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MARCH 13, 1913



W A Liller has contracted with W W Welker to build at the corner of Piedmont and D Streets a large, roomy building to be used as rooming and boarding house. It will have at least 36 rooms, and will have modern conveniences.

Harry Montgomery is having a 16 room double house built on Piedmont street near Church street. Tom Liller is the contractor.


Near Williamsport, on Pattersons Creek Mountain, T M Roderick, is planting an orchard. He will set 2000 more peaches this spring. He is planting all late varieties of fruit.


Wanted a wife-- an honest, respectable young man 28 years of age and good looking wants to correspond with young ladies not over 25 years old. Object matrimony. Address, John W Lewis, 509 John St, New Castle, Pa.

We want two young ladies to learn typesetting. Nice work good pay

For Sale-Erie 16hp engine, center crank, and American sawmill. Necessary belting and saws, at $609 on terms. Eureka Traction engine 14 hp, manufacturers Aultman & Taylor at $500 cash or $600 terms. Also a sawmill cheap. Inquire at this office.

For sale or rent-Farm 210 acres at Bier, Md. Good dairy or orchard proposition. Eight houses. J A Bier, Keyser, W Va.

For Sale-Large roll-top desk, quartered oak, in good condition, cheap. Also, White sewing machine, in good condition, for $15.00 to quick buyer. J M Bright, Keyser, W Va


Miss Elsie Wagoner, who teaches at Cross, spent from Friday evening till Sunday with her parents

Miss Philadelphia Blackburn of Parsons is visiting her sister, Mrs Chas Finnell

Mr Ray Spotts of Philadelphia is spending a few days at home

Mrs Clarence Plum and children and her father Mr Stotler, have returned from a weeks visit to Burlington

Mr H G Steorts and daughter Miss Louise, have returned from a weeks visit at Washington DC

Mr Geo Goshorn and daughter Mrs H Dawson of Piedmont spent Sunday with Sen O A Hood and family

Mr Roy Sutherland is having a home built in the Trout Addition

Mr John Lambert of Newburg, spent Sunday here with her brother's family

Mr Fred Koelz who teaches at Morgantown left yesterday on 55 after a few days visit with home folks

Miss Emma Carr is on the sick list

Little Hubert Miller who had his leg crushed a few weeks ago and had it amputated is now able to be out on crutches.

When you want good shoes that will wear good and always give satisfaction go to Greenwades

Strawberries, tropical fruits and California dried fruits at Daytons sanitary grocery

Miss Mary Steveson of this place, a graduate nurse of the Western Maryland Hospital, has been employed by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co as visiting nurse for the Piedmont and Keyser district

R W Nine returned Friday from a business visit to Baltimore

Mrs T A Martin, who has been spending the winter in Washington Pa, is visiting her daughter, Mrs R W Nine

Mrs Margaret Berry of Kansas came here Sunday with her nephew C E Taylor from Washington and will remain for some time.

Harry Price of Phillipi is here today on business

Mrs Sam Wakefield of Myersdale Pa is visiting Miss Catherine Sharpless

Boyd Nesbitt of Cumberland spent Sunday here

Mrs C F Bashore, who was operated on at the Hoffman hospital this week, is slowly improving

Mr R Marsh Dean of Elk Garden spent last night in Keyser

Mr M J Coblahan of Baltimore Md was in Keyser this week on some business

Mrs Wm Gurd of New Creek visited business houses and friends here Wednesday

Geo Riggs of Monroeville Ohio is spending a few days as the guest of Dayton, 38 F street. He is a B F D mail man off on vacation. He says his little town of 1400 is exceptionally prosperous. He expressed himself as most favorably impressed with Keyser and delighted with the beautiful scenery roundabout.

The Young Peoples Guild of the Presbyterian church will take orders for Rag Rugs, orders to be left with Mrs C K Devries

The W V P Glee Club will give a second rendition of "Koanzaland" at Music Hall next Monday night

Miss Em. Stallings has returned from Lonaconing, where she has been nursing

Mrs Shaw of Moscow is the guest of her sister, Mrs Snyder of Orchard St.

Mr Jim Harrison is now occupying his new home he had built on Argyle street

W B Woolfe took his big car to Cumberland to have it overhauled

Lee Laucke spent yesterday in Cumberland

"Everwear" aluminum wear of all kinds and purposes. Frye and Sons

The Ladies Aid Society of the First M E Church will hold a supper in the dining room at the rear of the church on Friday evening, March 14, at 6:30 o'clock. Price 35 cents

Mr and Mrs Herbert Layman left this morning for Mr Layman's home in Virginia where they will remain till after Easter

BORN, March 12 to Mr and Mrs Lee Litten, a baby girl

L C Shoemaker, who for years has been in the employ of Alkire Brothers, is at Grove's Hotel, sick of grip. Since the fire destroyed part of the buildings on the Alkire estate he has roomed in Keyser

Miss Mayme Meeks, of the county, the trained nurse, who has spending the last two years practicing her profession in Portland, Oregon, has returned to spend a month visiting home folks. Cumberland News
Miss Meeks is a graduate of Hoffman Hospital

R Mason Hill, circulation manager of The Evening Times, Cumberland, Md, was in Keyser today, adjusting some business matters.

Dr E V Romig is arranging to build a home on Halde Ave, instead of Hughs street, as had been previously stated.

Mrs H P Adams, who had been in the Western Maryland Hospital, Cumberland, for several weeks, came home Tuesday. She showed material improvement, but later relapsed from the shock of many solicitous friends calling. No one but her nurse is now admitted to her room

Mrs E A Firlie and little son of Cumberland are here to spend a few days with her parents, Mr and Mrs R T Kauffman at the B&O Restaurant

Lemuel Reynold of Twin Mountain was brought here at the Hoffman Hospital for treatment

The ladies of the W C T U will hold a food sale, Sat March 15, at Mr Markwoods. Bread, Pies, Cakes and other good things to eat.

Mr Giffin is improving his property on Davis street, by adding to his home another room with other general improvements

Mr Wm Randolph Berg of Jordon Run, and Miss Queen Elizabeth Morris of McCoole were married at Cumberland Wednesday, the bride is a daughter of Mr Morris of Keyser

Prepare for your Sunday dinner by purchasing at Harrison's Meat Market. See ad

H S Pulliam, the up to date liveryman of Water street, today begins an ad contract. He is adding some new side-issue features to his business

Prices slashed all to pieces on groceries. See R W 9's ad.

W J Newhouse is advertising in his new quarters in the Fred Hoffman building on Water street

Robinett and Zacot have contracted to paint a residence for Jas Reese in McCoole

Joe Robinett, who was operated on at Hoffman hospital on March 5 for appendicitis, was taken to his home Wednesday, and yesterday was able to be about the house

Douglass Frye, cashier of the First National Bank at Richwood W Va, visited his parents here a few days this week and took back with him his little son, Thomas Douglass Frye, who has been with his grandparents for several months.


Geo Richards, a B&O yard brakeman, was, while climbing up a car at the Hump in the Keyser yards this morning, in a sideswipe, caught and sustained a torn right hand and a severely crushed right foot. He was promptly treated at Hoffman hospital and all possible is being done to save his foot, which, however, may yet have to be amputated.


To take the place of the buildings recently destroyed by fire, Mr V F Alkire announces he will soon start work on rebuilding. Two buildings were destroyed, but he will likely replace them with one commodious one.


With each succeeding day the number of employees on the B&O, both in the shops here and in the train service increases. The payroll is likewise increased. The monthly pay yesterday was big, running up in the sixty thousands of dollars.

Morgantown, W Va

Former Governor William E Glasscock today said he was not a candidate for membership of the public service commission of W Va. In reply to a report that Governor H D Hatfield was to appoint the former chief magistrate as one of the four members of the board, he said: "I am not a candidate for any office. The first I knew of the report was what I read in the papers. I have not thought about it." Former Governor Glasscock and his wife arrived here yesterday morning. They will make their residence here.


Congressman Davis, of W Va, during the closing hours of the last Congress introduced a bill to authorize the Magnolia Power Company to construct two dams across the South Branch of Potomac River, one near Springfield and the other near Green Spring. Mr Davis had no hope when he introduced the bill that it would pass at the last session but he wanted to get it before a committee for consideration so that the committee might be ready to report early in the coming session.


Mrs J A Conrad of Chicago Junction, Ohio, came here this week and attended the burial of his mother, who died at New Creek at the home of her daughter Mrs Homer Patton, Monday. The burial took place at Antioch.


Best varieties of winter apples fresh from storage. Oranges, Grape Fruit, Lemons, Standard brands canned and dried fruits. J W Wolford, Armstrong street.


Cabbage, kale, celery, turnips, onions, lettuce, tomatoes. Also grape fruit, and other tropical fruits. Price right. George T Carskadon.


D L Trenton has remodeled his meat market, whereby the front room is doubled in shelf capacity. Otherwise he has improved his place of business. Mr Trenton caters to a good class of trade by carrying the best of fresh meats, and canned goods, including over half of Heinz's 57 varieties.


Under the auspices of the Junior Class of the Keyser High School, in the auditorium on the night of the 14th, Friday, a grand band concert will be given by McIlwee's Concert Band. A rare musical treat is sure to be the portion of all who will attend.


Harry Boggess, painter of Elkins, known as "Shorty" Boggess, who was arrested last week by United States Deputy Marshal Hupp, after having to be forced across the river in W Va, members of the Cumberland police force assisting, has retained Young & McHugh, attorneys, to bring action. Boggess, who is a painter by trade, was charged with bootlegging, but at a hearing before United States Commissioner Mason at Clarksburg, he was dismissed, no evidence having been adduced.


Fairmont W Va-The town election held at Mannington yesterday resulted in a dry victory. The drys wons out by 23 votes. The town was voted dry by one majority at the election a year ago. The following officials were elected: Mayor, Dr Vance, Recorder, Guy Clayton, Chief of Police, Mr R Helem, Councilmen, first ward, Chas Phillip, third ward, Mr C Boor.


Elkins voted "dry" Tuesday by a vote of 621 to 352, Dr A M Fredlock, three times elected mayor of Elkins by big mayorities, was defeated by C M Marstiller, by a vote of 562 to 404. Two candidates of the Citizens ticket for councilmen were elected, while the reform party elected three.


In our new store room in the F Huffman building on Water street we have been located by most of our old customers and some new ones. We are making some very special prices on staple groceries that we want everybody to know about, and invite them to our store. W J Newhouse & Son.


About 9 o'clock this morning at her home at 475 St Cloud St, Mrs J W S Ritenhouse died suddenly. She had been ill health for some months and had just got out of bed, after a nights rest, when she fell on the floor and died almost instantly from heart failure. While no funeral arrangements have been made it is understood the body will be shipped to her old home in Pennsylvania for burial. She was 41 years old and the wife of a B&O engineer, who formerly lived in Piedmont, but came here about three years ago. The family was originally from Punxatawney, Pa. Three daughters, Misses Dora, Mae and Mona, also survive.


That outside interest is general in the extraordinary orchard possibilities of this section is shown everyday. The latest evidence is the preparation for planting 1500 peach trees on a tract of land on the mountain west of Keyser, where last fall Frank L Malby, of Pittsburg, a traveling salesman, representing the W J Gillmore Drug Co made a purchase of a few acres of land adjoining Harry Wright's orchards. The land is the finest quality and was cleared the past winter and prepared for spring planting in a section already thoroughly tried out.


Last night for several hours great flocks of wild geese were seen, rather heard in the sky, wending their way to the breeding grounds on the great lakes of the North. As they followed their leader, the old gander of the swanlike feathered tribe, their "honk!" "honk!" in answer to their air-guides call could be plainly heard like melodious music in the still night.


Alberta, Arizona, Columbia,
California, Colorado, Idaho, Mexico,
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Saskachowan, Texas, Utah, WashingtonAnd Wyoming.