On November 22, 1873, a lot containing 10,560 sq. ft was acquired from John A. Humbird for a school in Patterson's Creek. The location was 60 rods from the Patterson's Creek Station. This was where the old red school house was built, in which the Church and Sunday School were held as well as classes. Memory recalls taht Mr. Charley Wagoner was Sunday School superintendent during this period.
Mr. J. Humbird Smith exemplified a terrific memory when he takes us back to the time that a wonderful Christian lady, Mrs. H. P. Robinson, wife of Col. John A. Robinson, got the idea that a church should be built at Patterson's Depot. She had the dairy products of their baryard as he allowance, and with the help of a faithful maid, Maggie Moreland and a sister as assistant, she was instrumental in planning the original Methodist Church in teh year 1889. In the early years of our church, the parsonage was in Springfield WV and the pastors traveled by horseback and buggies. The first Sunday school Superintendent was Mr. John A. Robinson. Other superintendents following in later years were:
George Logsdon, Sr Tom Duvall Dorothy Long
 Stella Wagoner Sylvia Reeder Carl Anderson
Charley Fisher Lola Long A L Fisher
Grace Broome Anna Long Annabel Bradfield
Henry Logsdon Carl Anderson Mary Welker
J H Hershberger Edward Lyons William Davis
John Rhodes Clifton Shobe A L Fisher
Lantz Hershberger Frances L Harman
In 1890, Humbird P Logsdon was the first baby baptized and his marriage to Grace Lon on 6-21-1916 was the first wedding performed in our church. The name of St. Paul's Methodist Church was given to the Church in the period between 1940 and 1945. In 1946, the Church was raised and three Sunday School rooms and a furnace room was added. Also, a belfrey and church bell were installed. In 1964, the existing structure was enlarged to its present state to accommodate the growing Sunday School. Seven education rooms, two restrooms, and two vestibules were built. The sanctuary was reversed also. In 1967, the church interior was refinished and new pews purchased, carpet was installed and new pulpit furniture was purchased and donated. In 1971, the final payment on our debt of $16,976.43, incurred during the church enlargement was made an a mortgage burning and dedication service was installed.
The present Minister is the Rev. William Kope, and past ministers were:

FT Griffith G H Echols R V Whitehurst
W F Locke Thomas Morgan L H Greenwood
L M Lyle H L Myerly B R Marks
S D Bennington George W Yost L K Knowles
C W Stump G G Oliver Charles Ambrose
J J Ringer H A Wilson W E Albright
H T Heironimus Winifred Lawson J H Lotspeich
S A Parker John Edwards A L Harman
O W Lusby M N Hilderbrandt Paul C Burrows
G D Kidner D N Calvert Clyde W Beard
J W Mitchell G W Yost Richard L Longbon
H M Strickler A A P Neel Ernest D Metheney
C E Simmons E W Dolan Gregory Lewis

The Ladies Aid was started in the fall of 1928 by Mrs. Frank K. Reeder. Nor record of members until 1935, and they were:
Mrs. F K Reeder Mrs. John Long Mrs. H P Logsdon
Mrs. E Jack Long Mrs. B A McCullough Mrs. Edward Lyons
Mrs. Ralph Long Mrs. Eugene Chaney Mrs. A L Fisher
Mrs. Henry Dohrman Mrs. Q R Sheffler Mrs. George Logsdon
Mrs. Howard Long Mrs. C L Hershberger
Mrs. Parker Logsdon
Each member paid 10cents a month dues and the money ws used to buy things for the church and parsonage at Ft Ashby. Ladies Aid was discontinued and a Missionary Society was organized. The Missionary Society was changed to The Women's Society of Christian Service, 9-4-1940.
On 13 Sept 1973, when the Methodist and United Brethren Churches united to form the United Methodist Church, the society's name was changed to The United Methodist Women. A part of the home missions could have been the organization of the Farm Women's Club in 1930, later called the Homemakers. Miss Florence Howard, the 4-H leader at the time was instrumental in organizing it. This club was active until 1945. Some of it's members and officers were:
Mrs. Howard Long Mrs. Wilbur Dohrman Mrs. Elmer Davis
Mrs. Ralph Long Mrs. Frank Reeder Mrs. Eugene Twigg
Mrs. Jack Long Mrs. B.A. McCullough, Sr. Mrs. Fred Starliper
Mrs. Henry Dohrman Mrs. W.A. Kern Mrs. Carl Anderson