Henry Purgett - Purgitt - Purget was born in 1753 in Franklin Town, Maryland. “ The Henry Purgitt after whom Purgittsville is named, was on the Hampshire County, Virginia tax rolls as early as 1782. Joseph Neville’s survey record reports “then id Henry Purgate enter 400 acres of land on the waters of Mill Creek adjacent to the land of John Moffatt and John Glaze to the north side on Jan.7, 1785’(45)”. In 1794 Henry received a land transfer of 137 ½ acres on Mill Creek from Elizabeth Fidler (Fiedler), who had gotten the land in a land transfer from her son Jacob on 12/10/1794. Elizabeth was the widow of George Fidler. Henry married Elizabeth and resided in Hampshire Co. Virginia. Henry’s large log house is located in Purgittsville on the west side of the highway and at one time it was used as a stage coach stop. Henry “…Enlisted in 1778 in the Relolutionary Army in Hampshire County, under Captain Abraham Johnson in Colonel Johson’s Virginia Regiment and served a little over 6 months. Ended service in 1781 …Received pention in Hampshire County, 21 Oct 1833.” (West Virginians in the American Revolution, assembles and edited by Ross B. Johnson, p. 229. Va. No. 16977, No. S. 18170 - pension application number). The will of Henry was written Feb. 4,1835 and was probated on March 27,1837 (Early Records of Hampshire Co.). In his will he leaves the 137 ½ acres of land on Mill Creek to his oldest son William “…after the death of my wife and myself together with all my ploughs and horse …….restof my 6 other children to be divided equally.” It is felt by this writter that he may have been married before as he was 41 when he married Elizabeth. Only guessing on the ages of the children. The large log house that was his is now owned by Lawrence High (as of 1988). Historic Hampshire pub. 1976 has pictures and articles of Purgetts.

William Purgett

Received the 137 ½ acres in Henrys will.




Frederick Purgett Born in Hampshire Co. , Virginia and died after 1860 in Ohio. He married Mollie Schoemaker in Virginia (no records) They had 10 children, but only one lived., Henry. Frederick served in the war of 1812. He was a farmer who emigrated to Twin township, Ross CO., Ohio,. Hewed out a farm in the midst of the forest and spent the remainder of his life there. He was a whig and afterward a republican. Frederick is listed as a member of the 1st session of Presbyterian Curch organized in 1841 and was a member of the church council (History of Ross and Highland Co. pg.303). Land records of Indiana show an 80 scre perchase for a Frederick Burgett with a home address of Ross CO. IN 1836.





Henry Purgett Born in Twin Township, Ross CO., Ohio on March 17,1817 (died April 21,1895. On Feb. 28,1839, he married Margaret Stipp who diedMarch 3 1840 at age 23. She is burried in the Bournville Methodest Cemetery in Twin Township, Ohio. (ref. Methodist records).


Margaret Purgett Born (probably 1n 1840) married J.J. Schulz and became the step mother to his children, Philip, Osborn, Ivy, and two daughters.


In 1840 Henry moved to Madison CO., Indiana. (shows up on census records of Lafayette township Madison Co. 1860) On Feb. 18,1842, he married Lydia Mustard of Pike Co. Lydia was born Aug. 21,1825 and died Nov. 28, 1891. Lydia is burried in Belmont Cemetary, Ill. (FROM Portrait and Biographical Records of Iroqois Co., Ill.) Henry Purget owns and operates a fine farm of 148 acres of areable land on section11, Belmont Township. ………Throughout his entire life he followed farming. . ……..He was an adherant of the Methodist Episcopal Church and cast his first presidentiol vote for William Henry Harrison. He was a Whig and then a Republican. ….. In his will dated July,1893, he stipulates that all his belongings are to be sold and devided equally amoung his children with two exception. One, that each of the children except for Frederick get $375. To make up for the value of the team of mules he advanced to Frederick. Second, for his daughter Orpha, he set up a trustee with order to give her monies as she needed it but to make sure her husband didn’t get any. The farm and holdings were sold at public aution on May 28,1895. He had moved to Iroqois Co. in 1865.