JULY 12, 1912


 July 10,
 Surveyor D G Martin made a survey of the sub-District of Ridgeley, near Cumberland for the Board of Education of Frankfort District.
  Miss Lucy Welch visited home folks near Burlington, from Sat until Mon.
  Mr and Mrs L J Mott and Mr and Mrs. Mosby Martin, went to Cumberland Wed.
  Jeff Grayson and family and Miss Minetta Strob,of near Cumberland, Boyd Grayson and Mrs Lawrence Grayson of Keyser, were visitors at V M Grayson’s Sat and Sun.
  Miss  Eva Mott and James Doll, Miss Lucy Welch and Dorsey Cannon, Miss Hattie Dettinburn and Weck Doll, Miss Catherine Grayson and Lynn Mott, Miss Lulu Harrison and Albert Smoot and several others spent the 4th in Greenland Gap.
  V M Grayson, who has been working in Piedmont, has returned home.


  Rev  Qunicy Leckrone, of Pa, will lecture on temperance at the church next Fri evening at 8:00.
  By an arrangement of the District Temperance committee with the local committees in the congregations, Elder Leckrone will give one or more lectures in each congregation the district.
  Miss Effie Betson is spending the latter part of this week at home, near Short Gap.
  Wren Swadley, and sisters, Misses Mona and Myrtle, of Cumberland, were up on the Run Sun.
  Some are stacking grain, others are plowing corn, and still others are haying, and everybody has plenty of hoeing to do.
  It is said that measles are still raging up Mill Creek, many of the victims being better, while other cases are just coming in.
  The weather is so to that it requires care on the part of those who work in the hot sun lest they experience injury from it.
  Care for the horses.
  G S A


  July 8
  The Fourth passed of very quietly here until toward evening.  Some mischievous boys exploded some huge firecrackers, which aroused our curiosity, making us think that the Bryan and Teddy forces had locked horns and had decided to come to our town to square the deal.  The saloons all being closed, the writer had to be content with Adams ale and lemonade and a little colored water called pop.  The town was beautifully decorated with Old Glory unfurled from every house top and peach reigned supreme.
  W H Bowden, of Keyser, was a visitor at our town Sun.
  Dom Waters, of Everson Pa, is the guest of ye scribe, this week.
  Miss Bessie Miller, of Waxler, was calling on friends here Sun.
  Mrs J R Swaner is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs R L Yonker, of Keyser.
  Farmers are very busy harvesting along the branch this week.  A fair yield is anticipated.
  Our Sun school started in the grove with 31 in attendance.
  H G Miller of Waxler, made a brief call here Sun en route to Rawlings.
  Mrs May McKenzie, Clemmie Robison and Earnest Robison, of McCoole, were in our town Sun.
  John McKenzie and Charles Pugh, of Barnum W Va, were business visitors here Fri.
  Mr Bane, former editor of the Tribune, was a pleasant caller at our town Sat and Sun night last.
  Mr and Mrs G W House, who have been visiting the latter’s parents, Mr Solomon Thrasher, returned to their home at Boswell Pa, Mon.
  James R Swaner, has quit the Western Md railroad and has accepted a position as woods foreman for his brother in law, R L Yonker, near Bloomington W Va.
  Rodge McIntosh is critically ill at this writing.
  Mrs E H Gerstell and daughter, Miss Hannah, were Cumberland visitors Mon.
  Miss Nellie Price, of Baltimore, is a visitor of Dr Robert Gerstell’s this week.


  Mr Jacob M Biggs visited friends at Cumberland, Piedmont and other towns this week.
  It was a sane Fourth at Elk Garden.  No one was hurt by fire works but some were injured by fire water.
  Rev John A Shockey preached a live temperance sermon at Nethken Hill church last Sun.  He did not mince words and all who heard him gave him credit for driving the truth straight home.
  Mr John Baucia of NY City, is visiting his aunt, Mrs Matilda Fiorentino.  He will stay a month on the mountain.
  At the Democratic Primary last Sat evening Wash Ashby of Elk Garden and Curtis Rice of Blaine were nominated for the office of Justice of the Peace, and Geo B Junkins of Hartmonsville, for member of the board of education.  The Repbulican nominees for justice are Ed Shillingburg of Hartmonsville, and Charles Ervin, of Wabash.  For member of the board of education Upton Pritchard of Sulphur.
  Mrs Andrew Shillingburg was brought from the Alleghany hospital at Cumberland last Sun and is now with her daughter, Mrs John Tice.  She was operated upon about three weeks ago and it was thought for several days that she could not live.  However, she now seems in a fair way to recover.
  The Young Folks Entertainment last Sat evening was greeted with a packed house if it was a hot July night.  The speakers all acquitted themselves well and the large audience was delighted with the program.  Those taking part in the two-act comedy, “Dr Cure-All:”, were:  Ralph Bean, Velma Wilson, Mabel Clark, Eva Dishong, Eva Clark, Mura Kitzmiler, Ralph Taylor, Viola Jones, Mary Patton, Aldah Foreman, Those in “Borrowing Trouble” were Vauda Blackburn, Estel Kenny, Maggie Jones, Lydia Heffner, Grace Aronhalt, Eliza Foreman,  James Gordon.
  Rev W W White has secured Rev T Murate, a native Japanese, who will give an illustrated lecture in the Odd Fellow’s hall, Sat evening, July 13, on Japan.
  It rained in the forenoon and in the afternoon of the Fourth.  The ball games were stopped both in the forenoon and afternoon, and the foot races did not come off on account of the rain.  The ball team from Lord, Md, played the two games, or parts of games.  The morning game, five innings, 7 to 2 in favor of Elk.  Batteries for  Elk, Grant and Blackburn; for Lord, Gray and Hawkins.  Afternoon game, five innings, 7 to 1 in favor of Elk.  Batteries for Elk, Cross and Bankert; for Lord, Cooper and Gray.  There was a fantastic parade which was much enjoyed.  But the rain – well, better luck the next time boys,
  Orphans Day at Elk Garden, Sun, June 30, was a great success.  The Red Men, Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias turned out, some members from each lodge.  Good music was furnished by the choir.  Rev John A Shockey of the ME Church, South, participated in the exercises.  The crowning event of the day was the address by the originator of Orphan’s Day Mr F C Rollman,  He made a clean, earnest, forcible address and won the hearts of all his hearers.  All felt impressed with the importance of having an Orphanage in this section of the state, and the audience showed their sympathy in the movement to the amount of $23 in the basket collection.  The good work has begun and perseverance will bring success.



  Picking cherries is the order of the day.
  The festival at Fountain last Sat night was the best one we have had for years, and we wish to thank every one who lent a helping hand, and especially the Mountain Valley Band for their excellent music which was much enjoyed by every one.
  Mrs A S Fleek and sister, Mrs Emmert, were visiting home folks last Sun.
  Mr and Mrs H J Bailey and Mr and Mrs Newton Umstot visited Mr and Mrs John W Rogers last Sun.
  Miss Virgie Staggs, who has spent the past six weeks with her sister, Mrs V A Ellifritz, is expected home this week.
  Mr and Mrs Will Hull, of Grant Co, have been visiting friends in this section since last Sat.
  Mr Berkeley Bailey and Miss Blanche Staggs were calling at Mr P M Dayton's at Knobley, last Sun evening.
  Miss Marie Wilson, of Moorefield, who spent the past week at Mr J W Rogers, went to Keyser Sun evening to visit her sister, Mrs Dan Huffman.
  Mr and Mrs Jacob Urice spent Sun at Mr B F Corbin's.


  Review (Romney) of 10th
  Mrs Blanch Goldsborough is visiting friends in Martinsburg.
  Julian Gilkeson of Moorefield and Cleland McNeill, of Old Fields, spent Sun here with friends.
  Mr and Mrs Will Hedges of Baltimore, are guests of Mr and Mrs F C Turley at Hampshire Club.
  Miss Non Mohler, of Martinsburg, is visiting the Misses Beckman.
  Miss Mary Burke returned home last week from Northhampton, Mass.
  Mrs Helen Moore returned home last week from Summit Point.
  Miss Mary Screen spent part of last week at her home in Lonaconing.
  Miss Anna Gibson left last week to spend her vacation in Va.
  Mrs Chas Coleman left Tues for her home in Duquesne,Pa, accompanied by her mother,     Mrs G W Parsons and Misses Willie Parsons and Avery Heiskell.
  Mr and Mrs G W Parsons entertained a number of friends at a reception last Fri evening in honor of the bride and groom, Mr and Mrs Dailey Kenny, who returned home last Thurs.


  Moorefield Examiner of 4th
  Julian Gilkeson, of Cumberland, came up last Sat t spend a week with his mother.
  W H Shearer, who has been right sick for several weeks, we are glad to say, is improving.
  Scott Sions, who was operated on in Baltimore last week is reported as getting along nicely.
  Miss Eula Hockman, who has been visiting at Hagerstown, returned to her home here Tues.
  Mrs Bowen and C B Welton accompanied the remains of Mrs Sommerville to Berryville last week.
  Miss Sophia Sommerville, who has been here for several weeks left yesterday for Charlottesville, Va.
  Roy Gamble, has been quite ill the past week but is some better at this time.
  F C Welton, of Cumberland, came up last Fri and spent the night here.
  Born, To Mr and Mrs O M See, last week, a son.
  Miss Mary Armstrong, who has been visiting Mrs M A Bean for several weeks, left last Fri for Charleston WV.
  Mrs Ernest Bowman, of Franklin, was quite ill with indigestion last week, but we are glad to say is much improved.
  Will Sherrard and Marshall Sherrard, who have been visiting here for some time returned to their home in Iowa Mon.
  Mrs Sommerville, who has been quite ill for some time, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs C B Welton last Thurs afternoon at an advanced age.  She had been quite sick for some time and her death, while a shock, was not unexpected.
  On Fri morning, the remains were taken to Berryville Va, where they were interred Sat.
  Married by Rev L D Caldwell, at the home of the groom in Pendleton Co, on Sat, June 22, 1912, Silas Siever who is 67 years old and Miss Sarah Tusing, of Mathias, who is enjoying life in her 73rd year.
  Miss Nan Kuykendall, a brother, Isaac Kuykendall of Keyser arrived Tues on a visit to relatives.  Mr Kuykendall has been a missionary in China for the past seven years and is on his furlough.
  On Fri, June 26th, Andrew Brooks, one of our colored citizens, departed this life after a short illness.  His sickness was of such short duration, his friends not knowing that he was seriously ill, that his death came as a shock to the entire community and evidence of sorrow were depicted upon the countenances of many.


  Mrs W J Stump, of Spring Valley, Ohio, and Mrs Tom Taylor, of Emoryville, were on a visit to friends here Tues.
  Fred Sheetz, of Winston-Salem, NC, is the guest of J P Arnold’s.
  Mrs N C Rogers, of Hull, Ill, and her little boys, Lloyd and Howard, are on a visit to her mother, Mrs Minnie Duling.
  Mr and Mrs Harry L Arnold of Keyser, came up to spend the Fourth with her parents, Mr and Mrs J P Arnold.
  Dr Morgan is away attending examination for State Certificate to practice medicine in W Va.  He is from Baltimore.
  Homer M Junkins started on a general ramble the Fourth of July.
  Misses Mary and Bessie Welch, of Empire, were on a visit to relatives here last week.
  Miss Sarah Burgess of Laurel Dale, was on a visit to Mrs E A Ludwick’s last Sun.
  Miss Vera Peters of Emoryville, visited friends here last Sat.
  B W Davis, of Keyser, was here on business Tues.
  Fred Burgess of Terra Firma, visited E A Ludwick Sun.
  H C Fout of Chaffee, visited friends here last week.
  The last wool in this part that we know of was shipped Tues at 28c per pound.
  T W S Foley, who is generally known as the “Old Man Eloquent” of  Mt Storm, was here as solicitor for a fruit firm Tues.  Scott is a regular traveling encyclopedia of facts and figures.
  John P Kitzmiller and son, George, were re-building the coalhouse at this place Tues, which was blown down by a cyclone some time ago.
  Miss Nannie S Neville, of Keyser, visited friends here last week.
  Messrs Sloan McDowell and Si Farris, of Dartmour, were on a visit to friends here last
  Jas Bosely has moved from Bayard to Nattyville into the Cooper house.
  Misses Blanche and Carrie Duling, Earl A and Wesley Duling, and Harry Kitzmiller visited Greenland Gap the Fourth.
  Tom Taylor and the writer visited Col M D Neville, at Ryan’s Glade last Wed.  He is well known to many of the readers of the Tribune, is in his ninety-second year, and is very feeble.
  Now friends, give us a man for county commissioner who has personal convictions of right, and who if elected will give “equal rights to all, and special privileges to none.”


  Sun was rather a memorable day in the history of Mt Storm church.  That a splendid program was rendered in a most excellent manner was the common verdict of a large and appreciative congregation that more than filled the church.  The weather was all that could be desired.  A splendid menu was served on the ground.  An notwithstanding the large number of people who came form a distance there was enough for all.  It was a sort of reunion day to quite a number.  Among those who attended from a distance were, Mr and Mrs C G Vossler, their two daughters, Misses Anna and Nora, their two sons, Messrs Henry and Edward, and the latter’s little daughter; Hon C H Vossler and wife and son, Clarence, and two daughters, all of whom have taken up quarters at the Mt Storm hotel for a short while.  The sermon in the afternoon was preached by Rev E P Idleman, who, accompanied by his wife, was on a short visit to his old home.
  Miss Laura Idleman and Mr Wayne Bonner drove over to Bayard last Wed, where hey ere made man and wife by the Rev A B Mann.  We extend congratulations.
  Mr and Mrs H C Schaeffer and Mr Kessel came up from Petersburg Sun morning in their new auto.
J J Idleman and Miss Grace Hanlin attended camp meeting at Mt Lake Park a day or two last week.
  Isaac Wilderson and two sisters, Misses Urith and Blanch, Mrs Bay, Job Aronhalt and son, Carl, attended Children’s Day services here Sun.
  Rev and Mrs J T Cosner returned Sat from Eglon where they had been visiting friends for a week.
  Misses Effie and Grace Hanlin are visiting friends at and near Bayard this week.

  X O X

Piedmont, W Va June 24

  Mr Wm T Sigler is putting concrete cellar floors in the property of Mr Thos Boyles occupied by Rev R H Vice and C W Powers on East Fairview St.
  A new grocery store has been opened up in the Cross building, under the firm name of Cut Rate Grocery Co, of which Mr H J Hess is manager.
  The following officers of the Mineral Castle No 1, AOK of the Mystic Chain were elected Thurs night, June 20; T E Morriosn, commander; Earl Balker, Vice Commander; Francis Fazenbaker, marshal; W H Linn, treasurer and inside guard; Filner Vanpelt, outside guard; C T Vanpelt, financial scribe; C F Peters, recording scribe; W J Viney and W D Kerns, select representatives; Francis Fazenbaker and C E Frankland, alternates.
  Mr C F Hath is spending a few days in Hagerstown visiting relatives.
  Miss Beulah Van Arsdale left Sun on a few weeks' visit to friends and relatives in Cumberland.

June 22

  Wilbur Gower left this morning to attend the funeral of his brother at Blaine, W Va. Bailey Gower, aged 23 years, was killed Wed in the mines at that place. He was working in one of the air courses when a heavy fall of slate and caught him. The fall was so heavy that it took a large force of men several hours to recover his body. A sad feature in connection with his death was that he had been married only three weeks, his bride being Miss Welch of Oakland Md. He was well known in Ridgley, where he frequently visited.
  Mr J G Barnes, employed at work on the new Canal Towage company's building, was seriously injured yesterday afternoon when a heavy plank of wood fell upon him. He was at work in the new boat yard mill when a plant measuring 60 feet dropped upon him striking his left leg. The member was not broken, but badly lacerated. He was removed to his home in Ridgeley.
  Miss Lillie Caldwell, of Keyser, is visiting friends and relatives in Ridgeley.
  Mrs Ella Daugherty and daughter, Miss Beaurie Daugherty, of Gassaway W Va, are visiting relatives here.


  Westernport Md, July 1
  Contractor Harry F Smith, of Piedmont W Va, has several buildings in course of construction in the Twin-town, also at Dill W Va.
  Mr Robert V Dayton is clearing off ground for a big peach orchard near the old Getty farm, about two miles below town on the Md side of the river.
  There is a big excitement at and around Dodson, Md, caused by a monster snake.  The women and children have barricaded themselves inside their homes and terror reigns supreme.  The men are all out with all the available arms of every description.  The monster has been shot at innumerable times but from what can be learned, the shots had no more effect than pouring water on a duck’s back.  From description given by eye witnesses the snake is about twenty feet long with a yellow head about six inches broad and the body is about eight inches in diameter.  The monster is causing a great deal of uneasiness for fear it will destroy some of the children before it can be captured or killed.


  Mrs H G Steorts is spending the summer at Mt Lake Park.
 Miss Hallie Kuykendall returned home last Fri from Romney
  Dr Clay W Leps, of Fairmont, came in last Fir to the reception.
  Chas N Finnell and baby spent last sun with relatives at Parsons.
  Miss Mildred Alexander of Clarksburg, is a guest of Mrs Harry Adams.
  Miss Nora O’Hara of Richmond Va, is visiting her brother, Father O’Hara.
  D W Snyder of the Alleganian, Cumberland, was in town Mon and paid us a call.
  Mr and Mrs Harry Atkins left Wed night on a visit to relatives in Pittsburg Pa.
  Miss Maria Vass Frye returned home last Sat from an extended visit to relatives at West Point NY.
  Mr Rex Carpenter, formerly of this city, has moved from Monticello,Ky to Staunton Va.  –Cumb News of 7th
  Miss Alma Peters left on No 8 last Sat morning for Baltimore to visit the home of her uncle, Mr W S Shores.
  Miss Katherine Miller, of Falling Waters, arrived last Sat on a visit to the house of her uncle, Dr F P Stehley.
  Mrs John Carskey and daughter, Miss Elinor, of Hohnesburg? Pa, arrived here last Sat evening on a visit to Mrs Murray Winters and other relatives.
  Mrs E M Stallings and little son returned home Sun from Terra Alta, where they had been visiting relatives since the fourth.
  Mrs S L Poindexter, who spent a short while here with her sister, Mrs A E Russell, went to Parkersburg last Fri to visit friends on her way home at Chicago.
  Misses Eva Moore, Laura and Maria Crooks, Pauline Maxfield, and Miss Alexander, of Clarksburg, attended the dance at the Casino, above Westernport, last Mon night.
  Miss Nina Reed returned to her home in Cumberland Mon after a pleasant visit to her aunt, Mrs C H McGal?, Miss Anna McGahan, accompanied her home for a short visit.
  Miss Emma McKnight, Columbia Street, has gone to Petersburg W Va, to visit her sister Mrs W A Wise.
  T M Lillard and family of Cumberland, spent Sun here.
  Miss Martha Dennison, is visiting relatives in Cumberland this week.
  Jesse Sharpless and family of Gormania, came down last Sat on a little visit.
  A C Feather returned Tues from an extended visit to Baltimore and Washington.
  Miss Anna Coyner of Pittsburg, has been a guest of Mrs Lena Hutson the past week.
  Miss Lillian Jordan, or Corinth, has been spending the past two weeks among Keyser friends.
  Mr and Mrs E W Nave and children, of Faulks Mill, spent Sun with Miss Lizzie Wenner.
  Mrs Albert Steiding went to Cumberland last Sat to spend a few days with relatives.
  The many friends of P M Spangler, of Pen Mar, were glad to see him in town again yesterday.
  Prof F R Koelz has gone to Lakeville Conn, to take the summer course at the Tacomia school.
  Mr Orris and son Keith, spent Sun here with the former’s daughter, Mrs Will Stewart.
  Miss Mary Cross returned to her home at McCoole, last Mon from a visit to Baltimore and Martinsburg.
  E O Abernathy, who was at dobbin for some time, writes us to change the address of his paper to Cressmont, N C.
  Miss Grace Bowman returned to her home in Davis Mon, from a short visit to her friend, Miss Beulah Burke.
  Mrs Mugler of Grafton, has been visiting her daughter, Mrs C K Devries, and other relatives the past week or so.
  Mr G R Dye, of Ridgeville, was here yesterday on his way home from attending camp meeting at Mt Lake Park.
  Mrs Tina Taylor, who spent a few weeks here with her niece, Mrs H C Grusendorf, went to Terra Alta last Sat to spend a while with relatives.
  Master Richard Douglass returned home Wed from Barkville, where he had been spending three weeks with his friend Marvin Harrison.
  Miss Kate Laffey, of Frankville, came down Tues to see her brother, Tom, who is in the Hoffman Hosptial sick with fever.
  Dr L H Gaston and C L Everhart spent Tues at Rees Mill fishing and caught a nice string of fish, besides being beautifully sunburned.
  Miss Alta Schoppert, accompanied by her nephew, Louie Long, went to Hagerstown Wed to visit the home of her brother, Oscar Schoppert.
  Mrs Earl H Smith, of Fairmont, is the guest of Miss Fan Leps.
  Miss Gladys Davis left first of the week for Norfolk Va, on a visit.
  Miss Catherine Sharpless, is visiting her sister, Miss Lola in Elkins.
  Mr Patch of  Chicago, is here visiting his cousin, Mr D K Hughes.
  Paul Peters and Vernon Twigg took in the circus at Cumberland Wed.
  Mrs Lucy Kuykendall returned home Mon form her visit to Hampshire Co.
  Harry Sheetz, of Fairmont, spent Sun here with home folks and friends.
  Dr C W Leps returned to Fairmont Sun night after several days at home.
  Mrs Dennie McKee is visiting relatives and friends in Davis W Va, this week.
  Misses Ellen and Vennetta McKenzie, spent Sat and Sun in Cumberland.
  Engineer, Wm Perry of Cumberland, was circulating among his friends here yesterday.
  Dr and Mrs Richard Gerstell spent a few days this week with friends at Hutton Md.
  Miss Blanche Harrison has returned home from a visit to her sister in Youngstown O.
  Miss Mabel Seymour returned home Mon after a week end visit to with Miss Fan Leps.
  Mr and Mrs Grover Lillard and son, of Grafton, are visiting parents and friends here.
  Miss Minie Linn has returned home in Cumberland from a visit to relatives here.
  Miss Hazel McNemar of Cumberland, is visiting relatives and friends here this week.
  Lee Lauck returned to Washington last Mon and was accompanied by his brother Rex for a visit.
  Miss Nellie Kimmell returned home Sun after spending some time with her sister at Thomas.
  Miss Dora Johnson accompanied by Miss Bessie Wageley, left for her home near Clarksburg, Thurs morning.
  Mrs Dr L H Gaston children and nurse, Miss Sindy, are spending a few days in Cumberland this week
  Miss Lucy Trask, of Kingwood, is the guest of Miss Dagmar Hansen, on Graham ST.  –Elkins Inter Mt of 10th.
  Mrs Roy Ravenscroft and daughter returned home, in Baltimore Thurs, form a visit to home folks and friends here.
  Misses Amy McKee, Marguerite Dorsey, Lillian Kirtley, Verta Drake and Marguerite Dugan spent the Fourth in Piedmont.
  Mr Joseph Siefert, daughter and son, of Garrett, Ind, arrived last Fri for a week’s visit to the home of their old friends, Mr and Mrs Jacob Sobraske.
  Mr and Mrs E G Kimmell, Mrs S L Twigg and Miss Minnie Umstot, of Keyser, spent the Fourth in Mt Lake Park, and report a very pleasant time.
  Miss Bessie Miller, of New York, arrived Wed evening to spend a few days with her parents, Mr and Mrs Chas M Miller, before leaving on a trip to Switzerland.
  Mrs Madison Hatfield, of Morgantown, and Mrs W F Llewellyn, of Washington DC, arrived last Sat and are spending a week with their niece, Mrs J C Sanders.
  J W Kelly, B&O superintendent, of Cumberland, G D Brooks, John W Ravenscroft, J W Virts, A E Rice, Chas Arnold of Keyser, T A Moran, W H Miller and M Naughton of Piedmont, have returned home form Baltimore, where they attended a meeting of the Safety committee.
  Mrs E C Myers and granddaughter, Miss Sarah Harter, of Cowgill, Mo, and Mr Harry Slusher, of Chicago, are guests of Mrs Ed Rogers.  They expect to spend a few weeks in Hampshire county and also visit Baltimore, Washington,NY and Atlantic City, and on their return form the East will stop off here.
  George W Clark, of Loanoke, Arkansas, is spending the week with his sister, Mrs G W King in Keyser.  He was a delegate to the Democratic National convention at Baltimore.
  Mr Clark, nine years ago, left Needmore, Hardy Co, located at Loanoke and engaged in the practice of law.  The opportunities, as he says, were many in different avenues of industrial progress, and he bears evidence of success in his profession.  He is a member of the legislature, and a candidate for secretary of state.
  Miss Mary Montgomery, of Luke Hill, who has been spending several weeks with relatives and friends in Cumberland and McCoole, has returned home.
  Mrs C Hillabrandt and daughter, Miss Beulah, who spent a couple of weeks here with  Mr and Mrs FE Huthinson, left for home last Tues, at Chester Mass.
   Mr H S Thompson, accompanied by his wife and daughter, Miss Tabitha, went to Grafton Tues to attend the meeting of the W Va Undertakers Assn.
  W S Decker, foreman of the Tribune, went out to  Terra Alta last Fri evening and remained until Sun night, returning on No 12 and bringing home his family who had been there a week or two.
  Mr Frank Dawson and family of Rochelle, Ill, are visiting friends in this section and at Shanks, W Va. He expects to leave for home in a few days.  He has been located at that place of nearly two years.
  Arnold Vandiver, of Burlington, took in the convention at Grafton Tues and helped give Junior the proper sendoff.  Ex-Sheriff Nethken went out form Keyser and helped sweel the chorus.  It was a regular old time jollification.
  Dr Carter I Long, a graduate of the MD University Dental College, Baltimore, received notice yesterday form Sec J F Butt that he had passed the recent examination held by the State Board at Wheeling.
  Ed Shaw of Keyser,visited friends here Sun evening.
  Miss Helen Warner, of Keyser is the guest of her sister, Mrs H H White.
  Mrs Herbert White and two children returned home Mon from Keyser where they had been visiting relatives for a week.
   Mrs E S Everyley returned home Mon from Keyser, where she had been visiting her daughter, Mr Milo Clemm, for a couple of weeks. – Terra Alta Republican of 4th.
  Lawrence Shaner, of Mt Savage, died in the Allegany hospital in Cumberland last Sun.
  Black and Sifrit are opening Ice Cream and Confectionery room in the J M Bright building on Armstrong St.
  Clerk of the Court John W Young, of Cumberland has received the honor of being appointed the officer to presided over the reunion of Odd Fellows.
  Lewis Broadwater of Merril, Md and Miss Marie Cornell of Mt Lake Park, were married in Columbus Ohio, last Tues.
  New York, July 10. NY friends of Richard Elkins, the youngest son of the late S B Elkin, US Senator from W Va, who inherited several million form his father’s estate, was secretly  married in Atlantic City nearly a year ago to Miss Wilhelmina Lonsdale of Memphis Tenn and Washington.

  Miss Ada L Connelly, of this city, and Mrs Robt Plush, of Brunswick, have returned from Keyser, where they been visiting Miss Ethel and Josephine Miers, Mozelle Street, Miss Ella Drake, also a member of this party, returned several days ago. – Cumb News of 10th


  W C Burkhiser, who is working at Newcastle Pa, came over and spent the fourth with his family.
  C W Shelly has about closed the sale of his property at McCoole to Jas B Rees, of Patterson Creek.
  White Post, Va. – On July 31, A Chrisman, aged 63 years, died here.  The funeral was held on Fri at Meade Memorial Church.  He is survived by a widow and six children.
  J A Glaze, who makes his winter headquarters in Keyser, is now in Terra Alta and says business with his Ferris Wheel and “hobbies” is good regardless of rainy weather.
  According to the press dispatches of Sun, Capt Louis C Burdette, of W Va National Guard an a resident of the city of Charleston, is the champion rifleman of the world.
  A V Park, manager of the Park Orchard Co, Knobley M peach growers, estimates the crop this year on the 11,000 trees at from 25,000 to 30,000 baskets, and the size and quality fine.
  Orlando Harrison, of the firm of J G Harrison & Sons, Nurseymen, Berlin, Md was here over the Fourth and visited several of the large orchards on Knobley Mt in which they have extensive interests.  He was accompanied by his little son, Orlando Jr.
  Robert Cunningham , a well known young business man of Berkeley Springs, a native of Hancock Md, died suddenly Fri as he was entering his home for dinner.  Death was due to a leaky heart valve. He was the son of Mrs Jane Cunningham and the late John Cunningham.
  In the case of Dr John O Knott, the former pastor of the Southern Methodist Church at Warrenton Va, whose appeal was heard recently by the committee of appeals at Nahsville, Tenn, the judgement of the lower court was affirmed.  The hearing of the appeal of W H H Joyce formerly of Roanoke was postponed until next year, on account of the illness of his counsel, Rev E V Register. –Shepherdstown Register.
  Misses Nan Long and Ettie Parsons, of Holly Meadows, who spent several days at Dodson, Md, the guests of Miss Florence Kinkead, returned Mon evening.
  Mrs W L Parsons and children of Holly Meadows, returned Mon evening from Dodson Md, where they visited relatives the past three weeks.  Her little boy, Walter, who had been there several months, returned with her.  –Parsons Advocate of 4th.
  Albert James Slee, Elyria Ohio, and Miss Pennington of Cumberland, were married at Elyria, July 2, by Rev Mr Stewart, of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Mr Slee is employed by the Elyria Iron and Steel Co.
  Mr Vernon Adams of Cumberland and Miss Bessie D Dixon of Lonaconing were quietly married on June 23rd at the Presbyterian manse at Oakland by the pastor, Rev Ely.  It was the intention to keep the marriage a secret for some months, but friends go hold of it and the announcement was made last evening.  –Cumb News
  Mr and Mrs E G Kimmell went to Cumberland Wed in their auto.
  Fairmont W Va – John Calvin Smith, 66 years old, is dead at his home here.
  B&O policeman Kenny, who has been on the Eastern shore for some time, is back on the work here.
  Millard Twigg went to Frostburg one day last week and purchased a fine riding and driving horse.
  The little ten year old son of J M O’Connell fell off the porch last Tues and broke one of his arms.
  Invitations are out to the marriage of Rev Frederick Ernest Allison to Miss Myra Louise Trask of Reese’s Mill W Va.  They will live in Frostburg.
  Chas E Blamer, second div engineer, and one of our desirable citizens,has been obliged to move to Cumberland on account of his run between that place and Brunswick, but we believe changes contemplated will soon bring him back.
  Mrs J E Hodgson and children, Margaret and Katheryn, of Baltimore, Md, are visiting at the home of the former’s mother, Mrs M C Russell, of Gaston Ave.  Mr Hodgson accompanied them here for a short stay and he has gone to Morgantown where he will be instructor of mathematics in the University Summer School.  –Fairmont Times
  Miss Fay Taylor of Fountain, is visiting the Misses Snyder.
  Daniel Arnold and Grand daughter, Miss Florence Cheshire, and nephew, Mr Harry Cheshire, of Beaver Run, were the guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Andrew F Lear, 50 Gay St,on Wed and also attended the circus.  –Cumb News of 12th.
  Cumberland, July 9. – Matthew Skidmore, of Midlothian, near Frostburg, had an exciting experience while fishing along the Potomac River below Rawlings.  He was passing through a thick marsh when alarmed by a peculiar and startling noise, saw ahead hundreds of snakes, averaging three feet in length.  He carried a hickory staff and with this he waded in killing 57 snakes and wounding 33 which he later dispatched, 90 in all.  The other snakes escaped into their den under a piece of broken ground.



  Margaret Harrison Brydon, aged two years and two months, daughter of Mr and Mrs John C Brydon, died Fri evening at Somerset Pa, the home of Mrs Brydon’s parents,  Capt and Mrs C J Harrison.  The funeral occurred yesterday with interment at Somerset with William Cleveland Hicks, of Emmanuel Episcopal church, this city, officiating.  The child was stricken by measles, followed by pneumonia, which developed spinal meningitis.  Mr and Mrs Brydon have one surviving child, a boy of four years.
– Cumb News of 2nd


  L Herman C Lampas, a well known retired employee of the B&O RR, who for some time made his home on Center St, Martinsburg W Va, died Sun night at 12:45 o’clock in the Kings daughter Hospital, Martinsburg, as the result of internal injuries received last Fri morning when struck by B&O fast freight No 97 at the Queen St crossing, Martinsburg.  He had never regained consciousness after the accident.  He would have been 72 years old had he lived until Aug 3.
  He is survived by one daughter, Miss Catherine Lampas, a well known trained nurse of Martinsburg, and two sister; Mrs Adam Schuckman, Chambersburg Pa and Mrs Charles Bentz of Marion Pa.
  Mr Lampas was born in Germany and came to America later in life.  For a number of years he was employed as a painter by the B&O RR and while thus employed he was severely injured in the yards at Keyser about 6 years ago.  He was then living in Westernport, this county and some five years ago he went to Martinsburg and had been on the B&O pension roll since then.  His wife, who was Miss Pauline Zwneg, died at Westernport about 15 years ago.  Mr Lampas was a member of the Lutheran Church.
  The funeral will be held there this morning in charge of Rev D W F Gruver, and the remains will then be taken to Westernport Md, for burial, leaving Martinsburg on train No 55.
– Cumb News


   Fred Pill was caught between two steel hoppers on the Western Md railroad while on duty for the Cumberland Coal Co and so badly mashed that he died in a short time afterward.  He was hurried to the Davis hospital, but to no purpose.  He was twenty years, six months and seven days old, and was the son of Thomas Pill, of Douglas and a brother of Mrs Howard Lipscomb of Parsons.  –Parsons Advocate


  Mrs Jemima Wilson, aged 82 years, die yesterday morning at 7:00, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs William Lashley, 165 Maryland Avenue.  Deceased has been in failing health for the past year and her death has been expected.
  Mrs Wilson was the widow of the late James Wilson, of Flintstone, this county, who died about 24 years ago.  Mrs Wilson was the mother of two children.
  Charles Wilson, who has been dead about 4 years, and Mrs William Lashly, with whom she made her home for some time previously to her death, and eight grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.  Deceased was possessed of considerable property at Flintstone, including the popular Mineral Springs there.  The funeral will take place tomorrow morning.
–Cumb News of 1st


  The funeral or memorial service for the late Miss Isia Thrush will be held at Lone Star Church, near Burlington, on Sun July 28th at 11 o’clock am.  Services will be conducted by Rev S Umstot.


  Dewey Kelbaugh, 14 years old, son of John Kelbaugh, inspector of the B&O freight yard at Brunswick, was drowned in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal at Knoxville Md, Fri while bathing.
  With several companions the lad got into a leaky boat and jumped into the water beyond his depth.  His companions made an effort to save him.  The boat swamped and the youths swam to shore.  Later the body was found on the bottom standing erect.


  Rev L But, for 50 years a minister of the ME Church South and a member of the Baltimore Conference, died at his home here Mon morning at the age of 74 after an illness of only a few days, death being caused by two strokes of paralysis.



  License to wed were issued at Cumberland as follows:
  June 22 – Sheridan Doctor Rowzer of New Paris Pa and Sadie May Hornick, of Beverly W Va.
  William Franklin Smith and May Turner, both of Cumberland Md.
  Delford Hiram Barb of Orkney Springs Va, and Rebecca Good of Mt Jackson Va.
  June 26 – Robert Alexander Foreback and Margaret Frances Roby, both of Cumberland.
  License to wed were granted at Cumberland to the following:
  July 1 – Wayne Loughly and Bessie Olive Morgan, both of Porterwood W Va.
  Claude Mathias Gallagher, of Thomas, and Mabel Wills, Kerr W Va.
  Joseph Wilson and Mary Beeman, both of Lonaconing Md.
  July 11  Baxter Armentrout of Keyser, and Drotha Dremor, of Gerstell.
  Clyde O Edwards and Goldie Frances Alkire, both of Slanesville.
  John A Raines and Emily P Webster, of Hambleton.
  Brimor Gatto and Minnie Paul, both of Henry W Va.
  Austin J Thompson of Barton and Anna S Shuck, of Reynolds Md.


  July 8.  Leroy Simms and Sarah Frances Schrader were married at the residence of Rev J H Flanagan.


  July 9.  Eloping in an automobile, Thornton Taylor Perry Jr and Miss Lucille C Scott, both of Charlestown, W Va, were married last midnight.


  Roy Ridgley met with a severe and painful accident while bathing in the river here yesterday afternoon.  He jumped from a springing board and in alighting in the water struck his foot at the instep, gashing it in a frightful manner.  He was taken to the office of Dr J K Cowherd, where the injured foot was dressed.  He is feeling better today, but will be indisposed for several weeks.
  Cumb Times of 6th


  At the convention of retail jewelers of W Va at  Hotel Willard, Grafton W Va, W L Jones of Martinsburg was elected President; Lloyd Erhardt, of Davis secretary and treasurer and J H Feaster, Piedmont; C A Keefer, Grafton, A B Scott, Fairmont and Frank Zelled, Terr Alta, vice presidents.


  Take 1 ½ lbs of plaster of Paris or dry road dust and put it in a pan; than mix together 2 pint gasoline, ¼ pint cresol.  Stir the plaster of Paris while you add the liquid.  When thoroughly mixed, the mixture should be rather crumbly.  Dry and sift and it is ready for use.  The best way to apply it is to make a small door in the side of a barrel, which is closed at both ends.  Place a few chickens and a few hands full of the powder into the barrel, then give the barrel a few rolls; remove the chickens and repeat the dusting in a week or ten days.


  At the last session of Mystic Friends Assembly No 6 , Mon night, officers installed as follows:
Chaplain, Mrs Mary Newcome
Commander, Mrs Lurena Rice
Conductor, Mrs Lillian Cheshire
Record Scribe, Mrs Ellen Hardy
Financial Scribe, Mrs Carrie Dayton
Treasurer, Miss Sedalia Newcome
Grand Aides, Mrs Mary Rice, Mrs Lizzie Buckalew, Miss Lottie Shafferman
Trustee, C M Dayton
  After the services were over a good time was enjoyed by all present.


  W VA will go Democratic for Wilson and Marshall in the opinion of J H Markwood, a member of town council of Keyser, W Va, who is at the Hotel Statler with a party on an automobile tour.  Mr Markwood was at the Democratic convention and he says that the Democrats have named a strong ticket and that it will sweep the country>
  The party consists of Mrs W  Woolf, a niece of the former Sen Henry Gassaway Davis, who was the vice-presidential candidate with Judge Parker; Mr and Mrs J H Markwood, B Markwood, W B and H G Woolf, Mr and Mrs R G Richardson, all of Keyser; Mrs Z T Kalbaugh, of Piedmont; Mrs r W McMaster of Wheeling and Mr and Mrs George S Rees, of Washington.
  “The Democrats have named a splendid ticket this year in Wilson and Marshall and W Va will stand for them,” said Mr Markwood.  “The state will give them a big vote.  Theodore Roosevelt is strong,, down there, but Gov Wilson will carry the state over both Taft and Roosevelt.”
  P J Kelly of New Orleans, who was a member of the water and sewage board for several years is also at the Statler.
  “The South will be solid for the Democratic ticket as usual” said Mr Kelly.  “There will be nothing to it.”  -Buffalo (NY) Times of 7th


  The following is the list of letters remaining unclaimed at the Keyser Post Office week ending July 11, 1912.  A G Blackburn, William Loyd, Dave Mechlimmyer, Chas McMade, A B Miller and Frank Rinard.


  Miss Grace Wenner sold her half interest in the Cumberland Millinery Parlor, also her half interest in the building, 300 Virginia Ave, to Mr and Mrs A Welton.  Miss Wenner, who has been suffering with nervous rheumatism, will leave in a few days for the South, where she hopes to improve her health.
 – Cumb News


  The report that I am an Anti-Watson man is being circulated throughout the County with the hope of defeating me for the nomination for the House of Delegates.  This is to advise you that the report is absolutely without foundation, that I have never had any other intentions that of supporting Sen Watson for re election.
 J E Leps


  Sunday, Vause, the eleven year old son of Charles Crawford living on Limestone, was seriously injured in some unknown way.  The scalp was torn from the skull from the top of the head back well to the base of the skull.  How it happened is a mystery, as the boy cannot tell, and there was no witness to the accident.  He was riding a horse about the premises and it is thought became entangled in a grapevine and was thrown to the ground and for the time being rendered insensible.


  Western Md passenger train leaving here at 3:25 pm for Elkins was derailed Wed afternoon, about 5:30 o’clock at Gorman,  The injured are:
  Mrs Frank, an Italian, Thomas W Va, left leg injured; Mrs Sherman Bohen, Dunbar W Va, left arm bruised; G W Whetzel, Elkins W Va, left shoulder bruised; N G Watson, Baggage master, right arm bruised.
  Several other passengers suffered minor injuries.  It is said the train was not running full speed, but was slowing up to take a siding at Gorman to permit another train to pass.  The accident is supposed to have been due to a broken angle-bar.  The lead truck of the combination car, the second in the train, was first derailed.  The combination and the day coach went over the embankment on their sides.  Had the cars kept turning they would have landed in the Potomac River.  The mail coach, the first in the train and the parlor car in the rear were derailed, but remained upright.  The tract for about eight rail lengths was torn up.  A relief train was sent out from Elkins and the passengers were transferred.  Company physicians were quickly on the scene and attended injured, who, however, were able to proceed to their homes.  The train was in charge of Conductor Thomas Lee.  Louise Yeager was engineer.


  The Metz brothers baseball team of Barton, journeyed to Rawlings Sat defeating the Rawlins team in a walkover, the final score being 29 to 0.  Batteries, H Metz and W Metz; Nuse. Showacre and Wiserian.


  The following is the list of letters remaining unclaimed at the Keyser Post Office week ending July 11, 1912.  A G Blackburn, William Loyd, Dave Mechlimmyer, Chas McMade, A B Miller and Frank Rinard.


  Mrs J C Sanders gave an enjoyable reception last Mon evening from eight to eleven at her home on Main St, in honor of her aunts, Mrs Llewellen of Washington DC and Mrs Hatfield, of Morgantown, who are her guests.  She was assisted by Mrs J D Gelwicks, and Mrs Geo W Bane, who presided in the dining room, assisted by Misses Pauline Gelwicks, Lillian Jordan, Pauline Wilson and Catherine Coffroth.  Ice Cream, cake and nuts were served.


  The returns have come in from the June teacher’s examination.  There were ranted three first grades, and four third grades.  Those receiving first grade certificates were Clarence Umstot, Bessie Ebert and Maude Sallaz, article ends.


FOR SHERIFF    C E Nethken

Delegates to the County Democratic Convention
  Following is a list of Delegates appointed by the several magisterial district county, convention to be held in Keyser July 20th, so far as have been reported.


  J C Wolfe, E A Russell, E C Taylor, C W Schaffnaker, W S Davis, J Triplett, Thomas Adams, Huntly Hoffman, J H Markwood, J J Burke, Anthoy Reed, J N Martin, J Clem, T M McNemar, D Long, W L Drake, E M Pancake, J W Thomas, V F Alkire, Sam Merryman, R A Welch, Harry Knight, W W Long, Roy Mulledy, J W Harrison, Eugene Gerstell, C M Dayton, F W Davis, John Wolford, J D Gelwicks, William Johnston, H C Grusendorf, J E Peers, W H Longsdorf, Warren Harr, J R Bane, M F Jones, Sloan Arnold, William MacDonald, Jacob Avers, Harry Leps, Andrew Keenan,  Dempsey Rice, T F Ward, J B Fetzer, C G Scribner, Charles Moomau, Jacob Sobraske, F G Davis, W C Pifer, H G Shores, T C Coffman, W Triplett, J H Pyles, George Keller, D B Biser, W W Woodward, Charles Bane, W T Wells, John Arnold, A J Pancake, J W Wagoner, John Swisher, Geo Bane, W R Caldwell, J M Fisher, E H Gerstell, S V Ward, J K Baker, John Kenpher, T Sirbaugh, I H Offner, J Z Terrell, Pat Dorsey, John Ward, Jacob Githens, Lee Holland, L C Shoemaker, George Wgoner, A P Brown, Tolbert Wagoner, AH B Kight, W V Stewart, J C Sanders, William Martin, William Smith, Chas A Rice, R M Frye, Arza Furbee, T D Leps, Paul Knockton, R Yonkers, I W Iser, A L Liller, C J Alkire, J M Linthicum, P A Helmick, John Martin, Mark McKinzie, P D Peters, W H Griffith,  C W Souder, Mike Dugan, A K Dickle, Phil Kelly, L L Edgell, J H rine, George Stewart, A V Douglass,  M H Barr, W R Taylor, J B Fetzer, Wm Mulledy, J W Wolford, Hugh Russell, Richard Gerstell, Hans Rice, L T Carskadon.


  J A Parrill, C K Wilson, D D Taylor, J W Vandiver, John S Wilson, J M Martin, Henry Clause, J W Rawlings, R Sstimmell, J A Vandiver, Jas G Wright, W E Dye, Dr M F Wright, John A Welch. Alternates:  G R Dye, Luke Markwood, D G Stagg, Vernon Gravson?, Ed Seaman, Floyd Morrison, V M Grayson.


  F W Rose, A F Hawkins, Tom F Kenny, W E Largent, T L Largent,  J Tierney, R McV Drane, Jos Lashorn, Geo R Boyles, R H Drane, C T Neff, Jos Carey, H K Drane, H R Stotler, Thos A Gleeson, John J Casey, Jos Hannon, Ed O’Gorman, Jon Faherty, Geo T Murphy, J S Helferstay, R H Helferstay, H S Richardson, M A Gleeson, T W Gocke, David Brandeburg, Aaron Welton, F V Eppler, Ed Mullen, John Hannon, Chas Bell.
  E T Ellifritz, L F Adams, H C Dawson, W H Parrill, F J Urice, Wilbur Harris, Jas Sheetz Jr, Wm Orndorf, R E Kuykendall, David Fleek, F A Urice, J K Allamong, H E Parrill, Leo C Wilcox, Hillery Rogers, Perry Brown, L T Emmert, John Fleek, V W Cunningham, J B Rees.


  I E Oates, Jas Moran, J E Winsboro, John Kenny, John Gordon, Luke Cummins, I H Bane, C W Ashby, P F McNally, John Tice, Ed McNemar, Brandt Nethken, W A Dulig, T Costello, Cecil Shrout, Jos Rice, J P Kitzmiller, J Fleming, Lee Junkins, Morgan Bane, R H Anderson, Frank Bane, Dr J O Lantz, G B Junkins, Frank Healy, W E Hubbs, Otha Sharpless, Jos Owens, Kirt Rice, Gibson Seaman, Thos Taylor, O D Harris.


  The Democratic convention for this Judicial Circuit was held at Gormania last Sat and Lloyd Hansford, the well known Parsons attorney, was nominated as a candidate for the districts composed of Tucker, Grant and Mineral Counties.  Mr Hansford is well qualified to fill the position, and no doubt will make a strong candidate.


  Miss Fannie  Leps gave a beautiful reception Fri night, July 5, at Stoneclyeffe, in honor of her brother, Mr C H Leps and his bride, who was formerly Miss Jessie Lee Caudy, of Denmore Park, Baltimore Md.  Those in the receiving line were Mrs G E Leps,Miss Leps, Mr and Mrs C H Leps and Mrs Earl H Smith, of  Fairmont.
  Punch was served in the library by Mrs J W Carskadon, of Headsville, assisted by Misses Katheryne Coffroth and Helen Alkire.
  Mrs Louis S Leps ushered the guests to the dining room, where Mrs C K DeVries presided at the table and was assisted in serving delightful refreshments by Miss Mable Seymour, of Seymour W Va.  Miss Lulu King, of Pocomoke, Md, and Miss Harriett Coffroth.  The dining room was beautifully decorated, the color scheme being yellow and white.  Daisies and asparagus predominated in the decorations throughout the house.
  Among the out of town guests were Mrs Earl H Smith and Dr C W Leps, of Fairmont; Miss Mabel Seymour, of  Seymour; Miss Lulu King, of Pocomoke Md; Dr and Mrs Jesse Little of Pittsburg; Mrs Arnold Gerstell of Philadelphia; Mrs E C Myers and Miss Sara Harter of Cowgill Md; and Miss Kathryne Scherr, of Louisville Ky.


  The Democrats of New Creek district held a mass meeting at the Skating Rink Mon evening and selected delegates to the county convention, and nominated candidates, for district officers as follows:  For Justice, J W Thomas and A V Douglass, For Constable, F G Davis and Frank Roberts.  For members of the Board of Education (outside of Keyser Ind Dist) Wm Ashby, Pres, S V Ward and C W Ashby. 


You owe it to yourself to investigate the Sweeper-Vac.  It will cost you nothing.
Telephone us or write us, and just say “I want to see the Sweeper-Vac” and give name and address.  We will do the rest.
Chas M Hays, 58 W Piedmont St, Keyser W Va  Phone 155


  Rev O A Price preached his first sermon last Sun morning in the Presbyterian church before a large congregation, and all who heard him were very much impressed with his excellent discourse and it is the unanimous opinion that if that was a fair sample of his ability as a minister that “he’ll do.” 


  On last Sat,a large E M F Car which Duke, son of Wm Berger of Cumberland, had on trial for H E Shell at Seymourville, while being operated by Mr Shell, who is an amateur autoist,lost control of the machine suddenly and it jumped over  a high bank, and that nay of the four occupants, Mr and Mrs Shell, Mr Berger and Luke Weese, escaped with their lives is nothing short of a miracle.  In making a drop of about 25 feet,the automobile turned completely over.  The men were thrown violently from the machine, but the woman remained in it and when it landed rightside up scrambled out little the worse for her experience.  The top, fenders and all other lighter parts of the machine were broken off.
  Without making any repairs, Sun young Berger in company with his mother and T E Veach took the machine home, making a run of 55 miles in 3 hours.