JUNE 14, 1907

JUNE 11, 1907

  John H Hunter, of Hagerstown, is spending a few days with his family, who are here visiting relatives.
  Mrs S G Dowden, and son Floyd, are visiting relatives at Burlington this week.
  Dr Percival Lantz, was at Atlantic City last week attending the meeting of the American Medical Association.
  John A McKee, of Cumberland, spent Sun at the Sycamore Club House below town.
  Misses Ruth and Louise Bateman, are visiting relatives at Cumberland and Frostburg.
  J B Dowden, has improved the appearance of his residence, by adding a new coat of paint the past week.
  A number of people from this city attended quarterly meeting of the M E Church, South at Springfield Mon of this week. Rev Wolf, the Presiding Elder, was present.


  Mr Isaac Wright was visiting friends in Keyser and Piedmont several days last week.
  Mr Jackson Harvey and wife of Antioch, W Va, were visiting at Mrs Harvey's parents, Mr and Mrs Thos Croston, last week.
  Mrs A I Wilson, of Davis W VA, has been spending several days the guest of her uncle, Mr Abraham Wilson.
  Mr Geo Bernard has moved on the farm of Mr Thos Harvey, Mr Robt Brooks occupying the place vacated by Mr Bernard.
  Mrs Maggie Shepherd of Ridgeley, W Va, is visiting her brother, Mr Jacob Carter, at this writing.
  Mr Tug Decost, of Arnold W Va, is spending a few days with his brother-in-law, Mr Israel Moore.
  Mr George Tasker, who resides near Keyser W Va, was visiting his father, Mr Hiram Tasker, over Sun.

JUNE 12, 1907

  Mrs Bruce, of Elkton Va, is visiting her parents, Rev C P Dyche and wife.
  Mrs W H Clary, of Deer Park, spent a few days here with her daughter, Mrs V M Grayson last week.
  Mrs L J Mott and brother, J M Martin, were at Gettysburg memorial day.
  Mrs Jennie Blackburn, who has been at Westernport for several weeks, stopped here Tues night, as she was returning home. She was accompanied by her brother, Jesse Bobo, ? Va Junction, who will visit a few days.
  Miss Alma Grayson and Miss Eva Mott went to Keyser Mon for a few days visit.
  Mr and Mrs Wilber Rotruck, of near Martin, Grant Co, were in our midst Sat and Sun.
  Miss Lulu Shrout of Ridgeville, was a guest of Miss Bertie Stonebraker from Sat until Sun.
  Mr A Chamberlin is quite feeble.
  Mrs Susie Martin went to Keyser Wed on account of the illness of her son, Floyd, who we are sorry to note, has typhoid pneumonia.
  Surveyor D G Martin did a few days work last week for the Gleason Coal and Coke Co on Alleghany.
  William Rotruck of Williamsport, Grant Co, is visiting his daughter, Mrs William McNemar.
  A P Roberts was at Keyser Wed.
  D W Gardner and sons, Manning and Golf, expect to build a barn soon for Job Shell at Medley, Grant Co.
  The remains of little Alton J Rotruck, infant son and only child of Mr and Mrs A A Rotruck, of near New Creek, were taken through here recently to the German Baptist church near Martin, Grant Co, for burial. Age about 9 months. Little Alton was a bright babe, and the pride and joy of that home, but the death angel claimed him. To the bereaved parents, we extend our heartfelt sympathy.
He will never be forgotten,
  Never shall his memory fade,
Pleasant thoughts will always linger,
  'Round the grave where he is laid."

JUNE 12, 1907

  It's real funny to see the women puzzled between two opposites.
  Here on Beaver run we disconnect our telephone boxes from the line when there is much electricity in the air, especially at night. The funny part about it is the women can't tell this summer in the evening whether it will rain or frost by morning and prepare accordingly.
  Mrs Rob Ludwick of Keyser, was over several days with E W Bailey's.
  They have the whooping cough out at Mart and Sam Riser's.
  Dan Arnold and Harry Cheshire were over at Romney Sat and Sun.
  Mrs Jane Powdeston, of Augusta, was on the Run several days, and Mon B W Smith, took her to Keyser enroute for a visit in the west.
  Boyd Staggs has been surveying the Elk Pond property sold by Fout to Smiths, for more than two weeks and will finish this week. He says its a complicated job.
  Wilbur Ludwick was at home Sun.
  Ed Clinedinst works at Keyser and still comes over Sat evening to see wife and baby. They have been staying at A M Carnell's.
  The Co Supt and Miss Bessie attended the commencement at the Preparatory Wed.
  Miss Annie Bailey will go to Cumberland this week, and from there to Ohio next week on a visit.
  Dorsey Hendricks, wife and little boy came over on stage from Keyser Wed to visit around the old plantation.

JUNE 13, 1907

  Born to Mr and Mrs William Dunn, a son, on Wed of last week.
  Dr M F Wright, returned last week from attending the centennial celebration of the University of Md; also Anti-Tubercular Society, at Atlantic City.
  Misses Jane and Magdalene Sloan were in Keyser Wed evening.
  Jas G Wright was in Keyser on Thurs, having gone over for his sister, Miss Lena, who has been teaching near Washington.
  Born unto Mr and Mrs Chas Smith on Tues, a son.
  J W Vandiver is roofing his barn. J A Vandiver and P E Thrush are doing the work.
  Dr F L Baker and Miss Hattie Wilson attended the Ney-Baker wedding.
  John S Thrush has been visiting his son, A L Thrush the past week.
  David Arnold spent Thurs night with his mother.
  P E Thrush has a new piano.
  Mrs M F Wright expects to go to her old home in Moorefield Fri for a couple weeks' visit.
  Dick Kuykendall spent Thurs in Burlington.
  R S Stimmel, C G Umstot and others attended decoration day in Romney on Sat last.


  Sat, at the trustees sale of the Howard House property, the property was sold to John W Warner, of Pendleton County for $3,350.
  Mr and Mrs L H Mott left for Jamestown Exposition today. Mr Mott has arranged with parties in town and Undertaker(?sic) Duncan, of Thomas, to look after his business during his absence.
  Mrs A G Kelly, who has been the guest of her parents, Mr and Mrs H D Worden, returned to Terra Alta on Tues.
  Miss Belle Parks of near Petersburg, and Edw. Haslacker, of near Maysville, are the guests of Mr and Mrs A B Haslacker.

  The home of Mr and Mrs B A Stuckey, on Seventh Street, was the scene of a very pretty wedding. Wednesday morning at 7:30 o'clock, when their only daughter, Permish Adell, became the wife of Mr Frank Shafer of Thomas. the beautiful marriage ceremony of the Lutheran Church was performed by Rev Russell B McGiffin, pastor of both the bride and groom. The bride was attired in a traveling suit of gray with hat and gloves to match and presented a very neat appearance.
  The groom is a trusted employee of the Davis Coal & Coke Co, at Thomas, while the bride is one of Davis' most popular young ladies. -Davis News

JUNE 11, 1907

  Rev Geo W Yost, was accompanied by his wife to Elk Garden last Sun. He preached at Blaine in the ?
  Rev McGuire, of the United Brethren church, has moved into the parsonage at this place. He has a wife and three children and he is now pleasantly located in the center of his widely scattered work.
  Mrs Fred Bane and daughter, Miss Virginia, are visiting friends in Martinsburg.
  Mr Harry Arnold, cashier of the First National Bank at Keyser, and Johnnie Arnold were at Elk Garden last Sun.
  Miss Evelyn Nycum, of Thomas, was visiting her friends here last week.
  Messrs Jacob Stullenbarger, president elect of the board of education, and F C Patton, member of board, attended a meeting of the boards of education at Keyser last week.
  There is not trouble to keep cool on the mountain, and everybody says,"Did you ever see such weather this time of year?"
  Wm E Oates made a business trip to Gormania last Fri and Sat.
  Rev Wm Campbell of Midland Md, preached in the M E Church, South, last Sun morning and evening, and in the afternoon at Emoryville. He formerly worked in the mines here and moved away about ten years ago. He has many warm friends here who were glad to see him and they, with others, were delighted with his preaching. His sermons were refreshing, uplifting and full of gospel fire.


  June 10, 1907
  The flower strewing at Mt Zion was well attended Sun by a large crowd of people. The day was fine and everybody seemed to enjoy the day. The speakers were Rev C P Dyche and Rev Thomas Hardestry, of Deer Park, and Rev S D Dawson, of Dawson. After the services the graves were decorated nicely with flowers.
  Mr and Mrs David Whitman of the Junction, and Mrs (? Stanton?) Whitman and son, James, of Keyser, and MR Zimri Bailey, all were the guests of their brother, J H Bailey, Sun.
  Mr David Dawson and family and Mr Tom Hardesty were visiting Newton Umstot Sun at noon.
  Mr and Mrs Albert Urice and sister, Miss Emma Urice, were visiting their sister, Mrs Ben Corben Sun.
  Mrs Mary Dayton, of Knobley post office, was the guest of Misses Nannie and Minnie Umstot Sat and Sun.
  Mrs Burl Zimbowers was the guest of Mrs H J Bailey's a few days since our last.
  Jacob Urice spent Sun with his friend, (?I/R) Whitman, and took dinner with Miss Maggie Wickerd.
  tom Twigg, of Keyser, was among home folks Sun.
  Ed Staggs and James Dawson spent Sat in Cumberland and reported a fine trip.
  Mr Arthur Sites of Rees Mill, was calling on Miss Fay Taylor Sun.
  Miss Grace Taylor went to Piedmont Sat to visit her brother, Creed Taylor.
  James Thrush and Charley Taylor took dinner with Charley Harvey Sun.
  Hauling bark seems to be the go at the present with the farmers.
  Mr and Mrs Hilleary Rogers of Cabin Run, were calling on S P Umstot Sun evening.
  Harley and Clarence Umstot, of Knobley postoffice, were among their friends here Sun.


  June 4 - Miss Virginia McAvoy is visiting her sister, Mrs William Fulk.
  George Waddell, of Myersdale, spent Sun with friends and relatives here.
  Misses Beulah Kimble and Melva Bartley spent Thurs and Fri with friends in Keyser.
  Miss Ida Harman of Parsons, was the guest of Mrs J A Kimble over Sun.
  Prydon Frantz, who has been clerking in Shaffer's store for some time, has gone to Crellin where he accepted a position.
  Alva Frantz, of Crellin, has accepted a position in E C Shaffer's store, and has moved his family to this place.
  Mrs G J Saucer, of Richwood, is visiting her mother, Mrs L D Caldwell.
  Mr and Mrs J M Nugent, who have been visiting in Elk Garden for some time, returned home Mon, accompanied by Nelie Bane.
  Mrs R D Waddell and children are visiting relatives to Coalport, Pa.
  Lon Coffman, who has resided here for some time, will move to Va, having sold his household goods to Nathan Miller, who will occupy the same residence.
  June 5 - At the Disciples church on the hill, under the direction of the Rev Bellew, on last Sun evening a Children's Day service was held, but on account of the rainy weather and the consequent muddy state of the roads it was poorly attended. The same Rev gentleman held service in said church in the morning, or rather Rev Mr Johnston, who came with Mr Bellew.
  We are happy to congratulate our genial friend, John Smith and his good wife, on the arrival last week of a daughter, the second to his family. this may not be a permanent increase of the Smiths, for the young lady in question may not always be a Smith, but we are sure of one thing, that she will not visit the great exhibition which the great John Smith and his friend Pocahontas are building this summer on the banks.
  Hubert Conley came up last Fri from Westernport, and on Mon took his wife and little son down with him to said place.
  Rev E E Ne?, who was called by telegram to the death bed of his grandfather, returned last Fri,. his grandfather having died shortly after he arrived home.
JUNE 11, 1907
  Rev R B Hudson and family returned Sat from their trip to Jamestown and Norfolk, Va.
  Hugh Boggs of Franklin, spent Mon night in town.
  Mrs Andy Seymour and son were in town Sun guests of Thomas Delay's family.
  Miss Essie Shobe went to Keyser Tues to attend commencement of the Prep school.
  E H Frye was in town Sat.
  Miss Margie Boggs has rented the Grove office, and will work at stenography and typewriting.
  Miss Eva Barger is spending some time at Keyser with her brother Will.
  Miss Dorothy Werner, who has been in the millinery store with Mrs Thalaker, left Sat for her home in Hardy Co.
  Shank & Co, moved their stock of goods to the Parks store building. Thompson's flour store was moved to a building on the Island.
  Miss Mabel Hogbin, left last Wed ..? Davis.
  Sen Forman was at Moorefield several days last week.
  Mrs Romig and son left last Thurs after a pleasant visit with relatives.
  Miss Clara Taylor spent several days at Moorefield last week.
  Dr W O Vanmeter returned from a trip to Laneville Sat.
  Rev Ackler, a Lutheran minister, preached in the Presbyterian church last Wed night.


  Frank Brooke is home from school at Frederick Md.
  Willie Leviings was in Washington one day last week.
  George Johnson and Clarence Shank drove over from Keyser Sat afternoon and spent Sun here.
  Sheriff G H Johnson and wife have returned from the reunion at Richmond Va.
  Miss Emma Harmison, of Middle Ridge,spent last week here visiting Miss Mary Guthrie.
  Dick Frye, Huntley Hoffman and Fred Grayson, of Keyser, spent Sat and Sun in town.
  Dr Will VanMeter Of Petersbug, spent Sat night in town on his way home from Keyser.
  Mrs Ida Wood of Moorefield, spent several days here last week on her way home from Fla.
  Mrs Susie Pancake returned home last Thurs from a visit to Mrs Wm Brydon in Bloomington Md.
  An infant child of Mr and Mrs Howard Gulick died suddenly Mon night.
  Charles Linthicum and Tom O'Connor, of Keyser, spent Sat here.
  Mr and Mrs James Keller, of Keyser, spent a few days here last week.
  Mrs W H Maloney is spending the week with her daughter in Cumberland.
  Mrs J S Waddle and daughter, Catherine, returned to Wedal last Tues.
  Miss Mary Rudolph of Capon, is visiting her sister, Mrs Luther Orndorff in town.
  Miss Lulu Arbogast, of Circleville, Pendleton Co, a blind student at the D&B institution, died at 12 o'clock Fri night at the Institution after an indisposition of several years of nervous derangement. She was about 25 years of age and had attended the school for sever or eight years. Burial was in Indian Mount Cemetery Sun afternoon, after a service at the grave, conducted by Rev Nimrod Alkire.
  Claude Shull, aged 26 years, died Sun morning about seven o'clock, at the home of his father, Dr J W Shull, at this place. The deceased has been in bad health of more than a year with that dreaded disease, consumption


  Miss Beulah Baldwin, took her departure Mon morning for Youngstown Ohio, on a visit to her brother, Carson.
  Wade (?R)ichew, colored, died at the home of his father, here, last Sun, after a short illness of consumption. he was about 21? years old, and his remains were interred in the colored cemetery Tues.
  Miss Nioba? Liller, who has been attending school at Glendale, in Bean Settlement, spent last night in town on her way home at Purgittsville, having been called home by the illness of her brother.
 ?O Everly, of Wine Va, arrived here last week and began work on making the brick for the Town Hall.
  Mrs F A Copp was taken suddenly ill last night.
  A new fence has been erected around the Episcopal Rectory.
  Mrs H L Gamble went to Franklin this morning on a visit to her sister, Mrs Ernest Bowman. Wm Wirt Barness took her up.
  Miss Ruth Randolph, who has been on an extended visit to Headsville, returned to her home there last week. Vincent Cunningham brought her up.
  Thos Sager was indicted at Winchester and held in $250 bond for his appearance at Parkersburg on a charge of selling whiskey in W Va.
  C(u/o)ke Funkhouser, who is working in Keyser, spent a few days at home the past week, he returned Tues. He was accompanied by Filmore Harwood.
  Mrs (?Janet/James) Welton, who has been attending school at Lewisburg the past winter, returned to her home here Tues.
  M ? Bean and wife ? Dessie Roby returned to their home at this place Tues, ? Mr Bean has been to Cumberland consulting a specialist and Mrs Bean and Miss Roby have been visiting at Oakland Md.
  E P Allen, of Romney, came up Mon and spent until Wed with relatives here. He was accompanied home by his daughters, Misses Ruth and Lucy, who have been visiting here for several weeks.
  Mr Davis Sherman, who has been ill for several weeks, at her home at the tannery, died last week. Mrs Sherman was a Miss VanFleet before her marriage last summer to Mr Sherman. Her remains were taken to Arthur Fri and laid to rest in the VanFleet graveyard.
  Walter Rice gave us an old coin Sat, which he plowed up on J Wm Gilkeson's farm, below Moorefield. The coin bears the date of 1622 or 1699, we cannot tell which. The 16 is very plain. On the date side is the picture of a woman and the other side looks like the head of a man.
  Frank Wolf, a son of Jas Wolf Jr, who died recently, was sent to jail and held for the grand jury by Justice Chipley, Tues for forgery.
  Young Wolf raised a check for $5.40 given by W E Park, to $8.40, and had it cashed at the Acme. The check was written with a lead pencil, and it was very plain to see the difference in writings. All the evidence was against Wolf. The penalty for forgery is from 2 to 10 years in the penitentiary.
  Our butcher, W A Allen, informs us that he has in his shop 2 meat blocks that were cut from a tree in 1894, and have been in use ever since. They are in first class condition and look like they are good for 100 years service yet. They are from a white oak tree marked by George Washington, in the South Branch Manor line survey for Lord Fairfax by Washington. This tree stood just south of the boarding house at Potomac Tannery, and was cut by orders of Mr Mag Williams, who gave the blocks to Mr Allen.
  DIED, May 28, 1907, Mrs Mollie Stickies, (formerly Barney), aged about 40 years. She is survived by five small children, and aged mother, two brothers and one sister, besides a host of relatives and friends. Her remains were conveyed to Winchester Va, and after funeral services were held, conducted by Rev C L Poter, of the M E Church, she was laid to rest by the side of her husband, who had preceded her to the grave over a year ago.
  June 3 - Rev C W Stump and wife had to leave their old boarding place at Fabius last Wed for their new home at the parsonage on Lost River. We were sorry to see them have to leave.
  Lee Calvert, one of the G N students, got his ankle sprained very badly last Mon while playing ball. He was running and fell accidentally. He is getting along very nicely on crutches now.
  Bursey K Brill moved Rev Stump to Lost River last Wed.
  Miss Lula Burch is right sick at this writing.
  JUNE 12, 1907
  Mrs Florence Copp who has been quite sick is improving.
  F C Turley of Romney was among friends here Tues and Wed.
  Mrs Sallie Welton is quite sick at this writing.
  Messrs J Wm Gilkeson and Jos D Heiskell attended the funeral of Geo Mathias on Lost River Tues.
  Miss Ada Halterman who attended school at Woodcock the past winter, has returned to her home near town.
  Mrs E W Smith, of Charleston, spent Sun night in town.
  Cleland McNeill has returned from a visit to Parkersburg and other points.
  the friends of Assessor W S Marshall will be quite sorry to learn that he is quite sick with measles at the home of his brother, D G Marshall at Romney.
  Mrs Walton (nee Miss Mary Gibson of Romney) of Baltimore, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs Mollie VanMeter.
Miss Mary Cunningham of this place and Mr Chas Kittle of Chicago were married Wed (parts missing- can make out Presbyterian church, C D Gilkeson officiating. Mrs Kittle will reside ?.
  G W Mispelhorn of Philadelphia was a business visitor in town Wed.
  H C Boggs, of Franklin, spent a short while here Tues.
  Cards have been received here announcing the approaching marriage of Miss Mamie Coffman of Woodstock, and Samuel P Fetzer, of our town, the marriage to take place June 26th, at Woodstock.
  M F Crowe, of Parkersburg, was here first of the week in interest of the International harvester Co.
  Drummers E M Kesler of Baltimore, D G Marshall of Romney, E G Johnson of Buckhannon, J E Kuykendall of Cleveland, Samuel Reihmer of Fairmont, C M Shannon of Cumberland, and C E Riley of Augusta, were here this week calling on our merchants.
  Paul Wilson made a business trip to Romney Thurs.
  Striet Cunningham of Thomas was here a day or two attending the Kittle-Cunningham wedding.
  The remains of George Mathias were brought here Mon and taken to his old home at Marthias, for burial on Tues. Mr Marthias (?sic) had been in the asylum at Weston for a good many years and died last Fri.


  June 11, 1907
  Col M D Neville, has been on the sick list for several days, but is some better at this time.
  F C Rollman, of Elk Garden, was a business visitor at Wabash Mon.
  The Hartmonsville Quartet attended a Sunday School Convention at Bayard last week, and they speak in the highest prise of the hospitality of the Bayard people.
  Messrs Lee Ott, Henry Harrison and Arnold Gerstell were up at Stony River last week in the interest of coal.
  Harry L Arnold, of Keyser, passed through our village last week. Harry enjoys the beautiful mountain scenery.
  Some of our farmers have lost several sheep, caused by the cold rain so soon after shearing.
  Wool seems to be dull sale - only 28 cents, and we have only heard of one buyer this spring. competition is what we need.
  It is said, and from pretty good authority, that the Western Maryland Railroad contemplates extending their road to the coal fields lying on the drains of Stony River, and connect with the Beaver Creek Railroad. If this be true it will bring some valuable coal and timber lands into market.
  Rev Mr Campbell preached a very interesting sermon at Emoryville last Sun.
  Geo B Junkins and wife were business visitors at Elk Garden Fri.
  Leonard Gelhouser, a driver in No 11, is in the Keyser Hospital, suffering from a broken leg. He came out with a trip of cars, and stepped between them to couple them, when another driver bumped his cars with four others, and his leg was caught between the bumpers and mashed below the knee. Dr J Oliver Lantz was called to reduce the fracture, and he thought it best to send him to the hospital.
  Wm Shugars sold a fine horse to a Mr Layton for $190.
  Solomon Clark, of Bayard, visited relatives at Emoryville last week.
  Come again Squire, and let us all see your smiling face.
  Wm Abernathy, of Stone House, visited friends near Barnum last Sat.
  The weather is so wet and cold, that vegetation does not seem to grown, and the farmers are not wearing their most pleasant smile. Much of the corn has rotted that was planted, and some of the farmers are not done planting.


  June 12, 1907
  Mr and Mrs James E Sheetz came home from Richmond and Jamestown Exposition Fri morning and report a pleasant trip.
  Miss Edith Kalbaugh, of Westernport Md, is visiting her uncle, G M Fink.
  Mr Frank Brown, a student of Shennandoah College, came home to spend his vacation Fri night, accompanied by John D Taylor, of Purgittsville.
  Miss Grace Bane, of Burlington, is visiting her sister, Mrs Daniel Bailey.
  Born unto Mr and Mrs Simon Brill, June 5, 1907, a son.
  Mr T B Doman, was a business caller at Romney Thurs.
  Miss Ora Fertig returned from Shepherdstown Sat.
  Miss Ida Marshall of Lost City, is visiting Mrs T B Doman.
  Mr F M Brown returned last Wed from his Virginia trip and reports a delightful time.
  Mr and Mrs John Fertig were visiting her brother, John Doman, at Clarksburg, W Va, Sat and Sun.
  Mr F M Brown, Louis Perry and Frank and John Taylor attended the reunion at Romney last Sat.
  Mrs T B Doman and Miss Ida Marshall spent Fri with Mrs Sadie Fertig.
  Mr and Mrs James Carskadon were visiting Keyser Wed.
  Mrs John Bailey and daughter, Leota, were in Keyser shopping Fri.


  Knobley, June 7th
  Mr and Mrs L O Mott and family spent Thurs in Keyser.
  Master Willie Proud, of Ridgeley, W Va, who has been spending some time with Mrs Margaret Keady, has returned to his home.
  Mr and Mrs P M Dayton and daughter, Miss Bird, and Mr A V Park took in the excursion to Gettysburg the 30th.
  Mr William Haines and the Misses Bateman of Alaska, were the guests of Miss Ward one evening last week.
  Mr Oliver Dayton and sister, Miss Mary, attended the High School commencement in Keyser Fri evening.
  Mr A V Park is having a cistern dug at his mountain home. He is afraid that water will be scarce up there this summer. If it continues as it has been for the last few days we do no think he need worry about a supply of water.


  Review of 7th
  W W Davis went to Richmond, and from there went to Dayton Ohio, where his family expect to join him in their future home.
  DR W N Wagoner is employed as an engineer of the water works and Thos Bowman as level-foreman. Dr W was educated for a civil engineer and is up in its details.
  Mrs Timothy Simmons, of Smith's Creek, died Mon morning in her (?3/8)th year.
  She was paralyzed a couple weeks ago, and had ? some better but at (two lines missing) of Isaac, John, Jesse H and Mrs Shrader and was a good woman. Beggar or tramp never left her door hungry. An aged husband and the above named children survive her.
  Almost as a shock came, the news over the telephone Wed evening at 5:30 that Harry F Swadley was dead.
  About a week ago, he took fever which soon developed into a severe case and Wed morning it was known he was in a dangerous condition.
  He was a young man, about 35 years, a merchant at Brandywine and a member of the county Court from Bethel District. He had his life insured for $2,000, and was an applicant for membership and insurance in a proposed Modern Woodman organization, which was defeated there. He then expected to come in the lodge at Franklin. He was a member of the Lutheran church, under which rite he will be buried.


  June 11, 1907
  Yes, Bro "Lodi", we retract "the stingiest man". He is not at Burlington, nor is he at Hartmonsville. We have located him elsewhere.
  The weather is now some warmer and farmers are shearing their sheep, not that it is yet warm enough for the work, but we are compelled to have the wool for our summer clothing.
  J W Marvel, contractor, is now rushing work on four double houses at this place, which he is erecting for the Glade Run Coal Co.
  Barker T Shillingburg is now engaged in weighing up and shipping wool, and we compliment him on the accuracy of his weights and calculations.
  Miss Sadie Trask of Rees' Mills, has just closed a very successful term of school at our place and after visiting a few days in the neighborhood will return to her home at the above named place.
  We noticed J G Hanlin taking a new Deering mowing machine from the depot here last Sat. He purchased it from Capt Jas A Parrill.
  By the way Capt, when you wish to cross Cabin Run again we advise that you "go round by the bridge" or you might go to some other place - of course we mean to Heaven.
  The Whitmer Lumber co, expect to finish sawing and close out business at Wallman in this month and they will then move to North Carolina, where they have purchased several large tracts of timber.
  With much interest we read the letters in the Tribune from our friend and neighbor of ante belluin times. Mrs N D McCoole, and hope to have more from her pen in the near future.
  Mrs J W Roderick and Miss Sallie Trask spent yesterday in Gormania on business.
  O C


  Dr L B Bryan went to New York Mon to purchase an automobile.
  Mrs Sue Washington and daughter, Miss Bessie, are guests of Mrs Mary Blue.
  Mrs John Inskeep is spending the week with her sister, Mrs James H Blue.
  We are glad to note that Wm A Shannon, who met with a painful accident at Keyser last week, is out again.
  Mr and Mrs Nair of Cumberland, were guests over Sun of Mrs Nair's grandfather, Josiah McBride.
  Esther Bowles has gone to Old Town to spend a few days with her mother.
  Mrs Jos Hansel is visiting her sister, Mrs Saunders, and Mrs L O Davis at Keyser.
  Miss Irma Williams, is visiting friends and relatives at Keyser.
  Miss Ruth Davis of Keyser is visiting at the home of Mrs W H Rafter, Virginia Ave. -Cumb News 13th



  One of the most beautiful weddings, in every appointment ever witnessed in Keyser, was consummated in the Presbyterian church at 8:30 o'clock on last Wed evening, June 12th, 1907, when Rev Willard C Ney of Elkins, W Va and Miss Elsye West Baker were united in marriage in the presence of a large assemblage of friends.
  The church presented a beautiful scene, the New Era Circle, of which the bride is a member, having spared no efforts in the decorations. Potted plants were banked at the rear and sides of the pulpit platform in front of which stood a flora arch, from the center of which was suspended a large floral bell. As the guests were gathering, Miss Elsye Hoffman rendered a number of blessing selections, among which were ?Melody (Rubinstein), "Sweet and Low? Barnby, "Traumer?" (Schuman), "Love Song" (Thomas), and promptly at 8:30 o'clock, she struck the beautiful notes of Mendelsson's wedding march, when the doors were opened and the wedding party entered in the following order: On the right, Rev Mr Wade, followed by the ushers, Rev Mr Butler, of Huntingdon, Pa, Mr Hartman, of Barnum; then one bell girl, Miss Sallie Baker, of Burlington, followed by the groom-elect, and his best man, Rev Mr Rinard of Ohio; up the left aisle, Rev J W Purcell led the procession, followed by Messrs R A Welch and George Loy, ushers and Miss Rebecca Baker, the other bell girl, followed by the bride-elect and her maid of honor, Miss Ney, all taking their positions, the groom and his bride-to-be standing under the bell, when the impressive ceremony was performed by Rev Mr Wade, pastor of the Lutheran church at Westernport, assisted by Rev J W Purcell, pastor of the church, using the pretty ring service, while the soft sweet notes of "Oh Promise Me" came from the organ. As the couple were pronounced husband and wife, the bell girls pulled the cords letting down a petal shower from the bell upon the bride and groom, when the happy pair left the church followed by the attendants, and entering carriages were driven to the home of the bride's parents, where hosts of friends soon gathered to congratulate the happy couple and wish them bon voyage.
  The bride was gowned in white messaline, trimmed in point lace, wore a tulle yell held in place by lilies of the valley, and carried a handsome embossed white bible, a gift of the groom. The maid of honor, a sister of the groom, wore a princess dress of white mirrored silk trimmed in heavy lace, and carried pink roses.
  The couple left on train no 12 amid showers of rice, for an extended eastern trip, and will be "at home" 200 Graham Street, Elkins W Va, after June 27th.
  The presents were numerous and handsome. Among them, besides the Havalin china shower by the New Era Circle, were several checks for good sized amounts, cut glass sets, silver ware, linen, a handsome clock, etc.
  The young couple are well and favorably known to our people, among whom they have hosts of friends, as was shown by the many tokens of esteem showered upon them. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Henry W Baker, and is an attractive young lady. The groom, who is now stationed at Elkins, lived in our midst several years. He came here a student from college and by faithful work organized the Lutheran congregation and built the handsome little church that stands on Davis Street. After its completion and dedication he resigned as pastor to take up the work at Elkins.
  Tues evening, after the rehearsals, the bridal party was entertained by the bride's parents at their residence on Main Street.


  June 7, 1907, by Rev Dr A M Cackley, at the parsonage, Mr O W Alderton, of Cleveland Ohio and Miss Leota Mae Harrick, of this county. The groom is a native of Woodrow W Va, and the bride is a daughter of John and Catherine Barrick, of near Elk Garden.


  June 12th, 1907, at the U B parsonage, by Rev S R Ludwig, at 7:15 o'clock pm, Mr Irving L McCandles of Keyser, and Miss Nellie R Liller, daughter of John and Eliza Liller, of New Creek.


  June 12th, 1907, at 8 o'clock pm, at the home of the bride on Center St, by Rev S R Ludwig, Michael Fleek and Miss Fannie R Mills, both of Keyser. The bride is the daughter of the late Walter R Mills.


  On Thursday, May 30th, 1907, by Rev J W P Bazzle, on Queen's Point, Mr Phillip L Fletcher and Miss Lenora Pearl Thrasher, both of Twenty First Bridge. It was the intention to keep this marriage a secret, but, like murder, it would out, hence this late publication.


  June 11 -
  Asa Wilson, Piedmont W Va, and Grace Buckalew of Westernport Md.
  Grover Cleveland Francis Robinson and Alice Catherine Snyder, both of Cresaptown Md.
  June 12
  Ruby Guy Crawford, Cumberland, and Martha Louise Inskeep, Keyser.
  John Williamson and Elizabeth Annie Clise, both of Westernport.
  Jacob B Gibboney and Bessie Briswick, both of Oldtown.
  Addie Roller Gentry and Maggie Mary DeNeen, both of Westernport.


  One of Lonaconing's nicest young ladies, Miss Elsie B McAlpine, was married this evening to Dr James H Carpenter, a leading physician, located at Midland, where he has been enjoying a large practice the past nine years. The wedding took place privately, at the Presbyterian manse, on account of the recent death of the groom's younger brother, Roller. Only the bride and groom, accompanied by the bride's sister, Miss Alice, and the groom's brother, Rex, were present at the ceremony, which was performed by Miss McAlpine's pastor, Rev A C Thompson. The ring ceremony was used, and the bride's attire a gown of beautiful white eoleine and lace, with slippers and gloves to match, well set off her maiden charms. Her sister, the maid of honor, wore pink silk mull. After a few moments at the bride's home on East Main street, the wedding party drove to Dr Carpenter's fine home in Midland, where a very few immediate friends were gathered to welcome the bride. Mrs Carpenter is the daughter of the late David McAlpine, and resided with her mother, Mrs Emily McAlpine. For the past four years she has been with the Western Maryland Telephone Co here, lately as chief operator. Bright and winning in her manner, she has been a social favorite, and with the good wishes that follow her into her new home will go many regrets that she has gone from Lonaconing. -Lonaconing Press of 6th.


  Mr and Mrs William E Fazenbaker have issued invitations to the marriage of their daughter, Adah Elizabeth Mink to Rev Wilbur Chemnitz Mann, son of Rev L A Mann, pastor of St John's Lutheran Church, South Cumberland. The ceremony will be performed by the father of the groom, in St John's church, on Wed evening, June 19, at 8:30 o'clock. -Cumb News of 10th.


  June 7 - Miss Maude L Barrick and Mr Coddy Franklin Lockhart, both of Rock ?Enon Springs, Frederick County, Va, came to Hagerstown yesterday and were married at the First Christian Church parsonage by Rev George H Townsend.

  Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Mr Arthur Warfield, cashier of the Dime Savings Bank, this city, and Miss Anna Florence Gill, daughter of Rev Andrew J Gill, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church at Frederick, formerly pastor of Centre Street Methodist Episcopal church, Cumberland. The ceremony will be performed on Tues, June 18, at 6 pm, in the Methodist Episcopal church at Frederick. Miss Gill has been connected with the facility of the Allegany High School. -Cumb News of 10th.


  Harry Forman, son of Allan Forman, of Aurora W Va, died Tues at Buckhannon W Va, where he was to have graduated in a few days from Wesleyan College. Death came after an operation for appendicitis. His twin sister, Miss Nancy Forman, was also a member of the graduation class. A large delegation, including members of the faculty and students accompanied the remains to Aurora, where interment will be made.
  The deceased was a nephew of Senator, of Petersburg.

  Frances, the 12 year old daughter of Mr J W Frey, a conductor on the B&O Railroad, died at Allegany Hospital last night. -Cumb News of 14th.

Cumb Times of 4th

  Hon Joseph B Stottlemyer, one of the most prominent and best known man in the county, died Sat morning at 11 o'clock at his late residence near Little Orleans, and was buried yesterday in the Catholic cemetery at the latter place.
  The deceased died very suddenly. He was seated in a chair reading a newspaper, when the newspaper was noticed to drop to the floor and when a member of the family picked the paper up and handed it back to him, he made no effort to take it, when it was discovered that he was dead.
  The deceased was at one time one of the most prominent Republican politicians in the county and held his district in the hollow of his hand, as he could always bring a delegation from that district to the county convention that would vote as he wanted to. The deceased was elected to the Md Legislature on the Republican ticket in 1891, and again in 1893. He was tax collector for the three lower districts in 1874-5-6-7 and again for the years 1884-5-6-7, having been appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.


  After an illness of several weeks, Mr F Sidney Koerner, a well known citizen of Cumberland, died at his residence, No 20 Frederick St, yesterday morning at 7:30 o'clock. He was 55 years old and had lived in this city all of his life with the exception of eighteen months residence of a few years ago in Springfield, W Va. The deceased was born at Clarysville, this county, and was the son of the late J M Koerner. On Dec 1, 1880, he was married to Miss Sue G Blue, who with the following children survive him. Mrs Clara Rodgers, of Morgantown, W Va; Mrs Edith Miller, of this city; Miss Mame and sons Carl and William, living at home. He was a brother of Mrs Larua Wal(k/l)er and Mr Harry Koerner of this city.
  Mr Koerner was an excellent mechanic, a carpenter by trade, and for several months prior to his illness was employed in Pittsburg. The immediate cause of his death was dropsy, the disease having developed since his return from Pittsburg. Mr Koerner was a kindly disposed man and was a member of the Methodist Protestant church on Bedford street. The funeral will take place from the residence tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The services will be conducted by Rev W A Melvin. Interment will be in the family lot in Rose Hill cemetery. The following friends have been selected as pallbearers: John W Wolford, D W Snyder, Fred W Growden, William A Cordry, C Stotler and Charles H Wolford. -Cumb News of 11th.


  Robert Ambler Bruce, 107 years old, who is said to have been the oldest Mason in the world, died in the city almshouse here today. He was born at West Overhall Accomac County Va. He was a veteran of several wars and boasted of having seen Napoleon Bonapart in 1817, claiming that Napoleon presented to him a cross of Honor at St Helena. He had traveled a great deal.


  Mr James Carter of Oakmont, this county, superintendent for the Oakmont Coal Co, died suddenly last Mon evening at his home. His remains were brought to Westernport Wed noon, and transferred by Undertaker W H Fredlock to B&O train No 55, on which they were accompanied by a large concourse of friends to Shinnston, Harrison County for interment. -Piedmont Herald of 7th


  Mrs Hannah Pyles, age 75 years, of Buckhorn W Va, on the B&O main line, was killed by passing train No 71, near Buckhorn siding at eleven o'clock Sat morning, and shortly after two o'clock that afternoon, her husband Charles Pyles, aged 76 years, was killed on the railroad at Buckhorn, siding, within several hundred yards of where his wife was killed. The accidents were peculiarly similar. Mrs Pyles was walking on the east bound track and by mistake, stepped to the west bound track directly in front of the passenger train, which killed her instantly. The remains were taken to the residence of her son, John, whose parents resided with him. Sat afternoon, Mr Pyles was waling in a path along the track while a coal freight engine was setting a couple freight cars in the siding. He stepped on the track in front of the cars, was ran over and killed.


  Following a severe illness of dropsy, Isaac Dehaven, a prominent farmer, of Gainesboro, Frederick Co, died last night, aged 85 years. He is survived by two daughters and seven sons all grown.


  (Some parts are missing)
  Mrs Geo Daniels moved to R?y this week.
  Rev M J Haire left Sun ? for Ireland on a visit.
  Mrs Wilmer E Davis and chil? spent last Sun in Martinsburg.
  H E Schell of Medley, was in ? Mon night looking after business.
  Mr Robert M Stricley attended the decoration at Moorefield last week.
  Mrs Robert Walsh and son P? paid Cumberland a visit last Sat.
  Miss Helen West returned home Sat from her visit to Fairmont.
  Miss Elizabeth Adams of F? has been a guest of Mr H W Bailey this week.
  Mrs Harry Poling and children returned Tues from a few days ? at Romney.
  Olie Smith, of Petersburg, was in town from Mon to Wed on business.
  Clayton, little son of Mr and Mrs J W Chrisman, has been right sick the past week.
  Mrs H G Steorts and children were to Mt Lake Park last week to spend the summer.
  Don Parsons, of Martinsburg, has been spending the past week with home folks.
  Mrs Carrie Hutton, of Baltimore is visiting her sister, Mrs Aaron W?ton at Piedmont.
  Mrs Jones, of Elk Garden, spent a few days here this week as a guest of Mrs George W Bane.
  Miss Maggie Tucker and niece, ?lie, of Falls Grant Co, were visiting Mrs W B Burgess.
  John Tyler Lyones, one of ? county's prominent farmers, is very ill at his home near F?
  Mrs Wm H Virts and sons returned home last Sat from their visit to Newport News and Jamestown.
  Carl Mitchell left yesterday for Front Royal Va, having been called there on account of the illness of his mother.
  Dr F L Baker and two daughters and Miss Harriett Wilson of Burlington, attended the Ney-Baker wedding.
  B F Wells has returned from Fairmont, where he has been for a weeks doing some ornament painting.
  Mr and Mrs W T White, of Terra Alta, were here to the Prep commencement to see their son Herbert graduate.
  Miss Beulah McNemar, teacher of elocution in the school at Reliance Va, has returned home for the summer vacation.
  Miss Mabel Babb, of Martin, came down last Sat to pay relatives a visit and attend the Prep school commencement.
  Mr and Mrs Roger Fazenbaker and daughter Eva, of South Cumberland, returned home Tues after a short visit to relatives here.
  Mrs W H Rafter, of South Cumberland, who spent a few days here with relatives, returned home latter part of last week.
  Dr L H Gaston and wife, and son returned home last Sat from a week's visit to the Doctor's parents home near Weston.
  C C Marshal of Williamsport, was here last Fri night on his way home from the reunion at Richmond and a trip to James town.
  G R Dye of near Ridgevile, was in town Tues. He brought over his son, W E, who has gone to Clarksburg to pay his sister a visit.
  Rev S R Ludwig returned home Wed from Annville Pa, where he was attending a meeting of the trustees of Lebanon Valley College.
  Mrs W C Whisler, of Thomas, was visiting home folks here from Sat to yesterday. Mr Whisler came down Wed and accompanied her home.
  Simon Riggleman of near Moorefield, came down last Sun on his way to Westernport, having been called there on account of the serious illness of his brother.
  Two little sons of Mr and Mrs John Fogle, of Chicago, arrived yesterday morning and will spend the summer with their grandparents, Mr and Mrs J R Carskadon.
  Hon J T Carskadon went to Petersburg Mon, having been summoned as a juror in the US Court. Mrs Carskadon accompanied him to pay friends a visit.
  Mrs Prof Feubush, of Dayton Va, spent Thurs on her way to Bayard to spend a few weeks with her parents, Mr and Mrs J T Shoemaker.
  W V McNemar of Grant Co, who attended the Prep school the past session, went to Elkins yesterday, where he will be employed during the vacation. He expects to attend the school here again next term.
  Rev Mr Friend of Friendsville Md, spent a few days here the past week attending the Preparatory School commencement. His daughter, Miss Sadie, was one of the graduates in music.
  Miss Florence Curtis returned home last Wed evening from her eastern trip. She was accompanied back by the children of Mr Ernest E Price of Baltimore, who will spend some time here among relatives.
  DR E V Romig, wife and son left Mon on a trip to Wheeling and expected to be gone about ten days on a visit to the Doctor's home folks in Ohio. In the meantime, Mr Romig will attend the meeting of the State Pharmacists at Wheeling.
  Rev S R Ludwig, pastor of the U B Church, Keyser, was in South Cumberland yesterday.
  Mr D A Miller, Grand Ave, is ill.
  Mrs Bessie Koch, has returned to Keyser. -Cumb News of 10th.
  Mr and Mrs W B Cullin, Los Angeles Cal, who have been attending the Confederated reunion at Richmond, are visiting Mr Cullin's sister, Mrs E P Cunningham, Fifth Street. This is the first time brother and sister have met in forty years.-Cumb News of 12th.
  Douglas Frye, who has been employed with the Somerset Coal Co, at Somerset Pa, resigned his position last week and came home. He gave up the position there for the purpose of giving his entire time to the hardware store here of T B Frye & Sons, which business has grown to such an extent as to require more help.
  Mrs W B Burgess, left Wed night for Va, Illinois. From there she will go to Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and back to Idaho. She expects to be gone about three months and will come home by way of Illinois. This will be a much deserved rest and recreation.
  Last Fri evening from 9-12 a dance was given in Music Hall by the young men. Music was furnished by Prof McIlwee, and a pleasant evening was spent. Those present were Miss Chaney of Washington, Miss Sadie Paris, of Pittsburg, Misses Edna Davis, Mayme Welsh, Beryl Wright, Fannie Warner, Wessie Merryman, Bessie Wageley, Maud Moore, May Davis, Hazel Greenwade, Grace Wageley, Ethel Edgell, Frances Savre, Dr O S Reynolds, Messrs O E Nethken,
R A Welch, Harry Woolf, T D Leps, Fred Martin, Don Davis, Roy Ravenscraft, Ray Wells, John Russell, Eddie Ravenscraft, Sam Merryman, Clatis Schaffenacker, Leo Remington and Will Merryman.
  Mrs A E Martin paid Cumberland a visit Mon.
  Rev Miss Ida Judy, of Westernport, spent yesterday here with her brother.
  Mrs F W Davis and two sons, returned yesterday from a few days visit at Cumberland.
  Miss Ney, of Harrisburg Pa, spent from Sat to Thurs as a guest at Mr H W Baker's.
  Capt Jas Parrill, who narrowly escaped drowning last week, is again looking after business.
  Mrs Ida Meneffee was called to Newcastle Pa, last Mon by the serious illness of her daughter.
  Miss Inez McNeill of Old Fields, a Prep graduate this session, returned home yesterday. Her brother came down for her.
  Mr W H Poling, of Baltimore, was in town Mon, and went from here to Dayton Ohio. -Martinsburg Statesman of 7th.
  Mr ?A E Hunt, of Man's Choice Pa, ? a while with his sister ? Davis and may remain here if he can find suitable employment.
  Jas G Babb of Glady W Va, was here Wed on his way to Grant to pay home folks a visit. His brother C E of Falls, met him here and took him up.
  Clarence Vossler, of Maysville, was here Tues. His sister, Miss Myrtle, who has been visiting at Gorman, has been attending the Prep commencement this week.
  Ex-Mayor E Clay Tamanus and wife of Baltimore, were Keys House guests last night on their way to Maysville to spend a few days at B S McDonald's.
  Edward J Harness of Utah, was here Sun night on his way to Moorefield, having been called there by the serious illness of his father Mr John G Harness.
  Mr and Mrs Eugene O'Leary and sister Julia left yesterday on No 6 for Richmond Va. they will also visit the Jamestown Exposition. -Cumb News of 12th.
  Mrs Floyd Chadwick has returned from Philadelphia. While there Mr and Mrs Chadwick made arrangements for their removal to that city this month. -Cumb News of 11.
  Dr Percival Lantz of Alaska, W Va, has returned from Atlantic City, where he attended the meeting of the American Medical Association. -Cumb News of 10th.
  J W Fleming came home from Pa last Sun to assist his wife in the sale of their household goods. Mrs Fleming will join him at this place of employment soon.
  Mrs Gertrude Baker, who makes her home at Dayton Va, arrived here last Mon and expects to spend a while among relatives about here and at Purgitsville before returning.
  Geo B Shank of Burlington, while at Moorefield last week, received a telegram from Chattanooga Tenn, stating that his sister came near burning to death , and left at once to be at her bedside.
  Mrs Elizabeth Brengle and daughter, Miss Frances Brengle, will be the guests of Mrs J Russell Goodfellow ? Wentzville Mos, for the summer, having departed for Wentzville last night. -Cumb News of 11th.
  Mr Ed Rogers is nursing a very sore toe. While working at repairing a car in the B&O yard last Mon, a draft fell on his left big toe, mashing the end of the toe so badly that the nail had to be taken off. The wound has caused him much suffering.
  Miss Emily E Hall, Keyser W Va, spent from Wed until Mon of this week, with Miss Emily Greathead, of this place. Miss Hall has charge of the drafting and mapping in the Chambersburg office of the State Highway Dept. -Fulton Republican, June 6.
  Auditor Arnold C Scherr, arrived here from Charleston on Tues afternoon and was a guest of the Chancellor until this morning when he left for Moundsville on a business trip. Many of Mr Scherr's friends called upon him at the hotel, and he had an engaging smile and hearty handshake for all of them. When he enters the race for the gubernatorial nomination, he will make it exceedingly interesting for all the other fellows, and they will certainly know that he is in it. -Parksersburg Sentinel.



  In the terms of Criminal Court just ended Wood County broke all previous records in the number sentenced to the penitentiary. Yesterday was sentence day and Judge Showalter sentenced 11 prisoners anywhere from one to five years.
  Simon G Duckworth, convicted of forging death certificates, by which he obtained $5,000 from the Equitable Life Assurance Society, of New York, got three years; Robert Armour, forgery, three years; Etta Pickens, bigamy, one year; Nat Buckhannon, burglary, three years; Charles Lavin, attempted murder, five years; Ed Clark, burglary, four years; Jim Wilson, burglary, four years; Andy Dils, burglary, five years; Jim Hughes, burglary, two years; William Hurley, burglary, three years and Charles Humphrey, burglary, three years.


  After being out for 12 hours, the jury in the case of Warwick Ratliff, charged with outraging Miss Ona Bird, returned a verdict at 11 o'clock yesterday morning finding Ratliff guilty, but recommending mercy. The court sentenced him to serve 20 years in the penitentiary, the lightest sentence possible under the verdict.
  Had the verdict been guilty without recommendation, the penalty would have been death. The defense expects to appeal the case. The people are not satisfied with the verdict and sentence, and there is general apprehension lest summary punishment; be meted out to Raltiff. So far no indications of mob violence are evident, but there are many who think Ratliff will never begin a term in the penitentiary.
  The trial of Albert Gay, indicted as an accessory, will come up in a few days. Gay is a cousin of the young man, who was drowned with his sweetheart, Miss Pendleton, at Clifton Forge Va, several weeks ago because they were not permitted to marry.
  Paris May, who was sentenced to death for murder, and was granted a new trial, will be tried here today.


  After deliberation of about one hour, the jury in Paris May murder case returned a verdict of guilty with the recommendation that he be sentenced to life imprisonment. Judge Bennet severely censured the jurors fro not returning (unable to read a line) the extreme penalty. Bennett said if ever a man deserved hanging it was May. May murdered a peddler for his pack on the public highway.


  Information has just reached relatives in this city of the tragic death of Mrs Augusta Barnes, formerly of Flemington, this county, at Keller, Washington. Mrs Barnes and daughter were crossing a bridge over a swollen stream, and the daughter lost her balance and fell. Mrs Barnes immediately jumped into the stream to save her loved one, and she was drowned in the attempt. The girl was rescued by a man, and later the remains of the heroic mother were recovered and interred at Keller.


  Examinations closed Fri.
  Mr E L Anderson was visiting Kingwood last Thurs.
  Our baseball team won a game with the clerks' team of Keyser last Tues afternoon, 9 to 5.
  Before examinations were over the young people were at work decorating the Auditorium for the closing exercises.
  The school grounds have been cleared of rocks, broken slate, and other rubbish. The walk up the hill, which had become full of gutters, received a fresh covering of slate last Fri just in good time to wash out again with the hard rain Sat morning.
  Mr Hicks Jennings of Tucker county, student of the Preparatory last year, was visiting in Keyser the early part of the week, on his way home from Va.
  Our boys were to play with the Institution team at Romney Sat. but the morning was too rainy to drive over and the day likely to be too rainy for the game, so it was arranged with Romney to drop the game.
  Sun evening the baccalaureate sermon to the graduating class was preached in the auditorium. The program for the service was arranged as follows:
  Singing, Abide With Me; Prayer, Rev F H Havenner; Duet, "Forever, With the Lord:, Mrs H M Wells, Miss Mary Carskadon; Bible Reading, Rev A M Cackley; Quartet, "Guide and Guard Us." Messrs D T Greenwade, W F Dolmire, Geo Loy, Isaac Neuhauser; Sermon, Rev W H Woods; Singing, God be with you till we meet again; Benediction, Rev J W Purcell.
  The service was conducted in that order with the one exception that the quartet was omitted because one of the individuals to assist in it was sick and could not be present. The scripture lesson was part of the tenth chapter of the gospel by John. Dr Wood's text was from Exodus, thirty third chapter, seventeenth verse: "I know thee by name." His discourse dealt with the subject of individuality and was well summed up at the end in the words, Be Yourself, but be you best self. The sermon was quite interesting. Every sentence offered some excellent thought, presented in clear and elegant language. A large and appreciative audience was present, and all felt pleased and profited by the evening's service. the service was in large measure a union service. The Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopal, Methodist Episcopal, South and Presbyterian churches were closed for the evening and their pastors and congregations attended the baccalaureate service.
  Dr W H woods, who preached the sermon, is pastor of the Franklin Square Presbyterian Church, Baltimore.
  The decorations for the Sun evening service were plain, but very pretty consisting of a row of potted plants all around, the front of the rostrum, a rubber tree at each end of the row and pretty flowers on the table.
  Mon morning at ten o'clock the Senior Pinatorte Recital by the graduates of the music dept was held in the Auditorium under the direction of Miss Elsie Hoffman, instructor of music. The young ladies, Miss Nellie Johnson, Miss Sadie Friend, and Miss Margaret Liller, complete the course in music. The recital given by them was a very creditable one. Although this exercise came in day time and in the forenoon, a considerable audience assembled and all were delighted with the entertainment.
  The Mon evening entertainment was the annual contest between the Davis and Reynolds literary societies. The program was:
Declamation...Octaroom, Miss Anna Fleming
Duet...Blau, Miss Elsie Hoffman and Miss Carrie Heed
Declamation..The Susceptible Pastor, Miss Emlie Coffroth
Trio...Lballenbaupt?, Misses Elsie and Elizabeth Hoffman, Miss Liller
?, Mr Otis Abernathy
Vocal Solo, Miss Wessie Merryman
Essay...What Can a Girl Do for her country?, Miss Lottie Orebaugh
Debate - Question: Resolved, That Cuba Should Be Annexed to the United States.
Affirmative Emory Taylor, B H Boseley
Negative Herbert H White, W V McNemar
  The judges were: Rev A M Cackley, Mr E L Judy and Mr Nutter. Rev Cackley announced the decisions from the platform, which were: Fro declamation, Miss Emlie Coffroth, for essay, Miss Lottie Orebaugh; for debate, negative. All three decisions go to the Davis society. There was a good audience, nearly filling the auditorium. The orchestra, which was from our own town, gave us excellent music.
  Tues evening the pianoforte recital by the students of the music dept was given. Though the evening was disagreeable, and rain threatening a large audience assembled. The auditorium was full and overflowing. The performers rendered their parts very well. Miss Sibyl Sammis, of Chicago, a well known and accomplished soprano singer, assisted in the recital. Her selections were warmly appreciated, as was plain by prolonged applause that called her back each time. The program was:
Prelude..Rachmanionof, Miss Nelie Johnson
(a) Chase..Rheinberger, (b) Sprites of the Glen,,,Deanee, Miss Faye Montgomery
Buttefly..Lavallea, Miss Cora Kidwell
Eriking..Schubert, Miss Sammis
Waltz..Chopin, Miss Sadie Friend
Song of the Brook..Lack, Miss Myra Nefflen
Cabaletta...Lack, Miss Leola Warner
(a) Music Box, (b) Waltz (Posthumous) Chopin, Miss Carrie Hood
Waltz..Godard, Miss Margaret Liller
Oh come With Me in the Summer Night..Vander Stucker, Miss Sammis
  Mrs Ida F Menafee went to Pa Mon on a visit to her daughter, who is sick with grip.
  Mr Roy Babb and Miss Mabel Babb, both of Grant Co, were in town this week and present at part of the commencement exercises.
  There are five in this years graduating class: Miss Helen Babb, of Grant Co; Miss Inez McNeill, of Hardy Co; Mr Chas Arnold, of Mineral County; Mr Clyde McDowell, of Tucker Co; and Mr Herbert White, of Preston Co.
  The lst issue of the Athenacum, the University publication, contains a picture of Mr Fred Koelz, of Keyser, a graduate of the Keyser Preparatory School, now a student at the University. Mr Koelz was chosen one of the editors of the Athenaeum for next year.
  Miss Essye Shobe, of Petersburg, who took the commercial course in the Preparatory School last year, is in Keyser this week visiting.
  Mr Oscar B Hamstead, formerly of our school was in town this week.
  Commencement exercises were held Wed evening, June 12. In spite of the unfavorable weather, the auditorium was nearly filled. At the hour for beginning the audience was asked to rise and stand while the graduates marched in and took their places. Master Morris Sanders ? at the head of the column. The program:
SOLO: Mr C E Goodwin
ADDRESS: Dr B W Hutchinson
SOLO: Mr C E Goodwin
  But a little change was necessary. Mr Goodwin came on the Western Maryland evening train, which was an hour and a half late; consequently his part in the program had to be postponed. He came in time to give both numbers before the closing. the solos were well received and proved a very pleasing feature or the program. Dr B W Hutchinson, who gave the address to the class, is pastor of a church in Washington Pa. He has spent much of his life in educational work in this state. His lecture was pleasingly delivered, full of practical and wholesome advice, and while not ignoring the material side of life, urged the striving after higher and better things. His talk was plainly from the heart, from one truly interested in the elevation of young people, and grew out of years earnest work for the good of others. Mr Haught presented the diplomas with a brief and very appropriate talk, encouraging the members of the class to higher future attainments.
  Three of our present instructors, Messrs Miller, Hott and Anderson do not expect to be with us next year.
  Wed evening after the meeting on the hill, seniors, juniors and faculty members went to the Delicatessen restaurant, where the junior class had provided a closing banquet. The occasion was one to be long remembered. After the banquet, many farewells were said and all dispersed, expecting to leave for their homes next day. Those present were: Graduating Class - Miss Helen Babb, Miss Inez McNeill, Mr Herbert White, Mr Clyde McDowell, Mr Chas Arnold, Misses Sadie Friend, Nellie Johnson, Margaret Liller; Juniors - Misses Mildred Harrison, Nina Shuey, Emily Coffroth, Edna Hamstead, May Winning, Messrs George Boyd, Harry Hodges, Lee Lauck, W Vernon McNemar; Faculty - Miss Elsie Hott Hoffman; Profs Haught, Sanders, Horn, Miller, Anderson and Hott.
  Mr E L Anderson, who has been instructor in modern languages the last two years, has secured a position as interpreter for an engineering company doing work in South Africa. He goes to Morgantown this week to visit his people, and a few days later with the state guards, of which he is a member, to the encampment at Charleston, and with them also on the trip to the exposition, and later in the summer to South America.
  Mr Chas E Trembly of Terra Alta, who happened to be in town Wed evening a short while between trains was present at the evening exercises.


  Last Tues the county court considered the application of Athey & Flick for license to keep a saloon in South Keyser. There was a strenuous protest made against it by the people of South Keyser, and vicinity, even as far out as Antioch and Laurel Dale. A large crowd attended court to hack up their protest by their presence, among which were eight or ten ladies. A number of petitions were offered, signed by over one hundred people, asking the court not to grant the license. The town council of South Keyser had granted the license, and came with their attorney, W H Griffith, making the fight for the applicants before the court. The protesters were represented by Attorney Harry G Fisher. After the attorneys got through with their argument several of the citizens spoke in opposition to the applicants. At the conclusion of the remarks the court, composed of Commissioners Cross and Bishop, without hesitation, arose individually and stated, that in face of this protest they would refuse to grant the license.


  The home of Sen and Mrs Thos Gartian, on upper Jullana street, is this afternoon, between the hours of 4 and 6, the scene of a beautiful and delightful reception given by Mrs Gartian, complimentary to her guests, Mrs J T Carskadon of Keyser, and Mrs J H Strickling, of Sisterville.
  The rooms of the Gartian home are attractive with decorations of sweet and lovely summer flowers such as roses, daises and syrinoes, which are used in tall vases, and banked around in many places, the floral adornment being one of the pretty features of the reception. In the drawing room, Mrs Gartian and her two guests, Mrs Carskadon and Mrs Strickling, received, assisted by ? Woodyard, wife of Congressman Woodyard, of Spencer, Miss Nan Brengis? of Cumberland, and Mrs McComas of New York. The ladies of the receiving party are handsomely attired in stunning summer costumes, and during the afternoon they welcomed over one hundred and twenty-five guests.
  Assisting through the hose in attending the hospitalities of the afternoon, are Mrs B R Blackford, Mrs Walter E Fleming, Mrs Sidney T Mallory, Mrs Harry P Candea and Mrs W C McConaughey.
  In the dining room, where the guests are asked to partake of delicious refreshments, Mrs Dudley Welsh, Mrs George W Johnson and Miss Gertrude Nelly preside. Pink is the prevailing color in the dining room decorations and a mound of pink peonies makes a charming center for the table.
  In every detail the affair is one of the handsomest of the summer season, and is made enjoyable by the gracious hospitality of the hostess and her assistants.
  this evening Mrs Gartain will entertain with a dinner, in honor of the ladies who acted as aides, and their husbands and friends. -Parkersburg Sentinel of 12th


  Mr W S Kuhn, of Emoryville, this county, in writing to V F Alkire a few days ago, says among other things:
  "Well, I still claim the championship of Mineral County for splitting rails. A few days ago, I split 348 in four hours. If you can find anybody to beat that send me word."
  Our friend Alkire says that once before Mr Kuhn split over eight hundred rails in eight hours. This is something of an exploit, and we venture to say that not many young men of this day can beat it.


  Remaining uncalled for in the post office at Keyser, which if not called for before June 20, 1907, will be sent to the Dead Letter office:
  Miss Vesta Vivian, Miss Nellie Waxler, Geo T Satewood, Willie Gorden, Fred Hendrickson.


  The Board of Regents of the Preparatory school held a meeting Tues and transacted considerable important business. Those present were Col T B Davis, of Keyser W VA; W A Watson of Preston County; T H B Dawson, of Berkeley Springs; A J Welton of Petersburg and Jas ?Sites of Upper Tract.
  The Board was recognized by the re-election of Col T B Davis as president, and F H Babbs as secretary and treasurer.
  J C Watson was elected as a member of the local executive committee in place of N J Crooks.
  The usual appropriations were made for advertising and field work for the next session.
  The Principals annual report was ? showing a satisfactory condition of the school Prof T W Haught was re elected as principal and his salary increased from $1400 to $15000. Prof J C Sanders was re-elected as assistant principal and his salary increased from $1000 to $1050; Miss Ida Menefee was re-elected first assistant teacher and her salary increased fifty dollars; Prof J W Horn was re-elected assisted teacher and his salary increased fifty dollars; Miss Elsie Hoffman was re-elected as music teacher and her salary increased fifty dollars. The position of assistant teacher in the commercial dept was abolished. R R Miller, who has been principal of the commercial dept, resigned. The position of teacher of French and German also being vacant, a committee was appointed to secure teachers for these two positions, also to employ a teacher in elocution and physical culture, which will be a new dept in the school.
  An order was passed that the graduates in the music dept be granted diplomas on completion of the course and that after June, 1909, the course in music be made to include, in addition to the training in music, nine courses in English.
  Diplomas of the school were granted to the following:
  In the Classical Course - Herbert White, Helen M Babb, Inez McNeill, Clyde McDowell and Charles Arnold.
  In Music - Margaret Liller, Nellie Johnson and Sadie Friend.


  Mr J G Waddell, has returned from Q Junction Pa, where he conducted a successful series of revival services. While there he made a purchase of the large hotel and restaurant and will move his family to that place. Mr Waddell was formerly an engineer on the B&O and lived on Springville St. -Cumb News
  Last Sun the Southern Methodist Sun school elected the following persons as delegates to the Sun School Institute, which will be held at Romney on the 19th and 20th.
  Mrs J H Markwood, Mrs L L Edgell, Misses Sadie Cackley, Lou Murphy and Ada Wagoner and Mr T M Adams.


  Born June 1, 1907, to Mr and Mrs E E Springer, a daughter.
  Mr G R Dye, of Ridgeville, is buying up lambs at six cents for shipment and has secured quite a number.
  Wm H Virts is having an addition built to the rear of his residence on West St. He recently bought the property from his mother-in-law, Mrs M J Head.
  The New Era Circle met last Wed afternoon at the home of Miss Daisy Lowry. The meeting next Wed will be at Miss Lou Murphy's.
  June 5 was the anniversary of the great frost and freeze of the same date in 1859, which destroyed the wheat and other crops in many sections of the U S and Canada. Many of the older residents remember it.
  Mrs Jane Brown, of Kingwood, W Va, died on a visit at Masontown, Preston County, W Va. Mrs Brown was the mother of Mrs Dawson, wife of Gov William M O Dawson, of W Va.


  The Epworth Leagues of Moorefield district, M E Church, South, held a "Rally Day" at Ridgeley, this county, on Wed, June 5th. The program included an address by Rev H L Hout, of Piedmont church, on the history of the Epworth League. Rev H A Brown, of Romney, presented the "Objects of the League" in a well prepared talk. DR A M Cackley, of Keyser, spoke upon the "Devotional Dept of the Work". A large ? of the preachers and laity of the district were present, and an interesting and profitable meeting was held. The people of Ridgeley royally entertained those present. The rally closed with an excellent sermon by Rev H A Brown, from the text "Where sin abounded grace abounded more exceedingly."
  The officers elected for the ensuing year were Rev G T D Collins, president, Rev J B Hupman, secretary and Rev H L Hout, treasurer. The place of next meeting was left in the hands of the presiding elder and a committee.


  Notice is hereby given that E D Boseley has filed his petition for a license to sell, offer and expose for sale and solicit and receive orders at retail for spirituous liquors, wine, porter, ale, beer and drinks of lite nature, in the Keenan building on the corner of Armstrong and Davis Streets in the town of Keyser W Va for the balance of the ensuing year commencing June 22nd, 1907.
 Notice is herby given that a special petition will be considered at a special term of the county court, at which time all persons having objections to the granting of the same may be heard. J V BELL, Clerk

In the circuit court of Mineral County W Va
E J FREDLOCK, Manufacturing and Building Company, a corporation, Plaintiff
vs In chancery with attachment Patrick Carey and The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad co, defendants

  The object of this suit is to recover from the defendant, Patrick Carey, the sum of $100.00 with interest from the - day of Dec 1904, which is due to the plaintiff for costs and expense for burying the infant son of Patrick Carey, and to attach in the hands of the defendant, the B&O Railroad co, the sum due said Patrick Carey on the life insurance of said minor son, and have said sum applied to the payment of said debt..... J V BELL, Clerk


  Cloudy skies and a disagreeable drizzle made the morning of the day that the Southerner delights to honor as unpleasant as it could well possibly be. On last Sat, the people of the town and many from the county, assembled in the Court House to listen to addresses incident to the strewing OF the graves of the Confederate dead with flowers. Mayor J Sloan Kuykendall presided, Rev Dr F J Brooke invoked the Divine blessing and he was followed by Rev H A Brown, of the M E Church South, who made an interesting historical address, lauding the Confederate soldier and declaring the cause for which he fought to be just and right. The old officers of the Confederacy were re-elected for the ensuing year, with the exception of Miss Fox, who had occupied the office of vice president, and who had resigned, Miss Anna White being elected to succeed her.
  In behalf of the Daughters of the Confederacy John J Cornwell, in a brief address, presented to Camp Hampshire a beautiful silk banner. It was accepted on the part of the camp by Rev Dr Brooke, who having just returned from the reunion at Richmond, announced that he was full of the spirit of the occasion. The Camp Daughters and citizens generally then marched to Indian Mound Cemetery laden with flowers and evergreens which were placed on the graves. Dr Brooke closed the exercises there with prayer. -Hampshire Review of 12th.


  Lee J Spangler, of York Pa, who styles himself as the "last of the Prophets" has issued another of his remarkable bulletins. This time he is more specific in his statements, and now claims that the world will come to an end in 19 months. He warns all the people to beware and look out for the dissolution of the world.
  He says there will be no more seasons, that summer and winter will be as one and that there will not be any way of telling one from the other. Snow in July need not be a surprise and sleigh riding is likely to be one of the summer past times.
  Among other things, he contends that there will be black spots to occur on the sun's disc and by the latter part of 1908 the sun will be entirely black. The earthquakes will visit all the principal cities of the nations. Great excursion wrecks will occur and there will be great distress in the land until the end shall come. In the mean time, the Christians will gather for the coming of the great event.


  The Sun School Institute of Moorefield District, M E Church, South, will be held in the Methodist church in Romney, Wed and Thurs June 19-20, beginning at 2:30 o'clock on Wed and closing Thurs night. an interesting program has been prepared. the following is the program.
2:30 Devotional Exercises, Rev W B Woolf
2:45 Sun School Work in Moorefield District, Rev W H Woolf, P E
3:00 Bible Study (Old Testament) Rev L S Rudasill
3:30 Pastor's half hour; Committee (How can a pastor can build up a school)
4:00 An Up-to-date Sun School and how to make it go, Rev H A Brown
4:30 Gen Discussion and question box
7:45 Testimony meeting, Rev George Echols
8:15 Sermon, Rev L S Rudasill
 9:30 Prayer and Praise Service, J P Hupman
10:00 Superintendent's half hour. Committee. (Hard problems and how to solve them.)
10:30 Points in teaching. Rev Dr A M Cackley
11:00 The Sun School as an educational force. Address by Rev J H Hawley
2:15 Song and Praise Meeting, Rev M P Welkle
2:30 Home Dept, Rev G T D Collins
2:50 Bible Study (New Testament) Rev H L Hout (Life of Christ)
3:20 Teacher's half hour. Committee (What a teacher should be and do)
3:50 The Sun School Session, D C Arnold
4:15 Primary Dept Committee
4:40 Conference on method. Rev ? K Heydrick
5:00 Business
7:45 Missionary Drills and Mission Work. Rev A Knox
8:15 Sermon. Rev Dr A M Cackley


  The ?ington and South Branch Railroad company has been organized at Oakland, a charter having been granted by the state of Md. It is proposed to contract a standard gauge railroad from Bloomington on the line of the B&O Railroad, just west of Piedmont, extending along the west side of the North Branch of the Potomac river to Gorman, Garrett county, a distance of thirty miles. The proposed road will parallel the Western Md Railroad its entire length and will carry the output of about fifteen coal mines on the Md side of the river. The incorporators are John C Brydon and Louis B Brydon, G S Hammill, S E Hammill of Oakland. The officers of the company are: John C Brydon, president; G Semmes Hammill, Jr vice president; L B Brydon, secretary; Stuart F Hamill, treasurer and G S Hamill, general counsel. The survey are now being made and right of way will be secured at once. The road is supposed to be a feeder for the B&O in a territory now entirely controlled by the Wabash. It will also develop extensive timber resources.


 All persons knowing themselves to be indebted to John J Rine, deceased, will please call and make settlement, and all persons having accounts against said John J Rine, deceased are requested to have them presented for settlement properly itemized and probated.
Adm'x John J Rine, Dec'd.


  The accounts of A B Emory, guardian for Alice C Liller, ?an E Minshall, guardian for her infant children and of G V Berlsford and Thomas Berlsford, administrator of Thomas Brelsford, dec'd, are before me for settlement.


  This range is guaranteed to be the best in the world. There are no heavy cast front doors, panels, buses, tops or other parts to absorb the heat, which should go to the food being cooked. The oven doors are made double with an air chamber, the best non-conductor, and are very strong. All burners can be used at the same time without interfering with each other. All burners have mixers arranged so the gas is delivered well into the mixer, avoiding draughts of air interfering with the mixture of gas and air. Our burners do no smother or pop out or catch at the gas orifice, or burn yellow tipped on the varying pressure from the lowest to the highest, and shows the best test ever made with burners on gas ranges. There are many other features to these ranges which we can explain. Drop in and see us.


Fine Racing! Big Parade! Base Ball Contest!

Basket - in - Hand
First exhibition of FLYING MACHIEN wheel will positively take place. Mr W R Caldwell, the inventor, will personally have charge of it, and it will be worth coming miles to see.

His next Best Friends is our Won't Tear, Hard to Wear Out Clothes, Double Knee and Seat.
A W COFFROTH, Main Street, Keyser W Va

Three miles south of Keyser, in New Creek Valley, containing 314 acres, has large barn, hose and other buildings; finely watered, a good bearing orchard - about 500 apple and pear trees, 100 grapes, about 50 acres, first class bottom.

House and lot known as the "Old Toll Gate" property, containing one half acre, with five room house and small kitchen, good stable, small vineyard and other fruit.

A fine residence, good double house, two large lots.
E S JOHNSON, Keyser W Va

  with Mrs J B CRISER. She is agent for Weber's flowers.