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McDowell County Queries - 2013

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Note:  There is a lot of good information and contacts in the 1996 through 2012 queries.

Also, have you posted queries in prior years and since then, changed your email address? If yes, please send us an updated address!

In addition, we occasionally get requests for information that requires living in or near McDowell County and visiting a cemetery, the local library or courthouse. If you live in or near McDowell County and would be willing to help, we would love to hear from you.

Looking for any of the Kalowick family that lived in the War area.

Thank you.
Fred Neely
Dec 21

My granddaddy was Ben, Bennie, Crawford. My grandmother was Eldora. My granddad was injured in Carswell Hollow mine somewhere around 46-47. He was trapped for 18 hours. I would like info, newspaper article etc.

Thank you.
Barbara Lyn McKinney
Nov 24

Wanting to buy 1954, 1955, and 1956 Gary High School Yearbooks, or any older from the 30ís and 40ís.

Thank you,
Bill Lambert
Aug 26

Looking for ancestry in mcdowell county Ramsey, Jones. Hairston

Thank you,
Aug 19

I am looking for any information on the shooting death of Calvin Lewis Nemore. He died on 24 Nov 1940 - died of gunshot wound to the chest in McDowell County, West Virginia, USA

Thank you!
Cindy Neely
Aug 5

Would someone tell me where Horsepens, WVA is located. I am reseaching the Graham family. I know Artemus Graham is buried someplace near there and also a married daughter name of Mallie Bohm is buried next to him. It was not too far from Tazwell, VA

Thanks in advance!
July 28

I found my ggrandfather's (Addison Robinette) grave on your website. Do you have any information on Addison? Marriage, death, location of graveyard?

Thanks for your help!,
Linda Whitt
July 15

I am looking for an article or any information on John Ballard Lambert that was assassinated July 4, 1904. He is buried in the Crumpler Cemetery, in Crumpler, McDowell Co., WV. John was born May 25,1874. Can you give me any leads as to where to find out as to how and why he was assassinated?

Thank you for any help you can give me,
Lin Bolton
July 10

My name is Patricia Hicks Allen. I live in Virginia. I was born in Caretta in 1952. I was taken to Virginia when I was two days old. My father's name was David Edward Hicks 1918-1989. His father was Henry Clay Hicks 1864-1942. My dad was a coal miner. I never knew my fathers family, my mother remarried and I was adopted. I have been trying to research my family roots but its so hard since everyone that could help me is dead. I need to know who Henry Clay Hick's father was.

I know his parents were John and Elizabeth, but it doesn't say who Johns parents were. Also Henry Clays second wife was my gandmother. Sarah Margaret Hicks. We went to where she was buried but could not find her grave. My mom told me she was buried up high on the mountain at the Caretta Cemetary. I don't know her maiden name or who her parents were. My mom said she only met Sarahs mother once and she was Native American and dressed in full Indian attire. Any help you can give me will be deeply appreciated.

Thank You so much.,
Pat Allen
July 8

I am starting a family tree for both sides of my family. I would like any info with the name(s) Harding/Rose/Payne/Ward/Montgomery.

June 29

According to the General Highway Map of McDowell County (2011), using Clearfork Junction as a reference point, there is/was the Olga #3 Lookout Tower to the southeast about 1 - 1.5 miles away. Approximately 1.8 miles due south of that tower there is an unnamed cemetery. Can anyone tell me what, if anything, is known about this cemetery and has it ever been investigated and tombstones transcribed? Am trying to find my Great Great Grandfather who may be buried in that cemetery. His name was Erastus L. Adams and is believed to have died c.1910-1912.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Charles W. Sturgeon
June 21

Hi! I'm searching for information on my grandfather Peter Belezan. The 1910 census shows him as Pete Boloshon in War, WV. He was a miner. He returned to Excelsior after a marriage in Cleveland. Three sons were born and died there. Pete Bellezan b.9/16/1921 d. 12/17/1921. Elishi Bellezan b. 7/15/1922 d. 9/9/1922. Mike Belezsan b. 6/26/1923 d. 8/21/1923. Where might they be buried? What mine/mines did Peter work in?

Barb Schworm
June 12

Thomas Taylor - I am looking for information regarding this Soldier who was killed during the Korean War and is buried in the Iaeger Cemetery at Roderfield. He joined the Marines at Logan in 1948 and later transferred to the Army. His family moved to Genesee County, New York around this time as well. There is a gentleman, Tim Balonek, in NY who is compiling a Gold Star Memorial Book dedicated to soldiers who gave their lives during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He is trying to find a picture of Thomas Taylor as well as one of his marker. A flat granite military marker was ordered for Mr. Taylor in 1951. I've left several messages in the last couple of months for the caretaker of Iaeger Cemetery but no one has returned my calls.
If anyone can assist, please contact me, any and all help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
Elizabeth Reed-Eanes
June 1

My grandparents were Laben and Jessie Kirk who were married in McDowell County in 1915. Among his pictures are several of a couple named Goldie Stewart and Sam Mars. I know that they were good friends of my Grandparents and would like contact with their descendants. They were not married at the time and I don't know if they ever did.
Please contact
Gene Kirk
May 7

Trying to locate Arlene, daughter of Mary Lou Sizemore Belcher. Arlene was adopted by John Petsco. After John Petsco's death, Mary Lou married Arthur Wedgewood. Arelene could have used any of those surnames
Bela Petsco
May 7

I am Jacqueline Proffitt, the granddaughter of Lucy and Richard Proffitt. My father was Jack Douglas Proffitt. From all accounts he left WV when he was 16 to join the Army with his brother Roy Proffitt. Jack is still living in Columbus, Mississippi. Roy died in Seattle Washington some years back.'I would like to know about my great grandparents if any info is out there. All I have to go on his my grandfather was Richard Proffitt.
Jackie Proffitt
May 6

Can someone tell me where Cane Creek, West Virginia is? My uncle was buried there.
May God Bless You,
Kimberely Faw
May 4

Hello, I am looking for my great uncle Equal Max Faw. He died in a mining accident on May 1, 1926 in Maybeury,McDowell County, WV. It says he is buried at Cane Creek. Does anyone have any information on him? His wife was Martha.
May God Bless You,
Kimberely Faw
May 4

I was trying to locate the final resting place of my grandfather Doliver Garret McCoy. My mother said they lived in Vallscreek when he died and that he was buried in the Hartwell Cemetery in 1935. There is a DG McCoy listed for the Hartwell Cemetery near Canebrake but the date is off? There is a Noah Webster McCoy that was his son and those dates are correct. So, is there any chance the online data is wrong or could he be buried at the Hartwell Cemetery near Bluefield? My mother and father were both born in McDowell County but my mother is the connection to the McCoy family. Any information or pointers would be appreciated!
Thank you!
Michael White
April 3

I am inquiring on information that I have recently found out about my grandfather, Velmer Bailey, I knew worked in the mines at some point in his life, but I always thought it was in Southwest VA. But today, my Aunt mentioned a cousin who had died (Lynda Jo Tipton de Vries).

Anyway, in her obit it said she was born in Welch, WV and my aunt said that my grandfather lived with his sister, Elva Bailey Tipton and husband Joel W. while he worked in the minds and that he remembered Lynda's two sisters Barbara and Betty when they were little, 85 and 83 years old, respectively. Lynda was 67. Anyway, Grandma and Grandpa married in 1931 in Erwin, TN and moved to Lost Cove, NC. Grandpa was from NC and Grandma from Flag Pond, TN. The family still lives here in Jonesborough, TN. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can give in any info on the mines around there, rosters, or any info on Elva, Joel or my grandfather. It would had to have been between 1920 and 1930. Grandpa's dad died in 1919 in Poplar, NC and he was still living with them when he died. and he is listed on the 1920 Census in NC. Elva and Joel are listed on the 1930 and 1940 Census on Big Creek, McDowell County, West Virginia. Also the 1930 Census lists Joel and Jay Tipton, but he is was a Coal Loader for the Coal Mines. I hope this info helps and I will pay for any copies or mailed info you all can find if you would look for me!
Thank you!
Chad Bailey
March 31

How can we find any information on schools or any pictures of the one room school houses from years ago. My Mom lived on Rockridge and I know she went to school. She was born in 1923. Where can I go to get any information on her education? I would pay to have a picture of a school she may have attended. I live in Ashtabula Ohio. Her maiden name was Mattie Roberts and she married Jesse Reed who was from Coon Branch at Iaeger. Any leads would be helpful.
Thank you!
Mary E. Terry
March 23

I am seeking the location of a Monument to Henry Harman and his two sons who fought the indians in a battle on the Tug Fork. I understand is is south of Skygusty on WV 161 or 103. Could you advise of its location?
Thank you!
Sam D. Hatcher
March 22

Would like to know the name of the cemetery next to Boyd chapel Methodist church and if there is a reading for them. Im in Indianapolis and can't get there at this time.
Thank you!
March 7

I have an aunt who said that she was born in Sunshine in West Va. Wonder if anyone has any recollection of such a place in McDowell or counties close to there?
Thank you,
Pastor Clyde Hester
March 6

Any information concerning my grandfather Sherdan Rutherford's (who died February 7, 1963) or the Jack Mullins family would be highly appreciated.
Thank you,
Margarette Rutherford Puckett
February 14

Is there any way to get medical records from Grace Hospital that closed in the 1970ís from back in the 60ís? I heard they were sent to Pinecrest Hospital in Beckley- does anyone know if this is true, or if they were destroyed?

C Nelson
February 11

I am looking for info and pictures of anyone related to Minerva England that married Archillis Hammons.Believe she was born about 1834 in Ky.They are my grandparents.

Marla Farley Moyer
January 30

My name is Barbara (Steward) Nixon. I lost my dad to cancer in 2009 and my mom in 2011. They are both from McDowell county west Virginia. I have been trying to do family research on their fathers: john Stewart who passed away in 1934 and Arthur terry who was killed in a coal mining accident at the koppers mine (date unknown). Arthur terry was born in minnesota and was said to be native american. My grandfather johns dad Andy Stewart died in 1932. I would love to have any information since I'm not able to ask my parents anymore.

Thank you
Barbara Nixon
January 9

Happy New Year.

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January 1

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