JUNE 30, 1911


June 28, 1911
An ice cream festival will be held here on Sat night, July 8. Proceeds to build a flue in the UB Church. All are cordially invited.
Sur D G Martin is going to Ridgeley today to do several days work for J L Miller and others, to make a survey of a route for a street railway.
W T Martin of Keyser is in our midst. He returned a few days ago from a trip to Chicago. He visited relatives in Ohio a few days, and is very much pleased with the country.
Misses Hattie Dettinburn, Mona Doll and Eva Mott and Messrs Weck Doll, Henry Chamberlin and James Doll drove over to the reservoir last Sun.
Everyone except "A few others" attended the show at Piedmont Thurs last.


On Thurs, July 6 at 1 pm, the personal property of the estate of the late Matilda Kline will be sold at public sale. This consists principally of household property and some stock. I have not heard yet what Miss Sadie Leatherman will do after the sale.
Cleve Starnes and family came in to B W Smith's Sat. He returned Mon but left wife and baby here.
Mrs Lydia Arnold and Miss Bessie were up at Old Fields on a visit from Sat till Mon.
Boyd Staggs has a class in singing on the Run and gave his first lesson last Sat evening at the school house. He will sing next Sat evening again. It has not been decided whether they will meet each Sat evening at 6 or at a later hour.
Since our last report J W Leatherman has put a new roof on his barn. D D Taylor was the workman.
Considerable wheat was harvested last week; more will be harvested this week.
Some folks went on the excursion last Sun to Luray cave.
Berry-pickers are busy now. A fine crop of raspberries is reported. This is a harvest for spare women and children to share the profits with the owners of the berries.
Mr Arbogast, plumber, has been plumbing for Amos Whipp.
The effort is to carry the water from that fine spring in the hollow to the house on the hill. The plan is a feasible one but a pump will have to be stationed about half way up the hill.
There will be singing at the church next Sun evening from Song Praises. Bring books. Will sing from 4 - 5.
B W Smith has begun work on his house for further improvements. The west end will be raised even in height with the east end.


The Showers here last Sun were not only refreshing, but they were tremendous. The downpour continued until the earth was flooded.
Blaine and Elk Garden crossed bats last Sat on the home diamond. It rained a heavy shower about the second inning and the ground did not get into very good shape afterward. The score stood 7-2 in favor of Elk. Batteries for Elk, Kenny and Raley.
Dr P S Keim returned last Fri from Philadelphia where he took a four weeks' course in surgery at the Jefferson Medical College, his Alma Mater.
Miss Grace Rollman, who is a nurse in the Hebrew Hospital, Baltimore, is home enjoying a two weeks' vacation.
Mrs Nan Aubrey, of Philadelphia, is visiting her sister, Mrs Mary Harris.
Mr F C Rolman has a real freak of nature. A hen was hatching a brood and one of the eggs was accidentally broken and a remarkable chick was taken out dead. It has four well developed legs and feet and four well developed wings, two hind legs and two forelegs, and the same in regard to the wings. Mr Rollman has embalmed it.
Ex Mayor George Finch moved his family to Kitzmiller last week.
The rain stopped long enough for the people to get to the church last Sun evening for childrens' service. It was a very enjoyable program. The music, the recitations, and the exercises were all good and much enjoyed.
Ho, for the Fourth at Elk Garden! The committees say that encouraging reports are coming in every day. The farming community is interested and a number of farmers are planning to be in the procession with products and oddities. Whoop it up, farmers. One man is planning a sham battle with twenty horsemen, and he will make a success of it. The Blaine band, fantastics, games and plenty of visitors will make a grand old Fourth. Everybody this way, now.
A social event of more than passing interest came in the form of a China Shower on Sat night, June 24, at Bayard. Mr Harley Beckman, who is employed in Mr I H Bane's Store of this place, and his sister, Miss Vera, celebrated their mother's birthday by giving her this China Shower. The rooms were decorated in a way befitting the occasion in pink and white effect, and numerous potted plants and rhododendrons and roses. The Elk Garden orchestra furnished the music for the occasion and it was much enjoyed. Over 60 persons of the list of invited guests were present. Her friends contributed about 120 pieces of china. The guests were received by Miss Vera Beckman, Mrs Helen Nugent and Mrs J A Kimble. Mrs Kimble in the dining room. Little Miss Hallie Beckman served at the punch bowl. Among the out of town guests were Messrs Walter and Johnnie Arnold, Ray Hubbs, Ray Middleton, Misses May Arnold and Nellie Bane, Mrs I H Bane, Mrs Margaret Branner, and Mrs Dr Keim of Elk Garden; Mr Hugh Markwood of Blaine; Mr Hickerson of Cumberland; Miss Mamie Faherty of Piedmont; Mrs W H Ruebush of Virginia; Mrs Bay and Miss Emma Bay of Baltimore; Miss Lyla Wilson of Moorefield; Misses Anna Dilgard, May Williams, Anna Burk, Eurith Wilderson, Blanche Wilderson, Dr J H Shircliff, Mrs Kate Bay, Messrs E R Hillery, M E Williams and Isaac Wilderson of Gormania.
We are to have a sane Fourth. Nofire crackers will be allowed on the streets or picnic ground to frighten horses and endanger people. Away with the fire cracker fiend.
By all means, Mr Editor, let us have the correspondents' picnic at Elk Garden on the Fourth and then keep it up every year. Let us get together.


Phillip Fetzer, of Frostburg, spent Sun with his mother here.
C B Welton, spent several days the past week on a business trip to Washington.
Mayor R A Welch, of Keyser, spent Tues night in Moorefield on legal business.
Santford Bruce an aged colored citizen of Grant Co, died Thurs at his home at Williamsport.
Taylor Morrison, Jas Leps and Jos E Patchett, of Keyser, were here Mon making arrangements for the entertainment to be held here Sat night.
Seymour Fisher, who accompanied Mrs Fisher to Baltimore last week, returned home Mon. Mrs Fisher, who was operated upon, is getting along very nicely.
Rev N W Kuykendall, who spent several weeks here visiting relatives, left last Fri for Beverly, where he will take charge of the church there.
His family remain here several weeks.
Atty's W H Griffith of Keyser, R W Baker, L J Forman and E M Johnson of Petersburg, and H B Gilkeson of Romney, were here attending court this week.


Mr and Mrs J W Junkins returned last week from a very pleasant visit among relatives and friends at Morgantown, Adamston and Burnesville.
Dr P S Keim, of Elk Garden, was called to see Master Walter Arnold last Mon. Mr R Marsh Dean came over with him.
Misses Susie Barnhouse of Keyser and Bernice Carnell, of Mountain Breeze Hotel, Claysville, were guests of Mrs Henry Kitzmiller last week.
Mr Geo D Junkins, of Emoryville, was here on business Mon.
Mrs Millslagle and daughter, Miss Viola, of Pittsburg, are visiting her sister, Mrs John P Kitzmiller.
Mr Wm Abernathy has moved from Nattyville to Barnum.
Messrs Elijah Streets and D W Idleman lost four sheep by lightning during the storm last Sat afternoon.
Squire C E Shillingburg has suggested that a petition be sent in to the court prohibiting the killing of partridges in Elk District. This is a matter that should interest every farmer, but it seems to us that it is a question for the voters, and not for the court to decide.
In a letter from Mr Edgar H Clark, who is near the line separating British Columbia from Alaska, dated June 5, he says "the snow is just beginning to melt here". There is quite a contrast between here and there.
Rev Robert Viser of Piedmont, made a hasty call here last week.
Mr and Mrs J G Shillingburg, of near Mt Storm, passed through here last week to visit her sister, Mrs D W Wilson, near Blaine.
Mrs John E Harvey and daughter, Miss Helen, were visiting her daughter, Mrs Chas Barb, over Sun.
A number of persons under the name of the Keystone Stock Co had what they called a show on the school house lot here last Sat night. Some say it was just as we expected.
Judge Henderson, of Cumberland, passed through here one day last week.
Mr Ed Smith, of Greenland, was here on business Mon.


Miss Mollie Whiteman is home from Romney where she spent several months with her sister, Miss Racey.
Mr Lickliter and Mrs Little of Cumberland, were the guests of Mr and Mrs J H Parker Fri and Sat.
Miss Rox Anna Wolf is visiting relatives at Bass.
Miss Sarah High is spending a few weeks with Mr and Mrs C D Whitman.
Little Mary Arnold Cheshire returned Fri from Keyser where she had spent a week with relatives.
Misses Nance and Marie Ludwick went to Cumberland Wed to attend the wedding of their cousin, Charles McFerren.
Mr and Mrs Edgar Rogers, of near Keyser, were the guests of Mrs Rogers mother, Mrs Whiteman, from Sat until Sun.
Mr Harry Cheshire spent from Sat until Mon with relatives at Hanging Rock.
Miss Mary Leatherman, of Rada, is visiting her uncle, J F Leatherman.
There will be all day meeting at Trinity Sun conducted by presiding elder, Rev White.


Mrs Harvey Smith of McCoole, is visiting friends in town this week.
There will be a lecture in the M E Church, South, Thurs evening, by Miss Heatwole.
Mr Ben Day and Miss Bertie Iser were quietly married on Sat last. The wedding being very quiet owing to the recent death of the bride's brother. Congratulations.
There will be a picnic held in the west end of town on the 4th of July.
The mines are running fairly good time now.
Mr C B Pew has sold his place of business to Mr E Dasher, who is going in business for himself. Also, will start a nickelodeon in the Md Theatre.
Miss Nellie Whitfield, of Keyser, is in town this week.
Mr Geo Finch, formerly of Elk Garden, has moved to his own home in Kitzmiller.
Mark Bender, son of Ethel and Stanley Bender, met with a painful accident, being hit with a rock in his eye. We hope it will not prove to be serious.
Mr Will Kight, of Elk Garden, is on our streets today.
The infant child of Mr Geo Brennerman is very sick at this writing.
There will be a special lodge sermon in the M E Church Sun night, July 2nd.
Mrs Odis Abernathy left town today for a short visit to friends.
The Children's Day services in the M E Church Sun night was a splendid success. The program was rendered very nicely.
Tom Thum


We had a fine rain Sat and Sun which wet the ground thoroughly, the first time the sod has been soaked since April.
With plenty of rain we may yet have some grass, but the crop must be a light one.
Oats are looking fine.
Mr and Mrs M M Endler and daughter, Amelia, have just returned form an extended visit to friends and relatives at Lahmansville.
R M Washington had six cattle killed by lightning on the Edgar Parker place.
Jas J Idleman lost a valuable young draft horse last week from acute indigestion he also lost a foldling.
Mr Aaron Seymour was a business visitor here last week.
Mr Vincent McNemar was seen on our streets the first of the week.
Tom Kitzmiller sold a fifteen year old mare with a foldling to Isaac Aronhalt for $225.
The Sun School convention was quite a success. A splendid dinner was served on the ground on Fri.
The children's hour form 11 - 12am was an enjoyable feature of the convention, and deserves special mention. Mrs G E Kitzmiller had charge of this dept and trained the children. She is deserving of much credit for her patient, faithful work.
The following are among those who attended from a distance; A Stonestreet, George Stalling, Rev and Mrs George Burgess, Rev Ray M Busler and Rev Eubank.
Rev Burgess preached on Thurs night and Rev Busler preached on Fri night and also on Sun morning. Scheer was chosen as the place for holding the next convention. The following is the report of the committee on nominations; for President, Jas J Idleman; for Vice President, W H Muntzing; for secretary, Ed D Hanlin.
Miss Maggie Idleman is laid up with rheumatism.
Mrs James Cosner is very much indisposed.
Miss Mabel Neville, who has been attending school at Buckhannon, was brought to her home at Keerney last Thurs with typhoid fever. Her sister, Miss Ethel, who was with her took the same disease a few days after arriving at home.
Their many friends will anxiously hope and wait for their recovery.
The latest arrivals are two Republican voters at the home of Ed D Hanlin, Sat evening June 24th. This is the second set of twins to bless their home. We extend hearty congratulations.
Mr F O Idleman and Miss Synthia Mackley drove over to Gormania last Tues and were quietly married a the M E Parsonage, Rev E P Idleman, brother of the groom, officiating.
They took the train for Cumberland amid showers of rice.
Mr and Mrs Idleman are two of our best young people. They have a host of friends who will join us in wishing them a long happy and useful life together.


Dear Tribune:
Will say that it would be a treat for all of the correspondents of the above paper to met at Elk Garden on the 4 of July and help the people of that place celebrate the day, don't know if I will be there or not, wish all a good time.
Harvesting is all the go here at this time. There is some excitement about the tracks of the B&O cut off being extended from Pattersons Creek to Green Spring, which is being rapidly done, they have not yet secured the right of way through all the farms here at Pattersons Creek.
The quarterly conference of the ME Church, South, was held on Sun and Mon last it was so rainy the people could not get there.
Mr Charles Dermer, of Foote, spent a few hours with the family of J H Long, Mon, he is going to begin house keeping in a short time, wish them well.
The festival last Fri and Sat nights at this place was fine, the ice cream was delicious there were 46 gallon of it which was all sold.
Miss Violet Noland, of Davis, who spent some time visiting friends at this place, returned home today.
Mrs Emily Galloway, an old colored woman, died two weeks ago at the old Houser place, near here.
There will be lots of plums, grapers and apples, not many peaches in this place.
C E Wagoner made a flying trip to Cumberland twice this week to get repairs for his wheat binder.
Sorry to note the death of Mr Noah Hedding of Paw Paw, he died last week. Mrs C E Wagoner is a niece of his.
Mr Will Baker, has bought the house and lot where Mr Geo Logsden lives up the pike.
Logsden is building near the store on their own land. Wish everyone a joyous 4 of July.


Mrs Mattie Davis Downey, visited Col T B Davis last week and this.
Rev Peter Arnold was in Keyser on business.
The state of Va expects only a third of a crop of apples.
Mr Dan Arnold was a Keyser visitor this week.
Miss Nellie Hirshberger is visiting relatives in Keyser.
There will be a dance i Bachelor's Hall tonight.
Mrs George Shoemaker was ill fro several days.
Mrs Clarence Borst visited in Cumberland this week.
Rev F H Havenner continues to improve and gain strength.
Mrs Minnie Potter is visiting in Pa.
Our old friend, Mr C E Taylor made us a pleasant call last Sat.
Mayor R A Welch, attended the Piedmont Gun Club Shoot last Sat afternoon.
Mr A L Ellifritz, of Chaffee, was in Keyser on business Mon.
Miss Grace Bane, who spent the Spring Millinery season at Wolftown, Va is home for the summer vacation.
Ex-Commissioner Alfred Ridgeley was in Keyser Tues.
Sheriff Davis was in Elk District on official business Tues.
Mr S S Rees visited relatives in Parsons from Fri till Tues.
Joseph A Gray, ex-sheriff of Cambria Co, Penn, was here on business Tues.
Mr W F Reynolds was in Keyser Tues and made the Tribune office a pleasant call.
Mr B F Zacot had his hand painfully hurt while assisting Dr Dickle in managing an unruly horse last Mon.
Mrs J C Smith, accompanied by Ralph and James Smith, took in the excursion to Luray, Va, last Sun.
Mrs Maruice Lamb and children of Covington Va, are visiting friends and relatives in Keyser.
Raspberries are very abundant and delicious, they retail at ten cents per quart.
The annual meeting of the W Va Local Fire Insurance agents met in Parkersburg this week.
Austin Fleming has been appointed postmaster at Schell vice T A Fleming resigned.
Prof F E Rathbun, principal of the Piedmont High School and secretary of the district board of education, made settlement with sheriff Davis Wed.
The Tribune office force is indebted to the Keyser Bottling Works for beautiful fans, which help to relieve the effects of the intense heat these long days.
Mr and Mrs John H Spruce and two little daughters, of Texas, are visiting Rev and Mrs M H Keen. Mr Spruce and Mrs Keen are relatives.
Mr and Mrs O C Michael, of Aberdeen Md, who had been visiting Keyser friends, went to Thomas today to visit Dr and Mrs O H Hoffman.
Rev J H Brunk conducted services in his church last Sun and expects to preach to his people next Sun.
For Sale: Stock in first class Orchard Co. Apply to Tribune.
They are always having trouble at Morgantown with management of the University and other interests connected therewith.
Children's Day Services last Sun night at the Blain M E Church was a decided success. the program was elaborate and nicely rendered and the children deserve much credit.
Last Sat evening about 8 o'clock, as people were going to the Arnold lot across New Creek bridge to attend the Bazaar, there was an explosion of a torpedo or the discharge of a shotgun, which injured a lady and two children, who were at the western end of the bridge.
Mr C E Dayton, who as State Delegate to Head Camp M W A, which meet at Buffalo last week, returned home Sun having had a charming trip.
Masked robbers relieved the treasurer of the First Christian Church, Wheeling, of the collection during the service last Sun forenoon. They have not thought it worth their while to bother the treasurers of the Keyser churches.
Mr Chas G Kight made this office a pleasant call yesterday.
Mrs Jean Hopkins, of New York, is visiting Miss May Long.
Miss Katherine Sharpless visited in Cumberland last Mon.
Blankets have been comfortable for the last few nights.
Mr James W Schwinabart, was in Keyser on important business yesterday.
Attty A J Welton spent the latter part of the week in the Keyser Post Office Tuesday.
The Keyser baseball team will play Piedmont of the Piedmont's ground July 4.
Mr Milo Wilson, of Blaine, is in Fla, prospecting for farm and fruit land.
Mr Gaver Sharpless was attending to business in Keyser yesterday.
Mrs R D Schull was in Elkins last week and this, perfecting the arrangements for the Barnett-Brown wedding.
Some of our farmers have finished harvesting their wheat. The straw is light, but the heads are well filled.
Prof J W Stayman will start to Chicago tomorrow to attend the Summer School at the Chicago University.
flower crocks, all sizes form 4 inch to 12 inch at Frye & Sons.
Prof Fortney is taking the Summer Course at the Chicago University.
Frye & Son just received a car load of half gallon and gallon stone jars. Get yours before they are all gone.
Mr William Chamberlain was shaking hands with friends in Keyser yesterday.
Mr V M Grayson made us a pleasant call last Wed. He is interested in the building of the new railroad.
Last chance for Fourth of July oxfords and slippers at I M Long's store.
Mr Robert Poland, one of Martinsburg leading business men, delighted his many Keyser friends by giving them a call Wed.
You will enjoy the Fourth anywhere if you wear one of those comfortable negligee shirts sold by I M Long.
Mrs J E Winsboro and Miss Bessie Dean, who have been on an extended visit to Front Royal Va, stopped off in Keyser this week enroute to their homes in Elk Garden.
Get a picnic hat & parasol of I M Long and go out rand have a glorious Fourth.
McIlwee and Robinette have completed painting the residence of Mrs Stafford on Main St, and that of Joseph Rodruck on Water St.
I M Lon has everything that is staple in Dry Goods and Notions.
the Potomac Valley Poultry Association held a meeting lst Mon evening and planned for taking care of thier end of the meeting of the Federation of Agricultural Societies to be held in Keyser next fall.
Get one of those suit cases of D Long & Son before you start on your Fourth of July trip.
Mr and Miss Watson, of Confluence Penn, who have been visiting in Keyser, and while here, attended the reception given by Mrs W E Woolf, returned home in their touring car yesterday.
Mrs Geo W Chidester has recovered from a serious illness.
Miss Bessie Dawson has been quite sick.
Mr John McGhan has presented a new piano to his family.
Messrs J B Johnston and Ed McGill have had their residences on Ft Ave repainted.
Mr J B Fetzre is progressing rapidly with the brick work on the new bank building, Armstrong St.
Did you see those nice large preserving kettles at Frye & Sons.
the McIlwee Concert Band will spend the fourth in Oakland, that means that the people of the little Mountain City will have first class music for their celebrations.
Mrs W A Leatherman and Mrs F M Wilison are much pleased with their De Laval Separators. Frye & Sons, Agents.
Frying size chickens are getting ripe.
Keep your head on the fourth, or it may be blown off.
Mr and Mrs H W Wolfe and children left Thurs for a trip to Va.
Ellis Batdorff, son of Policeman Batdorff, while playing near his home yesterday evening was knocked down, having left arm broken.
There is a very heavy chestnut bloom.
Born to Mr and Mrs James A Bazzle, June 28, a son.
A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs G H Reynolds, Thurs June 29.
It is now demonstrated that we shall have a light crop of fruit this year-perhaps not more than one third of the number of peaches that we had last year.
Miss Marie Wilson, who had been visiting her sister, Mrs D T Huffman, for the past three weeks, left for her home in Moorefield.
Mr and Mrs U B McCandlish of Piedmont, attended Mrs W E Woolf's reception Tues evening.
Mr Russell and his mother of Twin Mountain Orchard, were in Keyser today.
Mr Horace B Atwood, who was here in March with the Great Northern Railway display car, was in Keyser this week following up their former work.
Prof Fred E Brooks, government entomologist was here this week. He thinks it would be a wise precaution to spray apple trees again in July for codling worms.
Messrs I H Offner and J M Linthicum were in Beverly this week and assisted in conferring high Masonic honors.
Mr H A Alt and family and Mr W W Kimble all of Grant Co, went to Ohio Thurs for a few week's visit.
Albert Viney of Luke Md, and Grace Willis of Emoryville, this county, were licensed to wed in Cumberland this week.
Mr J W Arnold, has returned from a pleasant visit to old friends in Winchester.
Mrs J J Johnston's sister of Rowlesburg, visited here this week.
A village camp meeting is now in progress at the African ME Church, South Keyser.



Mr Hubert Otterbein Bowman and Miss Hattie Ada Heishman, both of Hardy Co, were married Tues evening at the home of the bride, in Cumberland by Rev A J Secrist. Wed they returned to their home at Rio.


Miss Lillian Goshorn and Mr H C Dawson were married at the bride's home on Ashfield St, Piedmont, at 8 o'clock Wed evening. Miss Goshorn is a daughter of Postmaster Goshorn, and Mr Dawson is a popular B&O engineer. They left on train No 12 for an extended bridal trip through the eastern part of the country. The ceremony was performed by Rev William Harris, pastor of the First M E Church. R W Woodhuff, of Morgantown, WVa, was best man, and Miss Lena Williams, of Kingwood W Va, was maid of honor.


Mr Benj P Day and Miss Bertie L Iser of Blaine, were married last Sun night at the bride's home. Rev C R Weidler officiating.


Miss Edith Hinze, daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles HInze, 24 North Mechanic St, and Mr Charles R McFerran, both of Cumberland, were married Wed evening at 8 o'clock at the bride's home, Rev Eugene Skyles of ST Mark's Reformed Church officiating. The attendants were Mrs Sadie Keech, matron of honor, Miss Susie Rossworm, bridesmaid and Mr George Kraft, best man. Following the wedding a reception was tendered the wedding party at the bride's home and the newly wedded pair departed later for a trip to eastern cities.
Both young people are very popular, Mr McFerran, being the son of Mr Alex McFerran, of Cumberland and well known traveling salesman.


Lieutenant and Mrs Chester Piersoll Barnett, who were married in Elkins yesterday, came down from Elkins yesterday evening and took supper with Col T B Davis, at the Davis Mansion. Col Davis is an uncle to the bride, not being able to attend the marriage, they stopped off to make him a visit. It was the first time that the Col had ever met the groom. The groom's father was with the party. After a very delightful visit at the Mansion, they took No 12 last night for an eastern bridal tour. The Col expressed great pleasure in having them pay him a visit, and was charmed with Lieutenant Barnett; he had always been very fond of his niece, the bride.


A special meeting of the County Court was held June 23. G W Robinson was granted a license to keep hotel and restaurant in the Town of Keyser.
R L Greenwade was granted license to keep hotel and restaurant in Piedmont. Bell Raines, Tony Sepone, Pete Maxillaris and Robert L Codire were granted licenses to keep restaurants in Piedmont.
M t Bailey was granted license to keep blowing alley and pool tables in Piedmont.
H C Shaw and J E Suter were granted licenses to keep drug stores in Piedmont.
It was ordered that a special meeting of the court be held June 30 to consider the establishment of a new road from Seymour to the Knobley Mt road.
The Clerk was authorized to advertise for bids for constructing the road leading from Sulphur to the Emoryville Rd at a point near to W P Rodruck's residence.


Frank Heller, aged 30, a farm hand, was trailed by blood hounds and arrested yesterday afternoon on the charge of assaulting Miss Marie Bradour, at her home on the Bedford Road two miles from Cumberland, Wed night. He is now in Cumberland jail.


Chief F G Davis and Don Davis arrested a man in Westernport yesterday charged with robbing Brown Bros. Store last Tues night. He gave his name as Kelly. He insists that he is innocent claiming that he was in Cumberland jail that night. He is in Keyser jail now.


There was an unusually interesting base ball played on the Prep Diamond yesterday between the Cumberland team and the Keyser nine.
There were some sensational plays, which were liberally applauded. The score was 9-6 in favor of Keyser. Fazenbaker Calhoun pitched for Keyser and A Hamill caught and they did their parts well. Both Teams fielded well. The Keyser junior team went to Elk Garden where they played the second team of that town. The score was 10-16 in favor of Elk Garden. Our boys had a good time, all the same


Some party broke into Mr J F Ravenscroft's store, in McCoole, last night and carried away goods to the amount of $12 or $15. The robber cut a hole in the panel of the front door and put his hand through and unlocked it, thus entering the store. They have no clue as yet.


Thurs evening Mr and Mrs J H Markwood gave a picnic to a crowd of friends, in Mill Meadow. Among those present were Rev and Mrs Keen and their visitors from Texas and Mrs Markwood's assistants in her Sunday School work. The weather was ideal, and all richly enjoyed the outing.


Childrens day at Duling church was well attended last Sun morning, all seemed to enjoy the occasion. Those who had the training of the children are to be congratulated. Much credit is due Mrs D W Eagle, who so kindly helped with the singing, although busy with her own church and Sun school work, she never says "no" when asked to help any one in a good cause. Without the Sun schools what would become of our girls and boys. Parents, see that your boys and your girls are in the Sunday school every Sun morning, don't send them but go and take them with you.
One who loves the cause


Carrolton, Ga June 20
At the Carrolton Chatauqa none have so delighted the large audiences for the past few days as Miss Beulah Elwood McNemar. She came here under contract for only two programmes, but her monologue readings so pleased the assemblages that the management of the Chatauqua contracted for two additional appearances.
The largest crowds seen in the auditorium were during her third and fourth programmes.
Miss McNemar is a West Virginian, but is temporarily sojourning at Clarksville, Tenn, from which point she is doing platform work this summer.
She is a brilliant young Southern woman, who is rapidly making a national reputation as a reader. During a tour through several of the Western States last year her work attracted the most favorable comment from any critical audiences.


Last Tues night some party, or parties, broke into A P Brown & Bro's Store on Armstrong St. They entered the ice cream room, going out through the door at the rear of the ice cream room, propping the door shut, after their exit, with an ice cream freezer. Mr A P Brown did not leave the place of business until after 11 o'clock that night.
The thief took about $7.00 in cash, left in the store for change, about $40 worth of pipes were missed and cigars, pocket-books and other articles that would run the sum total to $75 or $100.


Remember the great patriotic services at Elk Garden next Tues. They will have a Street Parade-ShamBattle-Band Concert all day, two games of Ball and various other amusements.


Chief F G Davis and Don Davis arrested a man in Westernport yesterday charged with robbing Brown Bros store Tues night. He gave his name as Kelly. He insists that he is innocent claiming that he was in Cumberland jail that night. He is in Keyser jail now.


Fully 2,500 engineers upon the entire B&O Railroad system will receive an advance in pay on July 1. This will average about 6 per cent and results from greater work the engineers do because of use of larger engines.


Last Sat Jury Commissioners John Sloan and Geo W Bane met at the Court House and drew the jury for the next term of our Circuit Court, which will convene July 25, 1911.
John P Arnold, H B Carroll, Wm P Emmart, S A Dixon, EC Heiskell, T F Kenney, W A Leatherman, W T Peters, J B Maybury, J B Ress, J W Reinhart, C C Seymour, A L Thrush, J A Thrush, T H Wagoner, J A Zell.
Lee Ash, T M Adams, W E Amtower, M L D Albright, V F Alkire, L D Boseley, Thos Berisford, Geo M Boyles, R L Parrish, L A Brewer, Edwin Burgess, Jr, J M Bright, B S Coleman, H B Carlton, Geo H Cook, Vincent Cunningham, Frank E Carpenter, Chas G Dunn, G W Doll, W T Dixon, W E Dye, Jas H Flanagan, H J Fleek, Austin Fleming, Presley Harris, N S Kirtley, J R Kuykendall, Russell Kalbaugh, Chas H Long, Emmor Lechliter, Jacob Marker, Edgar Placka, Ed O'Gorman, W C Pifer, James H Sollers, James W Schwinabart, James H Swadley, E M Stottlemyer, Lora Staggs, D W Taylor, Freeman Tasker, D D Taylor, Sam Sneathen, J W Stickley, R A Wallace.


There will be a Fellowship Service in the ME Church at Blaine, next Sun evening. The nine orders of the town will turn out in a body, and they expect to have a service of genuine good fellowship.


Frank Holler, aged 30, a farm hand, was trailed by blood hounds and arrested yesterday afternoon on the charge of assaulting Miss Marie Bradour, at her home on Bedford Road two miles from Cumberland Wed night. He is now in Cumberland jail.


Miss Blanche Babb, of Falls, Grant Co, and Miss Sue Johnson of Keyser, left yesterday for summer's vacation at Gunninson Colo. They will also attend the meeting of the National Teacher's Association in San Francisco.


Special Agent, Keyser WV
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Attorney at Law
Com'r Accounts Com'r in Chancery
Office on East Street

Attorney at Law, Keyser WV
Office over Peoples Bank

Attorney At Law
Room 1, Law Building, Armstrong St
Keyser WV
Will practice in the courts of this State. Careful attention given in collecting, and all other matters entrusted to him. Will sell or rent property for you. Notary Public

Main Street
Opp First National Bank
Keyser WVa
The new filling material, "Artificial Enamel." carefully inserted.

Office Opposite Reynolds Hotel
Phone Calls - Office 32w Residence 49w
Keyser WVa

Office over Bowling Alley
Armstrong St, C&P Phone No 7F

Office in the Dr Graham Residence
Main Street, Keyser WVa

BUTCHER All kinds of meat is in season. Wagon delivery daily.

Retracing Old Lines a Specialty
Room 6, Law Building Keyser WVa

Agent for Wall Paper Having had 26 years experience he is prepared to give satisfaction. Call and see his line of samples at 92 East St, Keyser WV

We have wall paper of all styles and can save you money when you want to paper your home. Then we can do your Painting, Graining and Decorating. All Work Guaranteed.
Robinett & McIlwee 119 Armstrong St, Bright Bldg, Keyser WVa

If I had your address, I'd write you concerning Fire Insurance, Real Estate and Bonds. But as I haven't and you have mine, won't you kindly write ME when in need of anything in my line. It will be to your interest to do so. Town properties, Mineral County Orchard lands, Fire insurance in the best line companies. I will bond you in a strong reliable Surety Com.
F H BABB, 116 Armstrong St, C&P Phone
Keyser WV



Teach your children to ride and drive. Ponies and children growing up together become wonderfully "chummy" and learn to understand each other perfectly and are a source of endless pleasure and healthful exercise as well as a companion from which the children will learn no bad habit.
The West Lynn Pony Farm has one three year old pony well broken and gentle, not afraid of anything, suitable for children.
Price $125: One yearling ready to drive, Price $100.
Three suckling colts ready to wean in 8 weeks. Two of these are spotted, bay and white, beautifully marked and will make a four hundred dollar team when broke. These colts can be had for 60 dollars each if engaged soon. Other pony farms want $75 and $100 for them.
Those interested will address F L Baker, Gen Mangr, Burlington WVa


Mr D A Arnold attended the meeting of the State Board of Agriculture in Parkersburg this week. That board made available as much as $400 to pay speakers for the meetings of the Federation of Agricultural Societies to be held in Keyser in Dec.


Last Sun George Darkey, William Twigg and Misses Ruth Davis and Amanda Stevenson started to drive in a double team from Cumberland to Frankfort. The team had so much of a start going down a hill that it could not be checked up in time to safely round a curve where there is a little wooden bridge about ten feet wide, the hind wheels skidded off of the bridge and two of the occupants were hurled many feet down the mountain side. All were hurt and George Darkey was seriously injured.


The M E Church will have an All-Day picnic at Blaine on the 4th. Rev R C Weidler will deliver an address at 11:15 am.
AT 2pm, Mr H G Fisher, of Keyser, will deliver an address on "Our Nation." At 7:30 pm , Mr John MacDonald, of Keyser, will deliver an address on "The Young Man's Vision."
This will be followed by an address by Rev R B Ward, of Oakland on "The Home and The Nation." Dinner, supper and refreshments will be served with other attractions.


Keyser wins in Duck Pins and Piedmont goes down in defeat in an exciting game played in Keyser Mon evening. The scored was 1852 to 1842. Piedmont's lineup was Schaffer, Dailey, Larue, Hotchkiss, Biggs, Reeves. For Keyser, F Hamill, Kessner, Moomau, Fitz, E Sheetz, A Hamill.


Mr W H Virts was in Cumberland Mon in conference with B&O Officials.
They told him that it was their purpose to put in four additional receiving tracks for the Keyser yard, and the work is to begin very soon.


A number of gentlemen arrived in this city on Mon evening and went from here to Clover district on Tues, where they have commenced the work of putting up a derrick for the purpose of testing this locality for oil and gas, and will have their headquarters at St George. Teh gentlemen who are financing the project are from New Castle, Pa. The machinery for making the test has been hauled from Cove District, in Barbour Co, and was used in boring the Harden wells.