JUNE 14, 1912


  Last Sat and Sun mornings mercury went to 32 and there was plenty of frost but vegetation escaped pretty well. but this cool, dry weather has brought vegetation to a stand-still, in fact, the grass is going back fast. Many are mowing their early grass.
  Mrs Emma Bahn of Ashland O, stopped off here several days to visit relatives on her return home from A M at York. She is a daughter of Robert Ludwick.
  J W Leatherman and wife were at New Creek over Sun visiting W A Leatherman's.
  B W Smith is conducting a series of meetings this week in Whiteoak Flats.
  J B Rogers has a brand new buggy.
  Wilbur Ludwick, of Pa, returned home Mon.
  Last Sat and Sun Joseph Allamong's son and daughter, Paul and Miss Alta, and Miss Lucile Rogers were visiting J B Rogers. On their way home before they reached Burlington an auto passed them. It is said Miss Allamong became frightened and jumped from the buggy to the ground in front of the machine, and that it actually ran both wheels, front and hind, over the lady at her hips. She was taken in the machine and hurried to the doctor. He thought that she was not injured seriously except bruised badly. Probably the only thing that saved her was the fact that the machine is a light one owned by Mr Dixon, of Piedmont.
  G S Arnold went to Three Churches Tues to preach the funeral of the late Mrs William Peer.
  Singing at the church next Sun at 3:30 from the new book, Kingdom Songs. S S and preaching forenoon.
  The chickenpox have made an inroad on the Run. Miss Effie Betson was ailing for a while and she used Livery Syrup freely, not knowing what was on. Since the trouble developed as above she recommends a few use of this medicine. Other cases are expected.
  Sam Tutwiler came up a few days this week.
  David Fleming was paralyzed about a week ago and is poorly.
  G S A


From News of 13th
  Wade Wilson is the guest at the home of Mr and Mrs Crowder Homan near Ridgeville.
  Messrs Lyle Wilson and Wm Davis, of Blaine, spent Sun here guests at the home of A I Wilson.
  Miss Rosalie Homan returned to Ridgeville Tues, after a few weeks visit with Mr and Mrs A I Wilson.
  Wm Montgomery, of Romney, is the guest of his daughter, Mrs W E Patterson.
  Mrs H A Meyer returned Wed from a visit to Morgantown. She was accompanied home by Miss Pauline Heiskell of Morgantown.
  Miss Alice Hanger will leave Sat for Keyser to attend the ordination service which will be held in Emmanuel Episcopal church, Sun morning.
  John Kimble, of Bayard, and Mrs Chas Poling, of William, attended the meeting of the O E S Fri evening.
  Married at the M E parsonage June 11th at 10 am, E A Cosner of Buena, and Miss Kate Harper of Dry Fork.
  Mr and Mrs T W Buckner and family accompanied by Mrs Howard Crawford left Mon for a week's trip in their automobile to Parkersburg.
  Miss Florence Parks, of Hambleton, was the guest of Miss Mary Price from Sat till Tues.
  Miss Pearl Twigg left Tues for Washington DC, where she expects to enter a Nurses Training School.
  Mildred Rogers, who has been quite ill with diphtheria, for the last week is some better.


  Several of our young people attended the ball game at Rawlings Thurs of last week and report a good time, but we think Decoration Day should be otherwise employed than in ball games.
  Mrs I L Vanmeter visited relatives and attended Decoration at Cresaptown Thurs and Fri of last week.
  Mrs James Swaner visited relatives at Cresaptown and Pinto from Thurs of last week until Tues of this week.
  David Lower moved his saw mill from this place last week, and will locate out the T M & P RR from Keyser.
  Misses Cora, Almentie and Leota Johnson of Shaw, came down last Sat to visit friends and attend the Memorial at Mt Zion.
  James Clemm and wife, of Keyser, visited I L Vanmeter's family last Sat night and Sun.
  Mrs William Iser and Katie Lease of Rawlings, came up last Sun for Memorial services at Mt Zion.
  Joseph Taylor and wife of Burlington, was calling on John Mellons Tues of this week.


  Miss Dorcas McLaughlin, a nurse at the Alleghany hospital, Cumberland Md, spent a pleasant vacation with her home folks and friends here the past ten days.
  The Primary was orderly at Elk Garden precinct. When we consider the intense interest in regard to some candidates it is a relief to know that good feelings prevailed at the polls.
  Married, June 4, 1912, at the bride's residence, by Rev L C Messick, Mrs Susan Wilson and Earl F Moreland. The bride was familiarly known as Mrs Nora Wilson.
  Mrs Anna Buckley, of 538 Lenox Ave, New York City, was the guest of Mr Joyce's family the past week. Mrs Buckley was a McConnell and attended school here when Miss Mamie Faherty taught. She goes from here to Chicago and then to Yellowstone Park. She looked with delight upon her home scenes of other years.
  Geo Mays and Johnnie E Arnold came home to vote at the Primary.
  Play ball. Elk Garden and Barton will cross bats in the new baseball park, Sat, June 8. Come out and see the first game of the season in the new park.
  Robert McDonald had his left leg broken by a fall of coal in No 5 mine last Mon. It is his crippled leg and is broken between the knee and the ankle. Drs Strachan and Brown advised that the patient be removed at once to the Miner's hospital at Fairmont, which was done on Tues. The probability is that his leg will have to be amputated above the knee.
  Patrick Conlon and Frank Kenny returned form the S C I at Dayton Va, last week. Besides holding the position of third baseman Pat is president of the Sophomore Class. Frank made good on the diamond as a pitcher and lost but 3 games out of 23 or 24. His curves keep the batters guessing constantly.
  Dr P S Kiem, visited his mother in Pa last week, and this week went to Wheeling, and was a made a 32 degree Mason.
  Our young people are giving a good account of themselves at the S C I Dayton Va, Frederick M Dean, Misses Inez M Grant and Agnes J Patton each graduated in commercial work including stenography. Hugh Markwood of Blaine, graduated in piano tuning. They were all good students, Miss Maggie Patton reviewed being a graduate of the Tri-State at Cumberland reviewed in commercial and will become a teacher in the S C I.
  Robert Bane is home for vacation looking hale and hearty and is making a good record at school.
  Wm Stuckey, who lives with Garrett Mayhew near Sulphur, is the owner of a pig that has seven perfectly formed feet, the two fore feet and the right hind foot being doubled. The extra foot comes out at the ankle and all tread evenly upon the ground. It is several weeks old, "as hearty as a pig", and is attracting a large number of visitors.
  We failed to note it at the time, but Mrs Margaret Healy, has moved to Westernport, and Albert Barrick has moved into the Healy house.
  Messrs Geo Keller and Dan Paris of Keyser, are putting a new galvanized steel roof on the Nethken Hill church.
  Barton and Elk played good ball last Sat. A good crowd witnessed the game. The new park is all right. The score was 6 to 3 in favor of Barton. Batteries for Elk, Kenny and Blackburn; for Barton, Powell and Ready.
  Rev W W White, moved into the parsonage this week and they are pleasantly interrupted with kitchen showers, etc.
  A severe frost visited this section Fri night of last week.
  It was a freeze for ice was formed. Young bean plants suffered the most. Whole beds suffered the most. Whole beds of beans and gardens of beans were entirely destroyed. Potato tops eight and ten inches high were frozen to the ground. Tomato plants and corn suffered a like fate. Some have plowed and replanted their entire gardens. It was an unusual freeze for this time of the year and did much damage.
  Misses Genevieve Kearney, Anna C Fleming and Mrs Brant Nethken were in Piedmont and Luke over Sun.
  Clarence Rollman, who is employed as a butcher in Cumberland is home on a vacation.
  At a meeting of the board of education last Sat, D C Arnold was appointed district superintendent for Elk District for the ensuing year. County superintendent, Richard W Thrush, was present, and he and the board were in hearty sympathy with the movement. The district superintendent will give his entire time to the schools of his district. This appointment makes a vacancy in the position of principal of Elk Garden school.
  Robert McDonald, whose leg was broken in No 5 mine last week, is doing well in the Miner's Hospital at Fairmont. His leg has not been amputated. The doctors think they can save it.
  Miss Viva Jones returned last week from the Peabody Institute at Baltimore, where she spent the winter in musical studies. Her father and two brothers, Frank and Bischoff Jones, visited the Institute the closing week.
  Mr Ed Kearney of Elkins was a pleasant visitor her the first of this week.
  Remember Orphans' Day at Elk Garden, June 30. Lodges will turn out.
  Married on the Blaine road, June 6, 1912, by the Rev John A Shockey, James Mason and Miss Bertha Burke. Their many friends extend congratulations.
  Last Sun was Memorial Day with the lodges. The IOOF of K of P and Red Men decorated the graves of their deceased members and families. John A Shockey and L C Messick, Mr F C Rollman and Mrs Mary Harris offered a prayer in the different cemeteries. The graves decorated were: Enoch Stutler, wife and child; wife of W H Snyder; Jos Finch and wife; Isaiah Fenton; W W Harvey; Andrew Brady; wife and child of James Wilt; Charles Goffe; David Thomas and wife; Upton Pritchard's child; five children of Chris Yager; W G Kight and child; Richard Dean; James Stewart and sister; Isabella Buskirk; Jos and D E McGinnis; wife of David Stewart; wife and child of O D Harris; wife of L W Junkins; children of W E Oates child of Harry Sheetz; daughter of Elmer Sheetz; Mrs Emma Norman and son, Ellsworth; Child of Thomas Green; child of Wm Myers; two sons of Presley Harris; Sampson Oates; Wm Sayre; Jesse Dixon and son Elmer; Mrs Idleman and child; Charles Tephabock; S D White and child; wife of Jacob Stullenbarger; wife of John Burke.


  Press (Petersburg) of 6th
  Miss Freda Bond, of Keyser, was here this week visiting Miss Myrtle Judy.
  Miss Virginia Ervin, who has been attending school at Ft Loudoun Seminary, Winchester, Va, returned home Tues evening.
  The graduating class of the Petersburg public school held their exercises in the Presbyterian church Sat. Addresses were made by Rev J Hoge Smith, County Superintendent, Geo B Harman and Principal of Schools, Chas T Smith. The class receiving diplomas was composed of eight members as follows: Misses Elsie Lawson, Katharine Shobe, Sallie Breathed, Lee Harness, Vivian Wheaton, Freda Godlove, Lester Ours and William Welton.
  Wed morning it was learned that the following were the successful county candidates:
  J J Idleman, for Sheriff.
  Geo E Ours, for Assessor.
  Harman Groves, for County Superintendent.
  Geo S Vanmeter, "Sam Peer," for the Legislature.
  D O Fout, for County Commissioner.
  The tannery has started up at last, and has a pay roll of something like $425 a week, which will become larger. The company is erecting a large brick hide and storage house at the depot. The town council is busy laying a long stretch of concrete walk a long Main street and making a fill a the Pond bridge where they expect soon to erect a concrete bridge. The Independent School district has bonded itself for $7,000, and will soon start to erect a handsome new school building in the upper part of town. Our two hotels are both in good hands and are doing a fine business, as are also both restaurants, and boarding houses. A new livery is every day furnishing the best of teams.
  The barber shop , which by the way is the pride of the town, has in it two expert artists, who are kept busy from sun up until a late hour at night. Every traveler says they are the best in the land, and we believe it. New buildings are going up. The stores and every other business, are prospering. It all means that Petersburg is moving forward.


Review (Romney) of 5th
  Dick Stimmel, of Burlington, spent last Thurs in town.
  Miss Mary B Keller is spending a few days in Winchester.
  Miss Dorothy Hack, of Martinsburg, is visiting friends here.
  Miss Lyde Sloan, of Burlington, spent Sun here with the Misses Johnson.
  Mrs A E Bergdall and children are spending the week with relatives in Moorefield.
  Rev J Harry Moore, of Keyser came Mon and is the guest of Prof H H Johnson.
  Miss Lucy Johnson left yesterday for New Mexico, where she will spend a month or more.
  Mrs D G Marshall, son Jack and Mrs Hannah Kuykendall are visiting in Petersburg.
  Mr and Mrs W H Cookus of Keyser, came Mon night to visit the family of R H Cookus.
  Misses Gyneth and Worth Shull returned from Ft Loudoun Seminary, Winchester, yesterday.
  Miss Fannie High, returned from Elkins, where she has been teaching the past winter, Thurs night.
  The family of James Kuykendall has moved from Potomac Academy to the residence of J S Waddle.
  Miss Gladys Randolph of Moorefield, has accepted a position here with the Hampshire Souther railroad.
  Mr and Mrs R M Frye of Keyser, sent Sun with Mrs Frye's parents, Mr and Mrs W C Parker.
  Miss Lucille Ferguson returned home last week form St Augustine Fla, where she taught the past winter.
  Mrs Chas Coleman and daughter, Avery, of Duquesne Pa, are guests of Mr and Mrs G W Parsons near town.
  Miss Zan Gibson and niece, Francis Packett, of Charles town, spent several days here visiting Miss Ann Gibson.
  Frank J Brooke, who taught the High School in Charles Town the past winter, has returned to his home in this place.
  Miss Esther Thomas, returned Thurs from Mary Baldwin Seminary, Staunton, where she attended school the past winter.
  Rev G A Gibbons left Tues to attend the annual council of the Protestant Episcopal Church, which meets this week at Bluefield.
  At a special meeting of the town council held last week the resignation of Recorder C W Haines tendered several weeks ago was accepted and Councilman J C Linthicum elected to the position of recorder. W M Baird was elected to fill the vacancy in the council caused by the resignation of Mr Haines.
  Dr J W Shull last week received a card from Wade D Emmett, formerly of this county, stating that he was in a hospital in Richmond Va, where he had just been operated on for a badly inflamed appendix. He stated that he was doing fine and on the road to recovery.
  Among the graduates from the college of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore, last week is James K Guthrie, of this place.
  A marriage license was issued in Cumberland last week to John Geckey and Julia Brecky, both of Junction W Va.
  A surprisingly large vote was polled at the Democratic primary last Sat, despite the fact that there were few contests and in only one of them, that for Prosecuting Attorney, did the fight wax warm. For the best two offices, sheriff and assessor, there was only one candidate for each, the popularity of Jonah Sirbaugh, and Ed Blue being thereby demonstrated.
  Robert White for Prosecuting Attorney, R P Monroe, for House of Delegates and T T Stickley for county commissioner, each got unexpectedly large majorities over their opponents.
  Much interest was abated by the withdrawal of Mr Gilkeson as a candidate for the State Senate early in the week, and notwithstanding his withdrawal many of his friends gave him an expression of their confidence by voting for him.
Review (Romney) of 12th
  Miss Mattie Duval left last week for Buzzards Bay, NY.
  Miss Irene Houser left Fri to spend some time in Grant Co.
  Mr and Mrs Kelley, of Terra Alta, are visiting Mrs Margaret Keller.
  Jacob Criser, Keyser who attended the funeral of his cousin, Mr McCarty, returned home Fri.
  Charles McCarty, who has been with his brother during his illness and death, returned Fri to his home in Winchester Va.
  Misses Rebecca and Jean Baird and Miss Margaret Keller have returned to their home here from Ft Loudoun Seminary, Winchester.
  Miss Meeda Wirgman, accompanied by Miss Grace Brooks, of Va, left last week to spend several months in Nebraska and Colorado.
  Miss Mattie Ruckman, who spent the past ten months visiting relatives in Illinois and Missouri, returned to her home at Shank last week. She was accompanied by her Uncle, G A Ruckman of Steward Ill.
  Miss One Shull, eldest daughter of Dr J W and Mrs Shull, and Harry H Cookus, son of C H Cookus were married at an early hour Tues morning and left on the morning train for a wedding trip. The wedding was in the nature of a surprise to their many friends.
  Miss Bettie Cavitt Washington and Mr M G Coplen were married at the manse of the Fourth Presbyterian church, Washington DC, at 10 o'clock am on June 10th, by Dr Joseph Kelley, pastor of that church. They left on 11 o'clock


  Moorefield Examiner of 6th
  A horse belonging to J H Wilson, fell in the cistern at his home this week, but fortunately was gotten out all right.
  Julian Chipley and Mask Harwood, who have been attending school at Front Royal Va, returned home yesterday.
  Mrs Julia Gilkeson and son Vance, who have been visiting in Buena Vista, Va, for several weeks, returned to their home here yesterday.
  the stockholders of the Hardy County Bank held their annual meeting Tues at which the old directors were elected for another year. R G VanNewkirk was added to the Board.
  John C Fisher, C B Welton, R C Price, Geo W Fisher, Jno W McNeill and T B Cunningham left Mon to attend the district Delegate Convention held in Martinsburg Tues.
  A son of Streit Crites dropped dead in the road one day last week. Mr Crites sent the boy back to get a wagon wheel which fell off the wagon and as he did not return Mr Crites went back and found him lying in the road dead. He was about 18 years of age.
  While driving home form town last week. O S Fisher's horse became frightened and ran away. Mr Fisher was thrown out and badly bruised up, but not seriously hurt.
  Married, on May 26, 1912, at the home of the officiating minister, Herbert Wolf and Cora Earles, by Rev L J Whetzel.
  Misses Edna and Irene McNeill left Sat morning for Baltimore, where the latter will have an operation preformed on her throat.
  Mr and Mrs Benj Dailey left Sat morning to attend the commencement exercises at Ft Loudoun Seminary, at Winchester.
 Miss Fannie Feed, who spent several weeks at Elkins, returned home Mon. Her brother Boyed Reed is getting along nicely at this time.
  Misses Jean Dailey and Rebecca Wood, who have been students at Ft Loudoun Seminary to Winchester, have returned to their homes here for the summer vacation.
  Mr and Mrs F C Welton and Miss Nell Sprigg, of Cumberland and Miss Alice Cunningham of near Cumberland, motored to Moorefield Tues and are spending a few days here.
  Rev N W Kuykendall of Beverly, arrived here Tues to spend a while with his family who are visiting here.
  During the thunder storm Sun lightning struck and killed two cattle for J D Chipley, at his farm above town.
  Rev Dr J W Duffey, of Winchester, arrived here yesterday. Dr Duffey will deliver the address today.
  Ed W McNeill, of Morgantown spent a few days this week at his home in the Old Fields.
  Mrs J S Zimmerman and children of Romney, are guests of Mr and Mrs J Wm Gilkeson.
  Max Kuykendall of Keyser, is spending a few days here this week.
  The home of Mr and Mr Inskeep was the scene of a most pleasant social function on last Thurs evening, when they entertained very pleasantly a large number of their friends. Delightful refreshment were served during the evening and altogether it was a delightful occasion.
  Miss Sue Welton, of Williamsport, is visiting friends in this vicinity.
  Mrs Jos I Cunningham left this morning for a months visit in Chicago.
  The revival services which have been in progress in the M E Church for the past two weeks closed last night. About 100 were converted. Dr and Mrs Wiley who assisted have returned to their home in Richmond.


  Mrs Sarah Gilbert, of Piedmont, has opened her cottage for the summer.
  Col McKiddin, USA retired is a season guest of Schrock cottage.
  Mrs Rockhold, of Baltimore, is a guest of her sisters, the Miss Hamills.
  Mrs George Burt and son Charles of Wheeling, W Va, are in the Park for the summer.
  Mrs Asdale, of Pittsburg, and Mrs Walter, of Somerset, Pa have rented the Wilson cottage.
  H B Staggers, of Fairmont, has purchased "Rosebud" cottage and lots on E Street, and next fall will build a bungalow on one of the vacant lots.
  There are over 100 cottages occupied and the number increases daily. But very few cottages are for rent.
  Mrs J G Jarboe, of Clarksburg W Va, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs F P Arnold.
  Among the latest arrivals are: Mrs Dr Campbell, Norfolk Va, Mrs Gertie Thraves, Oklahoma; Miss Jennie Murphey, Rowlesburg W Va; Miss Buckman, Ohio.
  Miss Carrie Morrison is visiting in Martinsburg.
  Mr Bert Rapp and family of Clarksburg W Va, will occupy the Yoder, G Street cottage.
  We are glad to see Mrs E R Davis and family of Clarksburg, in the Park and occupying Altamont cottage. Mrs Hardy has moved into the Laffy cottage.
  Mayor Lively and family of Fairmont, are occupying "Creedmore" cottage, and Mr Henry Clark and family, of the same town, are at home in "The White Oaks." -Oakland Democrat of 7th


  Mrs Sarah Schaeffer, of whom we made mention last week, died Thurs. She was nearly seventy-four years old. The funeral was held on Sat, conducted by Rev C D Johnson. Mrs Schaeffer was a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal church for more than forty years. She was an invalid for a number of years, and always bore her affliction with patience and christian fortitude. Her six children and all her grandchildren who have arrived at the age of accountability, belong to the fold of Christ.
  We had a heavy frost last Sat morning which did much damage to corn and garden truck and also to the small fruit. In places there was ice as thick as a window pane. There was frost also on Sun morning and on Mon morning. It is feared that the grass has been seriously injured.
  There will be a Sun School Association at the Alleghany Brethren church June 23.
  Dr W G Drinkwater went over to Greenland Gap Mon in his auto, accompanied by his wife and Miss Anna Dilgard. When the time came to return they all got in the auto and the Doctor gave the signal to go, but the thing seemed to be completely paralyzed and with all the skill and ingenuity of the Doctor he was unable to prescribe anything that would induce it to move. They telephone for Harry Schaeffer who went over in his auto and brought them out.
  The next day a specialist arrived from Elkins and administered a dose of electric oil and the thing moved off as calmly as though nothing had gone wrong.
  Miss Effie Hanlin and J J Idleman attended the elocutionary entertainment at Scherr Mon night.
  Miss Catherine Shillingburg is the pleasant guest of Mt Storm friends this week.


  June 12.
  We are having dry weather at this time, with several frosts the past week, but did no harm. Corn is being replanted, which in places did not come up so good.
  A son arrived at the home of Mr and Mrs Cleve Moreland, on Tues.
  Miss Mary Largent and Miss Margaret Appel of Paw Paw spent from Sat until Mon visiting the families of J C and J H Long and other friends.
  Miss Grace Hayes of Romney, and Miss Gertrude Moore, of Albany NY, returning form the Woman's College at Frederick city, spent Mon with J W Wagoner and wife, going to Cumberland for a few days, and will then go to Pa for a week's visit, returning in time for the commencement at the Deaf and Dumb School. Miss Hayes is preparing to teach the Deaf.
  Howard Culf is home from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, very much improved in health.
  All are busy getting ready for children's day in two weeks.
  Mrs Rachael Ward, of Dan's Run, has been real sick for several days. to add to her distress she has been entirely blind for about two years.
  Leslie Pyles of near Alaska, and Daisy Grapes of near Pleasant Vale, Hampshire Co, were married May 4th, and are now living in Keyser.
  H J Dohrman was here today on business.
  Miss Grace Long went to Green Spring yesterday to help her brother Harry with his books. He has sold out his store at that place to a man of Paw Paw. Harry will go in other business.
  Miss Estelle Wagoner was here yesterday. She came home the day before, having been in Keyser helping with the examination. Little Nellie Seedars went along for a visit to relatives.
  Dutheer Martin of Ridgeley, is here today looking up boys.
  John Long lost a fine cow on Tues the best one he had.
  Stock for butchering seems to be called for at good prices as it seems there is not much on the market.
  C Carskadon, the assessor, was to see us last week.
 M A D


Franklin Review of 13th
  Miss Jane Sites, daughter of Dr J M Sites, of Martinsburg, W Va, is visiting the family of Dr. Moomau.
  On Wed, June 12th, 1912, Wm R Thompson, of Berlin, North Carolina, and Miss Merle Nelson were united in marriage at the home of the bride's father, P P Nelson, on Dry Run.
  The frost on last Fri and Sat nights seems to have bitten vegetables in many portions of the county, with varying results, and in some of the higher localities, it is said to have killed corn and potatoes. In Franklin the mercury registered 30 degrees above zero, or 2 degrees below freezing, but the government thermometer.
  David Eye and R L Eye returned last Sat form a trip over Loudon, Fairfax, Fauquer and Prince William counties Va, in the search of prospective homes. don Byrd accompanied them upon the trip, but remained a week or two longer. they liked some of the country visited, and if they can make sale of their farms in this county, we stand to lose two good Eyes, all of which is to be regretted.
  Among the graduates of Shepherds College, of Shepherdstown, we notice the names of Mary Alice Armstrong, William Guy Crigler and don Carlos Dolly from Pendleton County.
  Rose bugs have gotten so numerous in town, that Michael Mauzy Jr, says he laid a bunch of artificial roses out in the yard, and in less than fifteen minutes it was covered with them.
  The little son of Rev and Mrs Lawson has been named Phillip, and enjoys the distinction of being the first child born in the present Methodist parsonage, which was built about 18 years ago.
  John Emswiller, known to many of the people of this county, died suddenly at Milam, Hardy Co, on Thurs of last week. he had been afflicted with heart trouble for some time. On Thurs he was employed in hoeing potatoes, and sat down on a stone to rest, when the end came.
  Mon, David Eye, brought down a drove of 32 young cattle sold by himself and Aldine Eye to John McClure.
  Byron Boggs has sold his property in West Franklin recently purchased of Mason Boggs to C F Hammer.


  Mr John O Donnell, Jr, a freight brakeman on the B&O R, had his right leg crushed in an accident at Terra Alta Wed. He is 22 years old, and a son of John O'Donnell, of Piedmont.
  A child named Graney, aged about six years, was struck by the Boothwell automobile Wed evening in Westernport. the automobile was moving slowly and the child ran in front of it. the child is not dangerously injured.
  Mr Dailey Kenny, who holds a responsible position with the Hampshire southern Railway in Romney, will be married in Baltimore on Wed morning to Miss Parsons, of Romney, by his uncle, Rev Timothy Kenny.
  Mr Frank Mcmillen, of Piedmont, will be married to Miss Mella Poland of Midland Md, Wed, June 19. Mr McMillan is a partner in the general store of C E Laughlin & co, of Piedmont.
  The Devon Club is making great preparations for the Fourth of July celebration. It will be a joint affair of the Tri Town's.
  On Tues afternoon about 2 o'clock a man named O'Neill standing near the B&O passenger depot, was shot thought the right hand by a thirty-two calibre ball. It is not known who fired the shot. Deputy Sheriff Davis was soon on the ground. It is the second time a person has been shot near this same spot.
  Mrs Thomas N Nevisson, of Luke, and children have left for a summer visit to her old home in Scotland. Her husband will join her and return to their home at Luke about the last of Sept.
  Miss Portia Richardson will return tomorrow from Vassar college.
  Miss Mary S Richardson graduated with honor at the Girls' Latin School, Baltimore last week.
June 8
  Mr Crowder Homan of near Antioch, was in town today. It is said the Democrats will nominate Mr Homan for member of the county court.
  Mr Robert C Dye and Miss Maggie Swanger are visiting relatives at Leesburg and Hamlet, Indiana, for about six weeks.
  Miss Nan Hepburn left today for Charleston to be absent for about one month.
  The bans of Miss Agnes Morgan, daughter of the late Michael Morgan, to Mr Chas J Bell, assistant trainmaster of the B&O RR at Keyser, but a resident of Piedmont, were announced at St Peters Catholic church on last Sun. The wedding, which will be private, will take place June 19.
  Mrs George W Harrison is visiting her daughter-in-law, Mrs Annabel Houston Harrison, Forest Park, Baltimore Md.
  Mrs Paul D Millholland, of Overbrooke, Philadelphia, will shortly arrive in Piedmont to be the guest of her sister, Mrs D F Graham.
  Mr and Mrs W A Shuey are in Philadelphia for a fortnight and their daughter, Miss Nina, is visiting her cousin, Mrs Summerlotte, in Cumberland.
  Mr James F Laughlin, of Westernport, is at Berkeley Springs for treatment for rheumatism.
  Mr R G Richardson and family leave tomorrow (Sat) for their summer home in Mt Lake Park.
  Mrs Maner Jenkins will leave tomorrow for a visit to her sisters in Baltimore Md and Fredericksburg Va.
  On last Mon evening, Mr and Mrs Thomas F Gocke on Hampshire St, gave a reception in honor of the bride and groom, Dr and Mrs Wm Gocke. Over 200 persons from the tri-towns and near by places were present.
  The hose was prettily decorated with cut and potted flowers and the Wilson Concert Orchestra furnished music from 8:30 until 11:30 o'clock pm. Ort, of Midland, was the caterer. Miss Florence Renshaw presided at the punch bowl.
  Mr Howard Kight and family, of Elkins, and Miss Grace Kight, of Keyser, were guests of Mrs Sherman Repp this week.
  Misses Marguerite Neff and Beulah Sigler, who have been attending Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pa, returned home last night on No 7, for the long vacation. They were accompanied by Miss Trix Wilt, of Elkins, who spent the night here as the guest of Miss Neff, but who left for her home today.
  Mr Harvey L Kight, son of the late MR Joshua Kight, formerly of Westernport, but now of St Louis Mo, who for some time has been with the Missouri Pacific Railroad Co, has gone into the lumber business with several others and has been elected president of the Central Supply Co of that city. He is another Tri-Town boy who has made good.
  June 12
  Mr and Mrs C H Lovenstine spent Sun evening last in Cumberland visiting relatives.
  Misses Lula Johnson, Lula Palmer and Bessie Ross spent Sun evening in Keyser visiting friends.
  Mrs J W Merryman and two children, of Fairmont W Va, who have been spending the past few days in Westernport the guests of Mrs T Z Kooken and family, left this morning for Keyser, where they spent the day the guest of her sister, Mrs W H Barger, and tonight leaves for Winchester, Va, on an extended visit to relatives.
  Mr James Leps, of Keyser, was a visitor here Sun afternoon last.


  June 12
  Mr Jesse Leatherman and family, of near Antioch, spent from Sat to Sun here with relatives.
  Mr Calvin J Racy, who spent the past month here with relatives, left Tues for her home in Va.
  Miss Grace Smith, of Burlington, is the guest of Mr and Mrs John A Veach.
  Misses Gladys and Lucile High of Moundsville, arrived here Sat for a visit among relatives and friends.
  Arthur Huffman and sister, Miss Blache, took in the show at Moorefield Fri.
  Statton Taylor paid Keyser a business visit Wed.
  Mrs Lulu West, of Keyser came over Sun and will send some time her at the home of her mother, Mrs Sarah E Huffman.
  Mrs Julius Taylor and daughter, Mrs Walter Hays, spent from Sat to Mon with friends below Romney.
  Mrs Hubert Clower and children visited friends in Romney a few days last week.
  Miss Lillian Purgit returned to her home here Wed after a weeks visit among relatives at the Junction.
  Mr J V Huffman and wife accompanied by Mrs Sarah Huffman, spent from Tues to Wed, at Rees' Mill, and attended the wedding of Mrs Huffman's niece, Miss Trask.
  Quite a crowd form here took in the Decoration at Romney the 5th.


  June 4
  We are having quite a drouth; vegetation is suffering very much, especially grass. The meadows are quite short and if we don't soon get rain in abundance our stock men will be up against it this fall.
  Ad Lucas now has a gang of hands on the Schell road doing some much needed repairs.
  Rev L C Messick closed a ten days meeting at Rehoboth last week. Whilst there were no accessions to the church, the meeting will, no doubt, result in much good to this community.
  Quarterly conference for Elk Garden circuit, UB church, met at Elk Garden last Sat. Presiding Elder A S Hammack, of Dayton Va, was in attendance, and he preached an able sermon for us at Rehoboth on Sun at 3 pm.
  Rev and Mrs Eubank, Richmond Va, accompanied by W H Eubank, Jr, landed here about two weeks ago and were now domiciled in their last years quarters. The Rev will preach for us this summer, whilst they young gentleman will keep things lively about the house.
  Gabe Hanlin and family are visiting friends up Stony Rive, from last Fir till Sun.
  Bruce Roderick attended Quarterly conference at Elk Garden last Sat.
  Mr Messick of Harrisonburg, Va, a one-armed veteran of the Civil War, drove over a short time since to spend the heated season with his son, Rev L C Messick of Elk Garden. The old gentleman served the last three years of the war in the 7th Va Reg C S A and notwithstanding his advanced age and the loss of his right arm, he will handle and drive horses that many of our young men are afraid to "tackle".
  Our better half spent last week and is spending this week among friends in Blaine and elk Garden; so your old uncle is keeping batch, and I want to say to the lady readers of the Tribune, that if they want any information on cooking, don't ask me for about the only thing I have tried to cook that I did not burn was a tea-kettle of water.
  Most of the men here abouts have come to the polls today, but after looking over the ticket, we find that for several of the offices there are two or more good men betwixt whom we cannot decide, whilst for several of the offices there are two or more candidates, neither of which, we can conscientiously support, therefore we will have to wait until the Democrats bring out their ticket. We will then smell of their candidate's breath, and will then make up our ticket for the Nov election, but will, no doubt, have to vote "plumper" for several offices from the president down to district offices.
  If the write lives until next Tues, June 11th, he will complete his 72nd year and it appears but a short time since he was a boy, fishing along Pattersons Creek, robing birds' nests and committing other acts that good boys generally do.
Uncle John


  J A Blackburn has just returned home from Bedford, Pa, where he purchased a fine stock farm.
  The will the late J M Cathers was admitted to probate. Mrs Mary E Cathers was named as executrix in the will.
  J L Frost is building a splendid double house on corner Piedmont and Sharpless streets. F W Davis is the contractor.
  Mastor Dayton Buckhannon, of Bloomington, a typhoid fever patient in the Hoffman Hospital, was discharged and returned home last Sun.
  Wade Lease of Alaska, was a visitor in town last Sat.
  Mrs Margaret Rafter, of Cumberland, is visiting relatives here.
  Miss Mildred Wright went to Newburg last Sun to pay her sister a visit.
  J T Dawson, of Martinsburg, was a business visitor here on Mon.
  Prof J C Sanders was one of the delegates to the convention at Parkersburg last week.
  Mrs E M Dawson has been ill for the past few days at her home on W Piedmont St.
  Mrs Lulu West went to Purgittsville, last Sun, where she expects to spend some time with her mother.
  Miss Marguerite Dorsey of Cumberland, spent Sat and Sun here with her parents and friends.
  Mrs Frank Junkins and little son, of Shaw, were guests of Mr and Mrs W H Coffman from Sat to Mon last.
  Dr W H Yeakley, wife and son went to Winchester, Va, Mon for a short visit. They went across the country in an auto.
  Miss Ruth Homan, who attended the Southern Seminary, at Buena Vista, Va, the past session, has returned to her home at Antioch.
  Charley Lynch of Cumberland, was up last Sun to see his mother, Mrs Mary Lock, of Garret Ind, who is visiting here.
  Mr Hilleary Rogers of Cabin Run, was in town last Sat. He says that his daughter, Miss Lillian, who has been ill for some time, is improving.
  Hon Chas Babb of Morgantown, spent Sun here a guest of Mr and Mrs J D Gelwicks on his way home from a week's stay at his farm near Maysville.
  Mrs C B Gosnell and children, formerly of this place, but now of Morgantown, who spent a few days with friends, left Sat morning for Va on a visit to relatives.
  Dr Percival Lantz, returned o Alaska W Va, yesterday from Atlantic City, where he attended the meeting of the American Medical Association. -Cumb New of 10th.
  Mrs A D Feete, who spent two weeks here with her sister, Mrs Boyd Linthicum, returned to her home in Baltimore last Sun, accompanied by her niece, Miss Virginia Linthicum.
  Mr and Mrs W C Whistler, of Clarksburg, and the latter's mother, Mrs E Davis, of Keyser, have returned to their home, after a visit with Mr and Mrs J C Miler of Gaston Ave. -Fairmont Times of 11th.
  We had a pleasant call Mon from J R Schaeffer of Gormon. He and Rev C D Johnson were down selecting doors and other equipment for their new parsonage, which is to be one of the first buildings in Gormania.
  Mayor W W Hennen of Deer Park, was down last Mon after plants. He says they had ice up there last Sat morning and that everything was frozen. They also had frost Sun and Mon morning.
  Misses Margaret and Mary Virginia Burns are spending this week with their aunt, Mrs D F Tahaney, at Keyser.
  Mrs Lee Hollen, of Keyser was the guest of relatives here Thurs.
  Mr and Mrs Gus Everly of Keyser were guest of relatives here last Thurs. -Terra Alta Republican of 6th.
  Mr and Mrs William Jones of elk Garden were guests of Mr and Mrs Elmer Biggs. They were on their way for Baltimore where they attended the exercises at Peabody Institute, where their daughter, Miss Ivia, is a student.
  Mrs J H LeDane of Elkins, is visiting friends and relatives here and in Keyser Ridgeley . Cumb Times of 6th.
  Rev A A P Neel and his wife, of Burlington W VA, spent a day or two in Shepherdstown the past week, where they received the congratulations of their friends. Rev Mr Neel formerly lived in Shepherdstown, and his charming young wife, who was Rebecca Carksadon, was once a student at Shepherd College. They came here in an automobile. Shepherdstown Register of 6th.
  Miss Nora Everett left for Keyser Sat.
  B A Stuckey returned Wed form a weeks visit at Grafton, Morgantown and Keyser.
  Mrs John Dailey of Myersdale Pa, and Mrs W M Faw, of Albert, have come to Davis to live for a while in order to be near their brother. Harry Heironimus, who continues ill. During the absence of Mrs L D Heironimus they are keeping her residence open. Davis News
  Dr L L Edgell, was a Cumberland visitor Mon.
  Mrs H G Steorts spent Sat at Mt Lake park Md.
  Dr and Mrs Richard Gerstell paid Cumberland a visit Mon.
  Mrs Emma Morris returned Wed form her visit to Washignton.
  Mrs W W Long and sons went to Hagerstown Wed on a visit to relatives.
  Andrew Woolf has returned home form University at Charlottesville Va.
  Miss sue Sheetz and Mrs H L Welch were visitors to Cumberland last Mon.
  Miss Ada Wagoner returned Mon from a short visit to her grandmother at Salisbury Pa.
  Mr and Mrs Geo W Bane, drove over to Burlington Wed and spent a few hours.
  Mrs Devries returned home latter part of last week from her visit to Grafton and Wheeling.
  Mrs Maurice Newman left Sat for Terra Alta, where she will spend a few days with homefolks.
  Ed Sobraske and sister, Miss Izabelle, spent a few days in Baltimore with their father the past week.
  Oscar Schoppert, of Hagerstown, spent last Sun here with his sister, Mrs W W Long.
  Mrs A J Keenan and son Frank are on a few weeks visit to relatives about Capon Bridge and Capon Springs W Va.
  Mrs Friend of Oakland, has been spending the past week here at the home of her father, Mr Loren High.
  Miss Bessie Wilson, of Moorefield, came down Wed to spend a few days with her cousin, Mrs D H Huffman.
  Miss Emily Gilkeson left today for the North, where she will spend several weeks on the Maine coast. -Parkersburg Sentinel of 11th.
  Jas E Leps returned Wed night from Baltimore, where he attended the marriage of his brother Harry and Miss Jessie Caudy.
  Mr and Mrs McGraw, of Fairmont, who spent the past few days as the guest of the latter's mother, Mrs O T Kidwell, returned to their home on Mon.
  Mr George E Price left last evening for Baltimore, to attend the commencement at John Hopkins University. Mr Brook Price is among the graduates. -Charleston Gazette of 11th.
  Mr ?SS Roes of up New Creek, who suffered a stroke of paralysis a short time ago, was in town last Fri. He is looking well and is almost all right again.
  Mrs H B Grant of Ellicott City, Md, who had been visiting here and at Elkins, returned home last Mon. Miss Nannie Kuykendall accompanied her home for a short visit.
  Mrs Lizzie Pennington, who has been at Kingwood for some time, spent the last ten days here with her brother, Harry Gull. She left today for Oakland, where she expects to spend some time.
  Mr and Mrs W E Little, Hancock, announces the engagement of their daughter, Irma to Clarence T Terry, of this city, the wedding to take place late in June. Mr Terry is connected with the Western Md Railway carpenter dept. -Cumb Times
  Mr Walter Lowry, one of our most highly respected citizens and old war veteran, had a stroke of paralysis last Sat morning at his home which afflicted his left side and for a time he was compelled to keep his bed, but at this writing he is some better.
  Mrs E E Biggs is visiting relatives in Elk Garden and Keyser W Va this week.
  Mr and Mrs Oscar N Shoppert, formerly of Ridgeley, but now of Hagerstown Md, are visiting relatives at this place. -Ridgeley Cor. of Cumberland Times
  Mrs Wm MacDonald and children went to Martinsburg Wed to pay Mrs Joseph Shaffer a short visit. They were joined there yesterday by Mr MacDonald, and tomorrow accompanied by Mr and Mrs Shaffer will go to York, Pa, to attend the annual re-union of the Lauck family, which takes place on Sat.
  Mr Lee Kesner and Miss Alene Chrisman, of Keyser, are in the city today visiting friends and relatives.
  Mrs Grace Wheeler Moore, wife of Fred W Moore, of Glady, died Sun June 9th. Mrs Moore was 28 years of age and has been living at Glady for the past six years. The remains were taken to her former home in Waterford Pa for burial. -Elkins Int Mt of 11th
  Mrs Pritchard, daughter of Wm M Smith, of this place was operated on at the W Md Hospital at Cumberland last Tues.
  Mr A G Harman, salesman for the J Orrick Co, who was seriously injured by being kicked by a horse was able to leave the Western Md Sat. -Cumb News
  Miss Leota McFarland of Cumberland Valley Teacher, after visiting her brother and sister in law in this city, went to Keyser W Va this afternoon. -Cumb Times of 13th.
  Mrs J N Poland and little daughter, Thelma, who have been visiting Mrs T P McKeznie for several weeks, returned to their home in Richmond Va last Sat.
  Last Sat Mr B Sollars who looks after the gas lights about town, found an Indian tomahawk in the run in Reynolds addition. It is a good specimen and looks as though it has seen considerable service.
  Mr Harry Hannas and Miss Myrtle Summers very quietly married on Tues June 11th, 1912, by Rev W E Woolf, at the new and beautiful furnished home on B Street.
  Mrs Dorsey Shaw & Mrs Dessie Rhodes of Keyser were visiting friends here Sun.
  Miss Gussie Metheny is visiting friends at Keyser this week.
  Fred Dodd, of Keyser, was the guest of friends here Mon. -Terra Alta Republican of 13th.


  Miss May Michael is visiting at Blaine.
  Miss Joretha Liller is visiting in Washington.
  I V Inskepp, of Martin, was in town yesterday on business.
  Rev J H Brunk was at Berkeley Springs a few days last week.
  W W Thomas of Laurel Dale, was in town yesterday on business.
  Best light calicoes on the market at Greenwade's at 5 cents per yard.
  Chas M Fletcher paid a business visit to Berkley Springs this week.
  The best $1.00 house dress I ever had I bough from I M Long.
  Children's day will be observed at the Lutheran Sun school next Sun morning.
  Mr R G Richardson spent Tues afternoon and evening in Oakland on business.
  Mrs W A Liller and daughter, Eloise, left Wed night on a visit to relatives here.
  Miss Dora Johnson of Interstate W Va, is visiting friends and relatives here.
  Arza Furbee's new home is progressing nicely. C W Shelly is doing the work.
  W W Woodard has bought the bowling alley building, which is now located, of Henry Halbritter.
  Born Sat morning, June 8, 1912 to Dr and Mrs H C Grusendorf, a son, Jee, but Doc was happy.
  Russel Wagoner, of Cincinnati, spent last Sun here with his parents.
  Miss Daisy Cline returned home last week from a visit to relatives in Fairmont.
  Miss Emma Carr returned home Mon from a trip to Davis, Elkins and Beverly on Eastern Star business.
  Married - June 5, 1912, Claude A Martin and Bertie A Dye at the home of the officiating minister, I F Roberts.
  Mrs Mollie Smith and daughter, Miss Nell, of near Petersburg, are visiting Mr and Mrs Glenn Smith, in South Keyser.
  Sargent Wells, returned home Thurs from Cumberland where he attended the commencement exercises of the A C H S.
  John MacDonald, a student at Washington and Lee University, at Lexington Va, the past term returned home Wed.
  Mr Fred Ravenscroft spent Fri and Sat in Cumberland the guest of his friend, Mr George Bowden.
  J Z Terrell's new house on Mineral St, in South Keyser, is under way. H W Baker is the contractor.
  Mr and Mrs Will Jackson attended the funeral of Mrs Chamberlain, at Ridgville, yesterday.
  Mrs J H Brunk and daughter, Margurite, left over the B&O for Harrisonburg Va, to spend a few weeks visiting friends.
  F W Davis is putting up a good house for O J Bucklew in Reynolds addition. He is also erecting a house for D F Kline on A Street.
  Mrs Lawrence Garvey of Bloomington, a typhoid fever patient in the Hoffman Hospital fro the past five weeks, returned home last week much improved.
  Miss Fannie Leps is spending some time with her uncle, Mr C M Athey, 2530 N Charles Street, Baltimore, after attending the marriage of her brother at Denmore Park.
  D W Eagle is arranging to build two concrete block houses on his lot on Sharpless St in the near future. L E Moran will put up the concrete and F W Davis will do the carpenter work.
  Miss Edna Ritchie, Supt of Va Branch Young People Jr work, left for her home near Harrisonburg, Va, yesterday after spending a few days visiting the family of Rev J H Brunk, of the United Brethren Church.
  last Sat morning was one of the coldest mornings the "oldest inhabitants" can recollect for the 8th of June. Up New Creek and at Headsville frost is reported as being plentiful. However, no damage is reported.
  Mr and Mrs H G Wilson, and daughter, Miss Pauline, paid Mr Wilson's mother at Flintstone a visit last Sun in their automobile, and on the way home an axle of the machine broke as they were coming by Dawson and they had to return home on the train.
  Harry Shank, of Burlington, was in town Wed.
  Mr and Mrs E P Babb and son Vance, of Martin, are down on a visit.
  Miss Beulah McNemar returned Wed evening from a trip to Nashville Tenn, and other points.
  Married: June 12, 1912, at Martin House, by Rev J H Moore, James E Bartley of Coketon and Mrs Edith Dice of Franklin W Va.
  Mrs Herbert Smith, who underwent an operation at the W Md Hospital at Cumberland, a couple of weeks ago, was discharged from the hospital last Wed.



  Frank Lucas, store manager for the Parsons Pulp and Paper Co, at Laneville, and Miss Sadie Trask, of Reese Mills were united in marriage Wed at high noon at the home of the bride. Rev Alleson, of North Carolina officiated. The bride is a well known and popular young woman of the county. The happy couple took B&O train No 14 for a tour of Eastern cities.


  The marriage of Miss Jessie Lee Caudy and Mr Charles Henry Leps took place at the home of her mother, Mrs Henrietta Seymour Caudy, Denmore Park, Baltimore Md, Wed noon, June 12th, in the presence of only the immediate relatives. Rev Gustav A Briegleb, pastor of the Arlington Presbyterian Church, conducted the marriage service.
  After partaking of a beautifully arranged wedding breakfast, Mr and Mrs Leps left for an extended tour of the northern lakes and Canada.
  Mrs Leps is a descendant of the pioneer families of Va, her father being the late Christopher Heiskell Caudy and her mother before marriage, Miss Henrietta Seymour.
  Mr Leps who is one of our popular and enterprising business men is a son of the late George Edwin Leps, who for many years was an esteemed citizen of our town.
  Mr and Mrs Leps will return to Baltimore in time for the great Democratic Convention, after which they will make their home at Stonecliff.


  License were issued at Cumberland to the following:
  June 11 - Adam Murphy McDonald, of Cumberland Md, and Ora Catherine Best, of Davis W Va.
  Channing Lee Jones of Cumberland and Clara Belle Crabtree of Romney.
  June 13 - Herbert Franklin Martin of Keyser W Va, and Rosa Nellie Harris of Martin W Va.
  John Almon Grover Grant of Cresaptown Md and Marucha Davis of Luke Md.
  Edward Albert Parker, of Romney W Va and Niota Eiller of Purgittsville W Va.



  George Thomas Kean, son of Thomas B Kean, died at the home of his great-uncle, Ex-Mayor George A Kean, Green Street, aged 5 years. The lad had been ill several months from rheumatism of the heart. -Cumberland News of 30th.


  Mrs William Chamberlain died Tues June 11, 1912,at her home at Antioch. Mrs Chamberlain was formerly a Miss Markwood, and was a sister to J H Markwood, of this place. Beside her husband, she leaves three children, all grown. One daughter is married and daughter and son are at home. The funeral took place Thurs. Interment at the Stone Chapel, near Ridgeville.


  Miss Deborah Critton died at her home at Forks of Capon, Hampshire Co, W Va, at an advanced age. She is survived by one sister, Mrs Joseph Deare, Paw Paw W Va.
  Silas Williamson is dead at Cold Stream, Hampshire Co, W Va, aged 70 years. He was an uncle of Mrs MacDonald, wife of William MacDonald, of the Cumberland Savings Bank.
  Clayton Rogers died Wed at Slanesville, Hampshire Co, aged 30 years. His body was shipped to New York State of which he is a native.


  Mrs henry Parish celebrated her 59th birthday at her home at Limestone, on Fri, June 7, from 2-8 o'clock pm. It was a very enjoyable affair. An elegant country supper and refreshments were served. Among those present, besides fifteen nieces and nephews, were: Mrs Nunley, of Piedmont; Mr Rafter of Cumberland Md; Mr and Mrs Fazenbaker; Mr and Mrs Johnstone of Beryl W Va; Mrs M E Caldwell, Mrs Wm Duling, Mrs Isaac Mills, Mrs Roy Bailey, Mr and Mrs Robert Caldwell, Mr and Mrs J Davis and Miss Fisher.


  On Sun morning June 16, at 10:30 am, Bishop Gravett will ordain Rev R E I Strider to the priesthood of the Episcopal Church. The services will be held in Emmanuel Church, Keyser, and the public are invited to be present. Rev G A Gibbons of Romney, and Rev W P Crissman will assist at the ordination.


  We desire to thank all our relatives and friends for their kindness during the illness and death of our dear wife and mother. W H Chamberlain and Family.


  All parties owing the estate of George B Shank, deceased, will come forward and settle the same at once. All parties having claims against the estate of the deceased will present the same at once properly proven.
I V INSKEEP, Admr Geo B Shank, deceased, Martin W Va.


  While on duty last Tues night, John Dike of Piedmont, a C&P brakeman, who was helping to shift a train in the B&O yard here, stumbled over a coupler lying between the tracks, and was thrown under a train and had one arm cut off. He is a son of Engineer Wesley Dike, of Piedmont.


  The operating dept at the Western Md railroad is already picking out its men from the other branches between Cumberland and Connellsville. Several crews were ordered to Confluence on Thurs and are now there making arrangements to reside there. They will at present have charge of the work trains at that point. No distinction is being made in the selection of the men. Many of the old men are unwilling to go to the new branch because of the necessity of moving. The operating dept is however, picking out the men all along the line. -Cumb News


  B&O freight brakeman W P Williams is confined to his home in Martinsburg with injuries of a more or less serious nature that were sustained Sat night at Cherry Run. he was with Conductor Bird Shipley on a local freight and is supposed to have gotten off of the middle of his train at Millers for the purpose of going up to the front and in some manner fell. His mind seems to be bland as to what happened, but at any rate he was found by the crew lying close to the rails and at first they thought him dead. The sufferer was taken to Martinsburg on No 12. He appears to have lost the use temporarily of his lower limbs. His back was wrenched and he was otherwise bruised about the head and body.
-Cumb News of 5th.


  Roy Snyder, was considerably hurt by a B&O train at French's station Sat. He was there with his team and in crossing the track to get to his team at the approach of a train he was knocked down by a car. He was brought to the hospital here for a treatment. Yesterday he was taken to the home of his father, Mr Jos Snyder, at Levels W Va, being on a fiar way to recovery. -Fine News of 5th


  At the Republican primary last week Squire J T Doyle was nominated for re-election as Justice in new Creek district, and Mr D P Osborne of Keyser, was also nominated, defeating Squire W F Ebert of Laurel Dale, who has held the office for a number of years. This gives Keyser both justices.


  A pair of prison promoters, Thomas Nuse and Walter Peacock, were arrested at an early hour yesterday morning by Lieut Treiber and Officer Goss for relieving an old German from W Va of his watch and $20 in money, the robbery having been committed on "the Island" where the highwaymen had enticed their victim and there viciously assaulted him. Nuse and Peacock were found hidden in the hold of a canal boat.
Cumb News of 3rd

  Daniel Gaskill, who has served time in the Md penitentiary for horse stealing, was caught at Oakland, Md,with a team belonging to C W Johnson, a liveryman of Terra Alta, W Va, which, it is alleged he had secured in exchange for a team stolen at Morgantown, W Va. He was taken to Morgantown by a W Va officer. Gaskill has a bad reputation and was sentenced at Oakland at one time for a lengthy term in the Md penitentiary for the theft of a horse and buggy stolen form the Helbig livery in Oakland and prior to that time had stolen a horse and buggy from the livery of the Thomas Martin in Oakland, but was not caught. The horse and buggy was recovered in Kentucky.


  On Sat June 8th, Miss Maude Blair entertained in honor of her cousins, Misses Alice Blair and Nellie Hite, of Hyndman Pa. The evening was spent in various games, music and readings. Music was furnished by Miss Hite and Mr Norris Repp readings by Miss Alice Blair and Mr Clifton Gurd. At a late hour refreshments were served. Misses Martha Dennison and Cordelia Blair presided at the punch bowl. those present were: Misses Alice Blair and Nelle Hite, of Hyndman, Miss Cora Sayder of Baltimore, Miss Olive Owens of Midland, Miss Hirshberger of Thomas, Miss Chloe Hott of Martinsburg, Miss Bernice Carnell of Claysville and Misses Myra Nefflen, Vira Frye, Augarita Shore, Louise Steorts, Elizabeth Wenner and Beulah Burke of this place; Messrs Omar Hott of Martinsburg and Norris Repp of Piedmont, Messrs Leroy Boor, Clifton Gurd, Fred Hamill, Eugene Cross, Barkley Inskeep, John Shore, Wilbur Chapman, Charles Blair and Thomas Adams of Keyser.


  Hon N G Keim spent Sat and yesterday here with his family who are guests of Mrs Keim's mother, Mrs Butler. Mr and Mrs Keim on Sat quietly observed the twentieth anniversary of their marriage. Mr Keim returned to Elkins yesterday afternoon.
- Cumb News of 3rd


  State of W Va, Mineral County, to-wit:
  In the Circuit Court of Mineral, May Rules, 1912.
  Henry C Grusendorf, plaintiff vs W H Glover, defendant.
  The object of this suit is to subject to sale the interest of W H Glover in the real estate of which his father, Dennis Glover, died seized and possessed, situate in the counties of Mineral and Preston.......


  The final exercises of the week took place Fri night, when ten young ladies and gentlemen were graduated from Classical and Engineering Depts. Mr Earl Blair delivered an oration on "True Patriotism," on behalf of the class, and was followed by Judge Frank Cox of Morgantown, who delivered the address to the graduates. G A Northcot, representing the Board of Regents, was present and presented the diplomas. those finishing the course this year in the Academic Dept are as follows: Classical Course - Vira Frye, Mary Irene High, Lora Kathleen Foxler, Charles Earl Blair, Olin Henry Hoffman, David Alfred Christopher, William Andrew Dawson. Engineering Course - Barkley Vickroy Inskeep, Charles Wesley McDowell, James Otis Nordeck.
  An innovation this year was the class exercise, participated in by the Senior Class of the Academic Dept.
  A class of twenty-nine was graduated from the Commerical Dept on Thurs night as follows: Rosalia Elizabeth DeVaney, Alverda L Oztes, Mary Louye Frye, Louise S Paris, Mary M Riordan, Millie Dumas, Chloe V Hott, Frankie B Simmons, John W Nordeck, Tracey L Riley, Guy Roth Nicholson, J Oliver Bane, John H Bane, Charles Earl Blair, Dora Alma Rittenhouse, Virginia Pearl McFaland, Grace D*rling Bowman, Vauida Artemicia Martin, Lillian Belle Moore, Helen Vickroy Spotts, Elizabeth H Gassman, Arthur John Franklin, John Sloan Wilson, Omar L Hott, Robert Ellis Wilson, Joseph L Sobraske, Floyd Lupton Morrison, David Alfred Christopher, Marshall H Carrier.
  Dr O P Chitwood, professor of Ancient history, of the W Va University, delivered the address on this occasion.


  All persons indebted to the estate of Robert C Caldwell, deceased, are hereby notified to come forward and settle same.
  Mary E Caldwell, Adm'x
  Robt C Caldwell, dec'd