Marcus Luther Mott (1837-1899) was a local preacher. He was responsible for naming the community Antioch.
Other families in that community were Cannon, Chamberlain, Davis, Doll, Grayson, Harrison, Martin, Utta, Roberts and Summers. Many of these families or heirs still reside in this community.
Early settler, probably the original white settler was Samuel Barker Davis, who moved here in 1787 from Winchester with his family. Here he built a log home, still standing today, likely the oldest house in Mineral County and the water powered grist mill.
Vernon Grayson, son of Ben and Mary Fout Grayson for whom Graysons Gap Road was named, was the blacksmith for the village at the turn of the century. Not only did he shoe horses, but also built spring wagons and operated a gasoline powered lumber planing mill.
Much earlier, Thomas Athey Martin (1838-1907) also operated a blacksmith shop a mile or so from the Antioch Church in a log home standing today.
On the corner of the intersection of the roads to Ridgeville and through Graysons Gap stood a "toll-house". This house in the early 1900's was occupied by the Ed Roberts family.