The following document was submitted by Kim Durst.  She states the following:

This particular document was printed in the manner (and the same size) of one of those rememberance cards you get at the funeral home.  It was on plain white paper, and the writing was entirely on the inside right.  I tried to imitate the typing, but was not very successful.  The first three lines of writing were printed in an incredibly beautiful script, but I could not seem to duplicate it.  I did, however, try to duplicate style and font as much as possible.
What made this interesting to me was that both my grandfather, Charles Tuel, and his sister, Rhoda Tuel, attended this school.  Grandpap would have been approximately 7 and Aunt Rhoda would have been approximately 9 or 10.  I never knew I had an Aunt Rhoda.  A note in my grandpap's handwriting indicates she was born on October 4, 1905, but I have been to both the Mineral Co. and Grant Co. Courthouses and cannot find a record of her birth.  I have checked the local cemeteries and can only find Aunt Edna and Aunt Trisa (Treesa) who died during childhood, both of whom are buried in the Elk Garden Cemetery.  Any ideas on how I can find further information on Rhoda?”

If you have any information that will help Kim, you can contact her at:  Kim Durst



Blaine School



Blaine, Elk District

Mineral County, West Virginia


1914 – 1915







Hannah Owens                               Mervin Bray

Margaret Miller                               Melvin Iser

Mary Beman                                  Winter Kimes

                     Ella Gregory                                    Louis Kimes

                     Wealthy Bray                              Joseph Gregory

                     Rhoda Tuel                              Ervin Leatherman

                     Verna Walters                              Lester Wilhelm

                     Louise Davis                                  Vernon Spiker

                     Edna Murphy                               Buster Strachan

                     Ethel Gregory                                     John Spiker

                     Laura Gregory                                         Earl Iser

                     Beatrice Spiker                                Charles Tuel

                     Marie Junkins                                  William Riser

                            Herman Wilhelm


Mr. Tice                                                                    Mr. Oats

Mr. Pritchard                                   D.C. Arnold, Dist. Supt.

Richard W. Thrush, County Superintendent