JANUARY 6, 1911

Oscar Blackburn has accepted the position as teamster with I H Bane and Bro.
We congratulate F C Patton on his appointment as assistant assessor for Piedmont and Elk Districts.
Misses Nellie Bane and Agnes Patton returned to their schools the first day of this week, to Buena Vista and Dayton, Va, respectively.
Miss Goldie White visited her friend Miss Percy Harvey at Blaine part of the holiday season.
Bert Harvey and Mr Kelley of Shinnston WV were business callers here the first of the week and were guests of Mr Thomas W Ashby.
J W Jones and family spent a part of the holiday season with friends at McCoole and Beryl.
Miss Laura Barrick spent the holidays at Spruce, that wild and romantic part of Pocohantas County where her brother J R Barrick is mine foreman.
James Mason was a business caller at Keyser last week.
Born unto Dr Floyd Edgell and wife, Dec 30, 1910, a son. Mrs Maggie Edgell of Keyser is visiting her grandson this week.
Mrs Kate Lee Bane returned to Powhatan College at Charleston WV this week to resume her work as a music teacher.
Born unto Mr and Mrs Newton Lyon, Jan 2, 1911, a son.
Jan 1, 1911, there was just a little surprise in matrimonial affairs. James J Fleming of Elk Garden, who is operator at Blaine, and Miss Georgia Burton of Kitzmiller went to Gormania, and were married in the parlor of the Virginia house, by Father O'Hara of Keyser. Congratulations.
J W Bedford slipped an fell on the ice last Sunday and sprained or fractured his ankle. He started for his home at Parsons the same day. He had begun a revival at Nethkin Hill and his many friends are sorry.
Sheriff L O Davis was in town the first of the week collecting taxes and summoning witnesses.
The editor of the Keyser Tribune, Mr C L Bane, and daughter Miss Carrie, visited friends here last Tuesday.
Miss Agnes Patton, student at Dayton Va, arrived home last week to spend the holidays.
Christmas was an ideal day. The ground was covered with snow and ice which made excellent sleighing. Rev J W Bedford preached an excellent Christmas sermon to a large congregation at the Nethkin Hill Church. The Christmas entertainment in the M E Church, South was a complete success. The church was a crowded until standing room was all taken up. The principal features were - "Merry Bells" by eight boys carrying small bells; "Christmas Story" by five girls; "Little White Snowflakes" motion song by twenty girls. Rev L C Messick gave a brief but appropriate talk. An orchestra added very much to the entertainment.
Mr Fred Bane and family spent Christmas at Thomas with Mr H H Harrison.
Miss Bernadetta Dean, of Cumberland is visiting her uncle, R M Dean.
Miss Pearl Barrick, teacher in McDowell County, visited her sister, Miss Lou at this place this week.
James Healey, wife and children of Frostburg, visited his mother and other relatives the past week.
Mont McGinnis, wife, and two children of Frostburg, visited relatives here Christmas week.
Coasting, coasting, coasting! It has been in all it's glory the past week and boys and girls have enjoyed this fascinating sport to their hearts content.
There was dancing in Moody's hall Monday afternoon and night. Those who enjoy dancing made good use of their time.
Bion Cockburn, whose parents live in Florida, but formerly in Elk Garden visited friends here this week.
'Twas last Monday night. Sleighing was excellent. Three men and six ladies boarded Mr Road's sled for Sulphur and return. All went well going there except that Miss Timid was frightened for she saw a shooting star and said it was an evil portent. The had not long to wait for on turning the sled around at Sulphur the tongue was snapped short off. It was repaired with wire etc. In the second place when the sledding party was opposite Mr Upton Prichard's the off horse fell. They got him on his feet and he fell again, and rolled down a steep bank against a barbed wire fence. Sandow quickly landed the ladies from the sled for fear of further disaster. Juliet and Rebecca fearing that the horse might get out of his tangle and smarting from the barbs run them down started in a swift run and Rebecca proceeded to climb the barbed wire fence. She succeeded in getting to the top and then could get neither forward nor backward. Sandow rescued her. IN the meantime, Strenuous had chopped a panel out of the wire fence and the horse regained his natural position. Then the jolly sleighing party thought that walking was good and the road wasn't crowded. So they walked the greater portion of the return trip.
Lodi will please pardon us for speaking without leave last week about the green leaves and we now leave the subject. Continuing alliteratively we would say that the Sage of Schell solved the green leaf problem satisfactorily.
Rev L C Messick began a revival meeting at Sulphur this week.
The mines did no run last Monday. They were closed and it was a bad day generally.
Miss Adna Middleton, who holds a position at Thomas was a home guest; this and last week.
Messrs. Baldwin and Frank Bane are enjoying part of their vacation with their mountain friends.

Roland Dec 27


Hello, here I am again with but a few items of interest; as Xmas passed off very quite in our vicinity.
Mr Henry Bailey and Bro Reese of Mt Zion spent Xmas with their sister, Mrs J R Baker.
Miss Lacy Wolford is spending the holidays with her parents at Westernport.
Misses Bessie and Blanche Miller and Mr Poland attended the Xmas services at the M E Church Sunday night.
Mr and Mrs John Triplette, of Twenty-first Bridge spent Sunday with the latter's parents Mr and Mrs Faulk.
Mr J R Baker who has been quite ill the past week is much better.
Hauling lumber and mining props seems to be the order of the day in our neighborhood.
As news is scarce I will ring off. Wishing the Tribune and its readers a happy New Year.
Wake up Lucas, and give us a few items from Dawson.

Dec 27 Mountain Girl


Sleighing was good for a few weeks, but snow and ice about gone.
Christmas passes off very quietly in this part of the country. The weather was ideal. The New Year was ushered in with rain and hail.
Capt Macker Babb from Connecticut, and Miss Ruth Arnold from New Creek spent part of the week at the home of W J Babb at Medley.
Master Karl Welton, who was taken to the Hoffman Hospital and operated upon for appendicitis is getting along nicely. Mrs A A Welton stays in Keyser with her son.
Messrs. Mervyn Michael and Harry Marshall spent part of last week in Keyser an vicinity.
Mr Ed Cunningham and Miss Susie Welton visited Keyser last week.
Will Bane and Raphael Leatherman spent last week in Eglon, Preston County, attending Bible School.
Miss Lena Donahew of Cumberland, spent part of the week at the home of her uncle, A W Bane.
Misses Elizabeth and Cornelia Harmison, of Romney, spent the holiday season at the home of the Sloan sisters.
Floyd Morrison, of Seymoursville, visited home folk last week.
Miss Maud Sallaz went home for Christmas but returned to Burlington Saturday.
Charley Harmison, visited friends near Burlington last week.
Miss Mary Jones spent Saturday and Sunday in Keyser.
Arnold Vandiver spent Christmas at this home in Burlington.
Christmas mail and express packages were well mixed when the horses ran away. Passengers somewhat bruised and shaken up but no serious damage done.
Paul Sloan and Miss Lena Wright spent the week with home folk but returned to "Washington Monday.
John and Oliver Bane and Earl Thrush go to Keyser this week to enter the Preparatory School.
Miss Louise Paris spent the week at the home of her uncle Geroge Arnold.
Mrs Mae Leatherman is telephone operator in the Burlington Central.
R W Thrush of Morgantown WV spent a two weeks vacation with his parents at Headsville.
Mrs Jacob Snyder is better at this writing.
Miss Bertha Whipp spent holiday week with home folks returned to her school at Laurel Dale last Monday.
A N Golliday of Riv WV was in our neighborhood last week.
The roads are very muddy here.



Miss Dottie Doman of Mt Lake Park is visiting friends here.
Misses Rebecca and Mirian Carskadon, who are teaching in Clarksburg are at home for the holidays.
Mr and Mrs J W Bailey, who went to Keyser to spend Christmas with relatives returned home Tuesday.
Miss Nina Knabenshue, who teaches at Thomas is spending the holidays with her parents here.
Messrs. Perry Brown and Wilbur Haines spent Tuesday in Romney on business.
Mr and Mrs Sam Bailey of Keyser were guests of his parents Mr and Mrs J W Bailey on Friday night.
Miss Mary Cuishner of Henry, is the guest of Miss Nina Knabenshue this week.
Mssrs. Otis Peterson and Rob't Carskadon, who are attending school at Front Royal, VA are spending the holidays with the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs I P Carskadon.
Mr and Mrs D B Bailey entertained the young folks at their home on Tuesday eve.
Mr and Mrs R H Rodruck and son Melvin of Keyser spent Christmas day with their parents Mr and Mrs F M Brown returning home Monday.
Mr Hampton McNeill is at home from college for the holidays.


Christmas has had again - its usual acccompaments, shindigs, brown jugs, Christmas trees, roasted turkeys, and other festivities and gifts with here and there an act of worship and praise.
Still some sickness around.
Miss Mamie Stovere has been dangerously ill with pneumonia. Last Friday evening Dr Wright seemed to realize fully the seriousness of the case, and said there must be a change before midnight. Apparently without hope for the better he left the patient told the parents he had done all he could do, but suggested they might try the old cure for pneumonia, the use of onion poultice. They began this treatment at 4PM and continued until 11, when they noticed a perceptible change for the better. She is still improving and her condition is quite hopeful.
Silas Biser was seriously ill with asthma, dropsy, and weak heart but is better again.
Miss Margy Biser is some better than she was when at her worst but has no use of her limbs and can only sit up on the edge of the bed for a little rest. Can't turn herself in bed even and suffers much.
On the 15th J W Leatherman and wife went to McDaniel MD to spend a few months with Orus Miller's.
Worth Ludwick turned in home again last week and will go to work for the Seiver Hardware Co this week.
John King made a short visit of two days last week with his sister, Mrs J B Leatherman's.
Mrs. Lydia B Arnold went up to Bridgwater Va last Friday to visit her mother and daughter and a host of others and will be gone two weeks. The County Superintendent says he is lonely. He has plenty to eat but no one to help eat it; lots to read, but no one to listen; a large comfortable rocking chair to sit in but no one to sit with; yes, and much to do but no one to help do it. If such is the experience of a grass widower what must it be to be a bachelor doomed to many of the woes which alone must occupy that great vacuum which is caused by the absence of many happy days from his bachelor life. But there is some real benefit in batching after all. The Co Supt says if his dyspeptic friends will call around and get a few square meals he thinks his victuals will benefit them.
Miss Bessie Cheshire who lives at W A Liller's in Keyser is over here for a few days.



Mr James Dye and Mrs Maria Dye were visitors at A W Feaster's Wednesday.
Miss Alma Grayson is visiting in Piedmont a few days.
A George moved his family to New Creek this week.
Miss Lucy Welch is visiting home folk near Burlington this week.
C W Powers of Piedmont, came out last week and took home his little daughter Ethel, who has been staying awhile with her aunt, Mrs D G Martin.
Lawrence Grayson of Keyser spent Christmas with his home folk here.
Miss Mida Brown is spending this week at her home in Keyser.
Mrs Maria Dye and Weck Doll and Obed Dettinberg were guests at D G Martin's Christmas day.
We wish each and everyone a bright and prosperous New Year.

Dec 27 Victoria

 Mrs Sadie King of Mt Lake Park, called at the Tribune Office last Friday enroute home from a visit to her sister near Headsville who has been quite ill. We are pleased to report her sister's condition very much improved.


Misses Lillie Cutter of Elkins and Lulu Crozier of Bridgewater Va spent their holiday vacation with friends at Wabash.
Mr Geo Mackley is moving form here to the North America Mine above Kitzmiller.
An entertainment and nice Christmas tree were given by the Sunday School children at Wabash Christmas Eve.
Rev Robert Viser, of Piedmont visited friends here last week.
Miss Maggie Patton of Elk Garden visited the MIsses Duling duriing the holidays.
Mr J J Idleman visited relatives near Oak Grove on Christmas.
Mr E L Haines visited his sister near Slanesville last Tuesday.
Messrs. John Miller and Jas Swadley went to New River to work Monday.
Misses Blanche, Bernie, Katie and Carrie and Tom and Wesley Duling were at a social party at Mr F C Patton's at Elk Garden last week.


Mrs Carrie Sharpless had all of her children at home with her Christmas week and all enjoyed a very delightful family reunion. There is no place like home; especially at Christmas.
That good Christmas Dinner would not satisfy you forever. W S Davis and Son can supply you with a good dinner every day.
Mr and Mrs Channell, who had been visiting the latter's mother for two weeks, left for their home last week.
Mr and Mrs Roy Ravenscroft of Garrettt Indiana spent the holidays in Keyser with their parents.
Mr Jesse Sharpless and wife and son spent New Year with the former's mother.
Miss Mary Little Scott of Moorefield, visited Miss Catherine Sharpless form Saturday until Wednesday.
Messrs. D Long and Son desire to publicly express their thanks to the general public for the liberal patronage given them in 1910, and to ask for a continuation of the same through 1911.