FEBRUARY 17, 1911


The thirteenth census gives the town of Keyser a population of 3706. It is necessary to call the attention of the public to the fact that South Keyser is a separate corporation and the inhabitants of that town are not included in the population of Keyser, though of course the inhabitants of that corporation and also of McCoole MD, just across the river are to be reckoned when numbering the population of this vicinity, and if all who compost the commercial and social population of Keyser were in one corporation, it would number about five thousand inhabitants. Our population is, perhaps, five hundred more than it was when the census was taken last spring - then many houses were vacant - now a desirable dwelling can not be found that is not occupied.
The population of South Keyser is 692; of Piedmont, 2054; Elk Garden, 438; Moorefield, 646; Romney, 1112; Bayard, 417; Marlinton, 1045; Parsons, 1780; Philippi, 1038; Kingwood, 800. Keyser's increase in population for the last ten years has been more than 46 percent - then as someone has remarked, the quality of the folk is unusually good.


W T Biser is the man who supplies good things to eat.
Mr Harry G Fisher returned from a trip to Charleston Sun. night.
Miss Viva Jones came down to Keyser Wed. for a visit.
L C McDonald can always supply you with the best of any kind of goods.
Mr Dan Fogle of Elk Garden was in Keyser on business Wed.
If you think of traveling, get your Suit Case of D Long & Son.
Mr Bruce Rodruck of Schell, was in Keyser on business Wed. and made the Tribune office a pleasant call.
Miss Georgia Shelley spent Fri. evening as the guest of Miss Bella Torney in Westernport.
W S Davis & Son always have the best of Groceries on hand.
Mr & Mrs Frank Halbritter have gone to Clarksburg, where Mr Halbritter has accepted a position, and where they will make their future home.
Miss Kate Kennedy, who is teaching school at Douglass spent Fri. until Sun. evening with home folks.
Mrs Bennie Wells, Miss Fidessa Workman and Miss Beulah Fisher spent a few hours in Piedmont last week.
Mrs Lynn Carskadon and children Catherine and Tom of Keyser, have moved to Wheeling to make their future home - Wheeling Register.
Wanted: A reliable girl for Diet Kitchen work at the Western MD Hospital, Cumberland. $3.50 per week. Reference required.
Jacob Stullenbarger Esquire, of Elk District, was in Keyser the first of the week on important business.
Mr Fred Warnick passed through Keyser Sat. on his way to Elk Garden to visit home folk.
Mr Adam Keller has been on the sick list for the past few days.
Mr H A Blair was in Martinsburg this week on B&O business.
Mr S S Bailey has returned home from a business trip to Columbus O.
Mr Richard Gerstell, of Grafton, spent Sun. here with home folks.
Mr F O Bailey, who travels for the Humbird Supply Company, spent Sat. and Sun. with home folks.
We have the slickest thing out in the Washing machine - the 1900 Gravity. If you need a machine investigate the merits of the 1900 line. S & T Hardware.
Born unto Mr and Mrs John Neville, Sun. Feb. 12, 1911, a daughter. Mother and baby are getting along fine.
Mr and Mrs E E Purinton were shopping in Cumberland Mon.
Mr Fred Ashenfelter left Tues. morning for a visit to relatives in West Virginia.
Mr Dana Purinton of Cumberland, visited his brother, E E Purinton on Mozelle Street Sun.
Mr J H Jones of Kernstown VA, has renewed his subscription to the Tribune for another year.
Mr John Carskadon attended the funeral service of little Thomas Carskadon at Clarksburg last Wed.
Mr Harrison Morris visited his brother, George at Hutton Switch this week.
Prof. Shedd of the Preparatory School, was in Romney this week in attendance upon the Agricultural School. Prof. Shedd occupied important positions on the program.
Mr Edward Morris visited friends in Westernport Sun.
Mr Fuller Barnard of Westernport, is suffering with La Grippe.
Mr and Mrs Arthur Fisher and two children of Davis are visiting relatives here this week.
Mr Will Hannis, who has been ill with pneumonia, is able to be out again.
Mr Moses Kaplon left Sun. night for Garrett Ind. where he has a position as stenographer in a large dept. store.
Mayor Welch went to Moorefield yesterday on legal business.
Mayor R A Welch returned from Charleston the first of this week.
Atty. H G Fisher is in Philippi looking after important matters.
Mr J C Watson went to Petersburg yesterday on important business.
Mrs Sarah Somerville is visiting her daughter in Cumberland this week.
Mrs Rachael Stevenson is in Cumberland visiting her daughter.
Miss Mary Coffroth of Somersete Penn, is visiting her Uncle A W Coffroth.
Mrs Isa Saucer, of Richwood who has been visiting her aunt Mrs Walsh, went to Bayard Wed. to visit her parents.
Mr David Moler and daughter, Mrs. Koelz, who had been visiting in Cumberland, returned Fri. evening.
Write C W Shelly, Architect and Builder concerning the plan of your new house.
Mr Fred Young, of Cumberland, spent Mon. evening here with his friends.
If you want Rubbers, go to Weimers, and get them at your own price.
Beware of Pneumonia and Grippe. Keep your feet dry. Get your shoes at Weimers.
Mr Fred Davis of Clarksburg, came in on No. 12 Mon. on business for a few days.
Broke his arm: Mr R C Garber met with a very painful accident while walking along the streets here on Sun. afternoon. He was in company with a friend when he slipped on a small piece of ice, breaking his left arm near the wrist.
H F Johnston left Wed. night on a trip to Philadelphia and other eastern points.
The Calendar Coteerie met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Geo. T Carskadon. The social hour was exceedingly pleasant, and delicate refreshments were served.
J H Vernon returned Mon. from a week's trip to Norfolk VA and Baltimore. Mr Vernon was quite sick while away, which hastened his return, but he is getting along all right again.
Born Feb 11, 1911 to Mr and Mrs Fred Martin at their home in Wheeling WV, a daughter.
Mr W F I Blackburn was in Keyser on business last Fri. and Sat.
Mr and Mrs J H Wilson of Blaine, visited Mr and Mrs C W Junkins for a few days.
Mrs S S Twigg moved form her country home into Keyser this week, and now occupies the dwelling adjoining the Twigg Store on East St.
The S&T Hardware Co, has a high grade petroleum oil which you should have for incubator use. Price 18c per gallon.
Father O'Hara's congregation had a dance in St. Mary's Hall Wed. night.
The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen held their second anniversary ball in Music Hall Thurs. night.
We have a high grade lot of grass seed. timothy and clover 991/2 pure. Timothy $6.00 bushel; Clover $12; second grade clover $10.50; Whippoor-will Cow Peas $3.00 per bushel. S & T Hardware Co.
Mr W A Liller returned Tues. night from a business trip to Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Mrs S R Duling of Elk District, was in Keyser on business Tues and Wed. He reports the roads in bad condition.
We received a carload of barbed smooth and woven wire fence. We intend selling this wire at a very low price. Ask us for quotations. S&T Hardware Co.
Mr Michael Staggs of Cabin Run, went to the Western MD Hospital, Cumberland last Tues, where he was operated upon Thurs. for stomach trouble. His many friends hope for him a speedy recover. Mr Staggs is one of our most substantial citizens.
Keyser Tribune: Keyser WV. I enclose Post Office Order for One Dollar for which please commence my Tribune again. Respectfully your, Walter C Bischoff, New Carlisle Ohio.
Mr T W Ashby was in Keyser on business yesterday.
There was a small landslide on the B&O Mon. afternoon just outside of the Keyser yards.
Mr and Mrs E H Foreman and daughter of Pittsburg, are visiting Mrs F O Bailey, on Orchard St. Mrs Foreman and Mrs Bailey are sisters.
Mr Charles McGown of Brunswick, visited home folks Sun.
Mr J B Gillum, now of Cumberland, visited in Keyser Sun.
Mr J C Pugh, of Weaver WV was in Keyser on business this week and made the Tribune office a pleasant call.
Messrs. I H and Morgan Bane were in Keyser Mon. and Tues. looking after the completion of their buildings on Main Street.
C E Ralston has completed the foundation for the front of I H Bane's building on Main Street, and the brick masons are putting up the walls.
I M Long is offering special bargains in laces embroideries, dress trimmings and ladies collars.
Mrs B A Berry is quite sick at her home on West Piedmont St.
Both Branches of the Legislature have passed a bill to establish a Tuberculosis Sanitarium in WV. The bill carries with it an appropriation of $40,000 for that purpose. Mr H G Fisher was in Charleston last week in the interest of the bill.
Mr Walker Herndon, who has been in the employee of Messrs. J C Orrick & Son Co at Piedmont for a long time past, has resigned and has accepted a position with a coal company near Newburg. Mr Howard Fazenbaker will fill the position vacated by Mr Herndon at the Grocery Co.
Marriage: A quite but pretty wedding took place at Mt View, the residence of Mr A L Ewers at Three Churches WV at 3:00 Sat. afternoon when Mrs Ewers sister, Miss Verna Ethel Johnson, became the bride of Mr Joseph Inskeep Long. The ceremony was performed by Rev A B Sapp, of the ME church South in the presence of only immediate relatives of the contracting parties.
Marriage: Mr John Howard Culp and Miss Mary Helgoth were married Thurs. afternoon at 3 o'clock at the bride's home by Rev A J Secrist. The bride is the daughter of Mrs Mary Helgoth Blaul's Avenue Cumberland, while the groom is a well known young man of Patterson's Creek WV. The attendants were Miss Annie Litten and Mr Arthur Foster.
After the ceremony a wedding supper was served at the bride's home.
Marriage: Ray Kline, a B&O Brakeman and Miss Elsa McCoole, both of Paw Paw WV were married in South Cumberland Fri. by Rev A J Secrist.

Had we now such roads as we ought to have, and such as we hope before long to have in Mineral County, during this season of the year, when farm work cannot be done, our farmers with their teams could be doing their hauling, but at present, the roads, in sections, are wellnigh impassible, and farmers hesitate to take even their butter and eggs to market over them. They phone in to our merchants to send them articles that they need because the roads are unfit for use and they do not wish to go to the store over them, but unfortunately our merchants must deliver goods to them, over these muddy and almost bottomless roads.
Shall we put up with such longer? Let every person in our County who is interested in good roads meet with our County Court in special session next Mon. forenoon, and everyone be sure and arrange to be at the "Good Roads Rally" to be held in Keyser Tues, March 7. We are going to have a great meeting on that day and we desire that you all may participate i it. Come and bring your neighbors.


Just wait till we get to burning natural gas on the Run, then we can pen some of the surplus cats in the house and turn on the fuel.
Miss Etta Orndorff is staying with her sister, Mrs Estelle Haines, east of Romney.
J W Leatherman and wife have returned home from the Eastern Shore, whence they went in December.
Mrs Pearl Staggs was burned in the face pretty severely last week. It seems she had a small bucket of water on the stove to heat. There was a lid on the bucket and in removing the lid, the steam rushed i her face. Her face soon swelled, her eyes closed and have been closed for several days.
The social meeting now meets at 7:30 at the school house each Thurs. evening, and J H Arnold is leader for next Thurs evening.
Uncle Harvey Ludwick is reported dangerously ill from a stroke of paralysis a few days ago. He was on the road between Mrs Ed Davy's and home when he was paralyzed. Soon he was found down on the road and proper assistance was given.
Silas Biser has not made much change since last week.
The county superintendent is in Piedmont this week.


The groundhog gets the credit for every spell of cold weather, but the first of this week he had a monopoly on mud.
Died at Thomas Thursday, Feb 9, 1911, Paul, son of James and Adeline Hershbarger, aged 9 months and 18 days. The funeral sermon was preached at Elk Garden on Sat. by Rev. L C Messick, and the interment was in Elk Garden Cemetery. Other members of the family are quite sick. The babe died of pneumonia.
Mr Ferdinand Warnick, who has a store in Preston county, was home on a visit to his family the first of this week.
Messrs. Geo Stullenbarger, Steve Carney, James Mason, W H Kight, Thos. Conlon, Clarence Rollman, Bartley Kilroy, Lester Biller and C Keller attended the festival at Cross last Sat. evening.
Mr D P Streets had a sharp tussle with the grip, he is out again but wants no more grip.
Mayor Geo. Finch has the municipal reins in hand now. The new council is starting off all right.
An old citizen, perhaps the oldest in the county, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs Bosley, at the old Atlantic mines near Elk Garden, Sun. Feb 12, 1911, aged 92 years. He was married twice and came from Idaho about four months ago where he had been staying with his first wife's children. He was formerly a resident of Grant County, this state. Mr Kline was a healthy man, had no use for doctors for he was never sick, and only laid down his life when his frame wore out. His remains were interred on the mountain farm of Geo Turner, in New Creek District.
Dr P S Keim, went to Davis last Mon. evening taking with him the three year old boy of Geo. Dishong, who was suffering with a serious affection of the head. The child was taken to the hospital for an operation but died before the physicians began. Mrs Dishong accompanied them.
The revival in the ME Church South continues, with unabated interest. The church is not only filled, but crowded. The Rev Miss Ida Judy draws all classes by plain, pointed and intensely practical sermons. The town is thoroughly stirred, religiously.
Rev G W Yost, arrived last week and is doing able work for the master. Rev L C Messick is an enthusiastic worker also.
There has been twelve conversions up to Tuesday evening, with several penitents at the altar and much interest.
Mr. Frank Healey of Elk Garden, was calling on friends in Keyser the past Sunday.


Well, as I have been absent for quite a while I will try to give a few of the happenings in and around the Fountain.
Mr George Staggs and sister, Miss Virgie, were calling on their uncle, M L Staggs, Sat. evening. We are sorry to say that Mr Staggs is very ill at this writing.
Miss Deelya Rogers spent the past week with friends and relatives at Fountain.
Mrs S L Twigg and sorts will move to Keyser this week. Their many friends are sorry to see them leave, but are glad they are not going so far.
Miss Pauline Maxfield, teacher of the Eureka School, spent from Fri. eve until Sun. with her friend, Miss Minnie Umstot.
Mr Michael Caldwell and friend, Miss Blanch Staggs, attended the play at the Music Hall Sat. evening.
Several of the Fountain people attended the Box Supper at Reeses' Mills Sat. evening and report a pleasant time.
Mr Franklin Urice, of New Creek, spent from Sat. until Sun. with home folks.
Mrs Wm E Staggs spent Fri with Mrs S L Twigg.
Misses Virgie and Blanche Staggs spent a couple of days last week, the guest of their brother Edward.
Mr and Mrs H J Bailey spent Sat. and Sun. in Keyser, the guest of their son Ray.
Mr Michael Caldwell was calling at the Knobley View Farm Sun. evening.
The Spelling School at Fountain last Friday night is one long to be remembered on account of the large attendance and the fine spelling. The champion spellers were: Mr Ed Hollenback of Reeses' Mills and Mrs Ervin Welton of Keyser.
Mrs Calvin Urice was calling on Mrs Fred Urice Sun. evening.
Mr and Mrs D R Bailey spent Sun with Mr and Mrs Reeves.
We are sorry to say that Mr Beeve's baby is very ill with pneumonia.
Well, if these items don't fall by the way side into the waste basket, I will write again.


H H McNemar is on the sick list.
J A Hull and Floyd Morrison spend Sun. at Burlington.
The oil house of Piedmont Grocery Company was completed Tuesday.
Walter Trenton, manager of the Piedmont Grocery Co branch store at Moorefield, spent Sun. here.
Rev C W Stump and wife who have spent some time here, left for their home at Linden VA Fri.
On account of the sickness of H H McNemar, Ned Miller has been acting as agent for the Hampshire Southern here.
Mrs B J Baker and Mrs W S Welton, who had been on a ten days visit to relatives in Keyser and Piedmont, returned home Thursday of last week.

Our people are anxiously waiting the 27th of Feb. on which date the Hampshire Southern will begin carrying the mail.
By this arrangement most of the mail for Petersburg and surrounding country will reach here 24 hours sooner.
The members of the congregation of Petersburg ME Church pleasantly, Rev W Allen, on last Fri. night by calling at his home and giving him an old fashioned "pounding" in the form of a generous donation of useful articles.


Daniel Seldon has been right sick this week with grip.
Born unto Mr and Mrs Frank Snyder, this week a son.
Senator, R C Price spent a few days the past Week in Washington and other points.
I N Weese had a flock of 14 sheep killed by dogs last week.
Other parties report the loss of sheep by dogs.
Rev C W Stump of Linden Va, was here Mon on his way to Petersburg to spend a few days visiting relatives.
Miss Elizabeth Dailey was honored last Fri night by a number of friends who tendered her a surprise party. The evening was voted most delightful.
W W McClung of Salem Va, who is well know to many of our readers, has sold an orchard of 1,700 choice young apple trees to a Pittsburg man for $12,000.
Snider Bros. are now busily engaged finishing up the New US Post Office room in the Hardy County Bank building.
A part of the fixtures have arrived and the room will be completed at the earliest possible moment.
John W McNeill,who has been right sick, we are glad to say is improving.
John J and W B Cornwell, of Romney spent last night in Moorefield.
Miss Ruth Allen, of Romney, spent the past week visiting Sen. and Mrs R C Price
Mrs Benj Dailey who spent several days in Washington, returned to her home here last week.


Mrs Samuel Twigg, a widow, aged 89 years, was found dead on a sofa at the home of Mrs George Eline, 236 Columbia Avenue, Cumberland at 3 o'clock Feb 8, by a member of the household. Mrs Twigg had been ill for some time. Coroner Franklin B Beall, who investigated the cause of her death, found it to have been heart failure.


Mr M T Davis has sold his farm of 380 acres, lying in Frankfort District to Mr W H Carder, of Grant County. Mr Davis will give possession on the 20th of March. This is one of the best farms in Mineral County. Mr Davis sold because he has decided to make some change in his business.
Mr Davis will make public sale of his personal property about the middle of March.


A reception was given by Misses Sadie and Maggie Sloan, Ft Hill, in honor of their nephew, Mr John R Stimmell and wife. Mr Stimmell formerly lived with his aunts, but for the past eight years has been in the gold fields of Nevada. He and Miss Mabel B Long were married at the home of the bride, Groveport, Ohio, Jan 25. They arrived here Feb 6, from Washington DC, where they had been visiting the groom's sister, Miss Sadie Stimmell.
Their home will be Gardiner, North Dakota, after April 1.
The reception was given Feb 7, afternoon 2 to 4; evening, 7:30 pm.
Those present in the afternoon: Mr and Mrs John Bane, Mr and Mrs I P Carskadon, Mr and Mrs Jas. Carskadon, Mr and Mrs C K Wilson, Mr And Mrs J W Vandiver, Dr and Mrs FL Baker, Dr and Mrs M F Wright, Mr and Mrs Geo Arnold, Mr John Sloan, Mr and Mrs D A Arnold.
Those present in the evening: Mrs Jessie Little of Pittsburg PA, Misses Harriet and Jean Stump, Ruth R Carskadon, Hattie Wilson, Dollie, Lyde and Sade Sloan and Annie Arnold, Messrs. Fred Carskadon, Frank Carskadon, George Stump, John Wilson, E G Vandiver, James G Wright, John Sloan, J R Stimmel, S M Arnold and Dr M F Wright.


I have the following account before me for settlement, and will state and settle same on Feb 25, 1911.
Marud H Gurd, guardian of Eugenia Mae Gurd, Maud Elizabeth Gurd, Clifton Eugene Gurd, and Robert F Gurd.
Given under my hand this 13 day of Feb 1911.
E B Reynolds, Commissioner of Acc'ts


T H Davis, the Jeweler and Ford agent, has sold three Ford model T automobiles fully equipped, two of them go into the country, Mr Davis has purchased for himself, as demonstrator, one of the latest new model T Torpedo runabouts fitted up with electric lights and air whistle, this car is the latest production of the ford make, and is entirely up to date, cars will arrive about the 25 of this month.


The ladies of the Methodist Episcopal Church will serve a Chicken and Waffle Supper at their dining rooms on Davis Street Tuesday evening, Feb 21st. Price 35 cents.

Dear Editor:
Please address my Tribune to Moravian Falls, North Carolina.
Have purchased a cottage and three acre lot here as a temporary home until we can investigate climate opportunity and etc.
Family all well. Enjoyed our journey from the start and are now setting up furniture for housekeeping. Hastily yours,
Henry E Burgess


It is announced that the authorities in Cumberland have accepted the theory of Monoxide Gas Poisoning in the Twigg Elosser case and have dropped further proceeding. According to this theory, the death of C E Twigg and Grace Elosser was accidental and no blame can be attached to anyone, but the people of this vicinity do not accept that theory.


The new bridge across the Potomac at Luke is finished and is a fine structure. The main body is of steel. The bridge across the B&O is made of concrete with side walls about eight feet in height in order to protect the passing teams as traffic across this bridge is very heavy.


The Champion Wagon Works, of Keyser, Green and Willhide proprietors, have completed a new top spring wagon for D W Eagle, proprietor of the Willow Brook Dairy and Fruit Farm. Mr Eagle is now delivering milk to his customers with his new wagon.


Mr S S Rees will sell his valuable personal property at public auction at his home on New Creek, seven miles above Keyser, next Wed. Feb 22.


Peter Noallis and Nettie Paugh, both of Chaffe WV.
Martin Lee Ralston of Keyser and Margaret Agnes Condon of Eckhart MD.


On Tues. night, Miss Beulah Burke gave a Valentine Party at her home on St James St.
Many games were played, after which refreshments were served.
those present were Miss Burnedette Bell, Ruby Kelley and Virginia McGuire of Piedmont; Misses Fiedssa Workman, Beulah Fisher, Ada Evick, Florence Hammill, Messrs Roy Mulledy, Clatus Schaffnaker, Loyd Douglass, Charlie Neville, Robert Fisher and "Happy" Douglass.


At Wheeling WV on the evening of Feb 11, 1911 of spinal meningitis, Thomas E, aged about five years, beloved son of Mrs Mollie Carskadon, widow of the late Lynn J Carskadon, formerly of Clarksburg; and grandson of Mr and Mrs J R Carskadon of Keyser. Interment at Clarksburg, Wed AM at 10 o'clock.
Dear Little Thomas we miss you
Though you are now with the Heavenly band
Of bright little children just like you
In God's own beautiful land.