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Hampshire County Death Records 1866 - 1923. It includes an alphabetical list of the deceased persons listed in the county death records during those years, and includes date of death, mother, father, name of spouse, where buried, informant (name of person reporting death) and relationship of informant, date of birth, if and as the information appears in the record. The cost is $27.50 and includes postage and handling.

The Springfield Cemetery Records book includes a listing of all persons in all the found cemeteries in the Springfield District, including data listed on the stone. The Springfield District includes, Springfield, Green Spring, Levels, Three Churches, Points and includes the family cemeterys as well as community cemeteries, also a color coded map is included showing the location of the cemetery. Some of the private family cemeterys are hard to find so hopefully the map helps locating those cemeteries. The cost is $16.50 and includes postage and handling.