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MARCH 12, 1913



N J Crooks and son William, H L Arnold and Arlie Strother went to Medley Sunday in Mr Crook's auto and took dinner with the family of Mr J H Strother.

Mr O E Nutter, president of the First National Bank at Pennsboro and wife, were here a few days the past week visiting Mrs Nutters sister, Mrs J R Kennedy on Mineral street.

Miss Isabelle Sobraske was a business visitor in Cumberland Wednesday

Mrs Price Polland of Mt Savage is visiting her Uncle Mr T P McKenzie

Cashier T D Leps has returned from Poconoke City, where his wife and child had been on a visit for some time, and brought them back.

Miss Myrtle Bond, who is teaching at Fountain, was visiting friends here Sunday

Eva Blamer of Cumberland has returned home after a visit to her aunt Mrs Jim Glass here.

The Ladies Auxiliary to the B of R T will hold a supper in Friendship Hall on the evening of Wednesday March 26th, from 5 to 8 o'clock.

Strawberries, tropical fruits and California dried fruits at Dayton's sanitary grocery.

When you want a good shoe that will wear good and always give satisfaction, go to Greenwade's.

Bernard A Davis, as fireman employed on the W M railroad, who is off on a furlough, came down from Elkins first of the week and is at work in the B&O car shops.

Geo B Newhouse has delivered several insurance policies this week in Keyser for the Pittsburg Life and Trust Co.

Capt. Batdorf of the Keyser Police force, with his wife this week, on the occasion of her birthday, took a short leave of absence.

If you want to see new and up to date Easter shoes, I M Long can show you the prettiest, neatest and best money can buy.

Geo W Parsons went today to Smithfield, Harrison county, to inspect a large tract of timber

Mrs Nettie Carrier has returned from Baltimore, having completed her spring millinery purchases

Miss Abbie-Breakiron of South Cumberland is visiting relatives in town for a few days

Mr Ovis Gordon is visiting his parents in New Market, Va

Mr Will Carico has purchased the house of Mr Bane on James street and will occupy it as soon as vacated.

Mrs John Main was a Cumberland visitor today

Mrs W B Lauck accompanied by her daughter Mrs Arza Furbee is visiting her son W Jett Lauck in Washington

Hon and Mrs J O Liller went to Cumberland today to see "Little Boy Blue"

Seymour A Snyder of Grant county visited his brother Jacob Snyder on Beaver Run Saturday then came here for a few days

Herman C Koelz, civil engineer on the A C L Railroad, with headquarters at Sapho, Ga, who has been home on a short vacation, has returned to the Southland.

B F Wells has moved from Church street to E Piedmont street

Miss Edna McIntyre and Miss Celia Dunn of Westernport, are the guests of Mrs Ray Rice

Mrs Belle Babb of Williamsport who spent most of the past winter here with relatives, the Carskadon and Reynolds families, has gone home to remain for the spring and summer season.

Miss Lillian Cowherd, who has been the charming guest of Miss Georgie Shelly for a time, left yesterday evening, accompanied by Miss Shelly, for her home in Cumberland

H S Richardson, the well known insurance man of Piedmont, was in Keyser yesterday

The Ladies Auxiliary to the B of R T will hold a supper in Friendship Hall on the evening of Wednesday March 26th from 5 to 8 o'clock

Walter Lowry an old veteran, who is suffering from injuries received in the Civil War, started today for Hot Springs, Ark, for treatment

"Everwear" Aluminum wear of all kinds for all purposes. Frye & Sons.

T H Davis and son Albert, who have just returned from Detroit, where they attended a big banquet given to representatives of the Ford Motor Co, are expressing delight with their trip. Over 400 guests were present. Mr Davis, is the local representative of this company.

Col. Geo T Carskadon, who accompanied his sister, Mrs Emma Abbott home to Mt Vernon Ohio where he also had business interests relative to his big farm out there, has returned.

When you want good shoes that will wear good and always give satisfaction, go to Greenwades.

J H Vernon, confederate veteran and ex-railroad man well known to all of the old railroad men, has been on the sick list since Christmas, but is getting about again. He has had several very bad attacks of quinsy.

Dr L L Edgell returned from a short business trip to Pittsburgh

Three Mt Clare car carpenters were added to the shop force here today

The Gearless Motor Washer and hand Washing Machines. Frye and Sons

Last night Mrs V F Alkire received a telegram from McKinley, Nebraska, informing her that her mother Mrs Boblits is quite ill. She left immediately for her bedside

Prof J W Stayman, Miss Elsie Hoffman and Miss Minola Remley Hatch will accompany the Prep Glee Club on a trip up the Western Maryland, where they have several engagements for "Koanzaland." They will start tomorrow.

Emory L Tyler has just returned from a trip to Frederick county, Va, and Jefferson and Berkeley counties of this state.

R W Nine is making big cuts in groceries-see his add!

Strawberries, tropical fruits and California dried fruits at Daytons sanitary grocery.


Of all kinds are arriving daily, and the stock is one of the pretties ever seen in the town at Greenwade's.

The popular "Century" gas ranges in all sizes for home, restaurant or hotel, guaranteed the equal to any other make and at better prices. Phone orders to 19-F or call at store C C Arbogast 133 Armstrong St, Keyser, W Va

The Gearless Motor Washer and Hand Washing Machines. Frye and Sons

Highest grades of canned goods sold in Keyser can always be found at Greenwade's

Plumbing-For gas, water, and heat done by expert mechanics. Write or phone for terms and plans. C C Arbogast, Keyser, W Va

Hand Spray Pumps for lawn and gardens. Frye and Sons


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