JUNE 9, 1911


A few light showers have made the grass look a little less brown than last week and the corn is looking better.
Mr A J Pancake, sold his saw mill outfit to Kesner & Smith.
Some animal, supposed to be a mink or weasel, entered Mr J C Watson's chicken yard on Maplewood Farm, and killed 52 young chickens and 19 young ducks, Sun night.
Mr Chas Robey is moving to the C C Martin house, owned by L D Boseley.
Mr H E Burgess, who bought the store at Claysville, from W A Welch, has been getting in a new line of goods. He will soon be able to hand you out anything from a bottle of pop to a threshing machine.
S V Ward and B H Boseley were in town over Sun.
Mr Wilson Kenny and wife visited the former's home on Former's creek, last week.


Several changes will take place in the B && L store this week. Frank Healy, who runs the delivery wagon to No 14 mine, has accepted the position of manager of the Gleason Supply Co, at Gleason mines. Ray Middleton will step from behind the counter and enjoy the refreshing breezes on the deliver wagon to No 14 mine. Fred Dean has been transferred from the W- Va Junction to this place temporarily.
Elk Garden played Barton a double header on Memorial Day. The morning game was 7 to 5 in favor of Elk and the afternoon game was 5 to 4 in favor of Elk. Shay Kenny pitched the first game and Frank Kenny the second. The played at Barton. Last Sat Elk played with Dodson at the latter place. It was a spirited and well matched game, 2-0 in favor of Dodson. Oscar Blackburn and Frank Kenny were the batteries for Elk.
Miss Victoria Turner who has been living with the family of James Norman and a Mr Linebaugh were married at New Creek last Sun.
The announcement in the papers last week that the Keyser Choral Society would give an opera in Keyser and Piedmont for the benefit of those who were left destitute on account of the recent mine disaster touches a tender chord in the hearts of those in need. This disaster still hangs over our town lie a pall, and the efforts of this Society and the ready response given by the people stirs our warmest and most lasting gratitude. Many have responded nobly to this call from helpless humanity.
Miss Nellie and Helen Bane visited friends at Bayard this week.
Hugh Markwood, student at the S C I Dayton, Va is now home at Kitzmiller and was calling on friends at Elk Garden last Tues.
Measles are quite prevalent in this community.
Very refreshing rains have fallen in Elk Garden and vicinity. In most places plowed ground is thoroughly soaked and the grass is beginning to show up some. The sold is also becoming soaked.
Work at the mines is very slack but it is believed that it will pick up soon.
The committee on distribution of money to the mine sufferers has received $1671 to the present time. This money is paid out in the following manner. Each widow receives $5 a week and each child in her family $1 a week to the age of 16 years. The mothers of the unfortunate dead each receive $3 a week. No money is paid out except upon the written order of the chairman & secretary and the anonymous consent of the committee.


R A Wilson has been suffering very much the past week with lumbago.
C E Bonney has taken charge of the Mullen Hotel and is now running it.
Editor E M Johnson, of Petersburg, spent a few hours in town Mon afternoon.
Rev Dr J W Duggy, of Winchester, arrived here Mon and is spending the week with his many friends in this community.
Miss Agnes Thompson, who has been in Kansas for some months, arrived here last week and is visiting Mr and Mrs M S Henkel.
J Ed Kildow, of Elkins, came her last Sat and took back with him Mon morning three little children from the Poor Farm, which he will place in the State Home.
Misses Marie Inskeep and Nannie Belle-Gilkeson who have been attending Ft Loudoun Seminary at Winchester, have returned to their homes here for the summer vacation.
john Kuhn a highly respected citizen of Petersburg, dropped dead Mon evening. He had just eaten a hearty supper and walked out into his store, when he suddenly expired.
Died at the Hardy Co Alms house on Fri eve, May 26, at 9 o'clock, Mrs Betsy Keplinger. She was about 70 years old and had been sick for nearly three years with dropsy.
She was a member of the United Brethren Church.


Edgar N Shobe and sister Miss Lucy, attended decoration services at Bayard Tues.
Miss Belle Parks, who has been on an extended visit in Va, returned home Wed.
Miss Margie Roby, who has been attending school at Dayton Va, returned home Wed.
Our good friend E G Vossler, accompanied by his wife, was attending the Sun School Convention here Fri.
Miss Audrey Webb, who has been attending school at Dayton Va, stayed here over Wed night at H A Alt's on her way home to Williamsport.
W B Cornwell, president of the Hampshire Southern, was here over night Wed and informs us that the extra train to go on the road next week will begun only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This train will leave Petersburg at 1:50 pm Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Mr and Mrs Marion Stone and Miss Mabel returned from a trip to Kansas Sun night.

Mrs E B Miller and son, Percy of Wheeling, attended the High School commencement.
Mr Boyce, the shoe man, was calling on our merchants and old friends this week.
Mr O Tibbets, of W Va Junction, was in Keyser on business Thurs.
Mr and Mrs Harry Whipp have moved from Water St to Mineral St.
Harry Deffinbaugh, visited home folk here last Sun.
Mr Ralph Harrison, who has been away on a visit, has returned home.
Mr S B Ward, has been appointed executor for the estate of the late C C Boseley.
Mr G P Parsons, who was on the sick list, is improving.
Mr Ernest S Schoppert, of Ridgeley, and Miss Ethel Iola Christy, who were married in Cumberland last week visited friends in Keyser this week.
Mrs E B Miller, and two children of Wheeling spent Sat and Sun here with friends.
Miss Tempie Smith, visited friends at Cumberland a few days this week.
Mr Arthur Ewers, of Three Churches, Hampshire Co, spent several days here among friends this week.
W S Davis & Son, continue to handle the best groceries.
Mr John Welch, of Antioch, was a Keyser visitor last Sat.
If it can be gotten this side of New York, D Long & Son have it.
Mr J W Leatherman, one of Mineral County's most progressive farmers was in Keyser on business last Mon.
Dr T A Cross came down to Keyser Mon in his auto.
Surveyor D C Martin was in Keyser on business Mon.
Mr George Davis was assisting the force in the Dime Saving's Bank, Cumberland, last week and this.
Mr J Clarence Smith spent Sun in Keyser.
Mr H B Carlton, our Blue Ribbon poultry man, who has been on the sick list for two weeks, is able for duty again.
Mr John Sloan was in Keyser on business Wed.
Mr James A Zell was in Keyser on business Tues evening.
Miss Luella Zell, who had been in Baltimore for some time, returned home last Tues.
Mr Carter I Long, who graduated in Dental Surgery at the University of Maryland last week, has returned home and is enjoying a rest from labors of the past session. Mr Long was the only graduate from W Va.
Mr H W Wolfe was operated upon for appendicitis Wed at Hoffman Hospital.
Miss Pearl Christie, nurse at the Hoffman Hospital, who has been off duty on account of sickness, and who spent the past few weeks with her sister, Mrs Frank Snyder at Jerome Pa, returned home last Sat night and has resumed her duties at the hospital.
L C McDonald handles the best of general merchandise and will buy all of your produce.
Miss Ann Catherine Fleek was operated upon at the Hoffman Hospital this week for tumor.
Mr D A Bane was here on business Wed.
Hon J C Liller returned from Charleston last Sat.
Mr T M McCorkle, one of the most popular Knights of the Road, was in Keyser this week.
Ice chest and water cooler combined, two sizes $2.50 and $2.75. Frye & Sons.
Miss Mary Malloy, of Piedmont was in Keyser on business Fri and Sat.
Miss Kate Russell spent last Sat in Cumberland.
Mrs W Loar, of Swanton, spent Sat with her sister, Mrs Maurice Wilt.
Misses Nora O'Hara and Anna Dugan spent Sun in Cumberland.
Mr and Mrs T T Huffman went to Grafton yesterday for a few days' visit. While there, Mr Huffman will look into management of the Postal Savings Bank. Mrs Huffman will visit relatives at Mt Lake before she returns.
Ernest Paugh, of Elk Garden, has enlisted in the US Army.
Mexico was shaken by an earthquake last Wed. We are not surprised.
Children's Day Exercises will be held at the Grace ME church, South, next Sun, June 11, at 11 am. You are cordially invited.
Sun morning, June 11th, at 11 o'clock will be observed as Children's Day the the Methodist Episcopal Church, Davis St. An interesting Literary and Musical program has been prepared by the school.
Mr C W Smith, of Burlington, attended Prep commencement Thurs night.
Miss Mona Homan attended Prep commencement exercises this week.
Miss Bessie Wright enjoyed commencement exercises at the Prep Thurs evening.
Thurs afternoon a game of baseball was played on the Prep diamond between the Keyser nine and the Prep team. Keyser won by a score of 10 to 2.
Beginning July 1, the B&O will install a passenger rate of 3 cents per mile.
Lloyd Bailey, a saloon and restaurant keeper, of Westernport, died suddenly at the home of his father, in Piedmont, of heart trouble, yesterday morning, aged 30 years.



Capt George W Harrison, one of the best known men in this section of the county, died suddenly Tues afternoon at the Kenny House, Piedmont WV. Capt Harrison had not been well for some time, but was able to be out. He was going up the Kenny House Hill toward his home, accompanied by his brother, J Forsythe Harrison, when he was stricken by congestion of the lungs. He died in 20 minutes after being carried into the Kenny House.
Capt Harrison was 74 years old and a native of Wheeling where he was married to Miss Helen D Whittaker, Jan 1, 1861. They celebrated their golden wedding the first day of this year.
Mrs Harrison is still living, one son, H Frank Harrison lives in New York. There are three daughters, Mrs Paul Milholland, Philadelphia; Mrs Robert F Bopes, Lynchburg Va, and Mrs Dodridge F Graham, Piedmont. Two brothers, J Forsythe Harrison and Sam B Harrison live in Piedmont and Capt Chas S Harrison, a brother is a banker at Somerset, Pa.
Capt Harrison had been in public life from his early manhood and filled many positions of honor and trust. Much of his life he was connected with different railway systems. He served with distinction in the Union Army. He was also private secretary to US Senator Henry G Davis.


Nellie, daughter of Mr and Mrs T I Males, died in Keyser June 5 and was buried at Deer Park June 7. Mr and Mrs Males' home is in Deer Park, and for some time have been residing on C Street.
Nellie was 9 years old, she was a bright child and had only been sick for 3 days. She took part in the commencement exercises at school last week.


C F Fairchild, of Franklin, Pendleton County shot and killed his wife Sat and then ended his own life. Separated for a year, the couple became reconciled a few days ago. Mrs Fairchild was sitting on her husband's lap when he reached his right arm over her shoulder in apparent embrace and shot her through the head. He then killed himself.



Last Wed evening, June 7, 1911 at eight o'clock, in the M E Church, South, Romney WVa, Mr Richard Malcolm Frye of Keyser and Miss Maude Elizabeth Parker, of Romney were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. Rev Michael, Pastor of the ME Church South, Romney, was the officiating clergyman. Mr Douglas Hughes Frye, brother of the groom, was groomsman; Mrs W B Griffin, of Norfolk Va, sister of the bride, was matron of honor; Miss Frances Parker, sister of the bride, was maid of honor and Miss Meeda Wirgman was the bride's maid. The ushers were Marshall Carrier, G T Eutsler, Willard Parsons and W E Parker. The church was very beautifully decorated, the flowers were abundant and of the choicest varieties.
The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs W C Parker and one of the most accomplished and popular young ladies of Romney.
The groom is a member of the firm of Frye and Sons, dealers in Hardware, Keyser W Va, and one of our most active young business men. They are now on an extensive Northern bridal tour.
A large number of Keyser friends attended the marriage, the bridal presents were numerous and extremely handsome. The Tribune extends congratulations, and Keyser will welcome the newly married couple to their home.


Sun June 4, at 11 o'clock the home of Mr William Linebaugh presented a beautiful scene when his brother, Mr Charles E Linebaugh and Miss Victoria V Turner were united in marriage in the presence of a number of relatives and friends.
After Rev I F Roberts read the impressive ceremony, that pronounced them husband and wife, all were invited to the dining room where a sumptuous dinner was served prepared by Mrs Linebaugh, one of New Creek's Famous cooks. We wish them a happy life.
A Guest


Married at the Grace M E Church, South, parsonage June 7, by Rev M H Keen, Mr Clarence Sherwood and Miss Cora Barb.


Married Thurs, June 7, at the bride's residence on Church St, by Rev M H Keen, at 4 pm, Mr Philip Holy, of Virginia, and Miss Cora Brown, daughter of Mr and Mrs Scott Brown of Keyser. Mr Holy is a business man in Alexandria, Va and Mrs Holy was one of Keyser's popular young ladies. The couple left for a bridal tour to eastern cities.


Notice is hereby given that the accounts of the following fiduciaries are now in my hands for settlement.
Isaac Washington, Guardian of Earl O Clifford and Alpheus Clifford.
Olie Smathers, Administratrix of Roscoe J Smathers, deceased.
Wm Herrick, Guardian of Lillie C Herrick and Daisy Herrick.
Annie Paris, Committee for W R Paris.
E G Hammond, Trustee for W T Biser.
F D Staggs, Administrator of S M Staggs, deceased.
Wm Herrick, Administrator of Andrew J Logsdon deceased.
Howard C Dison, Administrator of S G Dixon, deceased.
Given under my hand this 1st day of June 1911.
R A Welch, Commissioner of Accts.


Miss Nellie Cheshire was operated upon at the Hoffman Hospital last Mon for appendicitis and is doing well.
Soon she will be able to return home.


Take advantage of this opportunity. We have figured how we can give you barbed wire at a very low price if we get your order before June 1, 1911. Give us your order for 500 or more pounds and we will deliver it to you at our depot at Keyser W Va, at 2 1/2c per pound. Don't delay in placing your order. Frye & Sons.


A corps of civil engineers have been busy since last week searching for the best grade and route across Knobley mountain and thence by way of Burlington to the Twin Mountain Orchard on the Patterson's Creek mountain above Williamsport. Last Sat they started on top of Knobley, near to the home of D A Arnold, and are blazing out a route to Keyser by way of Limestone Valley. Several different routes will be surveyed and then, if the road is built to Keyser, the one will be selected that has the most advantages, all things considered. The willingness of the land owners to give the right of way will have much to do with determining where the road shall be built. The Twin Mountain and Potomac Railroad Co are determined to build a railroad from the Twin Mountain Orchard to some railroad point and Mineral Co will reflect upon itself if it fails to induce them to build that road to Keyser. Let everyone get busy.


Mayor R A Welch, Bernard Markwood, Harry Markwood, Wm Welch and C C Macfarlane, were fishing near Petersburg this week. They made the trip in Mr Markwood's auto.


To the Corporation Tax Payers of the Town of Keyser:
All taxes prior to 1911 must be paid at once as I have to make a settlement with town this month (June). Positively no taxes will be carried. Very Truly, F G Davis, Town Sergeant, Office at Council Room


The commencement exercises of the Preparatory School began Thurs evening of last week with a medal contest, an account of which was given in last week's paper. On Sat evening they held the Inter-Society Contest. The honor for having delivered the best oration was given to Clyde B Hott, of the Davis Society; Miss Elsie M Wagoner of the Davis Society, was declared to be the best Declaimer; and it was decided that Miss Susan Abernathy, of the Reynolds Society, read the best essay.
The annual sermon before the YMCA was preached in Grace ME Church, South, Sun at 11 am by the pastor Rev M H Keen, who delivered a very appropriate and carefully prepared discourse.
Sun evening in the Auditorium of that building, Rev Dr Sumwalt, of Washington, delivered a very powerful commencement sermon on "The Endowment and Investment of Influence." Two quartets from the Keyser Choral Society rendered first class music.
Mon evening the Commercial Dept held its commencement exercises. A class of 15 graduated in that school and a very able and appropriate address was delivered before them by Rev M H Keen of Grace, M E Church, South. Prof Muldoon presented the diplomas.
Wed at 8 pm, the Preparatory Graduates had "Senior Oration Night." The names of the graduates were given in last week's paper. Every member was very much complimented.
Commencement exercises proper were held Thurs evening. Paul Davis, president of the graduating class, delivered an oration on "West Virginia" that was much enjoyed. Hon George L Wellington, of Cumberland, delivered a carefully prepared address on "Education".
The W V P Orchestra and Chorus furnished first rate music. There were ten graduates.
At the beginning of the session, Mr H G Fisher, offered a gold medal for "Loyalty to duty" and one of the "Best All Round Student." Mr Fisher, on the judgement of the faculty, presented the first named to Miss Elsie M Wagoner, and the latter to Mr R H Armstrong.
Miss Virginia McGuire was awarded a gold medal for proficience in Stenography given by Prof Angell, and Prentiss Watson was awarded by Prof Whiting to the best drilled soldier among the cadets of the Preparatory School. Hon Geo S Laidley, of Charleston, presented the diplomas. Prof J D Muldoon, presided.


The Pine Swamp Big Vein Coal Company met Thurs afternoon in the Mayor's Office and organized. The company is composed of Baltimore men.
The main office will be in Piedmont. They will build a railroad forma point near the W Va Junction to the mines.
They have about 3000 acres of land. Next week we will give the names of directors and officers.


Dr C Strachan and Messrs Patrick Mooney, Willie Davis, Thomas Strachan and Roy Rafter came down to Keyser last Sat on business. The crowd came in Mr Rafter's 166 Winton Commercial Touring Car.


The final exercises of the High School Commencement were held last Fri evening and at that time the honors won during the session were awarded. The medal given to the Senior Class was won by Chester Dixon, the Junior Medal was carried off by John Shore, the Sophomore went to Carmen Whipp. There was a tie for the Freshman class between Ney Smith and Claudius Terrell and the authorities decided to give a medal to each. The Eighth Grade Medal was merited by Eulah McMakin. All of these medals were given to the ones who made the highest class standing in their grades during the session. Two of the medals were presented by Atty H G Fisher, two were presented Hon O A Hood, as a memorial to his daughter, Edith, who died while a pupil in the fifth grade and two were presented by a gentleman who does not care to have his name mentioned.
The program for that evening was richly enjoyed by the large audience that was present. Prof McIlwee's orchestra furnished high grade music during the Commencement Week.
The commencement exercises of the High School this year were a decided success.


The National Biscuit Company will give a demonstration of the various kinds of crackers and cakes that they make, at C E Dayton's Store tomorrow, Sat. Every one who enjoys good biscuits should witness this display and get samples, which will be given to every one who visits the store on that day.


Last Mon forenoon, when Mr W J Babb and his son Charles of Medley, were after a bunch of cattle on the mountain side, the horse, which Charles was riding fell, and catching the leg of the rider under it, broke the limb above the knee.