FEBRUARY 10, 1911


*Daily except Sunday. 18 to on a signal to receive and discharge passenger GRAFTON, PARKERSBURG, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE and ST LOUIS, Depart 5:24 am, 2:12PM and 9:05PM. Arrive 1:33am, 7:55am and 9:30pm.
NEWARK, COLUMBUS and CHICAGO, Depart 10:30 pm, Arrive 10:01am, 5:22pm
WHEELING, Depart 7:47am (local) 2:12pm, 10:30pm. Arrive 1:33am, 6:01am, 5:22pm
GRAFTON and Way Stations, Depart 7:47am, 6:08pm, Arrive 11:32am, 5:54pm.
WASHINGTON, BALTIMORE, PHILADELPHIA and NEW YORK. Depart 1:33am, 6:01, 7:35am, 5:22pm, 9:30pm. Arrive 5:50am, 2:12pm, 9:05pm, 10:30pm.
CUMBERLAND Dep 1:33am, 6:14am, 7:35am, 11:32am, 5:22pm, 5:54pm (local), 9:30pm. Arrive 5:24am, 7:46am (local), 2:12pm, 6:08pm (local), 9:05pm, 10:30pm
SELINGTON Depart 5:24am, 2:12pm Arrive 9:30pm


Mr David Schwinabart was in Keyser on business Mon.
Hon George T Goshorn PM of Piedmont, was in Keyser on business Tues.
Rev H C Smith, of Rawlings, spent a few days in Keyser this week.
Mr Seymour Whip spent a few days in Keyser on business this week.
The good weather yesterday permitted Col T B Davis to go for a drive. His many friends were pleased to see him down town again.
Our new City Fathers came into * Feb 1, and the Council held its first meeting Wed night.
Mayor R A Welch left this morning on a trip to Weston and Charleston.
Mrs E M Pancake, who was called to Old Fields last week by the serious illness of her brother John W McNeill, returned home Wed.
Mr C R Knight came from Moundsville this morning and took George Listy to the penitentiary to serve a sentence of five years.
Mr Sargent Wells, who had been home for a ten day's visit, returned to Annapolis Sun night to continue his studies at St John's College. He had done his class work so well that the faculty did not require him to take the semi-annual examination.
Mr H A Blair spent Sun in Brunswick MD.
John Ravenscroft spent Mon in Rowlesburg on B&O on business.
Misses Birdie and Maud Rice of McCoole, have returned from a visit to Cumberland.
Paul Goshorn and William Seaber spent Sun evening in Keyser.
Thomas Dailey and Joseph Malloy of Westernport visited friends here Sun evening.
Mr Thos F Kenny of Piedmont, was here on business Mon.
The familiar jingle of the sleigh bell was heard in our land again this week.
Miss Rosa Greenwade moved to Piedmont Tues where she will take charge of and run the new hotel just completed for Dr Cross.
Edward C Kline, aged 30, a B&O Brakeman, who lived at Paw Paw was killed in the Cumberland yards Mon morning.
Mrs J W Kabrick went to Elk Garden Mon on a visit to friends and relatives. On Wed, she dined at the home of MR I E Oates, it being the birthday of both of them, and for years they have been eating their birthday dinners together. MR Kabrick bought Mrs Kabrick over to Keyser Monday morning.
Mr Loyd Douglas is on the sick list this week.
Mr D Long one of our leading merchants has been shut in for several days with grippe.
Mr Olin Evick, J M Bright's harness maker has completed a fine set of harness for the Cessna Lumber Co, Cumberland MD.
D Long & Son have a handsome line of Embroideries at ten cents per yard.
J M Bright bout the big white faced black team of H Taylor, Parsons WV. Mr Taylor had the team here hauling supplies out to the new dam.
Atty H G Fisher was in Charleston this week in the interest of legislation, looking toward the establishment of a tuberculosis sanitarium, a matter that is worthy of the attention of our law maker.
Dr F P Edgell was in Keyser this week enroute to Pittsburg. He has decided to locate in the historic and picturesque town of Harper Ferry. The inhabitants of that town will have the opportunity of having first class dental work done.
Miss Mayme Dean of Baltimore is visiting Miss Annie Leary.
Mrs Frank Wease, of Moorefield is visiting her son, Mr C K Wease.
The Calendar Coterie met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs W E Woolf. Besides the members, quite a number of friends were present. As usual the hostess served an elegant course supper.
Capt J R Harrison, a veteran third division conductor, has been confined to his home the past ten days with a severe attack of la grippe.
Mr John A Pancake and Miss Sydney Pancake are visiting Mr Samuel Rees this week.
Get into the good roads movement while our friends are willing to help us, and let Mineral County take the position that she held twenty five years ago when she was noted far and wide for her excellent roads.
This good road enterprise has been started by men who mean business, and it is a movement to give Mineral county the best public roads that she has ever had, everybody shares in the benefits of good roads, are you going to enlist in this movement and help us to build the roads?
There came near being a serious fire at the home of Dr E V Romig last Tues. morning. Their little son, Jack, was in their bedroom upstairs alone and playing with a small candle, set the lace window curtains on fire. Seeing what he had done, Jack came down deliberately and informed his mother that her curtains were on fire. Mrs Romig hastened upstairs and found the curtains blazing to the ceiling, but with presence of mind, hastily grabbed the bed clothing and after a struggle got the fire out, but not before considerable damage was done to the carpet, bed clothes, etc, besides the curtains being consumed.
Miss Maud Curry of Beverly WV, is visiting Miss Mary High for two weeks.
Sheiff Davis went to Piedmont Wed. evening and brought back a US prisoner charged with using the mails fro fraudulent purposes. He was lodged in jail here awaiting the action of the Federal Courts.
Mr H A Blair spent Tues. on B&O business in Cumberland.
Mr A W Dean, of Cumberland, spent Tues. here with his family.
Mr Wilber Chapman, one of the Keyser mail carriers, is off duty for a few days on account of suffering with a very sore foot.
If you want three good meals for every day, buy your groceries of W T Biser.
Misses Elizabeth and Marion Glover spent from Sat. until Mon. with friends at Romney.
Mrs Margaret Robinson of near Clarksburg, is spending a few days here the guest of her sister, Miss Dora Johnston of W Piedmont Street.
Misses Nellie Allen and Lillie Hines of Piedmont, spent Sun. here with relatives.
Born on Sat. Feb 4, 1911 to Mr and Mrs Fred Dodd, of W Piedmont Street, a daughter.
Messrs. L K Jacobs and Harry Effibaugh of Newburg WV, spent Sun here with home folks.
Lucy Haines daughter of the late B F Haines, postmaster and merchant at Alaska, Mineral County, died Jan 25 and was buried last Friday morning at 10:00 at Alaska. She is survived by one sister, Mrs John Long. Miss Haines was a devoted Methodist.
Married: Jan 28 at Queen City Hotel, Cumberland MD by Rev C P Bastian, Charles W Turbin and Effie Harrison, both of Burlington.
Married: At the home of the bride's sister, 45 F Street, Keyser, Jan 29 by Rev C P Bastian, W B Helsley and Lulu M Wolverton, both of Keyser.


Mrs W H Clary, of Deer Park, is visiting her daughter Mrs V M Grayson.
Miss Mollie Welch, of Keyser who has been visiting in this vicinity, returned home last week. While here she helped to care for the late Mrs J M Martin during her last illness.
Surveyor D G Martin is in Grant Co this week doing some surveying for the L J Babb heirs, and for John Berry, near Forman.
Miss Hattie Dettinburn, is at New Creek for a few days.
Mrs Nettie Taylor was a pleasant caller at D G Martins Sat evening.
Mrs V M Grayson and mother, Mrs Clary, were guests of Miss Mona Homan Wed.


Silas Biser is still poorly but seems better in some respects than he was. He can lie down now and also the swelling is much reduced.
Chas High from the Eastern Shore, came up about a week ago on a wee visit, they say.
John King of Eglon, is down on the Run at J B Leatherman's.
that awful disease has been hard among Dan Ludwick's horses. Pet and Old Bess yielded to the ravages of the disease and went the way of "all flesh".
Most of the farmers on the Run have been plowing some. Now is the time to plow under snow for fertilizer.
Not much adoing on the Run, but I see the teacher and pupils have removed the flag pole at the school house and put up a nice staff on the house an improvement over the pole.
Experience has convinced the writer that school flags should be on staffs rather that poles. This staff is so put up that it can be taken down at the close of the school and put in the house in the dry.
Financial conditions are good. Peter Thrush recently sold his house and lot in Burlington to John Veach. Mr Thrush will go to Moorefield, they say. I don't know who will take his place as funeral director, but funerals will still have to be directed just the same.
J H Cheshire has purchased the farm on which he live, (the Zachariah Arnold Farm) of Parker's. He has lived there since it was vacated by Will Arnold's.


Hello Mountain Girl. Lucas has come to life again and will give you the news from his place when ever there is anything of importance.
Mr Baxter Armentrout, Superintendent of the Mineral County, aims house, caps the climax for corn this season on the river, he has corn 11 inches long and perfect in every detail, who can beat it.
Mrs Pearl Hott and Mrs Bertie Feaster of Keyser were visiting Mr and Mrs Horner Hott Sun.
Mrs A L Johnson, of Kentucky is visiting her sister, Mrs William Simmons, this week.
Mrs Harness Miller of Rawlings, was calling on friends here.
Mrs Dan Brady and sister Daisy, of Westernport, were visiting their father, Mr N V Bobo Sat and Sun.
Mr and Mrs John Mase,of Moscow, were visiting his sister, Mrs L B Llwewllyn last week.
Mr Rufus Taylor of Pugitsville, was the guest of John Mellon Wed night.
Well, as today (Thursday), is Ground Hog Day. I will close up and go out and look for my shadow.


Mr J Fred Bane and daughter, Miss Carrie, made a trip last week to Marlinton, Pocahontas County to Durbin and to Thomas. Mr Bane returned the first of this week and Miss Carrie the latter part of the week.
Mrs Isaac E Oates is recovering through somewhat slowly from a severe illness.
Miss Nellie Harshbarger, a student at Elk Garden, was called to her home at Thomas last week on account of sickness in her father's family.
They have several cases of Measles.
The grip seems to be more prevalent this week. Mr John Gordon, the teamster, and others of his family are suffering with the grip.
The Revival meeting continues in interest. Rev Messick preach-to a large congregation last Sunday evening. Rev Geo W Yost arrived on Monday evening.
Rev Miss Ida Judy arrived from Lacey Springs, Rockingham Co, VA Tues evening and preached to a packed house. Her earnest words were well received. Rev Miss Judy conducted a successful revival at Lacey Springs.
Again, the ground is covered with snow and the weather report says there is more to follow.


John Lyon, of Mt Storm, was here on legal business Saturday.
Jas H Endler, of Stony River visited his daughter, Mrs Geo D Junkins of Emoryville.
Misses Myrtle Carnell, of Mountain Breeze Hotel and Margaret Frieze, of Parkersburg, visited friends here last Sat and Sun.
D G Martin, of Antioch, was recently doing some surveying for Tom Taylor at the Black Diamond Mines.
T P Duling lost a fine horse last Sat night. He rode it up to his mother's near Mt Storm, put her in the stable and when he went to feed next morning he found her dead. It is supposed that colic was the cause of her death.
His Hogship saw his shadow in all its beauty, and now it is snow, sunshine and a preponderance of shadow.
M V Blackburn, the genial salesman for I D Rohrer of Cumberland, was here in the interest of his profession Mon.
We are sorry to hear that T B Blackburn of Empire, attempted to commit suicide last Sunday by cutting his throat with a razor. He has been feeble for a long time, and no doubt was mentally deranged when he tried to end his life. Dr J Oliver Lantz was called to dress the wound. Hopes are entertained of his recovery.
T P Duling is moving from here to his mother's farm not far from Mt Storm. We are sorry to see such good neighbors leave.
Howard Evans bought a fine horse of Mrs Minnie Duling. We did not learn the price paid.
Rev J W Bedford will preach here next Sun night at 7PM.


The inclemency of the weather has made bad roads and quite a lot of sickness in this community. Nearly every family has been the victim of the dread disease La Grippe, sore throat and bronchitis.
J B Parish and son, Dan are erecting the dwelling on the mountain orchard owned by Dr Sam Umstot of Hagerstown MD. D R Bailey and Son are also clearing for Mr Umstot.
Knobley Mt is getting pretty well patched up. Nearly every way you look you can see a little smoke boiling up where someone is working with might and main to get a little strip cleared for the fruit. Never was there a greater fruit craze around here. we wish them success, lots of fruit, and a full pocketbook.
Mr Twigg of Oldtown MD, has moved into the house erected by C L Harvey and F W Rawlings for G P Miller. We also learn that sleeping camp is also being built near as Mr Miler expects to put a number of men at work shortly to clear.
L H HInes and U S Biser are quite busy logging the timber Mr Hines brought of G P Milller.
H T Daniels and C L Harvey are quite busy courting this bad weather. I wonder if they are doing the same kind of courting they did when they were each trying to win for them a bride.
Mr and Mrs L O Mott were through here last week on the lookout for a farm.
Teachers, what is the matter? Are the libraries filled with books that you are not making some move to add a few more volumes to your list? Did you think that box suppers, etc. have been very scarce this season and that the one to be first would likely to be the one to be the most successful?
Mrs Ida Umsottt, who has been staying down at the Sunrise Orchard for a while, is home for a visit to her sister, Mrs Bell Umstot.
Quite frequently you can see some traveler with an oil can going up to Mr Whoolery's new store. Quite a piece of convenience for us farmers, this bad weather to be able to get our oil and groceries so close, as Mr Whoolery keeps a full line of groceries, etc. Friends should we not have a Post Office established the next, this is another of our worst inconveniences?

Jan 27 Ruskin


Mud and wind seem to be the condition of the weather at this time.
Our school is progressing nicely, with Miss Estella Hott and Georgiana Davis as teachers.
The Tannery is starting again, which makes many glad hearts.
Born to Mr and Mrs Julius McDonald, a daughter.
Mr Wilber Riggleman passed through her Wed moving his property from the house of Rev J F Roberts to Westernport.
Mr Sam Turner is going to move in the house vacated by Mr Riggleman.
We hear that Mr Charles Paugh is going to leave us. We regret to loose as good a neighbor as he is.
Mr Ed Coffman, was called to Barnum last week to see her father, Mr John McNemar who is very ill.
Mr Russell Davy, has been visiting his father, Mr Isaac Davy, and Rev J F Roberts, his father-in-law for the passed two weeks. His sister Miss Hittle Davy took him to Keyser yesterday on his way to Elkins.
Mrs Mary Smith visited Mrs Vaus Ellifritz one day this week.
Mr Frank Urice, teacher at Sunnyside, visited home folks last Sat and Sun.
Mr James W Davis visited friends at Antioch a few days this week.
Mrs Vause Ellifritz, Mrs Jessie Crites, were the pleasant guests of Mrs Bud Riggleman, one day this week.


J A Parks was in Baltimore a few days this week on a pleasure trip.
Charles R Gibbs, of Dobbin, listed at Cumberland a few days ago for the US Army.
Henry Kuhn, died at his home at Cumberland MD early Sat morning, aged 74 years. The deceased was first cousin of our fellow townsman, John Kuhn.
Dr W C Vanmeter, has contracted with J B Fetzer of Keyser, to erect a handsome brick residence for him in this place. He expects to begin work as son as the weather opens.
Howe Keplinger, of Elk Garden was here on Wed, accompanied by his father, Andy Keplinger of Maysville.
Howe will move his family here about March 1st on Max Boar's farm which he has rented.


Last Sat night, some time during the night, Thos B Blackburn, an aged citizen of this place tried to take his own life by cutting his throat with a razor. He wears a long, heavy full beard, and as a part of it had been cut off, the supposition is that it fended off part of the stroke, therefore the wound was not deep enough to prove fatal. When the family found him in his room Sun morning they summoned a doctor, who sewed up the wound, and says he will recover. Mr Blackburn is about 70 years old. About one year ago, he suffered a stroke of paralysis from which he recovered far enough to be able to walk about the house, but his mind has been very poor ever since.
The sick of our community are all getting around again. We hear of no other sickness except a severe epidemic of colds throughout the entire neighborhood.
We now have some 5 or 6 inches of snow, and not wind enough to pile it, therefore, the sleds are running and the -not bells, but chains are jingling.
The Blackburn Bros, sons of E G Blackburn, have purchased a farm near Bayard, on MD side and will move into it about the first of April. D W Idleman, who owns a large grazing farm adjoining the property which they vacate, will move in. Mr I has sold his home property at Mt Storm, and madam rumor says, he has - or is about to buy this farm from "Mack" Inskeep of Moorefield.
John M Reall, CE and wire stretcher, of Bismarck, spent several days recently on our telephone line putting it in order.
the writes is thinking quite seriously of trying to procure the services of Mr Reall and a few others in our community and build a trolly road from Emoryville via Hartmonsville, Mt Storm, Greenland, Maysville and to Petersburg this summer, that is if Gabe Kitzmiller, Wilbur Blackburn, Gabe Hanlin, Bruce Roderick and Tom Fleming who built about one half of our telephone line gratuitously will foot the bill.
In the matter of the nuncapative will of the late Mrs Ellin Hanli, your Mt Storm correspondent of last week thinks it very strange that there is yet left a family of five persons who would keep their word and who would fulfill a solemn promise made to a dying parent. Well, brother, such men may be little scarce up your "neck of the woods" but we have plenty of them down here in Mineral Co.
The estate of the late Silas Reese of New Creek was settled by a nuncerpative will and some of the heirs got several thousands of dollars less than they would have gotten, had it been settled by the laws of the state.
Born Feb 6th unto Mr and Mrs J Arley Blackburn, a son. Congratulations.
Uncle John


Last December Mr and Mrs Elery Ferrebee and four little children were taken with typhoid fever at their home, 55 E Street, Keyser. After about six weeks illness, Mrs Ferrebee and infant child died last Sat, Feb 4, and were buried at the old family burying ground, near Antioch last Mon. Mrs Ferrebee before her marriage, was Miss Annie Tasker, and she was in her 26th year of age when she died. The father and four children are slowly improving from the fever, but the children now have chicken pox. The family moved to Keyser last fall and Mr Ferrebee was employed in the B&O Shops. Their afflictions have been sore indeed, but their neighbors have been extremely kind.
Mr Ferrebee desires to extend his sincere thanks and assurance of his very highest appreciation for the innumerable acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy that have been extended, by comparative strangers, in these their times of sore distress.


Mr D G Staggs, has sold to Dr F L Baker, the Ridgeville Store property. Mr Burgess continues his mercantile business at that stand.