APRIL 21, 1911


Mrs Almona K Bane and daughter, Helen, spent their Easter at Buena Vista, Va, visiting Mrs Bane's daughter, Miss Nellie, a student at that institution.
Last Sat night a dark and ominous cloud stretched across the heavens about 10 o'clock, a high wind set in from the west, and the result was a blinding snow storm. Sun morning there was a four-inch snow.
Miss Annie Fleming attended the funeral of the young man, Guy Neff of Piedmont, last Sat.
Mrs Mable Winsboro spent Easter at Keyser.
Miss Maggie Duling, of Hartmonsville, visited Miss Maggie Patton the first of this week.
Mr H S Richarson, of Piedmont, New York Life Insurance man, was a business caller in town this week.
A special train was run from Elk Garden to Blaine last Sun to accommodate persons desiring to attend the Memorial Service of the Eagles. The train left here at 10:30 AM, and a goodly number attended the services from this place and intervening towns.
Rev J W Bedford preached a very interesting Easter sermon at Nethken Hill Church last Sun.
The Nethken Hill Church has organized a Sun School with R Marsh Dean as Superintendent, and J Ed. Aronhalt, assistant Superintendent.
The church was unusually crowded last Sun nigh at the Easter entertainment. The orchestra music and the singing was good, as well as the rest of the program. Quite a number came from Blaine.
A social was held in Festival Hall last Mon night. Those in charge spared no pains in decorating and making suitable arrangements for the pleasure of the guests.
The baseball club will occupy both Festival and Moody's hall on pay day night, April 29. They are arranging an interesting an interesting program. Give the boys a life.
Wm M Sayers, who was killed in the Wabash mines, April 11, 1911, was 29 years, 5 months and 27 days old. He was the son of Mr and Mrs Wm Sayers who lived at Elk Garden. He was a kind hearted man, much attached to the family, especially his mother. He was a member of the Odd Fellows and the Red Men. A special train was run to Elk Garden on Thursday, and the interment was in the Nethken Hill Cemetery. The funeral sermon was preached in Nethken Hill church by Rev J W Bedford, assisted by Rev L C Messick. A very large crowd attended the funeral.
The Red Men pallbearers were: D Lee Junkins, E G Rodruck, Robert Donnally, Wm Snider, O Shillenburg, Ralph Fawcett.
The Odd Fellow pallbearers were: O Smith, Wm Shillenburg, A W Farris, S Farris, Thos. Davis, Wm Green.
Funeral director F C Rollman.



Mr D G Martin of Antioch, was on our streets one day last week.
Mrs Henry Kitzmiller and Miss Olive B Junkins visited Mrs. Sherman Carnell, of Mountain Breeze Hotel, Claysville, last Sat and Sun. Master Harry went with them.
Mr Worth Ludwick of near Burlington, visited Mr E A Ludwick, over Sun.
Over one hundred people from Wabash and vicinity attended the funeral of W W Sayers, at Elk Garden, last Thurs.
Mr Howard Evans had several sheep drowned in Glade Run some time this winter.
Miss Geneva Carnell, of Claysville, is visiting Mrs Henry Kitzmiller.
Messrs. Reese Duling and son, Lewis, made a business trip to Keyser Tues.
Mr T B Duling's incubator caught on fire from the lamp and destroyed both eggs and incubator.
Mr Price, of Davis, has been on a visit of several days to Geo Turner.
The ground hog, like President Diaz, must rule with an iron hand, and it seems to make no difference how many of his subjects suffer.
Mr Fred Burgess paid home folks a visit at Laurel Dale Mon.


April 18, 1911
All the signs for cold, wet weather, and a late spring are holding good this year.
The ground hog had his day, we had a late Easter and a white one. But little plowing has been done, and no sowing or planting. A good many people have quit feeding, or nearly so, because they have no feed and can't get any. Some farmers have been buying baled hay at $28 to $30 a ton. We heard of one man who has hay to sell at 3 cts a pound.
Our genial merchant, J H Schaeffer, was in Baltimore several days last year, making his spring purchases.
D W Idleman has moved to the Inskeep place. We learn that J Cosner will move into the house which he vacated.
A small boy of Wm Taylor's met with a very serious accident last Thurs. While playing at the school house, he fell and broke his leg about half way between the hip and the thigh. Dr W G Drinkwater reduced the fractured member and the boy is doing well.
Andrew Kimble, the noted teamster and a very aged man, was found dead yesterday along the road near Difficult bridge. He was hauling a load of ties and it is supposed he was sleeping when the wagon ran off the road, and upset, throwing the cross ties on Mr Kimble and mashing him to death. The sad news was such a shock to his daughter, who kept house for him that she broke down completely. Besides the daughter at home, the deceased had two sons living near Oakland and a married daughter living in Pennsylvania.
New has reached here that Irvin Neville, who has been in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore for three weeks, was operated upon last Sat. for inflammation of the thigh bone. His father had been with him for nearly a week.


Mr J O Rogers was in Keyser on business Tues.
Mrs Olive Lantz, of Hartmonsville, has returned home from a visit to her niece, Mrs Fred Dod.
Mr and Mrs Roy Ravenscroft and baby of Baltimore, spent Sun in Keyser with home folk.
Mr and Mrs Ray Wells began housekeeping this week on Mineral St.
Col W E Reed of the Cumberland Dry Goods and Notion company made us a pleasant call this week.
Mr Bert Harvey, of Shinnston, was here on business this week.
Mr John Mackley and two sons spent Mon and Tues in Keyser.
Miss Effie Cather spent Easter in Cumberland.
Mrs Elkins Goshorn and James Smith of Piedmont, spent Sat evening in Keyser.
Mr Arthur Wheeler visited home folk in Piedmont Sat.
D Long & Son have just bought a new lot of spring shoes and oxfords, the best and latest styles.
Master Raymond Hood spent Easter with his grandparents, Mr and Mrs G T Goshorn, in Piedmont.
Spring has come and you need to do your building. Consult Mr C W Shelly, he will give you plans and specifications.
Earl Lowry, who was operated upon in Baltimore for appendicitis, returned home Sat.
Mrs W E Woolf, who had been shut in for several weeks, has been able to drive out this week.
L C McDonald continues to feed the best fed people in Keyser.
Dr L L Edgell returned Sun morning form his vacation. He had a good time and his health is improved by his trip and respite from exacting duties.
Mr J J Reiser of Baltimore, spent his Easter holiday with friends in Keyser.
Mrs J K Nesbitt, of Westernport, is visiting Mrs R G Richardson.
Mr James Trenter has treated his noble pair of horses to a handsome new set of harness. MR Bright says it is good leather.
Rev Peter Arnold brought his nephew, Mr Thomas Arnold, of Illinois, to Keyser Wed and he left for home on 55.
Mrs W B Carroll, of Piedmont, spent last Tues with her father, Hon Geo W Kildow.
Mr D E Cather, who had been the guest of Mr J M Cather, returned to Connellsville Sun.
Messrs. W T Dixon, Thos H Ashby and James Mason of Elk Garden, were attending to business in Keyser Mon.
Hon H B Gilkeson, of Romney, was in attendance upon our Circuit Court this week.
Mrs Thomas Head, of Hagerstown, is visiting relatives in Keyser and vicinity.
Mrs M c Corder is visiting her many Keyser friends.
Mr J W Chapman is sick at his home on Piedmont St.
Messrs. W H Gordon, James Swadley, Charles Neville and Lloyd Douglas attended a dance in Frostburg on Mon night.
Mr and Mrs Clarence Borst and daughter, Miss Nellie, were called to Cumberland this week by the serious illness of a relative.
Mrs George Sincell left Tues morning for a visit to home folk in Pittsburg.
Weimer has a few pairs of arties left that you may need for spring snows. If it turns warm he can supply you with oxfords. If you want the arties call early.
Mrs Merryman of Winchester, arrived in Keyser last Sat to visit friends here.
Mr F B Graham, of Chicago Junct, visited in Keyser Sat and Sun.
Rev J H Moore was hurt in Washington April 11th by falling from a street car. His head was badly cut. He came to Keyser Thurs of last week where he has received kind attention.
Atty W H Griffith and Mrs Griffith and child spent Easter with relatives in Luray Va.
Mrs Gus Everley, who had been on a visit to relatives and friends in Newburg and Terra Alta, returned home Sun.
Messrs. Thomas Adams and Wilbur Chapman spent Easter in Baltimore.
Mr J F Burke, of Cumberland, spent Sun here with his family.
A healthy man is king in his own right, an unhealthy man is an unhappy slave. Burdock Blood Bitters builds up sound health, keeps you well.
"Suffered day and night the torment of itching piles. Nothing helped me until I used Doan's Ointment. It cured me permanently". Hon John R
J M Bright furnished the Twin Mountain Orchard Co with 10 sets of harness, halters, collars and everything complete for their bunch of mules.
Rev A A P Neel was visiting in Keyser Tues.
Squire J E Aronhalt, was in Keyser on business Wed.
Hon J J Cornwell attended court here this week.
Mr John Sheetz, of Elk Garden, is visiting his Aunt, Mrs J E Bailey, on Mozelle St this week.
Miss Ida Wilson of Blaine, spent Easter with Mr and Mrs C W Junkins.
Mrs D C Arnold of Elk Garden and daughter, Miss May, spent last night in Keyser enroute East for a visit with relatives.
Spring has come and you need to do your building. Consult Mr C W Shelly, he will give you plans and specifications.
Miss Mollie Brown has a choice lot of ladies and misses hats and ladies collars and fancy articles.
Mrs Carrie Kight is sick at her home on Piedmont St.
Mr H G Steorts is erecting a dwelling on his lot on Spring St, adjoining the Hoffman Hospital grounds.
Mr Washington T Harrison, was visiting in Keyser this week.
Mr D Lee Junkins is in attendance upon court as a juror.
Mr Russell Tasker was here on business this week.
Mrs J E Chapel, of Kitzmiller did her Easter shopping in Keyser Sat.
Miss May Arnold of Oakland spent Sun in Keyser.
Mr Silas Arnold spent Sat night in Keyser and took his cousin, Thomas Arnold, home with him Sun morning.
Atty C N Finnell spent Sunday in Parsons. Master John, who had been visiting there, returned home with them.
Mr James G Wright visited in Keyser Sat evening.
Foley's Honey and Tar for all coughs and colds, for croup, bronchitis, hoarseness and for racking lagrippe coughs. No opiates. Refuse substitutes. Arza Furbee
Mr Thomas Arnold of Illinois, visited his uncles, George and Peter Arnold, and many other relatives in Mineral County, this week.
Prof J D Muldoon spent the Easter holidays in Shepherdstown.
Mrs J E Winsboro and Miss May Winning of Elk Garden, spent Easter in Keyser.
The thirty first Annual Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution was held in Washington this week.
Miss Sue Sheetz appreciates the kindness of her may friends in saving her the Evening Times coupons for the trip to Europe. She also desire that all who contemplate becoming subscribers to the Times give the subscription to her to send in as that will count largely in her favor.
Miss Charlotte Vossler, who was operated upon for appendicitis last week, is doing well.
Circuit Court proceedings will be given next week.
Mr Richard Stimmell visited in Keyser last Sat. evening.
Born April 21, 1911 to Mr and Mrs Murray Winters, a fine son. It is thought Mr Winters will recover.
Mr Edward Ravenscroft visited in Piedmont Easter Sun.
Misses Amie and Mary Vandiver went to Cumberland Mon and returned Tues.
Hear Prof. Nathan C Schaeffer's address before the Round Table in the High School auditorium tonight. He is state superintendent of public instruction in Pennsylvania, and one of the leading educators of our land.
Mrs W S Bane was in Keyser over Sun.
The good roads sentiment in these counties has been crystallized by the Mineral County Good Roads Assn, and our people are more determined than ever to have better roads. The results of their efforts will soon be seen.
Judge Reynolds will render his decision within a few days.



Mrs Walter Dunlap, who lived in South Keyser, died early Sunday morning and a short service conducted by Rev M H Keen was held at her home Sun. night. Monday the body was taken to Winchester and Tuesday she was buried at Shiloh Church Cemetery in Frederick Co.
She leaves her husband, who is in the employ of the B&O RR and a little daughter, about 3 years old, also a daughter, Miss Ada Brill, by a former marriage. Mrs Dunlap was between forty and fifty years of age. She was a fond wife and a devoted mother.


Andy Kimble, an old teamster was instantly killed Monday at Difficult Creek, in Grant County, by his wagon going over a 30-foot bank. It was loaded with crossties and he was frightfully crushed. The team was torn loose from the load and escaped. Kimble had been hauling lumber and ties to Gormania from different points on Alleghany ever since the W Va C&P railroad first entered that wilderness, near thirty years ago.


Mr and Mrs H W Wolfe desire to extend their tanks to their numerous friends for the many acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy extended to them since the death of their little girl.


Garland, the five year old son of Mr and Mrs J W Mills, who live on St Cloud St, died Monday evening and was buried at Purgittsville Wed. The funeral services were conducted by Rev J H Brunk. Garland was a bright, sweet boy and popular with all who knew him.


The following Marriage Licenses were issued in Cumberland
John H Cain and Pearl Harvey, both of Keyser.
John Henry Cheshire and Eliza Bell Fink, both of Romney WV.
Samuel Randel Kline of Kirby WV and Luta May Lee of Deche WV.


Mr DuBois Jones, of Piedmont, and Miss Ida May Clise of Westernport, were quietly married at the parsonage of the Westernport Baptist church by Rev Wm H Stewart, on Sunday at 2:30 PM. Mr and Mrs Jones will make their home in Westernport.

Miss Helen McKenzie and Mr Walter Dawson of Piedmont, were married at the bride's home on Sunday by Rev Wm Harris, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church. The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs C W McKenzie and the groom a son of Mr and Mrs Wm Dawson. The young couple will reside in Piedmont.


Mr Charles J Morrow, of North Carolina, and Mrs Nellie B Crim of Dobbins WVa, were married April 19th, at the home of H S Bowman, on Main St by Rev J H Brunk. The groom is a prominent businessman of the South, and the bride is a sister of our popular townsman, H L Bowman.
the happy couple left on No 12 for points east.


On Wed evening at 8 o'clock, April 19, a pretty wedding took place in Mt Calvary Lutheran Church, Westernport Md, in the presence of many friends, when Mr Wm Henry Strickler and Miss Annie Gertrude Beier were united in marriage by Rev John Brubaker, D D, the pastor of the bride.


By largest, strongest best company traveling. Music Hall, Thursday April 27th.


The B&O brakeman, from Terra Alta, who was brought to the Hoffman Hospital last week with a crushed leg, requiring amputation, and an injured hand is doing well.
Miss Charlotte Vossler, who underwent a severe operation, is improving rapidly, and her friends expect her to be able to return home within a few days.
Young Miss Miller, from near Purgittsville, who was operated upon, is doing nicely.
Elizabeth Mathews, who was operated upon for gall stone, is rapidly recovering.


FOR SALE - Blanchard Strain S C White Leghorns. Have laying habit. $1.00 per setting of 15. Barred Rock eggs same price.
W S Secrist, 155 Willow Avenue, Keyser WVa
WANTED - Any intelligent person may earn a good income corresponding for newspapers; experience unnecessary. Send stamp for full particulars. Empire Press Syndicate, Middleport NY 3-10-11
WANTED - Men and teams for work on City Reservoir. Expect to resume work about March 15. Apply to W A Liller, Contractor, Keyser WV
WANTED - Men to work in Orchards. Apply to the Tribune.
FOR SALE - Stock in first class Orchard Company. Apply to the Tribune.
FOR SALE CHEAP - A second hand job Printing Press, and a good one horse power gasoline engine. Address the Tribune.
AUTOMOBILE FOR SALE! REO RUNABOUT CAR, in good repair and will go anywhere that any other car can go with the same horsepower. 1 extra fine extra seat and Carbide Gas Lamps, only $400. Inquire of E G Kimmell

In Mines at Blaine WVa owing to Reduction in the Price in Mining

The miners in the employ of the Hamil Coal & coke Company, near Blaine W Va, threaten to strike because of a reduction of 5 cents a ton for pick mining. This reduction, which was effective April 17, makes the price 45 cents a ton in rooms and 50 cents a ton in entries or headings. Nearly 300 men employed think this price and half time unreasonable.


Contractor Shelly has nearly completed the I H Bane building on Main St, and Mr Wertheimer of Cumberland, who had leased the first floor for a play house, is supposed to open for business about the first of May.
Rev F H Havener went to Washington Mon morning and Mrs Havenner returned home with him Fri. She had been visiting in Washington since conference.


Mr D W Weaver opened the New Leader Store, at 90 Main St, last Tues morning. A crowd of people were assembled in front of the store awaiting the hour of opening. His sales have surpassed his expectations. See his ad in this paper.


We have wallpaper of all styles and can save you money when you want to paper your home. then we can do your Painting, Graining and Decorating. All work guaranteed.
Robinett & McIlwee, 119 Armstrong St, Bright Building, Keyser W Va


The directors of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Keyser mete last Fri to perfect the organization and arrange for the opening of the new bank.
Dr Richard Gerstell, who inaugurated the movement for the new bank, was elected President; J R Bane, first vice president; N R Taylor, second vice president; George Davis, cashier, R A Welch, attorney.
W I Knott, H G Steorts and J R Bane, were selected as a committee to select and equip a building in which to open the bank.
Mr Davis, the newly elected cashier, is a son of sheriff L O Davis, and has had considerable experience in banking both in Keyser and Lonaconing.
He is now deputy sheriff, and is one of the most reliable and correct accountants and business men in our county, and is very popular with all who know him.


Mr W A C Welch, has sold his property and merchandise at Claysville, to Mr Henry E Burgess, and will give possession within three weeks. Mr Welch has succeeded in business. He expects to move to Keyser. Mr Burgess is one of our most progressive and successful businessmen and will succeed at his new stand.

Humorist, Orator and Entertainer

It is almost needless to tell the people of Keyser that Mr King is considered one of the best entertainers on the American platform. Most of us have marveled at his oratory and enjoyed his humor. Mr King will again be in Keyser on Tues, April 25. Come and enjoy the greatest that has been offered to the people of Keyser for years.
Music by the Preparatory Orchestra.
Tickets on sale at Romig's Drug Store. Reserved seats 50 cents.
Music Hall


Citizens will Endeavor to secure a Factory for Keyser.
The citizens of Keyser and the Fruit Growers of Mineral County will assemble at the Council Chamber next Tues evening to consider the question of securing the location of a Basket Factory in Keyser. A gentleman from another state, who contemplates the establishment of such a factory in some suitable place in the very near future is expected to be present and lay his plans before the meeting.


A pair of draught horses, thoroughly broken. Having no use for them, will sell cheap.
R W Stickley Burlington WVA 4-21-3t