AUGUST 11, 1911

Keyser, Mineral County, West Virginia

 Elk Garden News

  Mr. Blake Wilson, of Iowa, is visiting Thos. W. Ashby and other relatives. Mr. Bert Harvey and family, of Shinnston, Harrison County, are visiting their relatives in this community. Mr. Harvey has sold his butchering establishment at Shinnston, but not his home, and expects to locate in New Mexico, if he can suit himself there.
  Those attending the Sunday School Convention at Piedmont from Elk Garden last week were Mrs. Mary Harris, Rev. L. C. Messick, Misses Laura Barrick and Hannah Mason, Messrs. D. C. Arnold and John Copeland.
  Mr. R. Marsh Dean and family are enjoying a much relished visit to Newton Umstot's, of Cabin Run, this week.
  Quarterly meeting services were held last Sunday in the M. E. Church, South, by Rev. W. E. Woolf, of Frostburg. Rev. Wm. J. Barnard conducted the business session of the meeting on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday Rev. Bernard preached at Frostburg.
  A delightful social was given by the Nethken Hill Sunday School last Sunday afternoon. At the close of the Sunday School the children received a treat and all received refreshments in the green lawn. A number bought their suppers.
  Miss Viva Jones attended the funeral of Miss Leannah Poling at Martinsburg, Sunday, August 6, at 4 o'clock p.m. Miss Poling died at Baltimore on Friday.
  Dent Davis, of Peidmont [sic], has accepted the position as salesman in the butchering department of the B. & L. store.
  Mrs. Mike Kalbaugh, of Luke, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. Z. Clark.
  Miss Ruth Bane, of Keyser, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Mabel Winsboro.
  Miss Adna Middleton is visiting Mrs. Wm. Hubbs this week.
  Messrs. Harry Rollman and Verner Kilroy drove over to Mountain Lake Park last Monday and witnessed the appearance of President Taft.
  Mr. Baldwin Bane, of Keyser, visited friends here this week.
  Miss Estella V. Hott, of New Creek, was appointed first assistant teacher at Elk Garden, and Miss Katie Sims, of Keyser, principal of Potomac Manor School, and Miss Lulu Tasker, of Elk Garden, assistant. Schools in Elk District will begin Monday, October 2.
  Mrs. Mary Harris gave a delightful reception Sautrday, July 29, in honor of the birthday of her mother, Mrs. Susan Montgomery. Mrs. Clarinda Bryan, aunt of Mrs. Harris, was the guest of honor. A very pleasant afternoon was spent by the invited guests and it was an all round enjoyable occasion. Mrs. Montgomery received a number of beautiful presents. A pleasing variety of refreshments were served. Those present were, Rev. and Mrs. J. F. F. Gray, Mrs. R. M. Dean, Mrs. I. H. Bane, Mrs. L. C. Messick, Mrs. Ed. Winning, Mrs. Margaret Branner, Mrs. Matilda Benear and Miss May Arnold.
[signed] Roland

His Initial Sermon

  Rev. R. E. L. Strider, the new rector of Emanuel Episcopal Church, has taken charge of the work of the parish and preached to good congregations last Sunday forenoon and evening. He will reside in Keyser. His congregation is greatly pleased with their new rector.

Fire In Stables

  Hay in a manger of the Alkire Orchard Company's stables took fire Sunday evening. One valuable horse was pretty seriously burned and Mr. Roy Simmons was hurt in his efforts to get the horses out of the stables, but little damage was done to the building.

Mt. Storm Items

  We have had no church service for two Sundays on account of the Scarlet fever scare.
  There are no new cases, Mr. Aronhalt is able to be out at his work, and his little daughter, Hellen, is getting along nicely.
  Miss Maggie Idleman continues poorly with no signs of improvement.
  Mr. and Mrs. Al Hawk have had a very sick child but it is convalescing now.
  Mrs. Levi Cosner is seriously ill at this writing.
  Rev. and Mrs. Carl Doney, of the West Virginia Wesleyan College, and Rev. and Mrs. W. D. Reed were the guests at J. H. Schaeffers, last Thursday night. They were on their way to Pendleton countny [sic].
  Miss Lottie Vossler, who has been rusticating at the Mt. Storm Inn, left to day for her home in Keyser.
  Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Poling, Rev. R. T. Idleman and Miss Myrtle Idleman were all guests at F. O. Idleman's last Friday night.
  Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Neville came over Sunday to visit the latters sister, Miss Maggie Idleman.
  Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Kitzmiller and Miss Lucy Pool were Sunday visitors at F. O. Idleman's.
  Mr. Jeff Grove came out yesterday accompanied by Mr. Welton, of Ohio. The latter is looking after cattle for feeders.
  Mr. Welton says they will have some corn in Ohio, but none to spare for West Virginia.
  Bills are out announcing the sale of the Mt. Storm and Maysville Belgian Horse, to take place at Scheer Aug. 23d, 1911.
  The stockholders of this horse have agreed that it is not a good thing for a horse to have so many owners.
  Some of the people are done mowing some are nearly done and some are just beginning.
  There were some local showers last week that greatly relieved drouth conditions in places, while in other places it is getting dryer every day.
  Miss Carrie Shillingburg has six wild turkeys a few weeks ago Miss Carries turkeys failed to come home one night. When she found them next day there was a wild hen with fifteen young ones with them. When Miss Carrie went to feed them the wild ones all took wings, but next morning six of them came back. At first they took wing every time Miss Carrie went to feed, but now they are almost as tame as the others.
[signed] X. O. X.


  It still continues to be very dry here. Harvest is over, and the thrashing machine is in our midst; very little grain in our country; can thrash for ten families in one day and put the contents on a two horse wagon; so you see the crops are not so large. The potato crop has not improved any, one wheelbarrow can hold all.
  Mr. W. E. Dye is wearing a fearful grin, its a bouncing eight pound girl.
  We are very sorry to hear that Miss High will not teach our school this year. She has been offered a better position and much better school. They can think themselves the lucky ones to get such an elegant teacher. No better ever entered a school room.
  Mr. H. C. Homan, Misses Mina and Rosalia went to Conference in Moorefield Wednesday morning.
  We hear a new railroad is going through our country. We will wait to see it first--even if all did vote for it. We hope to see their profits they have gained from "what?"
  Campmeeting is here and what will we eat if it dont rain.
  Misses Stella Vogtman and Mamie Peffer was visiting at the Clause House last week.
  N. L. Clause is improving his barn. The work being done by Mr. Herbert Thrush.
[signed] Dry Town

At Mountain Lake

  Misses Lizzie Hoffman, Lillian Jordan, Pauline Gelwicks, Mary Vossler, Louise and Blanche Woolf went to Mtn. Lake Park last Monday for one week's house party at the Mountain Lake Hotel.

Camping Out

  Messrs. R. D. Shull, J. E. Patchett and A. A. Patchett, of Keyser and Mr. C. A. Carskadorf, of Philadelphia, went to Smoke Hole last Saturday to camp out, fish, hunt, etc. for a few days.

Death of a Child

  Dulcie Adair Rader, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. John Rader, died Saturday, August 5th, at the tender age of one year and nine days. The little one patiently suffered from brain fever for four weeks.
  The funeral services were conducted Sunday evening at Wards Chapel, by Rev. A. A. P. Neel, and the little from [sic] was laid to rest on the grassy hill nearby.
  The friends of the stricken parents extended sympathy and aid.

Miss Leannah B. Poling

  Miss Leannah B. Poling died at her home in Baltimore, Friday morning, August 4, aged about 46 years. She was born and reared in Mineral County and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Polling. She leaves one brother, Mr. W. H. Poling, one of the prominent business men of Baltimore, and Mrs. Kate Dean, of Belaire, Md. A large number of her friends and relatives live in this county. Funeral services were held last Sunday and the body was buried in the Martinsburg cemetery where sleeps the sacred dust of her father and mother.
  Miss Poling was kind in her disposition and delighted in deeds of charity, from childhood she was a member of the M. E. Church, South, and always took a lively interest in its welfare, being well versed in its history and in touch with its modern movements.

Our Ginseng Farm

  Mr. John B. Nash, manger [sic] of the Alleghany Ginseng and Golden seal Farm, near Emoryville, W. Va. made us a pleasant call last Monday. He had one Ginseng root that would bring $1.50 on the market. Read their ad. in this paper. They have about 250,000 ginseng plants and about 10,000 golden seal plants.

New Automobiles

  Mr. J. Sloan Arnold has purchased a new Reo, four door, Touring car with speedometer, wind shield and top. Mr. Jack Wilson, of Burlington, is the local agent who made the sale.
  The car was unloaded here and delivered to Mr. Arnold last Friday. The same day Mr. T. H. Davis delivered to Mr. J. H. Rogers, Purgittsville, a Model T. Ford Touring Car of the 1912 design.

A Work of Art and Genius

  At the forenoon services of the Keyser Lutheran Church last Sunday the Greenwade and Newhauser families presented to the church a very handsome hand-painted picture representing Christ praying in the garden of Gethsemane the night of his betrayal. The picture, which is a masterpiece, was painted by Miss Cora Reed, of Keyser, and we call special attention to the artist because many our [sic] people do not know that we have such a genius in our community.

Arrested for Assault

  The sheriff, of Garrett county, Md., came to Keyser Saturday, arrested Charles Sullivan, who was working at the B. & O. Shops, and took him to Oakland where he was charged with assulting [sic] one named Saucer on the fourth of last July, Saucer was pretty badly broken up. About the 27th of July Sullivan and Mrs. Saucer came to Keyser. Mrs. Saucer went to Oakland Saturday night to appear as a witness in behalf of Sullivan.

Miller - Ludwig

  Mr. Ernest W. Miller, of this county and Miss Myrtle Virginia Ludwig, of Hardy county, were married in Cumberland Wednesday by Rev. A. J. Secrist.

Cassiday - Marshall

  Mr. Homer Gordon Cassiday and Miss Elizabeth Emma Marshall, both of Williamsport, W. Va. were married in Cumberland Thursday.

A Deserved Promotion

  Mr. H. Foote Johnston left last Tuesday night for Garrett, Ind. where he has the position of assistant car foreman. His many friends in Keyser regret to lose him from our citizenship, but rejoice with him in his deserved promotion.

Death of Infant

  The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John Main, who live on Gilmore St., died Wednesday and was buried Thursday, services were conducted by Rev. J. H. Brunk.


  This is to certify that my wife has left me taking with her the youngest three children and that I will not be responsible for her debts or obligations. Respectfully, J. R. Schaeffer (8-11-3t)

I. O. R. M.

  Dr. H. (?) M. Payne, Great Sachem of West Virginia, was in Keyser last Friday night and visited the local Tribe of Redmen here.
  Dr. Payne has been visiting the local Tribes in the Great Reservation of West Virginia, for the past three moons, and it was quite a treat to "Beaver Tribe, No. 62" of Keyser, to have a Great Chief in their midst and especially Great Sachem Payne, as he is well versed in Redmanship.
[signed] Redman.

The Buckhorn Orchard

  Mr. Geo. W. Ashby made us a pleasant call Monday, he is the manager of the Buckhorn Peach Orchard, he said the force had killed 68 snakes on the orchard this season; 8 were rattle snakes and nearly all of rest were copper heads.

A Surprise Party

  A surprise party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Weily on G St. Wednesday August 2-1911 in honor of their niece, Miss Anna Steiding.
  Delightful refreshments were served and all spent a very enjoyable evening. Those present were Ernest Dawson, Anna Steiding, Gilmore Haines, Augareta Shore, Clarence Wilt, Katie Russell, Perry Jenkins, Effie Cather, George Biggs, Clara Caldwell, Eugene Cross, Maud Blair, Fred Hammil, Maggie Hoover and Mrs. Lillard.


  Mrs. J. H. Parker left Monday for Veste New York where she will visit relatives.
  Miss Fannie High, of Romney, is visiting at C. D. Whiteman's this week.
  Mrs. C. D. Whiteman was shopping in Romney Saturday.
  Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cheshire accompanied by I. R. Biser and sister, Mrs. Beinig, returned Tuesday from Mt. Lake and Oakland Md., where they had spent a week.
  Mr. C. D. Whiteman went to Moorefield Wednesday to attend conference.
[signed] Arietta

Hardy County News

  A. W. Seymour left Monday morning for a weeks visit to his brother near Cumberland.
  S. W. Moore, of Ellwell, spent several days the past week with A. R. McNeill, in the Old Fields.
  Mrs. R. C. Price spent several days in Franklin this week. Dr. Price took her up in his machine.
  Dr. M. F. Wright, of Burlington, came up Monday and is spending the week with the Clearbrooke Club, up South Fork.
  H. C. Pope and family who have been residing here for several months, left Saturday morning for Davis, their old home.
  Miss Sallie Chambers, who was called to Washington, Pa., returned to her home at Petersburg last week. She reports Mrs. Lobb much improved.
  The election held last Saturday to vote the question of issuing $20,000 bonds for a new Court House passed off very quietly and a small vote was out. The bonds were defeated by a majority of 892 to 327. Moorefield precinct was the only one in the county that gave a majority for the bonds.

 Order of Publication
State of West Virginia
Mineral County, to-wit:
In the Circuit Court of said County of Mineral, West Virginia, August Rules, 1911. N__ie H. Prather vs. In Chancery. Julian M. Prather

  The plaintiff in this suit is suing the defendant for a divorce of a vinculo matrimonii and other relief incident thereto. From an affidavit filed in the papers in this cause at these Rules it appears that the defendant is a non-resident of the State of West Virginia. On motion of plaintiff it is ordered that the said July M. Prather appear at the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of said County of Mineral within one month from the first publication of order, and do what is necessary to protect his interest.
  Witness J. V. Bell, Clerk of our said Court at the Court House thereof this 9th day of August, 1999.


  Mr. Arnold Vandiver, of Burlington [was a?] Keyser visitor last Tuesday.
  Miss May Long went to Somerset, Pa., yesterday for a ten days' visit.
  Andrew Woolf returned Wednesday evening from a very delightful visit to Atlantic City.
  The Sincell Co. will hold their third annual Peach Show September 1, 2.
  Mr. John Mackley and Miss Cora Lee Mackley visited in Keyser Wednesday and Thursday.
  Mrs. C. E. Marlatt, of Harpers Ferry, is the the guest of Mrs. W. T. Wells this week.
  Miss Katie Sims returned Sunday from a visit to Three Churches, Hampshire Co.
  Rev. I. C. Messick was shaking hands with friends in Keyser last Saturday. He is doing a great work on the Elk Garden circuit.
  Surveyor D. G. Martin was in Keyser on business Saturday.
  Mr. James A. Zell was here on business Saturday.
  Mr. George A. Kitzmiller came down Saturday to attend to business matters.
  Messrs. Paul Sloan and Richard Srimmell(?) came over Saturday for the ballot box, poll books and ballots for the railroad election at Burlington.
  Mr. W. T. Whipp and son, Ray, made this office a pleasant call last Saturday.
  Mr. Jesse Floyd was called to Mannington by telegram last Sunday night because of the illness of his mother.
  There was a heavy demand for extra copies of last week's issue of the Tribune.
  One of our readers writes, we all try to get hold of the Tribune first when it reaches here. You would think it to be a football match to see the "tussel" over it.
  Mr. W. T. Biser spent Sunday with old friends in Keyser and voted for the railroad Monday.
  Mr. R. S. Eldridge, representing Chas. H. Mills, of Philadelphia, was here this week looking up our peach growers. He said peaches were selling high.
  The Hagerstown Fair will be held Oct. 10-15.
  Miss Blanche Chrisman is ill with typhoid fever.
  Jeweler T. H. Davis is having a two story addition built to the rear of his residence.
  J. W. Rupert, of Baltimore, has been appointed assistant master mechanic for the B.&O. shops at Keyser.
  Mr. Robert Bane, of Elk Garden, is visiting in Keyser.
  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fromheart, of Newburg, visited in Keyser last week.
  Mr. Thomas Wolf is visiting his sister, Mrs. Joe Fromheart at Newburg.
  Misses Ruth Michael and Mary Moore drove to Petersburg today where they will be special guests at a picnic tomorrow.
  Much of our news is crowded out this week to give place for statistical matter that the law requires to be published.
  Mr. I. H. Bane was looking after business interests in Keyser yesterday.
  Superintendent Robt. Grant, of Elk Garden, was here on business yesterday.
  Mr. Lee Ott of Thomas was in Keyser on business Thursday.
  Mr. M. Tamburini was in Keyser this week.
  Mrs. Geo. P___ner, of Elk Garden, visited in Keyser this week.
  Miss Viva Jones, who had been visiting in Keyser, returned home yesterday.
  Mr. Charles Kight, of Cross, took his son to Cumberland Wednesday where he was operated upon for appendicitis.
  The Twin Mountain and Potomac R. R. Co. has arranged for the erection of shanties along the line of the proposed road to be used as quarters for the construction force.
  Mrs. James Leigh Jones, of Richmond, and Mrs. Tyree and two children, of Durham, N. C., who had been visiting Col. T. B. Davis, returned to their homes this week.
  A number of our citizens went to Mtn Lake Park last Monday to see and hear President Taft, they saw plenty of him and were pleased with what they heard.
  The fourth annual fair of the Fairmont Fair Associaion [sic] will be held at Fairmont, W. Va., September 12-15.
  Mr. F. H. Babb spent Sunday in Grant county, his family, who had been visiting there returned with him Monday.
  Col. W. ____ of the Cumberland Dry Goods and Notion Co., was taking orders in Keyser this week.
  Miss Maud Jackson, of Romney, visited friends in Keyser this week.
  J. B. Criser visited in Romney last week.
  C. C. Arbogast visited at Mechanicsburg last Saturday.
  Miss Ellen Bowler, of Old Point, Va., and Miss Nellie Price, of Cumberland, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Hoover, at the White Place.
  Miss Annie Steiding, of Swanton, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Jacob Weily.
  Mrs. John Hoover, Miss Ellen Bowler, Mrs. Patrick Naughton and son, James, are spending a few days at Mt'n Lake Park.
  Miss Bertha Wolf, of Morgantown, is visiting Miss Maude Moore.
  Miss Maude Moore and her friend, Miss Bertha Wolf, spent last Tuesday in Cumberland.
  Some of our fruit growers are marketing peaches from trees that have the yellows--evidently that is a mistake, and it should not be done.
  Mr. Frank Puffenbarger has moved his family from Junction back to Elk Garden.
  Dr. Gaston left Wednesday for Clarksburg to attend a meeting of the Dental Association, and from there will go to Lewis country to visit his old home returning to Keyser about Aug. 20.
  Mrs. Gaston and the baby are visiting Dr. Gaston's relatives in Lewis county, W. Va.
  John W. Gates, a New York capitalist, died in Paris early Wednesday Morning, after a severe illness.
  Admiral Togo, the famous Japan Naval officer, is visiting in the United States and is the recipient of many honors.
  Dr. Richard Gerst___ returned Wednesday from a very delightful outing among the lakes in Upper Canada.
  Mrs. James Cottrell and son, James, of Pittsburg, are visiting Mrs. Isaac Mills.
  Mrs. Nannie McDonald, of Berryville, Va., came to Keyser Tuesday for a visit to relatives and her many friends here.
  Rev. B. W. Smith and master Earl made us a pleasant call last Wednesday.
  The grand encampment of the Patriarches Militant, the union branch of the Odd Fellows, met in Fairmont this week.
  J. M. Bright of Harpess Store can fit the horse with any style harness, bridles, lines,, halters, lap dusters, storm aprons, also a nice new Studebaker run about or buggy to drive home in.
  Special price on 10 dozen whips just received at J. M. Bright's Harness Store.
  Mr. Clarence Vossler, of Maysville, visited relatives in Keyser this week.
  Miss Anna Vossler left Tuesday night in company with a lady friend of Cumberland for a two weeks' visit to western cities.
  Miss Elizabeth Arnold spent Tuesday with Miss Katherine Sharpless.
  Miss Pauline Woodward, of Chillcothe, O__, arrived at Keyser Monday for a visit to friends.
  Born Sunday morning, August 6th, to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Babb, of Jenningston, W. Va., a ten and one-half pound son.
  Mr. A. J. Boor and family returned this week from a ten days' visit to points of interest.
  Wanted--Bright girls to learn to set type at the Tribune office.
  Wanted--Position as stenographer: Address: Miss Alma Paris, Keyser, W. Va.
  Mrs. James Carlin, of Washington, D. C., is visiting her daughter, Mrs. O. J. Taylor.
  Miss Ethel Lloyd, of Washington, D. C., is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Taylor.
  Rev. and Mrs. M. H. Keen and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Markwood and Mr. Bernard Markwood attended District Conference at Moorefield this week. They made the round trip in Mr. Markwood's auto.
  Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rees were shopping in Keyser Wednesday.
  Atty. Wm. MacDonald and family left today for Davis and from there will go out into Canaan for a ten days' outing.
  J. F. Haines, of Headsville, made the Tribune office a pleasant call last Wednesday.

Petersburg Items

  Mrs. Isaac Roby, who lives near here, is critically ill.
  Campbell Pancake, of the South Branch Tie Co., spent Monday night here.
  Mrs. H. I. Harpess(?) left Saturday for Illinois having been called there by the death of an aunt.
  Mrs. C. W. Smith and three children, of Keyser, are visiting her father, W. W. Kimble, at Ketterman.
  E. M. and J. H. Hoover, and F. H. and C. Driver and J. A. Carter, cattle buyers, from Timberville, Va. are in this section looking after cattle.
  Miss Anna Vossler, daughter of Hon. C. H. Vossler, accompanied by a lady friend from Cumberland, will next Saturday start on a two weeks visit to Pittsburg, Cleveland and Detroit, Mich.
  S. H. Williams of Romney spent Tuesday night here at the Hermitage with his brother-in-law, C. W. Taylor. This was Mr. Williams first visit to this place since forty-six years ago when he was here as a soldier in General Imboden's army.
  Interest is again being revived in the wonderful Peacock cave located up in the Smoke Holes on the lands of J. C. Watson. Several parties have recently gone up to explore the cave, and Wednesday a party of a dozen young people from here spent the entire day in the cave exploring and discovering. They had along with them a kodak and took several flash light pictures of the interior of the cave.
  H. O. Thrush, wife and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gilbaugh and Mrs. Aronhalt, of Keyser, came up Sunday in Mr. Thrush's auto.

Patterson's Creek

August 2, 1911
Dear Tribune,
  As we had a light shower of rain last evening and it is somewhat cooler this morning, will try to write a few items.
  Mr. Dennis Culp, of this place, has been very sick for sometime with rheumatism and does not seem to get any better.
  Mrs. Will Hirshberger was verys [sic] sick for a few days. She is better at this writing.
  Mrs. Hamp Cheshire and two grandsons, Quinnel and Don Sheffler, spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson. Mr. A. D. spent Monday with them.
  Mr. John Kaylor has been very sick for two weeks but is better at this time.
  Mr. John Rhodes and Mrs. Kate McKenzie, both of this place, slipped off to Frostburg last Sunday and were married, came to Cumberland, went to Green Spring on train No. 14 and came back on 39 and went to church. Mr. Rhoder clerks for J. H. Smith, his wife was clerk for J. E. Long. They will go to housekeeping here. We wish them a lot of happiness.
  Mr. Oscar Johnson went to Green Spring this morning where he has secured work as timekeeper for the Extension Co.
  Mrs. James Galigher, who has been so very ill is getting better. Their baby is dead, was buried on Sunday last in the Catholic cemetery at Cumberland.
  Miss Nora Haines, of Hoy, is here visiting her many friends.
  H. J. Dohrman was here yesterday on business.
  The berry season is done here on account of dry weather.
  Miss Lou Wagoner came home yesterday from Brookside.
[signed] M. A. D.

Mt. Storm Items

  Fortune again seems to smile on the people of this community, we have been having a plenty of rain the past few days.
  We are sorry to note the death of Dallas Arnhalt son of David, who died July 27th 1911.
  There will be no services here Sunday on account of the sickness in this community.
  Hellen Arnhalt is improving.
  We are glad to say that Miss Maggie Idleman is somewhat better at this writing.
  The people are making a charitable job of Mr. Arnhalt's harvest, owing to the sickness in his family.
  Mack Kitzmiller is caring for Davie Arnhalt's affairs during his trouble.
  For some time there has been a bear excitement through the Bismark Settlement, they have destroyed a good many sheep for the farmers through that district, but if Providence will provide a few more days, we are going to try to put a stop to it, as crowd of brave and experienced hunters are going to scout the laurel bed along the Stoney river and try their luck.
  Silas Rinker has already captured one young bear as a proof that there really are some using here.
  Dr. Drinkwater has been seen on our roads every day for a week or so.
[signed] Boy Scout

Push Root

[Note: The first part of this column described the election and also the excursion of the train and its schedule. Then it went to personals, which are listed below.]


Miss Vanila Buttonhook will visit our leading lady, Miss Laurel Root, for ten days or two weeks. She will be here during camp meeting. Grease your buggies, boys, and put a ribbon on your whip.
  Lou Wallace read last week about some one finding a very old land tarrapin. Lou hates to be out done, so he sent his son, Guy, out last week to find one. Guy got Alex Meyers and together they went for to hunt. They were pretty slick. They took some buckets along and made out they were going to pick huckle berries, doing this to fool the land terrapins. About three o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun was coming down on both sides of the fence, they found the grand father of the land terrapin family. Found him on Tar Kiln ridge just above the old pine tree. It had the initials "T. S. W. 1800" carved upon his shell. Lou is very proud of Guy for this and is going to take him down to campmeeting a day as a reward. This terrapin will be on exhibition at the preachers' tent all during camp meeting.
  Hez Root and others went to the county seat Monday and Tuesday to visit the Horticultural special. They haven't returned yet, so no report can be given about this train until next week.
  Uncle Hiram is not so well as usual but some think he is about the same.
[signed] Hink.

Notice to Settle

  All persons indebted to the estate of the late Barber Stewart are requested to make settlement at once. All persons holding claims against the estate are asked to present them in due form for settlement.
Fannie S. Bucker, Executrix of the will of Barber Stewart, decd