JULY 21, 1911


Judge Circuit Court - Reynolds
Clerk Circuit Court - J V Bell
Clerk County Court - J V Bell
Prosecuting Attorney - A J Welton
Asst Pros Atty - Arthur Arnold
Sheriff - L O Davis
Supt Free Schools - Rev G S Arnold
County Surveyor - E B Stagg
Assessor - A H Metcalf
Commissioners - Dr T A Cross, Robert H Dayton and J B Bane.
Mayor - R A Welch
Recorder - W C Long
Chief of Police - F G Davis
Councilmen - J H Markwood, J W Wagoner, Patrick Naughton, J B Gilium and W W Long.
Justice of the Peace - J T Doyle
Constable - F G Davis
Postmaster - T T Huffman


J W Clark, of Romney, was here last Fri looking over the telephone line.
Mrs Mary Alkire is visiting relatives here for a few weeks.
Miss Margaret Slonaker, of Dillon's Run, is visiting her cousin, Miss Susie Oglesbee.
Mr and Mrs E C Marker were in Keyser on business last week.
Mrs Anna Long visited her mother in Piedmont last week.
Mr and Mrs N E Dawson, of south Cumberland, spent part of lst week with Mrs Dawson's parents, Mr and Mrs Shannon Troutman.
Dr Lantz attended the funeral of Dr West at Keyser last Fri afternoon.
Mr and Mrs Ed Ward are rejoicing over the arrival of a son, which was born Tues.
Miss Clara L Ensign, of Binghamton, NY, spent a few weeks with Mrs Percival Lantz.


The farmers have begun harvesting.
Ray and henry Kight, of Cumberland, are visiting at P S Carnell's.
The infant daughter of Mr and Mrs John Bader has been very poorly with brain fever.
Mr L D Bosley has finished marketing his crop of raspberries.
He sold one hundred and ten bushels from a field of two and one half acres.
Mr Samuel V Ward spent Sat and Sun in Keyser.
The stork left a fine ten pound boy at Augustus Shillingburgs recently.
Misses Pearl Bosley and Madge Amtower were visiting Miss Bessie Hilkey at Mt Valley Sun.
Preaching at the Ward Chapel Sun morning. Every body come
Bill Jonz


John Droppleman and Miss Maggie ? were united in the bonds of wedlock Sun, July 16, 1911, at the residence of J W Copeland by Rev O'Hara. Both are residents of our town and are receiving the congratulations of their friends.
Mr F C Rollman will address the Red Men of various tribes in the M E Church, South, Sun morning, July 23 at 10:45, on the subject, "The Red Man.
The tribe form Bloomington, we understand, will attend. A cordial invitation is extended to the public.
They are shipping coal from the new opening in the 14 foot vein near Sulphur. At present the coal is hauled over the tram road with mules and horses, but soon the dinky engine from Wabash will be put on the track. Then the coal interest will pick up again.
Misses May Winning, May Arnold and Bessie Dean, of Elk Garden, and Mrs Sue Laughlin of Kitzmiller, spent the weekend at Thomas the guest of Mrs Fred Browning.
"H-u-ckle, b-u-cckle
H-u-ckle, b-u-cckle,
Huckleberry pie."
This is the greatest huckleberry season on the Pinnacle known for years. The principal crop is the early blue. The little bushes are loaded until it is astonishing. One lade, while stripping the berries from some very prolific bushes, said, "It is just like milking a cow." Dozens of teams are driven there and 50 or more pickers scour the huckleberry woods daily. The end of this week will about finish up the early crop. It is a safe estimate to say that 200 bushels of huckleberries have been gathered on the Pinnacle and adjacent forests this season. It is nothing unusual for one person to travel seven miles to the huckleberry woods, pick five gallons of berries and return home by sundown.
Mr George F Jackson was at Cumberland three weeks receiving treatment for an injured arm. He returned much benefited.
Mrs Saide Bischoff and two of her youngest children, of Forgy, Ohio, are visiting relatives here this week.
Misses Clara Tibbetts and Mary Roland of Kitzmiller, were the guests of Miss Celia Healy the first of this week.
Miss Mary Mason and Mrs Thos Dixon went to Webster Springs last Mon to spend two weeks at that famous resort.
Miss May Patton visited friends at Dodson last Sat and Sun.
Rev J F Lepper was in town last Tues making arrangements for preaching services here.
Miss Thomas Scott, of Washington Pa, and Miss Maggie Grant of Beryl; are the guests of Supt Robert Grant's family this week.
Miss Carrie Bane returned to Keyser this week and was accompanied by her cousin, Miss Nellie Bane.
Uncle Sam so ordered it, and the late maps so public it, the post office at the tannery in "Newcreek", and not "New Creek." Three editors blue-penciled the former and made it the latter way in the Sun School notice last week. The postal authorities are economizing in the use of capital letters.


Robt Dailey spent Sun at his home in Romney.
John G Clower, of Glebe, spent several days here this week on business.
T M Rotruck of Williamsport and E Miller of Flats spent last Fri night in Moorefield.
Miss Emily Cofforth, who has been visiting here for several weeks, left this week for her home in Keyser.
Mrs M A Patric and children of Westernport, are spending a few days here this week with Mr and Mrs W G Copp.
They came through in their auto.
Paul G Allen left last week for Richmond Va, where he will undergo an operation for appendicitis. Mr Allen has been suffering for some time past with this disease.
Dr Brooks left last Fri for Baltimore with the eldest son of Mr Deiter, of McNeill, and another man from that place, who were operated upon for appendicitis. Both patients are getting along nicely.
Mrs Seymour Fisher, who was operated upon in a hospital in Baltimore, returned to her home last Thurs evening, very much improved in health.
She was accompanied by Miss Agnes Thomson, who was with her during her sickness.


Mrs Hannah L Rodrick is visiting her daughter Mrs ? S. Burns of Kitzmiller.
Mrs J P Arnold, is visiting her daughter, Mrs Sadie Ray, of Thomas.
Mrs Frank Ludwick and daughter, Miss Cora, visited relatives and friends at Emoryville last Sun.
Mr Wesley Thomas of Laurel Dale, was the guest of the Misses Duling last Sun.
Mr and Mrs Homer Schaeffer, of Petersburg, were here on a pleasure drive last week.
Mr Fred Burgess fell forma pile of Lumber and broke his arm one day last week while working for M B McHenry.
Mrs Feaster returned to her home in Thomas last Fri after a pleasant visit to Miss Fannie Arnold.
Master Harry Endler, of Stony River, visited here and at Emoryville this week.
Mr Earl Duling and sister, Miss Maggie, visited friends at Laurel Dale last Sun evening.
Misses Blanche and Bernie Duling visited Mr T P Duling, of near Mt Storm, last Sat.
the engine which has been used for several years to haul coal on the tram road at No Nine Mine, gave its last "toot toot" last Sat. The efficient engineer, Mr Wilbur Shillingburg, gave several farewell blows, and they sounded so mournful that some people though some person was either hurt of killed.
We hear the engine is to be taken to Sulphur and used for hauling coal there.
Mr J Frank Bane and two of his children went up to near the Pinnacle one day last week to pick huckleberries. While wandering around in search of berries he lost his direction of home; and as night came on and he did not return there was much excitement in the village of Sulphur and vicinity. Quite a crowd started out to hunt the lost, part of the men were to search the eastern slope of the mountain, and the balance the western. After a search of several hours, they were found on the steps of the Tasker School House all alive and well.
We will venture the assertion that there was as much real joy in the home when they got back as when the Prodigal son returned, if they did not have music and dancing. Say Mr Frank, next time take a compass, and always keep the needle "pointed toward home."


Mrs John McFerrena and Miss Helen Taylor, of Cumberland, spent last week here with the Misses Ludwick.
Miss Mary Bennett, of Romney, spent several days here as the guest of Mrs T T Stickley, returning home Sat.
Mr and Mrs Charles Fleming went to Cumberland Tues where Mrs Fleming entered a hospital for treatment.
Miss Belle Taylor, of Purgittsville, spent form Wed until Fri with Mrs J H Parker.
Misses Sadie Leatherman and Ava Watkins, of Burlington, were the guests of Mrs J H Cheshire Tues afternoon.
There will be all day meeting at Mt Olive Church, Sun the 23rd, conducted by Rev Burgess.


Some people are haying a little this week.
Mr and Mrs H C Schaeffer, returned to their home at Petersburg last Fir, accompanied by the former's sister, Miss Effie Schaeffer, who will visit them for some time.
Miss Laura Idleman, is on an extended visit to friends in Tucker Co, near St George.
Mr and Mrs E G Vosler and daughters, Mrs Whetzel and Miss Lottie Vosler, are all guests at the Mt Storm summer resort this week.
Dr J F Scott was up yesterday (Tues) and put Mrs J L Moore's limb in plaster paris.
Mr S A Moore, wife and two daughters, of Phillipi, dined at the Mt Storm hotel Mon.
They were returning from a trip to Luray in their auto.
Mr G P Schaeffer was a business caller here Mon.
Mr John Lyon has rheumatism. He is still able to go on crutches.
F O Idleman sold a three year old Belgian colt to Albert Watts the first of the week.


Rev J Harvey Viser is visiting here.
We have been informed that Charley Iman of Pansy, and a Miss Keplinger, of near Maysville, were married one day last week.
Albert, Will and Arnold Heavener, Richard Kimble, Ben Riggleman, Jacob Armentrout and Minor Dolly were all down from Hopeville Mon.
C W Shobe returned Mon from Cumberland where he had taken his little son, William, for the purpose of having a growth removed from under his eye lid. The operation was successful and the little fellow is playing about as if nothing had happened.
On Wed Drs Highberger, Moomau and Grove amputated Mrs B C Keplinger's leg above the knee. Mrs Keplinger, who lives in the vicinity of Maysville, has been suffering from gangrene. She is sixty odd years old, and we understand she stood the operation very well.


July 18
We have had but little rain for over two weeks, therefore, it is getting quite dry again; yet there is nothing that seems to be suffering except the grass; but the meadows in this neighborhood will yield over a good half crop and some meadows will cut a good average crop.
Adam Post, of Buckhannon, was the first calf buyer to make his appearance in our neighborhood this season. He was here last week and our farmers, true to the old adage, "The best time to sell is when you have a buyer," sold him quite a lot of calves and some other stock. HE purchased form G S Kitzmiller, 52 head of calves and 3 yearlings; of Welt Kitzmiller, 32 head of calves and 14 yearlings; of J C Hanlin, 24 head of calves and one two year old; of A J Lucas, 4 calves and of Luke Kitzmiller, 6 head of calves. While he did not pay quite such a high price as he did last year, yet he paid fairly good prices for what he has bought. These calves are nearly all No 1 grades, with a few pure bred Argus. Mr Post says that scrubs are worth but little in his part of the state and he would not want them at any price. This sale has about cleaned our neighborhood of good calves, except quite a bunch that D W Idleman has. IT appears that Mr Post had his number booked before he got round to his place, and now Dave has decided that he will not sell until another buyer comes around.
We hear of but little sickness in our neighborhood. Miss Emma Roderick, who has been in poor health, since has had measles last spring, is now much better.
Mrs J W Roderick, is now recovering form a sever attack of whooping cough.
Yesterday, while working in a clearing , Bruce Roderick, cut his ankle with an ax. The cut is not deep but he severed an artery which caused it to bleed profusely, but they succeeded in stopping the flow of blood about ten o'clock last night, since which time he has been resting easy, but is weak form the loss of blood.
Last Sat, Miss Lucy Pool of Kitzmiller Md, came up to spend a couple of weeks with her sister, Mrs Gilbert Kitzmiller, and to visit other friends.
Gabe Hanlin made a business trip to Keyser last Thurs.
T A Fleming made a business trip to Phillipi and Clarksburg last week, returning on Sat morning. He reports grass crops light in that part of the state, but business fairly good.
Grover Pool, of Kitzmiller, was transacting business and shaking hands withh old friends and neighbors yesterday and while here he broke bread with ye scribe.
We understand from one of the trustees of our school that they have procured the services of our old friend, Jas J Idleman of Mt Storm, as teacher in our school this coming term. We congratulate the people on having such a teacher.
On last Sun, at 3 pm, Rev Mr Eubank delivered an able address at Rehobeth chapel. His theme was "The life and labors of St Paul, and was very interesting. July 20 at 3pm. Rev L C Messick, will fill his regular appointment at the same place.
We have just learned that Welt and Geo Kitzmiler have sold a car load of beef cattle to J W Carskadon, of Headsville.
The Grant Co "Good Roads Brigade" are now putting their end of the Schell road in order, at least we saw some tufts of sod rooted up along the lane near the church last Sun and saw a vehicle that we took to be the band wagon standing near there.
Uncle John


Mr Paul Peters visited home folk last week.
Home grown peaches have been on the market for 10 days.
Mr James Mason, of Elk Garden, visited in Keyser last Sat.
Mr Nathaniel B Kitzmiller was in Keyser on business Wed.
Hon J J Cornwell and Mrs Cornwell spent Mon night in Keyser.
Atty W C Clayton, was in Cumberland on legal business last Sat.
Miss Nellie Bane, of elk Garden, visited relatives in Keyser this week.
Dr Percival Lantz, of Alaska, spent a few hours in Keyser last Wed.
Dr Percival Lantz attended the funeral of Dr T H West last Fri.
Mr and Mrs James Cunningham were shopping in Keyser last Mon.
Mrs Robert Dayton, of Elk Garden, was shopping in Keyser last Sat.
Mr Gaver Sharpless was looking after business interests in Keyser Mon.
Dr M F Wright was attending to business matters in Keyser last Sat.
Mr and Mrs H P Brydon, of the Tannery, were shopping in Keyser Wed.
Squire E C Shillingburg was attending to legal business in Keyser last Sat.
Mr H S Richardson, of Piedmont, attended Dr West's funeral late Fri afternoon.
Rev Peter Arnold was in Keyser on business Wed and made this office a pleasant call.
Mr William Keller, of Elk Garden was looking after business interests in Keyser last Sat.
The Markwood building on Main St, is receiving a new coat of paint; S B Bitner has the contract.
Richard McIntosh, of Black Oak, was operated upon at the Hoffman Hospital Sun for appendicitis.
Mrs M R Dean, of Elk Garden, came down Wed and attended the Arnold Silver Wedding that evening.
Prentis Watson, of Reedsville W VA, who attended the Prep last session, spent last Sun with friends in Keyser.
Mr H H Randalls of Cross, who is ill with typhoid fever, was brought to the Hoffman Hospital Sun for treatment.
Messrs Thomas and Joseph Davis, who are large coal dealers in New York City, visited their uncle, Col T B Davis, last week.
Mrs J W Wagoner returned home last Tues after a stay for sometime at Mtn Lake Park.
Even the Earl of Sourface would bend his "Phizog" could he hear Joe Miers sing "Is It Just the Proper Thing To Do." Music Hall tonight.
Rev T S Long, of Baltimore, who was visiting in Keyser filled the pulpit at the M E Church last Sun evening, to the delight of the congregation.
Dr J T Little, of Pittsburg, spent Sun in Keyser; he and Mrs Little who had been on a visit to her parents here, returned to Pittsburg Mon night.
Mr Harry Wright, of Mountain View Farm, had on display in Sincell's window, some raspberries on the bush that were about the finest ever seen here.
Mr and Mrs D J Coffman and grandson, of Washington, and Mr J Beacher Macinchol, of the same place, have been guests of Mrs A I Bier this week.
Mrs W C Miller and daughter, Ruth, of Knoxville Tenn, spent last Thurs and Fri as guests of Mr and Mrs H G Wilson. Mrs Miller is a sister to Mr Wilson.
While playing on the Court House Square with other boys last Wed forenoon, Master Gail Ash fell and sprained his elbow. He is now carrying his arm in a sling.
An Englishman, An Irishman and a Scotchman were all together one day. The Englishman thought to make the Irishman feel badly, so he said: "If I was not an Englishman, I'd rather be a Scotchman." The Scotchman said: "If I was not a Scotchman, I'd rather be an Englishman." Whereupon Pat said: "Sure, if I was not an Irishman, I'd be ashamed of myself." You will wish you were Irish when you see Eugene Cross, as Patrick Murphy, Music Hall, tonight.
Sheriff Davis was in Piedmont on business last Mon.
Atty E L Judy of Petersburg, was here Wed.
Miss Lillie Sindy is visiting her brother in Cumberland.
Mr W R Nethken and family spent Sat in Cumberland.
Mrs Missouri Ault, was a Cumberland visitor last Sun.
Miss Mildred Wageley, of Pittsburg, PA, is visiting relatives here.
Miss Mary Gordon, of Elk Garden, is visiting Keyser friends this week.
Mr William Brown, of Bloomington, Ill, is visiting old friends in Keyser.
Messrs Wade Sheetz and Louie Long were visitors in Piedmont on Sun.
Mrs Harry Atkins has returned home from a visit to relatives in Pittsburg.
Mrs J B Hill, of Baltimore Md, was the guest of Mrs John Martin last week.
Mr and Mrs Enoch Kight were visiting relatives in Piedmont on Sun.
Mr Arthur Dawson left Mon morning on a visit to friends in Edgeworth WVa.
Mrs Carrie Kight and daughter, Gertrude, spent Sun with relatives in Gormania.
Mr Willie Cheshire, of Belington, spent a few days here with friends the past week.
Mr A C Rawlings has sold his farm, near Swanton, and moved to Westernport.
Miss Beulah Burke has returned home from a pleasant visit to friends in Cumberland.
It is reported that the Western Md Railway is going to buy the coal and Coke RR.
Mr H H Junkins has a contract for hauling chair backs from Laurel Dale to Keyser.
Miss Lorraine Deffinbaugh returned to her home in Newburg from a visit to relatives here.
For that "tired feeling" see Prof McIlwee as the Duke of Deadbroke, Music Hall tonight.
Mr W H Virts and Atty H G Fisher were in Myersdale Penn, on business last Sun.
Mrs J Kight of Fairmont, spent Sat here with her sister-in-law, Mrs Carrie Kight.
Payne Gordon, accompanied by his sister, Miss Constance, left Mon night for a trip to Va.
Mr C L Everhart and Dr Gaston were fishing in Pattersons Creek, near Headsville last Tues.
Mrs Lula West and Mrs W H Markwood, have qualified as administrators of the estate of the late Dr West.
If you ever was in love or ever expect to be hear Miss Dorsey sing, "I Love to Be Loved", Music Hall tonight.
Mr and Mrs J Z Terrell, spent the latter part of last week in Old Va visiting Mr Terrell's home folks.
Mrs Ray Wells returned to her home on Mineral St, Sat form a pleasant visit to relatives in Baltimore Md.
Mr George Henry McDonald and Miss Eva Simmons, both of Maysville, were married in Cumberland this week.
Mr and Mrs Richard Wright and Richard Jr of Strasburg Va, are visiting relatives in Burlington and vicinity.
Rev and Mrs C P Bastian returned Sat forma two weeks visit to Philadelphia, Atlantic City and other points.
"I'd Like To See A Little More of You". that's what you'll say when you hear Harrison Isles, as Captain, Music Hall tonight.
Mr Lloyd Harsh, of Preston Co, brought his sister, Mrs Samuel Wotring, to the Hoffman Hospital last Sun for an operation for stomach trouble.
Mr H H Junkins left last Tues morning for New York and expected to return to Keyser tomorrow. He contemplates moving his family to Keyser.
Rev M B Lambdin has accepted an invitation to supply the pulpit of the First Presbyterian Church, of New Port News Va. Rev E T Wellford, D D pastor for the two Sabbaths of July 23 and 30. This church is one of the most prominent in the Synod of Va. Mr Lambdin left Fri morning to fill this engagement and enjoy a short vacation.
Begin now to get ready for camp-meeting. D Long & son have the very goods that you want for your camp-meeting dress, and they have the trimmings to match.
Miss Ella Whitford is visiting in Cumberland.
Mr John Umstot was here on business Thurs.
County Court is holding a special session today.
Atty Taylor Morrison visited in Oakland this week.
Mr Clarence Borst spent Mon in Cumberland.
Miss Helen Carroll, of Grafton, visited Miss Grace Kight Mon.
Mr E A Placka was attending to business in Keyser Thurs.
Mr and Mrs J A Smith were shopping in Keyser Thurs.
Swat the Fly. We have the Swatters. Frye & Sons.
Misses Mary and Virginia Michael are visiting in Cumberland.
Mrs George Mack, who is at the Hoffman Hospital, is improving rapidly.
Miss Blondelle Buckner, of Rowlesburg is visiting Miss Alma Peters.
Mr Dan Arnold was looking after business interests in Keyser Thurs.
Mr W W Hennen and family attended Dr West's funeral last Fri afternoon.
Miss Mary Moore returned this morning forma very pleasant visit to Sydney, Ohio.
Mrs William Carreow and daughter have returned form a visit to Rowlesburg.
Mr S S Rees and Mrs B B Cavitt went to Pa yesterday for a week's visit.
Mrs Margaret Rafter returned to her home in Cumberland this week after a visit in Keyser.
Mr Ben Hartman, who lost an arm last year, was painfully hurt at Westernport this week.
Men's shirts and trimmings for the ladies dresses at D Long & Son's.
The flowers on Dr Wests' casket were abundant, very beautiful and the designs were especially attractive.
Mr Davis Ratcliffe, of Richmond Va, came to Keyser this week on a visit to his great uncle, Col T B Davis.
Mr Joseph Dickel and Miss Frances Dickel left Wed for a visit to Kansas, Oklahoma and other points.
Miss Mary Vandiver came over Thurs to meet her sister, Miss Ann, who had been on a visit to Va for the last six weeks.
Peach Baskets, Tens, Twenties, Delawares and Carriers. Frye & sons
No? Never been in love? Too bad, well just on the way. Fil Harwood, as the Senator, "puts it over" on the Widow, Music Hall Tonight.
Mrs B L Tyree and daughter, Miss Elizabeth Davis Tyree, of Durham NC, are visiting their uncle, Col T B Davis at the Davis Mansion.
Land owners in the neighborhood of Cross and Barnum were her this week closing their coal options with the Pine Swamp Big Vein Coal Co.
Mrs Edward I West, Mrs Truman West and Mrs Dr H W McComas, of Oakland, attended the funeral of Dr T H West, in Keyser, Friday last.
Big Reduction in Oxfords at Weimer's this week, a cut of about 50 per cent, pay half cash and the rest in 99 years.
Circuit Court will convene next week. The grand jury is summoned for Tues and the petit jury for Thurs. Don't forget to settle with the Tribune when you come to Court.
Two women accused of lewdness were arrested by Chief of Police Davis Wed night. The Mayor imposed a fine of ten dollars and a sentence of ten days in jail upon each, with the proviso that they leave here as soon as their jail term expires.
Stop earache in two minutes; toothache or pain of burn or scald in five minutes; hoarseness on hour; muscleache, two hours; sore throat, twelve hours - DR Thomas' Eclectic oil, monarch over pains.


Mr and Mrs Edgar Arnold celebrated their silver wedding at their home, near Keyser last Wed evening, July 19. A large number of formal invitations had been sent out and the guests were entertained on the spacious lawn, which was beautifully and elaborately decorated and brilliantly lighted for the occasion, and where the very dainty and delicate refreshments were served. Miss Nancy Lauck presided at the punch bowl and the Misses Arnold, nieces of Mr and Mrs Arnold, served refreshments of different kinds. Mrs ARnold received in her usual charming manner, assisted by her sisters-in-law, Mesdames Arnold. She was becomingly attired in white.
Hacks were run from early evening until late at night transporting Keyser friends to and from, while many people from town went in private conveyances and large numbers were there from the country districts. Some of the guests came a long distance in order to be present on that interesting occasion. It is estimated that between one hundred and fifty and two hundred friends were there. The presents were numerous and costly, all of them are beautiful and some of them very handsome.
Mr and Mrs Arnold have four children; they are Howard, Russell, Stella and Justin; all were present at the 25th anniversary. Each one present seemed to have the best time, and all wished for the happy couple many more anniversaries of that interesting event.



Barber Stewart, one of the oldest and most respected colored citizens of Keyser, died suddenly at his home on Lincoln Ave, last Tues afternoon, July 18, 1911, of acute indigestion.
early in the afternoon of that day, he was walking on St Cloud St, with one of his grand sons, when he was suddenly taken ill, his son William, was phoned for and took him in a buggy to his home where he died that same afternoon about four o'clock.
Barber Stewart was born in Madison Co, Va, in 1835. Before the Civil War, he belonged to Capt C F Jordan and the Captain has always esteemed him as a faithful man.
He served in the Civil War as a waiter. At the close of the war he came to Keyser and soon afterward was married to Mary Peters, who at the time lived at the home of Col T B Davis.
Barber worked for the Davises, both in Piedmont and in Keyser for many years. His wife, is still living, and he has one son, William Stewart, a barber in Keyser, and one daughter, Mrs D B Buckner, of Wheeling.
There are five grand children.
The funeral services were held at the Janes M E Church on Piedmont St, Thurs at 2 PM, conducted by the pastor, Rev Beane. "Uncle Barber: was one of the pillars of that church and his funeral service was largely attended. He owned valuable real estate in Keyser.


Mr Theodore Smith, for many years a resident of Keyser, died this morning, aged about 50 years, after a lingering illness. Obituary next week.


Uriah Long, aged about 50 years, a wealthy farmer of West Virginia, who resided near the junction of the North and South Branches of the Potomac River, either jumped or fell from a third story window of the Cavanaugh Hotel, Baltimore Street, Cumberland, at one o'clock Sun morning alighting on his head and so badly fracturing his skull that he died afterwards in the Western Md Hospital.

Everybody loves a true Blue Yankee girl, and Mrs Elmer Sheetz, as Lucille fills the highest ideals. See her at the Music Hall tonight.


At a meeting of the Mineral County Good Roads Association, held in Keyser last Tues evening, the following gentlemen were elected as delegates to the Interstate Good Roads Meeting to be held at Mtn Lake Park July 25-26-27. John Sloan, J W Vandiver, Dr T A Cross, O Tibbetts, F H Babb, J T Carksadon, H F Daniels, J M Armstrong, I P Carskadon, Walter Leatheman, Dr J O Lantz and Morgan Bane.
The President was requested to call a meeting of the Good Roads Association at the Council Chamber in Keyser Fri, Aug 4, at 7:30 pm for the purpose of receiving reports and to make plans for more progressive work.
It is proposed to hold a great open-air all day meeting, in some suitably located grove in the county, about the first of Sept for the purpose of discussing the Good Roads movement.


The crop of early potatoes in this county is a very poor one, and they are selling at such high prices that the average householder can not afford to eat them. It is also feared that the drouth and excessive heat have injured the late crop of potatoes here, but we understand that the crop has not been seriously affected on the Alleghany mountain, where they grow the best potatoes.


The McIlwee Concert Band will hold a Street Carnival on Davis St, between Center and Piedmont Streets, beginning Sat evening, July 22, and continuing until Sat night July 29. No pains will be spared to make this the greatest carnival that Keyser has ever had. The Moving Pictures Show, of Music Hall, will be given there each evening, a unique feature will be the Air Dome, the newest attraction in the line of moving picture shows.
Prominent ladies of the town will have boothes of different kinds, fancy articles and confectioneries will be one sale; there will be fortune tellers, catchy games, hay rides, etc.
The streets will be brilliantly illuminated. You will have to attend to appreciate the beauties and attractions.


George W Bane, agent of New York Life Insurance Company, received a letter from the Medical Dept of that company expressing regret occasioned by the death of Dr T H West, who had been a medical examiner for that company since Aug 5, 1868,


All persons indebted to Dr T H West's estate are requested to make settlement at once; all persons having bills against same are requested to present them in due form>
Mrs Lula H West, W H Markwood, administrators for the estate of Dr T H West, decd.
July 21, 1911 - 6t


Through the intercession of Mr J F Harrison of Piedmont, President Taft has consented to deliver and address at Mtn Lake Park on Grand Army Day, which will be Aug 29. Upon that occasion they are seeking to have a reunion of the Blue and the Gray.


Mr and Mrs J H Markwood, Mr Bernard Markwood and Mr and Mrs George Rees, of Washington, left early Tues morning to tour the country in Mr Markwood's auto. From here they went to Wheeling, thence to Pittsburg and from there farther north. They expect to be gone about ten days.


Mr L O Mott has bought of Mr L H Hines the farm on which he resides, which is on Knobley road three miles below the fountain. The farm contains 120 acres and has a good orchard. The price paid is $3,000. Possession will be given March 1, 1912.


A seven room dwelling and large lot with necessary outbuildings situated in the town of Franklin W Va, will be sold at public Auction July 24, 1911.
Address A A Martin, Franklin WVa


The Corner Grocery, in the building corner Centre and Davis Streets, is a new business lately started. They keep fancy and staple groceries. Mr Crabtree has charge of the business.


Special priced merchandise for the next week!
Others will be mentioned each week during July and August.
Limited quantity pure silk parasols $1.00
98c long silk gloves, white .65
98c long silk gloves, black .65
1.98 children's wash dresses 1.48
50c seersucker underskirts .39
25c ladies and children's sun bonnets .15
86c pure Silk Foulard, the yard .55
25c ladies' guaze union suits .19
50c " " .37
Special Price White Underskirts
Special price suit cases 85c to 4.48
Special trunks 1.98 to 4.98
5.00 ladies' all wool spring and fall jackets, black, blue and tan 3.48
Special men's 4 in hand wash ties .05
Yours to Please and Make Low Prices


A party composed of Florence Hamill, Fidesse Workman, Anna Leary, Glady Hott, of St Jo Texas, Mayme Dean, Paul Douglass, Clyde Hott, Fred Hamill, Loyd Douglass, Richard Douglass chaperoned by Mr and Mrs A V Douglas, embarked Fri night for the jungles of Barksville, along the Patterson Creek.
They arrived about Mid-Night and passed the rest of the night sleeping, by the light of the silvery moon.
At an early hour they started after the finny tribe, and all had fisherman luck except Hott and Hamill, who came in late in the day carrying a string of beautiful bass, 25 in number. Some weighing 2 lbs.
We have no proof of the catch of fish, but suppose we will have to take their word for it, that they ate them all for supper.
But whether they had such luck or not, they all want to go again.


Last Sat evening the Romig Drug Store gave a free treat to all who called between 7 and 10 PM, and the store was crowded during those hours. Surely every one who sponged last Sat will have conscience enough to buy and pay for the same next Sat.


For relieving that intense burning of the skin that is necessarily brought on by the Summer's Heat, a pure, air floating Talcum of exceptional quality is unexcelled.
Unusually large quantities of all the popular brands are stocked by us. We especially recommend Violet Dulce Talcum, 25c the Box Romig Drug Co.

"If Charlie took sweet Genevieve
Out in his auto car,
The thing broke down way out from town;
No house for Oh, so far.
And" -- but what's the use to tell you all about it. Hear Orland Christman sing "What Would You Do In A Case Like That. Music Hall tonight.


Prof C L Lewis, of Cincinnati, who collaborated with Mr W S Decker, in putting the Play, "The Duke, The Girl and The Money" on stage, came last night to be present at the play in Music Hall tonight. It is likely that he will direct the play tonight.


Rev L A Thirkeld, a former pastor of the M E Church of Keyser, and now pastor of the 24th St M E Church, Baltimore, has been the guest of Mr Henry Montgomery this week and calling on his many old friends, who were greatly pleased to have him in Keyser again. Last week he visited friends at Dobbin. He returned to Baltimore today.


Mr Demphsy Rice has bought of the T R Carskadon estate, three lots, on Piedmont Street between Man and Church Streets. Mr Rice will remodel the buildings that are on the lots and make for himself an attractive home as well as improve the appearance of that part of town. Let the good work go on.


Last Sun, Mr H C Thrush, wife and daughter, Atty and Mrs H G Fisher, Mr I C McDonald and Mr James Thrush spent the day with MR and Mrs Aaron Thrush, near Burlington. Mrs Thrush had prepared a great dinner, and the visitors ate a great dinner. It was really a feast day to them.


Dubois Pa, July 17
The bodies of 21 victims of the mine explosion were taken form the workings at Sykesville today. The bodies were not burned or otherwise mutilated and it was evident that they died from after damp.
G A Burrell, chemist of the bureau of mines car form Pittsburg, took a quantity of blood form the body of each victim and will examine it to determine the number killed by the explosion and the number by damp. It is believed the explosion was caused when some miner struck a pocket of gas and it exploded form the naked lamp.
The greatest mine disaster in this section of the country occurred last night at 9:30 o'clock in a shaft of the Cascade Coal and Coke Company at Sykesville, 9 miles south of Dubois, the lives of 21 miners being snuffed out almost instantly as the result of an explosion.
Three sets of brothers and a father and son are included in the list of the dead.
George and John Hook, brothers, were found clasped in each other's arms, as were also Nick Pavelick and his young son, aged 15 years. Nick Pavelick and his son were hurrying along together and, finding that death was inevitable, they embraced each other in a farewell and died while clasped together.
The first intimation that the people on the surface had that an explosion had occurred was when the safety door on the fan blew open and the machinery began to run wild. It was immediately surmised that something was radically wrong in the shaft, but the extent of the disaster was not known until 11 o'clock last night, when the rescuers entered the mine.

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