There was one other building standing along where the community hall now stands, and that was the old red school house. Of course where there are families and children, our
thoughts go to school and education and after the formation of Mineral County in 1866, the first record that could be found for school property is a school lot sold to the Board of
Cabin Run District by William H. Whipp. This school was located in the reidge east of Patterson's Creek. The oldest record of any school building in what is now Mineral County is a land record referring to a school house on the land that was formerly the Patterson's Creek Fairfax Manor. The land afterwards know as the Sloan farm. There were no school houses and few school books in 1866.
On Oct 8, 1881, one acre was deeded from Lewis Biggs for a Negro school. This school was known by the name of Galloway School and ws located on the west side of Patterson's Creek Pike and one mile north of State Route 28. This was on property presently owned by Marvin Logsdon. This Negro school was used for several years, and later records show school being held in a small building that stood near the B&O RR Subway (Culvert) close to the village of Patterson's Creek, until the year of 1920.
On Nov 22, 1873, a lot containing 10,560 sq. ft. was acquired from John A. Humbird for a school in Patterson's Creek. the location was 60 rods from the Patterson's Creek Station. this was where the old red school house was built, in which Church and Sunday School were held as well as classes. Memory recalls that Mr. Charles Wagoner was Sunday School Superintendent during this period. Later our school grew from one room to two and then into the present structure, which is owned by the Volunteer Fire Co and used as a Community Hall. Our school was discontinured in 1966 and now our children are bused to Fort Ashby Schools.
In the early school days, teachers changed most every season, but they were very dedicated to their profession.


1889 - 1890 F.D.B. Stewart, Kate Tanquary and D.W. Taylor
1890 - 1891 F.H. Yost and Russell Ice
1904 Mr. Snyder
1907 - 1908 Madge Shive
1909 - 1910 Susie VanMeter, Grace Swisher and David Bruce
1912 - 1913 Susie VanMeter (Principal) and Lottie Cozad (Assistant)
1914 - 1915 Wade Lease (Principal), Helen Smith (Assistant), and Bessie
  Condiff J.H. Smith (Member of the Board of Education)
1916 - 1917 W.H. Selvey (Principal) and Susie VanMeter
1918 - 1919 Susie VanMeter (Principal) and Rhoda Yoder (Assistant)
1920 - 1921 Dorothy Stine (Principal) and Bettie Loy
1921 - 1922 Hettie Moreland and Goldie Bennett
1922 - 1923 W.J. Harman (Principal) and Dorothy Stine
1923 - 1924 R.M. Bradfield (Principal) and Eva L. Miller
1924 - 1925 Lester McDowell (Upper) and Eva L. Miller (Primary)
1925 - 1926 Lola Secrist (Upper) and Eva L. Miller (Primary)
1926 - 1927 Omar Vance (Principal) Resigned, V.P. Hedrick (Principal),
  Lola Secrist and W.D. Hershberger (Tr.)
1927 - 1928 Frankfort Dist. Board of Education - Henry J. Dohrman, President
  in 1931, Finley Orndorff, Mrs. Sadie Thrush and W.D.
  Hershberger (Tr.)
1928 - 1929 Finley Orndorff and Eva Miller
1929 - 1930 Eva Miller (Principal) and Bettie Morgan (Primary)
1930 - 1931 U.S.G. Potter (Principal) and Bettie Morgan
1931 - 1932 Paul Frase (Principal) and Ethel Dolly
1932 - 1934 Harold Carvey (Principal) and Ethel Dolly
1934 - 1935 E.J. Welton (Principal) and Wilma Kiser (Elem.)
1941 - 1947 Chester M. Jenkins (Principal) and Dorothy Beckman
1947 - 1950 Sallie B. Wetzel (Principal) and Mayme Seeders
1950 - 1951 Joseph W. Kessel (Principal) and Mayme Seeders
1951 - 1952 James Shumate (Principal) and Mayme Seeders
1952 - 1953 Fred Garrett (Principal), Mayme Seeders, Sallie B. Wetzel and
  Aggie Holler (Janitor)
1953 - 1954 Charles Ford (Principal), Mayme Seeders, Marvin Reel and
  Aggie Holler (Janitor)
1954 - 1955 Charles Ford (Principal), Mayme Seeders and Jean Dinteman
1955 - 1956 Millicent Mars (Principal) and Rowena Luckiewicz
1956 - 1961 Mayme D. Seeders (Principal) and Rowena Luckiewicz
1961 - 1963 Ruth Williams (Principal) and Rowena Luckiewicz
1963 - 1964 Ruth Williams (Principal), Evelyn S. Reese and William Boor
1964 - 1966 Ruth Williams (Principal) and Lillian Borror.