151st Regiment VA Militia

Muster Rools show that Companies A to F were in service from August to October 13, 1861, when discharged.

Unit      Last Name     First Name             Rank
HQ        Carr          John S.                Lieutenant Colonel

Company A, Capt. George W. Caldwell's Co.

Unit      Last Name     First Name             Rank
A         Abbot         Clarence H.            Private
A         Adkins        Henson                 Private
A         Adkins        Preston                Private
A         Anderson      William H.             Private
A         Applee        Elisha                 3d Corporal
A         Austin        David M.               1st Sergeant
A         Ball          Joseph H.              Private
A         Belcher       Madison F.             Private
A         Boling        Joshua                 Private
A         Botts         Albert B.              Private
A         Brown         John W.                4th Corporal
A         Brown       ``William, Jr.''         Private
A         Caldwell      George W.              Captain
A         Carner        Jubal                  Private
A         Carner        William                Private
A         Carper        Patterson H.           Private
A         Cauley        John                   Private
A         Cook          George W.              Private
A         Cook          Madison                Private
A         Farley        Beamett M. R.          2d Lieutenant
A         Farley        Anderson               Ordinary Sergeant
A         Farley        Jackson                Private
A         Farley        James                  2d Sergeant
A         Farley        Madison                Private
A         Farley        Melvin                 Private
A         Farley        Wilson                 Private
A         Flowers       John H.                Private
A         Foster        Hiram                  Private
A         French        William M.             1st Lieutenant
A         Hopkins       Samuel                 Private
A         Hopkins       Simeon                 Private
A         Houchins      Ballard                2d Corporal
A         Hunt          George W.              Private
A         Keaton        Joseph                 1st Corporal
A         Keaton        William J.             Private
A         Lane          Charles                Private
A         Mann          William                3d Sergeant
A         Martin        Richard                Private
A         Martin        John                   Private
A         Meador        Isaac                  Private
A         Meador        Matthew                Private
A         Meador        John J.                Private
A         Newkirk       John R.                Private
A         Petry         Jacob                  Private
A         Pine          Alexander              Private
A         Rogers        William P.             Private
A         Skinner       Benjamin               Private
A         Snider        John O.                Private
A         Stafford      Hugh I.                Private
A         Williams      Andrew                 Private
A         Wirich        John                   Private
A         Wood          Joseph F.              Private
A         Wood          Hudson J.              Private
A         Wood          Alexander              Private
A         Wood          John Henry             Private
A         Yong          John J.                Private

Company B, Capt. Robert B. Scott's Co.

Unit      Last Name     First Name             Rank
B         Bailey        William M.             Private
B         Belcher       Anderson A.            Private
B         Boling        James J.               1st Corporal
B         Boling        Jesse J.               Private
B         Boling        Andrew W.              2d Sergeant
B         Bolton        Matthew W.             1st Lieutenant
B         Brown         Allen                  Private
B         Brown         Patton                 4th Sergeant
B         Bruce         William W.             Private
B         Burnside      George W.              Private
B         Carper        Nicholas               Private
B         Carr          William R.             Private
B         Cassaday      Robert P.              2d Lieutenant
B         Crawford      John B.                Private
B         Crawford      Reuben                 3d Corporal
B         Davis         George A.              Private
B         Davis         Linsey                 Private
B         Fletcher      Calvin                 Private
B         Galliers      John                   Private
B         Hardy         Lawson P.              Private
B         Harris        James D.               3d Sergeant
B         Harry         Romulus                Private
B         Hepinstall    Elisha H.              Private
B         Hughes        Cluff                  2d Corporal
B         Janney        John W.                Private
B         Johnston      George W.              Private
B         Johnston      Alexander              Private
B         Manning       Andrew J.              Private
B         Martin        Acalis (Achilles)      Private
B         McKenzie      James H.               Private
B         McPherson     Jacob P.               Private
B         Reynolds      Silas T.               Private
B         Ricketts      William H.             Ordinary Sergeant
B         Rose          James A.               Private
B         Scott         Robert C.              Captain
B         Stafford      William M.             Private
B         Stinson       Lemuel                 Private
B         Thompson      John J.                Private
B         Tiller        John P.                Private
B         Tiller        Willis                 Private
B         Wall          William                Private
B         Wall          John                   Private
B         West          Stephen                Private
B         West          Jeahue                 Private
B         Whitaker      William                Private
B         Whitaker      Daniel                 Private
B         White         John                   Private
B         White         Patton                 Private
B         White         Abram                  4th Corporal
B         Young         John                   Private
B         Young         William                Private
B         Youst         John                   Private
B         Youst         Henry                  Private

Company C, Capt. William W. Smith's Co.

Unit      Last Name     First Name             Rank
C         Blankenship   David                  Private
C         Caperton      John S.                4th Sergeant
C         Christie      Menelius A.            1st Lieutenant
C         Cole          Allen                  Private
C         Cole          Andrew J.              Private
C         Crotty        Samuel R.              Private
C         Crotty        William A.             Private
C         Davis         Hiram                  Private
C         Davis         Lee                    Private
C         Duncan        William H.             Private
C         Fanning       Andrew J.              Private
C         Foster        Millender W.           Private
C         French        Jehue E.               Private
C         Gortin        Joseph                 Private
C         Hale          John C.                Private
C         Henderson     Petry                  3d Corporal
C         Hunt          Harvey W.              1st Corporal
C         Jones         James A.               2d Lieutenant
C         Kritner       Crockett J.            Private
C         Martin        William K.             Private
C         Martin        George W.              Private
C         McKinney      Alfred P.              Private
C         Melvin        Weaver                 Private
C         Miller        George W.              Private
C         Miller        James                  Private
C         Miller        Richard H.             Private
C         Neal          Henry M.               3d Sergeant
C         Neal          William R.             1st Sergeant
C         Noble         John                   Private
C         Palmer        Robert                 Private
C         Pennington    Levi                   Private
C         Pennington    William K.             Private
C         Perdue        William A.             Private
C         Plaster       Harvey W.              Private
C         Pritchard     Thomas                 Private
C         Remsburg      William                Private
C         Scott         William B.             4th Corporal
C         Slone         Joel                   Private
C         Smith         James F.               Private
C         Smith         Ballard P.             Private
C         Smith         John B.                2d Sergeant
C         Smith         William W.             Captain
C         Snider        Esom                   Private
C         Thomas        James A.               Private
C         Thompson      John D.                Private
C         Tracey        Rowland J.             Private
C         Trinkle       Jacob                  Private
C         Waddle        William B.             Private
C         White         William H.             Private
C         Wiley         Vincent                Private
C         Woolwine      Joseph                 Private
C         Young         Isaac                  2d Corporal

Company D, Capt. John E. Hall's Co.

Unit      Last Name     First Name             Rank
D         Absher        Samuel J.              Private
D         Bailey        Henry B.               Private
D         Bailey        Jonathan S.            Private
D         Bailey        Jamison                Private
D         Bailey        Thompson P.            Private
D         Bailey        Estell                 Private
D         Bailey        Balard P.              Private
D         Bailey        Alex J.                1st Sergeant
D         Bailey        James K.               Private
D         Bailey        John A.                Private
D         Belcher       Philip                 Private
D         Belcher       John N.                Private
D         Belcher       Anderson R.            4th Corporal
D         Bell          James H.               Private
D         Bell          David                  Private
D         Burton        Eli                    Private
D         Calfee        John A.                Ordinary Sergeant
D         Calfee        Sayers T.              Private
D         Campbell      Moreman                Private
D         Campbell      John T.                2d Lieutenant
D         Carper        John A.                Private
D         Carr          Charles W.             Private
D         Coleman       John W.                Private
D         Collins       Floyd F.               2d Corporal
D         Davidson      Joseph                 Private
D         Dillion       Samuel W.              2d Sergeant
D         Dudley        Warham S.              Private
D         Falkner       Gordon                 Private
D         Fletcher      John W.                Private
D         Fletcher      Anderson               Private
D         French        William K.             Private
D         Godfrey       Thomas                 Private
D         Grim          Mark                   Private
D         Grim          John                   1st Corporal
D         Guster        Henry                  Private
D         Hale          John E.                Captain
D         Haleston      Nicholas F.            Private
D         Harless       Napoleon F.            Private
D         Harman        George                 Private
D         Haywood       Joseph                 Private
D         Higgenbottom                         John B.   Private
D         Hodge         George W.              Private
D         Johnston      John W.                Private
D         Kuster        James H.               Private
D         Lusk          David K.               Private
D         Minor         Thompson               Private
D         Mitchell      Leonard S.             Private
D         Morgan        Anthony                Private
D         Painter       William L.             Private
D         Perry         Oliver                 Private
D         Poe           Jeremiah               Private
D         Prunty        Randal                 Private
D         Runion        John                   Private
D         Stowers       Denis                  Private
D         Stowers       Joseph                 Private
D         Surface       Andrew M.              Private
D         Swader        David                  Private
D         Swader        Robert                 Private
D         Tabor         George W.              Private
D         Tabor         James                  Private
D         Tabor         John                   Private
D         Taylor        John                   Private
D         Taylor        William                Private
D         Thompson      William H.             3d Corporal
D         Thompson      John M                 1st Lieutenant
D         Tuggle        John                   Private
D         Underwood     Peter                  Private
D         Walker        William                Private
D         Wells         David                  3d Sergeant
D         White         Albert J.              Private
D         Wilson        Jesse                  Private
D         Wilson        John                   Private
D         Wright        Thomas                 Private

Company E, Capt. Thomas J. Massey's Co.

Unit      Last Name     First Name             Rank
E         Bassham       James H.               Private
E         Bassham John                         3d Corporal
E         Benner        William                Private
E         Bradford      John A.                4th Sergeant
E         Brammer       George W.              Private
E         Brammer       Anderson               Private
E         Cadle         Martin                 Private
E         Cadle         John                   Private
E         Charlton      Joseph                 Private
E         Christian     Eli                    Private
E         Coles         John G.                Private
E         Cox           Matthew                Private
E         Cox           Joseph Y.              Private
E         Cox           James                  3d Sergeant
E         Davis         Irwin                  Private
E         Deeds         Cornelius B.           Private
E         Dodd          John S.                Private
E         Donohue       John D.                Private
E         Evans         Raleigh                Private
E         Farley        Hiram                  2d Corporal
E         Hinton        John                   Private
E         Hinton        Evon                   1st Lieutenant
E         Hogans        Granville              Private
E         Hogans        William                Private
E         Lane          Jehue                  Private
E         Lane          Franklin               Private
E         Lane          Lewis A.               Private
E         Lilly         John                   Private
E         Lilly         Andrew L.              Private
E         Lilly         George W.              Private
E         Lilly         Green                  Private
E         Lilly         Hiram                  Private
E         Lilly         James M.               Private
E         Lilly         John W.                Private
E         Lilly         Lewis                  Private
E         Lilly         Robert W.              Private
E         Lilly         William                4th Corporal
E         Lilly         William H.             Private
E         Lilly         William P.             Private
E         Lilly         James                  Private
E         Mann          Jacob                  Private
E         Martin        A. J.                  Private
E         Massey        Thomas J.              Captain
E         Maxwell       Robert                 Private
E         McCormac      Robert                 Private
E         Meador        Allen H.               Private
E         Meador        Joab                   Private
E         Meador        Joseph                 Private
E         Mize          Berry                  Private
E         Pearis        George W.              2d Lieutenant
E         Pegram        George                 2d Sergeant
E         Rolison       John                   Private
E         Ryan          Edward                 Private
E         Shrewsbury    Daniel                 Private
E         Upton         Lewis                  1st Sergeant
E         Whitlock      Charles E.             Private
E         Williams      Samuel                 Private
E         Williams      Jacob L.               Private
E         Wills         Edmund                 Private
E         Worley        Tazewell               Private
E         Worrell       Flemming S.            Fifer
E         Young         Joseph F.              Private

Company F, Capt. Richard B. Foley's Co.

Unit      Last Name     First Name             Rank
F         Akers         Nathaniel B.           3d Corporal
F         Akers         Fleming                Private
F         Bailey        Andrew J.              Private
F         Bailey        Irwin F.               Private
F         Bailey        Floyd                  Private
F         Bailey        Amos W.                Private
F         Bassham       William                Private
F         Boling        Anderson               Private
F         Boling        Charles A.             Private
F         Brammer       James A.               1st Lieutenant
F         Brammer       John H.                Private
F         Brown         Manelius C.            Private
F         Calfee        Andrew J.              Private
F         Clyburn       James A.               Private
F         Crews         John W.                4th Corporal
F         Dalton        Alexander F.           Private
F         Day           Isaac H.               4th Sergeant
F         Ellison       William                3d Sergeant
F         Ellison       Isaac J.               Private
F         Fletcher      Isaac                  Private
F         Foley         Richard B.             Captain
F         Foley         Charles A.             Private
F         Gadd          Andrew P.              2d Lieutenant
F         Hurst         William                Private
F         Hylton        Jeremiah               Ordinary Sergeant
F         Karnes        James A.               Private
F         Kegley        Daniel                 Private
F         Lester        Joseph M.              2d Corporal
F         Lilly         Aaron W.               Private
F         Lilly         William P.             Private
F         Marshall      William                Private
F         Maxey         Preston                Private
F         Maxwell       William                Private
F         Meador        Josiah B D.            Private
F         Meador        Green W.               Private
F         Mills         Nathaniel R.           Private
F         Mooney        Stynax L.              Private
F         Peck          Jacob A.               Private
F         Prince        Oscar F.               1st Corporal
F         Reed          Bluford                Private
F         Reed          Elias                  Private
F         Reed          John C.                Private
F         Scott         William                Private
F         Shrewsbury    John                   Private
F         Shrewsbury    James                  Private
F         Snead         Samuel J.              Private
F         Swinney       Green M.               Private
F         Thomas        John R.                Private
F         Tiller        Kenzie                 Private
F         Waddle        Joseph S.              Private
F         Wood          Crawford H.            Private
F         Wood          Joel F.                Private
F         Worrell       Peter                  2d Sergeant


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