27 JANUARY 1911


Messrs. Joe and Robt Moxley, of Westernport were Keyser visitors last Sunday.
You can get the very best Quality and Style of Shoes at I M Long's.
Mr Louis Long spent Sunday with friends in Piedmont.
J E Morris is erecting a seven room dwelling in McCoole. C L Wiseman is the contractor.
The men at the B&O shops are not working full time.
Mrs Dr Owens and Miss Martin, of Shepardstown, are visiting the home of the former parents of Mr and Mrs J M Akers.
Richard Pownell and John Lewis of Levels, visited relatives here this week.
When those rebellious state senators left Charleston in the night, they did not go to any dry town.
W F Bentley, Master. Car builder of the B&O was here on business a few days ago.
Miss Olive Kelley, of Johnstown Pa, is visiting her aunt Mrs D T Greenwade.
Miss Nellie Russell visited Piedmont this week.
Miss Belle Taylor brought her aunt, Mrs Maggie Berry to Keyser last Friday. Mrs Berry had been making a visit.
C C Arbogast, who had been to Petersburg finishing up several large plumbing contracts, is in Keyser this week, looking after his business at this end of the line.
Baby won't suffer five minutes with croup if you apply Dr Thomas' Electric Oil at once. It acts like magic.
Col W E Reed, the popular representative of the Cumberland Dry Goods and Notion Co, was stocking up our merchants with first class goods this week.
Mr C W Vissler spend Sunday in Grant returning Monday.
Dr F P Edgell, spent Wednesday night in Keyser.
Mrs John Ravenscroft has had a spell of Grippe.
For architectural drawings for you building, see C W Shelly.
Mrs L M Spurgeon, of Terra Alto, visited her daughter Mrs Maurice Newman.
Mrs J J Cornwell visited Dr Hoffman's home this week in route to Bloomington to visit Mrs Brydon.
Mr R H Richardson spent Tuesday in Cumberland.
Mr Henry Seymour and daughter, Miss Cora, spent Saturday evening in Piedmont.
Dr Johnson, of Cumberland, came up Wednesday to consult with Mr James Trout's physician concerning Mr Trout's condition. He has not been well for some time.
Mr Wilbert Gower, wife and baby of Ridgeley, came up Thursday evening for a visit to Mrs Gower's aunt, Mrs Geo Bane. Mr Gower returned the same evening.
Mrs W H Welton, of Petersburg, is visiting her sister and other relatives at the Judge Reynold's home.
Mr and Mrs E M Pancake went to Old Fields Monday to visit Mrs Pancakes brother, John McNeill, who is ill.
Mr - McQuilton, a B&O employee has moved to Baltimore.
Born to Mr and Mrs E A Burke of McCoole, a daughter last Friday.
Mrs Greene, the teacher of McCoole public school, has been on the sick list for several days and the school has been closed during her illness.
D W Mohler, Yard Master at Parkersburg came Tuesday night for a visit to his daughter, Mrs W J Keolz.
Mrs J M Hardy has been shut in with Lagrippe.
Mr Jesse Floyd is visiting his mother, at Glade Forks, Marion County.
Mr Paul Goshorn spent last Sunday in Keyser.
Mr Malcolm Frye has been on the sick list for a few days.
Mrs Joe Hartman and son, of Youngstown Ohio, are visiting Mrs Hartman's parents.
Miss Zoe Miller, of Brunswick is visiting her aunt, Mrs Steorts.
F C Rollman, I H Bane, Wm Bean and W R Nethkin, of Elk Garden were in Keyser on business last Wednesday.
Mr and Mrs B B Cavitt have gone to Washington DC to spend the rest of the winter.
Mr J Hollen has moved from the house in which he was living, on Piedmont St to another on the same street.
Mrs Spurgin of Terra Alta, visited her daughter, Mrs Maurice Newman this week.
Mr J T Burke, spent Sunday here with his family.
Mr W G Burnap of Washington DC is visiting friends in Keyser.
Mr L K Jacobs, of Newburg, spent Sunday here with home folk.
Mrs Earl Smith and friend, Miss Corbin of Fairmont, are visiting Dr TH West, the former's father.
Mrs W H Clary, Deer Park, passed through Keyser, Wednesday day, enroute to Antioch to visit her daughter, Mrs Vernon Grayson.
Mrs B J Baker, of Petersburg, is visiting Mrs Romig.
Miss Beulah Fisher was in Piedmont last Friday, for a visit with friends.
Atty H G Fisher, made a business trip to Grafton last Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs Geo C Junkins, of Kitzmilller, were guests of Mr and Mrs Chas Junkins over Sunday.
John Bishop, of Kitzmiller, was here this week on business.
Prof Ira Groves, of Blaine, attended court here this week.
F P Wiseman, of Sulphur was visiting relatives at McCoole, a part of this week.
Mrs Geo H Johnson and son George, of Hampshire Co, are visiting Misses Maggie and Sue Sheetz. Mr Geo is now a citizen of Canada and is visiting home folk for the winter.
Col Robert T Leedy, one of the leading attorneys of Luray Va, attended our court this week, and was associated with Attny Griffith in the Deputy - Kimmell suit.
Mrs Curtis of Baltimore is visiting in the home of Col * B Davis and Mrs W E Woolf.
Mr Morris F Jones has resigned his position as chief clerk in the B&O office at the shops, and Mr Frank Nefflen of the Cumberland office is filling the place vacated by Mr Jones.
Capt J W Vandier and Mr D A Arnold attended the meeting of the State Agricultural and Horticultural Societies in Charleston this week.
Mr H H Hoffman, was chairman of the Committee on Exhibits at the Horticultural Society meeting, and not of Decorations as stated in last week's paper.
A new line of White Good, Ginghams and Percales at H G Wilson's.
Prof Sydney L Angell, who has charge of the commercial department at the Prep, has been appointed District Manager of the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co, in Mineral,Hampshire, Hardy, Grant and Morgan Counties this State, and of the town of Westernport.


County Superintendent, Geo S Arnold was in our midst last week, visiting schools.
D G Martin is near Emeryville this week doing some mine surveying.
Miss Hattie Dettinburn visited friends at Martin a day or two.
L O Mott, of Davis, was in our village a few days last week.
Mrs D G Martin, visited her sister, Mrs A George, at New Creek last Sat.
The Misses Myrtle and Bernice Carnell, of near Claysville, attended the funeral of Mrs J M Martin last Friday, and were guests at D Martins part of the remainder of the day.
Mrs Maria M Martin died Jan 18.


"Well begun is half done" then how about the year 1911? It certainly was an outdoors rainy day but a sit-around-the-fire indoors day. Everybody wished for rain, some expected it, while yet others prayed for it, and I wonder if all are pleased with it.
John King and Miss Myrtle Idleman came on the Run last Wed to visit J B Leatherman's. Then Saturday, Earl King and Miss Effie Bush (nee King) and her three children came. This completed the meeting of the children, four in all and made an enjoyable time. Earl is one of the four classical students at Union Bridge and returned to his school Monday. He was at this home at Eglon to spend the holiday vacation. Among the danties they partook of while together was a well preserved and luscious watermelon grown and kept by J B L.
Dan Bailey is feeding 145 head of cattle for Stump's. H has been feeding about that number for them every winter for several years. So far it has been fine for outdoors feeding. Also J B Leatherman is feeding a bunch of cattle for Mr Harmison.
Did anybody think something unusual was being done lst week when this part of mother Earth was being made to tremble? It was only Frank Carnell and Ed. Clinedinst dynamiting those apple trees in the toll lot. The trees look as though they got the worst of it. Solomon said there is "A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted."
J W Leatherman and wife, at McDaniel MD, wrote back that the winter and storms down there have been accompanied by the usual stork, another grandson.
No oil or gas yet. The drillers quit sometime ago at 2530 feet in about the same hard material that they had been in most of the time. It is understood now that the company will set up a standard machine next spring and continue to sink this well or sink another. This machine is too light.
Dan Ludwick's pet mare died a few weeks ago.
Social meeting at the school house on Thurs evening each week.


Walter Adams has moved to No 15 mine, just above Oakmont.
Mrs J H Markwood of Keyser, visited her daughter, Mrs Floyd Edgell this week.
Rev L C Messick conducted the services in the ME Church South this week.
The grip has taken great liberty with the people of our town. There are but few homes where this unwelcome guest has not made its appearance.
Married Jan 12, 1911 at Maysville, Garrett Co MD by Rev L C Messick, John Rhaubaugh and a Miss Puffenbarger.
Rev Miss Judy is expected to be here next week to aid in the protracted meeting.
Rev Geo W Yost will preach Sunday evening Jan 29, in the ME Church South.
Mr and Mrs B J Faller visited friends at Frostburg over Sunday.
Mr Sanakarian Garagad Boyajian, Armenian lecturer and entertainer, gave his lecture on the Armenian Massacre and other topics at the ME Church South last Monday evening. He made himself understood even if he had been in this country only 9 months. Whenever the auditors lacked amusement all they had to do was to look at the speakers name.
Married Jan 19, 1911 at Kitzmiller MD, Oscar Blackburn and Miss Beulah Clark. They are housekeeping on corner of Cottage and Maple Streets. The many friends of the happy couple were expecting their marriage and join in good wishes and congratulations.


As I have been absent for several months, I thought I would come again with a few happenings. Everything has been very quiet about the Fountain.
The weather the past week has seemed a great deal like spring time, but Sunday night it made a big change to winter again.
Most everyone in this community has been laid up with the grippe, but are glad to say most of them are better.
Mr and Mrs Humbert Malone spent Saturday and Sunday with their uncle, Fred Urice.
Mr Michael Staggs and his sister, Miss Gertrude, are right sick at this writing with lagripe.
Mr Roy Bailey of Keyser, spent Sunday night with home folks.
Miss Blanche Staggs was the guest of Mr and Mrs Jacob Urice Sat and Sun.
W H Parrill is wearing a broad smile now, Hamp says its another girl.
Miss Nannie Umstot is on the sick list now.
Mr Willie Adams, of Reese Mill was calling on Miss Grace Taylor Sun evening.
Mr and Mrs E G Kimmell, of Keyser spent Sun with home folks.
G N Stagg, spent Sun evening with his Bro Edward.
Mr Michael Caldwell was calling at the Knobley View Farm Sun evening.
the protracted meeting is in progress at the Fountain Chapel.
Mr B G Bailey was calling at Fred Urice's Sun.
Miss Virgie Staggs is expected home next week, she has spent the entire fall and winter with Aunt, Mrs F C Thrush at Antioch. It this don't find the waste basket, I may write again.

Ruby Jan 20, 1911


Messrs S R and Luke Duling attended the burial of Geo W Ward's little babe last Thurs at Claysville.
D W Idleman, of Mt Storm, was a business visitor here last Wed.
Miss Nera Roderuck, returned from a visit to her sister, Mrs E S Berries of Kitzmiler, last Sat.
There ought to be a Humane officer in every village where there is a store to look after horses which are driven by some of the traveling salesmen. Some time ago, we saw a horse standing in a bleak, cold place,and there was not a dry hair on him form the tip of his ears to his hoofs. We cannot see how any man can abuse one of his most useful friends, the horse, in this way.
Mr Alex McDowell has secured a position in the mines at Blaine.
Messrs John Miller and Jas Swadley went to New River about two weeks ago to work in the mines. They had heard very flattering reports of the financial conditions of the place and thought that was the place to "strike it rich". But when they got there they did not fall inn love with the place and now they are singing "Home, Sweet Home".
Mr Isaac Jones' little girl was painfully scalded by upsetting the teakettle on her leg.
Our genial merchant, Squire C E Shillingburg, has sold his store to Earl A Duling.
Howard Evans is digging coal for AC Dixon, not far from the Sand Spring.
At Emoryville, Tues morning the thermometer registered 2 degrees below zero.
We think that the action of our state senator is without a parallel in the history of our state. Delegated by the people to assist in making, amending and repealing the laws of our State, they betrayed their trust, and last Sunday dined with Hon C P Taft. And, if our Governor is a party to these unprecedented proceedings, he deserves the "righteous indignation" of every law abiding citizen.



Lots of mud and bad roads. What will become of our roads if something is not done to improve them?
Mr Ernest Hott, who was operated upon by Dr Hoffman, at the Hoffman Hospital for appendicitis, two weeks ago, was able to return home last Mon and his many friends were glad to see him.
We are sorry to announce that Mrs D W Eagle is quite sick, at this writing.
Mrs Wagoner, of near Cumberland, is visiting her sister Mrs F M Willison this week>
Wedding bells are almost ready to ring, who is it? Better wait 'till the mud dries up.


Jan 24, 1911
Dear Tribune: We have had two weeks of cold weather but this is a nice day.
Thursday, the 12th, Mr Walter Hays celebrated his birthday by having a turkey supper; it was fine and thoroughly enjoyed by all of the following guests: Mr and Mrs Oscar Johnson, Mr and Mrs John Wagoner, Mrs Kate McKenzie, Mrs M A Dohrman, Misses Lula Wagoner, Mary Haines, Halie Swisher, Grace and Edith Long, Nancy ?Senn, Messrs Walter Hays, Cass Wagoner, Harry Long, John Rhodes and Karl Long. After a few parlor games and quitting at twelve o'clock, all went for home, voting it one of the best suppers they had every had.
On Tues the 16th, a surprise party was given by Miss Grace Long, it being her birthday. Those in the crowd were Mr and Mrs Will Logdston, Mr and Mrs Oscar Johnson, Mr and Mrs Jake Long, Mrs Kate McKenzie, Lizzie Manning, Mr and Mrs M A Dohrman,, Misses Grace and Edith Long, Beatrice Harshberger, nancy Senn, Mary Haines, Hollie Swisher, Mildred Culp, Myrtle Duckworth, Bernice and Lillian Long, Messrs. Walter Duckworth, Howard Culp and B French. Parlor games and fine refreshments were enjoyed by all present for a short time, when all left for home, wishing Miss Grace many happy returns. She received a good many presents.
The Modern Woodmen had a best supper in their new hall, recently built at this place on Sat night the 14th. They collected a snug sum of money on their boxes and refreshments.
On Tues, the 17th, Daniel Edward, the five month old son of Mr and Mrs Edward Kaylor, was smothered to death in bed. He was a lovely child and only son. His parents and seven sisters will miss him so much. The children are small and were so fond of the baby brother.
Miss Lucy Haines of Alaska, died last night at 10 o'clock; did not learn what was the cause.
Mrs Pennington of this place was taken to Keyser today to be sent to Weston, as she is insane. One of her children fell and broke its arm yesterday, which is sad for the family.
Henry Dohrman's family are nearly all sick, with the grippe.
Mrs Anna Long and two children are sick.



It would be useless for us to try to name those from a distance who attended the funeral of Mrs Roderick here last week, but will just say that quite a crowd of Barricks and other relatives and friends from Elk Garden, several from Blain, and some from Hartmonsville, quite a lot from Mt Storm, beside several from other points. Right here we wish to state that in our "threescore years and ten" (months) we have listened to but few funeral discourses more able than was delivered here on the above named occasion by Mr Leeper.
G S Kitzmiler continues to improve slowly.
Ad Lucas does not appear to get any better.
"Hickory" Paugh is still layed by from the effects of his fall, but every bitter has its sweet, he doesn't have to work whilst he can't use his arm.
J G Hanlin, was called to his ancestral home near Gormania, last Saturday on business. Mrs Hanlin accompanied him on a visit. They returned Sunday evening.
Charley Moser made a business trip to Deer Park last Sat and returned Sun evening. By the way, whilst fording the Potomac at Schell, his horse layed down in between three and four feet of water. Charley says he didn't mind the bath, but he would rather had the water a little warmer.

Uncle John


We have had fine weather for the last few days.
Mr Twigg, of Spring Gap, moved his family into the new dwelling house belonging to the Miler Orchard Co, and will start to work, clearing next week.
Mr A V parks is busy building a new road across Knobley.
The Ritchie Orchard Co has started clearing land for their new orchard.
We are sorry to learn that our little friend, Oliver Sheppe, is very ill at the Huffman Hospital, having been operated upon for appendicitis.
Little Helen, daughter of Mr and Mrs Geo Miller, has been quite ill for the past few weeks, but is slowly improving.
Born unto Mr and Mrs Wash Boyce, Jan 16, a daughter.
Mr Hampton Parrill was a business caller in our community Monday.
Mr G H Miler of Rawlings, was visiting home folk last week.
Mr J J Dawson, of Pinto, was calling on relatives at this place Sun.
Miss Bessie Miller is spending a week with her aunt, Mrs Fannie Parrill on Knobley.
Dr John Ravenscraft of Hamilton, was calling on his Aunt Mrs Nancy Faulk last Sun.
Mr J R Baker was calling on home folk at Ridgeley last week.
Mr Isaac Iser, whose house burned a short time ago at Gerstell, moved to Keyser this week.
The Alkire Orchard Co, is arranging to build a new dwelling house in our community.
Mr Wm Martin says he has a hen that lays two eggs a day. Who can beat that?

Wake up Lucas, we would like some items from Dawson.


The Stockholders of the Keyser Table Manufacturing Company held their annual meeting last Wed evening.
The old Board of Directors was re-elected. Their names follow:
J T Sincell, W C Bowden, J E Patchett, W C Long, C W Seiver, I M Long and T T Huffman.
The Directors elected the following officers, J T Sincell, Pres; J E Patchett, Vice Pres; Will C Bowden, Secty; H L Arnold, Treas and Henry Neuhauser, Supt.


Jan 19. State vs. William Johnson, colored, charged with carrying a razor, verdict, Not Guilty.
H G Fisher vs The Town of South Keyser, Case continued.
George Moomau, an infant, vs Warren Harr and others. Case continued until next term, at defendants cost.
Jan 20. State vs Charles Porter, charged with "pistol toting" verdict, not guilty.
State vs James Tipton, Prosecuting attorney decides not to prosecute.
State vs Hugh Copeland, verdict, not guilty.
State vs Ashley Layton, plead guilty. Court sentences him to 20 days in jail.
Ed Oates vs J W Rees, continued at cost of defendant.
Jan 21. John Hoover vs A J Pancake, on appeal the jury gave the plaintiff a verdict for $54.87, the defendant also to pay cost.
Second National Bank of Cumberland vs N E Monnett, verdict for the plaintiff for $519.45 and cost.
Walter G Capper, an attorney of Cumberland, was admitted to practice in this court.
Emma Shultz vs Western Maryland R R. The Court gave the plaintiff a verdict for $768.
Jan 24. Dewey Deputy, an infant vs E G Kimmell. "We the jury, find for the plaintiff and assess his damages at $800.00. Motion made for arrest of judgement.


Last Wednesday, Mr L C McDonald, on of our progressive merchants, received a shipment of Jonathan apples that were grown in the state of Washington. When displayed in his window, they attracted a great deal of attention, and the box containing one bushel, was sold within a few hours for $3.35.
On Thursday morning, Mr E D High displayed a basket of apples that he grew in his own orchard in this county that equaled those that came from the state of Washington in size, flavor and color. No section can surpass ours in the production of fruit.
Mr C E Nethken purchased the apples that came from Washington and shipped them to a friend.


Mrs Andrew Lee of McCoole MD, is in critical condition from a broken hip, which she sustained while walking about her room. She tripped and fell. The attending physicians have been unable to do much for her on account of her advanced age, 78 years.
She is a widow, a pensioner of the Mexican War. Two sisters, Mrs John Keys and Mrs Hosack live here.


The McNeill Chapter U D C will meet Sat afternoon, Jan 28, promptly at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs E B Cornell on Fort Avenue.
Mrs C F Jordan, President
Maria Vass Frye, Secretary


Mr M D Borst, who now lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, has ordered the Tribune sent to him regularly. He is highly pleased with that country, though the mercury has been 25 and 30 degrees below zero for the past month. But he says they don't suffer from even that degree of cold in that climate. He sent his regards to the "Boys" and is hungry for Keyser news.


Knobley Mountain Orchard Co
The stockholders of the Knobley Mt Orchard Co held their annual meeting last Wed and elected the following officers:
D A Arnold, President; Orlando Harrison, Vice President; T T Huffman, Secretary; O A Hood, Treasurer; J Sloan Arnold, Manager. These with N J Crooks, B B Cavitt, S W Whipp, E V Romig and R W Nine constitute the Board of Directors.
Buckhorn Peach Company
The Buckhorn Peach Company had its annual meeting of stockholders last Wed afternoon and elected the following officers: D A Arnold, President; R W Nine, Vice President; EV Romig, Secretary; J H Swisher, Treasurer; J Sloan Arnold, Manager. These with O H Hood, T T Huffman, N JCrooks, D T Huffman and B B Cavitt compose the Board of Officers for this year.
Mineral County Orchard Co
The stockholders of the Mineral Co Orchard Co held their annual meeting yesterday forenoon, and elected the following officers for this year. O A Hood, President and Treasurer; R W Nine, Vice President; T T Huffman, Secretary; J Sloan Arnold, Manager. These with A P Brown, C L Bane, L C McDonald and Dr L H Gaston constitute the Board of Directors.
Alkire Orchard Co

The Alkire Orchard Co held the annual meeting of its stockholder in Hood and Hammond's office yesterday afternoon. Reports were received and the general condition of the company was freely discusses. The trees were reported to be in first class condition. The following were elected as Board of Directors: V F Alkire, President; I M Long, Vice President; T T Huffman, Secretary and Treasurer; Chas J Alkire, Manager, who with O A Hood, R A Welch, Roberdean Annan, J H Markwood, J C Watson, D F Huffman, H M Hutson and C L Bane complete the Board. The Stockholders adjourned to meet at the same place on Monday, January 16 at 2PM.


William A Martin, 32 years old, married, son of Addison Martin of Ridgeley WV, opposite Cumberland, a well known butcher, accidentally shot himself through the right hand, the bullet lodging in the right thigh Wednesday morning.
The weapon, which was used in killing stock, was discharged while being hung on the shop wall. The bullet was removed at the Western Maryland hospital and the young man will recover.