MARCH 3, 1911


Last Wed was the first day of Lent.
Mr Andy Shillingburg was in Keyser on business Mon.
Mr H Bowman visited in Westernport Sun.
Mr Harrison Morris went to Grafton Sun.
Mrs C S Hoffman and daughters, Misses Eizabeth and Elsie, and Mrs A Snyder, visited in Piedmont Sat. evening.
Miss Ida Crawford visited Westernport relatives over Sun.
Mr H A Blair was in Cumberland on business Sat.
Mr Alvin Clem visited in Piedmont Sun.
Mr Lee Adams of Westernport, visited Keyser Sun.
Miss Laura Crooks will entertain the Ladies Five Hundred Club this afternoon.
Dr Romig was shut in for a few days because of Grippe, and Master Jack has the Measles.
Mrs Nettie Hughes Carrier is in Baltimore and Philadelphia laying in a supply of Spring Millinery.
Miss Cora Hughes is in the East studying Spring Styles and purchasing her supply of millinery.
Mr H W Dickey returned Tues from a business trip to Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburg and Wheeling.
Mr C S Jones, of Westernport was in Keyser on business last Sat.
Spray! Spray! Spray! Lime Sulphur solution standard test at a price lower than ever before offered in Mineral County. Inquire of S&T Hardware Co.
A very handsome monument has been erected in the Petersburg cemetery to the memory of the late A A Parks, of Grant Co.
Mr J Will Davis, of Piedmont, was a Keyser visitor last Sat.
Mr T W Ashby was here Wed looking after business matters.
Miss Flora Miles of Ohio, visited her cousin Mrs Maurice Wilt this week.
A Mr. Olin Evick moved yesterday from Armstrong to the Judge Hoke house on Water Street.
Welsback inverted Gas Mantles, two for 15 c at the S&T Hardware Store.
Miss Adelade Spicer, of Cumberland, who had been visiting Miss Grace Sheetz, returned home Sun.
Mrs Will Rafter and Mrs Charles Rice of Cumberland spent from Thurs. till Sun. with their sister, Mrs Gaston.
Mrs Margaret Rafter of Cumberland returned home Sun. after a visit to her daughter, Mrs J E Harrison.
Mr and Mrs Burnap returned to their home in Washington last Fri.
Mrs Maurice Wilt, who has been on a visit to her daughter, Mrs Milo Clem, returned to her home in Terra Alta this week.
March is itself, already it has given us a sample of every kind of weather.
We have a nice line of spray pumps from the very cheap ones to the good strong barrel pumps, which we offer at $6.50, S&T Hardware Co.
By a vote of 45 to 40, the US Senate voted to seat Lorimer as Senator from Ill.
Mrs Hubert Miller and children of Cumberland, are visiting Mrs Miller's parents, Mr and Mrs Charles Davis.
W A Liller, was in Baltimore on business this week.
The B&O men who had been furloughed, returned to work March 1.
Don't miss Wilson's big Embroidery sale Sat., March 4th at 1/2 price.
Messrs. Roy Mulledy, Eugene Cross and E Stallings attended the K of P carnival in Piedmont on Fri. evening.
What do you think of buying 1 1/2 yd lace curtains Sat. at Wilsons at 29c a pair.
Messrs Fred Carskadon, W A Dawson, Marshall H Carrier, H H Hoffman and George Carskadon Jr were calling on friends in Cumberland on Sun. evening.
Mr and Mrs Rex Offutt and child and Mr and Mrs Will Offutt and baby of Huntington WV are the guests of home folks and friends here.
Mr George Pyles spent Mon. evening in Piedmont.
Mr Henry Montgomery is building an addition to his home on Center Street.
Mrs J D Gelwicks gave a dime social to about fifty of the Ladies Aid Society of the First M E Church Tues from 3-5 o clock.
The foot bridge at Point of Rocks has been condemned and is nailed up to prevent it being used.
Mr L High has returned from the East where he laid in a large stock of Spring Millinery.
The same Milliner, who was so popular with the trade last season, will be with them again this season.
Mr James Barrick of Martinsburg WV spent Sat and Sun the guest of his sister, Mrs M A Smith.
Mr Marshall Akers, of Brusnwick, spent Sun here with his family.
Mr Herman Davis has returned to his home on Main Street from a pleasant visit to the home of Mr and Mrs R T Ravenscraft in Garrret Ind.
Mrs Carrie Everley of Terra Alta is spending a few days here with relatives and friends.
Mrs George Davis and son left Sun on a visit to Mr and Mrs Sam Davis in Cumberland.
Mr and Mrs T M Lilliard and children of Cumberland spent Sun afternoon and evening here with relatives.
Mr and Mrs P Codire of Cumberland, spent Sun here with relatives.
Mr Bernard Crooks has returned to his home on Main St fro Pennsylvania, where he has been working.
Mr Harry Poling of Zanesville Ohio, spent a short time here the past week with relatives.
Messrs Campbell Smith, Glenn Workman and Charles Neville attended the dance in Oakland Mon night.
Mr G F Weiseckle, division master mechanic, spent Mon here on business.
Messrs C H Vossler and F H Babb went to Grant County yesterday.
Dr Butt of Davis was in Keyser, this week looking after his orchard interests.
Mrs Henry Freeland visited relatives here Sat and Sun.
Miss Alta Shoppert and nephew Louie Long were visiting in Piedmont Sat. and Sun.
The Piedmont Grocery Co has decided to issue $50,000 additional stock making the total issue of stock $150.00. This company has recently established two large branches in Moorefield and Petersburg which are doing a good business.
Receiving 54 votes in its favor to 33 against, the resolution for direct election of US Senators failed to receive the necessary two thirds of all of the votes cast in the US Senate.
We are making a special price on common ground alumsalt from now until March 11th. The price will be 55c per 140 lb bag. After that date our regular price will prevail. S&T Hardware C.
Don't forget during Lent that you can get all of the Fish and Oysters that you need at the old reliable stand. D T Greenwade's
The best Garden seeds in the country at Greenwades. He has every style and kind that you can name.
Howe Keplinger was in Keyser Wed. looking after business matters. Mr Keplinger moved his family to Petersburg Thurs.
The folks of Elk Garden regret to lose such good citizens.
Mr Keplinger has the Tribune, to follow him to his new home.
Miss Ollie Kelley of Johnstown PA is visiting her friend Mrs M R Bell.
Mr Jacob Stullinbarger was a business visitor to Keyser this week.
If you want Shoes and Men's Underwear worth the money, go to L C McDonald's store.
Mrs D T Greenwade visited her sister, Mrs Robt Gerstell at Rock Ledge this week.
One of the new Class Passenger Engines, designed to hall express trains over the Alleganies passed through Keyser Wed, hauling a long freight train. It is one of the most powerful made. Engineer Thos Pugh was at the throttle, and she was behaving nicely.
Sen. O A Hood and Representative J c Liller have returned home since the adjournment of the Legislature.
Mrs T H Davis, handsomely entertained a number of her friends Tues afternoon, when a sumptuous five o'clock supper was served.
Mr A H Michael was in Charleston on business last Tues.
Clerk J V Bell and Mr A W Coffroth were in Cumberland on business Monday.
Mrs Rebecca Reinhart who had been in the Hoffman Hospital for some time, returned home Sat. greatly improved.
Rutherford Lowery of Akron Ohio, is here on a visit to home folk.
Mrs Leah Simpson of Oakland, visited her sons, J T and George this week.
Mr J G Koelz was up the Western Maryland on business this week.
Mrs Eleanor Shay who has been housed up for the past month with a severe case of grip is slowly improving.
Master Clement McDonald has so far recovered from his operation for appendicitis that he was taken home Wed.
Mrs Bettie Slaughter and children have returned from a visit to VA.


The town council elected Wm Bean town sergeant for the ensuing year. He has made an efficient officer in the past and is better qualified than ever for this years work.
Postmaster Goshorn of Piedmont was in our town Sat.
Miss Dorcas McLaughlin has entered the Alleghany hospital at Cumberland to train for a nurse.
Mr Duncan Howat, has gone to Dubois PA, where he has secured work. He is a very clever and accommodating gentleman. We shall miss him in the choir.
Miss Viva Warnick, of Kitzmiller was the guest of Mr Ferd Warnick's family this week.
Miss Viola Warnick went to Parkersburg last Mon to enter the Mountain State Business College.
Mrs Susan McGinnis was very sick the first of this week. Mont McGinnis and wife of Frostburg are with her.
Mr Isaac Oates made a bus-trip to Cumberland the first of this week.
One day we have sunshine and soft showers, sunny possum weather, and the next day a blizzard, regular ground hog weather. It is a hard time for hens to lay with any regularity.
There was a select entertainment in Warnick's Hall, Kitzmiller MD, last Sat night. Admission 50 cents. A number of Elk Gardeners were there some as spectators and some as participators. It was light tragedy, this play, very short spears being used. But "Soon rested those who fought." The Sheriff and his posse appeared on the scene. "This was the unkindest cut of all." And there was hurrying to and fro. The last thing seen of many of the spectators was their heels as they shot out through the windows. Fire escapes were improvised in a few seconds. It was "Slide Kelly slide." There were scratches, torn clothes and crushed hats but no broken bones. But the Sheriff and his posse were not idle. They were nabbing right and left. Seventy two persons paid their respects to the Sheriff five and ten dollar fines. Thus ended the chicken fight.
The great revival in the ME Church South has continued to grow in interest. People flock in from all parts of the community. Mud nor cold does not dampen their ardor. The Rev. Miss Judy conducts the service each evening in her modest and forceful manner that is constantly winning souls for Christ. Rev Messick is constantly in the work. Rev Yost returned home the first of this week being too sick to remain. Tues evening the conversions numbered 102.
Dr. Isaac Johnson and family of Laneville, visited Mr I H Bane last week. Mrs Mary Nethkin was also a visitor.


B H Sulser of Brunswick MD spent a few days with friends here last week.
Mayor R A Welch of Keyser, spent several days here on legal business last week.
Gen J E Roller of Harrisonburg Va, was a business visitor in Moorefield this week.
Mrs Bierkamp and son Cleland, who have been visiting in the western part of the state, returned home last Sat.
Dr A W Hawkins of Cumberland was called here this week in consultation with Dr Love in regard to the illness of Mrs Julia Gilkeson and Mrs Jos Evans, who are both quite sick.
A meeting was held in the ME Church South, on last Thurs. nigh, at which time the question of building a new church was taken up and discusses. No definite action was taken on the matter.
Earl Phillips, chauffeur for Geo Titlow of Uniontown Pa, who is well known here, was killed and four other gentlemen seriously injured by an automobile which Phillips was driving, running into a telephone pole.
Mr and Mrs E J Harness of Rey Utah, who have been spending the past few weeks with B B McMechen and family will depart for their home Wed. evening.
P D Delawder, of Lost River, was in town last week on business.
Clark Kuykendall is confined to his home on account of sickness.
Geo Kuhn left last week for Baltimore, to purchase spring stock of general merchandise.
The fixtures are now being put in the new post office building, and it will be ready for occupancy in a short time.
W C High of Purgittsville, has gone to Moundsville, where he has secured a position as guard in the penitentiary.
The Omnibus claims bill, over which there has been such a fight has passed Congress.
the Presbyterian church at this place has a claim of $1,400 in this bill.
Beginning last Mon, the Hampshire Southern will carry the mail. The mail route from here to Romney will be discontinued and the mail will be carried from Old Fields to Cunningham. A route will also be run from Purgittsville to Romney. this is a great mistake on the part of the department, as it will cut off a large number of the people in the Flats, from good mail service. It is to be hoped that this new order will be changed in a very short time.
The general merchandise store and flour mill, belonging to John J Jordan at Wardensville burned down Tues morning. The buildings had been unoccupied for some time. The loss, $3,000 is partly covered by insurance.


Misses Maggie Duling and Maud Ebert are on a pleasure trip to Washington, Baltimore, New York and Niagra Falls.
Mr H C Homan of Antioch was on a visit to his farm near Emoryville last week.
Mr Chas Ferribee made a business visit to his old home near Ridgeville last Fri.
Our teacher, Jas J Idleman, was called by phone to his home near Mt Storm last Fri. to see his father, who is very sick. Tues. report says he is no better.
Mr J H Shobe, has his personal property advertised for sale. He contemplates moving to McCoole the last of March.
Assessor F C Patton is assessing property in this vicinity. We wonder how paying taxes on $25 per ton hay from the first of Jan. suits our Tax Reforms? Don't all speak at once.
Mr Thos Shillingburg wants to keep posted on the leading events of the day, and sends by the writer a check for $1 for "The Tribune". Tom knows a good thing when he sees it.
Mr John Tice, of Elk Garden, made a business call at Wabash Mon.
Quite a large crowd took in the festival at Sulphur last Sat. night and report a good time.
Squire, C E Shillingburg has been quite unwell for some days.
Rev R S Viser, of Richmond was on a visit to friends here this week.
Work in most of the small vein mines is very dull. Some have not been working for some time, but Wabash is working every day.
There will be an exhibition at the close of the Hartmonsville school.
Mr E A Ludwick attended the J S Ward sale Tues.
Mr A W Liller recently killed 3 foxes in one day. He wears the belt.
We have been having real winter weather and many people are wondering if their hay is going to last till grass comes.
Many persons have the grip, or else the grip has them.
Much molasses and sugar are being made by some of the farmer, and they report a good flow of sap.


An infant child of Mr and Mrs P E Demuth was buried at the Junction Wed.


At the regular meeting of the Council last Wed. evening the following business was transacted:
The matter of employing light inspector and water inspector was referred to the light and water committees with power to fix the salaries. The committees met and employed J H Vernon as Water Inspector at $31.50 per month and continued Joe Biser as Light Inspector at $20 per month. An order was made to have the town scales repaired.
The foot bridge over New Creek having been condemned, the matter was referred to the Street Committee to ascertain the cost of having it repaired, and to report at the next meeting.
The contract for the sanitary work, from March 1, 1911 to March 1, 1912 was awarded to J T Athey at $900 per year.
The bond of town sergeant in the sum of $5,000 with the Citizens Guaranty & Trust Co of Parkersburg, as Trustee, was offered.
New lights were ordered as follows: The arc light on Water St to be moved to the west end of the new wagon bridge; that the gas light on opposite side to be moved down Willow Ave. to desirable point; that an incandescent light be put on Water St at the junction of Alice St.; that an incandescent light be put in the Alley between Sharpless and Water Streets; that an incandescent light be put on Davis St at the rear entrance to the post office.


Mrs. Schaffenaker's Sun School Class will hold a food sale in the front of Mr Markwood's store tomorrow afternoon. Buy your Sun. dainties from them.


The Calendar Coterie was handsomely entertained by Mrs Geo W Bane at her residence on Main St yesterday afternoon. Delicate refreshments were served, and the social hour was enjoyed by every one present.


The infant child of Mr and Mrs Willis Smith was buried Thurs.


At the last term of our Circuit Court a decree was entered in the chancery cause of Wm D Martin vs. Cora B Martin, granting the plaintiff a divorce on the grounds that the defendant was insane at the time of her married with the plaintiff and therefore was uncapable of entering into any contract. This is the first divorce ever granted in this county on these ground and so far as we know the first in the State. R A Welch was attorney for Mr Martin.

Mr and Mrs Frank Browning have gone to house keeping at 192 S Main Street.