ANTIOCH SCHOOL 1899 - 1900
RED STAR SCHOOL 1907 - 1908

Probably the first school in Antioch was in front of the present day church. Later a school building was buildt in the lower corner of where the present day school building is. About 1907, the school was moved to the present site which is used as a community building now since it was closed in 1961.
Other schools known within this area were scattered among the more thickly populated spots. Above the Grayson Gap, stands a log "milkhouse". In the loft of this structure, Florence Grayson conducted a school for children of this area in the 1800's. She was paid by the parents for teaching their children. The story has benn handed down that the students were dismissed from classes one day when they walked down the Gap to Antioch to watch Civil War soldiers march by.
Indian Glen School was 1/4 mile from Route 50, and 1/8 mile from the road leading from Rte 50 through Graysons Gap. Not so far from Indian Glen was the Sunnyside School, on land now a part of the Sunnyside Church parking lot.
Kildow School was located 2 miles south of Antioch on the west side of Knobley Pike. There was also a general store here at one time.
Mikes Run School was on the north side of Mikes Run 1/4 mile east of the road leading from Pattersons Creek Pike to Knobley Pike
Ash Flat or Nancy Hanks School was located about one mile east of the Nancy Hanks birthplace.
The Red Star School was located on the east side of the Old Mike Run road midway between Patterson's Creek Pike at the George Arnold farm and the Mike's Run School. The large frame building, opened in 1894, was erected on what was known as the Vandiver land. Enrollment eventually fell so low that the school was not in session for a few terms. The shift in population called for a school at a point on Tucker's Ridge a mile and a fourth farther south. The Red Star building was razed and reconstructed near Shackey Chapel in 1923, on a one acre lot deeded by W B Welch. This land reverted to him in 1938. The school merged with Burlington in 1934.