December 12, 1913

MARCH 6, 2003



Mr Fred M Dean of Lorane, Va, is home on a visit. He is the same jolly Fred that he used to be.

Mrs D C Arnold visited her daughter, Mrs J R Hubbs, at Thomas the first of this week

Last Friday evening was devoted to Literary Day at the Elk Garden debating society. 5 cents admission was charged and the house was filled to its utmost. Mr Gurd's recitation was much enjoyed. Mr Taylor entertained the audience in a pleasant manner, and Miss Eva Harris sang a solo in a happy style, while D C Arnold portrayed an old time rabbit chase. Much interest centered in the debate. The question was, Resolved, that is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. Affirmative, Clifton E Gurd and J E Aronhalt, Negative, Jas Norman and R M Dean. Rev W W White was foreman on the affirmative but owing to sickness could not attend and Mr Gurd was a substitute on short notice. The debate was much enjoyed the speakers all doing well. Decision in favor of the negative.

Last Saturday evening the Odd Fellows had an oyster supper. After conferring to the third degree on Frank Christopher and James Close of Oakmont, their appetites were sharpened for the oysters. R Marsh Dean as toastmaster entertained the guests with some enjoyable readings and remarks. A number of toasts were offered, each speaker making some happy hit. Those that responded were J E Aronhalt, Dr P S Keim, Rev John A Shockey, U T Pritchard, Geo A Shaffer, Wm Hott and D P Streets. Committee in charge, Elmer Sheetz, Wm H Kight, R M Dean, Over forty Odd Fellows were present.

Mrs Elizabeth Susan Dixon, who has been a sufferer for many months, peacefully passed to the spirit world Dec 7, 1913. She had attained to the age of 71 years, 7 months and 2 days. Her maiden name was Kitzmiller and she was born near Hartmonsville May 5, 1842. She was a consistent member of the M E church and died in the happy embrace of a Savior's love. The funeral sermon was preached in the church on Nethken Hill to large gathering of relatives and friends of the departed. Rev John A Shockey, her pastor, preached the funeral sermon, comforting the bereaved ones with words of sympathy and consolation. There was a profusion of flowers, beautiful indeed. The flower bearers were David B Ravenscraft and S A Green. She leaves two sisters and one brother. She leaves three daughters, Mrs James Parr, who lives below Cumberland, Mrs Gussie Collier and Mrs Lucretia Grimes, both of Washington, Pa. Her two sons are Payton, of Bayard, and Stephen who has charge of the home place. The pall bearers were members of the K of P. They were U T Pritchard, E M Sheetz, John H Tice, Chris Yager, James Schwinabart, I N Pritchard. Mrs Dixon was the wife of Stephen A Dixon, who was prominent in county affairs. He died Nov 13, 1899. Since that time she lived on the home place with her son Stephen Dixon Jr. She was a worthy woman and will be missed. Wm H Kight was the funeral director.

At the District Institute last Saturday the teachers received the US and the State flag presented to the schools on the 50th anniversary of our State. Each teacher carried away two flags. Supt. Thrush had charge of the flags. The boys and girls of the district will welcome the flags.

The Elk Dramatic Company played the "Cuban Spy" at Kitzmiller last Monday evening and had a good house, notwithstanding the rough night. They will repeat the play at Elk Garden Saturday evening Dec 13.

The social at the school house last Saturday evening was a very pleasant affair. The teachers having charge of it deserve much credit for this enjoyable treat to the teachers and school patrons.

A noticeable feature of the Teachers Institute last Saturday was the large attendance of the 7th and 8th grade pupils.

One day last week Mrs Chas Morris, who was on her way to Blaine on foot and alone, was held up by an Italian and robbed of about twelve dollars. He thrust a pistol in her face and to say the least she was a very much frightened woman. She lives at Elk Garden. The next day special constable, I N Lyon, arrested the Italian at Oakmont and after a preliminary trial before Justice Charles Ervin he was taken up to the Keyser jail.


Press of 28th

M S Judy's horse sale Saturday brought a large crowd of people to town, and the sale was a success in every respect. In all about 16 horses and colts were sold, and they all brought fairly good prices. One gray team of draft horses brought $400.

Henry Rohrbaugh and Miss Virginia Hawk, of the vicinity of Maysville, were married Tuesday morning November 18th, at the Presbyterian manse of Petersburg, Rev J H Smith officiating. Mr Rohrbaugh is in business with his father at Jordan Run and the young couple will make their home at that place.

Mrs H T Delay and daughter, Mrs Henry Keiter, and son, Richard, left Wednesday morning for a short visit to Mrs Delay's nephew, Dr Bruce Eagle, at Martinsburg.

Mrs C S Sites was taken sick on last Thursday evening and for several days has been seriously ill, but at this time she seems to be improving.

Rev W D Barger who spent a couple weeks with friends and relatives here, returned to his home at Hagerstown Md Tuesday.

Mrs Will Bierkamp, of Romney, spent Sunday here with her cousin, H T Delay.

Mrs B J Baker has been quite sick this week

BORN, Wednesday, to Mr and Mrs C C Godlove, a son.

E J Allen and G C Hamilton are spending this week hunting in Hampshire county.

M Tamburini last Thursday received a telegram stating his daughter, Mary Jo, who is attending high school at Parkersburg, was very poorly with appendicitis. He left on the first train to Parkersburg.

Mrs Joe Waggoner of Upper Tract spent last Tuesday night visiting her uncle, Samuel Harman, near here. Mrs Waggoner expects to go to Washington in a couple weeks to visit her brother, P J Harman, and while there will consult a specialist in regard to her eyes, which have been giving her much trouble of late. Her father, Solon Harman, expects to accompany her.

Lemuel Keplinger, an aged and highly respected citizen of Lahmansvile, died at his home Monday morning after a lingering illness. Mr Keplinger was a brother of Mrs William C Hull and B F Keplinger, who live in the same neighborhood. Two daughters also survive, Miss Edith Keplinger and Mrs John Self. He was 65 years old. Funeral services were held Wednesday, conducted by Rev Geo Burgess and A B Mann.

(Examiner of 27th)

Complimentary to Mr and Mrs Robt. G VanMeter, a dinner party of handsome appointments was given last Thursday evening by Mr and Mrs Sam'l P Fetzer, at their residence in this city. An elaborate menu was served.

Dr Love left Sunday morning on a professional visit to Baltimore. From there he will go to Parkersburg to attend a meeting of the State Board of Health. This is a new law and requires all county and municipal health officers to attend a school of instruction at least once a year.

Will Wilson and wife left last Saturday morning for Moundsville, where they will spend several weeks visiting Mr and Mrs Paul Wilson.

O S W S Fisher shipped two car loads of cattle to Baltimore last Saturday that averaged about 1300 pounds. They went down with them.

Mr and Mrs A R McNeill returned last Saturday from Washington. While in that city they had the pleasure of meeting President Wilson and Secretary Bryan.

We learn that W S Cunningham, son of Jos I Cunningham of this place, has been elected Cashier of the Miners and Merchants Bank, at Thomas.

Geo W Miley shipped from Romney last Saturday 1200 head of lambs. They were bought in Hampshire and Hardy.

C C Seymour, of Cedar Cliff, a few days here the past week with his brother, A W Seymour.

O M Smith and wife of Petersburg spent Sunday last in Moorefield

Mark Harwood, who is attending the Prep school at Keyser, is home for Thanksgiving.

BORN, to Mr and Mrs Geo Paskel, this week, a son.

S W Park and family, who have been residing in Keyser for some, were here last night on their way to Doman, they will spent the winter.

Saturday night about 1 o'clock someone entered the home of Don McDonald at McNeill and stole $16. They entered the home of Clarence Reynold and stole $9.00 and also entered the home of Mr Rinard but were frightened away. There is no clue to the burglars.

Mrs D H Kuhn and Mrs E C Beatty, left Tuesday morning to spend several days in Cumberland.

Mrs C B Welton who has been visiting in Newport News for several weeks returned home yesterday

Mr and Mrs P W Inskeep spent several days at Wardensville this week, returning home yesterday


Mr Walter E Duling was at Cumberland on business last Saturday

Mr John Parker of near Romney was out at his mountain farm after his cattle last week

Mrs Minnie Duling has been on a weeks visit to her son's, Henry L, of Gorman

Mr P A Dixon, of Bayard, passed through our village last Sunday

Last Monday was a regular blizzard day here. We hear much complaint of high wind

Mr Henry L Duling, of Gorman, visited home folks here last Saturday and Sunday

The subject of "Woman Suffrage" will be argued by the Hartmonsville Literary Society next Saturday night.

As Rev J A Shockey was going home from Oakmont one night last week, where he was holding a protracted meeting, two men came out of the woods and took his horse by the bridle and demanded his money. He told them he was a minister and was looking after the "lost sheep of the House of Israel" and had no money to spare, and they let him pass. Such things are getting of too common occurrence. Last week a lady was held up and robbed of her money at Elk Garden. People are not allowed by law to carry a revolver, and are left to the mercy of educated brutes. We do not believe in lynch law, but we do believe that an example of Western wagon tongue exhibition would have a salutary effect on such outlaws.

We had the pleasure of attending the District Teachers Institute at Elk Garden last Saturday. It reminded us of past days when we had on our teaching garments. We were much impressed by the earnestness of all the speakers. Mr J O Taylor, Principal of the Elk Garden, spoke on the subject of District High School. He said the time was when the Western part of the state looked to the "Eastern Panhandle" as an example because of priority of settlement, but said the time has come for us to be actually interested in education by the western part of the State. We wish that everyone interested in higher education could have heard his address.

If we live till Dec 26, one day after Christmas we shall have reached the 59th milestone in life's journey. A postcard from the correspondents and readers of the Tribune would be much appreciated by the Hartmonsville correspondent.



We are having an abundance of rain here on the mountain, in fact we have been living in the clouds most of the time for the passed week, but it continues warm, the grass is still growing.

John Gardner, is now rushing business at his saw mill near here, cleaning up his tract of timber preparatory to moving to a new set some distance from here.

But one of the mills on R M Washington's place near here, is now running. Silfies at Johnycake are shut down, both for lack of hands.

Jake Shillingburg has moved from his house near here into a house on R M Washington's farm where he and his boys will do farm work.

Charley Ferribee has moved from the mill up into Shillingburg's house. We don't try to keep up with the moving about Schell, some one is moving out and others in nearly every week. Our merchant says many that move out have very poor memories.

The writer was not able to get out but we are told by those that were there that Rev F C Rollman delivered a very interesting Thanksgiving sermon at our church last Thursday.

Since our letter there has arisen quite a controversy here about the date of the "June freeze" many contend that it was in 1857. Now we have papers in our possession that show this to be incorrect. On the morning of May 27, 1857, we had a heavy frost in low lands, east of the mountain, that destroyed nearly all vegetation and here on the mountain it was much heavier. On June 4, 1859, we had the "June Freeze." It was not only a frost but there was plenty if ice, in damp places the ground was frozen. This freeze killed all vegetation, even killing much timber, especially young orchards, which were nearly ruined. On the night of May 4, 1861, there fell a heavy snow about 18 inches deep, there was nothing injured by freeze except the fruit trees where people shook the snow off early in the morning. About sunrise, there was a cold wave that killed the fruit that was not protected by the snow. The big comet was in 1858.

Miss Stacia Kitzmiller was renewing old acquaintances in this neighborhood first of last week.

Fred Norwood of Burlington, is visiting his uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Geo H Kitzmiller near Schell this week.

Rev L C Messick will preach at Rehoboth next Sunday at 3:00 pm and if he don't miss the train again he will preach at Blaine that night.



Miss Martha Newton Davis, daughter of the late Albert F Davis, former Sheriff of Jefferson county, and Isaac N Bonham, of Summit Point, were married Wednesday at the home of the bride's sister, Mr and Mrs Eugene B Tinberlake, at Summit Point. The ceremony was performed by the Rev A B Mitchell, rector of the Nelson Parish, Middleway.


The engagement of Miss Ann Pleasants Hopkins, daughter of the late Rev Dr A C Hopkins, to the Rev R Ashlin White, former pastor of the Presbyterian church, at Gerardstown, W Va, and now of Richmond, Va, has been announced.



Mrs Lydia M Leary, aged 78 years, died Friday December 5, at her home at Read, W Va. Interment was Saturday afternoon in the Hazelwood cemetery.


Union District Institutes convened at Bayard, W Va, at 10 am, Nov 28, 1913. The opening exercises were conducted by Rev Young of the U B Church, who gave the institute a very able talk on influence. Excellent music was rendered throughout the program by members of the Bayard school. County Supt. H F Groves and Mr Hubb supervisor of State examination were then introduced who gave the Institute most excellent talks on Social Center Idea, Sanitation, Morals and School influence. Mr Holmes, principal of the Gormania school, efficiently discussed the reading Circle work. Mr E D Hanlin told us in his congenial way how to grade a one Teacher's School. After which a splendid paper subject, How the parents can best help the teacher, was read by Mrs Bartley. Miss Lora Fowler recited Laska, in a very charming manner. The room was beautifully decorated with pictures, flags and flowers. We wish to heartily thank the people of Bayard for their cooperation in helping to make the Institute a success, and for the entertainment which they so willingly furnished to the teachers of Union District. We also wish to thank the teachers for their cooperation in making the Institute a brilliant success.

  E J Welton, Chairman
  Mrs Mollie Teter, Secty.


Has opened a branch post office with the Tribune Company and this week we are publishing letters to him. We shall receive all letters, publish them in the paper and send copies to him, and hope that every good wish be supplied.

Keyser W Va
Dec 12, 1913

Dear Santa,

  I want a muffler and a fur and a coat and shoes. Good Bye.

  Kathryne Chilcot
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Keyser W Va
Dec 5, 1913
Dear Santa,

  Please send me a nice big doll, a buggy, a set of furs, a pair of rubbers and leggins. Nellie says she wants the same as I want. Then Mildren says tell Santa Claus to bring her a doll, a buggy, a chair and a doll bed. Harold says tell you he wants a drum, a gun and a box of beads. Bring the baby a big rattle and a dog. That is all from

  Ilda Gray
  55 G St.
  Don't forget my tree

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Santa Claus,

  Please send me a little train and a huming top and a rag doll for baby sister, send me a little horse and buggy. I am a little boy 7 years old.

  Vance Welch
  Antioch, W Va

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Santa Claus,

  Please send me a doll that goes to sleep and a doll buggy and a ring and a pair of side combs and two yards of red ribbon. I am a little girl 9 years old.

  Cora Welch

Falling Waters, W Va
Dec 10, 1913

Dear Santa Claus,

  I am 7 years old. Please bring me a nice satchel and a tablet I go to school and need them. Bring sister Hilda a doll and candy and nuts for both.

  Joe Ward

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Falling Waters, W Va
Dec 10, 1913

Dear Santa Claus,

  I am ten years old, I go to school. Please bring me a big doll, a tablet and candy, nuts and oranges.

  Margaret Pearrell

Emoryville, W Va
Dec 9, 1913

Dear Santa,

  I am a little girl 6 years old, and go to school every day. I have two miles to walk to school. I like my teacher, Miss Martha Mason, fine. Now Santa, I will tell you what I want for Christmas. I want some candy and nuts and a doll. I would like to have a little iron so I can help my Mamma iron and a set of furs, and a doll bed, and a gum ball. I would like to have a rain coat, now Santa, this is all I want. I will have Brook to have the Christmas tree ready for you. I will go to bed early. Good bye, from your little girl.

  Queenie Kitzmiller
  PS-please don't forget little Margaret Welch.

Keyser W Va
Dec 6, 1913

Dear Santa Claus,

  I am a little girl 5 years old. I haven't any mother, my mother is dead. I am staying with my grandmother on Piedmont street. I want you to bring me a raincoat, teddy bear, some stockings and a little pocket book, a doll baby, some hair ribbon. Bring them to Piedmont street. Also bring me some candy, nuts and oranges.

  Your little girl,
  Elizabeth Clem
  199 W Piedmont St
  Keyser W Va

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Keyser W Va
Dec 6, 1913

Dear Santa,

  I am a little boy three years old. I haven't any mamma, she is dead. I am staying with my grandma on Piedmont street. I want you to bring me a hobby horse, a pair of gloves, a pair of stockings, a pair of rubbers. Also bring me some candy, nuts and oranges.

  Your little boy,
  Willis Clem,
  199 W Piedmont St
  Keyser W Va

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Keyser W Va
Dec 9, 1913

Dear Santa Claus,

  Will you bring me a doll, and a doll carriage, and a little set of dishes, and a little table, and a red table cloth and a little piano, and a trunk full of doll clothes, and bring me a doll dress, and a little bureau, and a dozen chairs, and a rocking chair, and a little cupboard and a doll bed, and candy and nuts and oranges, do not forget my mother and father, and my age 9 years old.

  Yours very truly,
  Alma Staggs

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Argyle St. Dec 11
Dear Santa,

I am a little girl eight years old. I would like to have a raincoat, and muff and furs, a doll, and some books.


  Mary Virginia Wolfe

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Keyser, Dec 12, 1913

Dear Santa,

  I will tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a good bit of candy and nuts and a fine Christmas tree and some story books. This will be all for this Christmas. Good bye from a good friend.

  Claude Earl Glover

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Keyser, Dec 12, 1913

Dear Santa Clause,

  I want a wagon and a fire reel and a sled and nuts and candy and some oranges. That is all for this time.

  Clifton Duling

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Keyser, Dec 12, 1913

Dear Santa Clause,

  How are you. I want a flexible flyer sled and some story books and some nuts and candy and oranges and some bananas. This will be all this time.

  Nelson Duling


From the very first I have been heartily in favor of the Community Christmas tree and my interest has not lagged for a moment. I am sure when all the people in this community can meet together in one common interest, and that interest is the greatest in all the world today, namely, the celebration of the Birth of Christ, the Redeemer of the World, it will bring about a closer brotherhood, and if we catch the true spirit it will make Keyser a still better town than it is. The older people will feel younger, the children will be happier and the Tiny Tims will be brighter, for I am sure Mr Miller will look well after them. But we must all get busy and help to make it a great success. It is our Tree, and when I say "our tree" I mean the whole community, But I do not know how big the community is, but surely it takes in all of Mineral county and I hope they will come to see their own Christmas tree. We have a splendid committee and they are doing all they can, sparing neither time nor labor, and of the latter they have a plenty. Let us jump in and help them if only by an encouraging word. They are doing it for our enjoyment for which they will receive no pay and I am sure that all they want is to know the community appreciates what they are doing. It is bound to be a success.

  J H Markwood.


Shortly after 3 o'clock Wednesday morning fire started in the Merten Sons Lumber Yard on South Centre St, Cumberland, and before they firemen had put it out, practically the entire plant was destroyed, entailing damage amounting to more than $50,000 partly covered by insurance. That part of Cumberland which the lumber yard was located for a while was threatened with being wiped out and only through the effectiveness of the new water system was the firemen enabled to keep the flames confined to the Merten's property. Announcement was made at noon by the Merten's, that they will rebuild at once. This was the most serious fire that had visited Cumberland in years. When central fire department responded to the alarm call, it found the main buildings of the lumberyard a solid mass of flames. The walls and stacks of piled lumber were as tinder. So rapid was the progress of the flames that some of the walls and roof had fallen in before the department arrived on the scene.

In the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of West Virginia.

In the matter of Herman F Stewart. In Bankruptcy

To the creditors of Herman F Stewart, of Keyser, in the county of Mineral, and district aforesaid, a bankrupt.

Notice is hereby given on the 1st day of December, A D, 1913, the said Herman F Stewart, was duly adjudicated bankrupt; and that the first meeting of his creditors will be held at Martinsburg, W Va, in the office of Wilbur H Thomas, on the 15th day of December, A D, 1913, at 1 o'clock pm at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting.

Wilbur H Thomas
Referee in Bankruptcy


Pretty China Ware-Nefflen's

Mr W F Evans was in Frostburg on Sunday

Everything new for Xmas at I M Long's

Miss Cora Reed was in the city on Saturday last

Mrs S M Bright was in Cumberland on Monday

For the best oysters in Keyser, go to Greenwade's

Mr H Clay Leps, of Fairmont, is visiting home folks

Anything, everything, and at all prices at Nefflen's

Dr and Mrs Ira Stafford were in Cumberland Saturday

Mrs Edgar McGill visited her sister at Okonoko Sunday

Miss Glenn Keys was a Cumberland visitor Wednesday

Mrs Ola Buckalew was in Cumberland on Wednesday

Mr Arthur Wilson of Moorefield was in the city Sunday

Mrs Harry Atkins paid Cumberland a visit on Wednesday

Rev S R Ludwig of Elkins was in the city on Saturday last

Mrs H A Sliger was a visitor in Cumberland Wednesday

Mrs Julia Sims visited Mrs Ella Munsey in Cumberland Sunday

Mrs Horace Menefee was a Westernport visitor on Wednesday

Mrs Charles Rice of Brunswick is visiting relatives in McCoole

Mr and Mrs George Herriott of Wapacoma were in the city Monday

Mrs Edith Whip of Burlington is the guest of Mrs William Cheshire

Mrs Leslie McCoole and Mrs A J Boor were in Cumberland Saturday

Miss Doris Paris of Walnut Lawns were visiting friends here this week

Mrs Roy Durett of Cumberland, is visiting her mother Mrs Stevenson

Want Florida oranges for Christmas? Crist, the popular grocer has them

Mr and Mrs F S Johnson of Columbus Ohio are visiting relatives in the city

Miss Fidessa Workman returned last week from an extended visit in New Jersey

Mrs Mary Hughes of Grafton has been visiting her mother Mrs C K DeVries

A present for your mother? What is nicer than a neat lace collar? D Long & Son

Mrs W W Long and children and Miss Alta Shoppert were in Cumberland Wednesday

Mr W M Thomas of Piedmont was a pleasant caller at this office on Saturday last

Mr H Foote Johnson, wife and baby of Columbus Ohio are in the city visiting friends

Mr Charles Carskadon of Headsville, has been the guests of Mrs Leps for a few days

Mr Robert V Davis a student at the Prep School was a Piedmont visitor this week

Miss May B Arnold who has been visiting in the city has returned to her home at Oakland

Mr William Burnap of Washington DC is the guest of his daughter Mrs Edward Dawson

Mr and Mrs Earnest Davis of Cumberland are visiting Mr Davis' parents on Spring Street.

Messrs Paul Goshorn, Paul Goche and Chas Heskitt of Piedmont were Keyser visitors this week

If you want to see the greatest line of goods ever shown in Keyser at living prices go to Greenwade's.

Mr W W Long was in Fairmont the early part of the week on business connected with the new motor fire truck

Young lady, to please your gentleman friend, buy him a pair of those nobby suspenders for Christmas. D Long & Son

Mrs Mary Nethken of Ridgeley has been here with her son, Sheriff Nethken, who has been quite ill but is now improving.

Large and small-Boy and girls, Men and women, Finest assortment in the city. D Long & Sons handkerchiefs.

Mr and Mrs W T Martin of Chicago Junction Ohio and their son, are visiting his brother at this place and at Antioch.

Mrs Robert Gurd and family and Mrs Good and family of Altoona Pa, are the guests of their sister Mrs Maude Gurd of Orchard street.

Mr G R Dye of Ridgeville was a pleasant visitor at this office on Saturday last. He has not been well for several weeks, but is now feeling somewhat better.

Funniest thing out-most of the Christmas shoppers do not know that Nefflen occupies two floors with his immense holiday display-Look for the upstairs.

For New Xmas goods visit I M Long's store

Mr and Mrs Thomas Brady are in Baltimore

Shoes-light and dark-light and heavy-D Long & Son

Miss Mabel Freeman has returned from a visit to Davis

No better place in town to buy groceries than at Crist's

Mr C C Arbogast and family have been visiting at Medley

Everything that you want for Christmas presents is at Greenwades

Mr John Rinehart at Foote was a visitor in the city on Wednesday

Mrs Oscar Johnson of Piedmont is the guest of Mrs A R Rinehart

Dolls and doll buggies and beds, best assortment in the city at Nefflen's

Miss Ruth Davis of Cumberland, is visiting her sister, Mrs Dr Gaston

Mrs Herbert Tucker and children have returned from a visit to Romney

Mr C H Vossler of Maysville, was here with his family over Sunday

Mrs Rizer Switzer of Dayton Ohio is the guest of her sister, Mrs W H Crabtree

If you want to see the greatest line of holiday goods in Keyser then go to Greenwade's

Mrs William Martin was in Cumberland on Saturday last to see her sister Mrs J W Wolford, who is in the hospital there and is getting along nicely.

A fine assortment of game boards at Nefflen's

Brights Harness Shop just received a large assortment of Buggy and Automobile Lap Robes, Horse Blankets and Genuine Wilburn Saddles that would make useful pleasing Xmas gifts to a friend.

Shelly can draw plans all right. His houses speak for themselves

Dr George H Carpenter is one of the delegates attending the Peace Conference at Richmond. He and Barnard Baker of Baltimore, represents this state and both are taking an active part in the conference proceedings. Cumb News

Wonderland! A real fairyland of Christmas gifts displayed at Nefflen's

Miss Anna Edminston, 14 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs W T Edminston, of Berkeley Springs, died Friday night at her home after an illness of several months of diabetes. Her father is the popular B&O ticket agent at that point.

Ever see Shelly's house plans? Then if you are going to build, better see him.

Dr F L Baker of Burlington made us a pleasant call this week, and reports $110 raised for the Star of Hope Child Refuge, through the efforts of Mrs Holland of Luke Md a sister of the matron. The Orphanage is doing well and hope to soon have more children.

Christmas goods in every variety can be found at D Long & Sons

Invitations are out for a joint installation of officers of the B of RT, No 758, and the L A to B of RT, No 410, Tuesday Dec 16. The Charles R Durbin Auxiliary of Grafton will be present and will use the special drill. The sixth vice president, Miss Ada Marshal, of Philadelphia, will have charge of the installation exercises.

Nuts of all kinds? Yes, Crist has them nice and fresh

Miss Beulah E McNemar delightfully entertained her audience at the Y M C A yesterday afternoon, one of special merit being "Robert of Sicily." With quick gestures, clear and distinct voice, Miss McNemar is by all means the best elocutionist that has ever visited this city. The visit of Miss McNemar to this city was one of special pleasure and while here she made many friends who will be glad to see her return.-Durham Daily News, Durham SC

Useful and attractive Christmas presents are sold by D Long & Son

Mr J H Cramer has lost a number of hogs and chickens, from a very peculiar disease recently. He estimates the loss to amount to about $175. In the past week or so, however, he has no trouble and believes the disease has abated. It is believed the hogs were affected with cholera, but he cannot account for the death of the chickens, as in the evening when fed they seemed alright, but in the morning one of the lot would be found dead and this happened repeatedly.-Piedmont Herald.


Fancy work and food will be on sale at J H Markwood's window, Main street, on Dec 13 and 15, by the sewing circle of the M E Church, South. The food sale will begin Saturday at 1 o'clock. Food will be sold on Saturday, but Fancy Work on both Saturday and Monday


Sunday School-9:45am

Morning Worship-11:00am

Subject "The Prince of Peace"

C E 6:45pm

Evening Worship 7:30pm

Subject "The Children's Festival"

This will be a sermon to the children. Music by choir and orchestra at this service. Everybody is cordially invited to attend these services.

H F Baughman, Pastor


Davis Street

Sunday, December 14, 1913

9:30am-Sunday School

9:45am-Men's bible class

11:00am-Morning Service

2:30pm-Junior League

7:00pm-Senior League

8:00pm-Evening Service, Subject: "The Days Before Jesus Was Born"

Everybody is cordially invited to attend.

Franck H Havenner, Pastor


At the last regular meeting of the Owls the following officers were duly installed for the ensuing term:

Mr Lee Wagner, President; F L Kimmel, Vice President; J Mason, Invocator; Scott Brown, Inside Sentinel; Jos Main, Picket. The Owls have insured all their members that are in good standing in the Baltimore Funeral Benefit Association for the amount of $250. Old and young Owls to have the same benefits for the small sum of 25 cents per month. A good thing! All Owls take notice.

Charlestown W Va-The defense examined several witnesses Wednesday afternoon in their effort to get a new trial for E Graham Wilson, recently convicted of criminal assault. A night session was held and today the State will call several jurors to deny evidence given for the defense.



Trimmed hats free
Altering free of charge
Trimmed hats--$3.89, $4.98, $5.98
A remarkable suit and dress for the fashionable woman--$10.98, $4.98
Smart coats attractively priced--$5.00 to $50.00
$4.00 New Fall Skirts $1.98
52-54 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md


All forms of life and endowment policies issued
At lowest rates consistent with absolute security









You want the best value you
Can get for your money, don't you?
Most folks come here for that.
They know we can give more and they
Know we have been in the habit of
Doing it ever since we started in business.
We give S and H Green Trading Stamps


Doan's regulets are recommended by many who say they operate easily, without griping and without bad after effects. 25 c at all drug stores.

Mesh bags and beauty pins always please the young ladies. Get them at D Long & Sons

Grape fruit and grapes can be found at Crist's grocery

Most useful goods and something new. I M Long.

Keyser Pharmacy, Keyser W Va

All first class and fresh
Of all kinds


FOR SALE--Farm, two miles from Keyser. U G Workman, Keyser W Va

PONIES-A good Christmas present is a nice Shetland pony. Dr F L Baker of Burlington has 46 of them.

VIAVI TREATMENT-I will be at the Reynolds Hotel the second and last Wednesday of every month, from one until 3 o'clock pm. MRS L M KENNISTON, Manager

MISS IDA CRAWFORD, Agent, Spirella Corset, as Advertised in the Ladies Home Journal, Delineator, etc. 127 W Piedmont St. Phone 164-F