FEBRUARY 24, 1911


Atty. F C Reynolds was a visitor to our state capital this week.
Atty C M Finnell was looking in upon our law makers at Charleston this week.
Atty W H Griffith was attending court in Moorefield this week.
Atty Wm McDonald was attending to business in Charleston this week.
Miss Annie Wise of Moorefield, is visiting friends in Keyser this week.
Mr H A Blair was in Connellsville on business Sat. and Sun.
Mr Claude Dunlap, of Connellsville was here Sun. with his family.
Mrs Luke (?Lake) Weese, spent of few days with relatives in Bealington.
Messrs. Edward Ravenscroft, M Matthews and Homer Johnston were in Cumberland Sat. evening.
There was a large demand for extra copies of last week's issue of the Tribune.
Mrs James Kelley, of Piedmont, spent Sun. with her sister, Mrs. John Burke.
Mr H G Wilson was called to Baltimore Sun. evening and was away for several days.
Mr J W Wolfe is visiting his daughter, Mrs J P Cadu, at Grafton.
Mrs Dermier was operated up on at the Hoffman Hosptial, but Drs. Edgell and Yeakley, last Sun. afternoon, and is improving rapidly.
Rev. S R Ludwick, a former pastor of the U B Church in Keyser, visited friends here this week on his way to see his father.
Mrs. Ed Dayton, of McCoole, was taken to Cumberland the first of the week and operated upon for appendicitis.
We have just added to stock the finest line of Admiral Gas Ranges all cast Iron and Mission Style. Frye and Sons.
Joseph Stickley has sold his property in S Keyser to Mr Dunlap for $1350.00 and Mr Stickley will move to Hardy Co tomorrow.
Mr Jas R Green and son Fred, of Sulphur, were in Keyser yesterday.
Mr Ed Shirley was here on business yesterday.
Mr C C Arbogast was in Petersburg on business this week.
The biting cold wind made it disagreeable for those who attended S S Rees' Public Sale, of his personal property last Wed., but property brought fair prices.
Messrs Arthur Dawson and Harley Kight attended the funeral of their aunt, Mrs Ingram in Parkersburg last Mon.
Seed of all kins at Rock Bottom prices. Frye and Sons
Mr TM Lillard of Cumberland was shaking hands with friends in Keyser Mon.
Mrs Caldwell of St James St, has been quite sick.
Oliver Chilled plows, Walking and Riding Cultivators. Frye & Sons
Mr Herman Davis left Tues night for Garrett Indiana, where he is visiting friends and relatives. He will return tomorrow.
The Chicken and Waffle supper given by the ladies of the First M E Church Tues. evening was liberally patronized and deserved to be, for it was a first class supper, served in good style, by fair young ladies.
Last Wed., being Washington's birthday, our public schools and banks closed and the post office observed holiday hours. The rest of us mortals worked as usual, but we enjoyed seeing the children enjoy their holiday.
Mrs Susan Brady visited her home, in Romney, last week.
T H Davis, Keyser WV, Ford Ag't has sold another one of those classy Model T runabout automobiles. Mr James H Flanagan of Alaska, is purchaser of the new machine.
Among those who attended the U R K of P at Piedmont Fri. night were Mrs and Mrs B E Wells, Mr and Mrs W W Long and son, Mr and Mrs C G Scribner, Misses Agnes Malcolm, Bertha and Lillie Wagoner, Fiedssa Workman, Fannie Warner, Sadie Paris, Minnie Welch, Mae Davis, Lucy Trask and Beulah Fisher; Messrs Roy Warner, Tom Adams, Roy Mulledy, M Smith, Mrs Stallings.
Miss Catherine Sharpless has been shut in for a week because of a sprained foot.
Miss Grace Sheetz, who has been visiting relatives of Patterson's Creek, returned home Tues.
Mrs I D Strader, of Beverly, is visiting Mr and MrsC N Finnell.
Mr J S Blackman of Parsons, attended the S S Rees sale Wed.
Mr George Richardson, of Florida, visited his cousin, Mr R G Richardson, last week.
Mrs George Sheetz is visiting her daughter in Trenton, NJ.
Miss Edith Pickett, of Fairmont, visited her grandfather, Mr G W Dildow last week and this.
Mr Jesse Sharpless, cashier of the Gormania bank, spent Washington's birthday with his mother.
Misses Ethel and Fay Montgomery returned Mon. from a visit to Romney.
Miss Grace Bane left Sun. evening for a visit of three weeks with her cousin, Miss Leannah Poling in Baltimore.
A number of our Band boys went to Oakland last night to assist the Oakland band in a concert given at that place. The Oakland Band is to come to Keyser soon.
L C McDonald's Store continues to be headquarters for first class groceries.
Dr Robt. Gerstell left Wed. for Easton PA, where he joined his brother, Fred and the two started Thurs. on a trip to Cuba.
Mr John Ed. Frye was out of town on business for a few days this week.
W T Biser continues to handle to best of groceries.
Atty H G Fisher has been in St Louis and Chicago all week on important business. He left last Sat. and is expect to return next Mon.
W S Davis and Son keep everything that is good to eat.
Buttrick Fashions and Patterns are the best. You can get them at I M Long's store.
Mrs Cora Wiseman, of McCoole, who has been confined to her home for several weeks with la grippe and throat trouble, is somewhat improved.
The American Lady Corsets are the best. I M Long sells them.
Mr Mitchell, of Westernport, was a business visitor to Keyser Mon.
Mr Greitzner, of Westernport, was in Keyser on business Mon.
The most stylish shoes and the most beautiful wash dress goods at I M Long's.
Mr Goff Cain was in Westernport on business Mon.
Sheriff Davis was a business visitor to Cumberland Mon.
Get your Dress Skirts at I M Long's Store.
Mrs J C Liller is now in Charleston and will return via Washington DC after the adjournment of the Legislature, when Mr Liller will return with her.
Mr and Mrs F O Bailey received an announcement of the marriage of Mr Bailey's sister, Miss Leoti Bailey, to Dr J Allan Thames of Montpelier LA on Feb. 8th. Miss Bailey has been spending the past year with her sister, Mrs L C Hayden in the south.
Mr and Mrs Edward Holland Forman and little daughter, Edythe Virginia of Pittsburg, who were visiting Mrs Forman's sister, Mrs Floyd Bailey, on Orchard St, the past week, left on Thurs. to visit her sister, Mrs. Dr G Guy Shumaker of Cumberland
Mrs C E Allen and children visited here Sun.
Wanted - to exchange Gas range and gas stoves for Coal range. Apply at this office.
Mr Shannon Cheshire was in Cumberland on business last Sat.
Messrs J B Isles, W W Woods, J Harrison Isles and Harry Carskadon were in Cumberland Sat.
The S&T Hardware Company has rubber roofing to offer at the following prices: 1 ply, $1.25, 2 ply $1.65, 3 ply $2.00.
R A Stehley, who has been in Louisiana MO, contracting with the Stark Nursery Co, returned home the first of this week. Mr Stehley will represent that firm in this section.
For Sale: Blanchard Strain S C White Leghorns. Have laying habit. 75 cents per setting of 15. Barred rock eggs the same price. W S Secrist, 155 Willow Avenue, Keyser WV.
The Shakespearean Recital given by Mr Hannibal Williams in the High School Auditorium last Tues. night was richly enjoyed by all who were present. Mr Williams is a master in his line.
Miss Mollie Brown is in the East laying in a stock of Spring millinery.
Mr and Mrs Arthur Fisher and two children of Davis, who visited friends and relatives for a few days last week returned to their home on Thurs. evening last.
L C Grady, set a trap gun in his barn at Parksley VA to catch the man writing notes to his daughter, and a negro messenger was killed.
Mr Harry G Fisher, left Sat. night on No 1 for a few days visit to Mrs J D Arnold in St. Louis, and from there shall go to Springfield Ohio and Chicago Ill on business returning the latter part of the month.


Well, if this is just the tail end of the recent blizzard, I sincerely pity the people at the other end of this monster.
That "Good Roads" movement, yes indeed! Do the farmers misapprehend? The idea seems to prevail that primarily it is to benefit the autoists, etc. It might seem narrow and old fogyish not to favor such a movement, but I think it will require pretty convincing argument to arouse much favorable enthusiasm along the Run. the fact prevails that the country people are pretty well satisfied with the roads they have if adequate labor could be put on the roads occasionally. It is not the mere fact of a legal right to run autos on the public roads against which the people protest, but the menacing manner in which they are chaffered, especially about the turns in the roads. What everybody here now wished for most is protection by law against the unnecessary, damaging and ruinous running of heavy engines, etc, on the roads when they are especially soft. The foregoing are conclusions reached from pronounced expressions of the people.
Silas Biser is still poorly; is swollen badly in the legs, arms and lower part of the body and the water sups out of his limbs freely; suffers no pain, but is distressed with shortness of breath, eats heartily.
Mrs Fannie Doman, mother of T B Doman, of Deer Park, and Mrs Fertig of Headsville, died at the residence of the latter, Friday, of pneumonia, aged 77 years. She came over here to her daughter's in Nov. Saturday, the remains were taken to Fabius, Hardy county, for interment Sun. Her husband proceeded her to the grave by nearly two years.
Since their purchase of the farm on which they live, J H Chesshire's are offering their farm, occupied by Art Tutwiler's for sale. About 100 acres of it, and if that is not enough, J W Leatherman has offered to sell a lot of his land, adjoining this farm on the north, grazing and wood land.
J H Swadley is foreman for the social Thurs evening. The "Spirit" is the subject.
I I Whipp's family have been poorly with mumps but are reported better.
Dan Bailey's young mare is quite ill with pneumonia. A veterinarian was called from Romney Tues.
The Mutual Telephone has been extended from George Biser's across the Ridge by Mr Powell's to Perry Biser's and up the run to Boyd Staggs. It is understood that Wm Orndorff's and Lowry Stagg's will also take boxes. It is the intention to extend the line to Burlington and probably up Mill Creek to Moorefield if stock should be taken sufficient to justify it. Boy Staggs will be on both the C&P and this line, so by calling him on either line he could transfer a message to the other line. Don't bother him with tattling, but he might transfer a private message in courtship. Try him anyhow when no one else is listening.


John Wesley, son of George and Sarah Dishong, died at Davis WV, Feb 14, 1911 aged 3 years, 3 months and 15 days. The little boy had been taken to Davis for an operation for some affective of the head, but died before the operation was begun. The funeral was preached by Rev Geo. W Yost in the Nethkin Hill church where the interment was made. The sorrowing parents wish to thank their many friends for their kindness during the sickness and death of their son.
Died at her home, Elk Garden WV, Mrs Eliza Parker, aged 87 years, 10 months, 17 days. Grandmother Parker did not suffer any pain, but sweetly breathed her last, and it was reverently said, she passed away.
Died at Barnum WV Sat morning, Feb 18, 1911, John William McNemar, aged 55yrs, 3 months and 11 days.
Mrs Rosa Carney was taken to John Hopkins hospital last week for an operation which we learn was successful, and the patient is doing well.
Mrs Blanche Wilderson, of Gormania, and Miss Lila Wilson of Moorefield, visited Mrs Jas. Norman last week.
Rev J W Bacon, District Superintendent, held a business session of the fourth quarterly conference of the ME Church at Nethken Hill church last Tues. evening. Messrs. Howard C Bishoff and John Durham of Cross, were present.
The 47th Pythian Period was celebrated by the K of P lodge here last Sat. evening. There was a sumptuous supper, a large attendance, and a most enjoyable time. Following is the program:
Supper - 8:30, music, phonograph
Entertainment - 10:30
Announcing program, W H Kight, singing, opening ode, prayer, Rev L C Messick; History and Prophecy of the Order, R Marsh Dean; Duet, Miss May Arnold and Mrs R M Dean; Comic Solo, Miss Bessie Dean; Knocking, Chris. Yager; Boosting, E M Sheetz; Singing Closing Ode. The E and B orchestra furnished music.
The revival in the M E church, South, in charge of Rev Miss Ida Judy, the evangelist, is still increasing in interest. The church is filled every night and there are many anxious seekers.
On Tuesday the whole number of conversions was fifty-five. About twenty converts united with the two churches, the U B and M E S last Sun. evening. A religion tidal wave is sweeping over the town.
Mr J Eston Winsboro has gone to Front Royal VA. He has been in poor health and wishes to recuperate.
Miss Mary F Troy, of Keyser, visited her sister, Miss Dora Troy, last week. Miss Dora was out of school one week on account of grip.
The infant son of John and Gertrude Middleton died Feb 16, 1911.
Mr H H Harrison of Thomas, was in town over Sun. His wife is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs J Fred Bane.



Mrs Geo K Judy is right sick at her home in the Old Fields.
T M McCorkle was here several days last week calling on our merchants.
F C Welton, of Cumberland, came up last night on a short business trip.
F C Turley of Romney and Fed Johnson of Canada, spent several days here lst week.
Sen. R C Price left last week on a short trip to Charleston and other points.
John S Pancake,of Staunton Va, was here several days the past week on business.
Postmaster Harwood returned last Fri from a short business trip to Washington.
Ed Leatherman was in Keyser last week attending the Agricultural School, which was held there.
A S Veach of Purgittsville, came up last week and is assisting in P F Sions & Sons store at this time.
Misses Alice McCoy and Lynn Moomau of Franklin, are the guests of Mr and Mrs R C Price.
The Daughters of the Confederacy will meet at the home of Miss Sallie Chambers on Sat. Feb 11 at 3 o'clock.
Harry Sions and wife and Herman Sions of Marshfield Mo, arrived here last week and will make their homes here.
The unknown party who removed the coal from the bin at the Episcopal church and left their glasses, can get the latter by calling and settling up for the coal.
Noah Cosner died at his home near Williamsport, after a brief illness of an abscess of the lungs, aged 42 years. The deceased was raised near Maysville. Mrs Henry Haslacker is a surviving sister.
P F Sions and Sons have opened a complete line of general merchandise in the store room recently erected by Mr Sions near the H S Depot, where they will be pleased to have their friends call to see them. The will sell goods at the right prices.
Rev Dr John W Start, 92 years old, died at this home in Baltimore Tues morning. Rev Start was pastor of the ME Church South, at this place, at the same time the Rev Mrs Beaty was and it was he who united in marriage Rev and Mrs Beaty.
Jno W McNeill who has been quite sick, we are glad to say is improving. One of his sons is quite ill now.
The Postoffice Dept has notified the Postmaster Harwood that the Hampshire Southern will begin carrying the mail on Feb 27.
J H Marshall and several gentlemen from Midland have been here for the past week. We understand that they have optioned Geo T Leatherman's Brighton Farm and are laying off into 24 acre farms, which they will sell for truck raising. They should have no trouble disposing of it, as this is an ideal country for that business.


Miss Myrtle Carnell, of Mountain Breeze Hotel, Claysville, was visiting friends here several days last week.
Miss Otie B Ludwick is on a visit to relatives in Ohio.
Rev J W Bedford held a very successful revival at Wabash. There were about 60 conversions, and about 50 accessions to the church. He will preach his farewell sermon here next Sun. at 10:30 AM. All are invited.
Mr. Henry Lawrence Duling is to be married to Miss Ida Catherine Schwinabart, the beautiful and attractive daughter of Mr and Mrs John Schwinabart today, Wed at 1 o'clock PM. We extend hearty congratulations to them, and may health and happiness and prosperity be their portion in life.


Charlie High of Ridgeley spent several days here last week.
Mr and Mrs Edgar Rogers of near Keyser, spent Tues. and Wed. with relatives here.
Messrs. J H Parker and J S Taylor spent this week in Baltimore.
Mr. Berk Greenwalt, of Purgitsville is at his Uncles, C D Whiteman's for a while.
Mr Lee Clinedinst spent Sun. evening near Burlington.
Frank Breinig is at Burlington helping to complete J A Veache's new store.
Our school closed Fri. with a spelling bee at night. Miss Fink taught a very successful term, yet it was a short one, only 4 1/2 months.
Messrs. Wade Clinedinst and Chas. Whiteman made a business trip to Keyser first of the week.
Trinity church was improved very much a few weeks ago when a metal ceiling was put on. The work was done by J F Breinig and E J Allen, they deserve much complimenting.
Mr Harvey Ludwick, who was paralyzed a week or so ago, continues very poorly.
We are having some winter again, the ground-hog surely must have seen his shadow.
Mrs. Annie Moore spent last Sun. with her mother, in Rowlesburg.
Miss Ellen McKinzie, a late graduate of the Preparatory School, has been added to the force at the Greenwade Store.


Piedmont was excited last week over the announcement that there was small pox in town. Immediately the board of health was called together and the two supposed cases quarantined. The school children were ordered to be vaccinated. The disease is in two Italian families and there is no fear of its spreading and has been in a mild form. Piedmont should not object even to a few cases of small pox, if they should awaken the town.


Married Wed, March 22, 1911, at the home of the bride's parents at Sulphur, this county, Mr Henry L Duling and Miss Ida C Schwinabart. The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs John Schwinabart, and is one of the most popular young ladies of Elk Dist. The groom is a son of the late Howard Duling and is a prosperous business man of Gormania, where they will reside. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J W Bedford of Elk Garden.

Mr Samuel D Vaughan and Miss Sadie Webber were married Jan 13 at the United Brethren Parsonage by Rev J H Brunk.

Mr Willis Canol Pollock and Miss Buenna E Bazel were married Jan 19, at the home of Rev W P Bazzel by Rev J H Brunk of Keyser.

Mr James H Dolan and Miss Nancy E Kelly, were married Feb 18 by Rev J H Brunk of the United Brethren Church

Married at the Lutheran parsonage by Rev C P Bastian, Feb 20th, Walter Miller and Miss Mary Rohe, both of Barnum WV.


A bad wreck occurred late Sat night in the B&O Yards here. Fast freight east bound No 98 was standing just west of the Keyser station awaiting the signal to go ahead, when No 96, also fast freight, ran into her, wrecking the caboose and several cars in the forward train, and badly damaging the engine on the rear train A west bound freight, passing as the collision occurred, had many cars sideswiped by another thrown across the tracks by the wreck. The trainmen escaped, but a man named Blouser of Baltimore, Ohio, in charge of cattle, who was asleep in the caboose, was severely injured. the flagman on the forward train had only gone back a short distance when the following freight came down the track at a high rate of speed. The engineer applied the brakes but his air gave little service and the impact of the collision was tremendous.
Mr Blouse was taken to Hoffman Hospital where medical aid was rendered. His son reached Keyser Sun. evening.
Mr Solomon Blouser died Tues night, never having regained consciousness. He was 60 years old. His brother, another son, and two daughters reached here a few hours after his death. They took the body back with them on 55 Wed.


Master Clement McDonald, son of Mr and Mrs L C McDonald, was operated upon at the Hoffman Hospital last Sun. for appendicitis, and is doing finely. He will soon be able to be taken home.


Our merchants have this winter handled some fancy apples that were grown in Washington State, but their best can not equal the choice apples that are grown in Mineral County. There is now on display in the window of L C McDonald's store a plate of mammoth Black, Twig apples, grown by Mr Isaac Umstot of this county, that are superior to any apples that have come here from the Pacific slope this winter. Mineral County leads.


The infant child of Mr and Mrs Dorsey Kennedy, who reside of Piedmont St, was buried Feb 16. Rev Geo Hazel conducted the burial services.