Misses Mary Mason, Annie Fleming, Genivieve Kearney, Lulu Tasker and Mr D C Arnold, of Elk Garden, attended the Teacher's Institute at Keyser this week.
Walter Simpson is the school book depositor for this year and has a full line of school books on hand now.
Mr John E Arnold, who is working at Thomas, spent last Sun with his parents at Elk Garden.
Misses Susie Biler and Annie Sheetz and Mesdames Bertha Biler, Agnes Sheetz and Robert McDonald visited friends at Keyser and other places this week.
Lloyd Kitzmiller, died at his residence of apoplexy, Aug 30, 1911, aged 86 years, 1 month and 25 days. The funeral sermon was preached in the Nethken Hill church by Rev J W Bedford and the interment was in the cemetery near Sulphur on the Wm Kitzmiller farm. The deceased lived for many years on his farm near Blaine and in his death we lose one of the landmarks of this community. He was born near Clearspring and was a quiet and respectable citizen. Two brothers survive him, Nathaniel Kitzmiller, of Hartmonsville, and Luke Kitzmiller, of Schell. The children that survive him are Grant and John Kitzmiller, Misses Harriet and Victoria Kitzmiller, Mrs Fred Schwinabart and Mrs Amos Shaffer.
Miss Clara Renshaw, of Piedmont, was the guest of her friends here last week.
Rev E U Hoenshel delivered one lecture at Elk Garden and two at Kitzmiller to appreciative audiences. He has remarkable ability as a word picturer, and made a splendid impression upon his audiences as a popular lecturer.


Mrs Will Funkhouser and baby left first of the week for a visit to relatives at Keyser.
Courteney Welton left Monday morning to attend the Horse Show at Warrenton Va, this week.
Mr and Mrs D S Huffman were among those who attended campmeeting at Burlington last Sunday.
Mrs Edwin Newhouse and children, who visited relatives here last week, returned to Keyser Sat.
Seymour Cunningham, of Chilcothe Ohio, spent a few days here the past week visiting friends and relatives.
Prof J C Sanders, of Keyser, spent several days here last week in the Interest of the Keyser Preparatory school.
Miss Hannah VanMeter, who has been visiting at Upper Tract for several weeks, came down yesterday and will spend a few days here before returning to Baltimore.
Mr and Mrs Conway Welton of "Swan Pond" farm near this city have returned from a ten days visit to Atlantic City - Cumb. News.
Stanley H Hicks, of near Winchester and Miss Mary Glenn, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Glenn, of Capon Iron Works, this county were married last week.
T J Bergdoll has just finished work on an office building for Miss Mamie Alexander and has begun work on a dwelling house for Geo E Neff, on his farm near town.
W H Barger, of Keyser, was here lst week in the interest of the Industrial Edition of South Branch Valley. This will be a great thing for our valley and we hope that our people will give it the liberal patronage that it merits


Mr Wood Farrington, of Mechanicsburg, Ohio, Arrived here last Thursday, his wife accompanied him home on Sat.
Mr Richard Ludwick and sister Miss Nance, and Miss Adella Vink attended Labor Day celebration at Petersburg Mon.
Miss Mattie Breinig spent from Sun until Tues with friends in Hardy Co, and attended the picnic at Petersburg.
Mr John Gannon, of Mechanicsburg Ohio, is visiting relatives here this week.
Miss Edith Cheshire returned from Keyser Sun where she had spent several days visiting.
Miss Dora Ludwick has had quite a bad spell of the asthma since returning home from camp meeting where she had spent ten days.
Miss Marie Ludwick is in Cumberland this week having her eyes treated.


Ernest C Ours and Otie Landes returned Mon evening from Luray Va. They took the train at Keyser.
John H Mongold and wife, who recently moved here from Kitzmiller Md, have gone to housekeeping in J H Wheaton's residence.
The Hampshire Southern depot at Petersburg was broken into Sat night and some liquor was stolen. Entrance was made by breaking out a window light.


Campmeeting, closed Mon after passing along about as usual. The attendance was not so large as it has been in former years. this was caused by the weather and roads. People will not turn out unless the dust is six inches deep and the thermometer registering 100 in the shade. This year neither of these luxuries being in evidence the folks didn't turn out, therefore, there is many a chicken still living that would otherwise be dead.
There were more than the usual crowd camping all of whom seem to have waxed fat. The Twin Mountain excursion has not gotten in yet. It is reported to have been derailed by a herd of seine some place on Limestone. This may be so and it may not. You never can tell what a hog will do.
The much hoped for rain set in before all the campers got away and they were straggling out all week. One of the preachers said it was damp camping weather. He had been here two nights in the rain when the remark was made and one who overheard it said he left the "p" off the adjective.
Rev Moore, of Bingville, and Rev John Jerebum Jones were among the first to leave. They didn't like Rev L E Mon, who said he was going back to prepare a place for them. He lives in Weston, near the insane asylum. The rules and regulations were carried out except there were too many bottles scattered along the road. This endangers the life and jeopardizes the limb of every automobilist who travels the pike.
Posters have been nailed upon every tree and posted upon every post announcing the fact that a Good Roads Picnic will be held at the Camp Ground, Sat, Sept 16th. This is just what we need. Here before all the good road talk has been at the county seat and hasn't done our roads one bit of good. The roads are just in shape now, to be put in good condition and there is nothing that will do it better than a lot of automobiles coming to the picnic. An interesting program will be rendered as follows.


Song "We're here because we're here" Audience
Reading "The old road in the hollow" By the Sweet Singer of Burlington

Discussion "Pick and Shoved versus the Plow" Opened by Sam Grimm
Anthem "We'll plow up highway and throw out the rocks" By Burlington quartet, assisted by Romney ?
Music "roll mobile, roll, you don't have to pay any toll" By McIlwee Concert Band
Dinner By all assembled
Immediately after dinner the entire assemblage will form in line at the lower end of the ground. The procession will be led by the Laurel Hill drum Corps playing the "Rocky Road to Dublin" and march to the auditorium where they will be entertained, if possible. Explanations will be given by the different road foreman as to why they use a cross tie to cover a two inch hole in a bridge floor. this will be very interesting as the information has been sough after for years.
the effect the new railroad will have on our roads will be discussed in all its phases by people know and by several who don't know.
Song "When papa used to work the road by hand" By a chorus of children.
After this it will be about time to clean up what was left from dinner and get ready for supper.
There will be lemonade and watermelons. Picks and shovels will be furnished those who want to work up an appetite on the Dry run road.
the committee of ladies appointed and published last week, are requested to have their husbands put the roads through their own premises in a passable condition. By doing this nearly all the roads will be worked. Don't forget ladies, and have your men folks working the roads not later than the morning of the 13th. And another thing, ladies, don't forget that basket of fried chicken, apple pie, cheese straws and dough nuts.


Miss Vanila Buttonhook left after paying Miss Laurel Root a pleasant visit.
Lou Wallace has purchased a house and lot in the suburbs of Burlington. Lou will live in Burlington during the winter and in our midst at Push Root during the summer. After he keeps this up for several years, he is going to tell us which he likes best.
Hez Root is preparing a little two hour talk on "Jack oak brush used for ripraping."
The rain has improved the persimmon crop and there is still hope.
Uncle Hiram has a slight attack of "indigestion" but otherwise is about the same.


We are having fine rains now and the grass is starting up with a prospect of a good crop of fall pasture.
Neff Grove, of Petersburg, was through our neighborhood last week, looking up calves. He purchased several small bunches but several of our farmers still have their calves on hand. There is quite a lot of other stock here yet, especially cows, some fat, some otherwise. I have not heard of any lamb buyers around yet. Lambs are very fine here this season.
Our genial postmaster, T A Fleming, has resigned, and his brother, Austin J (Jack) Fleming, has been appointed in his place. Tom has also turned the management of the store over to Jack, and he is now looking for a better job than licking stamps in a fourth class postoffice, and selling groceries on credit to us snake-hunters. We understand he is about to take a position with the Davis Coal and coke Co, as pit boss in one of their mines at Thomas. We are sorry to lose him and his estimable lady from our village. Our best wished go with him to their new home.
Rev Mr Eubank, of our place, is at Mt Storm this week, where he is conducting a series of meetings; he is being assisted by evangelist, Rev Mr Leeper, of Piedmont.
Miss Emma Roderick continues quite poorly. She took cold with measles last spring and has been growing gradually worse ever since. Dr Drinkwater, of Gormania, and Dr Scott of medley, met here in consultation last Sun. they pronounced her in a critical condition.
Born a few days since, to Mr and Mrs D W Idleman, a daughter. All are doing well.
We hear of no other sickness in our neighborhood.
Boiling apple butter, cutting brush and shooting squirrels - groundsquirrels we mean - is now the order of the day.
Whilst we write the sad intelligence is going over the wire to the friends of the deceased, that Jacob O Idleman, and elderly man and highly esteemed citizen of Scherr, died of apoplexy, at his homeearly this morning.
Uncle John


Mr and Mrs J B Rees spent Wed in Keyser.
Mr J C Watson was in Greenbrier county on business this week.
Remember the good Roads Picnic Sat - Sept 16.
Mr A H Michael has bought valuable property near Oakland and will move his family there about the first of October.
About thirty per cent of the teachers who attended the Summer School taught by Prof J C Sanders, received No 1 certificates.
Mr Harry Reed moved his family to Belington this week. Keyser regrets to lose them and wishes them success in their new home.
Messrs M M Alderton, C E Dayton, J H Swadley and D G Alderton spent last Sun and Mon in Baltimore.
The dwelling house of Taylor Mullins, who lives near Williamsport, was destroyed by fire yesterday.
Blair Sheetz, of Winchester, spent last Friday night in Moorefield.
Col W E Reid, of Cumberland was in Keyser on business this week.
Mr and Mrs B E Wells have moved into the apartment on the second floor of the Farmers and Merchants Bank building on Armstrong St.
Mr I M Long, who has been east this week, laying in a stock of new goods, returned home yesterday.
Miss Catherine Hodgson, of Cumberland, visited Dr and Mrs Yeakley Monday and Tuesday.
Mrs Murray Winters, who was operated on at the Hoffman Hospital last Mon, is doing nicely.
Mr W A Feeley, of Parsons, made us a pleasant call Thursday. He started to the Reunion at Romney. The committee in charge failing to give notice of change of date.
Mr Allen Arnold, of New Creek, left yesterday morning for a vacation trip to Atlantic City.
Prof Fred Brooks, in the United States Government employ was looking after his orchard inspection and investigations in this county again this week.
Mrs E B Miller and daughter, Miss Pauline, of Wheeling are visiting friends in Keyser.
Miss Minnie Welch has returned from a visit to Clarksburg.
Prof K E Burke, of Terra Alta, attended Institute here this week.
Mr David Schwinabart was in Keyser on business Tues.
Mr and Mrs Louie Leps gave a very delightful Corn Roast to a number of friends on the Island Wed night.
Mrs A H Michael has returned from a pleasant visit to Grant County.
Mr E A Weimer, of Oakland, brother of our townsman, Mr C R Weimer, has been nominated by the republican party to represent Garrett County in the Md legislature.
Misses Jane Sloan and Elizabeth Harmison were visiting in Keyser yesterday.
Mrs C P Peters, and daughter, Miss Thelma, left Wed for a visit to friends at Shinnston and other points.
H G Wilson is in New York this week laying in a large supply of new goods.
Mr and Mrs J Frank Bane, of Sulphur, visited in Keyser this week.
Mrs J G Wolfe, went to Romney Wed morning where she will visit for some time.
Mrs Gertrude Hoopengarner, of Elkins, visited in Keyser this week.
Miss Flossie Clark, of Sunbury Pa, a former Prep student, has been visiting the Misses Liller for two weeks and returned home, accompanied by her mother, Mrs E E Clark, last Wed.
Mr and Mrs William Zeilor and daughter, Mildred, have returned home from Romney.
Mrs L C Nine, of Baltimore, is visiting her son, Mr Ray Wells.
Drs W M Babb, W H Yeakley, M F Wright and F L Baker attended the meeting of the Medical Society in Moorefield Wed.
Miss Gant, who had been a nurse at the Hoffman Hospital, returned to her home in Frostburg yesterday.
Mr Patrick Whitehouse, of Mannington, spent Labor Day in Keyser.
Mr William Dawson, has returned from a delightful trip to the Pacific Slope.
The Alleghany Grove Hotel, a two story frame structure at Alleghany Grove, five miles west of Cumberland, was completely destroyed by fire Wed night.
Mr and Mrs W A Liller and Dr Kalbaugh left for Baltimore Wed evening. From Baltimore Mrs Liller went to Washington for a visit. Miss Eloise Liller accompanied them.
Mr and Mrs Charles E Liller, of Hardin County, Ohio, who have been on a visit to friends in this section, returned home Thurs. While here he renewed his subscription to the Tribune, to keep posted on West Va news.
Mr M T Davis writes us that he should have said in his letter of last week that the farm that he lately bought had seventy five acres in corn that would yield three thousand bushels notwithstanding the drouth.
Lost - Between Keyser and Maplewood farm, a ladies crescent brooch set with pearls and having the double eagle 32-Masonic emblem. The finder will be amply rewarded by returning the same to the office of the Tribune.
Atty R A Welch spent Sunday in Clarksburg.
Mr Fred Warnick and son, of Hawesville W Va, spent Labor Day in Keyser.
Mr and Mrs Jarvis Adams, of Pittsburg, took in the Sincell Peach Show.
Miss Tillie Leatherman , of Baltimore is visiting her numerous friends in Keyser.
Dr Frank Wright and daughter, Miss Mary, were visiting in Keyser Tues.
Mr and Mrs James Bell, of Cumberland, attended the Peach Show.
Seeds. Go to C P Peters for Best Grades of Seed. His stock is coming in now from Iowa, Indiana and Illinois. First class at lowest possible prices.
Mr W H Poling, of Baltimore, was guest of Mr J R Bane this week and called on his numerous relatives and many friends in Keyser.
Mr James Bazzell is able to be at his place of business again after a protracted spell of sickness.
Brook Duckwith, son of Charles Duckwith of McCoole, had a growth in his throat removed this week.
Mr T H Davis, the Ford man, has completed his new Garage, which is modern in all of its equipments, has granalithic floor, electric lights, etc.
Mr and Mrs J M Bright and son Raymond, spent Labor Day at Tolchester Beach, Md.
Mrs J C Sanders and the boys returned home last Fri from a pleasant vacation spent near Morgantown.
Mr and Mrs E P Babb attended the Sincell Peach Show and remained here till the first of the week.




The home of Mr and Mrs John Shumaker, of Bayard, West Virginia, was the scene of a very pretty wedding when at 4 o'clock pm, Sept 7th 11 Miss Bessie Rees Shumaker became the bride of Mr Charles Edwin Hickerson, of Cumberland Md. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs John Shumaker, of Bayard W Va, a niece of Rev S R Ludwig. She is a graduate of Shenandoah Collegiate Institute and school of Music, of Dayton Va. The groom is one of Cumberland's popular young men and general Supply Agt, for the Western Md R R . These deserving young people have the congratulations and well wishes of their many friends Rev J H Brunk, pastor of the United Brethren Church of Keyser, performed the ceremony.


The following letter has just been received by Supt Stayman, which ought to be a source of gratification to every citizen of Keyser:
Mr Jos W Stayman, Keyser W Va
Dear Sir:
I hereby notify you that the high school at Keyser in your district has been ranked under the provisions of Chapter 68 of the Acts of the Legislature of 1911, as a high school of the first class, and that there has been apportioned to this high school out of the fund appropriated for the aid of classified high schools the sum of $560.00. This amount is payable to the sheriff of our county on warrants issued by your county superintendent of schools in two equal installments, the first payable on the fifteenth of Sept; the second on the fifteenth of Dec.
Very truly yours,
M P Shawkey, State Supt of Schools



Mr W Frank Mansfield, aged 30 years, died last Mon night after an operation for peritonitis. He had been suffering for some time and it had been thought that he had typhoid fever, when his real trouble was correctly diagnosed he was too weak to stand the operation. For several months he had been B&O agent at Mt'n Lake Park. Before going to that place he was in the B&O office at Keyser, where he had many warm friends. For four years he was connected with the freight office of the Cumberland and Pennsylvania R R at Cumberland.
Besides his parents, he is survived by one brother, Joseph L, and two sister, Mrs Walter McGlannon and Mrs Borden Scribner. His father, Capt W F Mansfield, is a well known passenger conductor on the C&P R R.


William Manks, a coal miner, aged 28 years, who worked in the Nethken mine at Bayard, was crushed to death by a fall of rock in the mine last Mon. He leaves a wife and four small children.


While riding his motorcycle on the N W Turnpike about 13 miles east of Romney last Wed, Mr Edward Sterling fell dead. Mr Sterling has been chief engineer of the Pulp Mill of Lake Md for several years. He and Rev Robt Iser of Piedmont were on their way to Richmond Va, for a sight-seeing trip. Mr Sterling was 50 years old and leaves a widow, a son and a daughter. The body was taken to Luke Thurs on 55 and the interment was at Wilmington.


Mr John Wesley Cook, who resided in South Keyser, died Wed night, of peritonitis, and will be buried today at 2:30 o'clock. The funeral services will be held at the home and conducted by Rev J H Brunk. He leaves a widow and two sons and one daughter. Mr Cook was a painter by trade; He had been ill for about two weeks and his death is mourned by many friends.


Mr E R Hartman, a brakeman on the B&O, fell from his train near Newburg last Wed forenoon and was killed by a train that was passing on the other tract. He was about 21 years old and unmarried. His mother lives in Keyser, his father was killed nine years to the day before the son was stricken. Mr Hartman was buried at Purgittsville yesterday. He had many friends in Keyser who mourn his untimely death.


Mr George S Ball, veteran Baltimore and Ohio clerk, was buried in Piedmont with Masonic honors last Mon. For a number of years he was a resident of Piedmont.


While on his way to Sunday school last Sunday afternoon, Mr Arthur Slusher, superintendent of public schools, of Grant County, took shelter from a storm under a large tree about 300 yards from the road-side where he was struck by lightning. His body was not found until Monday forenoon, and was badly burned. His watch was still running. He went into office the first of last July. He was an unmarried man and held in very high esteem. He lived about seven miles from Petersburg.


Mr D W Weaver has received and opened his new fall goods, and the 5, 10, & 25 cent Store is more attractive that ever before. The Leader System is in the lead.


Labor Day was almost as quiet as Sunday in Keyser. The banks and nearly all of the stores were closed, the post offices observed holiday hours. The Baracca class, of the Lutheran Church, had a picnic at Mill Meadow.
A representative of the Socialist Party made a speech on the street corner in the afternoon.
Institute convened Mon and a number of public school teachers of this and adjoining counties graced our town with their presence. Many of our citizens were out of town for that day.


As directed by a decree of the Circuit Court of Mineral County, made on the 27th day of July, 1911, in the chancery cause of Julia Kelley and others vs John R Kelley and others, we, Special commissioners, by said decree appointed, will sell at public sale to the highest bidder, on Tuesday the 19th day of September, at half past ten o'clock, in the front of the Court House door, in Keyser, the following tracts of land, for which Christopher Kelley, dec'd seized.
A tract lying on the South East side of Knobley Mt, in Frankfort District, containing about 605 acres, adjoining lands formerly belonging to A B McCarty, Jacob E Daniels and others, and being more or less, conveyed by A Monroe and wife to Weyand Doerner by deed, dated April 20th, 1874, recorded in Deed Book 5, page 257, one of the Land Books of Mineral County off of which 1100 acres have been sold one tract of 42 acres and 29 poles to John W Umstot, and another tract of 456 acres to Lawrence P Miller, and a tract of about 30 acres adjoining above tract, which was conveyed to said Christopher Kelley by Mary Miltenberger by deed dated Jan 27th, 1909, recorded in Deed Book 30, page 88, in the Clerk's office of Mineral County. This land is admirable situated for orchard purposes; a large part of it has never been cleared.
Mr Isaac Kady, who lives on an adjoining farm, will show the land to parties desiring to examine it.


After Teacher's Institute was called to order last Mon forenoon Rev Geo S Arnold, the ex-county Superintendent, who had served the county so long and so faithfully, presented each member of the Institute with a souvenir button which has on it "Teachers Institute Mineral County, Keyser, 1911, GSA." Teachers highly appreciate this remembrance by a beloved former superintendent, they are also saying very pleasant and complimentary things. About our new superintendent, Prof R W Thursh, who has taken hold of his new duties like a veteran at the business.


The prize awarded at the Sincell Peach Show last Sat, for the best plate of peaches from trees planted in 1909 went to Mr George Keller.


A desire to call the attention of our readers to the Basket-in-hand Picnic to be held on the Van Myra Camp Ground, near Burlington, Sat, September 16, under the auspices of the Mineral County Good Roads Association, and to which every body is invited. This bids fair to be one of the greatest good roads meetings ever held in West Virginia. A member of the committee has been in Washington to make arrangements with the National Good Roads Association to send special speakers, who are experts upon the subject, and the Association has promised to do so. Local speakers, also, will address the great crowd that is expected to be there. It is evident that those who attend may expect a feast of reason; they certainly may expect a feast of fat things also. The very best house-wives of Mineral county are already arranging to attend and take with them large baskets well filled with the very best from their culinary departments and Mineral County has log since been noted for its fair women who are experts along these lines. The chickens are now being attended for that day, the days of certain spring lambs are also numbered; old hams, pies, cakes, pickles, etc, of the best quality, that you ever stuck a tooth into, will be there with out number;and then, just to think of it, this dinner, with a barrel of lemonade to wash it down, is to served free. the social feature, when representatives are assembled from every section of the country, will be most delightful. The people from every part of the county are arranging to be there. The McIlwee Concert Band of Keyser, will be present to furnish music to the sweetest strains.
Then what means more than all that we have written above - great enthusiasm will be aroused on the subject of better roads for Mineral County and the next generation as well as the present one will reap the benefits accruing form that day spent on Van Myra Camp Ground. We might write much more on this subject but this must suffice for the present. Be sure to be there on that day, and see and hear the rest and take your part in this great movement.


Mineral county is "dry". This includes Piedmont city. Across the bridge is Westernport Maryland Allegany County is famous as the meanest and lowest "wet" county in America. Westernport is the superlative of its rottenness and the Log Cabin, saloon is the climax of superlatives.
The proprietor of the Log Cabin started excavation in the river bed of the Potomac exactly at the Piedmont end of the bridge for erection of a building.
He claims title to the land from a Maryland party and has a building permit from Westernport city council. The city administration of Piedmont sees claim to taxable property vanish under the saloonkeeper's claim that the river bed has changed and that Maryland owns to the original low water mark. The city administrations has secured a temporary injunction and will fight to the United States Supreme Court, if need be.
Piedmont dry is peaceable, Westernport wet is debauched beyond decency.
The American Issue

We do not believe that the Allegany County Judge will grant a license to the proposed saloon.

The Third Annual Exhibit
Well Attended
Peaches were Surprisingly Large and Well Colored. Special Displays of Fruit Remarkably Beautiful. eloquent Addresses. Winsome Ladies.

The third annual exhibit of the Sincell Company Peach Show was held in their large department store Fri and Sat of last week. considering the extremely dry weather that had prevailed until August 24 and the eight days of heavy rains that followed, the spectators were amazed at the size to which our peaches had attained and also at their beautiful, rich color. There were very handsome displays of fruits other than peaches, which, while no special prizes were offered for them, called forth enthusiastic admiration. The tables of fruits and melons displayed by D A Arnold, of the Knobley Fruit Farm by W A Liller, Alkire Orchard Co, Louis Leps and Rev John F Dayton called forth many favorable comments.
Interesting and eloquent addresses were delivered by Hon J J Cornwell, of Romney Mr J F Grimes, of Pittsburg, and Mr J T Sincell, of the Sincell Co.
The leading society ladies, handsomely gowned, graced the occasion with their presence.
The prize packages of peaches are on cold storage and will be exhibited at the Land Show in Pittsburg in October.
The Sincell Company deserves large credit for their enterprise in inaugurating and continuing this annual exhibit that has such a beneficial effect upon the horticultural interests in this, one of the greatest fruit sections in the United States. Mr J T Sincell announced that the company would hold another Peach show in 1912.
The judges were Messrs. B F Wade, R R Harris and J R Kennedy.


Below we give the list of exhibitors:
P M Dayton, D A Arnold, Alkire Orchard Co, W A Liller, Capt J W Vandiver, Kemp Bros., Twigg Orchards, Hoges Orchards, Park Orchards, Knobley Mountain Orchard Co, Mole-to May Willison, Fred Tasker, Porter Liller, John Arnold, Bruce Arnold, Andrew Shaw, Margaret Arnold, D R Bailey, Isaac Umstot, I M Long, Taylor & Moran, P Gerdenour, Hampshire Orchard Co, Romney Mountain Orchard Co, C C Junkins, George Keller, A W Feaster, Mrs F C Reynolds, J Sloan Arnold, E D High, New Creek Fruit Co.


lst carrier, Knobley Mountain Orchard Co
2nd carrier, Romney Mountain Orchard Co
3rd carrier, Hampshire Orchard Co
4th carrier, I M Long
1st delaware, Knobley Mountain Orchard Co
2nd delaware, Taylor & Moran
1st plate, Knobley Mountain Orchard Co
2nd plate, Bruce Arnold
3rd plate, Mrs F C Reynolds
1st fancy package, Isaac Umstot
2nd fancy package, D R Bailey
Boys and Girls Prizes: first, John Arnold, second, Porter Liller, third, Moleto May Willison.
The prizes for the greatest variety of peaches from any one orchard went to Mr P M Dayton, Chairman of the Mineral County Horticultural Society, who exhibited ten varieties. The prize for the largest perfect single peach, was awarded to the Knobley Mountain Orchard Co.

The prize awarded by popular vote was given to the Knobley Mountain Orchard Co.
McIlwee's orchestra furnished sweet music for the occasion.
The list of the prizes can be seen in last week's Tribune.


Offers superior advantages to young men and young women seeking an education in preparation for any walk of life.
Fall term opens Sept 13, 1911
Classical Preparatory Course prepares for any first class college in the country.

Commercial Department Graduates are now filling responsible positions in banks and leading commercial houses in this section on the state.
School of Agriculture. The only secondary School of Agriculture in the state.
Department of Music offers superior advantages in piano music.
Department of Elocution and Public Speaking.
Physical culture and Gymnastics.
Military Department.
Chemical and Physical Laboratories, excellent Gymnasium, all kinds of athletics. College trained instructor at the head of each department.
Advantages: Healthful location, Pure water, Natural gas, Electric lights, Town of good moral tone, No saloons, Good school sentiment, Free tuition to West Virginia students except in Music and Elocution.
A card to the Principal will bring you a catalogue and any other desired information.


Mr Editor
Some of our readers are surprised at the article in your last issue from Mr Staggers inviting us all to their meetings for consulting the "returned spirits" or friends, and more surprised that he claims they have Bible authority for their doings, does he not know that in the old days, before Christ came "a light into the world that men should no longer walk in darkness," the Lord gave men to understand plainly how wicked it was "to seek unto them that have familiar spirits that peep and mutter when they should seek unto their God, not for the living to the dead." Is. 8-19. In 2nd Kings 21.6. He tells us of the Kings "who wrought much wickedness in the light of the Lord to provoke Him to anger" who used enchantments and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards - and that we can make no mistake says, "The man or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death, they shall stone them with stones, their blood shall be upon them." Lev. 20-27. If we fear God, this should surely make us pause. The wicked King Saul when God had departed from him did call up the prophet Samuel, and met his reproof of "why hast though disquieted me, to bring me up, and pronounced God's curse and punishment upon hi for his wickedness?" We all, know Satan has great power to do lying wonders, and can and does transform himself into an angel of light, and is seducing and deceiving men, and if it were possible, even the elect. And no double he does often take the form of the dead in his craftiness and skill and knowledge, to appear to those who are not truly staid upon God and have not his word to meet his deceit - he can quote more scripture than the best of us, and we need almighty help to keep us from his wicked arts. He surely is abroad in the earth and active, knowing "his time is short." He is still saying "ye shall not surely die," tells us we are to have "another chance". Just suppose we should not. If we despise and slight the offer of a full and free pardon now. "He that is unjust, will be unjust still, he that is filthy let him be filthy still, he that is righteous let him be righteous still." He tells us there is no hell, that wicked and good will all fare alike. For the preservation of society we must have judges and jails here for our protection, but the Maker, Ruler and Judge of the whole earth will take and require no account for the "deeds done in the body". Of course if there is no hell there is nothing to be saved from, and no need of a Saviour. His death for our sins would be a farce and the scriptures a fable. But some of us believe that when He who is "the truth" says, the "wicked shall go away into everlasting punishment: where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. We believe He means what He says, and have laid hold of the only hope set before us, and with His help propose to take no risks, nor any chances but will try to live by "every word". He gives us as our rule of faith and practice.


Shepherdstown W Va, August 31, 1911
Editor Keyser Tribune
Keyser W Va
Dear Sir:
In the open letter of Mr S L Angell's to the State Board of Regents, there appear quite a list of allegations as the the management of the Preparatory School during the past year. Many of these have to do primarily with the internal workings of the school and are such as will come up in any school. Some of the allegations affect the writer of this letter personally and reflect upon his integrity.
I do not propose to make this letter a defense of any of the charges. It is simply an explanation of the intent and purpose of the various things set forth in the Angell letter.
This day terminates my official connection with the school and is a day fitting to the writing of this letter. I resigned from the Principalship of the school that I might not drag the school into a newspaper controversy and that the Board might feel free to act as it thinks best. As a private citizen, this letter will not have any bearing upon the welfare of the school.
Mr Angell was not dropped from the corps of teachers in the school because he failed to take part in the Keyser Choral Society nor because he failed to continue his work with the school orchestra. The latter was a factor in his removal. His practice with the orchestra up until it was time for the orchestra to be of service and then failed to go on with it, was not considered by the principal the proper thing to do in the case and he told Mr Angell that unless he continued his orchestra work his chances of returning to the school might be impaired.
Mr Shedd was not dropped on account of his lack of knowledge of Agriculture. Neither was it on account of any personal animosity.
In regard to the church affiliation of the teachers, let me say that not one of the teachers suggested to the Board for election last year was a member of the M E Church. Church affiliation has nothing to do with the choice of teachers.
As to the matter of rooms to be occupied by the various teachers, the principal did what he thought was best for the school under the circumstances.
As to reports to the Athletic Association, let me say that the money was in charge of the State Board of Control and it was only when I had a report from them that I could make a statement to the Association.
The graduating exercises of the Commercial Department were inaugurated at the June 1910 commencement and the custom was established at the suggestion of the Head of the Department at that time for the Department to pay its own expenses. This plan was followed in the June 1911 commencement.
As to the record books bought by the State Board of Control for the Societies. The Board did buy these books and the money received by the principal from the society was kept to purchase those things which the State Board would not buy out of its funds. This money was to be used in the purchase of pictures for the Society halls as was done last commencement when two most beautiful pictures were hung in the hall of the Reynolds Society.
The typewriting papers was sold to the students at cost and the money received was used in the purchase of other paper. This money is all in the principal's hands and will be turned over to the State Board of Control on the final report day.
the No 5 typewriter is at my home where I have been using it in the correspondence pertaining to the school during the vacation season. It is at the demand of the state and has always been in that condition.
The deduction in Mr Shedd's salary was made on account of his delay in entering the school at the opening. The money was used to pay part of the expenses of the committee appointed by the Board of Regents to select a teacher of Agriculture. The Board may not approve of that method. the methodical way to have done this would have been to deduct the money from Mr Shedd, turn it over to the Board of Control and then issue a requisition on the Board for that amount.
The same plan should have been used in the case of the money deducted from Mr Angell then the one charge for which I have to plead negligence would have been unheard of. IN making the deduction of $50 from Mr Angell's salary, I did it thinking Miss Davis' salary would be about that much. I deposited Mr Angell's check in the bank as soon as received and several days elapsed before I paid Miss Davis. When $40 sufficed to pay her, the remainder of the $50 was not handed over to Mr Angell at once and it went on from time to time till my attention was called to it in Mr Angel's letter. He now has his $10 but I shall always regret this phase of the episode as it can only be charged to my Angel's
As soon as Mr Angel's letter came to my notice, I wrote President Shawkey of the Board of Regents asking for an opportunity to explain my side of the matter. This Mr Shawkey granted. I told the Board just what I have told you in this letter, and then feeling that the matter would be of detriment to the school if I should write this statement, I asked to Board to accept my resignation. this the Board has done and it is my sincere wish that the work at the Preparatory will not be hindered by this episode.
Very truly yours,
J D Muldoon


Mrs S M Sheetz, Miss Mary Sheetz, Mrs Horace Snow, Mr Isaac Kuykendall, Master James Sheetz, Conrad and William B Snow, who have been visiting their numerous relatives and friends in Mineral County, returned to their homes in North Carolina last Tues.


Charles Selden, superintendent of telegraph of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, has advanced to the position of general inspector of transportation by General Manager Thompson. Mr Seldon will continue in the discharge of the duties of superintendent of telegraph.


Miss Nellie Johnson, who has studied the past tow years at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, will give lessons in piano and theory at their home, 120 Centre St. Your patronage solicited.


Hon J F Grimes, Atty Wm D Grimes, of Pittsburg, and Mr and Mrs Jack Grimes, of Deer Park, attended the Sincell Peach Show and remained over a few days to visit friends and relatives in Keyser.


Mrs M A Dohrman is contesting for that handsome diamond ring that is to be given away by the Keyser Tribune, and she desires that her friends save the coupons, that are printed in each issue of the paper, for her, that they allow their coupons to be placed to her credit when they renew their subscriptions, and that new subscribers send in their subscriptions through her.


The Keyser public schools will open next Mon, Sept 11, and the Prep will begin its next session Wed, Sept 13. We hope all of the children have enjoyed their vacation and are ready for another term of hard work.


The Harrison meat market is rearranging the interior of the store and putting in new shelving. Hereafter, it will carry a full line of the best groceries in connection with first class meats for which it has been noted. You can get all at one place now.


Rev Samuel Umstot, of Rees Mill, found a purse in the road between Fountain and Keyser, the owner can recover it by describing the purse and contents.


The Farmers and Merchants Bank of Keyser opened for business this forenoon. They have a new up to date bank building, the latest and safest fire and burglar proof vault and safe, a capable and accommodating cashier, a board of directors composed of practical business men and they expect to do a large banking business from the very beginning.


The McNeill Chapter, U D C will meet on Tues afternoon, Sept 12, 1911, promptly at three o'clock a the home of Mrs C F Jordan for the purpose of electing officers for the coming year, and appointing delegates to the State Convention, which will meet in Elkins on Oct 4th and 5th. A full attendance is requested.
Mrs C F Jordan, President
Maria Vass Frye, Secretary


The Twin Mountain and Potomac R R Co, has begun the actual construction of the railroad bed. There is a camp near to Town Spring and one on top of Knobley, near the residence of D A Arnold. A new supply of men and trams were brought in this week and more will be put to work next week. Mr L C Thomas, an experienced railroad builder, is in charge of the construction.


141 Armstrong Street
A full line of fresh and cured Meats
Fresh Country Butter and Eggs
Prompt Delivery anywhere in town
Phone 30-K


New Ford Cars for 1911. Touring Car, fully equipped. $780 Roadster, fully equipped, $680 open runabout, fully equipped, $680, torpedo runabout, fully equipped, $725, magneto of course. Write for catalog and the great story of the ace from New York to Seattle.
The above cars are 4 cylinder, 10 Horse Power.
T H Davis,

Jeweler and Agent for Ford Automobiles
Keyser, W Va Phone 32K

Mrs Anna Alderton, 171 Mozelle St, Keyser W Va, says: "e have used Doan's Kidney Pills with such excellent results that I do not hesitate to recommend them. A member of our family had considerable trouble from inactive kidneys and complained constantly of backache. A supply of Doan's Kidney Pills was obtained from Arza Furbee's Drug Store and their use brought complete relief." For sale by all dealers.
Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co, Buffalo NY, sole.


The personal property of the late C C Boseley will be sold at public auction at his late residence on New Creek nine miles south of Keyser, near to Claysville, on Tues Sept 26, 1911, sale to begin at ten o'clock. Valuable live stock, household goods and hay and grain will be sold to the highest bidder.
S V Ward, executor of will of C C Boseley, deceased.


Position as stenographer, Address
Miss Alma Paris, Keyser W Va

A young married man to move on Orchard farm six miles east of Knobley mountain, must be honest, sober and a worker, one with no children or not more than one or two, preferred. Good wages paid.
Address or call on Isaac Umstot, Pinehurst, Mineral Co, W Va 9-2-3


NO 1. 350 LBS CAPACITY $45.00
NO 2. 450 LBS CAPACITY 50.00
NO 3. 550 LBS CAPACITY 55.00
NO 4. 700 LBS CAPACITY 60.00
Fairbanks, Morse & Co's Gasolene Engines, Pneumatic Water System, Sawing Outfits and Electric Lighting Outfits, Hocking Valley Enislage adn Feed Cutters, Corn Shellers and Cider Mill, Papec Ensilage cutters, Star corn and cob mills, Racine grain and seed fans, Best ever sulkey and gang plows, Root's bee supplies, Black Hawk, corn planters, Kraus cultivators, feed carriers, lime, manure spreaders, Walrus roofing, American fence, etc. Tell us your need.


From Keyser Tribune, 8 September 2000

Some of the following are illegible, so I tried my best to decipher it.

John Sneathen $1.50

J F Hadra $5.50

D P Donnell 1.50

Wilard Everstine 1.50

O N Schoppert 1.50

Keyser Tribune 1.00

Johnson & Watson Co 6.15

J M Wolfe 1.75

C G Scribner 1.00

A M Norman 14.20

Solomon Rubble 20.50

W P Roderick 15.10

J Elkins Goshorn 26.50

J F Harrison10.30

Joseph Kight 15.50

Elmer Sheets use L O Davis 24.90

Floyd Knight 20.20

Luke McDowell 14.10

J W Virts 22.90

Luther Stafford 20.70

Fred Gehauf 15.90

George Burgess 6.10

T M Cannon 14.70

H M Thrush 9.10

Chas Carskadon 10.60

Simon P Umstot 9.70

Chas Deremer 15.00

C C Crawford 9.10

Willard Everstine 28.40

F A Sullivan 19.90

John McNabb 190..

J V Bell 3.00

F H Babb 3.00

Wm McDonald 3.00

O M Riser 5.50

J Elkins Goshorn 1.50

Geo R Boyles 1.30E W Paxton 1.50

J M Stanley 1.50

I C Lucas 1.50

F A Parsons 1.50

T H Wagoner 5.50

H M Stotameyer 1.50

J B Criser 1.50

E H Ravenscroft 1.50

M B Wagoner 1.50

C Inskeep 1.50

Jno T Compton 5.50

Joseph Biser 1.50

J N Martin 1.50

J L Robinson 1.50

W V Stewart 1.50

J W Virts 1.50

John Sloan 5.50

Jas A Zell 1.50

A L Thrush 1.50

R A Stimmell 1.50

C W Bane 1.50

J G Bright 1.50

Jno T McDowell 1.50

D W Taylor 5.50

H L Clause 1.50

J L Cannon 1.50

D G Martin 1.50

C E Taylor 1.50

Jno T Sneathen 5.50

M T Davis 1.50

Luther Emmert 1.50

F H Lease 1.50

S H Kiser 1.50

A V Kiser 1.50

R M Johnson 1.50

T W Ashby 5.50

Edward Winning 1.50

F H Middleton 1.50

I H Bane 1.50

Stephen Dixon 1.50

W L Norman 1.50

D V Junkins 1.50

W T Wilhelm 1.50

J W Junkins 1.50

S E Phillips 1.50

G G Stullenbarger 1.50

Solomon Rubble 1.50

R G Coleman 1.50

W W Long 1.50

Scott Slone 1.50

Floyd Knight 1.50

W T Arnold 1.50

Chas McNeill 5.50

S E Burgess 1.50

F F Bosley 1.50

J W Thomas 1.50

August Schell 5.50

Lenis Champ 1.50

J WReed 1.50

Frank Byer 1.50

Frank Niland 1.40

Jack Lynch 1.50

Eliza Newcome 1.50

James H Arnold 5.50

Seymour Whip 1.50

F T Fink 1.50

W J Kuykendall 1.50

W B Leatherman 1.30

Chas Carskadon 1.50

P P Brown 1.50

Robert Seeders 3.50

H J Dohrman 1.50

M J baker 1.50

C CCrawford 1.50

E M Wagoner 1.50

John H Long 2.00

J F Hadra 5.50

John P Barncord 1.50

C C Seymour 1.50

J W Bond 1.30

R A Radcliff 1.50

N T O'Donnell 1.50

R M Workman 5.50

James E Leps 1.50

C E Dayton 1.50

Elmer Sheetz use L O Davis 1.50

John G Wolfe 5.50

J H Isles 1.50

R S Pownall 1.50

Warren Harr 1.50

F C Akers 1.50

Luther Stafford 1.50

Aaron Welton 1.50

J A Knabenshue 3.50

Fred Gehauf 3.50

O L Hott 1.50

M K Clark 1.50

J C Harrison 1.50

G A Weaver 1.50

J F Harrison 5.50

Edward O'Gorman 1.50

F S Williams 1.50

S L Dunn 1.50

Tom F Kenny 1.50

O W Richardson 1.50

Brady Dawson 1.50

J Frank Junkins 5.50

Burke Randalls 1.50

A M Norman 1.50

Joseph P Rice 1.50

H S Kitzmiller 1.50

John H Kitzmiller 1.50

W A Duling 1.50

George B Junkins 5.50

John P Arnold 1.50

W P Roderick 1.50

H L Duling 1.50

D L Junkins 1.5-

? S Burns 1.50

J Frank Bane 1.50

Geo Klencke 4.75

Jno W Rogers 5.50

S I Urice 1.50

Hillary Rogers 5.50

H L Welch 1.50Oscar Rogers 1.50

L H HInes 1.50

L F Adams 1.50

Mountain Echo 10.00

Keyser Tribune 8.00

T D LEps 1.50

E W Walsh 7.00

Charles Huth 1.75

O M Rizer 1.50

J E Goshorn 1.50

E W Paxton 1.50

George R Boyles 1.50

J M Stanley 1.50

T H Wagoner 1.50

E M Stottlemyer 1.50

E H Ravenscroft 1.50

John T Compton 1.50

Joseph Biser 1.50

J N Martin 1.50

J L Robinson 1.50

W V Stewart 1.50

John Sloan 1.50

James A Zell 1.50

A L Thrush 1.50

R A Stimmell 1.50

G W Bane 1.50

D W Taylor 1.50

H L Clause 1.50

J L Cannon 1.50

D G Martin 1.50

John T Sneathen 1.50

M T Davis 1.50

Luther Emmert 1.50

F H Lease 1.50

B H Kiser 1.50

T W Ashby 1.50

George Fiinch 1.50

Edward Winning 1.50

I H Bane 1.50

D V Junkins 1.50

J W Junkins 1.50

G G Stullenbarger 1.50

R W Nine 1.50

J H Markwood 1.50

N J Crooks 1.50

W W Long 1.50

Scot Sions 1.50

Chas McNeill 1.50

S F Burgess 1.50

John S Ward 1.50

S W Thomas 1.50

George Burgess 1.50

August Schell 1.50

Lewis Grant 1.50

Frank Byer 1.50

Frank Niland 1.50

James H Arnold 1.50

Seymour Whip 1.50

F T Finch 1.50

W J Kuykendall 1.50

Robert W Seeder 1.50

H J Dohrman 1.50

Howard J Baker 1.50

C C Crawford 1.50

J H Long 1.50

F J Hadra 1.50

John P Barncord 1.50

C C Seymour 1.50

Frank Carpenter 1.50

J W Bond 1.50

R M Workman 1.50

James E Leps 1.50

C E Twigg 1.50

C S Filler 1.50

T D Leps 1.50

John G Wolfe 1.50

J H Isles 1.50

Warren Harr 1.50

R S Pownall 1.50

F C Akers 1.50

J A Knabenshur 1.50

Fred Gehauf 1.50

O L ?Hott 1.50

M K Clark 1.50

J C Harrison 1.50

J F Harrison 7.50

Ed O'Gorman 1.50

F S Williams 1.50

S L Dunn 1.50

T F Kenny 1.50

J F Junkins 1.50

Burke Randalls 1.50

A M Norman 1.50

Jos P Rice 1.50

John H Kitzmiller 1.50

Geo B Junkins 1.50

J P Arnold 1.50

W P Rodruck 1.50

H L Duling 1.50

D L Junkins 1.50

John W Rogers 1.50

S I Urice 1.50

Hillary Rogers 1.50

H L Welch 1.50

Oscar Rogers 1.50

J B Criser 1.50

J W Reid 1.50

J H Middleton 1.60


A J Welton $175.00

L O Davis $62.50

L O Davis 37.50

J V Bell 112.50

J VBell 87.50

A J Welton 175.00

L O Davis 62.50

L O Davis 37.00

J V Bell 112.50

J V Bell 87.50

Arthur Arnold 175.

L V Bell 112.50

J V Bell 87.00

L O Davis 62.50

L O Davis 68.00

Arthur Arnold 1.75

J V Bell 112.50

J V Bell 87.50

L O Davis 62.50

L O Davis 37.50


Charles Hodges $50.00

Charles Carskadon $100.00

A H Metcalf 20.83

Charles Kight 93.20

A H Metcalfe 600.00

F C Patton 100.00

C R Hodges 250.00

Chas R Hodges 150.00


L O Davis $4.30

J T Doyle $4.20

F G Davis 1.20

S D Vanorsdale 9.50

Carrie V Getzendanner 5.00

L ODavis, assignee 9.50

J T Doyle 4.00

Dr E H Parsons 5.00

Dr H M Kemp 5.00

Dr Z T Kalbaugh 5.00

L O Davis 5.65

Camille Snyder 1.00

Oscar Summers 2.70

Ed Thompson 2.70

S L Dunn 14.75

L O Davis 5.80

Carrie V Getzendanner 30.00

Sam Demano 5.00

C W Minnear 2.25

L O Davis, assignee 43.60

Dan Johnson 2.00

S L Dunn 6.95

Dr H Strachan 5.00

Carrie V Getzendanner 5.00

L O Davis, assignee 12.90

Charles Huth 2.70

L O Davis 4.80

C W Minnear 3.90


A P Brown $2.00

J H Markwood $4.00

Jos Rogers 2.70

J H Cramer 2.50

Jno F Dayton 2.40

Henry Deremer 3.50

J H Fisher 2.50

J D Gelwicks 2.00

G S Kitzmiller 4.00

? C Kerns 4.00

J M Martin 3.10

J W Markwood 3.00

N R Taylor 3.40

J T Vandergrift 4.30

J W Wagoner 2.00

Nat Rogers 2.70

Saml Broadwater 5.60

Neri Clark 6.00

Geo T Carskadon 4.00

P M Dayton 5.20

Howard C Dixon 4.50

H C Homan 5.10

S H Jordan 4.00

E G Kimmell 2.00

A VKiser 5.00

Edw O'Gorman 4.50

Burke Randalls 5.50

James H Sheetz 5.10

J W Vandergrift 5.20

C H Wagoner 5.00

H L Welch 4.80

W T Sigler 2.50

O A Rice 4.00


A L Brill $8.00

W T Bray $13.00

D A Bane 11.20

I H Bane 12.00

Dennis Culp 3.00

Frank Carskadon 11.00

Lewis ?ing 11.00

C W Dowden 12.00

Golden B Davis 9.50

J J Faherty 3.50

Chas W Hays 9.20

H H Hoffman 8.00

T F Klencke 12.50

H G Kitzmiller 10.20

Lee Keller 12.00

W W Long 8.00

J H Metcalf 8.50

R A Mulledy 6.00

Geo S McGee 7.80

Jesse Mullen 12.50

A V Parks 12.40

Hillary Rogers 8.80

T W Roderick 12.50

A P Roberts 7.10

G N Staggs 8.30

M H Smith 6.00

J E Spiker 6.00

Edgar Shillenburg 12.00

Joseph Stickley 8.00

David Schwinabart 14.00

Sanford Welton 6.50

W A C Welch 13.000

E A Welch 10.90

Chas P Peters 8.00

D A Arnold 6.00

Edgar Arnold 16.20

Harry Broome 12.30

J B O Clemm 12.00

Stephen Carney 18.00

Isaac Cox 16.40

P S Carnell 17.10

W J Carskadon 14.00

Henry Daniels 16.80

Chas Deremer 15.60

A W Feaster 15.40

Ambrose Ferribee 17.50

F P Wiseman 16.00

Leslie Wolford 17.80

Thoomas Umstot 16.00

I D Taylor 15.00

John Tice 13.00

W R Taylor 14.00

G T Stonebraker 16.00

Frank Smith 14.50

O M Rizer 14.50

D G Pyles 17.80

J F McNally 18.00

H J Miers 16.00

Geo M Loy 16.00

James Ludwig 16.00

C S Hansel 9.20

Wm Hollenback 10.40

J H HInes 16.50

Chas L Harvey 14.80

Robert Grant 18.00

Jno G Gordon 18.00

M F Gilmore 16.00

T D Leps 4.00

T H Davis 16.00

J H roderick 10.00

A W Coffroth 14.00

Geo Dickle 16.20

L F Adams 12.80

Geo C Bailey 10.20

M M Biser 13.00

Harry Bucy 12.50

Jas H Bell 12.50

Jno B Dugger 12.20

Oliver Dayton 13.20

Chas L Davis 10.50

A C Dixon 4.00

Noah Ellifritz 13.20

Alonzo Fleek 15.90

I O Ferribee 12.50

J J Faherty 14.00

J B Fletcher 12.00

L D Fertig 12.00

F P Graney 12.50

W H Grace 11.00

J s Helfersta? 14.50

Chas Huth 12.50

D Lee Junkins 16.00

W D Kerns 14.50

Robert R Ludwig 15.50

J E Leps 12.00

R M Montgomery 14.00

J ? Miller 15.30

B W Markwood 1.400

Luke McDowell 12.00

J D Rogers 14.00

Philip Rice 12.00

Albert Riley 11.80

Patrick Tierney 14.50

Elijah Taylor 12.30

IN Pritchard 10.00

N C Taylor 12.00


Champion Wagon Works $6.10

C & P Tel Co $10.06

W A Liller 12.87

W A Liller 12.87

Wesley Allender 11.85

C ? Dayton 23.70

J R Gerstell 1.01

Siever Hdw Co


Leader Cash Hdw Co 60.23

B Armentrout 123.14

Green & Willhide 2.03

J C Kemp 1.19

Dora Abernathy 3.00

L J Powell 4.60

W B Decker 13.83

D T Greenwade 7.76

Floyd Stotler 36.08

E O Davis, Admr 68.00

J W Carskadon 50.00

Romig Drug Co .50

Siever Hardwoare Co 500.00

L O Davis, assignee .93

Thompson Furniture Co 9.70

Standard Oil Co 5.15

W A Liller 5.25

Champion Wagon Works 3.19

Sierver Hardware Co 208.13

Max R Weese 16.30

William Barber 18.13

J W Iser 3.35

L J POwell 31.54

Floyd Stotler 6.60

Siever Hardware Co 22.05

Keyser Milling Co 26.32

A K Dickle 6.60

H G Steorts 9.26

S & T Hardware Co 8.70

B Armentrout 8.95

D T Greenwade 69.50

Thompson Furniture Co 6.50

D T Greenwade 19.95

A G Livengood 5.00

B Armentrout 116.50

Siever Hdw Co 19.00

Masteller Coal Co 45.16

Siever Hdw Co 63.12

Standard Oil Co 4.97

? J Powell 18.17

A K Dickle 3.00

S&T Hdw Co 17.47

D A Kesner 32.05

Blue Ribbon Poultry Farm 1.50

Keyser Milling Co 33.30

L E Heskett 25.95

Thompson Furniture Co 6.50

S&T Hdw Co 34.03

D A Kesner 37.57

Siever Hdw Co 63.85

Keyser Milling Co 16.84

Floyd Stotler .39

B Armentrout 125.80

D T Greenwade 12.90

Siever Hdw Co 288.81

T E Bishoff 23.77

S B Bitner 3.25

D T Greenwade 21.90

Keyser Milling Co 36.30

S&T Hdw Co 288.81

Thompson Furniture Co 6.40

D A Kesner 11.50

Floyd Stotler 64.70

B Armentrout 116.00

Belgium Stock Co 15.00

J A Parrill 100.00


F G Rollman $2.25

James Baker $7.00

F C Patton $11.00

Dr P S Kelm 10.50

Rollman & Son 11.50

F C Rollman 11.00

Monroe Coal Mining Co 20.

E M Norman & Co 8.00

F C Patton 5.50

E M Norman & Co 92.00

Monroe Coal Mining Co 5.

F C Patton 29.00

I H Bane & Bro 58.70

F C Patton 29.00

E M Norman & Co 7.00

F C Patton 10.50

I H Bane & Bro 41.50

E M Norman & Co 51.50

E M NOrman & Co 14.09

I H Bane & Bro 19.59

F C Patton 15.00

F C Rollman 6.00


J H Cramer 5.00

Fred Fredlock 5.00

F L Fredlock, use L O Davis 5.00

Dr D J Long 8.50

Dr Z T Kalbaugh 10.00

L O Davis, Assignee 5.00

W D Kern 4.00

Dr H M Kemp 10.00

C T Neff 7.50

J D Mayburg 28.50

L O Davis, assignee 2.50

Dr D J Long 12.00

F L Fredlock 5.00

E J Fredlock, Mfg & Bldg Co 15.00

C W Powers & Co 2.50

S L Dunn 6.90

C W Powers 12.50

R L Love 6.00

R L Love 2.25

H B Carroll 12.50


Thompson Furn Co 15.00

John M Wolfe 1.50

F G Davis 2.30

J H Markwood 19.00

Queens Point Cemetery 10.00

L C McDonald 219.00

Arza Furbee, Inc 5.70

F G Davis 5.10

F G Davis 8.40

Hoffman Hospital 15.40

H S Pulliam 3.50

L C McDonald 113.24

F G Davis 7.00

Akers Bros 1.79

Sarah Rossen 5.00

L C McDonald 78.00

F G Davis 8.20

L C McDonald 96.09

F G Davis 6.00


P E Thrush 6.00

Wright Burgess 7.50

J A Parrill 6.00


C E McDonald 5.00

J F Hains 5.37

J B Rees 6.00


J W Rinehart 6.00

Dr Percival Lantz 18.76

Dr Percival Lantz 20.70

Dr Percival Lantz 15.25

Dr Percival Lantz 23.75

Dr Percival Lantz 16.50


W Va & Md Gas Co 8.25

Elw Rogers 66.25

W VA & Md Gas Co, use
L O Davis 2.50

L O Davis 2.50

Leader Cash Hdw Co 10.11

Edw Rogers 55.50

Edw Rogers 47.70

J H Markwood 2.90

J H Miers 3.00

Midland Chemical Co 35.60

Edw Rogers 50.50

W Va & Md Gas Co,
Use L O Davis 7.25

C C Arbogast 11.70

L E Moran 15.20

W Va & Md Gas Co,
use L O davis 5.25

George T Carskadon 7.00

Potomac Milling & Ice Co 41.96

Elw Rogers 367.75

Town of Keyser 16.00

C C Arbogast 20.45

L O Davis, assignee 7.00

L O Davis 14.00

S & T Hdw Co 3.00

Edw Rogers 166.75

Edw Rogers 70.05

L O Davis, Assignee 5.75

L O Davis, assignee 8.25

Edw Rogers 68.50

S & T Hdw Co .75


R H Dayton 7.200

 Potomac Milling & Ice Co 2.00

T A Cross 5.50

C H Bishoff 152.00

R H Dayton 78.00

Potomac Milling & Ice Co 1.50

T A Cross 113.50

C H Bishoff 9.00

T A Cross 113.50

Potomac Milling & Ice Co 2.00

Potomac Milling & Ice Co 3.20

Potomac Milling & Ice Co 11.00


C S Jones 4.00

Noah Enswiller 8.00

C E Nethken 2.00

D W Eagle 350.00

David G Martin 5.00

J V Bell 3.50

Luten Bridge Co 763.50

Luten Bridge Co 763.50

Luten Bridge Co 26.28

George B Shank 561.00

D W Eagle 50.00

Jos W Leatherman 132.90

Siever Hdw Co 19.00

R V Dayton 10.00

York Bridge Co 500.00

Road directors of Allegany Co 293.87

Ike Spencer 9.20

John Hickle 7.50

George Hickle 14.25

York Bridge Co 549.00

Nelson-Merydith Co 3,235.00

Siever Hdw Co 7.50

John H HIckle 13.50

George Hickle 93.42

Joseph Leatherman 43.25

M W Haines 9.00

F W Davis 79.74

W A Haines 9.37

George B Shank 15.00

A H Roberts 15.00

Jos Chamberlin & Bro 25.50

James W Harrison 7.50

Peter Wertman 7.50

Willie Junkins 7.50

C C Junkins 21.25

W F Ebert 4.40

Doub & Smith 232.26

L D Boseley 3.00

D G Martin 8.50

A J Pancake 164.25

E A Placka 15.75

Arley Patch 4.50

M F Welch 1.50

Jesse Willison 1.20

Tom Utt 3.00

J C Harrison 4.50

W E Welch 12.00

J C & Wm Likens 17.00

C C Junkins 17.00

A H Roberts 10.00

Will F Junkins 10.00

J J Harrison 10.00

 W A C Welch 3.00

Davis Evans 7.00

Frank Streets 4.81

DAvid Streets 3.75

Siever Hdw Co 3.75

Kit Dodd 2.25

Stafford & Fout Bros 14.06

Nelson-Merydith Co 2,000.00

Petersburg Lumber Co 8.00

Joseph W Leatherman 22.50


Balt Office Supply Co 2.50

J W Wolfe 1.75

John M Wolfe 1.75

Keyser Tribune 5.00

Elliott-Fisher Co 3.00

News-Mail Co 33.44

Buxton & Skinner 9.80

J M Wolfe 1.25

L O Davis 1.35

Ruggies Gale Co 25.25

Elliott-Fisher Co 3.00

Underwood Typewriter Co 32.85

The Paul Co 17.13

The Keyser Tribune 2.00

J M Wolfe 1.50

Rochester Carbon Mfg Co 3.50

Geo D Barnard & Co 16.36

I N Vanvoorbis 14.50

Geo D Barnard & Co 25.00

Keyser Tribune 7.25

Balt Office Supply Co 1.30

Balt Office Supply Co 19.30

Acme Publishing Co 6.50


A H Metcalf 33.50

Chas Kight 25.00

Chas Carskadon 3.50

Dr T H West 1.00

Dr H M Kemp 7.73

Dr ? T Kalbaugh 3.75

Dr Percival Lantz 9.00

Dr C Hoffman 23.75

Dr J O Lantz 10.00

Dr J G Abbott 3.25

Dr D J Long 4.25

Dr W F Wright 6.00

Dr P S Keim 7.25

Dr W W Wiley 3.23

Dr J M Hoey 4.75

Edgell & Yeakley 11.25

Dr Lee Franklin 3.25

Dr F L Baker 1.75

Dr M R Bell 1.25

Dr ? H Parsons 1.50

Dr W A Shuey 1.75

Dr F I Wilson .50

J V Bell 30.75

Mary Richards .50

H Clay Shaw 3.95

C W Powers & Co 13.09

Dr D J Long 170.00

Frank Alvaro 19.25

C Dunn 15.75

?Ben Butler 24.50

Wm Crawford 14.88

M Wilburn 12.25

M R Bell 189.00


John Mackely 1.75

Harry Brock 2.62

 ?E T Blackburn 3.75

John Abernathy 5.00

John Bruck 7.00

Ralph Kalbaugh 5.55

Nevitt, Allender & sons 30.50

Chas G Kight 19.12

Ernest Dishong 23.89

Walter Barrick 27.07

M W Allender 3.50

Jacob Evans & Sons 8.25

Oscar Sutton 15.49

Andrew Weedy 5.25

Earl Kalbaugh 1.50

G M Tasker 3.75

C W TAsker 5.00

W M Tasker 3.00

? C Kerns 3.76

I M Iman 6.12

Wilbur Weese 6.12

P W Westfall 6.12

Neal Clark 16.63

Thomas Green 24.93

William Stuckey 11.37

George Ravenscraft 10.50

Joe Sugars 10.50

J W Mayhew 10.93

Clarence Green 6.75

Audrey rodruck 9.50

Wilbur Clark 7.12

L Green 6.75

James Fordman 6.68

Walter Warnick 3.13

Jesse Ravenscraoft 3.75

W P Rodruck 23.17

Garrett Mayhew 5.25

W J Schwinabart 23.00

Ray Parrish 4.50

Wm Stuckey 1.75

David Schwinabart 1.75

T A Brock 17.00

James Junkins 7.00

M urst 5.25

John Brock 10.00

A J Lucas 24.50

T A Fleming 23.75J W Trout 3.23

W M Rodruck 21.00

R M Lucas 9.00

Sam Broadwater 14.33

M W Allender 10.64

Hary Dishong 5.23

G M Tasker 4.30

C W Tasker 3.50

W G Kalbaugh 1.65

Chas Tasker 3.00

John Durham 13.00

Joseph Delawder 10.50

Noah Kline, use I H Bane & Bro 5.25

E C Kern 33.20

J M Iman 19.69

Wilbur Weese 19.69

L T Boseley 1.75

Walter Kerns 19.25

Cecil Bosley 6.75

W A Likens 8.75

John Dixon 34.12

S H Stullenbarger 23.84

Blaine Kalbaugh 2.02

Henry Newell 5.27

W S Kuhn 15.43

Walter Balckburn 5.25

E L Blackburn 3.50

C E Welch 20.75

D V Junkins 3.50

E C Kerns 15.94

J M IMan 5.63

Cecil boseley 1.69

Walter Kerns 3.81

O C Junkins 5.69

Russell Junkins 7.19

W A Likens 4.81

Wilbur Weese 4.81

Wilbur Weese 4.81

John Durham 12.00

John Doman 1.00

Nevit Allender 22.00

Harry Dishong 3.75

Wesley Allender 7.00

Chas G Kight 2.63

Neri Clark 7.87

Ira T Clark 7.87

W P roderick 7.87

W A Stuckey 1.75

Thomas Green 16.67

W J Schwinabart 11.35

F A Green 3.93

Charles Green 2.62

Henry Shears 3.50

David Schwinabart 1.75

John Gordon 1.75

Wm Kitzmiller 1.75

Thos Junkins 1.75

Mutual Lumber Co 9.92

Ira Clark 10.67

Neri Clark 8.92

Thos Green 3.00

W P Roderick 11.47

E Boyd Staggs 11.40

W J Schwinabart 7.00

Edgar Schillenburg 8.75

Edgar Schillenburg 28.75

John Schwinebart 1.75

Nevit Allender 3.50

Bruner Burke 35.00

Tom Junkins 28.00

Benj Shafer 33.25

George Turner 18.67

J C McNemara 3.50

Blaine Kalbaugh

S H Stullenbarger 9.75

Clarence Harvey 3.50

Thomas Bennear 2.88

John Brock 1.75

A J Lucas 11.00

R M Lucas 3.12

W K Lucas 2.50

J W Trout 3.50

C E Welch 22.70

Harold Hubbs 3.75

Henry Mackley 3.75

Clarence Balckburn 7.00

Owen Abernathy 2.50

John Tice 1.75

I H Bane 1.90

Wm Rawlings 13.55

Ed McNemar 33.25

Jacob Stullenbarger 14.55

S& THdw Co 10.20

Stephen Dixon 286.00

T N Allender 91.62

W M Allender 4.90

John Doman 17.50

Edgar Barrick 18.75

Isaac Kalbaugh 18.37

Dock Kalbaugh 20.12

Howard Broadwater 18.75

Jas Shingledecker 11.50

Walter Kight 8.75

Charles Welch 9.37

H H Randalls 10.50

James McKenzie 4.75

Guy North 14.00

Jos Parrish 97.50

Henry Shears 40.25

Good Roads Machiner Co 29.07

D G Martin 16.00

A T Warnick 5.30


L O Davis, Assignee 68.85

L O Davis, assignee 29.25

James P Martin, assignee 8.00

L O Davis, Assignee 4.20

L O Davis, assignee 27.63

Chas G Kight 53.72

Walter Kight 26.25

William Brumage 26.25

Ross Monday 27.30

Dorr Baker 21.00

Joseph Baker 12.60

Edgar Biggs 2.10

George Leonard 3.70

Joshua Baker 6.00

Elmer Baker 6.00

H H Randalls 6.00

Arthur Snyder 3.00

W S Smallwood 5.00

R V Dayton 7.08

L O Davis, assignee8.18

L O Davis, Assignee 109.80

Chas G Kight 64.80

G M Tasker 9.00

Chas W TAsker 5.00

Frank Shingledecker 3.00

Arthur Snyder 24.00

C M Tasker 7.50

W S Smallwood 4.50

Clarence Brumage 23.25

John Kidwell 25.50

Joseph Kighty 4.50

Frank Lynch 3.75

William Brumage 10.50

Frank Baker 1.50

Thomas Byer 3.00

Easton Watson 3.25

H L Randall .75

Floyd Moon 1.50

Jacob Evans 6.76

Jos C Arnold 156.40

J C Likens 63.87

S W Thomas 8.25

L D Boseley 5.25

W H Chamberlin & Bro 21.00

A H Roberts 8.00

C C Junkins 64.75

J C Likens 38.25

A H Roberts 28.50

Jno J Harrison 40.00

Joe & Henry Chamberlin 24.00

J W Harrison 12.00

W F Junkins 12.00

V MGrayson 12.50

Joseph Biser 35.00

Edgar Arnold 26.25

John S Arnold 15.00

John Bansel 15.00

Taylor Oates 10.50

Grover Butler 2.75

Chas Iser 12.90

Clauda Iser 9.15

Robert Gerstell 9.60

Edward Gerstell 12.90

E H Gerstell 7.20

Robert Baker 6.00

I W Iser 13.90

Siever Hdw Co 30.60

John S Arnold 29.25

Isaac Cox 26.25

Taylor Oates 4.50

W R Caldwell 22.00

Bennett Ralston 9.50

Chas Roby 18.00

Jordan Duvalt 1.50

Michael Caldwell 1.50

H Taylor 4.50

Wilbur Riggleman 1.50

Lige Spurling 2.25

L D Boseley 17.75

 Walter Boseley 7.50

C C Bsoeley 4.00

W A Welch 17.02

Joseph Biser 44.75

James Davis 12.50

Edgar Arnold 30.18

J C Likens 45.75

John I Harrison 27.25

C C Junkins 41.00

J E Gerstell 12.90

J J Triplett 8.75

Chas Iser 6.00

Arthur Robinson 3.00

Howard Leese 3.00

Robert Baker 1.50

Jesse Decker 3.00

Oscar Decker 4.50

Wm E Green 3.00

T F Green 7.50

Jos C Arnold 17.25

Edgar Arnold 7.50

John T Bischoff 4.50

John Rizer 1.50

S & T Hdw Co 16.80

N C Taylor 31.95

F H Babb 2.00

J sloan Arnold 2.00

Siever Hdw Co 14.20

S&T Hdw Co 9.50

Warren Harr 12.50

J C & Wm Likens 5.25

C C Junkins 15.25

J I Harrison 10.75

Heiskell Bane 3.00

Jos & W H Chamberlin 3.00

Jas W Harrison 7.50

New Creek Store Co 3.48

W R Caldwell 16.00

Ed Crawford 9.75

Jasper Blizzard 4.50

Chas Roby 2.00

Ed Hill 4.00

Chas Taylor 1.50

J C Likens 3.50

W F Ellifritz 4.50

Peter Wertman 4.50

Ward Bros 19.50

W F Caldwell 21.50

L J Powell, assignee 15.00

C C Junkins 90.00

J C Likens 56.50

A H Roberts 43.75

John I Harrison 68.12

W H Chamberlin 41.00

J W Harrison 55.25

W F Ellifritz 14.00

Heiskel Bane 4.50

Wright burgess 2.62

Geo H Ellifritz 3.75

Walter Boseley 3.98

Oscar Boseley 3.98

A J Pancake 5.25

W F Ebert 11.10

Joseph Biser 67.50

L L Kuh 10.65

T P McKenzie 26.62

Ed Riggleman 15.00

J L Patterson 1.50

Joseph Fleek 2.62

Cecil Bane 2.25

John J Triplett 3.00

V M Grayson .90

Will Willison 3.00

E A Placka 15.12

Erby Patach 4.20

C C Junkins 7.00

Cal Likens 5.00

Irvin Harrison 5.00

D G Martin 1.00

A Leatherman 4.12

E A Placka 2.43

Tom Utt, use of Umstot & Wilson 3.00

Jesse Willison 5.17

Harry Turner 1.50

M F Welch 6.75

J L Cannon 5.25

Geo Rotruck 9.00

W E Welch 23.00

W H Markwood 1.50

Luke Markwood 14.75

Noah Rotruck 6.15

Howard Hartman 4.50

E A Placka 26.22

J C Likens 12.50

W H Markwood 3.00

Luke Markwood 8.25

Henry Turner 2.00

Henry Roberts 3.25

Ran Smith 2.25

Arley Patch 10.50

A H Roberts 9.25

Jos Chamberlin & Bro 9.00

Joseph Roberts 2.62

Joseph Harrison 3.00

H C Homan 2.80

B F Fundenburg 5.00

John C Harrison 4.50

C C Junkins 8.75

James Dawson 6.00

Ran Smith 2.00

Joseph Taylor 10.00

E A Placka 1.50

D G martin 3.50

W A Leatherman 5.00

Isaac Bobo 5.00

C C Junkins 8.25

James Dawson 6.00

Ran Smith 2.00

Joseph Taylor 10.00

 E A Placka 1.50

D G Martin 2.50

Jas & Mack Hull 7.50

D W Gardner 3.15

Irvin Harrison 1.50

D G Martin 1.50

Jacob E Miller .50

J W Shirley 33.00

E A Placka 66.47

C C Junkins 49.50

James Harrison 12.50

L J Mott 4.50

J I Harrison 20.00

 J W Harrison 10.50

J C Likens 21.00

Earl Martin 17.50

Martin & Mott 31.90

Umstot & Wilson 35.40

Geo B Shank 30.40

J W Vandiver 8.50

Jos W Leatherman 160.50

John Hickle 13.50

Charles Spencer 6.00

Joseph Leatherman 50.50

S H Biser 7.00

Isaac Rees 9.00

J W Cunningham 16.50

George Hickle 9.62

Jos W Leatherman 9.00

I C Spencer 8.75

J B Reese 4.50

I J Spencer 8.25

Isaac Reese 7.50

Elijah Taylor 5.25

Jos W Leatherman 3.27

C E McDonald 2.50

Vincent Cunningham 10.00

Geo B Shank 20.91

F M Brown 4.00

D B BAiley 67.55

Zadoc Dawson 7.87

Jos W Leatherman 23.73

T W Pownall 25.87

D M Leatherman 35.25

Seylour Whipp 123.37

Ray Whipp 10.12

J H Whipp 5.25

George Hickle 30.88

M R Twigg 11.88

Jacob Snyder 8.40

W T Whipp 68.70

Solomon Alkire .75

Solomon Alkire 10.40

Thomas House 141.39

Sam House 43.50

William Moreland 29.35

Joe Baldwin 3.50

John Logsdon 83.00

John Rhodes 19.50

Sol Alkire 19.50

Henry Dohrman 10.31

S Wagoner 7.00

Homer Wagoner 7.00

? N Runion 7.00

G W Deever 3.00

Chas Ashfelter 1.50

N E Mounette 7.00

Frank Baldwin 7.00

Guy Gates 8.75

Ed Rider 5.00

Seymour Baldwin 2.50

William Herrick 3.00

Adam Herrick 1.50

C H Long 1.50

Fred Abe 7.50

Hiram Abe 7.50

Emmor Lichliter 4.00

Joe Brown 5.35

George Redman 3.00

H redman 3.00

Clayton Long 2.50

William Siebert 2.50

Jerry Malone .75

John Abe 5.25

Henry Willison 4.50

John Long 6.75

Light Bros 18.54

E W Chaney 29.61

George Seeders 8.75

Baker Seeders 7.00

Albert Broome 7.88

B H Ward 320.06

U G Umstot 14.44

J W Wolfe 2.00

Warren Harr 2.00

S M Prince 3.50

LUten Bridge Co 5.00

Jno W Wolfe 2.50

E Boyd Staggs 3.50

D G Martin 6.50

Clayton R Long 12.75

Jacob Abe 50.00

Vanmeter heirs 72.00

E B Staggs 8.00

B H Ward 154.00

? L Miller 59.50

Sol Alkire 39.62

Melville Alkire 9.00

Thomas House 93.99

Sam House 33.00

John Logston 25.50

E W Chaney 7.00

Ed Wagoner 1.88

John Rhodes 4.50

Chas Snyder 1.50

Fred Abe 3.00

Hiram Abe 7.50

Thomas House 42.86

Frank Baldwin 16.87

Sam House 13.12

Cleveland Pyles 1.50

Seymour Baldwin 6.00

Joseph Brown 24.75

J R Runion 4.50

Howard Dowden 4.50

Lem Oglesby 3.75

Arthur Oglesby 1.50

Jacob Long 13.75

H J Baker 8.75

John Duckworth 3.75

Dennis Culp 3.75

John Logston 11.25

J M Armstrong 2.25

B H Ward 80.25

Thomas House 108.10

Sam House 39.37

Fred Abe 1.50

Hiram Abe 7.50

E W Chaney 9.00

Howard Gates 14.00

Joseph Brown 1.50

Henry Senn 8.67

John Senn 49.50

Henry Senn 8.67

John Senn 49.50

Seymour Baldwin 27.00

B H Ward 373.88

D G Martin 22.70

JAcob Abe 131.50

John Abe 3.75


Chas G Kight 6.00

Walter Kight 2.00

Ads Michael 3.00

James Michael 3.00

Clarence Brumage 2.25

Arthur Snyder 3.00

John Kidwell 1.50

Milton Michael 1.50

Chas G Kight 12.30

Clarence Brumage 6.00

Ross Monday 9.60

Dora Baker 4.50

Lewis Kooken 10.0

James Michael 8.40

John Kidwell 18.70

Arthur Michael 6.90

P H Knotts 3.00

John Watson 1.50

W A Kight 1.50

Walter Kight 1.50

Edward Knot 6.00

J R OUrs 6.00

Edgar Biggs 6.00

Robert Daniels 4.20

Arthur Snyder 8.70

Emory Ours 2.50