Special thanks to Redds (William Morris) for donating his pictures of the Claysville Church.

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Congregation Was organized in 1849. The church, constructed of lumber produced on a water-powered sawmill and furnished with seats of chestnut, hand finished, is in an excellent state of preservation. It was first used as a combined church, school and community building. During the Civil War both Union and Confederate troops held services here, the time depending on who temporarily controlled the valley.

The Claysville Church was organized in 1849 in a home off the then Winchester-Parkersburg Turnpike Road at Claysville VA. The Church structure was built in 1850 under the direction of Daniel Hendrickson and John William Fout.
It is recognized as the oldest organized rural church in Mineral County.
The Religious Group (UB) has roots in Switzerland and Germany.
In 1946, the local congregation voting, Claysville joined the Conference in forming along with the Evangelical Church, the new Evangelical United Brethren Church (EUB).
In the 1960's, the EUB Church (local not voting) joined the Methodist Church to form the United Methodist Church. The Claysville United Methodist Church, disbanding in 1869, allowed the small remaining membership to seek affiliation elsewhere.
The Claysville membership roll in 1860 shows more than 75.
In the Civil War, as a result of repeated changes in control of the New Creek Valley between Union and the Confederacy, troops of both armies, under sentry, worshipped at the church.
The local church and grounds belong to the Mineral County Historical Society, title transfer being made by the WV United Methodist Conference. The WV Commission on Archives and History recognize the Claysville Church as a historical item.
The church structure and interior fixtures are essentially as they were in the 1850's. The County Historical Society meets annually at the Church the 4th Wed evening of August.
The 1854 Church Bible, the Roll Book, 1856-1896 and other historical items are preserved.

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