Published weekly at Keyser W Va, required by the Act of August 24, 1912
  Name P O Address
  Editor, W C Long, Keyser W Va
  Managing Editor, same
  Business manager, same
  Publisher, Keyser Tribune Company
  W C Long, Keyser
  Walter S Decker, "
  Geo R Davis, "
  R A Welch, "
  P H Keys, "
  F G Davis, "
  W F Evans, "
  C L Bane, Elk Garden W Va


  Oct 9, 1912
  J M Martin and children and Miss Sarah Harrison visited friends at Thomas and Davis from Fri till Tues.
  Calvin Mott, of Davis, is visiting here now.
  Surveyor D G Martin did some work at Headsville and Alaska recently for the county court. Last Mon he did some work on the Limestone road for Com'rs John F Dayton, Geo T Carskadon and D W Eagle, appointed by the Circuit court to investigate and report on the condition of said road where the T M & P railroad crosses and runs along the same.
  Miss Mona Homan was a pleasant visitor at D G Martin's one afternoon recently.
  Mrs Marion martin, of Martin, Grant Co, returned home last Wed, after a few days visit here.
  Mr Seymour Whipp and sister, Miss Bertha, of near Burlington, spent last Sat in our village.
  Miss Susan martin, of Piedmont, was here form Mon until Tues on her way home from Grant Co, where she had been visiting a while.
  Mr and Mrs Lambert and Mrs Nannie Jones and ;children, of Blaine, were visitors at A W Feaster's Mon and Tues.
  Mr and Mrs D G Martin were at Martin last Sun.
  Mrs Hattie Doll and children and Mrs Joseph Doll were guests at L J Mott's Tues.
  Leo Jelenek artist, of Keyser, was here a day or two recently.
  A George and family went to Hagerstown last week, where they expect to make their home. The best wishes of the community go with them.


  Oct 7
  Two freight trains collided head-on at W Va Junction, on the West Maryland railway, this morning. T F Gray, brakeman, and Geo Spangler, conductor on the eastbound train, were injured. Gray about the head and Spangler on the side. The accident was due to the prevalence of a heavy fog, which made it impossible to distinguish signals. Other trainmen suffered from shock, but were able to go to their homes. The yards were blocked for some hours.


  Born to Mr and Mrs Claude Campbell Sun, a son.
  Mrs Ole Z Harr, of Buena, was in town first of the week the guest of her parents, Mr and Mrs P H Harper.
  Miss Verna Jackson and sister Mamie left Wed for their home at Romney.
  Mrs Leslie Hollis and two children left Wed for a visit to Martinsburg. -News of 3rd.


  Miss Mary Louise Hennen, who is attending school in Keyser, spent Sun with her parents, Mr and Mrs W W Hennen.
  Miss Minnie Hennen returned home Sat from Fairmont, where she had been attending school, on account of ill health.
  L E Goodson is spending a few days in Keyser at this writing.
  Miss Catharine Grayson returned home at Antioch last Mon after spending some time with her grandparents, Mr and Mrs W Clary.
  Mrs O J Harvey and Miss Sadie Thrasher spent Fri and Sat the guests of friends and relatives in Keyser and Cumberland. -Oakland Democrat of 10th.


  Walter H Arnold, has accepted a position in the B&L store.
  The political kettle has begun to boil. the diet was Bull Moose and state politics this time. Sen W C Grimes, of Keyser, addressed in the Odd Fellow's Hall for an hour and a half last Sat evening. The Sen was well received, this being his first trip to this town, we believe. Emory Tyler, candidate for Prosecuting Attorney, was introduced and made a few remarks, promising a speech in the near future. Wallace Rogers, candidate for Sheriff, was introduced and briefly referred to his candidacy. F C Patton, candidate for Assessor, was introduced to his home people and referred pleasantly to his candidacy.
  Engineer Wm Smith, wife, and three children, are visiting the family of John W Hiett, near Paw Paw.
  Mr Geo Bane, and wife of Keyser, were the guests of Mr Jacob M Biggs, and other relatives a part of last week and the first of this week.
  The chestnut crop this year is remarkable for being very poor. There was a heavy bloom, but the burrs are small, few in number and the chestnut wormy.
  There willl be an all day meeting at Barnum next Sun conducted by Revs W W White and F C Rollman.
  Rev John A Shockey, is still conducting revival services in the Nethken hill church and the interest is unabated. There have been thirty conversion at the present writing.
  Supt H H Harrison and family are enjoying a vacation with relatives near Harrisonburg Va.
  Wm Jackson, who is in the B&L store at Thomas, is home on a vacation.
  Mon night was Democratic night. The Blaine band was on hand and it was like old times to hear a band in town. The first speaker was Congressman Junior Brown, who made a nice talk. A few remarks were made by H K Drane, candidate for Prosecuting Attorney. He was followed by Samuel Tilden Speers of Elkins, who was followed by Col Lavelle, candidate for State Senate. Other candidates present were P H Keys, candidate for Assessor, and Ervin Nethken, candidate for Sheriff. There was a general hand shaking with the candidates.
  On the account of misunderstanding the specifications of the Sulphur school house J W Marville did not accept the arrival of the board in his favor and the bids were re-let. H G Steorts was the successful bidder of three this time. His bid was $1,174.


  Press (Petersburg) of 3rd
  Capt J H Daugherty, of Franklin, was here a couple of days last week shaking hands with his many friends.
  Mrs Garrett Parsons, of Colorado, is here visiting Mrs T S Welton.
  Born, Tues morning, to Ed Crites and wife of near here, twin boys.
  J L Hott of Keyser, and C C Marshall, of Williamsport, were here attending court Tues.
  Mrs Dr W H Siple spent from Thurs to Sun visiting at her uncle's J S Taylor, near Romney.
  Roy Armentrout, who holds a position in a drug store in Cumberland, is visiting relatives here this week.
  Mr and MRS E P Babb, Miss Nanny Arnold and Mrs H L Stallings, were her Sat to attend the burial of Mrs A J Welton.
  Uncle G B Goldizen, of Hopeville, was here Wed. His sister, Mrs Mary Vanpelt of Horton, who is visiting him, has been real sick, for several days.
  Misses Helen and Charlotte Vossler and Miss Edna Hamsted drove over from Maysville Mon. Miss Charlotte remained a few days as the guest of Mrs W C Moomau.
  At a meeting of the Democratic Executive Committee held here Sat, J W Wise, of Williamsport was appointed a candidate for county commissioner from Grant District.
  A C Taylor, of Bayard, has gone to Baltimore, Md, where he will study medicine. He was accompanied there by his wife, who will remain with him a few days and then return to her home in Bayard.


  Review (Romney) of 9th
  Mrs S H Green and children came from Asbury W Va, last Fri.
  Mrs Amanda Pugh went to Washington Sat to visit relatives.
  Miss Carrie Morrison, of Mt Lake Park is a guest at Ward Hammond's.
  Mrs J Sloan Kuykendall and children returned last week from a visit to her parents, in Poolesville, Md.
  A postal from W Campbell Tabb advises us he is enroute for the United States. Mr Tabb has been in business in Johannesburg, South Africa, for about 15 years and this is his first visit to his home land and to relatives.
  The body of A Martin, who died at St Mary's W Va, was brought here Mon night and was buried at Ebenezer Tues morning. Mr Martin was a son-in-law of Chas Corbin, of this place.
  Miss Kate Fr??ch is teaching the Parker school.
  Miss Mary Shannon has gone to Baltimore to visit her sister, Mrs Towers.
  Mills Dean, of Manila, P I, is the guest of Wm Washington.
  Miss Maggie Shannon, from Frostburg, is visiting friends in town.
  Rev G G Oliver, is holding a protracted meeting at Patterson Depot.


  Moorefield Examiner of 3rd
  Mr and Mrs W S Cunningham, and son Jos I, Jr, of Thomas, arrived last Sat and are visiting relatives here this week.
  Miss Irene McNeill, who is undergoing treatment for appendicitis in Baltimore, is improving nicely, we are glad to note.
  Miss Margaret Larrick, of Winchester, arrived last week and will teach at the home of Seymour Fisher the coming winter.
  A lady attendant from the hospital at Weston came here last week for Mrs Jacob Wilkins, whose mind had become unbalanced. We sincerely hope her condition, will improve fast.
  Mrs Sarah Weese, who has been visiting relatives in Keyser and other points returned home Sat. Mrs Weese was right sick while gone but we are glad to say is improving now.
  Miss Edna McNeill entertained a large number of young folks Tues evening in honor of her brother Overton's birthday. A most pleasant evening was spent by all.
  Misses Bettie and Fillie Welton left yesterday for a visit to Mr and Mrs W H Cunningham, at Upper Tract.
  Miss Nellie Dines, of Vaucluse, Va, arrived here Tues evening and will teach for Geo W Fisher this winter.
  B F Hughes and wife of Madison Mills, Ohio, spent several days last week visiting Mr and Mrs T K Siever.
  Mrs P W Inskeep left Wed morning for Carlisle, Pa, where she was called by the illness of her aunt.
  Mrs G W McCauley left this morning for a visit to Washington and Newport News Va.
  Ed and William Friddle, of Harrisonbug, attended the funeral of H M Friddle here Sun.
  Geo B Eberly, left Wed for a short to Strasburg.
  I H Bergdoll left Wed for henry, where he will teach school this winter.
  Luther A Bean has moved into M Daher's house, on Franklin St.
  Miss Nellie Clower began teaching the school at McNeill Mon morning.
  Miss Nellie Williams has accepted the position of book-keeper in Jno W Gilkeson & co's store made vacant by the resignation of Miss Mary Vanmeter.
  Brown McNeill spent several days in Pittsburg last week.
  Cloud Wood of Shinnston, arrived last week on a visit to his parents, Mr and Mrs B I Wood. Mr Wood is assistant cashier of the bank in that city.
  Brown McNeill spent several days in Pittsburg last week.
  Miley & Fisher shipped 8 carloads of cattle, sheep and hogs last Fri.
  C B Welton spent a few days the past week at Cumberland and other points.
  Miss Janie Shearer, of Wheeling, arrived Mon evening and is a guest of Mr and Mrs W H Shearer.
  Miss Mary VanMeter left Mon morning for Washington, where she will take a business course in that city.
  C E Headley was here this week calling on our merchants. Mr Headley is now traveling for a candy firm.
  Mrs Sam Woods, of Atlanta, Ga, arrived Fri evening on a visit to her parents, Mr and Mrs F S Williams.


  the body of D Sheffey Lewis, 69 years old, who died last night in Clifton Forge, was sent here and the funeral will be conducted from the Episcopal Church Sat, For 30 years a resident of Harrisonburg, he served as Mayor four years, was a member of the Town council and was 17 years town treasurer. He was best known as editor or the Spirit of the Valley and later the Daily Times, Republican newspaper. He graduated at law from the University of Va, practiced in Culpepper with colonel Cochran and in Danville became deputy U S marshal under his father, Sen John F Lewis. Later he was Assistant District attorney and then District attorney.

  Oct 7 - While returning from Broadway last night about 8 o'clock, Bernard Hockett, 20 years old, manager of the construction force on the new State road, was shot by some unknown person in ambush. Hockett walked half a mile to Dr Geil's office, where the wound was dressed. It is said that a jealous rival is suspected.


  Mrs Frank Ludwick and daughter, Miss Cora, visited at Rev Geo Burgess' last Sun.
  Miss Delphia Duling, of Blaine, visited her mother, Mrs Minnie Duling, over Sun.
  Miss Gertie Miller and Miss Mabel F Clark, were the guests of friends at Frostburg last week.
  Mrs R H Anderson and daughters, Helen and Ruth, of Emoryville, visited friends here last Sat and Sun.
  Mr Allen Keller of Hampshire Co, "is teaching the young ideas how to shoot" at Emoryville school.
  Mr Neri Clark visited friends near Paddys Land last Sat.
  Mrs Yeager left for Elkins last Sat. She is our teacher's mother.
  Mr P A Dixon, of Bayard, was here weighing cattle last Fri. They were carried at Keyser Fri night.
  Mrs J P Arnold is on a visit to her daughter, Mrs Harry L Arnold, of Keyser.
  Squire C E Shillingburg was a business visitor at Keyser Mon.
  Miss Bernie Duling is on a visit to relatives in Scherr.
  Capt Wm Taylor is making preparations to build a dwelling house.
  Mr and Mrs Arthur Jack,of Emoryville, were the guests of relatives here last Sun.
  Potato digging is the daily employment of nearly everyone, and more potatoes have been raised this summer than for many years.
  Not many political aspirants have been to see the voters of this precinct. Friends, don't forget that "procrastination is the thief of time." and it might be important to take the time to see some of the voters. People are thinking, and now is the time to influence them to action.


  A re-union of the McNeill Rangers, a famous Confederate command, was held Fri at the home of henry Ridder, near Oakland. Garrett County furnished three members of the organization - Henry Ridder, William Hoye, near Deer Park, and James W Mason, Oakland.

  Oct 9
  Tues a man got into the house of Mrs Leats at Corrinth, W Va, near Oakland, she ordering him two or three times to leave the house. He refused to do so. She shot him and killed him. Mrs Leats has been placed under arrest.
  Mrs White, wife of Capt James W White, died at her home near Oakland, Sat, after a brief illness, aged about 65 years.
  Harry Wade, aged 40 years, died last Fri. He was well known in the Avilton district of this county.
  Mrs Mabel Glover, of Asher Glade was buried Sun. Consumption was the cause of her death.
  John W Howell, of Bloomington, and Miss Hattie Murphy of Mountain Lake, were married by Rev J Halfpenny.

  Miss Viola Warner of Keyser, spent Sun in Oakland, where she was the guest of the Misses Lawton.
  Mr Samuel Kight, of Keyser W Va, came up to Oakland, yesterday afternoon and will spend a few days here with relatives. -Oakland Republican of 10th.


  Oct 10, 1912
  Mrs Oscar Johnson and daughter, Irene, have returned home from a visit to Westernport and Keyser.
  Mrs James Clay and children, who have been visiting in Hancock, Md, have returned home.
  Mr Walter Shank and family have moved to Chicago Junction where Mr Shank has secured a good position.
  Mrs Cozad and daughter, Miss Charlotte, are moving into the house formerly occupied by Mr Adam Spencer.
  Mr and Mrs Robinson, of Cresaptown, Md, accompanied by their two sons, spent Sun here with their son, Mr Solomon Robinson.
  Miss Susan VanMeter went to Ridgeley, W Va, Thurs to get new school books for her pupils.
  Miss Willie Lee Smith is spending the week's end with her sister, Miss Helen, in Keyser.
  Mr Allen W Jackson, of Martin's Mountain Orchard, visited friends here Sun.
  The Revival Services, conducted by Rev Geo Oliver have been largely attended. Rev Joseph Balthis of Cumberland, is expected to preach Fri night.
  Mrs M H Duckworth visited her father at Short Gap, last week.
  Mr Chas Baker and family have moved into the home vacated by Mr Walter Shank.
  Miss Regin Ryland, of Cumberland Md, has organized a music class here and expects to begin lessons next week.


  Ever since the T M & P has been built, the people have been trying to find out why it was made so crooked. At a special meeting of the Push Root Civic Club a standing committee was appointed to investigate this matter and make a report. In order to make the proper report all the officials were interviewed and each gave a different reason all of which conflicted. One said it was on account of the grade, another claimed that they wanted a continual change of scenery in order to give passengers their money's worth. Each and every one had a different reason, none of which were accepted by the committee, with due apologies to the interviewed. The committee then took it upon themselves to pass over the road and find out for themselves. They did so and being a standing committee they all stood up on the back platform from one end of the road to the other and back. After prayerful and careful consideration they submitted the following report to the Civic Club last week.
  "To the Push Root Civic Club: Greetings; Know Ye by These Presents, To Whom It May concern, etc: That we standing Committee on Curves and Tangents appointed by this club to investigate the why and wherefore of the curves on the T M & P do submit the following report:
  "After interviewing all the officials on the line and not being able to arrive at a sensible conclusion we took it upon ourselves to ride over the line to the county seat and study railroad conditions enroute. We didn't find anything gong over worth mentioning in regard to the curvilinear appearance of said railroad. While waiting for the train to return we walked down the tracks of the B&O to watch a gang of section hands at work. While there a train blew for the upper end of the yards and every man straightened up to watch the train approach, pass and go out of sight. They lost ten minutes, by actual timing. This solved the problem.
  "The T M & P being a real railroad they naturally want their section hands to act just like they do on larger roads. Now if they have great long straight stretches of track the hands will loose too much time watching the train approach, pass and disappear, therefore the curves were placed therein." This report was presented to the G M, who says this is the official reason why the railroad was built so crooked.
  "Therefore, fellow club members, we your committee on Curves and Tangents do recommend that the people adopt this explanation and forever let the matter rest in peace."
  The report was adopted as read and spread upon the minutes of the Club, after which they adjourned with a clear and unanimous conscience singing the old familiar song.
  Blest be the tie that binds, The trail to the ground, That carries the car without a jar, As it goes the curves around.
  The same old contentions that come up every year is here again, namely: The change of school books. As usual no provisions have been made as to which almanac is to be recognized as official., Hagerstown or Frederick. this matter has been brought up several times and it seems the Book Board pays no attention to it. This winter a bill will be prepared and sent to the legislature for passage that will compel the Book Board to look after the matter. Two kins of sheets will be used to bring this matter to the attention of our law makers. One paper sheets and the other Jim Sheets.
  "Gee whiz! if that ain't Cam Arbogast I'll eat the greaser." These are the words of Miss Minnie Swift, our beautiful up-to=date school teacher as she saw an automobile pass down the road last week. He only waved his hand and left Minnie looking after him with a longing eye and fluttering heart.
  No candidates as yet, have been here to speak and people are a little undecided just how to stand on the issued of the day.
  Regular Republicans are awful scarce. They had to swear in one as registrar in order to officer the polls.
  The cabbage worms are so plentiful in the cabbage this fall that the kraut will be more like mince meat than kraut. this comes about by not spraying.
  Miss Laurel Root, is planning a fruit cake form Christmas. Laurel always bakes fruit cake about this time of year and then lets it age up stairs in the preacher's room under the bed.
  Uncle Hiram has been complaining of chills and fevers, but at this writing is about the same.


  By a strange coincidence, the large pyramidal Norway pine, planted by Mr Will Byers thrifty-five years ago at Valley Rest, near town, withered and died the last fall season at the same time he passed away. This tree had been his special pride, and often he recounted that he had planted and taken care of it. Its decay and removal takes away one of the finest ornaments of that country place. -Shepherdstown Register


  William Taylor Ross, car accountant for the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad, and Miss Anna Mary Lewis, daughter of Mr and Mrs C M Lewis, were married at the home of the bride by Rev Harry Wheeler, pastor of St John's Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Harry Lewis was best man and Miss Louis Sperry, of Harpers Ferry, maid of honor.


  The stork which little less than a year ago presented Mr and Mrs Adolphus Peyton, of Boyce, Clark County, with twins increased the number Mon by bringing triplets, all of whom are lusty and healthy.



  A quite wedding took place Wed, Oct 9, 1912, at the home of the bride in Burlington, the contracting parties being Mr William Streit Woodworth and Miss Magadlene Wright. Rev Alexander Earle officiating. Only a few immediate friends and members of the family were present. A reception was given Tues evening by the bride's mother, Mrs Mary Wright, and a wedding breakfast was served at 10:30 on Wed at the home of the bride. The groom is a son of the late Rev M W Woodworth, and is a civil engineer of prominence, being chief of a division of the Union Pacific system wit headquarters at Omaha, Neb., and the bride is a daughter of the late Dr Wright of Burlington, and a member of one of Mineral County's most prominent families.
  The couple came to Keyser in an auto in time to catch train 55, which they took on a tour to the Pacific coast. They will be at home at Omaha after Nov 15th.


  Cumberland Md, Oct 6 -
  Simon H Duckworth, a member of the House of Delegates from Allegany Co, and Miss Mary S Dye, daughter of John J Dye, were married at the home of the bride's father, near Lonaconing, today by Rev W L Lynn, pastor of the Lonaconing Methodist Church. William A Huster, fellow member of the House, was best man, and Miss Della Mae Dye, sister of the bride and principal of the Miller School near Lonaconing, was bridesmaid.


  License to wed were granted at Cumberland as follows:
  Oct 7 - Clarence Michael Walsh, of Cumberland, Md and Margaret Boyle, of Mt Savage, Md.
  Jesse Wesley Clair and Emma Rebecca Hyde, both of Thomas W Va.
  William Edward Kemmet, of Baltimore Md, and Julia Belle Wagner, of Cumberland Md.
  Oct 9 - L Homer Stephenson and Elsie H Hiner, both of Monterey Va.


  Married in Cumberland on Sat, Sept 29, 1912, by Rev O E Slagle, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Mr Hudson L Yost, formerly of Berkeley Sprigs, W VA, and Miss Gertrude, youngest daughter of Mrs Carrie Kight of West Piedmont Street, Keyser. Both are popular young people of this place and will reside here.


  It was made known last Sat that two of our young people stole a march on their friends ands slipped off to Oakland Sept 14 and were married. The couple are Orland Rickey, son of Mr and Mrs Willis Rickey, and Miss Carrie Bane, daughter of Chas L Bane, formerly of Keyser, now of Elk Garden. The young lady, who is only about sixteen years old, has been boarding here since her father broke up housekeeping. The groom has a position with the B&O RR Co, at Grafton, where they went last Mon.


  Dr and Mrs Lewis Engle have sent out cards for the reception and marriage of their daughter, Ethel Albertine, to Mr George Saint John Williams, for Tues evening, October 15, to the immediate families and intimate friends of the bride and groom elect. Miss Engle is prominent socially in Piedmont and is an accomplished musician. Mr Williams, who has a host of friends among the younger people of the Tri-towns, has a very lucrative position with the W Va Pulp and Paper Co at Luke, Md.


  Marcus Moran and Miss Delia May Toothman were married at the parsonage of the First Methodist Episcopal church, with Rev H C Howard officiating. The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Nimrod Toothman, and the groom a son of Mr and Mrs Oregon Moran.

  Announcement is made of the engagement of Miss Helen Furbee, of Mannington and C C Ingram of New Castle Pa, whose marriage will take place Oct 16.

  Raymond Kennedy and Miss Katherine Robinson were married at the rectory of the Catholic Church. Rev A Boutlon performed the ceremony.

  Mrs Parrish, of Farmington, is dead at the age of 60 years. She belonged to one of the oldest families of Marion county.



  Chas Golden, the adopted son of Mr Charles McI. Miller of this place, died yesterday at Philadelphia, where he was employed. He was hurt in some way and died soon afterward. We have no particulars. Miss Nannie Miller went down yesterday evening.


  Walter Grimm, a well known B&O engineer, and former resident of Keyser, who was so seriously crushed and burned in the wreck of his train at Paw Paw, that he lost both legs, died Oct 8, 1912. His remains were taken to Martinsburg for interment.


  Mrs J W Roderick, wife of our well known correspondent, "Uncle John", died at her home at Schell, yesterday evening of a complication of diseases, at the age of 64 years. Funeral services at Rehobeth Sat morning and burial at the old grave yard at Burlington about three o'clock.


  Mrs Mary Twigg, widow of Bruce Twigg, died Sat at Davis W Va, at an advanced age. Her husband died only two weeks ago and his body was interred at Flintstone, his native place. Mr Twigg was a brother of Dr A P Twigg of Flintstone.


  Joel Judy died at Petersburg, Thurs night, from cancer. The funereal was held Sat morning at eleven o'clock, conducted by Rev J Hodge Smith. Mr Judy was the father of Rev Ida Judy of the United Brethren church, and of Attorney E L Judy, of Petersburg W Va. Mr Judy was a well-to-do retired farmer.


  Mrs Ida May Yeider 34 years old wife of James Yeider died sun morning at her home three miles east of Cumberland from typhoid fever.


  A telephone message from Moorefield, Mon evening about 8 o'clock conveyed the startling information that Benjamin Dailey, the well-known lawyer of that place was dead. His death occurred very suddenly, said to be from heart failure. He was here last Wed and Thurs on legal business and was apparently in his usual health.
  Mr Dailey was the eldest son of the late Dr R W Dailey, of this place, and a brother of Judge R W Dailey. He was private secretary to Gov Jacobs during that gentleman's two terms as Chief Executive of the State. Following his retirement from that position he located at Moorefield and began the practice of law. He was widely known as an able lawyer, a sound thinker and a gentleman of dignity and courtesy of the true and genuine stamp.
  Mr Dailey was married rather late in life to a Miss Randolph, who, with several children, survive him. His death came coincident with the State Reunion of ex-Confederate soldiers in Moorefield to which Mr Dailey had looked forward with interest, he, himself having been very severely wounded, a ball passing directly through his body. the fact that his father, who was a surgeon in the army reached him a few hours after the wound was inflicted was responsible for his having survived.
  Mr Dailey's death will be keenly regretted by all those whose good fortunes it was to known him. -Hampshire Review of 9th.


  Cumberland, Md, Oct 6 -
  Benjamin Engle, attorney, was found dead Sat in his office at Middlebourne, W Va, by his son, Dr Paul Engle. The family dog was also dead, and the cause is given as monoxide poisoning from spontaneous combustion in a gas stove. He is survived by his widow, a daughter of Judge T I Stealey, of Washington, and two children.


  Martinsburg W Va, Oct -
  Miss Martha G McSherry, daughter of Lieut Dennis Lilly McSherry, and a member of a family that has been prominently identified with the history and development of this section of W Va for two centuries, died at her home here this morning, aged 82 years. She is survived by one brother, Dr James Whann McSherry, president of the Citizens' national Bank of Martinsburg.
  Miss McSherry, who was known through this section as "Miss Patt" was the founder of the local King's Daughters' Hospital. For many years she devoted her energies to its upbuilding and the alleviation of suffering among the poor of the city. She was also prominently connected with the local chapter of the Daughters of tech Confederacy, of which her sister-in-law, Mrs James McWhann McSherry has been president general.
  Miss McSherry's father was in command of the bodyguard of Gen James Madison, later President of the U S, during the war with England in 1812-14, and was afterward honored by the President of his services during that war. She was also a cousin of the late Judge McSherry, of Frederick, Md. She was a member of the Episcopal Church and the funeral will be held from that church here on Tues afternoon.


  Winchester Va, Oct 5 -
  Mrs Isabelle Burwell Mayo, 72 years old, wife of Peter H Mayo, the millionaire tobacco merchant of Richmond, was stricken with paralysis Fri and died same night at Powhatan, their Clarke Co estate, near Millwood. Her remains will be interred in the graveyard at Old Chapel, near Millwood, Sun afternoon.
  She was a daughter of the late George H Burwell and was born in the mansion on the noted Carter Hall estate.
  In addition to her husband, she leaves two daughters, Mrs Thomas N Carter, of Richmond Va, and Mrs Bennehan Cameron, of Raleigh, N C; two sisters, Mrs T H V Randolph and Mrs R Powell Page and one brother, George H Burwell, all of Clarke Co.


  Rev J C Garber, of Augusta Co, a well-known preacher of the Brethren, is dead after a protracted illness. He was 56 years old. He leaves a widow and three children.


  Sam Merryman was a business visitor to Cumberland Tues.
  W Reese Nethken, of Elk Garden was in town Sat on business.
  Mrs Chas Moomau and two children are visiting friend in Brunswick.
  Misses Clara Burns and Irene Purdy spent last Sun with friends in Midland.
  George Macfarlane, of Barnum, was a business visitor in town last Sat.
  Mrs Sol Hott and son George, of Burlington, were visiting friends here last Sat.
  Mrs D W Holmes Yeakley and son Holmes spent a few days at Davis the past week.
  Mrs Jessie Gault, of Washington, C H, Ohio, has been visiting relatives here the past week.
  Mr and Mrs Wm G Burnap, of Washington DC, came up latter part of last week on a visit to relatives.
  Miss Elva Adams, one of the Tribune Force, is spending her vacation with Mrs J M Wolfe at Kingwood.
  Wilbur Chapman, one of our energetic mail carriers, returned first of the week from a motoring trip to Va.
  John Murphy returned last Sat form MT Clemens, where he had been taking treatment fro rheumatism.
  Mrs Alex miles and little daughter, of Ridgeley, have been spending a few days here this week with home folks.
  Mrs Emma Shipley, who spent the summer with her sister, Mrs M H Smith, returned to her home in Martinsburg last Sat.
  Mrs W C Parker, of Romney, came over on Thurs of last week and spent a few days with here daughter, Mrs Malcolm Frye.
  Mr and Mrs Robt G Lobb, of Washington Pa, were guests at the Alkire home last sun on their way to Moorefield to attend the reunion.
  Mr Chas R Owens has been on a trip to Keyser, Cumberland and other points in that section this week. -Shepherdstown Register of 3rd.
  Mr George Dowden, of Cumberland, stopped off here last Sat and spent the day at the martin house on his way home from an extended visit to Ohio.
  Erving Shelly, who has been living at Altoona Pa, for some time, returned to his home a few days ago, and has accepted a position with the B&O railroad.
  Misses Lydia and Lizzie Barrett, of Grafton, who has been on a visit to Warrenton Va, stopped off Sat night and spent Sun with Mrs W W Long on their way home.
  Mrs D C Ash**d, of Winchester Ky, who has been visiting this section the past month, left for home last Sun. Her niece, Miss Maud Sollars, accompanied her as far as Grafton, returning home Mon.
  Charles Ayres, who has been in Texas and New Mexico the past two years in the government employ, passed through here last Fri enroute to Washington on business. His wife and children stopped off at Fairmont to pay her sister, Mrs Jesse Rex, a short visit.
  The Rev W W Edge, who served the Davis Presbyterian church and several years ago accepted a call to the church at laurel Md, resigned his charge there and accepted a call to the church at Manasquan N J. He commenced his work there last Sun.
  Mrs Will Rickley and daughter, Miss Alta, of Hambleton, returned home Sun evening after a short visit to her brother, Mr B R Sollars. Sat Mr Sollars and Mrs Rickley went to Cumberland to see their brother, who is a typhoid fever patient at the Western Md Hospital, and is seriously ill.
  Stony Green has bought J W Harrison's property on Piedmont St.
  Mrs Geo E Wells has had her Mineral Street home treated to a coat of paint.
  H G Steorts has been awarded the contract for a modern single room school house at Sulphur for the sum of $1,174.
  Mrs Lucy Fry, of Culpepper Va, was born June 20, 1790, and is still living.
  Miss Ella Whitford is having her house on Piedmont street made into a double house. F W Davis is the contractor.
  Rev W H Brown, a student of the Gettysburg Seminary, will preach in the Lutheran church next Sun morning and evening.
  Hartman - Jackson. Richard Hartman and Miss Mary Jackson were married last Sun, Oct 7, 1912, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs Wm Jackson, at the reservoir.
  Berkeley Springs, W Va, Oct 8 - Rev H C V Campbell died at his home here, at 1 o'clock yesterday, at the age of 59 years. He is survived by his widow, who was Miss Flora Siler, daughter of the late John T Siler, and three children, Dorothea, Hugh and Harry Campbell.
  The New Era Circle was pleasantly entertained at the home of Mrs B B Cavitt on Orchard street, Wed afternoon. Delicious refreshments were served.
  W A Liller has just finished the building of one and a half mile of wire fence along the limestone valley for the T M & P Railroad Co. He is now engaged finishing up their Engine house putting in smoke stacks, etc.
  Ester, the four year old son of Clarance Boor, got a fall while playing at Lee Litten's yesterday, which rendered him unconscious for a while, and he is yet in a serious condition. It is though that his collar bone is broken, and that his skull is slightly fractured.
  Master Clement, son of L C McDonald, is sick.
  Arthur Dawson, has returned from a visit to friends near Purgittsville.
  Mr Frank Giffin, one of our substantial citizens, is on the sick list.
  Mrs E M Stottlemyer left Tues for a visit to her old home at Mt Airy, Md.
  Ed Rice and family have returned from a visit to relatives at Blaine for ten days.
  Attorney Arch J Welton, of Petersburg, came in Wed on a short business trip.
  Miss Lois Stehley, accompanied by her guest, Miss Katherine Stehley, spent Wed in Cumberland.
  Miss Edna Spiker, who underwent an operation at the Hoffman Hospital for appendicitis, is doing nicely.
  Mrs Will Hershy, of Rada, who spent a week here with her sister, Mrs Louie Batie, returned home Wed.
  Miss Sue Johnson went to Clarksburg Tues to attend a meeting of the W C T U as a delegate from here.
  Miss Anna Johnston left last night for Columbus, Ohio, for a week's visit to the home of her brother, H F Johnston.
  Will Brown and nephew, Master Max Brown, returned home Mon from a visit to Mrs McDonald, near Berryville Va.
  Mrs R N Fout, of near Purgittsville, is here this week visiting her daughters, Mrs Geo C Ludwig and Mrs W P Bazzle.
  A B Lynn and wife have returned to their home in Cumberland after spending two weeks visiting in Keyser and east side of Knobley.
  Prof S B Nuckols, of the Agricultural Dept of the University at Mrogantown, spent last Sat and Sun here with friends.
  Chas E Bright left Tues for Charleston, to attend the state meeting of the Odd Fellows, as a representative from the lodge here.
  Mr and Mrs E P Babb and Miss Mabel Babb, Miss Myrtle Vossler And Clarance Vossler left Tues on a motoring trip to the valley of Va.
  Miss Beulah Burke has returned from a visit to Piedmont and was accompanied home by her cousin, Miss Ruby Kelly, who spent Sun with her.
  Mrs Blue of Springfield, who was called her by the illness of her mother, Mrs Lucy Kuykendall, returned home Mon, her mother being much improved.
  Mrs V F Alkire, and daughter Miss Helen, went to Moorefield Tues to attend the reunion and visit relatives a few days.
  Miss Margaret Sheetz, who has been quite ill near Romney, is reported better. This will be pleasant news to her many friends.
  Miss Elinor West, of Baltimore, who has been spending some time among friends and relatives about here, returned home Wed.
  Mr Geo S Arnold of South Branch, was in town Tues shaking hands with his many friends. He was up visiting relatives and friends for a few days.
  Earl Parker of Romney, who has been shipping clerk of the Allegany Orchard Co, at this place, was operated last week at the Hoffman Hospital for appendicitis.
  Mrs Rev W C Ney and two children, who spent some time here with her parents, returned home today. Mrs Harry L Welch accompanied them over, but will returned in a few days.
  Mrs Dr L L Edgell, returned home Wed night from her western trip. She made quite an extended visit to Oregon, Nebraska, Washington and other western states.
  D A Arnold, of Knobley Fruit and Stock Farm, went to Washington Tues night on a short business trip. Mr Arnold says that there has been very little if any frost at his place so far this fall.
  C E Babb and wife, of Glady, are visiting relatives here.
  Sen W C Grimes of Keyser, spent last night in the city en route to Pocahontas county to do some campaigning in the interest of the Republican ticket. -Elkins Inter-Mt of 8th.
  Prof J W Stayman went to Baltimore last Fri to pay his mother a visit, returning home Sun night. While there his mother (on Sat morning) had the misfortune to fall down the stairs, cutting the side of her head severely and breaking some of the bones in one of her wrists. She is an aged lady and the injury will go very hard with her.
  Guy Gordon has typhoid fever.
  Wm Babb of Medley, was in town yesterday.
  John Johnson, who has typhoid fever, is about again.
  Ex Sheriff C E Nethken took in the re-union at Moorefield.
  Willie Woolf, who had a spell of typhoid fever, is around again.
  Mr James Dailey, of Romney, is a guest at the home of MR Wm C Clayton.
  Mrs J W Cromie and little son of Philadelphia, are visiting relatives here.
  Mrs Baldwin, of St Louis, Mo, is the guest of Mrs James Thornton Carskadon.
  Mrs W C Kinsey and Mrs Harry Markwood paid Cumberland a visit Tues.
  Mrs Janie Wilson of Tunnelton, is visiting Mrs Rebecca Matlick, on Mozelle Street.
  Miss Kaite Sims returned home Tues from her visit to friends at Three Churches.
  Policeman Tom Coffman, who has been laid up with typhoid fever, is able to be about again.
  Robert Woodworth, of Pittsburg, came down Tues to attend his brother's wedding.
  A C Wells has moved into J L Frost's house, corner Piedmont and Sharpless streets.
  Ex Senator B J Baker, of Petersburg, was a Reynolds Hotel guest Wed night.
  Mrs Marshall Sayre and daughter Miss Hallie, returned home Tues from a visit to Cincinnati.
  Mr Charles Evans and family moved to the Dr West house, corner Main and Alice streets, this week.
  Mrs John Stevenson and children, who have been visiting at Oakland, returned home Tues.
  Mrs Annie Alderton and Mrs J E Bailey went to Clarksburg Tues to attend the W C T U convention.
  Espy Workman, who has been in the Hoffman Hospital for some days, is expected to be taken to his home today.
  Mr and Mrs Wesley Somerville and little daughter, Wilma, of Cumberland, spent yesterday with Keyser relatives.
  Miss June White, who spent a few days with Miss Nell Crabtree, returned to her home at Oakland Wed.
  Mrs James Thornton Carskadon entertained the Calendar Cotrie yesterday afternoon in her usual elegant manner.
  W B Newman, a B&O conductor who was painfully, but not seriously injured while on duty a few nights ago, is able to be out.
  Miss Margaret Cunningham, who has been the guest of Miss Katherine Sharpless, returned to her home in Hendricks Wed.
  Mrs James Keady, of Orchard street, was taken to the Hoffman Hospital. Mrs Keady has been very sick for several days with typhoid fever.
  Mrs F M Willison and daughter, Miss Maleta, have been spending the past week with the former's sisters at Cumberland and South Branch.
  Mrs A L Liller has returned from a weeks visit in the country. She blows a great deal of the high living while among country friends.
  Miss Sue Sheetz went to Parkersburg Tues to the meeting of the United Daughters of the confederacy as a delegate from McNeill Chapter.
  Mrs Elizabeth Woodworth, of Hagerstown, was here Wed. She had been to Burlington attending the Woodworth-Wright wedding.
  Mr and Mrs R W Nine have returned from Mt Clemens, Michigan, where they have been for two weeks for the benefit of Mrs Nine's health.
  Mrs D T Greenwade and Mrs Dr Bell and children are visiting Mrs Dr Robert Gerstell at Gerstell this week and gathering chestnuts.
  D P Miller, Mr and Mrs Goodfellow, and children, of Cumberland, spent last Sun at the home of Mr and Mrs James Thornton Carskadon.
  Miss Mary Johnson, of Alaska, accompanied by her aunt, Miss Maggie Johnson, spent Tues night here on their way to Kentucky to spend the winter.
  Rev G A Gibbons, the venerable Episcopal rector of Romney and Moorefield, was the guest Mon afternoon of Mr C A Miller. Mr Gibbons had come for the purpose of attending the funeral of the late Rev A J Willis, of Middleway, but a message to him containing the sad news was misinterpreted and he arrived a day too late. -Martinsburg Journal.


  Denny McKee is having a residence built on Gilmore St.
  Miss Mary Troy has returned from a pleasant visit to friends in Morgantown.
  Mr and Mrs Maurice Jones and son, of Williamsport, spent last Sun with their Keyser relatives.
  The Thompson Furniture Co have just received a very handsome new black hearse and a casket wagon.
  Jos E Miller, one of the hustling young farmers of near Purgittsville, was a business visitor in town Tues.
  Miss Nellie Neville, of Ronceverte has been visiting home folks since Thurs of last week.
  Mrs Gordon Mealey (ney Miss Anita Poling) now of Oakland, is visiting at the home of her uncle, Mr C W Shelly.
  Mrs J F Grayson, of near Cumberland, spent Sat to Mon here with Mr and Mrs Ben Grayson has been sick. He is threatened with a spell of typhoid fever.
  C G Scribner bought a pair of fine mules last Sat of the Alkire Orchard co. This makes three mule teams that Mr Scribner has in his transfer work and he certainly is well prepared to take care of his business.
  Mr and MRS J H Markwood and son Bernard, who have been on a auto trip to Harpers Ferry and points in Va, returned home last Sat, and were accompanied home by their niece, Miss Jessie Markwood, of Winchester.
  J W Virts is ill at his home.
  Henry Kanabenshue, of Martin, is moving to McCoole.
  Clerk J V Bell is having his home repainted, which adds very much to its appearance.
  The Sewing Circle, of M E Church South, met this week and organized for work on their Christmas sale of fancy articles. The next meeting will be held next Thurs afternoon Oct 17th, at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs S N Moore, Church St. At the same time the regular monthly meeting of the Aid society will take place. All members will please attend.


  Moorefield W Va, Oct 9
  Moorefield was in gala attire today for the annual reunion of the W Va division, United Confederate Veterans and a large number of visitors were entertained, including over one hundred ex-Confederates. A vein of sadness marked the proceedings, however, by the sudden death of Benjamin Dailey, a well known attorney of Moorefield, who was to have delivered the address of welcome. The address of welcome was delivered by Rev J W Duffey, a methodist clergyman, of Winchester Va, who served in the McNeill Rangers, a noted confederate command during the Civil War. The response was by Col Robert White, of Wheeling, the retiring state commander.
  Col Robert E Lee, of Fairfax, Va, who was to have delivered the principal reunion address, was unable to be present today on account of illness in his family and Rev Dr Francis J Brooke, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Romney, who served in the Confederate army, took his place. Addresses were also made by Col Anderson, of Charleston, and Brigadier General Wayne C Ferguson, of Kenova.
  Col Robert White, who served seventeen years as division commander, and who is eighty years of age, declined re-election, in view of his long and faithful service he was elected honorary major general for life. The officers elected today were: commander, Major General Charles S Peyton, Ronceverte; brigadier general, first brigade, Col A G L Gatewood, of Linwood; brigadier general, second brigade, Brigadier General Wagne(?sic) C Ferguson, Kenova. George H Johnson, of Hampshire County, was recommended for appointment as adjutant general of the W Va division.
  Tonight a meeting was held in Inskeep Memorial Hall and addresses were made by Ignatius Brennan, poet and entertainer of Wheeling, and W D Zinn, of Phillippi, who is the Democratic nominee for commissioner of agriculture in W Va. congressman William G Brown was among those who were here. The visiting veterans were entertained free by the U D C. They came from every section of the state.


  Remaining unclaimed in the Postoffice at Keyser W Va, week ending Oct 10, 1912.
  Miss Mary Belle Carr, Miss Lora Clark, Mrs J N Ganoe, Miss Nellie Houdershell, Miss Rhoda Leatherman, Miss Anna Ruckman, Mrs Carrie M Smith, Miss Nora Sutton, C E Barker, Walter Barnhart, Ira Brantner, E H Calloway, Floyd Cork, Jas Fitzpatrick, J Eston Grover, Chas Hanclinger, Vosie Kesner, Inez Kesner, Luther Mooney, Wm Murphy, Frank Nepel, Austin Sandridge, Wm Sison, G W Westfall, N C Wolf.


  The many friends of Geo W Chessher, foreman of the W M Ry shops at Belington, will be glad to learn that he has recovered sufficiently to leave the Davis Memorial Hospital Sun, and that it is expected that he will suffer no permanent ill effects from his injury received over a week ago by being caught between a wire cable and a freight car. -Elkins Inter-Mt.


  I will preach at Antioch, Claysville, Laurel Dale Oct 20; Powder Lick Oct 26; Otterbein, Oct 27; Eureka, Nov 3; Fountain and Mt Zion, Cot 30.


  The Thompson Furniture Co have their funeral equipment complete again. It will be remembered that they lost their hearses in the P M & I Co fire some time ago, after which bought a new gray hearse, and the other day they added a very handsome up to date black hearse, and a casket wagon, giving them a splendid equipment.


..of Residence Property on main St, South, Keyser.
.......made by Atta Feather and Alva C Feather, her husband and Charles Lovenstein to Samuel R Barr......


  The county court has appointed the following persons as commissioners of election at their respective precincts on Nov 5th.
  Cabin Run District
  Precinct No 1 - M A Tutwiler, W R Boror, F T Fink. No 2 - S P Umstot, C L Harvey, Hilleary Rogers.
  Frankfort District
  Precinct No 1 - Luther Emmet, Geo Deremer, J W Rinehart, No 2 -Emmor Lichlitter, Will S Ward, Henry Dohrman. No 3 - J Fred Hadra, T D Harrison, J T Vandergrift.
  Welton District
  .Precinct No 1 - S M Arnold, Paul Sloan, J A Zell, No 2 - J L Mott, J L Cannon, J A Parrill.
  Elk District
  Precinct No 1 - Frank Junkins, Will Kalbaugh, Alonzo Norman. No 2 - Jno Middleton, A W Barrack, I E Oates. No 3 - Solomon Ruble, Thos Wilhelm, Arthur Jack. No 4 - J P Arnold, W R Rodruck, Jno C Kitzmiller.
  Piedmont District
  Precinct No 1 - O M Rizer, S P Fallon, Geo R Boyle. No 2 - J H Fisher, C W Johnson, T F Kenny. No 3 - Jos Kight, A Schell, Walter Moon.
  New Creek District
  Precinct No 1 - R M Workman, W P Hollen, V F Alkire. No 2 - W H Crabtree, J W Harison, A C Feather,. No 3 - M H Smith, E M Stottlemyer, W W Woodward. No 4 - J W Virts, J L Robinson, W Stewart. No 5 - Wm Willhide, Edgar Arnold, Jno G Wolfe. No 6 - C C Junkies, W B Boseley, J Sloan Arnold. No 7 - Wright Rogers, P S Carnell, A J Pancake.
  The following persons were appointed as challengers:
  Elk District
  Precinct No 1 - Chas Kight, Jos Rice. No 2 - Daniel Schwinebart, John Tice. No 3 - Geo Stullenbarger, Gilbert Seaman. No 4 - Louis Duling, Geo B Junkins.
  Precinct No 1 - J H Miers, Geo E Wagoner. No 2 - Floyd Knight, John W Arnold. No 3 - Luke McDowell, J T Crawford. No 4 - Zack Stewart, I H Offner. No 5 - Chas Tasker, John S Ward. No 6- Hance Arnold, J H Swisher. No 7 - Geo Burgess, G W Ward.
  Welton District
  Precinct No 1 - J T McDowell, Jas Wright. No 2 - Herbert Thrush, Vernon S Welch.
  Cabin Run
  Precinct No 1 - J W Bailey, Perry Brown. No 2 - Chas Taylor, L F Adams.
  Frankfort District
  Precinct No 1 - Ervin S Welton, H T Daniels. No 2 - R W Seeders, C E Wagoner. No 3 - Henry Valentine, C E Schoppert.


  Washington, Oct 8.
  A little gust of wind revealed the cache of postoffice thieves at Barnum, W Va, according to information received by the Postoffice Dept today.
  W R Maynard and family recently moved into a house at Barnum. One night when the wind was moaning around the building, Miss Maynard was awakened from her slumbers by a shower of postage stamps.
  Uncle Sam was notified. His inspectors believe that the house, when unoccupied, was used as a hiding place for the booty of postoffice robbers, who generally get busy in the fall. nearly $400 in stamps was recovered. The stamps were blown from the rafters to Miss Maynard's bed.


  Will Browning and Carl Brown of Oakland, came down Mon looking for the parties who had been doing the recent robbing at Oakland. After consultation with Chief of Police Davis it was not long before the officers arrested Jos Tyler and wife, new arrivals in town, and some of the stolen goods were found in their possession. the prisoners were taken back to Oakland to answer to the charge.


  First of the week, Mr J C Watson received nine head of thoroughbred Holstein cows, which he put on his farm up New Creek.


  Machinists of the B&O railroad have been granted an increase in wages averaging 10 cents a day. The machinists have been endeavoring quietly to secure an advance in their wags and have brought about the result by quite conscientious work. The advance is made along the line of promotion. Machinists who have been receiving $3.39 per day will receive $3.50 and those who received $3.20 will receive $3.39. The increase in wages is general all over the system and thousands of men are affected by it.

  South Keyser had a mad dog scare Tues. The dog belonged to Jas Roberts, and acted so queer that they had to kill it.


  The United Brethren annual Conference, which was held at Martinsburg, adjourned Tues, after fixing upon Roanoke as the place of meeting next year.
  The conference voted to organize a conference Otterbine Brotherhood with the following officers, President, Kemper Cline, of Harrisonburg; Vice President, N C Taylor, Keyser; Secretary and Treasurer, Vernon Phillips, Dayton Va.
  The appointments are as follows:
  J H Brunk goes to Harrisonburg in place of R G Hammond, who will come to Keyser to succeed Mr Brunk.
  Conference District - A S Hammack, Presiding Elder.
  Lacey Springs - W H Sampsell, from Elkton.
  Singers Glen - To be supplied.
  Pleasant Valley - C P Dyche, from Toms Brook.
  Dayton Circuit - (Name changed to West Rockingham) - S D Skelton, from Berkeley County.
  Elkton - W S Rau, from Augusta.
  Augusta - G B Fadley, from Singers Glen.
  Berkeley Springs Station - E F Neff from Berkeley Springs.
  Baird - A B Mann from Baird.
  Church ville - John H Ford.
  Cumberland - H E Richardson from Winchester.
  Charlottesville - To be supplied.
  Great Cacapon - W M Maiden.
  Dayton Station - A J Scrist, from Cumberland.
  Edinburg - F B Chubb, from South Branch.
  Elk Garden - L C Messick.
  Frederick - J C S Myers.
  Franklin - J W Stearn
  Hardy Circuit - G F McGuire from West Frederick
  Inwood - W D Mitchell
  Jones Spring - D G Brinlow
  Keyser - R G Hammond from Harrisonburg
  Martinsburg (First Church) - W F Gruver
  Martinsburg (Second Church) - B F Dodson
  New Creek - George Burgess
  Pendleton - C J Racey from Rockbridge
  Prince William - J W Brill
  Roanoke - T M Sharp
  Riverton - I Summers from Hardy
  Staunton - To be supplied
  South Branch - R N Young
  Shenandoah - N F A Cupp
  Sowpe - (formerly Rockbridge Circuit) W D Good from Jones Spring.
  Toms Brook - J W Maiden from Winchester Circuit
  Westernport - A L Maiden
  Winchester Station - C W Stover, from Staunton
  Winchester Circuit - L A Racey, from Pleasant Valley
  West Frederick - To be supplied
  Conference Evangelist - Ida M Judy


  Fairmont W VA, Oct 3 - This evening the ninth annual session of the grand chapter Order of the Eastern Star of W VA was brought to a close with the election of the following officers:
  Mrs Anna Motter, Grafton, worth grand matron; J H Derry, Wheeling, worthy patron; Mrs D M Strickler, Ellenboro, associate grand matron; Mrs Anna Hoffman, Morgantown, grand conductress; Mrs Minnie Wolfe, Sistersville, associate grand conductress; Mrs Minerva C Denbendarfer, Mannington, grand secretary; Mrs G A Park, Ripley, grand treasurer; Mrs E May Ingersoll, Parkersburg, grand trustee; Associate grand conductrress, Minnie Wolfe, Sisterville; Grand Ada, Laura McKinney, Salem; Grand Ruth, Mattie Workman, Echo; Grand Esther, Belle Charnock, Wellsburg; Grand Martha, Emma J Carr, Keyser; Grand Electa, Bessie Barber, Athens; Grand Chaplain, Joanna Bishop, Huntington; Grand Marshal, Jessie Gates, Charleston; Grand Organist, Gertrude Chrisley, Middlebourne; Grand Lecturer, Mary K McKay, Ravenswood; Fraternal Correspondence, Etta Barnes, Middlebourne.
  The newly elected officers were installed last night and other routine work was concluded. The work of installing the new officers was conducted by Mrs M Alice Miller, of Elreno, Oklahoma, most worthy grant matron of the general grand chapter.
  Retiring Worthy Grand Patron, Wilbur H Brand presented the G W M jewel to the retiring grand worthy matron, Mrs Eva L Hawkins, of Parkersburg.


  Sale of estate of George B Shank..................Sat, Oct 12, 1912.....I V Inskeep, Administrator.

Fine, thorough-bred R C B Minorca Roosters for sale at $1 each. Miss D E Sloan, Burlington W Va