AUGUST 16, 1912


  Miss Mary Hodgson, of Cumberland, returned home lst week after a visit with Mrs A P Butt.
  Mrs Annie Hunter, of Fairmont is the guest of her sister, Mrs Mary Heironimus.
  DR F S Johnston, of Elkins, was in town Wed.
  Born to Mr and Mrs T J Helmick Fri, a daughter.
  Born to Mr and Mrs Testa Gerace Fri last, a son.
  Born to Mr and Mrs Adam McDonald this Thurs, a son.
  Born to Mr and Mrs Clarence Riggleman this Fri, a son.
  Mrs Susan Montgomery of Grafton, who has been the guest of her brother, John Digman, returned home Thurs. - News of 8th


  Aug 14 - While the mosquitoes are attending to keep Lucas awake and the hum of Will Decker's thrashing machine as it thrashes out the wheat and oats makes the farmers smile, we will pencil a few items from this sleepy little corner.
  Roasting ears, beans, potatoes and tomatoes are getting quite plentiful, which assures us that we will not need to turn our little household flocks out to grass yet.
  John Mellon is singing his lullaby to the arrival of another bouncing big boy. Guess it is another Woodrow Wilson in town but wish the row might be left out.
  Harry Dawson spent last Sun with Keyser friends.
  Don't forget to attend the picnic and festival at Waxler Sat, Aug 24.
  Mrs Richard Dawson of Cresaptown, and Mrs Bertha Hill and Miss Constance Davis, of Petersburg, visited at I L Vanmeter's Thurs of last week.
  Baxter Armentrout, superintendent of the Mineral County Poor House, seeded a piece of wheat the 11th day of last December from which he thrashed 25 1/2 bushels to the acre. Who can beat it?


  Aaron Hixenbaugh returned this week, from a trip to Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore and Atlantic City. He is the mail carrier between Elk Garden and Sulphur, and Thomas Miller carried the mail during his absence.
  Mrs Bessie Pearson and children are visiting Bruce B Bennear at Thomas.
  The U B all-day meeting at Sulphur last Sun was well attended. Rev J H Brunk preached two interesting and helpful sermons.
  Gus Hoey, the barber moved last week to Frostburg.
  There was a heavy blackberry crop this year, but their season is about over.
  Miss M Ellen Snyder of Baltimore, recently of Oklahoma, are visiting relatives here this week.
  Prof J Walter Ross now has a position as teacher of stenography in Providence R I Which will be their future home.
  Mrs Annie Oates, of Gormania, Was the guest of friends here last week.
  They are working in earnest on the branch road now, but it will probably be three weeks yet before a train gets to Elk Garden. Mine No 14 is working, which is a half mile above Harrison and the track is built as far as Oakmont. A large force is working on the 1000-foot washout above Oakmont.
  The Elk Garden Dodson baseball contest for 100 dollars prize three best out of five is all wind so far. Elk Garden is ready. Come on, Dodson.
  W H Kight, hustling Will, runs a vehicle to Shaw for the accommodation of passengers.
  Bernardy Kenny accidentally shot himself through the foot with a 22 caliber rifle last week. He is getting along all right.
  John G Gordon, and other teamsters are kept busy hauling goods from Shaw.
  The board of education has secured a lot at Sulphur and will build a school house there this fall. The levy for building fund in Elk District is 10 cents and for teachers' fund 22 cents on the hundred dollars.


  Press (Petersburg) of 8th
  Miss Sallie Strauder is sick of typhoid fever.
  Miss Letta Bond, of New York City, is visiting friends.
  H F Brubeck is erecting a large ice house at river bridge.
  H B Hockman of Elkins, was a business visitor here this week.
  Mr and Mrs W D Newlon, of Clarksburg, are the guests of relatives here.
  J L Hott and son Homer, of Keyser, were visiting in Grant County this week.
  Mr Wm Fazenbaker, of Cumberland, and his son are here this week fishing. Mr Fazenbaker is one of the oldest passenger engineers on the B&O railroad.
  Dr W H Siple was at McDowell, Va, this week to see his brother who was stricken with a sun stroke a few days ago. Ervin Kessel took him up in his auto.
  Mrs Abe Mongold left Wed morning for Brushy Run to see her little grandchild, a daughter of Mr and Mrs John Kimble, who is seriously ill of cholera infantum.


Moorefield Examiner of 8th

  Miss Anna Remsburg, of Sharpsburg, Md, arrived yesterday on a visit to Miss Eula Hockman.
  Mrs Betty Gamble has been quite ill the past week, but this morning is somewhat improved.
  Mrs Hayden and daughters, Misses Eunice and Roberta, of Washington, arrived Tuesday and are the guests of Mr. and Mr M W Gamble.
  Mrs J M Wells and son Thomas, of Wilmington, N C, arrived yesterday on a visit to Mrs Julia Gilkeson.
  Miss Nan Zirkle, of Winchester, arrived yesterday and is the guest of Mr and Mrs M S Henkel.
  Married at the home of the bride's father, Wilbur Rumer, near Oak Dale, August 7th, by the Rev Chas D Gilkeson, Augustus Hall and Miss Edna Rumer.
  Mr and Mrs F C Welton, of Cumberland, spent a day here this week, returning Tues accompanied by Mrs Kate Taylor, who will spend several days with them.
  Miss Molelle Kuykendall, who was operated upon for appendicitis in Baltimore, has so far recovered as to be able to return to her home in Martinsburg.
  Mrs C L Cunningham, of Cresaptown, Md, is visiting her brother, E C Beaty.
  Geo A Keplinger, of Petersburg, appeared before the Town Council Tues night and asked for a license to run a pool room here. The license was granted to him and we understand he will open at once.
  Miss Jessie Taylor, of Ohio, and Geo W Pollock, of Grafton, arrived here this week on a visit to Mr and Mrs R D Pollock.
  Rev R A White arrived Tues evening and Wed left for Lost City, where he will conduct a series of meetings for a week. Miss Nannie Belle Gilkeson accompanied him.
  E O Harwood Sr, arrived last week and will spend some time here visiting Postmaster Harwood.
  Mrs Walter Wheaton has been quite sick the past week.
  Dr M F Wright of Burlington and R S Wright of Strasburg, passed through here Tues on their way up the Fork, to spend a few days with the Clearbrooke Sporting Club.
  Wise and Ruckman shipped 8 carloads of cattle last Fri bought of J Wm Gilkeson and J D Heiskell.
  Mrs Paul Wilson has been right sick the past week, but is now improved.
  Mrs C M Kittle, of Chicago, arrived last Fri evening on a visit to her parents, Mr and Mrs Jos I Cunningham.
  Bruce Allen, who spend last week here, returned to Keyser. Mr Allen has written a play which will be given in Keyser soon and also at Moorefield.
  Miss Parry, who visited Mrs Ida Wood last week, left Sat for a weeks visit at Atlantic City.
  Duvall Wood has been right sick the past week with measles.
  Misses Elizabeth and Jean Dailey, Damie and Willie Gilkeson, Janet Welton and Antionette Johnson are spending this week with a camping party near Romney.


  Review (Franklin) of 9th
  O S Cunningham has purchased the store building and stock of merchandise of H A & Kimbel Bros at Upper Tract.
  Rev H H Fout, of Dayton Ohio, Mr and Mrs J W Fout, of Maysville W VA, spent Tues night in town on their way to Crabbottom, Va from which point they will attend the all day meeting at Riverton next Sun.
  E S Morris and son Alonzo, of Hinton Va, arrived in town last week, and began the work of plastering the high school.
  On August 1, L E Bowers took charge of the mail route between here and Petersburg, with new wagons and fresh horses.
  W B Bowers left last Fri morning for his little son, who has been receiving treatment for several weeks at the University Hospital. Accompanying was John Bowers who expects to have his hand treated, which he had severely lascerated (sic) several months ago while sawing shingles.
  Morris Masters, son of John D Masters, of Sherman Texas, is visiting the Bowman family.
  Henry Bowers, of Friends Run, suffered a slight attack of paralysis last Sun. this was the fourth attack, Mr Bowers is able to walk about.
  Pearl Puffenbarger and Fred Simmons of Sugar Grove and Fred Teter of Creek, left Wed morning on the Petersburg stage for Mineral county, where they will secure employment gathering peaches.
  Supt Warner has been threatened for several weeks with appendicitis, but hopes by the aid of prompt and diligent treatment to be able to ward it off.
  W W Johnston left Tuse of last week with Robert B Bennett, for Charlottesville, where the latter will receive treatment for an abscess or tumer (sic) or the lungs.

$50,000 for Wool Clip

  C Ed Lukens, formerly of Pendleton County W Va, but now residing in Cut Bank, Montana, received $50,000 for his wool clip this year which was about 240,950 pounds.


  Piedmont W Va, Aug 10
  Miss Nettie Seymour, of Seymour, is visiting Miss Carrie Welton.
  Messrs H S Richardson and family J T Laughlin, Robert Smith, George N Hoover, and ex-mayor Ward, of Westernport, and party are automobile tourists to Atlantic City.
  The owners of the Potomac Island have constructed a new road from the residence of Mr John McGuigan to the Riverside Drive. They are also otherwise greatly improving the island.
  Dr Z T Kalbaugh returned today with his new automobile from Cleveland, Ohio.
  The old B&O shop bell at the former Piedmont shops has been on the "retried list" for many years, will begin active service again at the First Presbyterian church on Ashfield St, as the same has been give by the railroad company to the church. At one time this bell called to work over 600 shop men in Piedmont. But things have changed and the shops have been abandoned for many years.
  Mr John Dyke, who recently lost his right arm in an accident at Keyser yards, has been appointed a watchman by the C & P RR Co, at the Westernport Md, crossing, vice Mr Henry Mayburg, retired.
  Mr Wright Davis, a machine runner at the W Va Pulp & Paper co's plant at Luke, was struck Mon night last on the head with a calendar stick in the hands of his helper, a young man by the name of Lemon, of Covinton Va. MR Davis was in an unconscious condition for several hours and was taken to the Hoffman Hospital, Keyser, Wed afternoon. At this writing he is much improved. Lemon was arrested and taken to the Cumberland jail, but we understand that an effort is being made to have him released, as he claims that the blow was struck in self-defense.


  Miss Anna Dugan went to Cumberland Fri morning.
  Mrs M Whiteman has moved from A street to Mineral street.
  Miss Hazel Boxwell, of Marion Ohio, is visiting relatives in Keyser.
  Ervin Welton, of Alaska, was in town a few days latter part of last week.
  Miss Mayme Dean is visiting Mrs C E Harrison at Barkville this week.
  Misses Bertie Lawton and Bessie Hinebaugh of Oakland, visited last week in Keyser.
  Mrs David Long, who spent five weeks at Mt Lake Park, returned home last Sat.
  J G Kuykendall, of Charleston, is a business visitor in the city. Elkins Inter Mt of 9th.
  Rev W C Ney, of Newport, Pa, will preach next Sun morning in the Lutheran Church.
  Misses Daisy Lowry and Lou Murphy returned Mon from a few days visit to Mt Lake Park.
  Chas. Scothern, of the firm of Pool & Scothern, of Kitzmiller, was in town last Fri on business.
  Mrs D E Lawson and children returned last Sat from a month's visit to her home folks at Lahmansville.
  Miss Fannie Burnap, of Washington DC, is visiting her sisters, Mrs E M Dawson and Mrs Harley Kight.
  Miss Elizabeth Wolf, has returned home from a visit to the home of her sister, Mrs Kennedy, in Baltimore.
  Mr and Mrs Philip England and children left lst week on a visit to their daughter, Mrs Turner in Denver CO\ol.
  Miss Emma Carroll and niece Miss Helen Carroll, of Grafton, are the guest of the former's sister, Mrs Luella Johnson.
  Miss Laeiazel Snider entertained some friends at their home on Orchard Street on Thursday evening in honor of her guest, Miss Shaw.
  E R Connell,w ho was a typhoid fever patient in the Hoffman Hospital for a couple of weeks, returned home last Sat.
  Mr Osborn, Misses Pearl Howard and Opal Williams, of Newark, Ohio, are the guests of Mrs J Holtzman, at her home on St Cloud St.
  Miss Catherine Miller, of Falling Waters, returned home last Tues after spending a few weeks here at the home of her uncle, Dr. F P Stehley.
  Miss Tempest Smith, of the Hoffman Hospital Training School for Nurses, Keyser W Va, is the guest of Miss Marry W Stevenson, this city. - Cumb News of 12th.
  Miss Nellie Stasel Stanley of Piedmont, is spending her vacation with her grandparents, Mr and Mrs John Ogden, of Depot St. - Parkersburg Sentinel.
  Miss Ludwig, Misses Joretha Liller and Blanche Woolf; Messrs H H Stover, Stotle Steorts, John Carskadon and Walter Evans attended the private dance at the Casino on Thursday evening.
  Miss Mildred Wright who was reappointed to her position as teacher in the public school here, has resigned her place to accept a position as teacher in the school at Addison W Va, a suburb of Clarksburg.
  A P Hoey, barber, sold his place of business last week to his brother, A A Hoey, lately of Elk Garden W Va, and will go to take a business position in Wheeling W Va. - Frostburg Journal of 10th.
  The police had fifteen boys, ranging in age from ten to fifteen years, before the mayor last Sun on the charge of "jumping" freight trains. This is a bad practice, and the officers are trying to break it up.
  Jas E Peters and John Newhouse, two B&O shop men, left Mon night for Atlantic City. John will return in about a week, but Jimmie says he will stay until he first of next month if the cash holds out.
  Miss Lizzie Nesbet, of Keyser, visited the Misses Bane the latter part of last week.
  Misses Kate and Carrie Bane, who were visiting their sister, Mrs Harrison, at Elk Garden, returned home Mon. Parsons Advocate of 8th.
  Mrs Dr C S Hoffman spent last Sun at Mt Lake Park.
  Mr and Mrs Ward of Chicago Junction, Ohio are here visiting home folks.
  Dr and Mrs J T Little, of Pittsburg, arrived Tues night on a visit.
  Mrs Wm Newman was taken to the Hoffman Hospital Mon for treatment.
  Mr and Mrs A A Jordan paid relatives at Corinth a visit first of the week.
  T M Adams, and Wilbur Chapman were at Oakland and Mt Lake last Sun.
  Mrs D Riley Shull went to Manheim last Sat on a visit to Mrs Louis Millholland.
  Mrs Belle Babb, of Williamsport, has been visiting her sisters here since last week.
  Miss Elizabeth Wenner and guest, Miss Boxwell, visited in Cumberland on Sat and Sun.
  Mrs Russell Wagoner and daughter of Cincinnati, came in last Sat on a visit to relatives.
  Miss Maggie Hoover attended the funeral of Mr Koch, at Cumberland, Mon and remained a day or so with her sister.
  Mr C K Devries who we reported last week as being very sick, is much better and improving.
  Miss Mary Goetz, of Mt Savage, Md, has been a guest of her aunt, Mrs Chas Evans, the past few days.
  Miss Paulie Gelwicks, accompanied by Miss Mattie Carskadon of Baltimore, spent Mon in Cumberland.
  Miss Nina Havenner of Baltimore, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs W W Gallaher. - Charles Town Press of 8th.
  Mrs Avis, Mrs Lizzie Zigler and little son, who spent a few days at the home of Dr F P Stehley the past week or so, returned home Tues.
  Prof John H Ken, of Austin Texas, stopped off a day or so with h is brother, Rev M H Keen, leaving Mon for New York.
  Miss Bina Neel, of Burlington, brought over her guest Mrs Hendricks of Shepherdstown, Mon, who was on her way home.
  Mr E C Flaccus, of Wheeling, has bought Hillery Dawson's farm at Dawson MD. Mr Flaccus owns a fine apple orchard adjoining this farm and this acquisition gives him a very valuable property.
  C Earl Blair left last Sun night for Jenkins, Kentucky, where he has accepted a position in the First National Bank of that place. his father, S D Blair, accompanied him as far as Kenova W VA.
  Judge M F Dawson and wife of Cumberland, and Mrs C E Dayton of Keyser, returned to their homes Wed after visiting Mr and Mrs W C Whisler, on Maple Ave. -Grafton Sentinel of 9th.
  Mr William R Coyner, a Confederate veteran, for many years a resident of Frostburg, now at the Springfield Hospital, Sykesville Md, is here to spend Home-Coming Week with old friends. -Frostburg Cor Cumb Times of 10th.
  Misses Berte Lawton and Bess Hinebaugh of Oakland, visited this week in Keyser and Cumberland.
  Mr Floyd Utterback Jr, who has been employed as a civil engineer at Keyser, is visiting his parents at Grafton. -Cumb Times of 10th.
  Oscar Schoppert of Hagerstown, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Maudie, spent Mon here with his sisters, Mrs W W Long and Miss Alta Schoppert on their way to Piedmont to visit relatives before returning home. They had been to Niagara visiting his brother and came this way enroute home.
  Miss Mollie Taylor, Romney, has been visiting at Cedar Cliff.
  Mr and Mrs Maurice Jones arrived home Tues form their trip east.
  Dr and Mrs Arza Furbee moved to their new home first of the week.
  Miss Elizabeth Hoffman spent last Sun at the Brydon home at Bloomington.
  Mrs J C Liller left this morning for Atlantic City to spend a few days.
  Ex-Editor C L Bane, of Elk Garden, was in town part of Mon and Tues.
  Rev W E Woolf filled Rev F H Havener's pulpit at the M E Church last Sun.
  Misses Genieve Bier and Catherine Chrisman are visiting friends at Elkins this week.
  Mr and Mrs Elmer Sheetz returned home yesterday from a visit to relatives above Romney.
  Mrs E P Babb and son Vance, of Martin, have been visiting Keyser relatives the past week.
  Mr and Mrs E B Cornell and little son are visiting the former's old home at Moorefield.
  Miss Marian Batten, of Rowelsburg, is visiting at the home of her aunt, Mrs Marshall Sayre.
  Mrs Kate Johnson and daughter, Miss Nellie, went to Gormania last Sat on a visit to friends.
  Messrs. Roland and Carroll Walker of St Mary's W Va, are visiting their uncle, Mr Sam Kight.
  Mrs Carrie Smith and children of Parkersburg, are visiting her mother, Mrs Wm M Welch.
  Mrs W S Davis and daughter, Miss Frances, went to Hagerstown Tues to spend a few days.
  Mrs J H Markwood, and Mrs A P Rindhert returned home last Sat form their visit to Romney.
  J G Harrison of the late firm of Moomau & Harrison, wagonmaker and blacksmiths, has moved to Brunswick.
  Mrs R A Welch and little daughter, Miss Virginia, went to Martinsburg Mon on a visit to Mrs Welch's home folks.
  Mrs Earl H Smith and son Herndon, are guests of her sister, Mrs Millholland, at Manheim, says Fairmont Times.
  Ray Wells, who was ill at Clarksburg when on his way to Jenkins, Ky, has returned home is now getting better.
  Dr L H Gaston, accompanied by his family, left yesterday morning for Weston to spend a ten day vacation at his old home.
  Miss Sarah Hutchinson, of Rockville, Conn, arrived last Sat on a visit to the home of her brother, F E Hutchinson.
  Miss Margaret Johnston, of Clarksburg, arrived Wed night on a visit to the home of her grandmother, Mrs Sallie Johnston.
  Paul Davis, clerk in the First National Bank, is at Gormania filling the position of cashier for J C Sharpless while he is off on his vacation.
  Miss Leda Haines, who spent the past two months at Carmichael and Connellsville Pa, camping and fishing, returned home Wed.
  Miss Kate Brady, Mr Garrett Parsons, A and Mr Chesley Ailes of Romney, are guests of Mrs Susan Brydon at Bloomington.
  Mr and Mrs Charles Evans and son Walter, accompanied by Miss Blackman, of Parsons, motored to Mt Savage Tues and spent the day with Mrs Evans' mother, Mrs Gotleib Goetz.
  Miss Lillie Weaver and daughter of Staunton Va, spent Monnight at the home of Rev J H Brunk. they had been visiting at Elk Garden and were on their way home.
  Charlie Stone, who holds a position at Garrett, Ind., is spending a few days with his parents, Mr and Mrs Marion Stone, on his way back from a short sojourn at Atlantic City.
  Mrs W C Kinsey and daughters, who have been living at Manheim for some time, returned first of the week and will again take up their residence in Keyser. Their many friends welcome their return.
  Jos Stickley of near Moorefield, came down Mon on a short visit to his father. He returned home Weed accompanied by his niece, Miss Ethel See, who had been spending a week here with relatives.
  Mr and Mrs H B Grant, of Ellicottt City, Md, came up last Sat on a ten day vacation. They spent Sun here and Mon went to Moscow to spend the week with Misses Shaw and will come back tomorrow.
  Mrs J I Snyder paid Cumberland a visit last Fir.
  Audrey Crawford went to Terra Alta Tues to visit his grandmother.
  Miss Nell Snyder of Baltimore, is visiting at Jas Pierce's at McCoole.
  Miss May Dixon has returned to her home at Elk Garden, after a visit to relatives her.
  J H Mohler left Tues night for Garrettt Ind, on a visit for two or three weeks
  Mrs Dr Robert Gerstell returned last Tues from a visit for a week or so at Clarksburg.
  Mrs Sallie Johnston was right ill Tues night, but we are glad to say that she is much better.
  J H Babb, of Jenningston, was registered at the Randolph last night. Elkins Inter-Mt of 13th.
  Mrs L C McDonald and children left Wed for her old home in Hampshire Co on a visit.
  Fred Martin of Wheeling, is expected tomorrow to join his family here for a ten days vacation.
  J B Hines, who has been foreman at the B&O round house, has been transferred to Brusnwick.
  Morris Sincell, of Oakland, came down Tues on a visit to the home of his uncle, Mr John T Sincell.
  Miss Fannye Ferguson of Cumberland, returned home after a weeks visit with Miss Ellen McKenzie.
  Dr E V Romig returned Mon from a visit to Ohio. He left Mrs Romig and Jack to make a longer visit.
  Mrs F C Reynolds went to Moundsville Tues on a visit to the home of her brother, Chas R Knight.
  Messrs John Sloan and Geo W Bane, jury commissioners, met Tues and made up the jury list for the next year.
  Mr Jacob Biggs, of Elk Garden, spent Wed in town with his many friends who are always glad to swap a few with him.
  Mr and Mrs Wm S Johnson leave tomorrow for a two weeks visit to relatives at Baltimore. Mr Johnston is going for a much needed vacation.
  Miss Lulu Smith, of South Branch, has been appointed a teacher in the public school to fill the vacancy made by the resignation of Miss Mildred Wright.
  Mrs W E Woolf and daughters, accompanied by Misses May Long and Lola Sharpless, with Andrew Woolf as chauffeur, motored to Cumberland Wed via Frostburg.
  Cashier George Davis, Rev W C Ney, L M Bomberger and Harry Wells, went to Patterson's Creek yesterday afternoon on a little fishing trip.
  G H Reynolds moved his family over to VanMyra camp Mon, where they will tent until camp meeting is over. J B Fetzer moved his family over Wed.
  Chas R Head and family, of Horton, stopped between trains Tues evening on their way to Cincinnati, Ohio, where MR head will attend a convention of Commissary managers.
  Mr J F Burke, a former valuable employee of the B&O, moved his family to Cumberland this week where he will go into business. WE are sorry to see such good citizens leave our town.
  Mrs R S Wright and son, Dick Jr of Strasburg, Va, who had been visiting at Burlington for a couple of weeks, returned home Wed, Jas Wright brought them over and accompanied them as far as Cumberland.
  Misses Mary and Louise Zell, of Birmingham Ala, stopped off here Tues night with their aunt, Mrs Sallie Johnston, on their way for a visit to Seymour, and probably Burlington and Petersburg.
  Rev W C Ney, of Newport Pa, filled the pulpit at the M E Church, South, last Sun morning. The pastor Rev M H Keen, preached at Central M E church, South in Cumberland the same morning.
  Miss Mollie Brown left Thurs morning on a trip to Atlantic City and will take in the millinery openings before returning. Miss Sara McCarty Johnston has charge of her store in her absence. Miss Mollie was accompanied by her sister, Miss Mattie.
  Miss Marguerite Koelz, left Tues for Wilmington Del, on a visit to friends. Next Sat she will be joined by her brother Fred and they will visit NY City and take a trip up the Hudson. She expects to be gone about two weeks.
  Harry Carskadon was in Cumberland yesterday.
  Attorney R A Welch is up the country on a fishing trip.
  Mr Samuel Reese was in town Wed on his way to Elkins.
  Misses May Long and Hallie Sayre spent last Sun at Loch Lynn.
  Burzie Zacot is at Falls nursing Jas Marshall, who has typhoid fever.
  Mrs Harry Markwood and little son are visiting at Maysville this week.
  Mr Julius Taylor and son Statten of Purgitsville, were in town yesterday.
  Rev and Mrs F H Havener went to Oakland yesterday to spend a few days.
  Campbell Smith is off on his vacation, and will take in Atlantic City while gone.
  Hugh Markwood, of Baline, were in town yesterday circulating among friends.
  J W Rupert, assistant master mechanic at the B&O shops has gone to Riverside Pa.
  Mrs Dr Walter Babb and Mrs F H Babb returned Wed from their visit to Mt Lake Park.
  Misses Bonnie and Ellen Fox are visiting the Misses Hewitt, south Mechanic St, Cumberland.
  Little Miss Susanna Thompson is spending the week with Mr Thompson's niece, Mrs D M Dixon at Oakland.
  Miss Alma Grayson, of Antioch, and John Clary and family, of Mill Creek, are guest of relatives at Loch Lynn, Md.
  Mrs E J Green and Mrs Chas Spotts and little daughter Virginia, went to Van Myra Camp today to spend a few days.
  Geo H Markwood returned to his home at Barrellsville Md, Wed, after a short visit to his daughter,r Mrs Jas Davis.
  Jos Gilmore of Steubenville, Ohio, who spent a few days here with relatives, went to Petersburg Tues on a fishing trip.
  Miss Lulu Maxwell, of Stokesville Va, arrived here yesterday on her way to Rees Tannery to visit at the home of John H Swisher.
  Mrs Richard Hoffman and daughter, Miss Edith, of Philadelphia, arrived here Tues for a month's visit to relatives and friends.
  Mr and Mrs Harry Biser, of Cumberland, were here yesterday looking for rooms with the intention of taking up their residence here.
  Eddie Alkire and visitor, Wm Smith of Parkersburg, went to Romney yesterday and will be accompanied by Misses Helen Alkire and Mary Parker.
  Miss Gertrude Coffroth of somerset Pa, daughter of the late Alexander Coffroth, arrived yesterday on a visit to the home of her uncle, Mr A W Coffroth.
  Miss Stella Blackman, of Parsons, and Miss Ruth Carksadon of Headsville, went to Oakland yesterday to join an auto party on a trip along the South Branch and to Va.
  Mr and Mrs Jacob Urice of the Fountain, were in town last night on their way to Cumberland to attend the Alleganian correspondents' picnic, which takes place today.
  Rev W E Woolf left Mon for his old home in Va, where he will probably spend some time looking after family business enterprise in connection with his brother.
  Mr and Mrs Jesse C Sharpless, of Gormania, who have been spending a few days here, left last night for a trip to Baltimore, NY, Atlantic City and other eastern points.
  Rev Chas Biggs and son of Baltimore, who have been spending a part of their vacation at Elk Garden, came down last Mon on a visit to the former's sister, Mrs Geo W Bane. Mr Biggs went home Tues to marry a couple and after filling his pulpit next Sun will return to finish his visit.
  Mr J M Feather and two daughters, Mrs Chas Adams and Mrs Chas McMahon of Kearney Neb, arrived Mon on a visit to Mr and Mrs A C Feather. They expect to visit this section until Sept when they will attend the Feather reunion at Crab Run, in Preston Co.
  Mr and Mrs H R Wilson arrived here yesterday for a month's visit among relatives. They stopped Wed night in Wheeling on their way in. Mr Wilson is a brother of Mrs Elizabeth Davis and is a native of this county. He is a prosperous farmer of Madison county, Ohio, and this is his first visit here for thirty years, consequently he finds things very much changed.


  Ab Hamill has typhoid fever.
  Dr F P Stehley had a valuable young horse to die last night.
  Cut flowers for sale: Apply to Mrs John Hoover, 33 North E Street
  John Shore has been appointed as substitute mail carrier in Keyser.
  Mrs Ida Reese and son Earl, are visiting at Mr Jas E Sheetz's on the Creek.
  Mrs L M Bomberger and children have been visiting in Cumberland this week.
  Miss Frances Griffin of Norfolk Va, is a guest of her aunt, Mrs R M Frye.
  E A Russell, we understand, will move to Mrs W C Kinsey's residence, on Mineral St.
  Mrs J L Frost and daughter, Miss Jean Emily, left yesterday for Uniontown Pa, on a visit.
  Miss Tabitha Thompson, is spending a couple of weeks with friends and relatives in Moorefield and Romney.
  W W Gordon, who has been ill with typhoid fever the past three weeks, is better. Two of his daughters now have it.
  Joseph Jones and wife, of Morgantown, passed through here in his auto on their way back home.
  Misses Ethel and Faye Montgomery have returned from an extended visit to Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and other places in the west.
  W M Martin, C A Hartman, H L Russell, D L Reedy, John McNabb and Dorse Virts have gone on an extensive fishing and camping trip.
  Mrs Edward McGill gave a dinner Tues in honor of Miss Alma Wigfield and Mr Henry Wigfield of Florida, who are visiting at the home of Leslie McCool.
  Miss Emlie Coffroth entertained a party of young people at her home last night in honor of a number of young lady visitors in our town.
  Mrs Elizabeth Burdett, probably the oldest woman in Monroe County, W Va, is dead at her home near Wolf Creek, aged 98 years, 5 months and 2 days.
  Mrs W G Copp, and Miss Georgia Adams left yesterday on a visit to friends in Milford, Delaware and other eastern cities. Cumb New of 16th.
  Mon about 12:30 No 8, which was several hours late, was spending along in Keyser yards when a mule, owned by Mr Dawson was struck and instantly killed.
  Mr and Mrs B E Wells, Miss Beulah Fisher and Cam Arbogast, in the latter's auto, left for Franklin this morning via Moorefield to spend two or three days fishing.
  Engineer W E Fazenbaker, of Cumberland, accompanied by Rev W C Mann, wife and children of Pittsburg, autoed up from Cumberland Wed on a visit to Mr and Mrs Oscar Fazenbaker.
  Mrs J W Pennington and granddaughter, Miss Twigg, will leave for Atlantic City today.
  Miss Leona Adams, Keyser W Va, is visiting Misses Gank, Grand Ave. - Cumb News of 15th.
  D W Slane and daughter, Miss Beulah, of Cold Stream, Hampshire Co, are guests of Mr and Mrs J W Wolford. Mr Slane is a government crop reported form his District in Hampshire Co.
  Mr Wm Buchanan of Houston, Texas, is visiting his nieces, Mrs Margaret Wells and Mrs J B Johnson, his first visit here for 22 years. Mr and Mrs W F Williams, and Miss Helen Lyn, of Cumberland, are also visitors of Mrs Johnson and Mrs Wells for a few days.
  There are 145 commercial fruit growers in Mineral County and the extent of their operations can hardly be appreciated. The estimated crop this year is 3500 barrels of apples and 250, 000 baskets of peaches. The apple trees in bearing number 140,000 and not in bearing number 160,000. The Knobley mountain growers claim that the apple and peaches grown in that section are unsurpassed in size, color and flavor. -From Cumb News.



  License TO wed were granted at Cumberland as follows:
  Aug - Hubert Solomon Hartman of Keyser W Va and Lillian West Whiteman of Cumberland. (Note: Grandparents of Transcriber :)


  Married, Aug 14, 1912, at the home of the bride, by the Rev I F Roberts, Henry H Schafer and Nora E Codner. They took train 55 Thursday for Morgantown, where they will make their future home.


  Miss Lola, daughter of John H Swisher, of Rees Tannery, was married on Mon, Aug 12, 1912, at Harrisonburg, Va to Mr Warren Denton, of the firm of J S Denton & son, of Harrisonburg. The bride is a recent graduate of Shenandoah Collegiate Institute, Dayton Va, and has been staying with relatives there. She has many friends here who wish her much happiness, and congratulate the young man who was so fortunate as to capture her.


  Leslie Brotemarkle and Miss Virginia Cowger, daughter of Mr and Mrs J S Cowger of South, Keyser were married Wed evening, Aug 14th, 1912, at the home of the bride by Rev M H Keen. The boys gave them a rousing serenade.



  Mrs Charles Wetzel of Monessary, Pa (nee Miss Vossler) died on last Friday, Aug 9th, at a hospital at McKeesport, Pa. She was a daughter of Mr Emil Vossler of Maysville.

  Simeon Kesner, one of the oldest citizens of Grant County, died Tues night at his home on Middle Mountain, aged ninety-odd years.


  Mrs Keziah Umstot, aged 73 years, widow of Simon Umstot, died Tues night at Knobley this county. Mrs Umstot is survived by the following sons living near Knobley;: Gilmore, Gibson, Charles, Amos and Bert Umstot, and Vause Umstot of Illinois. She also leaves three daughters, Mrs Lina Urice, near Keyser; Mrs Jane Fleek and Mrs Hattie Daniels, of Knobley. The funeral took place yesterday at Mt Zion Church near Fountain.


  Wm R Ruthroth, well known throughout this section of country, having a number of years ago been an extensive cattle and wool buyer in Mineral and adjoining counties, died Aug 6th in a hospital at Chambersburg. He leaves a wife and a daughter and son.


  Mrs C W Russell, aged 65, died Wed afternoon, Aug 7, at her home on Randolph avenue, of appendicitis. Mrs Russell had been ill for about three weeks Funeral services will be held Fri afternoon at the residence at 2:00 o'clock. Interment in Maplewood cemetery. -Elkins Inter Mountain of 8th.


  G M Nicholas, an old ex-Confed, worth $200,000 eccentric and although rich lived in squalor, died at his home, near Harrisonburg Va, Aug 10, from drinking poisoned coffee.


  Mr E C Koch, a fireman on the third division of the B&O was killed at an early hour Fri morning, Aug 9th, 1912 at Blazer a short distance west of Rowlesburg, W Va. Mr Koch was the fireman on an eastbound freight train and from an unknown cause the engine ran over a derail switch and was partly upset when the wheels on one side of the heavy locomotive sank into the earth beside the track. The fireman's head was caught between the locomotive and the tender. His neck was broken and the death was probably instantaneous. Mr Koch is the third brother of his family to meet accidental death upon the railroad.
  Mr Koch was about 25 years old and was not married. his home is in Garrett County about five miles from Oakland. He boarded with his sister in law, whose husband was killed on the railroad a short time ago.
  He is survived by his father, one sister residing in Keyser, and one brother, Mr W H Koch, a B&O brakeman.
  Funeral services were held Sat evening at his late residence conducted by Rev A O Price, pastor of the Presbyterian church. The body was taken to Cumberland Sun on B&O train No 8, the Loyal Order of Moose, Cumberland Lodge, being in charge. A delegation of the Moose lodge with the Moose band were at the depot on the arrival of the train as well as a representation from the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Knights of the Mystic Chain, of which organizations the deceased was a member, as well as of the Moose Lodge. The members of the lodge brothers of the deceased formed an escort for the body to the cemetery where interment was made with befitting ceremonies.


  John W Dolan, aged 63 years, for many years proprietor of the Franklin Hotel in this city, died Thurs of a complication of diseases.


  Miss Abbie Kerr, 76 years old, died Wed at the home of her sister, Mrs W B Compton.
  John H Hepner, 61 years old, farmer and stock dealer, is dead at Mt Jackson, Shenandoah county.


  The Keyser Canning Co, C W Siever, president; A V Park, secretary and B E Dawson, general manager, a new industry for this section, will open their plant some time between Aug 25th and Sept 1st. Mr Dawson is a practical cannery man who has had a number of years experience in the tomato growing district in Morgan County, this state.
  The company has planted in tomatoes about sixty acres along the valley of the North Branch of the Potomac near ?Keyser, and has under contract from farmers and fruit men about one hundred and forty acres. The expected yield is 60,000 bushels. This should make 40,000 cases or 800,000 cans of tomatoes. The company will employ one hundred and twenty-five people when the factory is opened. They will put up a popular new brand known as the "Queens Point Brand" which will be guaranteed of the highest possible standard handpacked tomatoes.
  It is the purpose of the company to develop the plant as rapidly as possible, and by next year to can other vegetables, including corn and fruits.


  Last Tues Mrs Geo W Keldow, her daughter, Mrs L O Davis, little Miss Dorothy Davis, their grand daughter and great grand daughter, and Donald Davis, motored down to Springfield and spent the day very pleasantly with the "Cheer Up and Forget It" Club. Thus, it will be seen that four generations of that one family were on the trip. Miss Snyder accompanied them down to the camp.


  Jas W Cunningham, of Headsville, sent us a tomato of his own growing that weighed one pound and ten ounces. Now that's some tomato. Who can beat it?


  Little Miss Douglas Rosalie Blair entertained quite a number of friends on her sixth birthday, Aug 14, from two o'clock until five thirty. The afternoon was spent in playing games and singing songs. At five o'clock dainty refreshments were served. The party was brought to a close by a delightful automobile ride for the little ones. Those present were: Ethel Kidwell, Mary Smathers, Blanche Smathers, Ruth and Margaret Bierkamp, Christina Mason, Eula Wolfe, Ruth and Naomi Rice, Alice and Ethel Beall, Cordelia Blair, Dortha Johnson, Mary Harness, Verna Wells, Martha Dennison, Brooke Dennsion, James Harness, Vernon Rice, Misses Elizabeth Wenner and Annie Zais. Those present from out of town were little Miss Catherine King and Marcus Hanna Wenner of Cumberland, Mrs Ora Starr of Akron Ohio; Miss Hazel Boxwell of Marion Ohio.


  A land terrapin was found a few days ago on the farm of N R Taylor near Fountain, bearing the date 1829 and some initials so indistinct from age they could not be deciphered. On it were also N R Taylor's initials cut in 1861, again 1875 and again in 1883. These dates were cut by J H Taylor, of Ritchie county, who was at that time employed by N R Taylor. The terrapin has always been found in the same locality.


  Miss Jennie Wageley, Sincell Co's popular clerk, had the misfortune to fall form the front porch at her home, last Sun evening and break her right arm above the elbow. She is doing nicely and her friends hope to see her at her post again soon.


  Mrs Susan Leps gave a family picnic at her home, Stone Cliffe, yesterday evening, which was attended by the large family connection and a most enjoyable time was had.


  Remaining unclaimed in the Postoffice at Keyser, W Va, week ending Aug 15, 1912.
  Miss Bessie Inskeep, Mrs H E Searls, Miss Sallie White, W S Hisey.


  Mr H M Calhoun, editor of the South Branch Review, Franklin W Va, whose father was a soldier in the noble 62nd Virginia Infantry, which gallantly fought in the battle of New Market, Va, is striving to have a Confederate monument erected to the Confederates of Pendleton County. His editorials and appeals have the right ring. We most heartily join in his efforts and hope to see a most liberal sum subscribed and a fitting monument (if money could purchase) erected, and that we may attend its dedication.
-Shenandoah Valley


  An exciting runaway happened above Purgittsville Wed. Two spirited horses belonging to Mr Julius W Taylor and driven by his son-in-law Walter Hays of Ohio, who is. ....


  Sarah I Trexler Vs In Chancery James M Trexler. The object of the above untitled suit is to have granted unto the plaintiff a divorce forever from the bonds of matrimony now existing between them.

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