After Samuel Barker Davis site for his home was cleared, John Bussey, who was one of the earliest contractors in what is now Mineral County set work to build a cabin. The cabin is still standing today.
Early in the 1800's, the mill and 200 acres of the surrounding land ws purchased by Theodore Harrison I and was operated by him for many years. His son, Theodore Harrison II, was next to acquire ownership.
As Samuel Davis II had married Margaret Harrison, daughter of Theodore Harrison, the old mill became an heirloom in these families. Joseph Harrison Davis, grandson of both proprietors, took over the mill in 1848. During the next 42 years, the ownership changed hands several times, but always was retained by descendents of these families.
When sold in 1880 to Brasher Rogers, the tradition was still carried on, as his wife,Mary Evelyn Dye was a granddaughter of Theodore Harrison.
Not until 1897 did a stranger take possession. In that year it was sold to A.P. Roberts of Antioch. In 1918 it was bought by D.W. Billmyre of Martin, WV. Billmyre continued to grind wheat, corn and buckwheat for farmers throughout that section and also converted the plant into a woolen mill.
In 1923 the mill was sold to James Billmyre. He in turn transferred the property to Ira P. Shreve, and in 1936 it became the property of its present owners.