Virginia. Belle had siblings named Margaret, Alice, Major, Lenard, and Marshall (who lived in Beartown, West Virginia with his family and his wife's name was Phoebe). In 1954 my great grandfather was living in Neva, Tennessee. I think he might have moved back to West Virginia. If I can find any survivors they might know if in fact he did and if he might have died there. I am trying to find out who his parents were. Marshall and Phoebe had sons named T.C. (at the time I was visiting them he was a sheriff in Iaeger, West Virginia) and had a son named Tom (whose wife's name was Rose).
Thank You,
Marlene Hydash
October 22

I lived at Gary, #10 when I was a child. My grandfather, Rev. J.L. Furrow, started the little church there that was once a school house. My family attended that church in the 1950s and early 1960s. I would love to hear from anyone who attended that church during those years. If you have photos, I would love to share some with you. I have many. My Dad was the song leader and Sunday school teacher and took many photos of the church and the people during those years. I am always interested in photos of Gary. If you have any to share, I would love to see them.
Eddie Hawks
October 10

I am searching for information on Rebecca Jane Smith, daughter of John Murphy Smith & Causbi Ford Smith, she was married 23 June 1915 to John Washington Rose, I am told he death was a homicide case in Welch, McDowell county, WV in July 1920. I would like to know if anyone can find a obit for him and where did Rebecca go or did she remarry. These are branches of my family tree, and I would love to correspond with anyone with any information, also I will be glad to share what I have on the Smith family from Tug River area of McDowell County, WV.
Thank you, Virginia Smith
August 18

My name is Stacy Denise Moran "Combs", I would like any and all information on the Mitchem Family. Noah G. Mitchem and Pollylou Vicie Mitchem are my Great Great Grandparents, their daughter Bertha Mitchem was my Great Grandmother and her Daughter Phyllis Steveson was my Grandmother. My father was Phyllis' youngest son. I am planning a family reunion and would love to have some information to share with my father and three uncles. I grew up in my grandmother's house with my father and all I have are stories that my grandmother had told me about.
Please contact me and thank you, Stacy Denise Moran "Combs"
August 8

My name is Shannon I am trying to research my ancestors. I am wondering if you would be able to help me. I have a great grandfather named John Church. I cannot seem to find his parents or much information about him. I see in the Poplar Grove Cemetery you have two Churches. One is John the other is blank. He was born in NC about 1869. He had family living in McDowell county West Virginia. I do not know his exact date of death. If you have any information on the Churches that are buried in Poplar Grove, I would appreciate the help.
Thank you, Shannon Smith
August 2

My mother's maiden name was Mullins. She was born in Ieager, WV in 1940 to Clarence Richard Mullins and Hester (?) Mullins. My info is very limited, I'm afraid. My mother is still living, thankfully, however, she doesn't have much info on her own mother or very many memories as her mother wasn't around while my mother was growing up. I do know that my Grandfather (PaPa) had a brother named Jim. My mother has a brother Neil. A sister Shirley. These siblings are still alive and living in Florida. There were others that are now deceased: Patricia, Harold (Sonny), Roger. PaPa had a sister named Lola and one named Gertrude. I can only assume my PaPa and his siblings all came from WV. If you have ANY info on this branch of the Mullins family tree, I would certainly appreciate it in advance. Maybe you can tell me where to search? Oh! Btw, my great-grandfather was Albert Mullins. I knew him as Paw as a child.
Again, thank you, Sheryl Grant
July 31

I lived in Davy up until I was 11 years old. My grandparents were Bea and Chris Broomfield. I and my two sisters and brother were raised by them until my grandmother (Bea) passed away, in 1963. If some one could please email some pictures of Davy to me, I would love to see the old homeplace. The Broomfields house sat between Mr. Mitchell's and Ms. Smith's house up on the hill. Also my father was Harry Broomfield, and I believe the house he and my mother lived in when I was born is still standing.
Thanks, Pat Broomfield
July 27

I am looking for information on my grandmother's death information and place of burial. Her name was Sarah Lou Stevenson, born 14 Sep 1874 in Buchanan, VA. Her first marriage was to Alexander Day on 23 Jan 1893 in Tazewell, VA and her second marriage was to Joseph Robert McFearson on 29 Feb 1908 in Welch, WV. I cannot find any information after the 1900 Census. I'm guessing that she died between 1920-22. I'm sure she lived in McDowell County, WV at the time of her death.
Thanks, Judy Smith Aldrich
July 21

I am trying to find the death date of James M. Rose b. abt 1868 in Ky and married to Mollie Mitchem Hatfield. Also trying to find father of James. Any help appreciated.
Thanks, Jackie Coleman
July 11

I would like to offer my research assistance to anyone looking for persons or families with roots in McDowell and Wyoming Co, WV. I have an extensive data base posted on the McDowell Web Site under the "Genealogy" tab or at Coal Exchange. Alternately if you need additional assistance, please send an e-mail providing as much information as you have to help narrow the research.
Thanks, Larry E. Smith
July 10

Would anyone have a photo (preferably an older photo, but any will do, of the War Catholic Church? I'd like one for this webpage.
Thanks, Cherryl M Crouch
June 25

My family is traveling to your area during the 4th of July week. Is there any 4th of July activities planned?
Thanks, Paul A. Sciannella
June 20

Hi, I am Terri Lee Stout. I am the daughter of Robert Riley Stout, his mother was Edith Stout. I think that her mother and father were Booker Stout and Maggie Evaline Hart Blevins. Do you have a list or any information on the names of their children? Any information would be helpful. And do you know where they came from or what ethnicity they were? Thanks, Mary Brown
May 19

My grandparents are from McDowell County, I think Jolo, Sandy River district or Collins Ridge--not really sure exactly where. I've heard Bradshaw and Iaeger, too. Family names are Payne, Breeding, Muncy, Stacy, Hackney, Mallett, Lester, Davis. See more info on my website, Cheryl's Tree of History and if you have any information, please send to me. I would appreciate any pictures or documents you have. Thanks, Cheryl L. Hall
May 29

My grandmotherís twin sister was buried at Iaegar Memorial Cemetery, according to her Certificate of Death. However, I don't see her name listed in the Iaegar-Roderfield Cemetery on this website. Could someone who lives near Iaeger help me find out if she is buried there? Also, if her grave is there, who is buried next to her? Any information/contact information would be helpful.

Certificate of Death Information:

Name: Lura Workman of Welch, West Virginia
DOB: 25 Aug 1892
DOD: 19 Aug 1969
Burial: 24 Aug 1969, Fanning Funeral Home

Personal Information:

Born Lura B. Conner, 1st husband was Mr. Adams, 2nd husband was Rudolph Mosnik (aka: Mosnick). As you might have guessed, I am working on our family tree. I live in Washington state so I am unable to visit the cemetery myself.
Thank you for any assistance you can give me.
Susan Shiu
May 29

I am looking for information of the death of our great grandfather Harden Brown, born 1846 in Wilkes Co NC, s/o John Brown and Sarah Pratt. First wife was Nancy Rose and second wife Emma Ratliff. Family says he died in Panther in 1911. In 1896 he married Emma Ratliff Fields in Welch. They already had 4 daughters at the time. Matilda Brown married David Lester in 1914; Rhoda Brown married Tom J. Lester in 1912; Rebecca Brown married Shad Lockhart and then Rudolph Lane; and Mary J. (Mae) Brown married Rudolph Lane 1911 and then Fred Skeens. Harden's widow Emma married Eli Lester in 1917. Emma's first son Richard Fields married Oloie(?) Lester 1912. Any information on these families would be appreciated. Thanks, Mary Brown
May 19

Looking for anyone who might have known a Thomas and Elizabeth Richardson from the Twin Branch area. I am trying to locate the grave of Elizabeth Richardson. She died somewhere between 1915-1920 I beleive in the Twin Branch area. Thomas died in 1949. Thank you, Aimee McDonald
May 5

My brother was buried in West Virginia on 4/24/2011. The cemetery is somewhere in Mohegan. They said the name of the cemetery is Kidd, I was there but it was not a good time for me. His name was Robert Thompson. If anyone could give me some information on this please send me an email at cmhayes726@yahoo.com. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Marie Hayes
April 29

Where is the census that Bonnie Phillips posted on here when David Grubb was moderator?
June Green
April 2

Hi, June, in looking at the census data on the McDowell Census web pages, it appears that most, if not all, of the census data was contributed by Bonnie Phillips. I never cease to be amazed by the hard work so many have done, and continue to do, to add to the information on the McDowell site. Thanks for your inquiryCherryl Crouch, McDowell County Coordinator.

Hi, My name is Janice Roman Parshall and I am looking for information on Burns Keaton, the uncle of my husband, George. Burns died in McDowell County on 18 Feb 1940; he married in 1924 to Polly Dunford in McDowell.
Janice Roman Parshall
March 22

My dad, James Oliver Arnold worked in a coal mine at Big Four WVA in 1938. He was killed when a large piece of slate fell on him. My family lived at Norton, VA and Dad came home about once a month and then go back. Is there any record of his death, obituary, newspaper or anything about him? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Lois Arnold Vick
March 19

I am researching the CHRISTIAN and PETTY families in McDowell County, WV. Listed in the 1900 U.S. census is July Christian (head of household and widowed), Sue Mae Christian (2) and Robert Christian (8). I need to find the husband/father and July's maiden name. They were living at Browns Creek, McDowell County, WV in 1900.

Sometime between 1900 and 1910 Census, July married or cohabitated with George Petty. George Petty and Julia Mullen had a son named Luther about 1905. I don't know if Julia Mullen is "July Christian".

I am at one of those brick walls trying to find July Christian and Sue Mae (Suzie) Christian between 1900 and 1910.

Any help would be appreciated.
Clairiece Gilbert Humphrey
March 15

Researching Norfolk and Western electrical accident on the Tug Fork, August 24, 1925 for geneaology purpose only. Young man that died was Richard Haven White, 21 years of age, from Tazewell County, VA. Any help will greatly be appreciated.
Febuary 26

I lived in Welch until I graduated in 1961. My parents lived there from the 1920's to the 60's. My father George Sutcliffe owned the Welch Plumbing and Heating Co. I have no relatives there now, but plan to travel there in the Spring.
Martha Sutcliffe Bailey Gilbert
Febuary 21

I'm looking for info on a man named Madison Morgan. My name is Virginia (Cline) Blair (aka Tiny).
Febuary 19

My name is Wayne Johnson. I lived on Burke Mt. and Keystone WV in the 50s to the 70s. Would to like to talk to any one who remembers me. My dad's name was Claude Johnson, every one called my mom Peewee.
wayne johnson
January 16

The fourth annual Leckie/Little Creek Reunion is scheduled for June 11, 2011 at Glenwood Park. This will be at shelter #7......10 until ? Bring a picnic lunch to share at around noon. Gate entrance fee prepaid. Sponsored by Lillian Lovelace Brooks Holt, and Shelia Brooks.

Make plans to attend.
Bill Lambert
January 13

Good Afternoon,
I need to find information about the burial of my great uncle, Harvey Barnett Fields who died January 13, 1932 in Kentucky, but was brought home to Caretta, W.Va. to be buried. If there were an obituary somewhere I would be grateful to get that as well. Any help you can give will be gratefully appreciated!
Thank You!
January 9

Hello, my name is Teresa Truman and I am writing to let you know that I have found part of the information I had posted to this webpage last year (August 24). I have discovered that my g-grandmother's name was Allie Barber Darnell and that she passed away in 1961 in the State Hospital at Marion, VA. I still have not been able to uncover any information about Will Spencer or his wife Jane. Their daughter's name was Hazel and their last place of residence that I knew of was North Tazewell. My g-grandmother's half sister Jane Spencer (not the same Jane as Will's wife) was living in Vansant at the time of Allie's death in 1961 but I can't find out anything else about her or her husband Jack. I know they had family in Johnson County KY, Tazewell, Vansant, Richlands, Pounding Mill and the surrounding area. There has to be someone out there that knows what happened to them or if they have any living family that I could contact.
If you have any information on this family please contact me at Teresa Truman or call me at 540-243-4091. Any information will be very much appreciated. I also have quite a bit of info about the Spencer family and would be more that willing to share what I have been able to find out. Thanks in advance!

Thanks, Teresa Truman
January 7

Looking for information on Elizabeth Barnett md) Elijah Blankenship. Lived on Crane Ridge Bartley Hollow, WV. Do you know who Elizabeth Barnett's parents were? Her daughter Elizabeth (md William Roberts) was my great grandmother. S. Elijah Blankenship--do you know what the S is for? Also who were his parents?
Thanks, Sherlee C Hall

January 7

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