The Star of Hope Refuge opened in 1913 with one building and 3 children. Over the years the campus has been modernized and now there are 5 buildings and 40 some children living there.
Concern for the homeless children of this area moved two men in 1913 to initiate plans for a facility to care for such children. Dr. F.L. Baker, Burlington, managed preparation of the house and grounds and Mr. F.C. Rollman of Elk Garden pocured the necessary funds through donations.
Initially, 2 tracts of land and a large farm house were purchased. In 1923 3 1/2 more acres were added and in 1926 another 9 acres for a total of 16 acres.
On 11-13-1913, the state of WV issued a charter for operation. The first 3 children were admitted on 10-11-1913.
Dr. Baker served as administrator of the home, with Mr.D.A. Arnold and W.H. Barger the Board of Trustees. In Sept. 1949, Mr. Barger with the Board of Trustees approval, offered the Star of Hope Home to the WV Methodist Church. It was on 3-17-1950 that the name was changed to "The Methodist Children's Home". Again in 1968, after the merger of the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren churches, the name was changed to Burlington United Methodist Children's Home.
Over the years, it is estimated that over 1,000 children have made their home here.