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McDowell County Queries - 2014

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Note:  There is a lot of good information and contacts in the 1996 through 2013 queries.

Also, have you posted queries in prior years and since then, changed your email address? If yes, please send us an updated address!

In addition, we occasionally get requests for information that requires living in or near McDowell County and visiting a cemetery, the local library or courthouse. If you live in or near McDowell County and would be willing to help, we would love to hear from you.

Looking any information on my grandmother Bertha Mae Blevins born 1918 in Anawalt…parents Minter and Bessie

Thank you,
Tom Young
Dec 21

I am researching Virgil McKay Parker and his descendants. They lived in Browns Creek on 1910 Census, 1920 and 1930 Census they lived in Keystone. In 1940 they lived in North Carolina, but he died in North Carolina in 1945.

I am specifically looking for newspaper articles around the end of the 1920’s and early 1930’s. Apparently two of his daughters, Ila Frances Parker and Edria Ruby Parker were involved in some sort of shooting. Do you know if any of the newspapers of that time are on microfilm and if they are, where could I go to research this shooting. Ila Parker is my friends Grandmother and she never spoke of this as long as she can remember. However, they were told that Ila was sent by her older sister, Fern, to New Jersey for Nursing school to get away from her WILD sister Ruby. LOL

Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Melissa Smith and Joan Hughes
Nov 26

I am looking for information on the School in Big Four, McDowell County WV that sat on top of a tunnel. Anyone know when it first opened? Also any names of teacher for the school?

Any information appreciated,
Pat Bell
Nov 8

Looking for information on Thomas Meredith age 37, and Malinda Pearl Houchins age 22, married at Big Creek, McDowell County. Stated in 1920 Census Data

Thanks in advance,
Sam Meredith, c240-535-5501
Oct 25

I’m looking for information about the coal camp community of Vivian from anyone who lived in or near there between the 1930’s and 1960’s and I also have old Vivian photos I can share.

Thank you,
Buddy French
October 4

Henry Stanley, "Uncle Hen", was the son of James & Amanda Harman Stanley b. 16 Aug 1890 in Coalwood. He married Myrtle Kirby in 1910. Does anyone have pictures or a death cert for Henry.

Christine Hayes
Sept 5

I am looking for information about my grandfather Dr. William James Walker (died November 21, 1952) who had offices in Iaeger, Gilbert, War, and Welch.

He had 3 children with my grandmother (Pauline Griffith). The 3 children are: William James Walker, Jr (my father), Lawrence Andrew Walker (deceased), and Susan Wilhelmina Walker (still alive).

My grandmother moved with her children to Bluefield after Dr. Walker died.

Patrician Herrin
Jul 20

The panoramic photograph (below) which was taken in remarkable detail was handed down from my grandparents. I was born in Welch in Feb 1941 at "Grace" Hospital. I know little about the area other than the frequent references to nearby towns and cities...Hemphill, Gary, War etc. We moved from Welch to Texas after the war.

I live in San Antonio, Texas and all family members who would have been able to identify the picture are no longer with us. I have been particularly enthralled by the detail and quality of the picture taken so many years ago. I would guess circa 1930's. It was taken before the birth of my oldest brother who was born in 1936. There is no identification of the photographer and it is obviously one taken commercially, perhaps by the coal company itself. Any help identifying this photograph would be appreciated.

Unknown TownUnknown Town 1 Unknown Town 2Unknown Town 2
Unknown Town 3Unknown Town 3 Unknown Town 4Unknown Town 4
Unknown Town 5Unknown Town 5 Unknown Town 6Unknown Town 6

Thank you in advance,

Jack G Wilson, Colonel, USAF Retired (Jack G Wilson)
Jul 5

Looking for information on the Andrew Green Family (Brown’s District), Andrew Lane Family and a gentleman named John Cline (sp)?, he married Gertrude Mae (Lane) Green (her second husband). All from the Welch area. I know my grandfather Okie Green was a coal miner. Know little else about this side of my family

Thank you,
Lana L. Hayes
Jun 5

I am researching our family history and would like to find information on my mother-in-law’s grandfather. She believes that he was killed in a mining accident around 1906. His name was John Pickett and he was married to Loucinda Bowman in 1891 in McDowell County. I found an article online listing coal mining accidents from 1908 and there is a John Pickett listed as being killed in the Upland mine when slate fell on him and broke his neck on March 10, 1908. I have contacted the McDowell County Clerk Office to request a copy of his death certificate. They could not locate one. I have just sent in to the State of WV to request a copy of his death certificate. I have also contacted the Craft Memorial Library to see if there is a way to access the microfilm of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph online so I can see there is any articles and/or obituaries in that newspaper. If anyone on this website has any information I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Suzanne Adams
May 22

I would appreciate any information on the Barnes family from Newhall, WV and the Monroe Pruitt family

Thank you,
Everett Barnes
May 4

My name is Janice McCoury. My Grandmother on my Mother's side was Nevadie McKinney Hazlewood. She was the Principal at Mohawk School in 1930. Any idea where that was? Thanks,

Thank you,
Janice E. McCoury
April 5

I have transcribed the 1940 census for several towns in McDowell Co, WV and have included all of the inhabitants in my genealogy data base. Shown below is page 1 of a 20 page alphabetic listing for Premier, WV. I need help in identifying the maiden names of the 28 ladies at the beginning of the list who lived in Premier in 1940. Please e-mail me as much information as you have on any of these people.  

1940 Premier Census

Thank you,
Larry Smith
Mar 8

Looking for death certificate of brother jerry Douglas Vance, and father Benjamin Harrison vance

Thank you,
Dreama Miller
Feb 18

The 7th annual Leckie Reunion will be on Saturday, June 14, 2014.
It will be at Glenwood Park, Route 20, Princeton, WV. Shelter #9 from 10AM until ???? Gate fee prepaid.
Bring food to share, old pictures, and spread the word so we can have a great crowd.

Thank you.
Bill Lambert
Jan 2

I am doing research on the Beury portion of my family and found in one bit of family history that James Jacob Beury, born in 1806, may have spent time in McDowell County, WV. Also some information said that he was thought to have stolen a horse and fled to Pennsylvania. Once the actual thief was caught a letter was written to him trying to apologize. When he didn't accept the apology, someone named a town after his wife Maryette. Supposedly, the town is Maybeury. Does anyone of this seem possible?

I tried researching when Maybeury was formed and how the name was selected but was unable to find anything. Thank you for any help that you can provide.

Thank you.
Ray Yarnell
Jan 26

Few people may know or remember that there is a cemetery in Jenkinjones. If you drive between the ole post office and company store, cross the railroad tracks and turn left at the intersection that takes you out New Hill or up #6 Road, there used to be a series of garages that were all connected. Then there were 3 or 4 big homes, after which there was a wide driveway leading to a couple of garages. If you walked up the mountain above these garages there was an ole cemetery located in a pine grove. The house on the right of these garages used to have wooden steps that led you up the mountain to the grave site. Back when the headstones were all wooden, many had rotted and fallen over and many of the graves had sunken in.

As a kid I used to play in this area.

Thank you.
George N. O'Bryan
Jan 26

NOTE from the Coordinators: If anyone has any information on this cemetery, including the name, we would appreciate your sending it to us.

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