AUGUST 9, 1912


  Amos Orndorff's new buggy shone brightly last Sun.
  Mrs Ellen Leatherman went to Eastern Shore Mon on a visit of several weeks to Orus Miller's.
  Misses Nettie Arnold and Eulah Arnold of Augusta, were up here on a visit over Sun. The former will return to J W Arnold's on Eastern Shore next week, with whom she has been living many years.
  Several of the young folks took an outing drive to Greenland Gap last Sun.
  Sat night, W B Leatherman and wife left for a trip to Ohio. They were joined at Keyser by Charles High from the Easter Shore. they went to Montgomery county and it is understood that Mr L and wife are out on an prospecting trip in the vicinity of Dayton. heretofore their prospective trips have been eastward, mostly about Hagerstown and Frederick.
  Miss Edna Wolford is visiting J H Arnold's. She is a niece of Mrs Arnold.
  B W Smith has a class in singing at Mt Olivet.
  G S A


  Aug 6.
  Miss Mable Vanmeter of Cresaptown, and Miss Edna Hudson of Cumberland, were calling on friends here Tues.
  Mr Layman Watson and Miss Myrtle Johnson, of Shaw, were calling on friends here Sun.
  Mrs Marie McClellan, of Ridgeley, is spending this week with relatives here.
  Mrs R L Yonker and son Master Lee, of Keyser, are spending this week with relatives here.
  C C Seymour and Jobe Cunningham, of Seymour, were business callers here Fri of last week.
  The cold wave still continues.
  D Dayton and sister, Miss Lena, spent Sun on Dan's Rock.
  On account of so much wet weather the farmers are getting behind time with their hay harvest and also other work.
  Ye Scribe is suffering considerable with rheumatism at this writing.
  Harley Seaman of Blaine, is among friends here this week.
  Harry Robison has purchased the store at Dawson, and will take charge some time in the near future.
  Mrs Alfred Ross was visiting relatives on George's Creek Sat and Sun.
  Mr and Mrs Thomas Ruckman, of Cumberland, were visiting relatives here Sun.
  New of importance are scarce, so I will close with best wishes to the Tribune staff and correspondents.


  It has been decidedly cool on the mountain the past week.
  We get but one mail a day now, and Shaw is our mailing station. The agent, B F Faller, carries the mail.
  But little work was done on the Elk Garden branch railroad last week, but the work is progressing favorably this week. the work will go slow at the best.
  A clean snappy game of baseball was played here last Sat between the home team and the Austen team. elk tied the score on the ninth inning making it 3 to 3 and on the tenth inning Elk made another score and thus won the spirited contest. Batteries for Elk, Cross and Bankert.
  Rev Chas Biggs, of Baltimore, and son are visiting Jacob M Biggs. He occupied the pulpit very acceptably in the Nethken Hill church last Sun.
  Mrs Ed Winning left last week for her new home at Grant Town, Marion Co.
  Mrs Nellie Huffman and two children returned to Keyser the first of this week. They were the guests of Mrs Seymour Taylor.
  Miss Nellie Bennear, nurse at the hospital at Davis, is home enjoying her vacation.
  Misses Mamie White and Genevieve Kearney took the teachers' examination at Keyser last week.
  Mrs Lillian S Weaver and daughter of Staunton Va, are visiting Rev L Messick. Mrs Weaver is Rev Messick's sister.
  Mr Lawrence Jones and daughters, Maggie, Viola, Florence and Monthly, visited friends at Keyser and Piedmont last week.
  Mrs Rosa Dean and children are visiting Mrs J R Hubbs and other friends at Thomas this week.
  Haymaking is almost a failure this year. Too many showers.
  Miss Winifred Fenton, of Elkins, is visiting friends in Elk Garden this week.


  Press (Petersburg) of 25th
  Born, last week to Phil Swick and wife, a boy.
  Mrs Rexroad, an aged lady, died at Upper Tract the first of this week.
  Isaac Alt, who lives near Johnston schoolhouse has been quite sick from typhoid fever.
  Rev J Hoge Smith, left this week for Gormania, where on Sun he will assist in the installation of Rev G F Leeper as pastor of the Gormania, Bayard and Blaine churches.
  Frank Porter died at Laneville last week. Mr Porter was born and raised in Grant county, and was a brother of Constable George Porter of Arthur, and Isaac Porter of Williamsport.
  Harman F Groves, who was attending the summer school at Shepherd College, Sherpherdstown, came home last week. He received the highest grade of any of the scholars in his class.
  A L Feaster, who lives near Klines Gap, has a ewe which raised him three lambs. Last week he sold the lambs. They averaged 88 pounds each and brought him $15.84. From the ewe this spring he sold $2.00 worth of wool, making a total of $17.84 that this sheep brought him this year.
  Solomon Greenawalt, died at his home near Kline, Pendleton County, we suppose of neuralgia, on Sat morning of last. Very early in the morning he had arisen, stating that he was not feeling well. Ere long he complained of a very acute pain in his shoulder, and said that if it did not get better he could not stand it. He started for a couch which was in the room, but would have fallen to the floor had not his son-in-law Abe Harman, caught and assisted him to it. The funeral was preached at the residence Sun afternoon by Rev J W Stearn to an immense congregation after which the remains were buried in a burying ground nearby.
  Press (Petersburg) of 1st
  Mrs H H McNemar is visiting her sister, Mrs C W Stump, at Capon Bridge.
  Mrs A A Welton, of Wiliamsport, and Miss Alice Welton of Piedmont, are visiting relatives here.
  James Alt, who underwent an operation at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, for intestinal obstruction, was brought home by Dr Siple last week. He has been in poor health for a number of years, but now seems to be very much improved.
  H S Riggleman, who lives just half way between here and Moorefield, left at the Press office Sat some peaches that weighted a half pound each. Mr Riggleman has an orchard of nine hundred peach trees, some of which are fourteen years old and nearly all of them are full this year of the fine large peaches.


  Review (Romney) of 31st

  John C Linthicum spent Sat in Keyser.
  Miss Mary Dailey spent last week at Wappocomo.
  Miss Heiskell, of Texas, is visiting her sister, Mrs V M Poling.
  Mrs Harry Miller, of Paw Paw, is visiting Mrs G P Miller, near town.
  Prof and Mrs H H Johnson are spending a couple of weeks at Three Churches.
  Wm Montgomery returned Wed from a visit to his daughter at Davis.
  Miss Bessie Fox, of Washington, is visiting her sister, Mrs Geo Harmison.
  Mrs Templeman and son, Percy of Clarksburg, are the guests of Miss Leila Johnson.
  Harry Welton and Tom Williams, of Moorefield, spent Sunday at Mrs Susie Pancake's near town.
  Mr and Mrs Wm Russell and Miss Mary Howard Heiskell returned Sat from a trip to Atlantic City.
  Rev and Mrs W W White, of Elk Garden, are visiting the former's parents, Rev and Mrs G D White, here.
  Miss Irene Foely of Chilicothe, Ohio and Miss Lorena Fries, of Berkeley Springs are guests of Miss Fannie High.
  Mr and Mrs Harley Offutt, of Terra Alta, are spending the week here. Mr Offutt was married two weeks ago at Oakland.
  Misses Jean and Virginia Stump returned home Mon from a visit to their grandfather, Wm B Stump, near Old Town.
  Misses Georgianna and Flossie Tutwiler, of Augusta, left last week for Bedford Sprigs and Everett Pa, where they will spend several weeks visiting relatives and friends.


  Allen Wiley of Cumberland was a week end guest at the home of Jas H Blue.
  C B Pownall of Romney, spent Thurs in town enroute home from Atlantic City.
  Mrs Jennie Parker, left Fri for Woodstock Va, where she will spend some time with her sister, Mrs L Butt.
  Misses Anna McGregor and Alice and Katheine Voorman, of Washington, are guests at Ridgedale.
  M J Parsons went up to Mountain Lake Sat for a few days rest.
  Mrs Owens and two children of Johnstown Pa, are guests at the home of Mrs Owens aunt, Mrs John Allendar.
  Born to Rev and Mrs G G Oliver, July 26th, a daughter.
  Marshall Long of Canada, is a guest at the home of his father, William Long.
  Mrs Mollie Mercer, who narrowly escaped serious injury by being kicked by a cow, is rapidly improving.
  Mrs Mary Blue is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs Sue Washington, at Ferndale.
  Review (Romney) of 7th
  Mrs Hannah Kuykendall returned home last week from Hartmonsville.
  B F Linthicum left Mon to visit his son Charles, in Cleveland Ohio.
  Miss Bessie Magruder of Washington, is the guest of Miss Edna Wirgman.
  Miss Anna Frost of Cumberland, spent several days last week here with friends.
  Miss Helen Alkire, of Keyser, spent last week with Miss Nancy Parker, near town.
  Mrs Mary Corbett and Mrs Belle Davis left last Thurs for a trip to Atlantic City.
  Miss Kittie Linthicum returned last week from an extended visit to friends in Chicago.
  Misses Florence and Ida Williams, of Martinsburg, are guests of Mr and Mrs C A McIlwee.
  Mrs Ed Young of Cumberland, spent a couple of days here last week with Mrs Geo H Harmison, near town.
  Mrs H H McNemar and MIss Mary Welton, of Petersburg, were guests of Mrs D Marshall several days last week.
  Misses Pauline and Edith Taylor returned home Sat form Morgantown, where they have been attending the University Summer School.
  Framin Wilson, of Decatur Ill, is visiting his sister Mrs Sarah Mauk. this is the first time he has ever been here, and he had not seen his sister for 52 year.
  Mrs P W Inskeep and daughter, Marie, of Moorefield, and Miss Antionette Johnson, of East Orange NJ, are guests of Rev and Mrs G A Gibbons at the Rectory.
  Rev Dr J H Lacey, pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Winchester, spent a few days in Romney Mon on his way to Slanesville, where he will hold a series of meetings this week.
  J C Linthicum brought to the Review office last week two potatoes that weighed one and one half pounds a piece. They are of the "Never Fail" variety.


  Mrs J C Blue had as her guests the past week, Misses Susan Kuykendall and Lucilla Dailey, of Romney, and Miss Hallie Kuykendall of Keyser.
  E B Gregg of Relay, Md spent Sun at the home of N B Guthrie.
  Misses Mildred Kuhn, of Moorefield, and Ada Moody, of Washington, are guests of Miss Lucy Blue.
  Mrs Addie Rannells, of Romney, spent several days last week with her aunts, Mrs Ella Pownell and Mrs C M French.
  Mrs Frank Taylor and children of Cumberland, are guests at the home of J C Shannon.

  Moorefield Examiner of 1st.

  Rev F T Griffith, wife and son Beaty of Citra Fla, arrived here yesterday on a visit to Mr and Mrs E C Beaty.
  Harry Cunningham, of San Antonia Texas, arrived here Tues and will spend a few days visiting relatives.
  Born to Mr and Mrs W G Williams Tues a son.
  Benj Dailey and G W McCauley, who attended the BaAsso at Grafton returned home Sat. M W Gamble is spending a week or so at Ocean City.
  Married, on Sat night, July 27, at 8 o'clock at the Judy home, on South fork, Arthur Clifton Bean and Mrs Elizabeth Mary Cowger, by Rev L J Whetzel.
  Will Shearer and family, who have been visiting here for several weeks left Fri morning for Cumberland.
  Miss Sallie Chambers went to Petersburg Mon evening to attend the funeral of Dr Vanmeter's baby.
  Mrs T J Bergdoll and baby left last Sat for a visit to Gormania and other points.
  Mr and Mrs W E Rinker left last Sat for a visit to Charles Town and other points.
  John W Seymour left Tues morning to spend a week or so visiting at Piedmont.
  Philip Fetzer of Frostburg, spent several days here this week visiting his mother.
  Mr and Mrs H S Car are visiting relatives in Clarksburg.
  Miss Elizabeth Beaty, who has been sick for a week is able to be out again.
  W A Allen, accompanied by Dr H L Gamble left last Fri with Carl Allen, for Richmond, where he was operated up on for appendicitis, and we are glad to say is getting along nicely.
  Miss Blanche Wilderson, who has been visiting at the home of A V Wilson for some time, left last week for her home at Gormania, accompanied by Miss Mary Katherine Wilson, who will visit her.
  On July 21st, at he home of the father of the bride, S A Reynolds, near Rio, Miss May Florence Reynolds was united in marriage to Jas L Ruckman of Fabius, the Rev C D Gilkeson, of Moorefield officiating.
  A pigeon, with a gold band on one leg and a silver band on the other, came to the home of Ed Williams, one day last week. They could not get near enough to it to get the numbers.


  Geo D Junkins has moved from Emoryville to the Duling house in Hartmonsville.
  A B Keller, of Hampshire county, has contracted to teach Emoryville school this winter.
  Miss Delphia Duling of Blaine, is on a visit to her mother, Mrs Minnie Duling.
  W W Rogers, of Blaine, is on a visit to her mother, Mrs Minnie Duling.
  Wm Schwinabart, of Sulphur, visited friends here last Sun.
  Messrs Wesley Thomas, Earl Ebert and Lee Kuh of Laurel Dale, were calling on friends here last Sun.
  Mesdames Eliza Brock of Sulphur, and Hannah Wiseman of elk Garden, visited W P Rodruck's last week.
  Mrs Gertie Miller, of Emoryville and Miss Mabel Clark of Decker's Glade Run, visited Mrs T H Brock, near sulphur, last Thurs.
  Mrs Katie Kitzmiller, wife of Edward Kitzmiller, died last Wed, July 31, 1912, aged 40 years. She was the mother of twelve children - nine of whom are living. Her maiden name was Ridenour. She was a kind mother and good neighbor. Her funeral was preached by Rev Geo Burgess. She was laid to rest in Blake Chapel cemetery. W H Kight was undertaker.
  Volumes could be written about the flood of July 24. Uncle John and D C A have given a brief history of it. Surely the year 1912 will pass into history as a year without a parallel as to destructive storms, excessive heat and cold, high waters, destruction of property and life, and last but not least, - the political and social conditions of our county.


  Franklin, July 29
  circuit court adjourned Fri at noon and Judge R W Dailey and Hon L J Foreman left this evening for their homes.
  Mrs Henry Propst, of this place, while picking berries a few miles from town, was bitten on the hand last Fri by a poisonous snake.
  Mr and Mrs C N Scott and daughter, Elaine, who visited Mr and Mrs John McClure several days last week, left Mon for their home at Richmond, Va. Mrs Scott is a niece of Mrs Smith, wife of Rev J Spencer Smith, a former pastor of the Presbyterian church here, and is well known to our people.
  Mrs T J Grove and Miss Margie Boggs returned to Petersburg Fri, after spending a week with friends.
  Mrs Clay Day and Mrs Chas Moyers are both right sick.
  Gordon Boggs and sister, Mrs J B Skidmore, attended a family reunion at the home of their parents, Mr and Mrs Aaron Boggs, of Seneca, this week.
  Ernest Bowman and Drs Robert L Thacker and James *o*ns brought in a string of twenty seven fine fish on Mon.


  Herald of 2nd
  Mrs Carrie Hutton, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs Aaron Welton, left for her home in Baltimore this morning.

  Miss Alice Welton is visiting in Williamsport and Petersburg.
  Mrs R G Richardson, of Keyser was in town on Wed.
  Mr John Seymour, of Firena Kansas, is visiting Mr Aaron Welton, of Hampshire St.


  Quite a few of the folks from this section packed their dinner baskets last Sat, preparatory to attending the Fruit Growers Jubilee on Knobley Mountain. They heard there was to be an excursion over the Twin Mt and Pacific, so hied themselves down to the tracks and waited for the train. About nine o'clock some one came along and advised them that the train would only run from the county to the picnic ground. This made a few of them mad and they went back home. Some of them, however, were anxious to see the train, so hitched old "Moll" and "dobbin" to the carry-all and went anyhow.
  All report a tremendous big time. Upon landing in the orchard a road lead due E 26 poles to an old white oak; then E20 degrees S to the top of the Ellifritz gap, where horses and mules could be hitched and fed. The road from the orchard to the picnic ground is just about three and one half feet out of plumb, which made climbing difficult and appetites large. The lemonade barrel was full to overflowing and was presided over by Bill Utte and family, who drank most of it.
  The Keyser Band was in attendance and performed excellent. They rendered a very classical program consisting of pieces composed by Chopin, Mozart and Faust. The nearest approach to anything like ragtime was when the horn blew for dinner. They were surely there with the goods at the dinner table. They sat right down on the ground in their uniforms fearless of ants and regardless.
  Miss Myra Nefflen gave a funny reading, over which she nearly convulsed with laughter, entitled "Tickling a Mule's Heels with a Rye Straw." After this, when the audience had fully recovered, a man from the university warmed up the atmosphere with a talk on fruit. From the lemonade barrel he could be heard but by the way his arms were moving he must have made some speech or else he though he was in Romney, delivering a commencement address to the mutes.
  The peach packers from Sleepy Creek were indeed peaches. One's name was Miss Biggs, the smallest one, and the other had a long name of German extraction.
  They could shear and pack a basket of peaches while you were looking at them. They have a record of two boxes a jiffy.
  After the mid day repast Sen Hood of the county seat made a few remarks as a tonic, and then introduced Prof Alderman who read figures from the back of an envelope that were truly staggering in their immensity. He began back in "AppleSeed Jonnies" time and gave statistics down until July 1917. He would have given more, but said there would probably be a good many locusts around that season and the apple crop might be light. When he finished and the figures had been digested, the Band played Mendlesons Concerto No 3 Opus 21 (?SIC). this took some time and gave the folks time to walk around a bit.
  Miss Wagoner of the county seat gave a reading or recitation entitled "Ode to the T M & P"
  Several candidates were present shaking hands and setting the people up to lemonade. Frank Lee Carl of the Dailey News was present with his note book. His article in regard to the affair said there was 1,000 present. The crowd averaged about 500; therefor Leesy must have been seeing double.
  The crowd from the county seat left at 4:30 singing a song composed for the occasion.


 The suit instituted by Miss Minnie Swift against Cam Arbogast is still on the docket. Cam is keeping himself scarce.
  It is rumored here that Mr and Mrs Sam Blackburn of Burlington, are being felicitated on the arrival of a son.
  Miss Sallie Cloverblossom complimented Miss Vanilla Bottomhook, who is visiting Miss Laurel Root with a luncheon last Wed. Among those present who placed their feet under Hez's table and partook of his flesh pots were Misses Sadie Nippenburg, Dorothy Brit, Vanilla Buttonhook, Laruel Root and Kratina Caruthers. Ginger Root waited on the table.
  For several days this week an unknown gent has been delivering a back door lecture of the Johnstown Flood. He says he lost one wife and six children which shocked him so he hasn't been able to work since.


  July 30
  News is somewhat scarce here as no one can get far from home since the flood. Of course, when this reaches the readers of the Tribune, flood news will be getting a little stale, but I will give some of the happenings in our immediate neighborhood.
  Before 10 am it began to rain in moderate showers and continued until about 2 pm, when the down pour commenced, accompanied by wind and terrific lightning and continued - with two short intermissions - until about 3 o'clock. Every little rivulet and ever low place where there was no streams became raging torrents, sweeping away fences and bridges and making water courses of many of the roads. We will leave the Potomac valley for others to report, but will give a little sketch of Abrams Creek, which we get form an eye witness and those how have been over the ground (or where the ground ought to be) since the flood, commencing at the N W Turnpike bridge. Here on a high portion of the bottom, the pens at Russ Likens' cattle scales were washed away. At the ford of Johnnycake creek the stream took the pike from there to Red Bridge at Abrams Creek and is now the channel of the first named streamed. County Com. Idleman says it will cost $500 to repair this place (?). One of the abutments at Red Bridge is undermined and otherwise damaged; it is thought it will have to be rebuilt. This abutment has stood there for about 70 years. Next in its course was Charley Ferribee. His garden and truck patch of about two acres, was part washed away and the balance buried and a pen of two fine hogs taken. Next it took a great portion of the Wabash branch of the railroad washing away the road bed and moving the track to the west side of the creek. Next it struck Switchback. Here it became a "Johnstown flood" on a small scale. It cut round the county and R R bridges and went down through the village moving three houses off their foundations and taking one away. The Junkins appears to be the heaviest losers. Tomp's and Arch's houses were both moved and everything on the first floor either washed out or ruined, whilst George's house was taken clear away. Emory run that comes in here flooded several houses and took Capt. Taylor's warehouse and the platform from his store; also the county bridge just below the store. From this point to Harrrison, the damage would be hard to estimate, a great portion of the railroad is taken out, two of the new county bridges and several cars are reported gone. Those who saw it say that the creek crossed the river at a height of about four feet and ran to the hill on the Md side.
  Mrs J W Roderick, who has been quite poorly the past two weeks with liver trouble and indigestion is now able to sit up a part of the time. Mr W G Drinkwater, of Gormania, is the attending physician. Miss Minty Cooper is helping to nurse her and is keeping house.
  Joe Kisner has purchased the Schell store and has made application for the postoffice. Jack Fleming is still there attending the the office and "learning Joe the grades".
  Our old friend, David M Leatherman, of Ridgeville, came out and spent last Sat and Sun. A week passed with us. Come again, Mack, always glad to see you.
  A Mrs Humbird, from about Cumberland is visiting Mrs Clara Roderick at this writing.
  Rev L C Messick delivered an interesting sermon at Rehoboth last Sun. He was accompanied by his sister, of Harrisonburg Va, who is paying him a visit; also their father, Capt Messick, who is spending the summer here.
  By the way, Bro Hink, let us know what the flood did at Push Root, Tarkiln Ridge and the Fingerboard Farm.
  There is an old adage, "There is never a loss without a gain." During the recent storm the lightning struck and killed Bill Idleman's old horse.
  Uncle John
August 5
  We have had a few days now without rain and our farmers are trying to make hay, but it is cool and cloudy the great portion of the time, and the ground being wet, it is almost impossible to cure grass in any reasonable length of time. Some are cutting their oats, whilst some of the oats is not yet ripe; the crop is good this year.
  Our potato crop is extra heavy this season but we notice the vines are beginning to blight and in some patches the potatoes are beginning to rot.
  The new mercantile company is now doing business under the firm name of The Schell Supply co "Limited".
  The Potomac Bridge and Improvement Co, having lost their bridge in the recent flood, met last Sat to discuss ways and means whereby they might erect another bridge. President Moon resigned his position and withdrew from the company and is now running a ferry up at the ford (his old gray horse). Vice President Wheeler then called the directors together and it was decided to bridge the channel next to the W Va side and wade the smaller channel on the Md side. They then erected a pier by driving two forked poles into the ground in the channel and placed another pole upon them; they then placed two sils from that to the abutment on the W Va side, when work was suspended for an indefinite period, but one of the directors assured us that the work would be pushed to completion just as soon as they could get enough of Speicheer's lumber up form the dock and get the nails from Joe Kisner. When we left the place in the evening Vice Pres Wheeler was sitting astride one of the poles, singing "I came to the river and couldn't get across."
  We neglected to say in our last that Jake Shillingburg got pretty badly bruised up some time since by a scaffold fall with him and Geo Kitzmiller, whilst they were erecting a porch. Boys,if I had a turkey gobbler that was wreckles enough to roost on such a scaffold, I should get rid of him just as soon as I possibly could.
Uncle John


  Mr Jacob Sobraske is spending this week in Baltimore on business.
  Louisa, the youngest child of Mr and Mrs T V O'Conner, has typhoid fever.
  Mr E L Ambrose and wife left Fri for a few days visit to his home in Va.
  Mrs Laffey of this place is visiting friends and relatives in Fairmont W Va.
  Miss Mary Stevenson, who has been visiting in Cumberland, has returned home.
  Chas M Dayton and family left Sun for Dayton Ohio, on a visit to relatives.
  Mr George Hays, of Washington C H Ohio, is visiting at the home of N J Crooks.
  Capt and Mrs Marshall Sayre returned home Sun evening from their visit to Grafton.
  Mr and Mrs S L Ternton and children of Keyser, are visiting her mother Mrs Lawton in Oakland.
  Thos K Siever and family of Moorefield, spent a few days here with relatives since our last issue.
  Miss Ada Lee Lynn returned to her home in Cumberland last Mon after a pleasant visit to her sisters here.
  Mrs Mollie Jones and little daughter, Dorothy, have returned home form a pleasant visit to relatives in Va.
  Mr and Mrs J B Johnson and Mrs Geo E Wells and son George, paid a visit to relatives in Cumberland this week a few days.
  Clarance Faw, a Prep school graduate has been appointed teacher in the commercial department of Friendsville Md High school.
  Rev John Neuhauser and family, who spent a few days here with relatives and friends, left for Stewardstown Pa, to pay his parents a visit.
  Little Miss Phyllis Rickey entertained a number of her young friends last Fri afternoon at her home in honor of her fifth birthday.
  Mr A Rawlings has sold his property at Stricker's siding, near Swanton, and has moved his family to Cumberland, where he will reside in the future.
  We acknowledge the receipt of a sheet of music, "We'll Jolly Along" words by Prof O H Bruce, principal of Westernport High School, Westernport, Md. The words and music are very pretty.
  J Harry Weimer who has been clerking in the store of Charles Weimer, at Keyser W Va, returned to Oakland to accept a position with Bolden, Brown & Weimer. - Oakland Democrat of 1st.
  Mr W W Shearer and family of this city, are spending a week at Oakland following which they will go to Clarksburg, W Va for two weeks, returning here at the end of that period. -Cumb News of 5th.
  master Bruce Fogle, of Chicago, who has been spending a couple of months here with his grand parents, Mr and Mrs J R Carskadon, left Mon for Wawasee Lake, Ind where the family are spending the summer.
  Alva F Roderick, of Garrett, Ind, was here Tuesday evening on his way home. he brought his wife and little daughter Edith in last Fri to see his mother-in-law Mrs Wm Roderick, of Antioch, who has been right ill. He left them to spend a while. Miss Edith Savage, visited Cumberland last Sat.
  David Whiteman, of the Junction, was in town last Sat.
  Fred Hamill, who we reported last week as having fever, is able to be out.
  Miss Jane Hardesty of Morgantown, has been a visitor at the home of J W Wagoner.
  Miss Lizie Turner and children have gone to Canaan to spend a while.
  Mrs James Bean and daughter, of Wappocoma, are on a visit to home folks.
  Attorney Joshua Zimmerman, of Romney, was here last Mon on business before the court.
  Miss Bessie Wageley has returned home form her visit with Miss Dora Johnson, near Clarksburg.
  Mrs Lula Berger, of Lahmansville, came down last week to spend a while with Mrs E R Connell.
  Miss Margaret Woodward, who has been visiting here, left Tues for her home at Cleveland Ohio.
  Mrs J H Rex and sons, of Fairmont, are visiting Mrs Rex's parents Mr and Mrs J B Criser.
  Mrs Mollie Smith of Petersburg, who was visiting her son Glenn for a few days, returned home Mon.
  Mrs Pearl Clemm of Keyser is here expecting to remain with her parents, Mr and Mrs E C Everly. -Terra Alta Republican of 1st.
  A J Keenan has returned from a visit to Capon Bridge for a few days. While gone he took his wife and son on a short trip to Wardensville.
  Mr William B Woolf, superintendent of the mines at Flemington arrived home Sat evening on train no 14 to spend Sun with his parents.
  Arnold Vandiver, of Burlington, was in town Mon on his way to Paw Paw for a couple of weeks to look after some business for Cam Arbogast.
  Charles M Lough and his brother, William C Lough, both of Cameron, W Va, were in Keyser Sat and Sun having taken in the picnic.
  Mr W E Brown, of near Pittsburgh, who had been visiting his daughter, Mrs J T Sincell, for a week or so, went home Wed. Mrs Brown will stay a while longer.
  Mr W D Zinn, Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture in this State, was a visitor to Keyser Sat. Mr Zinn was one of the guests at the picnic.
  Dr Dawson, of Berkeley Springs has been spending a few days here as a guest of Dr Carter Long, and yesterday they left on a a professional trip up the W Md.
  Mrs Dr F P Stehley returned home last Mon from Berkeley county, and was accompanied home by her mother, Mrs Avis, who will spend a while with her.
  Mrs Stella Thompson, and daughter, Miss Helen, of Three Churches, Hampshire Co, accompanied by Miss Guthrie Thompson, are spending this week with Keyser friends.
  Harold McCrum, student at the WVU, who resides at Aurora, arrived in Keyser Sat evening on train No 14. McCrum is in town visiting old friends.
  Rev C P Bastain,of Charleroi Pa, who was off on his vacation, and stopped off here a few days, preached last Sun the the Lutheran church, of which he was the late pastor.
  Mrs W A Cunningham and grand daughter, Miss Louisa Dorcey of Washington DC, stopped off here for a few days with Mrs Dr C S Hoffman later part of last week on their way to Oakland to spend the rest of the summer.
  Miss Robin Smith of Parkersburg, is visiting the home of her grandmother, Mrs Wm M Welch. She accompanied her uncle Richard over to Markwood's last Fri on a fishing trip, consequently was the first lady passenger over the T M & P railroad.
  Manley Warren Trask of this office, went to Fairmont yesterday on business connected with the Argus Printing Plant.
  Mrs M W Trask returned this week from Keyser, where she had been looking after the sale of her property down there. -Kingwood Argus of 2nd.
  Mrs J H Markwood, Mrs Rebecca Rinehart, Mrs Harry Markwood and little son, and Miss Susan Brady went to Romney Tues. Mrs Markwood and Mrs Rinehart expected to spend a few days with friends, but the others returned the same evening. Bernard Markwood took them in his auto.
  Dr A H Hosack spent f few days this week at Aurora.
  W C Pifer was a business visitor to Cumberland Mon.
  Mrs Morris Newman is spending a week with her parents at Terra Alta.
  Miss Lillian Cowherd, of Cumberland, is visiting her friend, Miss Georgia Shelly.
  Orlando Rickey, of Grafton spent Sat and Sun with his parents here.
  Rev W C Nye, of Newport, Pa, joined his family here Mon for his vacation.
  Miss Lucy Trask of Kingwood,after spending a week in Keyser, returned home Sat.
  E C Flaccus, of wheeling, was here first of the week looking after his orchard at Dawson.
  Mrs George Sincell returned home Mon from an extended stay at Deer Park and Mt Lake.
  Mr M Tamburini, son and daughter, of Bayard, took in the picnic last Sat and remained over Sun.
  Mr and Mrs Montague and Mr Largent of Romney and their guest, Miss White of Va, were visitors Sat.
  Mrs T T Huffman and children returned last Sun from Elk Garden, where they have been spending a few weeks.
  Miss Minnie Welch returned Wed. She has been spending a few days with her brother and friends in Cumberland.
  Miss Alice Blair left Tues for her home at Hyndman Pa, after an extended stay here attending Prep summer school.
  Miss Martha Carskadon, of Headsville, was here last Fri on her way to Wheeling, to visit her sister, Mrs George Hand.
  Miss Hattie Estes and little nephew, Master Estes Jones, are visiting the latter's grandfather, Jas Jones, near Winchester Va.
  Rev Howard Wells, of Washington, came up latter part of last week on a visit to his mother and relatives for a few days.
  Mrs Herbert White and daughter, after spending a few days here with friends and relatives, returned to her home in Terra Alta.
  H B Hockman, of Elkins, was in town last Fri. Mr Hockman has sold out at Elkins and was out looking for a location.
  Miss Annie Coyner of Pittsburg, who spend several weeks here as a guest of Mrs Lena Hutson, returned home first of the week.
  Miss Myrtle Blackburn returned home last Sat form Morgantown, where she has been attending the summer school at the University.
  Mr and Mrs J M Peak of Washington DC, have been spending the past ten days here with their daughter, Mrs Luther Arnold.
  Mrs Charles Stotler, of Clarksburg, who is visiting in this section, went to Burlington Wed to spend a short while on his old stamping ground.
  Mr and Mrs Richard Wright and little son of Strasburg Va, arrived here last Mon on their way to Burlington to spend a week or two with Mr Wright's home folks. Dr M F Wright met them here.
  Dr and Mrs Robert Gerstell, of Gerstell, spent last Sat in town, and on Sun Mrs Gerstell went to Clarksburg to pay her daughter, Mrs Hoover and sister, Mrs Thomas Bohem, a visit for a week or so.
  Miss Anna Frost spent several days with friends in Romney.
  Miss fuller is visiting Miss Bessie Goldsborough, at Romney.
  Col A R Stallings, of Davis, W Va, was in the city last evening. -Cumb Times of 7th.
  Mr and Mrs Millard Davis of Cumberland, Mrs Charles Dayton of Keyser, and Mr and Mrs W C Whisler of Grafton, who were the guests of Miss Elsie Hawkins, have returned home. Fairmont Times of 7th.
  Misses Blanche and Louise Woolf, Pauline Wilson, Catherine Coffroth and Pauline Gelwick returned home first of the week from Corinth, where they spent ten days as guests of Miss Lillian Jordan at a house party.
  Wm Campbell, Wm McCoy and Ben Hiner of Franklin, came down Mon in an automobile on their way to Elkins to attend the thirteenth district Senatorial convention. They returned here Wed and Cam Arbogast took them to Petersburg that night in his auto.
  Mrs C H Vossler and daughters, Misses Anna, Helen and Jane came down Tues in their auto driven by Clarance Vossler on a short stay. Mrs E F Vossler came with them and went to Cumberland on a short trip. Misses Anna and Helen went to Cumberland Wed on a shopping tour.
  Miss Eva Filler, of Franklin, is spending a while here with home folks.
  Miss Amanda Stevenson, has returned from a two months visit in Cumberland.
  Miss Belle Hennen, of Deer Park, was visiting Keyser relatives last Sun.
  Mr Cott of Columbus, Ohio, the Index System man, was here Wed on business.
  Robert See, of Moorefield, was here yesterday on his way to West Union on a little trip.
  John E Mellon, one of Dawson's hustling farmers, was in town yesterday on business.
  Mrs Edward Mora, of Chicago Junction, is visiting her parents on St James St this week.
  Mrs W M Rickey and son, Willis, were visitors to Cumberland the latter part of last week.
  Mrs W C Lewis, of Keyser, is spending a few days visiting her daughter in Cumberland.
  Mrs Hannah Orndorf and two sons, have returned from a visit to relatives and friends in Moorefield.
  Miss Ildra Lynch, of Cumberland, spent Sat and Sun with her cousin, Miss Daisy Lynch.
  Miss Fannie Ferguson, of Cumberland, is the guest of Misses Ellen and Vennetta McKenzie.
  Miss Lola Sharpless returned home Wed from a few weeks stay at Elkins and Beverly.
  Miss Mary Russell, of Bedford, Pa, is spending a while here with her aunt, Mrs Rebecca Richardson.
  Mr and Mrs H G Wilson, and daughter, Miss Pauline made a short auto trip to Cumberland yesterday.
  Miss Lizzie Nesbitt returned home last Fri from near Elkins, where she had been nursing a case.
  Mrs E A Russell and children and Miss Russell arrived home yesterday from their camp outing over at the Trough.
  Col and Mrs Geo T Carskadon went to Williamsport Wed in their auto to spend the day with Mrs Belle Babb.
  Miss Gwendoline Frye accompanied her aunt home at Dayton Va, Wed, where she expects to attend school next term.
  Prof W H McIlwee, W S Decker and F G Davis were at Mt Lake Park Wed night assisting the Oakland band in a concert.
  Mrs Lizzie Ziglor and little son, of Fallnig Waters, arrived Wed on a visit to the home of her brother, Dr F P Stehley.
  Mr Loren High returned Wed from a short stay with his daughter, Mrs Friend, at Oakland. he is improving and is able to be about.
  S N Moore attended the "Bull Moose" convention at Chicago, this week. he was appointed on the committee to notify the vice-president of his nomination.
  Mr Henry Wigfield and daughter, Miss Ora, of Quay Fla, arrived Tues on a visit and are the guests at Leslie McCoole's. this is Mr Wigfield's fist visit in twenty-five years.
  Mr and Mrs E T Liller, of Boulder Col, arrived Wed night on a couple weeks visit to relatives and friends, who are glad to see them. They will stop off a week at Mrs Liller's old home at West Union, on their way back.
  Miss Margaret Smith, is visiting her sister, Mrs Edward Coke, at Keyser.
  Miss Irene Butler, William Street, is a guest at the Hotel Washington, Berkeley Springs.
  Mrs Ida Hill of Temple, Texas, who has been visiting Mrs James Cochrane, this city, has left to visit her son, Roy Fisher, Keyser W Va, following which she will return to her home in Texas.
  Miss Nancy Brengle, of Keyser, W Va, is spending a week at the "Rox" Wappocoma, W Va. -Cumb News of 8th.
  Dr George H Carpenter, one of the best known residents of Ridgeley, has taken matters into his own hands as to the removal of the building purchased from the Western Md. He does not intend to violate the injunction laid down against him to block the county road nor have a Western Md Railway telegraph pole removed. Instead of making a legal fight, he has decided that he will chop the house through its center and remove it in sections to the place upon which he intends to locate it.. This work was started today. The road will not be blocked by the removal of the house and no one will be affected by the removal of the dwelling. -Cum Times.
  Attorney Fred T Martin, who has been ill at Oakland Md, of the past two weeks, where he has been suffering from asthma, arrived in the city this morning n a much improved condition and looking a great deal better, which will welcome news to his many friends. -Grafton Sentinel
  George M Cresap, a native of Cumberland, die Sun at a Louisville Ky, hospital
  Ervin Ritzell, who has been on a tour of the west, dropped in Wed to see his old friend again.
  J S Ward and children returned Wed from a visit to Elkins and Belington.


  Miss Hattie Coffroth is visiting friends at Hampstead Va.
  Mr and Mrs Morris Jones, left today on a visit to NY.
  Miss Mary Stevenson spent a few days here with home folks and friends.
  Miss Dora Johnston spent from Fri until Thurs here with friends and relatives.
  D W Eagle, bought two fine colts at T B Davis' sale. They are beauties and goers.
  Henry Hoffman, of Thomas, spent a couple of days here this week with relatives.
  Miss Bessie Kimmell left Wed on a visit to Wheeling, Grafton and other points.
  Mrs Roy DeLauder, of Westernport, spent Wed here with her sister, Mrs H S Pulliam.
  Miss May Michaels has returned home from Morgantown where she has been attending school.
  Mrs Hankins, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs Creed Taylor, left yesterday for Staunton Va.
  Miss Nellie Ravenscraft has returned home from a pleasant visit to Atlantic City and Philadelphia.
  Paul Peters left Wed evening for Cumberland to take in the Odd Fellows excursion to Pen Mar.
  Thomas Laffey, of Frankville, who was a typhoid fever patient in the Huffman Hospital, has returned home.
  Clarence Faw, clerk at the Keyser Pharmacy, left Mon for a trip to Canada and other northern points.
  Mrs Walter M Babb and Mrs Frank Babb went to Mountain Lake Park Wed afternoon and will be gone about a week.
  Miss Sara McCarty Johnston is expected home today from Elkins, where she has been visiting for a couple of weeks.
  Jos E Miller, of the Flats, one of Hardy county's staunch Democrats, was in town yesterday and dropped into see us.
  Mr W J Athey, of Worcester, and grand daughter, Miss Gladys Snyder, of Cleveland, Ohio, arrived Wed on a visit to relatives and friends.
  Miss Anna Leary returned home Tues from an extended visit to Pittsburg, Berkeley Springs and other places accompanied by Miss Mayme Dean.
  Lawrence Hennen, who has been in Panama for several years, arrived home at Deer Park, Tues, on a vacation and paid Keyser relatives and friends a visit yesterday.
  Miss Helen Russell, of Fairmont, who has been on a visit to her aunt at Winchester, Va, arrived yesterday on a visit to the home of her brother, E A Russell, a few days on her way to Twin Mountain for a visit.
  W W Woods, who has been cashier of the Peoples Bank since it was started has tendered his resignation to take effect in a short time. We understand that T P Leps, assistant cashier of the First National Bank will succeed him.
  Capt E W McNeill, of Morgantown, was a business visitor in the city yesterday. He is the owner of some valuable lands on the South Branch of the Potomac, which he listed with the state board of trade. -Wheeling Register of 8th
  Mr and Mrs Charles Carskadon, of Philadelphia, accompanied by their son and Mr Carskdaon's daughter, Miss Mattie, of Baltimore, arrived Wed on a few weeks visit. Mr Carskadon, accompanied by Messrs Jos and Allen Patchett and Riley Shull, will go on a fishing trip tomorrow up on the South Branch for a few days.



  License to wed were granted at Cumberland as follows:
  Aug 3 - Andrew DeWitt Cosner of Bismark W Va, and Bertha Gertrude Hess, of Maysville W Va.
  Aug 3 - Lloyd Alvin Riggleman and Anna Belle Norris, both of Westernport Md.


  At the bride's home near Parnassus, Augusta County, at 9 am this (Thurs) morning, Mr J Ed Arbogast and Miss Margaret Crawford Gilkeson were untied in married. The marriage was a quiet home function, only a few immediate friends and relatives present. Mr A W Arbogast, of Marlington and Misses Lucy and Sallie Bell Arbogast of Monterey, brother and sisters of the groom, were the only members of his family who were present. The ceremony was performed by Rev W C White, pastor of Churchville Presbyterian church, and immediately after the ceremony the couple left for the seashore, where they will spend their honeymoon. The bride is the only daughter of Mr and Mrs A R Gilkeson, one of Augusta's first families, and has on one or more occasions visited Highland, where she has relatives and friends. The groom is perhaps as well known as any man in the county, having for years been one of the efficient officers. He is a successful business man, a worthy citizen and has a large circle of friends who join the Recorder in congratulations and best wishes. About August 1st, or soon thereafter, Mr and Mrs Arbogast will be "at home" to their friends at his residence on West Main Street, Monterey. - Recorder, Monterey Va.
  The groom is a brother of C C Arbogast, our popular plumber, and has visited Keyser a number of times.



  Mrs Wm Roderick, aged about 62 years, died on Wed morning, Aug 7, 1912, at her home near Martin, Grant Co. She had been married twice, her first husband, a Mr George, and her second husband Mr Wm Roderick. She leaves one son, Ezra George, of Kansas, and several step children.


  Mrs Sarah Fleek, aged 83, died Sat, Aug 3, 1912, at the home of her daughter, Mrs Edward Thrush, on Sharpless St. The funeral took place Sun. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs Edward Rush, Mrs Thomas Thrush and Mrs W E Staggs, of Keyser.


  Mrs Elsie Smith, aged about 64 years, died on Sat, August 3, 1912, at the home of her son, Simeon Smith, in South Keyser, after a short illness. The funeral service was held on Sun at her late home conducted by Rev E F RIce,of the Lutheran Church. Splendid music was furnished by the Lutheran choir. The remains were taken to Gormania for burial on Mon afternoon. She leaves two sons, D F and Simon Smith.


  Frank Garlitz, a brakeman on the B&O third division, was knocked from his train by a penstock at Rawlings Fri morning, and seriously injured. He was brought to his home here and taken to Hoffman Hospital.


  Jack Marshall, aged nine years, son of D G Marshall, of Romney, who is on the road in the interest of Wrigley's Gum company, we feel sure is the most youthful Knight of the Grip who ever hit these parts.


  Mr and Mrs Blaine Elkins, Mrs Stephen B Elkins and Miss Katherine Elkins, who have been sojourning at White Sulphur Springs for several weeks, left yesterday for their home and will sail on Aug 10 for a trip abroad. -Fairmont Times of 3rd.


  The Keyser cor of the Cumberland Times of 7th says the following about Miss Lillian Jordan's house party:
  The house party which was given by Miss Lillian Jordan a Corinth, beginning Fri July 26th, was concluded last Mon morning. The party consisted of Misses Pauline Gelwicks, Pauline Wilson, Louise Woolf, Blanche Woolf, Catherine Coffroth, Lillian Jordan, Mr and Mrs S H Jordan, Captain and Mrs Jordan, Mr Jack Jordan and son Messrs, Pope Jordan, B Sargent Wells, Geo Wells, Millard Filmore Harwood, Marshall Carrier, Claudius Terrell, Professor Gibbon and his four Cuban students. Mr Harwood attended the party from Thurs to Sat and Claudius and Marshall spent Sun. The amusements consisted of tennis, boating and about eight hay rides to Terra Alta. The weather being cool, the girls spent much of the time at embroidering. Several protest were made by the gentlemen portion, but all in vain. The boys at last resorted to hunting ground hogs, of which two of the lowly beasts became victims of their straight shots, and of course, to follow the custom of all young sportsmen, these little inhabitants of the ground were brought tot he house for proof and inspection, which tended much to decrease the hunger of several of the girls.


  Aug 5th
  The case of State vs John Doe, in which the State asked for a new trial some time ago was considered today. A new trial was granted, in default of bond the defendant plead guilty. The court remanded him to jail for two months and imposed a fine of $25.00.
  Richard Doe, who was found guilty of selling liquor without a license, was sentenced to serve two months in jail and pay a fine of $50.00.
  In the case of State vs Clark, who was indicted for carrying a revolver, and plead guilty, the Court imposed a sentence of six months in jail and a fine of $50.00.
  In the case of State vs Frank Weir, who was found guilty of larceny, the court sustained the defendant's motion for a new trial. The defendant was remanded to jail to await the next term of court.
  The case of Cary wills vs J M Martin, James E Milleson and E M Milleson, was brought to the Court's attention on Tues. the defendant, through his attorney, Frank C Reynolds, tendered a demurrer to the bill of complaint, which demurrer the court takes time to consider. Some time ago Martin married Mrs Maria Dye. After she died Mr Martin became entitled to all her personal property. the plaintiff is seeking to set aside Maria M Dye's will on the ground of fraud, coercion and insanity.
  Last Sat Chas N Finnell,. sitting as judge, confirmed the sale of the Stingley Sears property on Gilmore St, to Mrs Sears for the sum of $1200.00.


  Mr and Mrs H L Weese entertained at their home, "Meadow Brook" near Alaska, Sun afternoon, for their daughter, Emily Smith, who was celebrating her eleventh birthday. those present to make merry the occasion were Misses Emily Smith, Florence Camp, Margaret and Frances Fraze, Hazel and Virginia Malone, Lydia and Margaret Young and Margaret Weese. Masters Will Camp, Joe Higgins, Clarence Malone, harry Young Jr, Earle Wolford, Paul and Lawrence Fraze, Thomas Young, Homer and Howard Weese; Mr and Mrs Clarence Wolford and Mesdames Harry young, Herman Fraze and M M Malone.
  The presents were numerous and very nice and after supper was served on the lawn, all returned home, wishing the little girl many returns of the day.


  Miss Joretha Liller pleasantly entertained a few friends at her home on Davis St Mon evening in honor of Miss Harrison of NY and Miss Darcey of Washington. Dancing, progressive bridge and 500 were the features of the evening and refreshments were served. Those present were: Misses Darcey, MacMillan, Elizabeth Hoffman, Myra Nefflen, Georgia Shelly, Emile Coffroth, Mildred Wright, Messrs Walter Evans, H H Stover, Robt Gerstell, Stotle Steorts, Clyde Hott, Harry Richardson, Marshall Carrier.


  Frank A Perdew and W V Wilson, trustees offered two farms for sale of the late Floyd Stotler, located near Dawson, at public auction Sat morning. A bid of $5,000 on one of the farms and $1,100 on the store property were both withdrawn. The store property was sold to Mrs Floyd Stotler for $1,200.


  Last Mon Wm Crooks, in their Ford automobile, took a party consisting of Mr Hays of Ohio, and W L Harman, on a trip up the country, making a remarkable run. They went to Petersburg and Franklin and back by way of Kline and Moorefield, a distance of 178 miles, in less than twelve hours without a single mishap of any kind.


  H G Steorts has nearly completed the contract of remodelling the home of Rev W A O'Hara. Quite extensive improvements have been made. The house was raised and an addition of five rooms added, besides the whole appearance changed so that when the painting is completed he will have one of the most commodious and handsome residences in town.


  State of W Va.
Sarah I Trexler Vs In chancery James M Trexler. the object of the above entitled suit is to have granted unto the plaintiff a divorce forever from the bonds of matrimony.


  By virtue of the power vested in me by that certain Deed of trust dated July 22, 1907, and recorded in the office of the Clerk of Mineral County, made by Atta Feather and Alva C Feather, her husband, and Charles Lovenstein to Samuel R Barr, Trustee.........



  The Mineral County Bar Association held a meeting and all the old officers were re-elected; being Wm C Clayton, president; Judge F M Reynolds, vice-president; H K Drane, secretary, and O A Hood, treasurer. W C Grimes, Chas Ritchie, E L Tyler and H G Shores became members of the association. The annual vacation this year will be from Aug 10 to Sept 1 and the annual banquet will be held the first Fri evening in Jan. C E Nethken, H G fisher and W C Grimes are the members of the banquet committee.


  At at meeting of the Board of Education of Mineral county, last Fri afternoon at Alaska, the following teachers were appointed for the Ridgeley schools: Miss Loretta Miltenberger, principal; Miss Anna Vandiver of Burlington, assistant principal; Miss Christie, Davis W Va, Miss M Lawrence and Miss Mary High of Ridgeley, teachers. The schools will probably open on Sept 12, and in some instances there will be an increase in the school terms.


Thurs, Aug 1
  H G Steorts, Dr L L Edgell and Floyd Knight were appointed a committee to examine the jail and report at the next meeting of the court.
  Attorneys Harry G Fisher and Chas N Finnell were appointed a committee to examine the clerk's office and report at the next term of court.
  In the case of Price Pery, who was convicted of a misdemeanor on the charge of striking a man named Vance with a bottle, he was sentenced to eight days in jail and a fine of $15.00.
Sat Aug 3
  A G Barrick vs M B McHenry; trespass on the case, in assumpsit. Verdict of jury for plaintiff, giving him $175.54.
  State vs Dan Smith; ind. for a misdemeanor. Gave bond for appearance at next term of court.
  State vs Freda Fallon; ind. for a felony. Case dismissed.
  The jury was discharged for this term.