Excerpted from LDS Microfilm 175801

THE NEW DAILY TELEGRAPH, Vol. III, No. 1, Saturday Jan 18, 1895
[1895 has been struck out and 1896 written in on first page]

 Bluefield Telephone Company - Instructions, Rules and terms.
 All the 'phones used by subscribers are numbered, and in calling
ask only for numbers.
 When one subscriber wishes to communicate with another, callup
central with one long ring of the bell, which will be answered by
the operator at the exchange. Then simply ask for the subscriber
with whom you wish to communicate, by number only.

 List of Subscribers:
 20  Armour & Co., J. Frank Surface, Agent
 23  Bank, Peoples.
 16  Bank, First National
 18  Baldwin, R.M., Residence.
 26  Brown & Co., F.J., Retail Grocers.
  4  Blf'd W. W'ks & I. Co., L.C. Tabb Agt.
  8  Campbell, W.H. Residence
 20  Darst & Co., Coal Yard
 21    "    "     Office
 15  Electric Light and Power House.
  5  Foutz & Co., Lumber & coal dealers
 34  Fox, Dr. J. Francke
 28  Freight Depot.
 10  Flat-Top Grocery Co., wholesale grs.
 38  Hawley & Co., W.P., Retail Grs.
 36  Hardware co., The Blf., wholesale & ret.
 31  Huff, Andrews & Thomas, wh'sale grs
 41  Hicks & Co., Wm., furniture
  7  Higginbotham, Jeff, residence
 25  Inn, Bluefield
  6  Johnston & Hale, Law office
 11  Johnston, David E. residence
 40  Kaylor & Mason, coal dealers
 12  Kellogg, G.A.D., general insurance
 31  Kellogg, G.A.D., residence
  9  Livery stable, Bailey & Postlethwaite
 22  Morgan & Shirey, wholesale produce
 37  Morgan & Shirey, coal yard
 27  Meador & Land, dry goods,notions
 39  McCreery, Ash, retail grocer
 32  Partee, N., contractor
 17  Prince, Ash M., clothing
 35  Prince, Burk, residence
 19  Prince, Ash M., residence
 21  Pioneer Insurance Agency
 24  Richlands Lime & Lumber company
 33  Standard Oil company
 13  Spangler & Co, retail grocers
 29  Southern Express company
 14  Daily Telegraph
 40  White & Moore, druggists
 A5  Virginia Manufacturing Co, Graham

Vol. III, No. 5, Thursday, January 23, 1896

Miss Nannie Estman Burton is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ferguson, at Switch Back

Mr. William A. Vaughter and Miss Mabel Clare Shorter were married by Rev. W.C. Lindsay, at the residence of the bride's father, yesterday.

Vol. III, No. 6, Friday, January 24, 1896

G.W. Johnston, of Los Angeles, Cal., an uncle of George Strader, was registered at the Inn yesterday. Mr Johnston will spend a few weeks with his daughter in this city.

Vol. III., No. 8., Monday Morning, January 27, 1896

Mr. Blair Kennerly, of Chicago, is in the city the guest of his sister, Mrs. S.B. Bass, on Tazewell street.

Vol. III. No. 11, Thursday Morning, January 30, 1896

J.D. Tickle, of Tazewell county, is visiting his brother-in-law, Mr. E.P. Godbey.

John P. Lindsay, city editor of the New Daily Telegraph, and Miss Kate Bass?, daughter of W.E. Bane, of Graham, Va., were married last evening in Bristol, Tenn, by Rev. S.R. Preston, D.D., pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

At the residence of Mr. Wm. Cawling, in West Bluefield, ... last evening ... Mr. Wm. Hicks, proprietor of the Hicks Furniture Co. was married to Miss Helen Wall, Rev. T.C. Shuler officiating. Mr. Spangler, manager of the Western Union Telegraph office, acted as best man.

Vol. III, No. 12, Friday Morning, January 31, 1896

Rev. J.B. Simpson, pastor of M.E. Church, of Concord, W.Va, is visiting his mother-in-law, Mrs. S. A. Baily, mother of Councilman C.C. Baily.

A boy and a girl were born this morning to Mr. and Mrs. Dave Snapp. Mr Snapp is employed at the shops.

Vol III. No. 13, Saturday Morning, February 1, 1896

Mr. W.H. Strother, postmaster at Elkhorn, died yesterday, after having been shot last Monday night. Mr. Strother's predecessor was not long since killed by a fall from Pinnacle Rock.

Vol. III. No. 14, Monday Morning, February 3, 1896

Mrs. J.H. Thompson died Saturday night at 11 o'clock at her residence on the North side, after an illness of one week. Her remains were taken to her former home at Maxmeadows, for burial.

Vol III. No. 15, Tuesday Morning, February 4, 1896

Miss Berta Bane, of Giles county, who is visiting her cousin, Miss Grace Hight, will return to her home today (Tuesday).

Mrs. Hale, mother of Mrs. J. Frank Surface, will return to East Radford this morning.

Vol III. No. 17, Thursday Morning, February 5, 1896

Mrs. Dale, of Bellefont, Pa, daughter of Colonel Teller of the Inn, is visiting her father.

Vol III. No. 19, Saturday Morning, February 7, 1896

The wife of H.M. Smith, railroad conductor, died at the residence of her father, J.A. Peck, at Black Lick, this county, aged 26 years and 3 months. She leaves a husband and three children.

Oakvale - Mr. Harvey Austin, who has been stationed at Newport Barracks, Conn, in the standing army for the past 5 years is here on a visit to his parents. ... W.P. Boggess, of Richlands, Va, is visiting his Brother R.A. Boggess of this place. ... J.W. Wilson, deputy US marshall of Christiansburg, Va, spent Wednesday night with his son Charles Wilson ... of this place.

Vol. III. No. 20, Monday Morning, Februay 10, 1896

Jack Curry, a colored miner, working for the Booth-Bowen Coal and Coke Co, at Simmons, was killed by falling slate Saturday morning. He leaves a wife and four children.

Vol III. No. 21, Tuesday Morning, February 11, 1896

Died, Thurday, January 30, 1896, at the residence of her parents, near Graham, Va, Miss Rose? Dale Lewis, daughter of J.B. and Mrs. M.F. Lewis, aged 15 years.

Vol III. No. 23, Thursday Morning, February 13, 1896

Mr. Geo. P. Hall and Miss Perry, of Kelly, passed through last night en route to Bristol to be married.

Mrs. E.E. Capehart, of Columbia, Pa, is on a visit to her husband, who is an engineer on the Pocahontas division. Her little son, Charlie, accompanied her.

The body of Mr. Harry Rorabaugh, who was killed in the coal mines at Switchback, Tuesday night, was sent to the home of his parents at Manassas, Va, for interment. Mr. Rorabaugh was 30 years of age and an engineer.

Vol III. No 25, Saturday Morning, February 15, 1896

Miss Nannie Pepper passed through the city en route to the bedside of her sister, Mrs. F.P. Cummings, who is quite ill.

Vol III. No. 27, Tuesday Morning, February 18, 1896

Mrs Huby Phipps, daughter of Capt. William Cooper, is very ill.

Princeton- Opin Crotty, son of Wm. Crotty of Elkhorn, died at that place Sunday morning. He was buried here in the public cemetery. He was taken sick last Monday evening with inflamation of the bowells. He was 16/18? years of age.

Vol III. No. 28, Wednesday Morning, February 19, 1896

Mrs. R.C. Kidd, of Pulaski, Va, is visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. Ira C. Van Doran.

Vol III. No. 29, Thursday Morning, February 20, 1896

Oakvale- On the 13th inst. Mr. Louis Harvey Wiley and Miss Rhoda Emma Whittaker, were married by Elder L. Goodwin.

Vol. III. No. 30, Friday Morning, February 21, 1896

Miss Ida Thomas is visiting her parents, Capt. and Mrs. Geo. W. Thomas.

Vol. III. No. 31, Saturday Morning, February 22, 1896

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Burnett died night before last.

Vol. III. No. 32, Monday Morning, February 24, 1896

At the cemetery Saturday Mr. Dixon representing the Roanoke Marble Works set up a handsome marble monument ot the memory of the lamented engineer J. W. Forelines, who was killed at Ennis, December 4, 1895.

Vol. III. No 33, Tuesday Morning, February 25, 1895

Rev. W.A. Pearson and little daughter Helen, are both confined to their beds by sickness.

Mr. Cooley, whose illness has been noted by the Telegraph, died yesterday afternoon at his residence. [NOT]

Vol. III. No 35, Thursday Morning, February 27, 1896

Mr. J.C. Cooley's reported death was a mistake. The gentleman is very low with but slight chances of recovery.

Mr. H.A. Dunn, a young man employed on the yards, was caught between the bumpers of two freight cars yesterday afternoon at 8 o'clock and severly smashed. He was conveyed on a stretcher for medical attention to the office of Dr. Wilson, who is acting as railway surgeon in the absence of Dr. J. Francke Fox. He is 19 years old, and a son of W.H. Dunn, a prosperous farmer of near Peterstown, Monroe county, W.Va. He is a relative of Mr. L.A. Dunn, of the Southern Express Co, and had only been in railroad company's employ about 5 weeks.

Vol. III. No. 36, Friday Morning, February 28, 1896

Mr. H.A. Dunn, a report of whose injuries appeared in yesterday's issue, died that morning at 6 o'clock.

The little 4 1-2 year old son of Mr. P.B. Bruce, of Ada, while playing near Glover's saw mill, was caught under a rolling saw log and severely mashed about the body and head. Dr. F.W. Smith was summonded to attend to him. Very little hope is entertained for his recovery.

Vol. III. No. 37, Saturday Morning, Februay 29, 1896

Wallace Hearn was shot last night about 8:30 by some unknown party near the Baptist church, on Mercer street. Wallace is the property of J.W. French and was considered a very valuable dog by all who knew him.

Vol. III. No. 38, Monday Morning, March 2, 1896,

The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Green Chandler, died yesterday morning.

Clarence McClaugherty, son of Judge McClaugherty, was visiting friends here Saturday.

Miss Minnie Wilson, of Oakvale, is visiting her uncle, Mr. F. V. Snapp on the north side of the railroad.

Mrs. D. Geiger, accompanied by her little daughter Mary, left on Saturday for an extended visit to her parents at Allentown, Penn.

Marshall, the lttle son of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Townes, fell from the nurse's arms and dislocated one of its arms yesterday afternoon.

Capt. H.T. Hall, of the Clinch Valley, came back Saturday from a visit to Tazewell, where he was best man at the marriage of Edward McGuire and Miss Maggie Brown.

Mr. J.C. Cooley died at his residence in the West End, of consumption, on Friday night. He was buried yesterday evening, Rev. W.A. Pearson preaching the funeral sermon.

Vol. III. No. 41, Thursday Morning, March 5, 1896

While attempting to board a rapidly moving freight train at an early hour yesterday morning, Oscar McCall, about 18 years of age, missed his footing and was thrown beneath the cars, several of which passed over his body, almost severing both his legs ... Dr. Fox, N&W RR surgeon, assisted by Drs. Crockett and Greever, rendered all the assitance possible, amputating both legs above the kneee ... at a late hour last night the boy was still alive with faint hopes of recovery. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. McCall ... of Graham.

Rev. J. Tyler Frazier left for Bramwell yesterday to visit his son-in-law Dr. Kirk.

Mrs. Horton, of Radford, passed through the city last night, en rout home from a visit to her sister, Mrs. Godfrey, of Bramwell.

Vol. III. No. 43, Saturday Morning, March 7, 1896

Earl the little son of Rev. and Mrs. W.C. Lindsay is quite sick.

Vol. III. No. 44, Tuesday Morning, March 10, 1896

Mrs. C.B. Maddox, of Orange, Va., is visiting her brother, Charlie M. Butler.

The family of Mr. G.M. McCulloch were summoned to the home of Mrs. McCulloch's father, on account his death Sunday afternoon.

Wesley Chapman, son of Dr. Chapman, is in the city visiting his father. He is employed in the machine shopes of the Seabord Air Line at Portsmouth, Va.

Mrs. W.G. Baldwin, accompanied by Miss Kyle Baldwin, will leave this morning for Tazewell to be present at the marriage of Miss Theresa Alexander and Mr. James Buston, which will take place at 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Mrs. Kate Phipps, wife of R.J. Phipps died yesterday morning after a lingering illness, at her husband's residence on Allen street. She was a daughter of Wm. Cooper.[NOT]

Benjamin Echols the nine year old son of Mrs Echols on North side was killed on the yard yesterday, run down by a yard engine while gathering coal. His remains will be conveyed to Petersburg for interment.

Vol. III. No. 46, Wednesday Morning, March 11, 1896

The report that Mrs. Phipps was dead which appeared in our issue of yesterday was due to misinformation.

Messrs. Milton and Edward Easley were tendered a birthday party last night. It was the occasion of their 21st anniversary.

Vol. III. No. 47, Thursday Morning, March 12, 1896

Samuel Cagle, a brakeman on the Pocahontas Division, met a horrible death yesterday morning near Glen allen. He was standing on the rear end of a backward moving train which slackened speed, just for a moment, throwing him from his footing onto the track many cars passing over him before he was discovered. He was perhaps 29 years old and came here from Bluff City, Tennessee only a short while since.

Mrs. D.J. Phipps died yesterday morning early after a lingering illness and will be conveyed to Falls Mills this morning where the interment will be made. Funeral this a.m. at the Christian Baptist Church.

Vol. III. No. 48, Friday Morning, March 13, 1896

Mr. and Mrs. McCulloch returned by No. 3 last night from Litia, Botetourt county, Va., shere they were attending the funeral of Mrs. McCulloch's father.

Mrs. J. Frank Surface and children have gone to East Radford. They were summoned by telegraph to the bedside of Mr. Hall, Mrs. Surface's father, who is critically ill.

Tazewell - Mr. James Buston and Miss Theresa Alexander were married in the Presbyterian Church ... Wednesday. Rev. Ruff, assisted by Rev. Martin, officiating. Miss Allee Alexander, maid of honor and a sister of the bride ... ushers, Messrs. H.W. O'Keefe, W.H. Alderson, Allan Higginbotham and E.L. Greever ... groom's brother and best man, Mr. Henry Buston. ... bride's brother Mr. Charles Alexander, who gave her away.

Vol. III. No. 49, Saturday Morning, March 14, 1896

Yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock there was a double wedding in the city jail. The contracting parties were Delphia Harris and William Moss, who were upon the presentation of the proper license joined in wedlock by Rev. T.C. Shuler. Then came Georgie Hale and Chris. Fitzgerald, who were joined until death did them part. Both couples were colored, and were languishing in durance vile because they had not been married some time previous.

Oakvale- Mr. J.A. White's little boy, aged 4 days, died Thursday morning, March 5, and was buried Friday, March 6, at 11 a.m. in James R. White's cemetery. Mr. A.R. Bonham, a prominent citizen resideing near this place, died with pneumonia on Wednesday, March 4, and was buried Thursday at 1 o'clock p.m. in J.R. White's cemetery, Elder L. Goodwin officiating. He leaves a wife and two children.

Vol. III. No. 50, Monday Morning, March 16, 1896

Mrs. L.A. Comann, of Norton, Va., mother of Mrs. C.A. Honaker, is visiting her daughter in this city.

Vol. III. No. 51, Tuesday Morning March 17, 1896

S.H. Pierce, of Elkhorn, is in the city. He was called here by the death ofhis only grandchild, little Henry Samuel Marion, whose parents moved here only last Friday.

Vol. III. No. 52, Wednesday Morning, March 18, 1896

Engineer J.W. Brewer is to be congratulated. There is a little engineer at his house.

A young lady weighing 8 pounds, came visit Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Swank, Monday morning.

Mrs. R.A. Anderson left on No. 4 yesterday for East Radford, Va., to visit her sister, Mrs. Johnson.

The funeral of Samuel Henry Mainor, the little 5 months old son of Mr. and Mrs Mainor, who moved here from Elkhorn last Sunday, was preached yesterday afternoon by Rev. T.C. Shuler at the residence of Mr. Mainor in the West End. The interment was at the cemetery, South of the city.

Oakvale- Mrs. Liddie Little, wife of Thos. Little, departed this life Saturday night, March 7th. She had been a great sufferer for two months with joint disease which was caused by being thrown from a horse in June, 1895. She received the medical attention of Drs. Boyd, Robinson, Bee and Hughes. She had been a member of the Baptist church about eight years. She leaves behind her a husband, two children ... Her remains were taken to Reed's cemetery on March 9th.

Vol. III. No. 54, Friday Morning, March 20, 1896

Trustee's sale - ... by Minnie M. Mays, and Fitzhugh L. Mays, her husband, dated 27 Dec 1894 ...

Vol. III. No. 55, Saturday Morning, March 21, 1896

Miss Henrietta Thomas came in on No 15 and stopped over to visit her uncle, Captain Thomas. She left for Elkhorn by No. 3.

Vol. III. No. 56, Monday Morning, March 23, 1896

Wiley Webb, a white miner, whose home is at Kyle, was run over by No. 12 late yesterday afternoon about a half-mile west of that place. We learn that his is now in a very precarious condition and it is impossible for him to recover.

N. Partee, accompanied by his little son, Eugene, has returned from Roanoke. Mrs. Paul B. Means, of Concord, N.C. is visiting her sister, Mrs. N. Partee.

Miss May Hall, of Tazewell, is visiting her sister, Mrs. R.L. Shelton, in the West End.

Miss Nettie E. Turner, of Russell county, is in the city attending school. She is a sister of R.F. Turner, of the Pocahontas division.

Vol. III. No. 57, Tuesday Morning, March 24, 1896

Mrs. D.B. Baldwin, Mrs. W.G. Baldwin, D.O. Baldwin went to Abingdon to attend the funeral of Miss Allie Baldwin which takes place today.

George E. Horner, of Bristol, Tenn., is ... a nephew of W.J. Monroe, of this city and an employe of the N&W RR

Vol. III. No. 58, Wednesday Morning, March 25, 1896

The Roanoke Times of yesterday announces the elopement and marriage of John Madigan, of that city, to Miss Lizzie Shelton, of Bluefield. They were married in Bristol on the 20th, and are now keeping house in Roanoke.

Vol. III. No. 59, Thursday Morning, March 26, 1896

Mrs. C.V. Ferguson, of Maybeury, is in the city visiting her father, Squire G.H. Burton.

Mr. Walter Graham, president of the Graham-Bluefield Electric Light and Power company, is rejoicing over the advent of a son into his family. The event occurred in Philadelphia on the 21st.

Vol. III. No. 60, Friday Morning, March 27, 1896

Miss Annie J. Dickinson, daughter of Mr. John Dickinson left for Roanoke yesterday. Mr. Dickinson will remove his family to that city shortly.

Vol. III. No. 61, Saturday Morning, March 28, 1896.

L.D. Massie, of the Telegraph's composing rooms, was summoned to his home in Roanoke yesterday by a telegram announcing the serious illness of his brother, Cameron Massie.

Vol. III. No. 62, Monday Morning, March 30, 1896

Miss Mary Evans, of Concord, Campbell county, Va, is visiting her sister Mrs. A.H. Land.

Wm. Brown and Miss Nannie Brown, of Graham, were visiting their brother Robt. Brown, yesterday.

Herbert Hawes Shirey is on a protracted visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Shirey.

Little Edith, the one-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Summerfield, died Saturday morning in this city at 8:30 a.m. The funeral will take place at Goldsboro, N.C.

Vol. III. No. 63, Tuesday Morning, March 31, 1896.

C.W. Deck, of Kenova, is visiting his brother, J.E. Deck.

J.R. Tilson, the genial clerk at the freight depot, is a subject for congratulation - it's a girl.

Capt. G.W. Thomas, the genial station master and veteran conductor, went to East Radford yesterday to attend the funeral of Captain J.E. Davis.

Walton and Nannie Southers, of Welch, and Willie and Charlie Gardener, of this county, are visiting their grandmother, Mrs. M.M. Crockett, of this city.

The intelligence of the death of Mrs. N.H. Smith, of Bristol, was received here yesterday morning shortly after the sad occurrence. Mrs. Smith formerly resided in Bluefield, where her husband held the position of master mechanic in the shops until transferred to Bristol.


Index to Bluefield Dailey Telegraph Surnames

 Alderson - Mar 13               
 Alexander - Mar 10, Mar 13          
 Anderson - Mar 18               
 Andrews - Phone                 
 Austin - Feb 7                  
 Bailey - Phone, Jan 31          
 Baldwin - Phone, Mar 10, Mar 24     
 Bane - Jan 30, Feb 4            
 Bass - Jan 27, Jan 30               
 Bee - Mar 18                    
 Boggess - Feb 7                 
 Bonham - Mar 15                 
 Boyd - Mar 18                   
 Brewer - Mar 18                 
 Brown - Phone, Mar 2, Mar 30        
 Bruce - Feb 28                  
 Burnett - Feb 22                
 Burton - Jan 23, Mar 26         
 Buston - Mar 10, Mar 13
 Butler - Mar 10
 Cagle - Mar 12
 Campbell - Phone
 Capehart - Feb 13
 Cawling - Jan 30
 Chandler - Mar 2
 Chapman - Mar 10
 Comann - Mar 16
 Cooley - Feb 25, Feb 27, Mar 2
 Cooper - Feb 18, Mar 10
 Crockett - Mar 5, Mar 31
 Crotty - Feb 18
 Cummings - Feb 15
 Curry - Feb 10
 Dale - Feb 5
 Darst - Phone
 Davis - Mar 31
 Deck - Mar 31                   
 Dickinson - Mar 27              
 Dixon - Feb 24                  
 Dunn - Feb 27, Feb 28               
 Easley - Mar 11                 
 Echols - Mar 10                 
 Evans - Mar 30                  
 Ferguson - Jan 23, Mar 26       
 Fitzgerald - Mar 15             
 Forelines - Feb 24              
 Foutz - Phone                   
 Fox - Phone, Feb 27, Mar 5      
 Frazier - Mar 5                 
 French - Feb 29                 
 Gardner - Mar 31                
 Geiger - Mar 2                  
 Godbey - Jan 30                 
 Godfrey - Mar 5                 
 Goodwin - Feb 20, Mar 15
 Graham - Mar 26
 Greever - Mar 5, Mar 13
 Hale - Phone, Feb 4, Mar 15
 Hall - Feb 13, Mar 2, Mar 13, Mar 23
 Harris - Mar 15
 Hawley - Phone
 Hearn - Feb 29
 Hicks - Phone, Jan 30
 Higgingotham - Phone, Mar 13
 Hight - Feb 4
 Honaker - Mar 16
 Horner - Mar 24
 Horton - Mar 5
 Huff - Phone
 Hughes - Mar 18
 Johnson - Mar 18
 Johnston - Phone, Jan 24
 Kaylor - Phone                  
 Kellogg - Phone                 
 Kennerly - Jan 27               
 Kidd - Feb 19                   
 Kirk - Mar 5                    
 Land - Phone, Mar 30            
 Lewis - Feb 11                  
 Lindsay - Jan 23, Jan 30, Mar 7     
 Little - Mar 18                 
 Maddox - Mar 10                 
 Madigan - Mar 25                
 Mainor - Mar 18                 
 Marion - Mar 17                 
 Martin - Mar 13                 
 Mason - Phone                   
 Massie - Mar 28                 
 Mays - Mar 20                   
 McCall - Mar 5                  
 McClaugherty - Mar 2
 McCreery - Phone
 McCulloch - Mar 10, Mar 13
 McGuire - Mar 2
 Meador - Phone
 Means - Mar 23
 Monroe - Mar 24
 Moore - Phone
 Morgan - Phone
 Moss - Mar 15
 O~Keefe - Mar 13
 Partee - Phone, Mar 23
 Pearson - Feb 25, Mar 2
 Peck - Feb 7
 Pepper - Feb 15
 Perry - Feb 13
 Phipps - Feb 18, Mar 10, Mar 11, Mar 12
 Pierce - Mar 17
 Postlethwaite - Phone           
 Preston - Jan 30                
 Prince - Phone                  
 Robinson - Mar 18               
 Rorabaugh - Feb 13              
 Ruff - Mar 13                   
 Shelton - Mar 23, Mar 25            
 Shirey - Phone, Mar 30          
 Shorter - Jan 23                
 Shuler - Jan 30, Mar 15, Mar 18     
 Simpson - Jan 31                
 Smith - Feb 7, Feb 28, Mar 31       
 Snapp - Jan 31, Mar 2           
 Southers - Mar 31               
 Spangler - Phone, Jan 30        
 Strader - Jan 24                
 Strother - Feb 1                
 Summerfield - Mar 30            
 Surface - Phone, Feb 4, Mar 13
 Swank - Mar 18
 Tabb - Phone
 Teller - Feb 5
 Thomas - Phone, Feb 21, Mar 21, Mar 31
 Thompson - Feb 3
 Tickle - Jan 30
 Tilson - Mar 31
 Townes - Mar 2
 Turner - Mar 23
 Van-Doran - Feb 19
 Vaughter - Jan 23
 Wall - Jan 30
 Webb - Mar 23
 White - Phone, Mar 15
 Whittaker - Feb 20
 Wiley - Feb 20
 Wilson - Feb 7, Feb 27, Mar 2


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