November 17, 1911


Nov 13, 1911
Dear Editor,
As we have not seen any news from our town for some time, I thought I would pen you a few lines of the happenings. We are having lots of windy and snowy weather, at present it looks as if winter was back to stay.
The fire alarm was given Sun morning about three o'clock and, every one hurried to the scene, the fire was at the hard wood mill of the Babcock Boom and Lumber Co, of this place, not much damage was done to the mill.
Mr George Gaul, of Huttonsville, has opened a picture gallery and a moving picture show in our town, we wish him success.
Mr R M Mellon of Millcreek, was registered at the Bosely House a few days last week.
Mr Warner Sleeth was a guest of the Bosley house one day last week.
Samuel Leatherman, formerly of Elkins, is now located at Davis.
While reading a newspaper the other evening the editor saw where a lady in Los Angeles Cal, had captured a flea weighing one pound three quarters and measured ten inches across the back, I think that one was full grown.
Miss May Yokum, who is stopping with her sister at Buna, stayed over night in our city on her return from attending the funeral of her Grandmother at Huttonsville.
This is all for the first time, and if this escapes the waste basket I will come again.
Wishing the editor and the readers of the Tribune success I will now say good by.
Uncle Sam


Miss Alice Hanger of Davis W Va, spent a few days with her uncle, Mr H H Hott last week.
Miss Annie Barrack and sister Francis of Cross, were visiting at Mr R S Dayton's last week.
The School opened up here Mon with Miss Josephine Gaffney, of Cumberland, as teacher.
Mrs Emma Robison, Haywood, was visiting relatives here last week.
Mrs John Mellon spent from Sat until Mon with relatives at Shaw.
Mrs Bessie Vanmeter and sister, Grace, were calling on friends at Barnum Sun.
Mrs Floyd Stotler and daughter, Ruth, were calling on friends at Cumberland Sat and Sun.
Mr J J Dawson, of Frost, was calling on relatives here Sun.
The Western Md had a big freight wreck here Sun evening about 9 o'clock. Three cars and cab were derailed, but fortunately no one was hurt.
O: yes, Nero I must tell you
Your poem was fine
it was not quite so lengthy.
But much better than mine.
The things that then happened
Will happen no more
When you come banging
At my cabin door.
I am now thoroughly awake
You'll have nothing to dread
The room will be cozy
And stove heated red.
We'll talk matters oer
Put all things in tune
And write week about
To the dear old Tribune.


Robert Grant Sr, moved his family to Henry week before last and becomes superintendent of the mines there. His sons, Robert Grant Jr and wife and David Grant, remain here. They will still reside at the cottage. H H Harrison, superintendent of mines in this vicinity, has moved his family to the cottage.
Miss Ada Gordon, teacher in the Elk Garden school, visited her parents last Sat and Sun.
Mr and Mrs J Ray Hubbs, of Thomas, visited D C Arnold and family last Sun.
Robert E Wilson, son of Henan Wilson, is a solider in the U S Army, and is now stationed in the Philippine Islands.
The cold wave caused our thermometers to drop to six degrees above zero last Mon morning. No one was frozen to death here. We are always ready for a cold snap.
Thos Bennear, who is working in the mines near Thomas, was a visitor here the first of this week.
A social was held at Dr P S Keims last Wed evening in honor of Miss Fannette Morgan of Indiana, cousin of Mrs Keim. The parlor was tastily decorated, and games and diversions flavored with refreshments caused the evening to pass away only too rapidly. Everyone had na enjoyable time. Those present were, J E Winsboro and wife, R Marsh Dean and wife, James Norman and wife, Robert Grant Jr and wife, Mrs D C Arnold, Mrs Mary Harris, Misses Bessie Dean, Mae Winning, Mary Abernathy, Mary and Hannah Mason, Anna Fleming, Ada Gordon, Estella Hott, Louise Shillingburg, Helen Bane, Messrs Richard W Thrush, Roy and Robert Harris.
Within the last ten days the following families have moved to Elk Garden from Wabash: J R Heffner, W H Jones, Isaac Jones, John Davis and Mrs Margaret Ferris.


Nov 14, 1911
As I have been absent for a while will try to give a little of the news in and around our little village of Fountain.
Miss Bertie Dye of Keyser, spent Sat and Sun as the guest of her grandfather, Geo W Stagg. She was accompanied home Sun evening by her friend Mr Claude Martin.
Mr and Mrs S C Urice spent the day Sat with Mr and Mrs V A Ellifritz at New Creek.
Master Earnest Staggs spent Sat at the Knobley View farm.
Mrs H J Bailey was calling on Mrs Belle Umstot Sun evening.
Mr and Mrs Fred Fink of Headsville spent Sun at the home of Mr George Staggs.
Misses Virgie and Blanche Staggs spent Fri at the home of their brother, Edward.
Mr and Mrs M L Staggs of Cabin Run, spent Sun at Mr W R Borror's.
Preaching at the Chapel Sun at 3 pm by the pastor S S at 2 pm. Everybody welcome.
Lone girl


Mr G W McCauley, wife and son, Deless, spent several days this week in Washington.
Miss Eurith Wilderson, who has been visiting at the home of A V Wilson, left Mon for her home at Gormania.
A W Seymour has sold his farm in Alleghany to R M Washington, of near Romney. Mr Seymour reserves the coal right.
W H Griffith of Keyser, and H B Gilkeson of Romney, were here attending the special term of court this week.
An attendant from the asylum at Weston came in this week and took back with him Jacob Sites, who was committed to that institution several weeks ago.
Ed W McNeill and E C Weidabush, of Morgantown, and Will Weidabush and Mr Taylor of Fairmont, are spending the week at Mr McNeill's farm, in the Old Fields, hunting.


Mrs C E Welch, of Empire, and Miss Daisa Grapes of Emoryville, were visiting friends here last Sat and Sun.
Mr Nim Alkire, of Mt Storm, passed here with a nice drove of cattle Mon.
Mr Earl Doman moved form here to near Elk Garden and is working in mine No 14.
Mr R Heffner and Mrs Farris have moved form Wabbash to Elk Garden.
Mr Neri Clark made a business trip to Claysville last Sat.
Rev J F Leeper, of Piedmont, is holding a series of meetings at Rehoboth.
Miss Leona Shillingburg fell last Sun and knocked two of her front teeth out.
Mr Luke McDowell, of Keyser, visited his brother, Alex McDowell, of Wabash, who is sick with typhoid fever.
Mrs J W Junkins, of Emoryville, is visiting her daughter, Mrs Arthur Jack, of near Terra Firma.
Mr T T Smith, teacher of Hartmonsville school, was in Cumberland last Sat.
Misses Leona and Stella Shillingburg, Grace, Jennie and Lewis Duling were calling on friends near Emoryville last Sun.
Mr Wilbur Ludwick and brother Arnold, were visiting Mr E A Ludwick last week.
Miss Daisy Grapes will have a box supper in the school house at Emoryville next Sat night. Proceeds for the benefit of the school. Everybody come.
Mr J E Ludwick killed a large wild turkey Mon. Jim is one of our successful Nimrods.
the last car of coal was sent down the "plane" at Wabash last Wed. This mine was opened in 1891, and in the spring of 1902 the Davis Coal and Coke Co began shipping coal from this mine, then known as No 9. It gave employment the greater part of the time the daily tonnage of coal was over 1,000 tons. It is said the Company cleared over two million dollars on this, the last body of fourteen foot coal known of in this part of the country.


An old fashioned blizzard struck this place Sun afternoon, about noon it began to rain a little, before the middle of the afternoon the snow was flying and the wind was blowing a lively gale. The storm raged all night. Mon morning the mercury was from 4 to 8 above zero in different places of the neighborhood.
Rev C D Johnson is holding revival services in the M E church here. There have been several conversions and others are seeking, and still others have asked for prayers.
Three of the oldest farms in this section have recently changed hands, and all the same day
D P Hendrickson purchased from Herriott & Reese the farm near Bayard, formerly owned by his father, Herriott & Reese purchased the Edgar Parker farm, and R M Washington purchased the Cunningham place.
The negotiations all took place at Petersburg.
Kitzmiller & Luzier have moved their chair back, and Saw Mill to Jordan's Run, where they have purchased a fine lot of timber.
Walter Mackley has moved form Keyser to the R Baker place, near Bayard, where he has work on a saw mill.
Miss Daisy McNemar, who teaches the Mt Storm school, goes home every Fri evening a distance of about twenty miles.
W A Ervin, of Petersburg, was here Sun, in his auto, on his way to Henry.
Messrs Whitehair weighted up the last of the lambs in this neighborhood last week. Though some parties had contracted their lambs at 5 1/2 cts. All agreed to let them go at 5 cts because of the unfavorable market condition.


Butchering is the order of the day in Petersburg.
Circuit court for Grant county will convene at Petersburg Nov 21st.
A band was organized in Petersburg Tues night with sixteen members.
Ed Bond, W E Hill and Ren Kuykendall, who were hunting in the Trough last week, killed three deer.
Mrs Mary E Baker, of Martin, recently sold a bunch of three-year-old cattle that weighted 1480 pounds.
Three of Adam Crites' children, who lives near Durgon, have typhoid fever, but are improving. Dr Groves is attending them.
V H Foley and C E Head were here Wed after an engine and saw mill which they will operate near Streby for Messrs Kitzmiller and Luzier.


Mr C C Arbogast has lately installed for Mr Frank Herriott a Hot water heating plant. It is the Honewell latest system, with Honeywell heat regulator.
Mr Arbogast has completed his contact for putting a heating plant, lavatory and Acetylene light equipment in the home of Atty A J Welton, of Petersburg.


Nov 14
We had a few days "Indian Summer" last ? evening we were stuck by a blizzard. About one and one-half inches of snow fell that night which is with us yet and it is still freezing cold. some are not done harvesting their potatoes but the snow may protect them as the ground is frozen but very little under it.
Whilst "ye scribe" was cutting wood yesterday, a chip, or rather a chunk, flew up and struck him on the left cheek, cutting quite a gash and bruising about the eye and now he looks as though he had told someone they lied.
Stock continues to move out. Last week Whitehairs of Preston Co shipped two carloads of lambs from here - about 500 head. These lambs were bought up by J H Roderick. Mr Roderick also recently sold to "Jr" Brown, of Kingwood, six registered Polled Angus cows, one cow and one bull - reg, Angus- to a Mr Pifer, of Parsons, and to a Mr Rohrer of Pa, nine head beef cows, the average weight of which was 1250 lbs. We learn form a reliable source that Robt Washington of the South Branch, has purchased the Cunningham farm. This farm is a large tract of fine grazing and meadow land lying between Highland Croft and the Groves farm, at Mt Storm.
Rev Mr Leeper, of the Presbyterian church, is - last week and this - conducting a series of meetings at Rohoboth church.
"The fall of the year, it has set in, and now the butchering does begin." Minor Cooper butchered his hogs yesterday. Several more in the neighborhood will butcher their hogs soon. Luke Kitzmiller butchered a beef today; we don't know how good it is, we haven't tasted it yet.
Our good friend, Bro X O X, of Mt Storm, was calling on us a few days ago. Come again, "James,"
Robt Washington, Mr Inskeep and J T Roderick were visiting at Highland Croft first of last week.
We hear of no sickness in our community.
Uncle John


Mrs W C Burkhiser and daughter, Miss Ethel, who were visiting at Newcreek, returned home this week.
Mrs Ed Liller is ill with diphtheria, at the home of her sister, Mrs R V Tucker, 21 South Water Street.
Chase's lap robes form $2.25 to $9.00, horse blankets form $1.50 to $3.50 at the S& T Hardware.
W C Burkhiser and Harry Wageley of Pittsburg, spent Sun with home folks.
R E Pulliam, of 23 South Water street, spent from Sat till Tues with his father at Rowlesburg.
S V and T F Ward were business visitors in town this week.
Just received - A carload of salt, 150 lb bags, 65c. S&T Hardware Co, Water St, Keyser.
Messrs R A Welch, W A Welch, W H Markwood, Bun Markwood, E A Russell and W P Russell were hunting near Burlington yesterday.
Dante's Inferno, the tragedy of the ages, will be at Music Hall Mon night, you cannot afford to miss it.
Mr F O Bailey, who represents the Trumble & Lutz Supply Co of Wheeling W Va, just returned home after spending a few days in Wheeling with his firm. Also visited friends in Pittsburg. While there he reports business picking up nicely in the iron districts of Wheeling and Pittsburg.
Messrs Blaser and Hobbs were B&O business visitors here on Fri morning.
Mr Clark Madera, of Grafton, spent Fri afternoon here on business.
Mrs Sylvia Abernathy of Gormania, was the guest of Mrs Carrie Kight, who is still quite ill.
Mrs L K Jacobs and children left Thurs for their new home in Newburg.
Mr Willie Copp is very ill in the Providence hospital in Washington D C with diphtheria.
Miss Laura Lauck spent Fri in Cumberland.
Mrs J W Hall was a visitor to Cumberland Fri.
Mr McClemens spent a few days here with friends.
Mrs Downey, wife of Col Downey, of Washington, and Mrs Berry, wife of a prominent lawyer, of Greenwich, Conn, spent Wed night with their uncle, Col T B Davis.
Dr Stehley and Messrs Rossell Stehley and W A Dawson went to Claysville last Sun.
Mr Henry Dawson of Piedmont, visited in Keyser yesterday.
Miss Beulah McKenzie is on the sick list this week.
Miss Edna Evans, guest of Mrs W B Burgess returns to her home at Augusta on Thurs.
Mrs Ellen Hawk, of Cumberland, visited Mrs Carrie Kight Tues.
Miss Anna Dugan has returned to her home form a delightful visit to friends in Washington DC.
Squire E C Shillingburg was in Keyser on legal business last Sat.
Messrs J G Wright, S M Arnold and R S Stimmell were visiting in Keyser last Sat.
Mrs N D McCoole left last Wed for North Carolina, being called there by the illness of her sister, Mrs Sue M Sheetz.
Mrs R A Welch, spent Sun in Martinsburg with home folk.
Mr J W Wagoner, who administered on his father's estate, went to Pendleton county Thurs to be absent for about ten day,s which time will be devoted to settling up their business affairs. His sister, Miss Carrie, accompanied him.
Mrs Lee Ash and son, Gale, spent Fri and Sat in Cumberland.
Miss Cora Kidwell spent Sat in Cumberland.
Mrs Carrie Sharpless is sick at her home on Centre St.
Rev B W Smith was in Keyser on business Wed.
Miss Katherine Sharpless spent Fri and Sat in Cumberland.
Mr and Mrs W P Kline and daughter, Miss Della, left Tues after a visit to relatives for their home in Wilmington NC.
George T Carskadon has a few of those shoes that are of the best quality and he is selling at 33 1/3% discount.
Mrs C S Hoffman and Miss Elsie were in Cumberland on business Sat.
Misses Fidessa Workman, Lillie Wagoner and Bessie Wageley were in Cumberland Sat.
Mrs S N Moore, Mrs L L Edgell and Miss Mary Campbell spent Fri in Cumberland.
A concrete wall is being built along Willow Avenue, near the Point of Rocks, to protect the street from the overflow from New Creek during freshets.
Mesdames W H Virts and Harry Atkins were shopping in Cumberland Sat.
Miss Mary Mallory of Piedmont, was visiting in Keyser last Sat.
25 lb soldered I C lard cans 25c, 50lb 35c at the S&T Hardware.
Mr J Early Rizer went over to Burlington with Mr J A Zell last Tues for a two week's visit with old friends.
G W Ward of Newcreek, spent Wed in town on business.
Mr C S Jones, of Westernport and Mr and Mrs D W Eagle, spent Sun evening with Mrs R E Pulliam.
Mrs G M Shoemaker and son, Carlon Ward, returned home Tues after spending two weeks with her mother, Mrs S F Ward, at Newcreek.
Miss Julia Wright won the rocker given away at the U R Fair Tues night.
Master Harry Virts, who had typhoid fever, is now able to sit up.
The cold weather made the coal trade lively.
Mr Ed Taylor, of Burlington, was here this week.
Mrs Michael Dugan is ill with pneumonia.
Mrs Kate Kennedy, of Fairmont, was called here by the illness of her mother, Mrs Dugan.
J M H Brown moved his family in their new home on Piedmont St this week.
Atty Wm MacDonald was in Cumberland on legal business Thurs.
Mr W R Nethken, of Dodson, was looking after business interests in Keyser yesterday.
Mrs Carrie Kight continues ill at her home on Piedmont St.
Messrs Charles Coville and Glen Workman spent Sun afternoon in Piedmont.
Mr Elmer Crawford and son, Mr Charley Crawford, of Mt Savage, are visiting home folks and friends.
Mr Roy Durrett was in Cumberland on Tues.
Mrs H G Steorts and daughter, Miss Louise, were in Cumberland shopping Sat.
Mr and Mrs Fred Dodd were shopping in Cumberland Sat.
H S Pulliam went to Baltimore Wed to attend to important business.
Mr William Burke is having a dwelling erected on Spring St. H G Steorts is the contractor.
Mr Thomas Adams attended the meeting of the Grand Lodge IOOF at Elkins this week as a representative of the local lodge.
Sen H G Davis, celebrated his 88th birthday Wed, Nov 15.
Dante was the greatest of poets, the Inferno is his masterpiece, see it at Music Hall Mon night.
Dr J M T Finney, one of the most eminent surgeons of Baltimore has accepted the presidency of Princeton University to succeed Gov Woodrow Wilson.
Mr Alvin Rogers, our prompt and accommodating mail carrier, is the proud father of a bouncing big girl that was born yesterday morning.
H G Wilson, left for New York Tues night to hold a consultation with Santa Claus and place his order with him for holiday goods.
Dr Arza Furbee has bought a lot of P H Keys opposite the residence of Mrs Geo E Leps, to the right of the road leading to Headsville, and will erect a modern dwelling thereon.
Mr Earl Michael, of Williamsport, is being treated for typhoid fever at Hoffman Hospital.
Miss Ada Brill, who has been making her home at Capon Bridge since last summer, is visiting friends in Keyser this week.
Mr D M Kight, of California, arrived in Keyser Mon for a few weeks' visit to home folk and his innumerable friends in Keyser who are delighted got have him with them again.
J W Stayman, superintendent; Chas H Gibson, principal; Miss Ada Wagoner, Miss Myrtle Blackburn, Miss Mildred Wright, Miss Myra Nefflen, Miss Maud Blair, Miss Ruth Womsley, Miss Fannie Leps, Miss Nancy Kuykendall, Miss Ada Compton and Miss Sue M Johnson, attended the meeting of the Round Table at Martinsburg last week.


Mr Charles Andrew Miller, of Keyser, and Miss Virginia Lillian Limbrook, of Pancake W Va, were married in Cumberland Thurs, Nov 16, 1911.



Mrs Mollie Day, wife of J W Day, a wealthy retired merchant and farmers of Grant county, died Mon at Petersburg. She leaves three brothers, all prominent in business in the State, Joseph and John Heavener of Elkins, and George Heavener, of Buchannon, W Va. She also leaves her husband, three daughters, Mrs Maud Halderman of Moorefield; Missses Madge and Edith Day, and two sons, Messrs. Claude and Blair Day, at home.


Mr Edward C Koch, of Keyser, a B&O freight conductor, was killed by his train at Terra Alta Thurs morning. The body was brought to his home here the same evening, and will be buried Sun. He is survived by his wife and one son about 8 years old. His father and sister live in Oakland. He has three living brothers. He was about 32 years old, and was very popular with a large circle of friends and his untimely and tragic death is mourned by all who knew him.
The burial will take place in Cumberland Sun, a special train will leave here Sun morning.


Miss Ellen M Osborne died at the residence of her brother, Mr D P Osborne, on Centre street, Thurs evening at five o'clock, aged 86 years and 19 days. She was burn in Fulton county, Pa, in 1825 and had made her home in Keyser for about 12 years. Prof W W Osborne, who is Principal of the public schools of Altoona Pa, is a brother and he and Mr D P Osborne are now the only living members of a once large family.
Miss Osborne had been a consistent member of the M E Church since childhood. The interment will be in Queen's Point Cemetery tomorrow, Sat, afternoon. The funeral services will be held at the home at 2:30 pm conducted by Rev F H Havenner. She had reach da ripe old age and a golden sheaf has been gathered into the granary above.


To Whom It May Concern:
We the undersigned, hereby state that we have personally sampled each brand of candy manufactured by the ladies in charge of the candy booth at the U R Fair, and have as yet suffered no ill effects. We therefore, without hesitancy, beg to recommend the aforesaid candy to the public in general, as being perfectly harmless and pleasing to the taste; in our opinion it will stand the 'Pure Food Tests' and appears to be homemade, unadulterated, boiled down, compounded and double distilled.
Signed, sealed and acknowledged under our hands this 16th day of Nov, 1911.
Geo R Davis (Seal)
Clyde B Hott (Seal)


Mr Charles Knight, a guard at the Penitentiary, who had been to Moorefield for two convicts who had been sentence d to that prison, received three more here Wed night that were delivered to him at the train by Sheriff L O Davis. They are John W McCloud, sentenced for five years for burglary; H J Barnard, four years for forgery and Leonard Nelson, colored, 2 years for forgery.


Why is it that during all these years our Court House has never been provided with a ladies' private waiting room we are unable to say, but that such a convenience is greatly needed all must admit. Many, very many ladies are required to attend the sessions of our courts as principals and witnesses in suits before the court, often they are compelled to have their small children with them. Frequently their presence is demanded for the entire day and sometimes for days in succession. Common justice requires that they should have comfortable and private waiting rooms without having to imbibe the foul smoke from cheap cigars and cigarettes and listen to the profane language of uncouth men; and where they may rest and be comfortable.
Our passenger depots also need improvements along these lines.


Contractors Fetzer and Shelly who are rebuilding the livery barn for the P M & I co on the same foundations that the one stood on which was burned in Sept, have the building up to the second story and before many weeks will have it under roof.


Mr C C Arbogast has been awarded the contract to install fifty three bath rooms for the Meadow River Lumber Co, Rainell, W Va.
Mr Arbogast laid a pipe line week before last, two miles in length for Messrs George Boor, David Alt, John W Alt and Jacob Alt, of Pansy W Va.


The B&O Railroad Co, will immediately erect a building cor-Center and Mineral Sts containing offices for their medical examiners and apartments that may be used as a temporary hospital in case of emergency.


Mrs N D McCoole calls the attention of persons who have bought lots of her that it is necessary for them to have their deeds recorded at once.


Mr W H Crist has opened a grocery store on Main Street and has a full line of new goods.


Last Sat was B&O pay day in Keyser, the pay was a good one and our people were happy. Our business men have been busy.


Notice is hereby given that the petition of A C Dixon and 30 others, has been filed with the County Court asking for the closing and discontinuance of the public road in Elk District, known as the "Switch Back Road" Beginning at the south end of the bridge at Emoryville and extending through the lands of the Western Md Railroad Co, and S L Dixon's heirs to S A Dixon's barn where it intersects the road recently built from Elk Garden to Harrison. It is further ordered that this notice be published for two weeks in the Mountain Echo and Keyser Tribune and notices posted as required by law.
By order of the court
11-6-2 J V Bell, Clerk


The idea of buying holiday goods early is growing more popular every year, and there's a reason. The early buyer gets choice of a full stock and can make leisurely selections. At the last minute there is depleted stock and a rush. We are now showing a big variety of Holiday Goods and Novelties. By Dec 1st our whole line will be in. Dolls, fancy china, Novelties, toys, tree ornaments, Garlands at 5c, 10c and 25c. Staple glass and chinaware and novelties in bigger pieces or more for the money than elsewhere.
Everyday Specials
China cups and saucers 5c, China dinner plates 5c, Glass sugar bowls and butter dishes 5c

5-10-25c Store
Leader System, 92 N Main St

The Most Stylish Fall and Winter Millinery, hair goods and Fancy Work.
96 Main Street Keyser W Va

Brick Contractor and Layer.
Estimates on Brick Masonry Promptly Furnished