The accompanying picture is of our Station Baggage Agent J W Robertson, "Taken in Camp". What is it, "Fats", fish or bacon?
  Haven't heard any stories about our friend of Jones' staff, jumping any rattlesnakes yet this season. How about it, Ernest?
  One of the items in the Stop That Leak drive uncovered to date is that of "Shobe" Thrasher, our efficient material handler in the Stores Dept located at the Queen City Station. "Shobe" has charge of the baling of waste paper gathered up around the station and offices, from which,......(rest of article missing).
  .....(article missing)..after one of these visits that you always hear the same story "how about a little steak?" Sounds familiar, "Pete," but why not bid in a Keyser turn?
  Vincent J Coulehan, clerk to Trainmaster Groves, resigned o Jan 1 to accept a position as chief clerk to the purchasing agent of the consolidation Coal Company with headquarters in Frostburg Md. Good luck,"Vinc!"
  Miss Lillian Judy has been appointed secretary to the division engineer.
  Mrs Molly H McDonald, passing report clerk, Superintendent's Office, has resumed duty, after several month's illness. Glad to have you back, "Molly."
  Track Supervisor, A O Tederick, Martinsburg, was awarded first prize for having the best sub-division on the Cumberland Divison for the year 1922. Track Foreman C E Robey, Lineburg, won first prize for best section; Track Foreman M Wilson, Bloomington, first prize for greatest improvement on sections; Track Foreman M Miller, Vanderlip, first prize for best branch section. Competition was keen on all sections and sub-divisions, the awards being...(article missing).
  Haven't heard any news from Sandy Hook lately. "Jake," what's the matter with the "Garden spot of the World?"
  Assistant Shop Clerk "Jake" Brown has promised some good news for the next issue in connection with the "Stop That Leak" drive.

Keyser, W Va
Correspondent, HARRY B KIGHT

  "Uncle" Harry Vernon, pensioned yardmaster, died at his home on East Armstrong Street, Keyser, on the morning of December 27, following an illness of several months. Mr Vernon was seventy-nine years old and had been pensioned for several years. Mr Vernon was a favorite among his fellows and the high esteem in which he was held was shown by the beautiful flowers that covered his casket, sent there by the Railroad office forces and other friends. We extend to his sorrowing wife and children our heartfelt sympathy.
  All of Keyser, as well as all of the entire West End of the Cumberland Division was shocked on the morning of December 29, when word was received of the untimely death of Engineman "Charley" Kibler, at M & K Junction, while in the performance of his duties. Everyone knew "Kib" and loved him, and we will miss him. to his bereaved family, we extend our deepest sympathy.
  Brakeman Max Weese fatally injured in Fetterman yards on the afternoon of December 31. He fell between the cars of his train and was run over. He was hurried to the City Hospital at Grafton, where it was found necessary to amputate both legs. He died that night. We extend to the bereaved family our deepest sympathy.
  Brakeman Adams succumbed to injuries while in the performance of his.... His remains were taken to his old...(rest missing).