JUNE 2, 1911


May 30, 1911
Miss Maude Haskins, of Pittsburgh, is visiting relatives here for a couple of weeks.
F H Lease and Miss Armanda Troutman, of Reeses Mill, were calling at Sharmon Troutman's Sun.
H S Sheppard and wife of Tucker Co, were here on business the first of the week.
H C Dowden is building a new porch in front of his house, which adds greatly to its appearance.
Mrs Hughes, of Warfordsburg, Pa, is visiting her daughter, Mrs Geo Ward of this place.
Mrs Wm Howells and baby of Cleveland Ohio, were visiting friends here on the first of this week.
Hearn Ward and Miss Maud Haskins went to Gettysburg today on the Western Md excursion.
Mrs Bevy Haines and son, Willie, are visiting in Piedmont.
Joseph Berry, of Piedmont, is spending several weeks with Alaska relatives.
W F Shank, and family, of Patterson Depot, spent Sun with relatives here.
Mr John Sneathen was called to Three Churches last week by the death of his oldest brother Reuben Sneathen, who was 81 years of age.
Surveyor D G Martin, of Antioch, was in town the first of the week.
Assessor Chas Carskadon was here several days last week on business.


J M Martin and aunt, Mrs Kesiah Walker, visited friends at Mt Storm Sat and Sun.
Miss Eva Mott was a Keyser visitor a few days last week.
Mrs V M Grayson was at Keyser last Fri.
D G Martin and daughter, Miss Ruth, made a short visit to Martin Sun evening.
C W Powers, of Piedmont, was in our midst Sun.
Mr and Mrs L J Mott, visited friends at Forman, Grant Co, a day or two recently.
Mrs Edward Rush, of Keyser who has been visiting in this vicinity, returned home Tues.
Mr and Mrs A George and babies, of New Creek, were guests at D G Martins last Sun.
Mr W Harrison, of Reeses Mill, is a pleasant visitor in our village.
Born May 15, 1911 to Mr and Mrs J C Likin, a daughter.
D G Martin is doing some surveying this week in the lower end of the county for L P Miller, Mineral County and otherS.
Miss Ruth Homan, who has been in school at Buena Vista Va, returned home last week.
Mrs L J Mott, was in Keyser last Tues.
Miss Mona (?)oman was a pleasant caller at D G Martin's Fri evening.
May 24, 1911


Mrs Annie Shoemaker, who lives out at Hurley Miller's came down on a visit last week and will return home last of this week.
Arthur Whipp went to Harrisonburg, Va, last week with three mules and a horse to sell.
He drove his gray team and led the others.
Daniel Arnold spent several days visiting at Old Fields.
G S Arnold will go last of this week to Bridgwater, Va, to attend the commencement exercises of the Bridgwater College.
Sam Bane is around looking up some good horses for sale, common horses are not hard to find by good ones are scarce.
Hot and dry still the cry.


May 30th, 1911
Mr Editor and Readers of the Tribune: As I have been aroused from my Rip Van Winkle slumber and have a little spare time from fighting potato and bed bus, I will again try and give you a few of the happenings from this part of the mundane sphere.
We are very dry here. Vegetation, meadows and every green thing is parched and almost burned to a crisp.
Quite a number of our young people took in the excursion to Gettysburg Tues.
Mrs I L Vanmeter, and son, Wilbur, and daughter, Grace, are spending a few days with friends at Cresaptown.
Tues being decoration day, quite a number of people from different parts of the country were here paying a tribute to their dead.
Mrs Bertie Feaster and daughter of Keyser, were the guests of Mr and Mrs H H Hott Sat and Sun.
Mr Salam Ross has moved to this vicinity from Loartown.
Daniel Dawson is confined to his room by inflammatory rheumatism.
Mr John McKinzie, of Barnum, was visiting relatives here last week.
The Sunday School at this place is progressing nicely under the superintency of Mr H H Hott. It is being held at the home of L L Vanmeter; also song and prayer service. Everybody welcome.
Dr Robert and Mrs Gerstell went to Fairmont Sat to spend a few days with friends.
We have a few people in this vicinity that seem to have very unruly tongues, talking about and slandering their neighbors. I would just like to say, better bridle your tongues, as they are likely to get you into trouble. It is true that the bible teaches us that there is a time for all things. That being true, we think their time now has about expired and it is time for such to keep their mouths shut. A word to the wise should be sufficient. I will close with this little rhyme also for their benefit.
Your time is fast approaching,
It behooves both you and I
Not to talk about our neighbors
But make ready for to die.

Your time is very precious
Can be spent in a better way
Than talking of your neighbors
From morn till close of day.


Miss Nellie Bane has returned from Buena Vista Seminary to spend the summer on the mountains.
Miss May Arnold is at Dayton, Va, this week, attending the commencement exercises of the Shenandoah Collegiate Institute.
Frank Healey, the popular teamster in Oakmont for the B&L Company, has returned form a 10 day vacation.
Dr P S Keim went to Philadelphia the first of this week to attend the commencement exercises of his alma mater, the Jefferson Medical College. He will take a course in surgery at this college before returning. Dr Cowherd, of Cumberland, is in Dr Keim's office in his absence.
Dodson and Elk Garden engaged each other on the home diamond last Sat. On the 7th inning the score stood 4 to 0 in favor of Dodson. Then Elk Garden demurred against a decision of the Dodson umpire, which resulted in suggestions, exceptions, and finally ejection. So the game ended. The contention grew out of the decision which declared the Dodson runner safe on first base, when it was manifest to others that he was out on first base. Dodson has good players and we don't see why they should want any crooked decisions.
On Fri of last week, Elk Garden and vicinity experienced a terrific hailstorm and downpour of rain. The clouds were from the north, low down, heavily charged with electricity, abundant moisture and fully equipped with a first class ice plant. The hail storm broke near Elk Garden and proceeded towards Sulphur and Hartmonsville, being heaviest near Sulphur, and reaching Oakmont and other towns. Hailstones fell that measured 4 1/2 and 5 inches in circumference. They were as large as good sized hulled walnuts, and some as large as hen eggs. Much damage was done to cherries, grapes and garden vegetables. Some gardens were almost entirely ruined.
Mr F C Rolman, preached to a large congregation in the M E Church, South, last Sun evening.
The lightning struck a large walnut tree on Frank Junkin's farm last Fri. The tree was hollow about 20 feet from the ground up. It caught fire and burned vigorously, the blaze coming out of a know hole. At night it went down with a great crash.
Mr Wm Ball left last Tues for Buffalo, NY to be treated for stomach trouble in Dr Pierce's hospital.
Mr J R Bane, our efficient county commissioner, was in town the first of this week.
Our baseball team went to Barton on Memorial day.
Cut worms are still continuing their ravages. They are hanging on till the last.
A number of our people visited other places on Memorial day.


Solomon Bowman died recently at Twin Mountain.
Paul Wilson spent several days the past week visiting friends at Moundsville.
C Cecil Parker, of Romney, spent Sat and Sun here visiting friends.
Born, to Mr and Mrs T M McCorkle on May 17, at their home in Elkins, a daughter.
Hon B H Hiner, of Franklin, passed through here last Friday on his way to Baltimore on a business trip.
P E Thrush, the undertaker, is pushing work on his new dwelling and undertaking establishment in Riverview Addition.
Ex Mayor Timanus and wife of Baltimore, are spending their summer vacation with B S McDonald, at Maysville.
Vause, the 13 year old son of Jas Brafford, died recently at his home near Williamsport, of pneumonia. Another daughter is very ill with the same disease.
The postoffice dept is asking for bids to carry the mail from Moorefield to Purgittsville. The mail is to be daily and the schedule is as follows: leave Purgittsville at 7:30 am, arrive at Moorefield 11:30 am, Leave Moorefield at 12:00 m, and arrive at Purgittsville 4:00 pm. We are glad to know this route is to be re-established.
Mr and Mrs Zack Taylor of Purgittsville, spent yesterday at Moorefield.
Dr R C Price, of Morgantown, spent several days here since our last issue, with his parents, Senator and Mrs Price.


Rev Robt S Viser, of Richmond Va, is visiting friends here.
Mr Chas Ferribee visited his old home near Ridgeville last week.
Mrs J P Arnold visited friends in Keyser, Romney and Cumberland the last two weeks.
Miss Nera I Roderick visited her sister, Mrs E S Buriss, of Kitzmiller, last week.
During the thunder storm last Fri, the lightning struck a mowing scythe hanging in a small apple tree not more than 10 ft from D V Junkins' door knocking him down, and badly frightening the balance of the family. No one was seriously hurt.
Mr and Mrs Harry L and Mrs Edgar Arnold, of Keyser, visited at Mr J P Arnold's over Sun.
During the storm last Fri, hail stones fell 1 1/2 inches in diameter.
Mr E L Haines, of Slanesville, is on a visit to friends here.
Mr Tom Ward, of Claysville, visited friends at Emoryville Sat and Sun.
Mr and Mrs Oscar Simmons, of Emoryville, visited relatives here Sun.
Mrs S H Liller was visiting on New Creek last Sat.
Miss Emma Duling started to Burlington last Sun.
Sheep shearing has been the order here this week.
Mr Chas Endler of Stony River, came down after his sister, Miss Marion, last Sat.
Squire C E Shillingburg was in Piedmont on last Tues.
Deputy Sheriff Kimball of Bayard, sold part of Wm Abernathy's household goods last Fri to satisfy a claim in his hands in favor of Minor cooper. The defendant was not represented, neither in person nor by counsel, and everything went one way. Some think the defendant has "absqiatuated" for Md.
Vegetation is growing since the occasional showers, and if seasonable this month, there will be some grass to mow.
If a heavy locust bloom is any sign of a good corn crop, this year's crop certainly will be a bumper.


Miss Blanch Staggs, of Keyser, was the pleasant guest of Mattie Brenig several days this week with friends in Harrisonburg, Va.
Mrs John H Parker is quite ill at this writing.
Mr Charles Akers and sister, Miss Ora, of Keyser, spent Sun with the Misses Ludwick.
Miss Mollie Whiteman of Romney, spent two days at home this week.
Mr Berk Bailey, of Keyser, was visiting relatives here first of the week.
Misses Nan and Marie Ludwick were in Romney this week having some dental work done.
Mr John H Parker is having acetylene lights and also water put in his house.


Bass fishing season commences June 15.
Farmers are bringing their wool to town.
 W S Welton spent Sun at Piedmont.
Attorney Benjamin Dailey was here on legal business Wed.
Miss Maggie Boggs is filling a clerical position in the Grant County Bank.
Workmen are now at work on building the addition to B J Baker's residence.
Mrs B J Baker returned Mon evening from a short visit to Cumberland.
Mrs J E Bowman is at a Woman's Hospital in Baltimore taking medical treatment.
A S Veach was her Fri and qualified as administrator of his son, the late C E Veach.
Mr and Mrs W H Barger, who visited here for two weeks, returned to their home at Keyser Mon.
Judge Reynolds held a special term of court here Wed to enter some decrees in chancery matters.
J C Watson and J L Hott, of Keyser, have been spending a few days at the Royal Gleen Mills and doing some surveying.
J N Shobe left Tues morning for Elk Garden, to build a large barn for MR Carskadon. He was accompanied by Raymond Hill, Willie Delay and Ernest Shobe.


May 30, 1911
Still dry. We have had no rain yet, although there have been some showers nearby, both east and west of us, with a heavy hail storm about Emoryville last Fri. In many of the gardens here the seeds are rotting in the ground without sprouting. The farmers here are about all done shearing their sheep and the clip is unusually heavy, caused by the lack of rain to wash the gum out of the wool.
G S Kitzmiller sheared 110 head last week which yielded the boss clip of our neighborhood; we failed to get the average weight, but he weighed one fleece off of a yearling that weighed thirteen pounds and seven ounces. Can anyone report a heavier one?
We are now receiving the second installment of measles in our community; the first cases are all about well.
Mrs J W Roderick has just returned from a two weeks' visit along the line. While absent she visited friends in Blaine, Kitzmiller, Elk Garden and Gormania. She reports an enjoyable trip and returns much improved in health.
Mrs Frances Blackburn, of near Gormania, is visiting her friends in this community.
Gabe Hanlin and Bruce Roderick expect to finish their large contract of lumber hauling this week. The dry weather has been very favorable to the teamsters, especially here where roads are nothing more than a long trench in the ground.
Ran Cosner has sawed out at his set on Abram's Creek and is now making arrangements to move his mill to a set near Gerstell.
Our new Presbyterian minister, Rev Mr Eubank, will go to housekeeping in Gabe Hanlin's old residence this week.
Bruce Roderick started on a business trip to Burlington this morning.
We are glad to see by Bro X O X's letter of last week that the "Good Roads" movement has struck our neighbor county of Grant. Now brother, you are a little in advance of us down here in Mineral County, but we believe in doing things thoroughly. Our "Good Roads" committee has just made its report through the engineer. We fully endorse this report and recommend it to our county court for adoption. He recommends that the court issue bonds in the sum of $225 - $115.00 for road purposes, $88,000 of which we will spend at once in making a "good road" from Piedmont to Keyser, and thence to New Creek Tannery, thence from the bridge at the Knabenshue place to the N W Turnpike by way of the cut-off road, thence following said road to Burlington, thence by way of P C Valley turnpike to Headsville, and thence by Headsville grade to Keyser, a distance of about 53 miles. Now we think it very important to have those roads stoned, or graveled, at once, especially the N W Pike, which is cut into a solid slate bank most of the distance from Ridgeville to Burlington and that portion of the P C Valley pike, five miles, from Burlington to Headsville. This road is built in a gravel and slate bank nearly all this distance and has never been muddy since it was built; in fact there is not dirt enough in it to raise a dust in the dryest time. Now this 53 miles of road will form a large letter O, and will make such a nice spin for us auto men to run around on. We know that the taxpayers throughout the county will kick, but taxpayers, go hang; Rev MR Russell says there is no hell, therefore we can't send you there. The old N W pike up the face of Alleghany, which we are going to gravel further on, is another very important road. True, this road is seldom used anymore except to drive a bunch of cattle over it spring and fall, but the bed of the road being solid rock, it has become worn so smooth and hard that it makes the cattle's feet sore, so we are going to give it a coat of gravel.
So you see, Brother, that your Grant County "good roads" men will have to go away back and sit down.
Uncle John


Mr John J Johnston and children spent Tues in Grafton.
Mr R C Fisher of Romney, was in our town Wed.
Mr G P Miller, of Romney, was looking after orchard interests here this week.
DeLaval Cream Separators. Frye & Sons
Hon John J Cornwell was here on legal business this week.
Mrs John Hoover and Patrick Naughton spent from Sun until Wed with friends and relatives in Cumberland.
Mr and Mrs Maruice Newman have returned home from a visit to relatives in Terra Alta.
Get your laces, embroideries, ladies collars and fancy work of D Long & Son.
Mr and Mrs James Holtzman and son have returned from Chicago and Newark.
Mr W A Liller was in Eastern cities on business this week.
Mrs Roy Ravenscroft and baby are visiting home folk in Keyser.
Mrs Nannie Pancake has ordered her Tribune changed from Elkins to Charleston WV.
Miss Irene Davis spent last Mon in Piedmont.
Mr Vernon Welch went up to Piedmont to attend to business matters last Mon.
Mr Richard Stimmell was in Keyser on business last Mon.
Mr Silas M Arnold visited in Keyser last Mon evening.
Mrs W E Woolf has returned from a visit to Baltimore.
Mrs J G Woolf has returned from a visit to Baltimore.
Mrs J G Wolfe went to Grafton last Mon on a visit to her daughter Mrs J P Carder.
Foley Kidney Pills contain just the ingredients necessary to regulate and strength the action of the kidneys and bladder. Try them yourself.
There was a heavy hail storm in the neighborhood of Frankfort last Wed.
Miss Viva Jones attended Commencement here this week.
Mr V F Alkire was in Romney yesterday.
Mrs Robert Grant, Jr of Elk Garden, attended High School Commencement.
Launder your curtains. You can get curtain stretchers of Frye & Sons.
Mr and Mrs J E Bailey and Miss Mable Baily expect to go to Fairmont tomorrow to witness the unveiling of a monument to their nephew, Joseph Merrifield next Sun.
Mr Chas P Peters is agent for the Cortright metal shingles, any one who contemplates doing any roofing would be wise to see him and see the shingles.
Mr W G Burnap of Washington, visited Keyser friends this week.
We had a shower of rain on Memorial Day according to the well established custom.
Mr J M Linthicum was in Piedmont on business last Mon.
Mrs W S Davis was a Piedmont visitor last Mon.
Mrs and Mrs George Sincell spent Memorial Day at Deer Park.
Messrs. William Dawson Jr and Ervin Shelly were visitors to Lonaconing on Sun afternoon.
Miss Cora Kidwell returned home on Mon from a visit to her sister, Mrs McGraw, at Monogah.
Mr and Mrs J Johnson and family, Mrs W H Longsdorf and daughter, Mrs W H Hosack and Miss Nan Hosack spent Sun afternoon and evening in Piedmont.
Mrs Owen Dorsey, Mrs J Mooney and Mrs John Burke spent Sun evening in Cumberland.
Mrs M Doman and son, of Clarksburg, were visitors here on Sun.
Never can tell when you'll mash a finger or suffer a cut, bruise, burn or scald. Be prepared. Dr Thomas' Ecletic Oil instantly relieves the pain - quickly cures wound.
Mrs C E Spotts, who resides on Sharpless St, was operated on at the Western Md Hospital yesterday.
Mr E A Placka was attending to business in Keyser Mon.
Mr John Sloan was on our streets Mon.
Mr Geo B Shank was looking after business interests in Keyser Mon.
The picnic season will soon be here and you will need a picnic dress. D Long & Son have a choice of selection of such dress patterns.
Mr J S Ward, who was in the dairy business near Lonaconing, has sold out and returned to New Creek, Mineral County welcomes him back.
Mr C C Arbogast was in Romney and Petersburg on business this week.
Mr Millard Welch was a Keyser visitor this week.
Mr Jacob H Cheshire and daughter, Miss Edith, were shopping in Keyser Thurs.
Messrs D A Sloan Arnold were in Keyser on business Thursday.
Mrs Alex Miles and daughter, of Cumberland, visited relatives here this week.
Born to Mr and Mrs Boor of Piedmont St, last Wed, a son.
Don't be so foolish as to stand in your own light and then fall over the precipice. People who keep their eyes open and walk in the light go to I M Long's store.
Mr W H Davis and son, who represent the New Nursery Co of Smithville, Tenn, spent a few days in Keyser this week, looking into our orchard interests and taking orders for fall delivery. They will be here again next week.
Constipation causes headache, nausea, dizziness, languor, heart palpitation. Drastic physics grp, sicken, weaken the bowels and don't cure. Doan's Regulets act gently and cure constipation. 25c Ask your druggist.
Miss Clara Caldwell was a business visitor to Cumberland on Sat.
Miss Maud Blair has returned home from a short visit to Cumberland.
Mr Will Seaber spent Sun evening here with friends.
Mr Ralph Harrison, left Fri night on a visit to his sister, Mrs Miller, in Ohio.
Mrs T L Vincent, of Thomas, is visiting Mrs D E Lawson, on Sharpless St.
Mr Frank Purinton, of Hamlin, Tex, arrived here Sun on a visit to his mother and brother in Keyser and brothers in Cumberland.
Mr and Mrs Edward Merrifield, and daughter, Marie, of Clarksburg, are visiting their uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs J E Bailey.
The attorneys are taking depositions this week in the case of the County Court vs Operators of Traction Engines on our roads.
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad has issued a very complete and comprehensive Guide Book for the assistance of the tourists and vacation travelers during the summers season. The Guide is attractively arranged, containing 200 pages.
The Guide may be had by applying to local ticket offices.
Don't let the baby suffer from eczema, sores or any itching of the skin. Doan's Ointment gives instant relief, cures quickly. Perfectly safe for children. All druggists sell it.
Messrs. W Bowden, J W Wagoner, Alvin Clemm, Erick Sullivan, Roy Hartman, Frank Kight, Louie Long, Fred Ravenscroft, William Crooks, Clayton Hilghman, Charles Neville, Robert Fisher, Campbell Smith and Lee Kesner were visitors to Piedmont on Sun.
There will be a rehearsal of the entire cast of chorus of the Pirates of Penznce in Music Hall, Sat afternoon at 2 o'clock. Please attend. Important. J D Muldoon, President.



Mrs Elizabeth, wife of James B Watson, of Mannington WVa, died at 3:00 Sat morning, May 26. She has been suffering from dropsy and other complications for some time, and more than a week ago, pneumonia developed, and because of her weakened condition she was not able to successfully withstand the attack.
Mrs Watson was 54 years old, and has lived in Mannington for about 10 years, during which time she had won the esteem of all her neighbors, who will miss her kind neighborly ministrations.
Her immediate relatives who survive are her husband, James B Watson, two sons, James Jr and Lawrence; her mother, Mrs Barbara E Floyd. Her surviving brothers are Ezra, Zack and Lindsey Floyd of Pawpaw District and Jesse Floyd of Keyser WVa.
Her sisters are Mrs Ellen Floyd, Barcinnia Floyd, Rose Anna Rogers, Sarah Mercer and Inora Robinson all of this community; and scores of other relatives in this community and else where.
Mrs Watson was a devoted wife and mother, who willingly and cheerfully gave her entire time and service to her home duties. She scarcely ever was seen outside of the precincts of her home and it is there she will be most sadly missed. She became a member of the Dents Run Baptist Church several years ago, and remained in that connection till her death.


500 locust posts to be delivered on the ground surrounding the reservoirs of Keyser WV.
Also bids for digging post holes and putting in said posts.
Also bids for stringing a wire fence to said posts surrounding the reservoir property of the Town of Keyser.
A person can bid on one or more of the foregoing jobs.
Specifications for the three contracts can be got at the Office of Harry Fisher or J W Wagoner.
Harry G Fisher
W C Long
J W Wagoner Committtee of the Town of Keyser


Mr Geo W Bane, Agent for the New York Life Insurance Company, will go to Elk Garden tomorrow to deliver to Mrs Bessie F Pearson, a check form the company for $1000.00. Mr Pearson was a victim of No 20 Mine explosion. He had carried this policy for more than ten years. Every man owes it to his family to carry a protective policy. This disaster in our own county is only one of many such reminders. Suppose every Elk Garden victim had carried such a policy.


There will be a meeting of the Mineral County Horticultural Society tomorrow, Sat June 3, at 2 PM in the Office of O A Hood, for the purpose of arranging for the purchase of Fruit Baskets. A full attendance is desired as this will be a very important meeting.


In loving, but sad remembrance of my sainted mother, Mrs Martha Biser, who departed this life one year ago today, May 14, 1911.


We take this means of expressing our thanks to the friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted us during the illness and after the death of our father, Mr C C Boseley. Your kindness will not soon be forgotten by
His Children.

Esteemed Neighbor:
Keyser Camp No 8090, Modern Woodmen of America, will meet at its Hall at 10:30 am Sun, June 4th, 1911, for the purpose of attending at 11 o'clock services at the Lutheran Church conducted by Rev C P Bastian in observance of our Memorial Day.
At same date we are requested to meet promptly at 1:30 and to proceed, from said Hall at 2:00 attended by the Band, to the cemetery.
Bring flowers with you,
Yours fraternally,
Harry G Fisher, Clerk Keyser Camp No 8070, M W of A


Rev J H Brunk, pastor of the UB Church, Keyser, was operated upon for appendicitis, at the Hoffman Hospital last Wed and his many friends in Keyser and throughout the country will be pleased to know that he stood the operation well and is resting comfortably. Mr Brunk, by his able presentations of the gospel, by his diligence in Christian work and godly walk and conversation, has greatly endeared himself to our people and they are all anxiously hoping for his speedy recovery.
On Wed of last week, Rev Mr Havenner, of the M E Church, was operated on for appendicitis and Wed of this week Rev Mr Brunk was operated upon for the same trouble. It is remarkable that in a city of this size, two ministers should be stricken with identically the same trouble within so short a time. Each preached the Sun forenoon previous to the operation, both had been suffering for many weeks before.


The many friends of Rev F H Havenner will be pleased to know that he has improved rapidly ever since his operation and will soon be able to leave the Hospital. His congregation has arranged for the supply of his pulpit regularly so long as he is unable to preach.
The Rev Dr Sumwalt, of Washington, will fill his pulpit next Sun forenoon.


After you take Dr King's New Life Pills, and you'll quickly enjoy their fine results. constipation and indigestion vanish and fine appetite returns. They regulate stomach, liver and bowels and impart new strength and energy to the whole system.
Try them. Only 25c at all druggists.


Prof J D Mulddon, Principal of the Preparatory, gave a banquet at the Reynolds' Hotel Wed evening to the Graduating Class that was a brilliant affair and richly enjoyed by all who were present.


A short while ago one red Durham cow five or six years old came to my place. Owner can recover the same by proving property, paying for keeping and the cost of this notice.
R H Anderson, Emoryville WV


Following the Literary Society contest in the High School Auditorium Mon night, the members of the Society held a banquet which was one of the most richly enjoyed and gorgeous affairs in the history of that society. The officers of the Society are, Leroy Boor, President; Mary Vossler, Vice-President; Mary Moore, Secretary; Vernon Compton, Treasurer; Asbury Stoutmour, Sergeant at Arms.


Notice is hereby given that the accounts of the following fiduciaries are now in my hands for settlement.
Isaac Washington, Guardian of Earl O Clifford and Alpheus Clifford.
Ollie Smathers, Adminsitratrix of Roscoe J Smathers, deceased.
Wm Herrick, Guardian of Lillie C Herrick and Daisy Herrick.
Annie Paris, Committee for W R Paris.
E G Hammond, Trustee for W T Biser.
F D Staggs, Administrator of S M Staggs, deceased.
Wm Herrick, Administrator of Andrew J Logsdon, deceased.
Howard C Dixon, Administrator of S G Dixon, deceased.
Given under my hand this 1st day of June, 1911.
R A Welch, Commissioner of Accts.


A charter was granted the Hill Top Orchard Company, of Romney WV to own and operate fruit farms with an authorized capital of $10,000.
The Incorporators are: Sloan Kuykendall, E L Chapin, C C Wolford, H T Mytinger, James Rudy and others of Romney WVa

From Twin Mountain Orchard to Keyser. Will Be Built This Year If the Citizens of Mineral County Do Their Duty

Mr E A Russell, of the Twin Mountain Orchard Co, and Mr J Lewis, a civil engineer and practical railroad builder, were in Keyser this week in the interest of a railroad that the Twin Mountain Orchard Co proposes to build to some point where they can tap the mail line of a railroad. At a mass meeting of the business men of Keyser and vicinity, held in the Council Chamber last Wed evening, Mr Russell made the proposition that if Mineral County will give them a right of way free, they will build the road from their orchards above the road from their orchards above Williamsport, Grant Co, to Keyser, and have it completed within less than one years time. The road to be built by way of Burlington.
Surely our land owners can well afford to give a right of way as an inducement to the building of a railroad that will greatly enhance the value of their property and put them closer to the markets of the world. One land owner has volunteered to give the right of way through his property and to furnish free of charge the cross ties that will be needed for the construction of the road through his lands. Would it not be well for the land owners along the proposed route to hold a meeting and agree to give a right of way as an inducement to having the road come our way. The company already has a right of way from their orchards to McNeill Station off the Hampshire and Southern RR, but if our people get busy, we may be able to bring that road to Keyser. It behoves the citizens of Keyser and the county to wake up and see to it at once that we do not lose this opportunity.
J H Markwood, F H Babb, C L Bane, J Sloan Arnold and James T Carskadon were appointed a committee to confer with the County Cokurt and secure a franchise for the proposed road.
The engineers are now surveying suggested routes in order to ascertain which would be the most feasible one.


Memorial Day exercises began last Sun forenoon when Rev W W Van Arsdale, of Cumberland, delivered a very eloquent sermon before the New Creek Post No 89 G A R in the M E Church, of Keyser. His subject was "Patriotism."
On Tues, Decoration Day, the procession formed on Mineral St at one PM and marched to Queens Point Cemetery, led by McIlwee's Concert Band, followed by the W Va Cadets, the various fraternal orders that participated and the children of the different Sun Schools of Keyser, and many citizens. Mr D P Osborn was Chief Marshall, Sen F N Zihlman, of Cumberland, delivered a very brilliant address. He delivered an address at Lonaconing that forenoon, and was accompanied here by a delegation of the Army and Navy Union of that place.
A large crowd of citizens from the town and county attended and enjoyed the exercises. The Cemetery had been cleaned up and the private graves strewn with flowers. After the address had been concluded, the graves of the soldiers were covered with beautiful and fragrant flowers by the few of their comrades in arms who linger on this side of the River. May they be spared to remain with us for many more years, and their paths be strewn with roses and laurels.


Rev Dr Sumwalt, Superintendent of the Washington District, M E Church, will preach the annual sermon before the graduates of the Preparatory School in the Auditorium of that building next Sun @ 8 o'clock pm. Other exercises will follow during the week according to the published program.
On Mon evening, June 5, Rev M H Keen will deliver the annual address before the Commercial Class. Thurs evening, June 8, Senator Geo L Wellington will deliver the address before the graduating class, and Hon Geo S Laidley, of Charleston W Va, will present the diplomas. Every day of next week will have an interesting program.
The graduates of the Preparatory School are: Elsie Mae Wagoner, Susan Elizabeth Abernathy, Ervin S Welton, West Hardy, Andrew Woolf, Paul J Davis, Aristotle Steorts, Eva Day Compton, Florence Rebecca Hamill and Clyde B Hott.
The graduates in the Commercial Dept are: Prentiss Roland Watson, Anna Mary Murphy, Virginia Frances McGuire, Charles Albert Steiding, Lloyd Edgar Trenton, Cleora Helena Vivian Wright, Alma Carroll Paris, Ruth Saylor Arnold, Eudora Grace Davis, Trix Bonci Baldwin, Marshall Hughes Carrier, West Hardy, Lucretia Ellen Spicer, Nannie Blue Long and Pearl Margaret Cecelia Clough.


The final exercises of the Keyser Public Schools began last Sun evening in the Auditorium of that building when Rev C P Bastian, of the Lutheran Church, preached a strong, practical, well prepared sermon on "The Dignity and the Importance of Work." The Auditorium was filled with interested listeners, a large choir, composed of students, rendered high grade chorus music. Exercises have been held during the week in accordance with the program as published in last week's paper.
Mon evening the Literary Society held its contest and banquet. The subject for the debate was: Resolved "That The Recall should be adopted." The judges gave the decision in favor of the affirmative, which was represented by John Shores and Leo Brotemarkle and the prize to each was $2.50 in gold. The negative side of the question was ably presented by Clifton Gurd and Leroy Boor.
The declaimers were Miss Pauline Wilson and Miss May Paris. The prize was awarded to Miss Wilson. This prize was $2.50 in gold. There were nine graduates from the High School this session: Chester Dixon, Elizabeth Wolfe, Florence Githens, Lena Bond, Janet Lambdin, Audrey Crawford, Earl Blair, Elsworth Wolfe and Frank Troy. Chester Dixon is the Valedictorian and Elizabeth Wolfe is the Salutatorian of this year's class.
Keyser Public Schools continue to do a great work for our young people under the instructions of Prof J W Stayman and his able corps of associate teachers.
We shall give more detailed reports next week.


Charleston WV
May 26
Fairmont parties have incorporated the Twin Mountain & Potomac Railroad Company, which will commence at McNeil, a point on the Hampshire Southern Railroad Co in Hardy County, to a point at or near Twin Mountain postoffice in Grant County. The authorized capital is $100,000, with Fairmont as the principle office and the following persons as incorporators: R T Cunningham, H L Heintzelman, J M Brownfield, Kamble White and E A Russell.



Our Preparatory boys played the nine from the Beall High School of Frostburg, last Sat afternoon on the Prep diamond.

There was a large crowd of spectators and it was interesting game. The score was 6-4 in favor of our boys.


At once, a good farm hand, with small family. Apply at the home of W R Paris, four miles South of Keyser. 5-26-2


Reading Notice A "The Ladies Home Journal, Delineator, Vogue, etc., are advertising Spirella Corsetts. These advertisements are of peculiar interest to corset wearers. As Local Corsetiere for the Spirella Company, I am in position to give you the benefit of my training and experience. I guarantee your corset to fit you, to be the proper model for you. I do Residence Fitting. Will call, demonstrate the corset and explain it to you at your convenience.
Miss Ida Crawford, 127 W Piedmont St, Keyser WV


Dodson has made it eight straight games by shutting out Elk Garden Sat by a score of 4-0. Both teams played fast ball while Dodson played an errorless game. Elk Garden only had two errors. Fazenbaker pitched invincible ball and let Elk Garden down with one hit. Elk Garden never had but one man as far as third base and that came in the fifth inning. Dan Raley made a nice two bagger (the only one) and in trying to make third was thrown out.