The covered bridge, built in 1848 over Patterson's Creek, was utilized by local traffic as well as those travelers on the Northwestern Turnpike. Soldiers of both armies during the Civil War, crossed over Patterson Creek in its shelter. It Was demolished, and a steel bridge constructed in the 1920's. The present bridge was built in 1969.

The Patterson Creek Turnpike connecting Burlington with points to and beyond Petersburg must have come to being during the 1850's.
The toll-house was at the Woodworth property or at the Zell property, as it was known earlier. Mrs. Raynor Carroll was toll keeper.

Several grist mills were the only industry of Burlington. The last one burned in the 1920's. Some of the mills on Patterson Creek and its drains, (which no longer stand) were : Pierce Mill at Russeldale, Burlington Mill in Burlington located at the site of the late Jennings Oate's furniture store, Markwood, Dolls Gap, Doll Mill at Hesse's (now Larenim County Park), Taylor Mill at the late Miss Nan Welch's, Crawford Mill at Plackas, Gardner Mill at the old Shobe house and Reeses Mill.