In 1908 the Cass-Paris Stone Company made a survey of different locations and decided that the one in Patterson's Creek would be the best for a Stone Quarry which they were going to build. The purpose of this quarry was to make ballast for the B&O RR Co. The quarry was located 1 1/2 miles up the crusher track and part of it is still there to see. Most of the workers at the quarry were Italians, but we have record that several local men also worked there. These were Harry Broome, Ed Rhodes and William Baker, who drove the horses that hauled the stone out of the quarry to the cars and on down the crusher track . Mr. Yount was the superintendent of this operation and the Italians that worked there had a camp along the lower section of the track.
To the best of anyone's memory, Mr. Humbird Smith had the general store at this time (1908), Mr. Smith was clerking in a store owned by Mr.John A Robinson and Son at Pattersons Depot, which was the first record of a store being there. Since that date there have been many stores. Some of the owners have been: Mr. Kuykendall, Mr. J E Long, Mr. Ralston, Mr. William Kern, Mr. Ellis Shanholtz, Mr. Eugene Twigg, Mr. Raymond Knotts and Mr. Stanton Miner.
The first store operated here burned down and an old granary that was standing on top of the hill at the brick house, was moved down along the B&O mainline for a store. After that time, most of the stores were located at the same place, where the old brown building is now, along the mainline of the B&O tracks.
The post office for our village was located int eh same area and many times in the same building as the general store. This was due to the access to the B& RR lines that carried the general merchandise for the stores and the post office mail as well. The first request for a post office was submitted on 10-9-1906 by Mr. John Humbird Smith. At this time the population to be supplied with mail was about 250, which included a Star route, but the patrons in Pattersons Creek only numbered 150, closely resembling the population today which is 163. The request was approved on 3-5-1907 and Mr. Humbird Smith was apointed Postmaster the same date. The first post office was located in Mr. Smith's store along the mainline of the B&O. In 1909, Mr. Jacob E Long served as Postmaster, followed by J Humbird Smith in 1912, Edwin R Kuykendall in 1921, Edward L Young in 1924, Mrs. Edith C Young in 1925, Eugene M Twigg iin 1931, Norma L Knotts in 1949, Walter D Ferrebee in 1950, Delores R Warren in 1950, Marvin G Logsdon in 1951, and Mrs. Charlotte M Logsdon in 1952.
On 1 Sept 1951, the name of Pattersons Creek was changed officially to Patterson Creek, dropping the s. Mail service by train was discontinued in 3 May 1958. This change automatically cause d the Star route to Ft Ashby to be cancelled and our mail started to be delivered by the Rural Route from Ridgeley WV. On 1 July1971, the Government relinquished some of its authority and the US Post Office Dept became the US Postal Service.

Mr. Jack Starliper moved his mill up from Hedgesville in the 1920's. It was located along the mainline tracks. The old stone foundadtion is still there. He formed a company and some of our local men became stockholders. However, the mill failed.