JAN 13 1911


And now we must put it 1911. How often have you written it 1910 in the last eight days.
Your old uncle is somewhat lame. We sat upon some ice a few days ago and must have taken cold, but some think it was caused by our stopping too quick.
Ad Lucas is very much afflicted again with rheumatism.
G S Kitzmiller has been quite poorly for the past two weeks. He has been suffering from indigestion and biliousness.
Mrs J W Roderick, who has been an invalid for three years, has enjoyed fairly good health all last fall and this winter.
Mrs Anna M Poole, of Kitzmiller, spent last week with Mrs Uncle John and other friends in this community.
Grover Poole passed through our village yesterday, enroute southward, but we are not going to tell tales out of school.

Our genial merchant and Postmaster at Schell, T A Fleming, has taken a position with a coal company at Gleason at a salary of - well it is more that Uncle Sam was paying him here.
He leaves the store and postoffice in the hands of his brother, Jack, the assistant Postmaster. Mr F will continue to live at Schell.
Now that they have plenty of water, the Speicher Lumber Co is rushing business at their saw-mill near here.
We hear a great deal of complaint about the high cost of living. Some attribute it to extravagance, others to a high tariff, but be the cause what it may; there are many families suffering for the necessaries of life. Now in trying to solve this problem, we were looking over some statistics a few days ago and find that while the truly good people of this country spend a little money to send missionaries to China, Africa, India and Mexico, this Christian nation of ours spend two billion dollars annually for intoxicating liquors and four billion dollars more to keep up the poor-houses, asylums, jails, courts of law and state prisons made necessary by the use of these intoxicating drinks. Yes, yes, your Uncle was going to say something mean about this, but we have forgotten what it was. You who wish to answer Bro Lodi's question about the stars in the banner, had best be just a "leetle keerful".

Uncle John


Miss Bernadetta Dean returned to her home in Cumberland last Monday after a two week's visit at her uncle, R M Dean's.
Mr Geo Finch was elected mayor of Elk Garden at the recent municipal election, defeating the present incumbent, W H Kight.
Mr and Mrs Lloyd Oates very pleasantly entertained a number of their friends on Wed evening of last week.
A rumor says that cupid says there will be a wedding soon.
Miss Maggie Patton visited friends at Dodson last week.
Walter and John E Arnold, of Blaine, spent Sunday with their parents at Elk Garden. John went to Cumberland on Monday to hear the famous Creatore band.
Sunday night last and Monday following was one of those mountain storms that taxes human endurance. With the thermometer at 121 degrees, gale followed gale, blast chased blast, and it made them hard to catch. There were many sleepless eyes Sunday night. Mid the clatter of flying shingles and falling hoe handles, buildings shook, beds rocked and the only safety was in holding fast to the bed posts.
Mrs Robert Grant Sr is visiting friends at Luke this week. Little Mabel Kelly, who had been visiting Mrs Grant, returned to Luke with her.
County Superintendent, Geo S Arnold, passed through Elk Garden last Tuesday to complete school visitations in this district. He made a brief but pleasant call at the Elk Garden School.
Miss Bessie Curtis of Keyser, is visiting her cousin, Dr Floy Edgell.
There will be a social at the Elk Garden school house Saturday evening. Receipts to increase library fund.
Hens are cackling and money is jingling for eggs are 35 cents a dozen.




David VanMeter of Curtis Neb., spent several days last week in Grant Co visiting his Confederate soldier friend, C C Marshall. Mr VanMeter was born and raised in Old Fields, and left for the west soon after the war and this is his first visit back to his old home. He has one sister residing in this county, who is Mrs James Zell, of near Burlington. He is a very interesting conversationalist and served as a Confederated soldier during the war, and was badly wounded at the battle of Gettysburg.


Dear Tribune: I have not sent in any items for some time.
We have had some very cold weather with plenty of snow and ice, which was bad for people traveling around. The Christmas entertainments at Patterson's Creek and Dan's Run were fine. Also at Alaska. The entire program was very good.
Mr Walter Lickliter, who has been so sick for several weeks with typhoid fever, is improving.
Mrs M A Dohrman, who fell on the ice about two weeks before Christmas and was so badly shaken up as to miss all the fun and entertainments, is all right again and happy that no bones were broken.
Mr Henry Ash has moved in his own new house, which he built on two lots that he bout of Mr C E Robinson. They are located some distance up the pike.
The general health of the people in this neighborhood is very good at the present time.
Mr Oscar W Johnson, of San Antonio, Texas, and Miss Bessie E Cheshire, of Pattersons Creek were married by Rev Moffett, at the Olympia Hotel, in Cumberland, 10 minutes past 12 o'clock Sunday, November 27 1910. the groom is the second son of Mr and Mrs C E Johnson, who used to live at Reeses Mill. The bride is the third daughter of Mr and Mrs Hamp Cheshire, who live here. She was the genial, popular clerk in J E Long's store an will be greatly missed. The groom is a steady, go-ahead young man, liked by every one who knows him. May their wedded life be strewn with roses all the way, is the wish of the writer.
We were sorry, indeed, to know Mr Henry Deremer lost his barn by fire, Christmas Eve. All his grain, feed, one horse, one cow, thirty-six head of sheep, sixteen head of hogs, two calves and lots of other things; loss $3,000 and no insurance. How it got afire no one knows.

M. A. D.


Col George T Carskadon, and Mrs Carskadon, returned Friday from the very delightful family reunion at Mt Vernon, Ohio, which lasted for about ten days. Twenty two, all of the same general family, sat at the Christmas dinner table. this one continued longer and was more largely attended than any o D Gelwicks and Miss Pauline returned Monday night.
the weather was extremely cold in Ohio while they were there, but the warm welcome made everyone feel at home and comfortable.


We are pleased to note that Mr J W Ranvenscroft, who has been indisposed for some time is able to be out again.
Miss Leone Hilghman returned Monday from a ten days visit to Philadelphia.
Mr Ernest Hott was operated upon at the Hoffman Hospital Tuesday for appendicitis.
Mr George H Reynolds paid Mr and Mrs Lewis Milholland of Rowlesburg a visit over Sunday.
Mr Robt Gerstell and D T Greenwade, went to Clarksburg Saturday morning to join their wives, who were visiting their sister, Mrs Thomas Boehm.
Miss Jennie E Quinn, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs Walter Decker, has returned to her home in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
WANTED: A Chamber Maid. Apply at the Martin Hose, Armstrong St, Keyser WV.
Mr H G Wilson attended the funeral of his cousin, Martin Luther Wilson, near Flintstone yesterday.
Mrs J A Harman and little daughter, Euetha Frances of Harrisonburg VA, are visiting their uncle, Mr Chas P Peters and friends.
Karl, son of A A Welton of Williamsport, who was operated upon for appendicitis, had sufficiently recovered to return home with his parents Saturday.
Rev Leslie H Davis, a native of Mineral County, has been elected Chaplain of the Legislature of the state of Missouri.
Mr John Arnold, of Elk Garden, made the Tribune office a pleasant visit Wednesday. He was on his way home from Cumberland.
B H Grayson, fell from a freight car in the B&O yard last Wednesday and seriously injured his knee.
John Howard, the C&P interchange inspector at Keyser, was knocked down by a car in the B&O yard last Wednesday and considerably injured. He was taken to his home in Piedmont.
Town Sergeant, F G Davis, was in Cumberland Tuesday on business.
Mrs J H Moor is visiting her daughter , Mrs W H Griffith.
Her many Keyser friends are pleased to have her with them again.
Did you hear Creatore's Band last Monday? It was a great concert, and the last number alone was well worth the price of admission.
Wanted - man to superintend apple orchard. Orchard is 5 miles and a half from Keyser. Address hardy & Butt, Davis WV.
Wednesday was B&O Pay Day, and the boys were happy, and it was a good pay.
Atty Wm Mcdonald was in Piedmont of legal business Tuesday.
Mr Louis Long visited in Piedmont last Sunday.
Mr J B O Clemm, who had been visiting in Baltimore since Christmas, returned yesterday.
Mrs Don Rice of McCoole, is in a very critical condition.


Circuit Court will convene next Tuesday, Jan 17.
Mr John Russell, who has a position in Gary, Indiana, is home for a visit.
Miss Blanch Woolf is out again after a few days illness.
Mrs D F Huffman is visiting her old home in Moorefield. Her brother, Paul, came down for her and Miss Ella, who had been visiting Mrs Huffman.
Rev J H Brunk went up to Cross Wednesday to assist Rev L C Messick in a protracted meeting the rest of the week.
The Holy Communion will be administered at the UB Church, next Sunday afternoon.
Mr F C Patton, of Elk Garden, was in Keyser on business last Wednesday.
Mr C M Dayton, who had an attack of gripe, is able to be at his office again.
They handed the Legislature a Lemon for door-keeper, alright.
There is no reason why you should go around with wet feet so soon after pay day, when Weimer still has Rubbers at a reasonable price.
J E Suter of Piedmont, has been appointed Adm'r of Mary L Suter, deceased.
Miss Carrie Bane, of Elk Garden, spent Tuesday night in Keyser, enroute home from a ten days visit to Charleston and Martinsburg.
The State Legislature met Wednesday to elect two US Senators and the people of Keyser have elected Weimer as the one leading Shoe Man.
Mr and Mrs Seymour, of Union City Michigan, came to Keyser this week to spend the rest of the winter with their daughter, Miss Cora, who teaches music and drawing in the Keyser High School, and they have taken rooms with Mrs Carrie Sharpless.
Mrs M G Richardson has returned from a months visit to Bedford PA.
Mr and Mrs F H Babb were in Cumberland Tuesday.
Mrs Pope of Arkansas, mother of Mrs S H Jordan, came last week to spend part of the winter with her daughter.
Mr I M Long, visited his sons in Cleveland O., the latter part of last and the first part of this week.
Dr Walter Babb and wife returned Tuesday night from a short trip to Washington and Baltimore.


David VanMeter, of Curtis Neb., spent several days last week in Grant county visiting his Confederate soldier friend, C C Marshall. Mr VanMeter was born and raised in Old Fields, and left for the west soon after the war and this is his first visit back to his old home. He has one sister residing in this county, who is Mrs James Zell, of near Burlington. He is a very interesting conversationalist and served as a Confederate soldier during the war and was badly wounded at the battle of Gettysburg.


The Stockholders of the Thompson Furniture Co held their annual meeting yesterday. H S Thompson, G T Carskadon, R W Nine, H G Fisher, Jas E Sheetz, CH Vossler and D O Fout were elected to compose the Board of Directors for this year. H S Thompson was elected Pres; R W Nine, Vice Pres; C H Vossler, Financial Secty, and H G Fisher, Secty.
The business is in a prosperous condition; and the outlook for 1911 is very encouraging.


The Republican members of the House caucused i the reception room of the governor in the capital building Tuesday night and nominated the following: J A Strothers, speaker; W W Rogers, clerk; J C Liller of Keyser, occupied the chair.


Messrs Lee Wagoner and J S Cowger have opened a new grocery store on South Main St, under the firm name of Wagoner and Cowger, and will sell strictly for cash.


The C&P Telephone Co has moved its Central office from the old part of I H Bane's building on Main St into the new part of the same building, where an office has been fitted up especially for it.

Mr J W Chrisman, moved his family this week from the Miller building into J R Bane's new building on Main Street.


The K of P installed the following officers Tuesday Jan 3:
C C, Geo E Smith; V C, Gene Cross; Prelate, D W Kooken; M of W, A V Douglas;
K of R & S, W C Long; M of E, Geo P Warner; M of F, W S Davis; M of A, Fred Hamil; Inside Guard, Geo R Davis; Outside Guard, B W Markwood; Trustee, W W Long.


Jolly club was nicely entertained by Mrs A H Metcalf, Wednesday. The club was met by Mrs Metcalf who gave them a hearty welcome; everyone in the best of spirit. After a social chat, we were invited to the dining room, where a sumptuous meal lay in wait with everything roast beef, all kinds of vegetables, pickles, fruits, four kinds of cakes, mince pie, peaches and cream, floating island. This most elegant dinner was prepared by Miss Pearl Metcalf who deserves a great credit for her taste, and gracefulness in serving her meal. Those present were: Mrs D G Stagg, Miss Sallie Taylor, Mrs C E Taylor, Mrs D W Taylor, Miss Laura Davis and Mrs H L Clause, who all did ample justice in fact we are not over it yet. After dinner, we are sorry to say, their daughter Hazel was taken violently ill when all lent a helping hand seemed no relief for her suffering, two Drs were called till midnight before she was some better, glad she is still improving and many thanks for Mrs Metcalf hospitality and wishing her a prosperous New Year.

Jolly Club


The chair given away by the Jr O U A M Lodge No 20 at their fair at the Rink last week was won by Miss Margaret Neville. The number that drew the prize was 1059.

Mr and Mrs W C Whistler of Fairmont WV and Mrs E H Davis of Keyser have returned from a pleasant trip to VA.
Mr and Mrs C E Dayton and M M Alderton spent Xmas in Winchester VA.
Already 1911 has brought us what the last six months of 1910 could not bestow - a good rain.
According to an old saying that we have all heard for the last hundred years - the numerous sleets that we have had this winter insure a large crop of fruit this year. So mote it be.
If you can't be good during 1911, be as good as you can.
Mrs C N Finnell, and the children spent the holidays with relatives in Parsons. They returned home.
C E Ralston left Monday for Mt Savage where he has a job of Mason work for the W M R R.
Hon C H Bishoff was in Keyser on business Monday.
Miss Minerva Fike of Friendsville MD, who has been here visiting her daughter, Mrs Claude Friend, was called home Tuesday on account of the serious illness of her father.
Mr and Mrs W R Davis returned home Saturday evening from a short visit at Baltimore and Cumberland.
Mrs J M Wolfe and little daughter, Mary Virginia, spent a few days last week with friends in Cumberland returning home Saturday evening.
Miss Ethel Callihan of Philippi, has entered the Preparatory School here for the rest of the session. She came home Monday evening.
Judge R W Dailey, was a welcome visitor to Keyser Tuesday.


Married December 21, 1910 by Rev Samuel Umstot at the home of the officiating minister, Mr Robert E Leese and Miss Mary Jane McDonald. May they have a long and happy life together.


The A O K of M C installed the following officers at its regular meeting last Wednesday night: S K Chaplain, John Bill; S K Past, Commander, E M Stallings; S K Commander, Jesse Floyd; S K V Commander, John F Dayton Jr; S K Marshall, West Hardy; S K Trustee, G W Ravenscroft; S K Inside Guard, G E Deremer.
The above named were installed for a six months term and they with the following will be the officers for the next term: J W Dayton, Financial Scribe; L B McCoole, Treasurer; Walter Lowry 6 months, J H Neuhauser, 12 months; Trustee Raymond Rice; Outside Guard; Select Representative, John F Dayton 1 year; John W Dayton 2 years.
Alternates, W D Wright 1 year, L B McCoole, 2 years.