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  APRIL 14, 1913

5 JUNE 2003

Cumberland Md

Edward White and Hugh Kelly engaged in a serious cutting affray in a saloon on Front street Saturday evening and as a result White is in jail and Kelly at his home on Mechanic street with a badly lacerated face. The affair is said to be the outcome of a long standing grudge the men have had for each other, although when they met in the saloon the hatchet was then supposed to have been buried and the men shook hands, thus supposedly, ending their difficulty. It is alleged, however, that as Kelly was about to leave the saloon, White struck him and began slashing at him with a knife. He succeeded in cutting Kelly several times on the face and on the neck. White also received a black eye and a few cuts. Both men were arrested by Officer Nolte and were later taken to the Western Maryland Hospital, where Dr Koon dressed their wounds. Kelly then returned to his home on Mechanic street, White being taken to jail. His trial will come up later this month. State's Attorney ?rdew to prosecute. White is a B&O engineer, of Keyser. Kelly is a conductor of the same road.
Editor's Note-Mr White lives on B street in Keyser and supports a widowed mother. He has numerous friends and has always been counted a law abiding, peaceable citizen, hence it is hard for his friends to realize what led him into this desperate encounter. It is said that before time, once on the line of the Third Division and another time at Cumberland. Kelly and White fought.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, Circuit Court for Mineral will be assembled in a regular session, at the January session smallpox interfered and little work was done.


Rev H Clay Smith filled the pulpit in the First M E Church Sunday morning and night for Rev F H Havenner who is in Washington. He returned today to Cumberland. The words of Scripture used follow: Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the ? of God though it not robbery to be equal with God-Phil 2


Winchester Presbytery will convene here tomorrow. Preparations among the members of the local church, of which Rev A O Price is pastor, are being made for the entertainment of the visiting clergymen.


Miss Lizzie Pratt, a Hardy county girl who has made her home for several years with E H Frye at Lahmansville, has been brought to the Hoffman Hospital to be treated for appendicitis.


Congressman Brown has been notified that the post office at William, Tucker County, W Va, will be discontinued April 30. The sawmill which was located at William has been removed to Preston county and the population of the community has also gone, leaving no reason for maintaining the office.


I B Higgs has purchased the stock of goods and fixtures of W Hill & Co and this week moved his store from the Schaeffer & Kessel building to the one occupied by the Messrs Hill.

The Postmasters at Oak Flat and Mitchel, in Pendleton county, have tendered their resignations to the Dement. An inspector was in the neighborhood looking for other persons to take charge of the offices, but was unable to find anyone to conduct them, and it is probable that they will be discontinued, to the great inconvenience of the patrons.

The following applicants took the first Uniform Examination:
Misses Edith Hyre, Bertha Turner, Sallie J Kessel, Stella May Kuhn, Sarah J Riggleman, Minnie E Judy, Bertha V Turner, Lillian V Frye, Elsie A Hull, Myrtle Getz, Dehlia M Getz, Justina M Evans, Mamie F Mason, Elsie M Roby, Clarice Shobe and Messrs E C Brake, Charzey Coby, Warden A Veach, G E Hiser, Sidney B Halterman, W S Borror, Earl F Kessel, John F Hinkle, Tom Burgess, David L Getz, Otis Borror, Otis W Johnson, Joseph F Keplinger, H H Iman, Conway G Brake, E G Harman, Grant County Press.


Carpenter W L Triplett is off duty on account of rheumatism

Carpenter Albert Stieding spent Saturday and Sunday with his father near Terra Alta

Air inspector Will Ravenscroft returned Friday from a 4 day trip to Dayton, Ohio. He says the hotel where he put up at, had neither lights or heat, and that everybody had to be off the streets at 6:30 on account of the martial law.

Each days adds some new safety appliances in the mill and elsewhere

Two new hose reels have been received one for use at the Round House and the other at the Car Shops. The speed and capacity of these reels is not known as yet.

Foreman: "Now Mike I want you to get busy and load that truck and get it out of here, as you have killed too much already. Mike! Ain't the shops going to work tomorrow?

Mr Albert Miller has decided to become a reader of The Mineral Daily News

We have been informed that if you drink the sap taken from where a sycamore and pine tree rub together, that it is a sure care for rheumatism. This reminds us of the saying sprinkle salt on a birds tail and catch him.


For some time the abode of Mrs Ada Martin and a daughter of some 12 years in McCoole, has been under the lynx eyes of Squire Cross on the Maryland side and Chief of Police Davis of Keyser. The particular reasons the Keyser authorities had for interest were that men, more especially boys, were accustomed to cross over the river and return in an intoxicated condition. Friday night a certain woman of Keyser heard her husband was over there and asked the protection of Chief F G Davis while she went in search for him. The Chief very graciously agreed and with Policeman Coffman accompanied her to the North Branch bridge. There they awaited while she made the investigation. She went to the home of the woman in question, where as she says, she was assaulted and struck by a beer bottle. Anyhow, screams and confusion caused the sleuths to cross on Maryland soil. Squire L C Cross had been aroused, and he was so hot his Irish blood had turned green, so he took no time in swearing in the Keyser officials in Maryland, and ordered a raid forthwith. The landlady escaped to the wildwoods of Queen's Point, but her daughter of tender years and three men, all from Keyser, as reported, were captured. There was incriminating evidence as for several things seen and found. Serious charges have been preferred, and there seems to be ample evidence of rodyism, which has caused insults to the women crossing the North Branch bridge. The Keyser officers are to be commended for their stand in the line of justice and good order in aiding Squire Cross, in his little town which of course has no police protection. The interest of McCoole in such things is Keyser's interest as her good people come over here to shop and must be protected when they travel around at nights. Depend upon it, Keyser police force will do their share to the end of preserving order, whatever the comment.


According to the bulletin just issued by the state fire marshal, covering the month of February, the losses in W Va for that month were $385,000, on property valued at $435,878, and on which there was insurance to the amount of $463,800, in addition to these amounts the loss caused by the fires in Ohio, Wetzel and Mingo counties are not given. The largest single loss was that of the office and mercantile building of A J Homrick in Cabell county, amounting to $52,000, while the next single losses were the C J Morris store at Reader, Wetzel county, amounting to $13, 400, the Marion Planing Mill Company's building at Fairmont, amounting to $16,000. "Unknown" is assigned as the cause of more than half of the fires during the month, while those of known causes are "defective flue." A total of 86 properties were either destroyed or partly destroyed and of this number there were 44 on which there was no insurance whatever. The average fire loss per day for the month of February was $13,770, which is about double the average waste. The incendiary fires for the month were very large and these cases the department is now investigating. Martinsburg is said to have been the scene of operation for the incendiary during the past few months.


W A Liller has sold lot No 163 and part of lot No 164 on Mineral street to C D Plum and wife. This property is located opposite the B&O freight office. It is understood that Mr Scott Stotler, the popular restaurant man, will at once erect a building there for that purpose.


J A Bier, who has been a general foreman for W A Liller for some time, has moved to Izen, Pa, where he has a position as civil engineer for a big coal company.


Miss Mollie Robinson died in Charleston, W Va, at the home of her brother, Judge Ira Robinson. Miss Robinson who formerly resided in Grafton has been in Charleston during the winter. Deceased has been an invalid for a number of years and had been in rapidly declining health for the past month. Miss Robinson was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs William Robinson and is survived by several brothers and sisters, namely, Frank P Robinson, a member of the Taylor county court, Rev J S Robinson, of Fairmont, Judge Ira Robinson, of Charleston, Mrs Isaac Means, of Evansville, Mrs Lou Wilson, of Philippi, Mrs Scott H White, of Clarksburg. Interment was made at Grafton, Thursday.


J Sloan Arnold returned Saturday from a trip to Pittsburgh in which he took in the great National Automobile show, full of enthusiasm over the pleasures he had. He went first to Riddlesburg, Pa, where he joined some friends. He says though it had been raining hard for some time, he traveled a hundred miles over the famous Bedford road (Pike) without the use of chains. There was no skidding of the machine and he saw no mud, not even enough to splash the machine.


At the Bachelor's Hall regular weekly dance Thursday night, some young men got over hilarious, crowded the front windows and so much noise Policeman Smith and Batdorf had to call them. This unfortunate and should not be so, as dances have been conducted there for a long time in an orderly and decent manner. The new lessee Mr Cross is a reliable, quiet citizen, and we repeat it, it is unfortunate the young people would so impose him and the good people of Main street.


If you want to make money buy your goods from I M Long. Saving is making.

T H Funkhouser has broken ground on Argyl street for a fine house. The work is being superintended by J F Philips. This section of Keyser has been rapidly developing the past three years until the street is now almost filled up with comfortable houses.

T M McCorkle of Elkins, one of the most popular tobacco salesmen on the road, was here Saturday

Samuel Reese of New Creek was in Keyser Saturday. He has a new Ford Touring Car purchased from T H Davis

Harry Webb of Williamsport was in Keyser Sunday

L O Mott of Dawson was in town Saturday

Mrs A J Keenan and Mrs J C Liller were among the Cumberland visitors Saturday

Ed. Vandiver of Burlington and J M Bright, the Keyser liveryman, attended the horse show in Cumberland Saturday. Mr Bright is of the opinion that most of the good stock was bid in.

Miss Lula Imon of Grant county is the guest of Mrs Chas Harness on Center street

Mr and Mrs Hubert Miller went to Baltimore Sunday on a brief visit

Russell Lewis has purchased himself an auto

Miss Flo Hodges of Cumberland spent Sunday here with relatives

Eight Bars Best Family Soap 25 cents at Wolford's

Lawn fence in various new patterns and Poultry wire in various sizes of mesh. Frye & Son's

Mrs Aleda Snyder of Orchard street spent a few days with her parents Mr and Mrs Shaw of Moscow

Miss Augurita Shores has returned to her home in Keyser after having had a successful term of school at Davis

Mrs John Burke was a visitor to Cumberland Saturday and was accompanied home by Miss Maggie Larkin

Harrison's Meat Market is adding daily to the Francis H Leggitt line of fancy groceries

Dr Roy Kimes of Cumberland was in Keyser Sunday

Mr H Roby of Rady spent Saturday and Sunday in Keyser. He was looking after some building material for a new house of that place

Mrs Harry Reid, who has been sick for some time was taken to the Buckhannon Hospital for treatment Saturday. Belington Progressive

Rooms and board at 100 Center street (upstairs) by day, week or month.

Lawn grass seed, garden rakes, spading forks and garden hoes at Frye & Sons hardware store

New, neat, pretty, up-to-date Shoes. The shoes that wear the best, fit the best are the best to buy. I M Long sells them.

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Mr W T Connell, who resides in McCoole, Saturday received a letter from Columbus which was the last of a series he has received since the floods and at last makes it clear that his brothers and other relatives, of which he had many in Ohio, all escaped with their lives, though in many cases the property losses were heavy.


The following parties were granted a license to marry at Cumberland Saturday:

James Kelley Williamson of Keyser W Va and Grace Margaret VanMeter of Dawson, Md

Jessie H Benson and Ethel C Collins both of Bruceton W Va

Edward J L Geist and Teresa Salyards, both of Holidaysburg, Pa

Mett Pasenel and Stella Snyder both of Thomas W Va



Vance Goldsworthy, who has been expressman here for the U S Express Co for several months, will leave late in the week to assume charge of the Nightingale Farm on Dans Mountain. It is one of the finest farms in Alleghany county. Goldsworthy has proven exceptionally efficient in his work here.

I will sell privately at my residence, 173 Argyle street, the following articles, carpets, rugs, three bed room suits, one kitchen cabinet, one table, one side board, five rockers and other house hold goods, all new and in use only a few months. Terms Cash. Sale now going on Vance Goldsworthy