AUGUST 15, 1902



 Judge of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit composing the counties of Mineral, Hampshire, Hardy, Grant and Pendleton HON H W DAILEY, JR


  Clerk of the County Court - J V Bell
  Prosecuting Attorney - C N Finnell
  Sheriff - J Frank Dixon
  Assessor of Western District - D C Arnold
  Assessor Eastern District - C E Taylor
  Surveyor of Lands - David Biser
  County Supt of Schools - Geo Arnold


  George Arnold - President
  John F Dayton
  Geo E Klencke


  M E CHURCH, SOUTH - Rev W M Wagoner, Pastor
  ST JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC CHURCH - Father Wilson, Pastor


  MAYOR - W B Lauck
  RECORDER - A P Brown
  COUNCILMAN - J H Markwood, G W Chescher, H G Steorts, T B Davis, S N Moore
  TOWN SERGEANT - H Halbritter


  Queen's Point Lodge No 7 (3/8) I O O F
  Olive Branch Lodge No 25, K of P
  St Joseph's Catholic Literary Society
  Women's Christian Temperance Union
  Friendship Castle, No 4, A O K Mystic Chain
  New Creek Council, No 211, National Union
  Davis Lodge, No 51, F and A M
  Federal Labor Union, No 7588, A F of L
  Potomac Lodge No 7, A O U W
  Keyser Camp No 8070 M W of A


  August 13, 1902
  Lee Jackson and wife, returned to their home at Memphis, Mo, on Mon.
  Samuel Hawkins, of Tom's Brook, Va, is visiting his brother, Mr M H Hawkins, at Central Hotel.
  The trustees of the M E church, South, will hold a festival on Fri and Sat nights of this week.
  Mrs John J Bell, and two children, and Mollie Spier, of Cumberland and Mrs A E Upham, of Elmira, NY, are spending a few weeks at the Bateman House.
  Henry Ash and wife of Cumberland, were in town the first of the week.
  Mrs Millie Holshu, of Petersburg, is visiting her brother, Jacob Brown.
  A E Dean, of Cumberland, was to town today.
  The Davis Run Sun School, will hold a picnic and festival at Malone's Grove on Sat of this week.
  Lemual Oglebee visited friends and relatives at Davis the first of the week.


  Aug 13th, 1902
  Our town is almost deserted this week. The inhabitants are attending campmeeting at Homan's grove, where all are enjoying themselves listening to good sermons. The ministers present and those assisting in the work are Presiding Elder Williams, Revs Collins, Wagner, Yost, Homan, Secrits and Stephens.
  Mrs Clyde Rice, of Moorefield, was the guest of Miss Mamie Morrison a few days this week. She was called home suddenly Mon on account of the illness of her brother.
  P E Thrush was a business visitor to Keyser Sat.
  Among the guests at Glen View on last Sun were Miss Julia Chidester, Miss Kate Brady and sister, Susie all of Romney.
  Capt John Miller of Glebe, Hampshire County, was calling on friends here Mon.
  James Rogers and sister, of Hanging Rock, accompanied by Miss Susie Beery, of Augusta, are visiting friends in this section this week.
  J W Dunn is on the sick list this week and did not get to go to Alaska Sat.
  Joe Wells, the popular drummer of Baltimore, was calling on our merchants Tues.
  Rev W H Patterson, of Maysville, was the guest of Will Davy Tues.
  Attorney McMullan and Robert Ashenfelter, of Petersburg, stopped at the Glen View Tues enroute to Keyser.
  George Parsons, of Keyser, was in our town Tues.
  James Shirley, who lives near here, was paralyzed this week and is quite feeble at this writing.
  Miss Nellie Johnson, who has been a guest of Miss Hattie Wilson and other friends here, returned home on Tues, after a pleasant visit.
  Come get ready for the re-union on next Tues and Wed. Let all come and have a good time.

(Cumberland News of 12th)

  Miss Mollie Stottlemeyer of near Hancock, is visiting her brother, Mr James Stottlemeyer at Pinto.
  Mrs Maggie Johnson, of Magnolia, was in the city attending Judge Sloan's funeral yesterday. Mrs Johnson was an old friend of the deceased jurist.
  Miss Maggie McMahon, of New York, is visiting her sister, Mrs William Kelley, in South Cumberland.
  Mrs Orpha Davis, of Keyser, and Mrs Ward of Bellefontaine, Pa, are visiting Mrs M F Davis, Grand Ave.
  Miss Olive Willison, of Flintstone, is visiting her brother, Mr M C Willison, on First St.
  Conductor Charles Gordon is visiting his father at Keyser.


  Mrs Kirk King returned Mon evening from a several week's visit with her sister in Keyser.
  A reception was tendered Miss Mary Davis, of Keyser, in Fireman's Hall last Fri night. Miss Davis, who is a sister of Mrs Arthur Fisher and was a guest of her fro several weeks, made many friends while here. some of those to show their appreciation of her acquaintance planned for a party in her honor. There were about 35 young people present. Various games were played and enjoyed until after the turn of night. Plenty of seasonable refreshments were served at an opportune time. Miss Davis left for her house on the early train Saturday.
  Davis, August 9 - Prof A E Michaels, of Douglas, lost his little child by death. There is a great deal of sickness among small children at this time, fatal with the children of foreigners, when their little children get seriously sick they usually die.
  Two men were killed at Henry this week. A Mr Jenkins, from near Martinsburg, W Va. He was working tin the upper vein of the shaft, (the shaft being near 500 feet) and as the cage passed up he rang the electric bell for it to stop, but having been tardy in ringing the bell the cage passed about ten feet above its accustomed place, before stopping, and he opened the gate and walked out and fell two hundred feet, broke his neck and one leg. He breathed until they got him above ground. The other man was a Pole and was killed by the slate falling on him while digging coal. These are the first serious accidents which have occurred at Henry.
  Aug 12 - Mrs F L Hodgeson was called to her brother's home near Martinsburg, by the death of the little child.
  Mrs M W Wonn was called to her home near Berkeley Springs by the serious illness of her father.
  Rev W M Woodworthy, who has been in Davis for several months, left yesterday en route for Clinton, S C to a position to the Presbyterian College at that place. MR Woodworthy has many friends in Davis who wish him to succeed.


  Deer Park, Aug 11
  The annual bazar of the Deer Park Village Improvement Society, held at the close of last week in the Deer Park Hotel grounds, was very numerously attended. The Japanese tea garden was presided over by Mrs J Swan Frick. She was ably assisted by a bevy of young ladies from among the hotel and cottage guests.
  Mrs J K Mitchell had charge of the exhibit table, and was sided in her duties by a score of young ladies from among the village girls. Mrs R J Fisher disposed of ice cream.
  Mr Swan Frick gave a lamb for the best dressed chicken, and the judges decided that David Brashears was entitled to the prize. Mr Brahsear's won a prize last year for the best dressed chickens.
  Mrs C K Lord gave a very handsome lamp, which was awarded to Mrs E F Droege, for the best exhibit of embroidery, also received a lamp.
  Frank Thrasher was given a China tea set for the best potatoes. A set of cups and saucers was given to Mrs Hess for the best bread. Miss Ella Laughlin received a silver cake basket for the best cake, and Mrs Sarah Laughlin was given a $5 gold piece for a home-made quilt.
  Mrs Joseph Lashorn was awarded a similar prize for the best rag carpet. A set of silver-plated knives was given to Mrs Ben Thrasher for the best display of flowers, and Miss Vauda Thrasher received a vase for skill in making pretty aprons.
  Mrs John W Williams, Mrs C K Lord, Mrs A M Bell and Miss Bessie Lord were present.
  James Griffin, Sr, for 21 years a resident of Deer Park village, died very suddenly on Thurs night. He was born in the county Tipperary, Ireland, as was also his widow:; both came to America at the beginning of the Civil War, settling in Deer Park in 1881. Mr Griffin was highly respected in the community. A widow and seven children survive him.

Aug 12, 1902

  Mrs Seymour Taylor and children, Kathline and Ralph are the guests of friends at Purgittsville this week
  Mr and Mrs Robt Greenwade, of Elkins, were the guests of Mrs Seymour Taylor this week.
  Mrs - Morgan and daughter, of Keyser, are guests of Mrs Philmore White.
  Prof Walter Ross and wife left Fri for their future home at Charleston, W Va.
  Mr Harry Rollman left Mon for Keyser, where he will work in the W VA Central telegraph office.
  Quite a number of persons from here attended camp meeting at Homan's Groves Sun.
  A fishing party consisting of Mesrs Lloyd Oates, John Barrick and J H Shepherd, are camping along Patterson's creek this week.
  Mrs Fletcher Patton, of this place, and sister, Mrs Agnes Matthews of Chickapee, Kansas, returned Sat form a visit up George's Creek.
  Rev Charles Biggs preached in the M E Church at Nethkenville last Sun morning.
  Mrs Nan Carson, of Frostburg, and Miss Fannie Fahey, of Piedmont, were visitors in town the last of the week.
  Mrs Oscar Summers and Mrs Seaman went to Savage, W Va, Tues to attend the funeral of Mrs Thompson Metcalf.
  Mrs M E Strother and children are visiting friends in Fairmont this week.
  Mrs Belle McIntire Houston, of New York State, and sister, Mrs Della Kerr, of Pittsburg Pa, were the guests of Mrs W Watts the past week.
  Miss Ella (?Souder) returned Thus from a visit to Lord, Md. She was accompanied home by her sister, Miss Cora, who has been in Baltimore the past year.
  Messrs Wm and James Norman were visitors to Piedmont last Fri.
  Mrs F C Rollman, made a business trip to the "Glebe", near Gerstell last week.
  Mr D C Arnold, was a visitor to Keyser Wed and Thurs.
  Mrs G L Pierce of Philadelphia, is the guest of her mother, Mrs Mary J Fenton.
  Mrs Mayme Nycum and daughter, Miss Evelyn, left Tues for a visit to Mrs Nycum's parents at Everett Pa.
  Oscar Aberanthy and Miss Flora E Barrick, of Hampshire, this county, were married at the residence of Clary Liller, this place, Wed, Aug 6th, 1902, Rev W S Raw, officiating.
  The fourth L T L commencement was held in City Hall, last Thurs night.
  The class consisted of the following:
  LADIES: Pearl Linthicum, Nellie E Neville, Ada M Paugh, Mary Mason, Mrs D C Arnold, Mrs Mary S Strother, Blanche O'Donnell, Myrtle Pew, Ellen and Alice Campbell, Adah and Bessie M Pool.
  GENTLEMEN: L H Mott, J Russell Browning, Clarence J Burton, Wm Middleton.
  The following program was rendered to a large and appreciative audience.
  Singing by the Choir, "Our Battle Cry; Invocation; Singing By the Choir, "Rejoice and be Glad; Recitation, "A Case of Charity," Ada Paugh; Singing by L T L "The Temperance Light House:, Paper, The Triple Pledge." Mary Mason, Solo and Chorus, "DeWhiskey's Got to Go;" Recitation, "the Wicked Cruel Spider." Wm Middleton; Male Quartet, "Calling me". Reading, "Some of America's Products," Mrs D C Arnold; Solo, "Beyond the Gates of Paradise," Pearl Linthicum; Paper, "Personal Purity," L H Mott; Singing by Choir, "Hail to America;" Recitation, "The Midnight conflict," Lucy Abernathy; Solo and chorus, "Breakers Ahead," May Arnold and Choir; Conferring of Diplomas, "Mrs Ida F Menefee, Keyser; Singing, by L T L< "We'll Crown Them With Roses."
  Immediately after the adjournment, the L T L graduates weaded their way to another hall, where a delightful banquet was tendered them by the members of the "I (?S) M".
  The hall was beautifully decorated and the tables laden with good things to eat, to which every one present did ample justice. Quite a number from out of town were present and several excellent speeches were made.

AUG 11, 1902

  Charles Shipe, from Cumberland, spent a few days with his brother here last week.
  Messrs Lloyd Staggs, and Perry Biser of Beaver Run, were guests at Jacob Anderson's Sun night.
  Mr(?s) George Deremeer and sister Bertha, were guests of the Misses McKean Sat evening.
  Master Earl Tipton, who has been very ill the past week, we are sorry to note, is not better.
  Mrs William Reed, Sr,and two grand children, formerly of this place, but now of Piedmont, returned to their home Sun, after several days visit with friends along the Creek. Mrs Isaac Harriott and Mr and Mrs Frank Harriott, from Wappacomo, were guests at Mrs Margaret Reese's Fri night.
  James Allen and Henry Ward spent Sun at Mechanicsburg.
  Mr Bell Hutton is building a new house which will make a great improvement on his new farm.
  Mr and Mrs Jacob Anderson attended Dunkard meeting on Beaver Run Sat. Quite a number of other folks from here attended also.
  Mr John Shipe Sr, attended camp meeting at Allegany Grove.
  Mr Adam Marr, who is employed in the mines at Westernport, came home Sun.
  Henry Ward, from Knobley, was the guest of James Allen Sat night.
  Mr Robert McKean purchased himself a driving horse last week. The girls can now look out.
  Miss Lizzie Umstot spent a few days last week at her uncle's, Rev Samuel Umstot, at Reese's Mill.
  Miss Virginia Allen and brother expect to leave next Wed for Oakland Md, where they will visit friends and relatives.
  Miss Mary Johnson from Alaska, and her cousin, Miss Pearl Tompson, from Kentucky, were visiting their many friends along the Creek last week.
  Mr and Mrs Clayton Long, from Short Gap, spent Sun with the latter's parents here, Mr and Mrs H Deremer.
  Mr and Mrs Joe Smith and daughters, Anna and Susie, and Mr Frank Simmons, from Springfield, spent Sun at I H Wolford's.
  Several of the Mineral Knights attended the tournament at Moorefield last week. And we are glad to note, that some of them came out victorious.
  Miss Jennie Rees was the guest of Miss Lizzie McKean Thurs evening.
  Mrs D T Allen and daughters, Virginia and Beatrice spent Thurs evening with Mrs M T Davis.



  Aug 14
  The son of Mr Polk, who lives at Barrett, about one half mile from Gormania, was stung very badly by honey bees yesterday.
  The series of meetings that was commenced on last Sun morning by Rev Alfred Jones in the Gormania Presbyterian church, assisted by the Rev Gamble Lee, is progressing creditably. The discourses are able and scholarly.
  The young man by the name of Pope, who was working in the log camp near Wallman, Md, got his leg broke while rolling logs on the skidway.


  Gormania, August 9, 1902
  Riley Murphy, one of Garrett county's most prosperous farmers has purchased a McCormick binder.
  Joseph W King, a farmer that lives about four miles from Gormania on the Maryland side of the river, while he was engaged in stacking hay ran the prong of a fork through his hand.
  Rev Alfred Jones, the Presbyterian evangelist, will begin a series of meetings on next Sun evening, Aug 10 at 8 pm.
  John C Hoffman, who has been away for several days, returned home.
  Mr Liley, of Parkersburg, who is the traveling representative for the McCormick Harvesting machine Co, arrived in town this evening.
  From Grant Co Press of 8th
  Sun, July 26, 1902, John H Parks died at the age of 59 years of dropsy. He lived near Meadowville, Barbour County, where he had resided a number of years. He was a brother of A A Parks, Mrs J D Rinehart and Mrs W B Frye, of Grant Co.
  J W Rogers sold his property in Petersburg, to A A Parks this week. It is a desirable home and we understand will be occupied this winter by Prof J B Martin.
  Emmanuel Lyon, aged about 70, after an illness of several months, died Thurs morning at Lone Star.
  B J Baker this week sold a bunch of the Hereford cattle, 21 three year olds. They will be fed by Jesse Welton in Ohio. this is the only herd of this kind of cattle in this section.
  Jas M Hutton and I S Welton each sold a bunch of the cattle to Christy & Co this week.
  N Alkire, of Williamsport, sold this week to Geo J Jo(?li)ffe, the well known commercial traveler, a pair of nine males, consideration $300.


  Hampshire Review of Aug 13th, 1902
  Miss Heiskell, of Moorefield, is visiting relatives here.
  Mrs Sallie Chambers of Moorefield, is visiting friends in Romney this week.
  Miss Nora Poling is visiting Miss Zola Grayson at Antioch and attending camp meeting at Homan's Grove.
  The Misses Minshall, accompanied by Miss Grace Lippincott, of Piedmont, spent Sun at J D Christopher's at the Bridge.
  Mrs Bettie Inskeep is quite sick at the home of her daughter, Mrs Jos S Pancake, up the river.
  J E Hodgson, formerly principal of Potomac Academy, now of the new preparatory school at Keyser, spent Sun here, the guest of friends.
  Jno D Miller is erecting a fourteen room house to be known as the Trough House at his place twelve miles above Romney, The work is being done by Jno Clower, who superintended the building of the club House, and will be open for guests about Sept first.
  The following persons were nominated by the Democratic convention last Sat for the ? offices:
  For clerk, C W Haines?; for circuit clerk, V M Poling; for county Com, H B ?Swisher; for House of Delegates, J F Gardner; for Supt of Schools, E W Noland.



  AUGUST 13, 1902
  We have been having some pleasant weather this week.
  Miss Isadore Pike of Washington, is visiting at Mr Jesse Fisher's .
  Mrs George D McNeill and son Hampton, of Keyser are visiting Mrs Carrie Chambers this week.
  Miss Bertie Whiteman, of Romney, who has been here for several days, returned Thus.
  Miss Alice Cunningham was called to near Cumberland Tues on account of the illness of her grandmother.
  The "J F F" club, was delightfully entertained by Miss Willie Lobb on last Fri Evening. Refreshments were served.
  Mrs D P Hendrickson and daughter, Miss Mernie, of Petersburg, spent part of Mon and Tues here.
  A number of young people were delightfully entertained at the home of Miss Hale McNeill, in Old Fields, last Fri. "Progressive Proposals" was the principal feature of the evening's entertainment.
  James Kuykendall of Charleston, arrived last Fri on a visit home. Jimmie's many friends were glad to see him.
  Willie Vanmeter, of Petersburg, spent a couple days here last week.
  Mr Frederick Rogers, of New York, arrived here Mon on a Visit.
  Mr Orville Price, of Frostburg, who spent several days here last week, returned home Sat.
  Master Anthony Reese, of Cumberland, came up last Sat to spend a month with Randolph Johnson.
  Will Harwood and children of Elkins, are visiting relatives here.
  Mr A M Inskeep and wife, Mrs Will Shearer and Miss Mary Miller are on a trip to Allegheny.
  Hon Geo E Price and wife of Charleston, who have been visiting here, left for home last Sat. Their sons, Dick and Edmund, left Mon morning. The boys made hosts of friends while here, who were sorry to see them leave.
  A number of the young folks were entertained last Sat at the home of the Misses Cunningham.
  Mr Mitchell King, of Washington is visiting here this week.
  Lee Rice is quite ill with typhoid fever.
  Miss Grace Whitesell, of Petersburg, spent several days with friends here this week.
  Miss Nellie Bowers left Wed morning for her home in Cumberland.
  Dr Robert Hackney, of Washington, is visiting his sister, Mrs M W Gamble.
  E P Brown and wife of Parkersburg, left last Thurs for home, after a pleasant visit here.
  Dr Miler and sister, of New Market Va, who visited at M S Henkel's left for home last week.


  Mr D H Weakland, of Altoona, Pa, is visiting his sister, Mrs Geo S Carrey.
  Mr David Martin spent Tues in Keyser.
  Messrs Noah Ellifritz and Chas Fleek of Lonaconing, spent Sun with friends here.
  Quite a number attended the meeting on Beaver Run Sat and Sun last.
  Mr Chas A Shipe returned to Cumberland after a week's visit with friends here.
  Messrs John W Shipe and John T Anderson spent Sun at Allegany Grove.
  Mr and Mrs Geo S Carry and daughter, Mary, departed Thurs for a 15 day's trip through the eastern cities.
  the peace and quietness of the community was suddenly interrupted by the announcement that Austin M(?u)tter, a youth of 13, who has been making his home at Mr Sol Urice's had suddenly departed and with him besides several dollars in money Mr U's best horse. the horse was recovered Tues after a hard chase near Greenland, but at this writing the youth had not be captured.


  FROM NEWS OF AUG 8, 1902
  George McCoy planted some cotton in his father's garden late in the season, which now looks thrifty.
  Mrs Adam Martin and Mrs Hulda Hiner, who have been critically ill at last reports were some better.
  Mrs Jacob Mallow, of Upper Tract, has a case of fever. We learn that one of the children has it also.
  A five months old child of Zacheus Rexroad, of Smith's Creek, died Tues morning.
  Chas W Fisher, informs us that he will leave the latter part of this week for Keyser, where he has secured employment.
  Rev Julius and Otis Fout, who spent a week visiting in Crabbottom, returned to the latter's home, near Maysville, Tues. Rev Julius Goot is a U B minister, formerly of Grant County, now of Ohio, and ranks among the best preachers.
  Wm McCoy is at Morgantown this week taking a law examination. William is a graduate of Washington & Lee University and a bright boy. He is being pressed to open a law office in this town.
  M B Daugherty, who has held a position in the government office in Washington, is home on a visit.
  Mrs John McCoy is visiting at Senator R C Price's at Moorefield, this week.
  Mrs Ann A Whiting Stubblefield, of Cumberland, is visiting Mrs Ernest Bowman.
  Miss Lucy Johnson, daughter of Prof H H Johnson, of Romney, is visiting at Dr Fred Moomau's.
  Mrs Chas Switzaer of Phillipi, and Mrs McWhorter, of Jane Lew, are visiting their sister, Mrs I (?E/F) Bolton.
  The following marriage licenses have been issued since our last issue:
  Robt L Teter and Bessie C Sites
  David Simmons and Betty L Puffenbarger
  Wm E Cook and Ida A Wetzel
  Foller Lambert and Sallie D Arbogast.


  Aug 12, 1902
  J G Thalaker, of Charleston, arrived here Mon to visit his home folks.
  Mrs John McCoy and son William, of Franklin, passed through here Mon enroute home. William had been to Morgantown to pass the state examination, to practice law.
  While here James W Rogers sold his dwelling house and lot to A A Parks, for $1,2000.
  Miss Leila Delay attends to the central telephone office now.
  There will be a picnic and tournament at Petersburg Gap Sept 5th.
  All of our teachers attended the institute at Maysville this week.
  J N McMullan has purchased a new Stieff piano.
  H F Baker and L J Forman made a trip to Moorefield yesterday.
  Miss Clara Delay visited at Hopeville several days last week.
  Misses Carrie and Lola Pierce of Moorefield, spent several days here at Taylor's Hotel the past week.
  B J Baker was at Moorefield Tues.
  Ralph and Ira Little of Pittsburg, Pa, are spending some time here.
  Mrs Will Plaugher and three children, of Washington, are visiting relatives here.
  Mr and Mrs Scott Cunningham, of Pendleton Co, passed through here Mon to Moorefield. She returned home Wed.
  Mr and Mrs Hendricks of Calverton, Va, arrived here Sat to visit relatives.
  Ed Plaugher made a trip to Red Creek Sat.
  While here Jas Rodgers bought a lot, and will build a house for his father.
  Rain is needed badly.


  Piedmont W Va, Aug 9
  Master Cleaver, son of Gill Kight, fell from a swing, dislocating an arm and breaking his collar bone.
  Master Dailey, son of Ex-Postmaster Tom F Kenny, fell and broke one arm recently.
  Several of his Pythian brethren gave Mr and Mrs C G Whitfield, of Lonaconing, a serenade at the residence of his father, Capt (?Wm) Whitfield last Thurs night. They were married last Mon.
  The charity game of baseball Thurs between the business and profession men of this community resulted in a score of 42 against 24 in favor of the former. The use of Highland Park was donated by J O J Greene and all the proceeds given to the King's Daughters to be used for "sweet charity".
  David R Barrett moved his family to Grafton this week, where he is a B&O machinist.
  Mrs Margaret and Misses Maggie and Winnie Tierney and Engineer Jno. Mullen and sister, Miss Mary, are listening to the sad sea waves at Atlantic City.
  George E Shuck, of Havana, Cuba, is visiting his many friends here.
  Dr Z T Kalbaugh and Bertram Minshall are attending the National Guard encampment at Parkersburg.
  Mrs C Jarvis and children, of Ft Worth, Texas, are guests of Mrs J Harrison.
  Rev E T Mowbray became sick at Allegany Grove and had to return home with his family.
  Judge and Mrs John H Keller are expected home this evening. Mr Keller has had poor health of late. He is one of the school commissioners.


Winchester VA
Aug 7, 1902

  Mr Samuel L Piedgon, an aged and prominent farmer and member of the Society of Friends of Wadesville, and for many years postmaster and station agent at that place, died late last night. He was 85 years of age and leaves five children. During the war, he was one of the two persons who would take the oath of allegiance as judge of Clark Co, U S Authority. the other judge, Mr John Bromley, died several weeks ago.
  A disastrous storm passed over the southern section of the county yesterday evening, doing great damage to fruit and corn. Lightning stunned a number of persons at various places and killed four horses belonging to Hunter Shanholtz at Opequon.
  Judge J Didawick of Boseman, Mont, arrived here today, revisiting Winchester, his old home, for the first time in 60 years. He left here in 1842, on horseback before the advent of railroads to this place and was the first white man to penetrate what is now Montana. He founded Virginia City, is now a wealthy mine owner and has been county judge for 20 years.
  At St John's Lutheran Church at Bloom, at 8 o'clock tonight, Miss Alice K Smith, daughter of Rev W J Smith, was married to Rev James H Richards, of Ardmore Pa, son of Rev Asas Richards, of Lovettsville, VA. The officiating clergymen were the fathers of the young couple.



  Miss Sarah Baker of Brockett, died last night after a short illness. The cause of her death is given as heart failure. She was a daughter of Mr. Isaac Baker and was 65 years old. Her sister, Mrs H G Huff, with whom she lived is the last survivor of nine children.
  The Powhatan Lime Company at Strawsburg Junction, Shenandoah county, will be ready to begin operations within the next 10 days or two weeks.
  Mrs Anna M Calvert, of New Market, has issued invitations to the marriage of her daughter, Miss Grace Calvert, to Mr Henry Kizer Barbe, of New Market. The wedding will take place on Wed, Aug 20, at 6:30 PM, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church.
  Dr D Q Will of Moore's Store, who recently graduated as a physician and surgeon from the Md Medical College, has located at Moore's Store for the practice of his profession.
  Col William Lamb, of Norfolk, has been in this vicinity for a week as a representative of Dr Edward E Hale, in an endeavor to locate the grave of Rev Elisha W Parmalee, founder of the Greek letter fraternities of Harvard, Yale and William and Mary Colleges. He is said to have died in Shenandoah county and to have been buried at Red Banks, on the handsome estate of Mr. T W Allen. It is stated here that the grave will be marked by a suitable monument if it can be found.


  Miss E***a L Hunt, a member of a distinguished Southern family, died of old age today at the Taylor Hotel, where she was spending the summer. Miss Hunt was a daughter of the late Randall Hunt and was born in South Carolina 82 years ago. Most of her life was spent in New Orleans. Her brother, the late William Henry Hunt, was Secretary of the Navy under President Garfield, as was appointed Minister to Russia during the President Arthur's administration. He died in 1895 in St Petersburg. He was also Attorney-General of Louisiana, and a judge of the US Court of Claims.
  Surviving Miss Hunt are two sisters, Mrs Cordella Briscoe and Miss Florida Hunt, of Washington DC, and three nephews, William Hunt, Governor of Purto Rico; Gailliard Hunt, chief of the passport bureau, Department of State Wash, and Livingston Hunt, paymaster in the navy.
  Announcement was made this afternoon that a wealthy Philadelphian had authorized the statement that he and several other Philadelphians would erect a monument over the grave of Gen Daniel Morgan, the Revolutionary hero buried here. The gentlemen came here recently on a visit and learn for the first time the neglect of the grave. Recently the Government donated two cannon for the spot.
  Miss Alice Taylor, a pretty young girl of Strasburg Va, eloped form Winchester today, with Mr Henry Lake of Brownville, Pa to Hagerstown Md, where they were married. Miss Taylor came here last week ostensibly on a visit to relatives. MR Lake met her here on Sat.


  L J Powell is off on the excursion to Atlantic City.
  Mr J R Poland, of Midland, was in town on business Tues.
  Mr James Sloan Jr, of Burlington, spent Mon night in town.
  Mrs J B Criser spent several days last week with relatives in Washington.
  Judge Alex King, of Cumberland, was up last Sat to Alkire Bros sale.
  Editor Rose of the Piedmont Herald, was a business visitor in town last Mon.
  Miss Toria Offner, has been sick the past week or two. She has typhoid fever.
  Mr Lloyd Souder, of Clarksburg, was in town Tues and Wed on business.
  S D Blair, a B&O shop carpenter, had one of his hands badly mashed last Sat.
  Mrs Nettie Carrier, of Washington, came up last Fri fro a few weeks visit to home folks.
  Mrs J H Rex, of Fairmont, arrived Sun on a visit to her parents, Mr and Mrs J B Criser.
  Madge Wright left Sat morning on an extended visit among relatives at Buckhanon.
  James Rinehart spent last week at Mr David Fox's and among other relatives near Romney.
  Miss Laura Saylor returned home Mon from a visit to friends at Petersburg and old Fields.
  Mrs Ida Grove and little son, of Piedmont, spent a couple days among Keyser friends this week.
  J W Faulk, who has been living at Rawlings, has secured a job in the B&O shops, and will move here.
  Misses Madge Wright and Sadie Paris returned this week from a visit of several days to Greenlap Gap.
  Nim Alkire, of Williamsport, was down to the stock sales last Sat. He sold Alkire Brothers a fine horse.
  Mrs Ludwig, of Pennsylvania, has been visiting her sister, Mrs James Thornton Carskadon, the past week.
  Miss Myrtle Schafferman, stenographer for W A Liller, has gone up the mountains this week on a fishing trip.
  Mr James Ruckman, of Extract, Hampshire County, spent Tues night here with his sister, Mrs John Offner.
  Mrs Homer Lemon, of Washington, who spent the last four weeks here with her mother-in-law, returned home Wed.
  Mrs Duke Wilson and children of Davis, stopped off over Fri night with Mrs H W Baker, en route to visit her former home.
  Mrs Charles Twigg, returned home at Ridgeley last Sat after two weeks visit to her parents here. Mrs Twigg's health is improving.
  Mr and Mrs W W Long and son Louie, Miss Alta Schoppert and Miss May England, went to Atlantic City Wed night to spend a while.
  Howard Huff, a B&O shop man, has been down with typhoid fever the past three weeks, but is improving. Dr L L Edgell is attending him.
  Mrs Rev J W Duffey and son Hugh, of Washington, stopped off here over Sun with her mother and sisters en route to Mt Lake Park.
  Mrs Rev J H Moore is expected home this evening from an extended visit to relatives at Frederick City, Md, Berryville, Va, and other places.
  Cloud Seymour, of Moorefield, was here Tues and Wed en route to Davis, where he has employment. He had been home a couple weeks on a visit.
  C L Everhart returned Sun from a week's visit to relatives at Harper's Ferry and in the meantime went to Baltimore and laid in a supply of new goods.
  Paul Sloan, of Burlington, who bids a government position in Washington, came up
Tues and went out home to spend his vacation. His father met him here.
  Mrs Porter and daughter, Miss Lydia, of Puxatent Pa, and Mr and Mrs Will Reed, of Pinto, were guests at Mr Anthony Reed's a couple of days first of the week.
  Mr L O Holt, well known to our readers, who has been at Richmond, Ind, for some time, came to Clarksburg last week, where he is stopping with relatives.
  Mr Ross Elliot, of Centerville, Md, was up last Sat to Alkire Bros sale and bought a pair of Denmark colts, the Acolyte saddle horse and four cows and calves.
  Miss Mand and Bertha Chrisman returned last Sat from their visit to relatives near Winchester, Va. Miss Bertha stopped off in Cumberland for a few days.
  Scott Cunningham, of Upper Tract, who was hurt some time ago at Wheeling, and has been home for several weeks, came down Tues on his return to Wheeling.
  Rev J H Moore, was down at Mr Geo F Cunningham's below Cumberland Mon and brought home his two boys, John and Thomas, who spent a few weeks there.
  Albert Walsh, who has been an extra in the B&O dining car service, now has the regular run between Baltimore and New York lately occupied by Capt Geo D Morrison.
  Mrs W B downs (nee Miss Lillie Stocksdale), of Baltimore, left for home Thurs after a week's visit to Mrs J B Criser. She was formerly milliner for Mrs Criser.
  Mr J C Watson, of Barnum, who will son move to Keyser, has bought Mr A L Liller's house on Davis street for $2,000. Mr Watson and family will be welcomed to Keyser.
  Parmer Paris, well known in Keyser, has severed his connection at the shop, and accepted a position with the Chicago Crayon Co. He left here Mon morning for an extended trip through Va.
  J W Stover, of Beaver Run, accompanied by his daughter and son, spent last Fri in town with relatives. They were accompanied home by J W Cook's two children for a visit.
  Mrs J W Frey and family, of So Cumberland, have been visiting her mother, Mrs M W Trask. She was joined on Fri by Mr Frey, who has been visiting his mother at Terra Alta, and all returned home on No 46.
  Mr Isaac Stingley, of Medley, was in town Mon night. He came to meet his son, T W and wife of near Baltimore, who came upon Tues morning en route to Medley out their annual visit home.
  T F Nine, Jr., son of a former resident of Keyser, now of Baltimore, was last month appointed to a clerkship in the Auditor's office of the B&O Railroad. "Frankie" is not yet eighteen years old, and is several years the youngest clerk in the department. He graduated from the Baltimore public schools two years ago, and last year took a general course in Diechman's College. His qualifications and endorsements were so satisfactory that his appointment followed his application for the position within the month, an unusual thing in the B&O offices.
  A son of Joseph (?Snapp/Shepp) has typhoid fever.
  George Ravenscroft's daughter has typhoid fever.
  Wm H Kimmel paid Cumberland a business visit Tues.
  James Berg of Falls, was down last Tues on business.
  Mrs James Clark and son Roy spent last Sun in Cumberland.
  Mr Geo H Johnson, of near Romney, was in town Tues night.
  Miss Mary Davis returned home last Sat from her visit to Davis.
  Jas W Fleming, who is working at Thomas, was home over last Sun.
  Sheriff Isaac Lewis of Greenland, was in town first of the week on business.
  Rev and Mrs Charles Carskadon of Headsville, spent Tues with relatives in town.
  W J Biggs, of Westernport,spent last Sun here with his sister, Mrs George Bane.
  Mr Jacob Cheshire, of near Junction, paid Keyser and Piedmont a business visit Tues.
  Miss Ella Whitford spent from Sat to Mon at Allegany Grove camp meeting.
  Miss Bertha Wells left Thurs for Fairmont, where she will visit her cousin, Dr. Cook.
  Mr Casper Kight, clerk in Buxton-Landstreet store, at Savage, spent last Sun in Keyser.
  Attorney J N McMullan, of Petersburg, was here Tues on business before the county clerk.
  Mr Hartman and David MacDonald, of Barnum, spent Sun at the home of Mr N MacDonald.
  Mrs B W Davis went to Davis on Mon to see her daughter, Mrs Arthur Fisher, who is sick.
  F C Reynolds went to Parkersburg yesterday to attend the meeting of the State Republican committee.
  Miss Lotttie Brown returned home yesterday from a visit to her sister, Miss Nannie at Elk Garden.
  Miss Marie Ridgely, of Ridgeley, and Miss McHenry of Wheeling, are visiting Miss Williamette Knight.
  Ervie Cofran went to Baltimore Tues night on a visit to his former home and will remain over Sun.
  Miss Nellie Nine returned Tues from an extended visit to Grafton, Oakland, and Mt Lake Park friends.
  Mr and Mrs Fred Gerstell, and children of Easton Pa, are expected today to visit Mr and Mrs U Bixton.
  Rev C T Weede, a former pastor of the M E Church at this place, is visiting among his former parishioners.
  Mr and Mrs George Bane, left today for Ridgeley, where they will visit her brother, E E Biggs, for a few days.
  Mrs Strohm and Mrs Morris, of Pittsburg, and Miss Annie Carl, of Barnum, spent Sun with Miss Jean Malcolm.
  Messrs John J Rine, Harry Wells and Harry Burke took in the K of P excursion from Cumberland to Gettysburg Thurs.
  Mrs McLain and daughter who have been visiting Mrs L C Nine for a couple of weeks, returned home in Baltimore Wed.
  Our old friend, R J Doman of Bean Settlement, Hardy County, was in town Wed. He is on a visit to his son Thomas, at Headsville.
  Misses Elizabeth and Elsie Hoffman have returned home from Hampshire county, where they spent a week with a fishing party at the Trough.
  Mr and Mrs D W Babb, of Williamsport, will go to Mt Vernon, O, this week to visit relatives at Mrs B's old home and to attend camp meeting.
  Hon T R Carskadon attended the Prohibition picnic at Narrows Park, Cumberland last Fri. He was one of the prominent speakers for the occasion.
  Mesrs Omar Whitney and Edwin Burke returned home Mon from a week's visit to Petersburg. Mrs Burke and baby remained there to spend a few weeks more.
  Mr J L Robinson, wife and two children, Misses Cora Martin and Daisy Lowry, Messrs Geo P Warner and George Riley left Wed night on the excursion to Atlantic City
  Ed Markwood, of Cumberland, came up Wed evening en route home, near Ridgeville, where he will spend a week and in the meantime take in the re-union next week.
  Messrs David and S T Noble, of New Concord, Ohio, were Martin House guests Wed night. They came in on a visit to Mt Lake park and ran down to see friends.
  Gib Parker of near the Junction, accompanied by Miss Edith MacFarran, of Cumberland, who is visiting in that section, spent a few hours with Mrs J E Condon last Sun.
  Miss Sue Sheetz returned home last Sat from an extended visit to her sister;s above Romney. Ned Johnson brought her over. She is now spending a short while at Mt Lake.
  Tues evening, a party consisting of Rev W N Wagoner and family, Dr L L Edgell, wife and company and Misses Nannie and Lula Rinehart, went to Queen's Point and had supper on the heights.
  Miss Blake Sheetz (of North Carolina) returned here yesterday from her visit to relatives at Romney, and was accompanied by Miss Fannie Kuykendall, who will spend a short while at Mrs N A McCoole's.
  W H Criser, and wife of Fairmont, are up on a visit to relatives at Keyser and Piedmont. Mrs Ayres of Wilmington, Del, is expected tomorrow. The Criser family are arranging for a reunion.
  Bert Stallings, of Medley, came down Wed on a short trip. He said that his brother, Ed, who has typhoid fever, is now broken and he is in a fair way to recovery.
  Miss Louise Weedon, of Washington, sang a solo at the service last Sun evening in the Presbyterian church. Miss Weedon has a fine voice, and her singing won many compliments.
  Vaus Marshall was here Wed night en route home at Williamsport to spend a few days. He has been in the office of the division engineer of the B&O at Cumberland, for a few weeks, but has given that up and accepted a position with the Cumberland News.
  Dr Walter Babb and wife of Allegeny, Pa, and E P Babb and wife of Washington, all arrived Sat evening and after remaining here over Sun, together with Mr and Mrs F H Babb, went to Grant, where a family reunion was held this week at Mr Obed Babb's.
  Cashier J Wm Gilkeson, of Moorefield, was here Mon en route to Moundsville to attend a meeting of the penitentiary board. He returned home Thurs and was accompanied by his niece, a daughter of Edwin Gilkeson, of Parkersburg, who will spend a while at his home.
  Mr Edward S Cunningham, a former Hardy County boy, now an honored resident of Mansfield, Ill, passed through Thurs morning en route for Cumberland, where he will visit his aged mother and sister, Mrs E C Welton, also his brother, George F, near Old Town, and then go to Moorefield to visit relatives and friends on his old stomping ground. Ed has a host of friends in hardy and surrounding counties who will be glad to see him.
  Col Davis spent last Sun at Deer Park.
  Miss Effye Baker was in Cumberland Thurs.
  Mr I M Long spent yesterday at Mt Lake Park.
  Geo D McNeill went to Moorefield last night on a short business trip.
  Mr and Mrs A W Coffroth spent Thurs at Mt Lake Park.
  Chas Twigg left last night on a trip to Washington and Philadelphia.
  W Reese Nethken, of Elk Garden, was visiting in town yesterday.
  George Miller, of Scranton, Pan, arrived home Tues night on a visit.
  Miss Lou Parsons, of Piedmont, is visiting her cousin, Miss Ethel parsons.
  Mrs George E Wells, and son went to Cumberland for a short visit to relatives.
  Mrs John Fetzer and daughter Alice returned yesterday from their visit to Moorefield.
  Miss Ruth Gerstell, of Gerstell, W Va, is the guest of Miss Ruth Cochrane in Cumberland.
  Mr and Mrs Ira White, of Rawlings, have moved to Mt lake Park with their family.
  Miss Aleene Chrisman went to Cumberland yesterday for a two weeks' visit to relatives.
  Mrs J W Wagoner and children returned home Wed form their visit to Deer Park.
  Mrs A J Pancake came over yesterday to spend a while with her daughter, Mrs Ed Rogers.
  Miss Fidessa Workman, and brother, Marion, returned yesterday evening from a ten days' visit to Lonaconing.
  Mrs Samuel Kight, of Cincinnati, Ohio, left for home Wed after a ten days' visit here at Mr Samuel Kight's.
  Mrs N J Crooks and her little son William, left yesterday morning for a short visit to Atlantic City.
  Mr and Mrs Samuel Kight expect to leave tomorrow for Washington on a week's visit to their daughter.
  Misses Mittie Wagoner and Myrtle Wise went to near Purgitsville Mon to pay Miss Pauline Taylor a visit.
  Miss Carrie Heed, of Bayard, came down Wed and went to her uncle Amos Adam's, near Foote, on a visit.
  W W Woods, left today for a drive through portions of W Va. During his absence W B Woolf will assist in the bank.
  James E Condon, the popular driver of the Parker stage, has been off duty since last Fri on account of being sick. He is better.
  Mrs Rev W E Woolf and two daughters, left Thurs morning for their home, at Hytesville Md, after a pleasant visit here.
  Rev Samuel Umstot went to Grant yesterday to attend the district Baptist Association, which is holding a three day session near Maysville.
  Mrs Harvey Miller and daughter of Cumberland, were guests of Mrs Emma Wagoner from Mon to Wed and in the meantime paid friends at Fountain a visit.
  Mr Luther Flick and mother, of near Harrisonburg, Va, came over last week on a visit to Mr C H Flick's. Mrs F. is helping to nurse her daughter-in-law, who is improving.
  Thomas Clemson, of St Louis Mo, arrived here Tues, and will take the place Harry Woolf in the Davis National Bank at Piedmont. Harry will soon go off to college. Mr Clemson is a brother of Miss Etta Clemson.
  Mrs Bernard O'Donnell and granddaughter, Miss Mary Egan, both of Sinclairsville, W Va, who have been visiting relatives in St Louis, for several weeks past, returned home last night. Cumberland Times of 12.


  Good business for right party in center of town for sale. E C Kimble, Real Estate Agent
  Born August 10th, 1902, to Edward Barrick and wife, a son.
  Born August 10, 1902 in Keyser to Mr and Mrs Charles Rice, of Cumberland, a son.
  The reunion of the ex-Union soldiers will be held at Mechanicsburg, Aug 27th.
  Call on John Umstot, Jr., for flour, chop, meal, bran, shorts and groceries at wholesale of retail prices.
  The Vigilant Reel and Hose Co will have their big picnic and tournament at Mill Meadow on Aug 23rd.
  PROTRACTED MEETING - W J Rice and John Shirley will begin a protracted meeting at Lone Star Church on Sun, Aug 31st.
  Harry Adams received a check Wed from the Continental Casualty Co, through their agent, J C Wolfe, for $32 for thirty two days lost on account of mashed thumb.
  RELIGIOUS - The Brethren Communion Meeting will be held at their church 5 miles south of Keyser, in New Creek Congregation, on Sat evening, Sept 6, and all day meeting next day (Sun). All are invited. GEO W LEATHERMAN.
  George Martin and family of Mineral Co, have picked and sold 100 gallons of huckleberries this season.
  Geo Parsons Jr, has been appointed depositary by the Board of Education for the handling of school books for the ensuing year.
  RELIGIOUS - Rev W N Wagner, will preach at the camp meeting at Homan's Grove next Sun morning, but at night will fill his own pulpit.
  Miss Maud Wagoner, the accomplished milliner, is arranging to open an up-to-date millinery parlor at her home. She will go east in a short time to attend the openings and lay in a stock of millinery.
  Last Mon Will Reed, formerly of this place, now of Piedmont, had his head badly cut. He was chopping wood with a double bit axe, and in raising the ax caught it in a clothes line, which threw it back on his head, cutting an ugly gash.
  Mrs Maggie J Boehmes, wife of Mr C ? Boehmes, a foreman in the B&O round house, is ill at her home in Keyser. -Cumberland News
  Last Sat night late, Mr I H Offner, who lives at the upper end of Piedmont St, heard some one about the premises, so getting up he got his revolver and quietly slipped out on the back porch and awaited developments. It wasn't long until he heard them in the corn patch and in a little while two or three men walked out by the fence, not far off and stopped. Mr Offner opened on them, and fired several shots, before they got out of range, which was done in quick order. Mr Offner thinks he shot very close to them, if he didn't hit them.
  NOTICE - Having suffered a heavy loss in the burning of my mill (Rosedale Mills) on the night of July 29th, 1902, and needing the funds to again enter into business, I will appreciate an early settlement of all accounts due me. Those owing accounts will please call at my store on corner of main and Armstrong streets, where my books will be found. S N MOORE
  FINE POTATOES - Mr Thomas P Adams, left with us last Sat six potatoes, which are about as fine specimens of the tuber family as are raised in the county. They are of the Seneca Beauty variety and the six grew from one eye. They weigh five pounds and there are no small ones in the whole eight bushels that he dug from the patch.
  BUSINESS GROWING - Last Mon was a record breaker in the money order business in the Keyser post-office. Orders were issued for $980.55, which was the largest day's business in the money order department in the history of the office. this is an evidence of the increase of the business at this office.
  A FREAK - MR D T Allen, of near Foote, was in town Tues and left with us a freak in the vegetable line. It is a large potato, with a growth at one end forming perfectly the head of a pup, with ears, eyes, mouth and nose. If you don't believe it call and we can show it, better than we can tell it.
  A party of young people consisting of (?Burr/Bunn) Scheer, Herman Koelz and George C(?arskadon) Jr, left on Thurs of South Branch where they will spend a week fishing and hunting. They will be joined by Frank Vosler.
  The increasing demand for more electric lights has compelled us to enlarge our plant. We have bought a large incandescent machine, 30 new enclosed arc lamps. We will offer a few shares of capital stock at par, $25.00 per share. Anyone desiring this stock can have a few shares by applying to the secretary, N J Crooks or A W Coffroth, Keyser W VA. KEYSER ELECTRIC LIGHT CO.
  Albastine hardens with age. Albastine makes a coating as firm as the wall itself. IT can be had in all different shades. For cheapness, durability and beauty we commend albastine. CHAS P PETERS
  Continue over Sunday - The camp meeting at Homan's Grove will be continued over next Sun 17th. Preaching at 10:30 AM, at 3 PM, and at night.


  We return thanks to our friend Jacob Urice for some nice eating apples.
  Mr Jas M Wilson, of New Creek, is visiting his daughter, Mrs A F Pancake, at Elkins.
  Miss Ethel Parsons has returned home from Baltimore and her many friends are glad to have her with them again.
  Prof W M Foulk of Piedmont, and Prof L L Friend, of Keyser, will conduct the Grant Co Teachers' Institute at Maysville this week.
  Councilman Blair Wilson's smiling visage is seen on the streets again after a severe illness of several weeks with fever. -Elkins Inter-Mountain
  Miss Rebecca Neat, daughter of Mr Wm Neat, of Barton Md, died Aug 8, 1902, at the Western Maryland Hospital at Cumberland from blood poisoning.
  Alkire Brothers had their stock sale last Sat. A good-sized crowd was present and stock brought a good price. They sold twelve head of horses and ten cows.
  Mrs Andrew White died at her home at Midland, Md, Aug 8th, 1902. She was a daughter of Roger Johnson, of Lonaconing, and a niece of Mrs W E Fazenbaker, of Cumberland.
  Harry Adams has moved from Main Street to his new house on Water lower street. Mrs Emma Wagoner will take the rooms vacated by Mr Adams for part of her boarding house.
  Mr George Grigg Dixon, of Piedmont, and Miss Abbie Do(?a./n)ne Hartley, daughter of Mrs Mary M Hartley, were married Aug 6, 1902, at the home of the bride in Martinsburg.
  Loren High returned home Mon from Cincinnati, where he went for treatment in the hospital. We are glad to say he is much improved. - Beverly Cor. Enterprise (Elkins) of 6th.
  Rev G W Leatherman, of Keyser, was in town Mon on his way to Canaan Valley, where he owns several thousand acres of land. HE intends to divide it up into small farms and sell them. -Davis News of 7th.
  Piedmont W Va. Aug 10 - Mrs Mary Noon, mother of Miss Bridget Noon and Mr Peter Noon of Cumberland, died Sat afternoon at the residence of her son, John Kirk, in Westernport.
  Dr C S Hoffman, of Keyser, came over yesterday to consult with Dr Thomas to the case of the children of J W Neel and E V Parker. These children, we understand, are critically ill. -Romney Times of 8th.
  Mr A Robert Stallings, attorney, of Davis, was in Cumberland yesterday en route to Parkersburg, to attend the encampment of the state guard. He expects to visit Denver, Col, before returning home. -Cumberland News of 11th.
  The Newburg correspondent of last week's Kingwood Argus says:
  Miss Sallie Chidester, of Pittsburg, is visiting friends and relatives here.
  Mrs Charlie Beavers and children are visiting relatives at Keyser and Cumberland.
  Last Sat, three United States four per cent bonds, par value $1,000, due in 1907, belonging to the estate of the late Patrick Templeton, were sold at public auction in front of the court house, last Sat. S M Atkins auctioneer. They were bought by the First National Bank of Keyser for $3,235.
  The Martinsburg Statesman, of last week, says: During the teachers' institute, Prof Wilson M Foulk, of Piedmont, was in town and was chief instructor of the institute. Prof Foulk has long been acquainted with the teachers of Berkeley county and has made himself very popular with them.
  Mrs B D Hannum, of Capon Springs, W VA, killed 53 snakes at one time one day last week. She was near her home when she noticed a immense snake near the road with a swarm of little snakes around her. As Mrs H. approached the larger snake opened its mouth and the little snakes disappeared quickly down its throat. The the mother snake showed fight, but Mrs Hannum pluckily procured a rock and with a well aimed blow, broke the snakes back. She then despatched the little ones as they ran out of their dead mother's mouth. When counted the reptiles numbered 53.
  At the picnic and tournament at Moorefield last week, Dick Stimmell of Burlington, crowned Miss Elsie Hoffman, of Keyser as queen; Willie VanMeter, of Petersburg, crowned Miss Annie Cunningham, of Moorefield, first maid; Ned Johnson, of Hampshire, crowned Miss Edith Pancake of Hampshire, second maid; Frank Lease, of Mineral, crowned Miss Estelle Cunningham, of Mineral, third maid; Seymour Fisher, of hardy, Crowned Miss Virginia VanMeter of near Petersburg fourth maid; J N McMullan of Petersburg, delivered the charge to the knight and Sloan Kuykendall of Romney, made the coronation address.


 August 12
 Mr William Yost, eldest son of Rev T J Yost, was married this morning to Miss Maggie Wadsworth, daughter of W M Wadsworth, No 45 Bellevue St. The ceremony was performed at the house by he father of the groom, assisted by Rev L M Young.
  Miss Hattie Wadsworth, a sister of the bride, was bridesmaid, and Mr George Mobley, best man. Breakfast was served, after which Mr and Mrs Yost left for the east. Returning they will reside at Hamilton, W Va, where the groom is in business. -Cumberland Times of 12th.


August 13, 1902 at 4 o'clock pm, at the manse, by Rev J H Moore, Jos W Malcombe, formerly of near Moorefield, W Va, and Miss Rosetta M Lynch, daughter of the late Pierce Lynch, all of Keyser. Thursday morning, they started for Virginia, accompanied by the bride's mother and two sisters, where they will spend a couple of weeks.


  Clintice Bowers and Miss Birdie V Bodkin, both of Franklin, Pendleton Co, W Va, were married at Cumberland on Aug 13th, 1902. They came up Wed afternoon, spent the night at the Martin House and left for home next morning.



  A telegram was received here today announcing the death of Mr William Barrett, of this county, which occurred suddenly in Exenia, Ohio from heart failure. Mr Barrett was born in this county 62 years ago and lived here till recently. His ancestors were among the first party of settlers ever to set foot in the valley of Virginia. they came from England in the seventeenth century and settled in Pennsylvania with William Penn, later coming to this county. The estate on which Mr Barrett lived has been in the family for 200 years. Mr Barrett was a prominent Quaker. He leaves four children.


  Aug 12.
  Rev J C Wheat died at his home, Lewiston, in this county, this morning after an illness of only four days. Rev Wheat was a native of Maryland. He lived several years in Winchester, where he was president of the Episcopal Seminary, which he founded. He married Miss Lizzie Lewis, who died several years ago. Five children survive him - C C Wheat, Staunton; J Clifton Wheat, Winchester; Dr Lewis Wheat, Richmond; John C Wheat, New York; and Miss Eleanor Wheat, of this county. Mr Wheat was ordained a minister in the Episcopal church over 60 years ago, and served as such for more than 50 years. His funeral will take place in Staunton Thurs. the deceased was in his ninetieth year.


  A special session of county court was held here last Mon, commissioners Arnold, Dayton and Klencke being present. The following business was transacted:
  Redmond Bros were granted license to keep restaurant on Armstrong St.
  W T Boyd was granted license to keep drug store on Center street.
  Susan M Reese, was granted permission to transfer her license to keep hotel at Frankfort to Louise L Bateman.
  The application of Mrs M A McGahan for license to keep a saloon in Keyser was rejected. Mrs McGahan will appeal the case to the circuit court.
  In the matter of the making of the road from Short Gap to Cumberland. the road was taken off the hands of the contractor, J W P Welch.
  Sundry claims were allowed.


  Remaining uncalled for in the Keyser post-office , which, if not called for before Aug 28, 1902, will be sent to the Dead Letter office:
  Miss Annie Armentrout, Mrs Fannie Barens, Mary G Clark, Susie Methiner, Mrs Suddie Wagoner, George Bathis, Chas Evans, Osborne Kalbaugh, Walter Merriam, W J Roderick, J C Schillingburg, Chas Whitfield, Blk Sendl, Mario Benedetto, Antonio Fusca, Galato Gaftons, F Tripsede.


  The following compose a fishing party who are on their annual expedition at Rees' Mill this week:
  D T Greenwade, Jr and wife. Misses May Long, Gay Trix and Marguerite Greenwade, Cora Rinehart, Marguerite Koelz. Messrs Ed Rinehart, Cliff and Perry Greenwade, Ed and Robert Gerstell of Elk Garden and Mrs Martha Fiddler, the cook.
  Dr and Mrs Gerstell of Elk Garden, and Mr and Mrs D T Greenwade went down yesterday and spent the day.


  Dear Sir: You buy your horseshoes and nails; your grand-father, if he was a blacksmith made 'em. You can't afford to hammer them out by hand, when you can buy as good, or even better perhaps, ready made to your hand, for a little more than the cost of the iron.
  What do you think of a painter who goes on buying his linseed oil and white lead, and mixing, and tinting by hand, and charging his time for work that is far better done than he can do it, done by machinery, done as your horseshoes and nails are made.
  Mistake isn't it?
  He is wasting his chance in the world. There is not stuff to do business, with than good horseshoes and paint; and no better work than putting them on. good horseshoes well put on. It's the putting 'em on that makes you a blacksmith, no matter who makes 'em.
  Who wants to go back to old times, and make his own horseshoes.
  Between us two, that painter don't know how to make good paint - he used to, but paint has run away from him.
  Your truly, F W DEVOE & CO
  PS W A Liller sells our paint.


  An Intensely interesting service was conducted in the Keyser M E Church, but the Rev D E Moylan, a deaf mute preacher, on last Sabbath. So realistic were Mr Moylan's representations of Bible Characters and scenes, especially that of Abraham offering Isaac, that many of the congregation were moved to tears. Such songs as "Nearer my God To Thee", "Rock of Ages", "Jesus, Savior, Pilot me," and "Lead, Kindly Light," were made an inspiration through gesture. The Lord's Prayer and even the Apostolic Benediction had a blessed effect on the beholder. At the close of each service , the people gave Mr Moylan a generous collection. He was delighted with the people of Keyser.


  The Revs C T Weede and W C Brian will preach in the M E Church on next Sabbath in the order named. Mr Weede was pastor in Keyser when the new church was built, and his work in that na many other respects is remembered by many of his former parishioners. The Rev Mr Brian is living in our midst as the pastor of Rawlings Circuit. Rev L A Thirlkeld will preach the night sermon at Elk Garden on the occasion of the re-opening of the M E Church after extensive repairs.


  George F Humminger has handed to a letter from the secretary of the committee of the Society of the survivors of the (?5/24)th Penns, Regiment of Union Soldiers, who propose to hold their reunion here on the ?th, next, as state before in the review. The secretary of the committee, Mr Humminger, that all arrangements have been made for their party to leave Johnstown, Pa, on the 25th last, and it is supposed that they will reach here on that evening. He writes that they expect from one hundred and fifty to two hundred men, women and children in the party, although the number actually coming may be much larger.
  The gentlemen who were acting as a committee to arrange for the accommodations of the visitors have been hard at work for some time and report that they have made all arrangements. The visiting "Yankees" will be met at the depot at Romney on their arrival by the Romney Band, and escorted to the Court House, where an address of welcome will be made from the Court House Steps.
  The visitors have requested that a cordial invitation be extended to all the Ex-Confederate soldiers of the community to join with them in this, their annual Reunion.
  Those persons who remember the war well and who resided here at that time, remember many of the survivors of the (?5/24)th. They were encamped at Mechanicsburg Gap for a short time and made many acquaintances here among whom they have warm friends. Many of them are among the most prominent and ? citizens of western ?. - Hampshire Review


  The game of ball was played here last Tues afternoon between the Keyser and Bloomington teams, which resulted in a defeat for the home club by a score of 14 to 12. The most prominent feature of the game on both sides was errors. those who saw it tell us that it was the poorest game seen on these grounds. The players for Keyser were: Gull, catch; Pender and Ben Wells, pitch; G Parsons, short; Wageley, lst base; McIlwee, 2nd base; Wells and Pender, 3rd base; Don Parsons, left field; Harry Burke, center; Parrish, right field.


  C R Head has just received a new line of fancy queensware, which is the finest ever brought to Keyser. People must see these handsome goods to begin to appreciate them. It would pay the ladies to make a special trip to Head's store and see his beautiful stock of china.


  John G. Thompson, a well known farmer of Berkeley county, died Aug 5, 1902.
  Mrs John Moosman, of Parkersburg, was stricken with apoplexy on Tues of last week and died in a few hours.
  Belington WV, Aug 8 - B R McCullough, a miner, was killed today in a mine near Junior by falling coal.
  Oliver M Kemp, aged 65 years, supervisor of bridges, buildings and water stations on the B&O between Brunswick and Grafton, has at his own request, been placed on the retired list.
  J O Hopkins,a shoemaker at Clarksburg, was arrested by the deputy marshal on the charge of mailing a (?dun) on a postal card. He was taken before a commissioner and held for federal court in the sum of $300.
  Grafton WV, Aug 7 - Dr T B Yates, one of Grafton's leading physicians, died at an early hour this morning of a complication of diseases. He was about 44 years old and one of Grafton's most enterprising citizens.
  Parkersburg, W Va, Aug 8 - Adam Sinclair, who is here from Waverly awaiting transportation to the Insane Asylum, has a mania for cutting down trees, and after felling his father's orchard began cutting on his own leg (unable to read half a line) trunk of a tree. He had ? one off when help came and saved his leg.
  Charleston W Va, Aug 6 - Dr R H Lee, aged 72 years, died suddenly this morning. His wife was buried one week ago today. For many years, he was prominent in business and politics, and was the Republican candidate for State Senate. In 1890 against Gen C C Watts. He served in the Mexican War, was a captain in the Civil War and State Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic in 1894.
  Elmer Shepherd, a colored boy of Pocahontas W Va, left home to join a show. He is 18 years old, is 5 feet 6 1/2 inches tall, his girth is 87 inches, or 20 inches more than his height, and he weighs 632 pounds. The circumference of his legs is 45 inches, and requires the assistance of two men to enable him to get up when he sits on the floor. His suspenders are seven feet long and are fastened to 12 buttons. He handles himself very well when on his feet.
  Phillippi, W Va, Aug 7 - Henry Lancaster, who killed Chief of Police Bud Wilmoth at Womelsdorff two weeks ago, has been captured after a desperate chase through the mountains. bloodhounds were repeatedly put on and taken off his trail and all hopes of his capture were abandoned, until yesterday, when the negro was found near Montrose, and he was captured there by 20 men today. A large reward was offered for him dead or alive. He served several terms in prison. A lynching is feared when he is taken to Elkins.
  Morgantown W Va, Aug 9 - Dr Edward Earle Puringtons thirty days fast came to an end yesterday. this morning at nine o'clock, he took a saucer of "Force" and cream and this afternoon at three he took an egg. He is well pleased with the results of his fast and ascertained many interesting things for his forth coming book.
  Prof Purinton some days ago stated that he was beginning to get hungry after his long fast and though he would eat with a good appetite at the end of his fast, but while he seemed to want to eat, a little satisfied him. He will eat little more for several days than he ate today and unless his theories change, will never eat ? again.
  It is a part of his theory and teachings that eating is responsible for many ills of the human race and that they can be cured by doing without food. His fast, just ended was to demonstrate the truth of his teachings.
  During his fast, Dr Purinton lost several pounds of flesh but feels strong and healthy. His experiment was watched with interest by persons all over the country.


  The Daniel M Parker Farm in Mineral County, W Va, near Frankfort, well watered, some bark and timber, good dwelling, out buildings and fences, 200 acres, 80 acres cleared. Will sell on easy terms.
  The W F Reynolds Farm in Frankfort district, Mineral County, WV a, 519 acres. Timber estimated at 200,000 ft; 80 acres farming land, 25 acres good bottom land, principally in grass. Plenty of fruit, 90 new peach trees; good doweling ll miles from railroad. This property can be bought very low.
  The Geo W Miers property just across the river from Keyser on Maryland side. Good house, acre of ground. Price very low if sold at once.



  The C A Blackburn house, lot on 277 James St. Nice house - six rooms and bath room. Price $2,000.
  The C G Hauger property - lot 447 on Orchard St. Lately repaired and addition to house. Two dwellings. Price $, 2000.
  The Misses Claytons' property on Davis St, lot 140 and nearly all of lot 138, Large house, ten rooms. $2,500.|


July 30, 1902 Office on East St,



Keyser W Va
Will make crayons and all other enlargements of pictures cheaper than any traveling agent on earth.
Don't monkey with strangers.
Satisfaction guaranteed.


There is but one bicycle dealer in Keyser who keeps a full line of Bicycles and Sundries, and does all kinds of bicycle repairing and that is T H Davis, the Jeweler. If you want a second-hand wheel - I have them. If you want to sell you wheel bring it to me - I will buy it. Headquarters for Talking machines and Records. Repairing of Watches and clocks.



We Please the Best Dressers and are confident we can please you.
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Hats, Shoes, Tin Cans and Fruit Jars
This is the time for FERTILIZER. Our goods and prices are the lowest possible for best goods.


  All kinds of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry cleaned, repaired, repolished, regilded and otherwise renovated as required. Key-winders altered to stem-winders. Old movements changed into new cases and Vice Versa. Hair springs, wheels, dials and all damaged parts replaced equal to new. Work always ready when promised. Prices as low as consistent with good workmanship and according to amount of work done. You WILL be told the cost when you leave the job if you wish.



Sanitary - Plumbing - Gas Fitting
Steam and Hot Water Engineer
Nos 10 and 12 S Mechanic St
Telephone Call 603 Cumberland Md


I am prepared to do first-class upholstering; will also repair furniture. Persons needing work of this kind will please give me a call.
A C FEATHER, Spring Street, Keyser W Va


Go To - HARRY M WELLS, Armstrong ST
Agent for Wall Paper


  Keyser W VA
Estimates given on receipt of specifications and all work guaranteed.

5 and 10 cent counters of
A complete line of QUEENSWARE
Main and Center Sts

Armstrong St, Office formerly occupied by Dr. Hoffman
Keyser W Va
Will practice in the courts of the State.
Careful attention give to collecting and all other matters entrusted him.


Dealers in Wall Paper, Paints & Oils


Plans & specifications
Patent Office Drawings
Tracings and Blue Prints
Stock Plans from Five Dollars Up

Good Store Room on Main Street. The best business stand in the town. Apply to

Sixty acre Farm on Patterson's Creek for sale cheap.

Capital Stock, $60,000, Private Safety boxes for rent. General banking business.


First Class Stoves and Ranges
East Street, opp. Court House


  Brick Building, Plate Glass Front! Finest Location in Keyser. Apply in P H NEFFLEN, JEWELER, LONACONING, MD












I will sell Farms, City Houses and Lots. Also second-hand goods, such A s Household Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, Farm and Road Wagons, Buggies, Engines, Boilers, etc.
Cor Main & Center Streets


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now permanently located next door to N J Crooks. Office hours, 8 am to 7 pm.

E (?G/C)