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MARCH 15, 1913

21 APRIL 2003


The sensational one-man holdup and robbery of B&O train No 1 in the wilds of the 17-mile grade on the Alleghanies on the night of February 19th, 1912, is yet fresh in the minds of many of our people. The prompt arrest on the following morning near the scene of the crime of F A Becker by B&O Detective E B Kinney. With Becker's confession and the prompt action of the Garrett county, Md, authorities is convicting and sending him to the penitentiary soon, closed the case for some time being. That Becker had premeditated the daring deed for some days is set out in a statement made to a reporter for this paper this week by Freight Conductor J L Miers, of 140 Raese street, Cumberland, who says a few days before the holdup Becker was one of his brakemen in a train crew on No 98 out of Grafton east. At Piedmont when he again saw Becker on a trip he had so changed his appearance by some disguise he did not recognize him until he spoke and made himself known. He told Mr Miers he very much needed and wished for $30.00 so he could go away. At this time he had no lamp and that he had probably planned to board No 4 when they waited at McMillian siding about 11:30, or perhaps No 3 wherever they passed it, if delayed so it was dark when the train arrived at Piedmont, is Mr Miers idea of Becker's intention.


"Erin Go Bragh"-From three until five o'clock yesterday afternoon more than 90 guests enjoyed the hospitality of one of Keyser's best families, Mr and Mrs B B Cavitt, in their commodious home on Spring street. In honor of St Patrick, Mrs B B Cavitt, Mrs C N Finnell and Mrs Aleda Snyder jointly planned the event to call together some of their friends. For the few hours, troubles and other cares were thrown to the winds, and pleasant social intercourse enjoyed until hilarity chancels overflowed. Everywhere the decorations bespoke the spirit of the occasion in white and green. In the hall and library were potted plants and smilax. The parlor was equal in its simplicity, but effectiveness in artistic blending of ferns with pink carnations and pink candles, with bits of green for color scheme completeness. The dining room was a mild dream, smilax a plenty, green candles, white carnations, green bunting festooning, and green flags everywhere, inscribed for the great Irish Patron Saint, in letters of glittering gold, "Erin Go Bragh." The guests were most graciously received in the parlor by the Patroness, Mesdames Cavitt, Finnell and Snyder. The punch bowl in the library was presided over by two charming young women, Miss Philadelphia Blackman and Miss Lou Kuykendall. A nice lunch of block ice cream in colors green and white, decorated with the Irish flag, cake in colors, salted almonds and after dinner mints in green and white, with coffee, was served. At the head of the table Mrs D A Arnold poured coffee, and Mrs J Sloan Arnold added the cream. The part was further graced by Miss Mattie Shaw, Miss Laetezelle Snyder, Miss Mary Vandiver and Miss Harriet Wilson, who acted in the capacity of dining room girls. All during the two such pleasant hours, Prof. McIlwee's orchestra discoursed sweet music. The hour of parting came far too soon was the common expression of the many guests who left behind a shower of hearty good wishes for the hostesses and a hope for many future meetings.


Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, will convene in regular annual session at Stounton, Va, President Wilson's birthplace, on March 26.


H H Hoffman has installed on his father's farm up New Creek a hydraulic ram to pump spring water for the residence thereon. A one-half inch pipe is used to carry the water a distance of 560 feet with an elevation of 86 feet. This effective, yet cheap, system is growing as it deserves in common use right along.


The closing number of the Prep school Lyceum Course will be given in the Prep School Auditorium next Tuesday night. This entertainment is given by the Emily Waterman Concert Co. Three artists,a reader, a pianist and a soloist, compose the organization. Miss Waterman, after whom the company is named, has won an excellent reputation as a reader. Miss Whitman is a talented pianist and Mr Shafer is a tenor with an unusual voice. The three form a very strong combination, and are sure to please those who hear them. The chart for reserved seats will open at Romig's Drug Store Saturday. Reserved seats 50c, general admission, 35c.


H G Fisher, real estate man, has sold to A Riley the Durrett property on C street. Mr Riley will move into his new home at once.


Job Detrich, who owns the old Snell farm, near Hancock, a few days ago, received an anonymous letter from a supposed friend warning him to vacate his farm and give it up to a lot of little angels or 5,000 people would come up from Washington and put him to death. The letter was quite lengthy and full of warnings of all kind. It was mailed by a "friend" going from Washington to Pittsburgh and bore the postmark "Hancock."


The Keyser Fire Department has made arrangements for a local talent benefit to be presented at Music Hall, Thursday and Friday nights, March 27-28. The production will be under the personal direction of Mr Arthur Wheeler, who comes highly recommended, having presented the same in all the large cities in this and neighboring states, and the talent to be used will be the best the city affords. Full details will appear in later issue.


Tuesday Mrs V F Alkire, of Keyser, who received a telegram Tuesday announcing the illness of her mother, Mrs Judge E J Boblitz, at McKinley, Nebraska, and took B&O train No 1 for that place, being joined at Clarksburg by Mrs A C Willard, got snowbound on the Kearney & Black Hills railroad at Kearney, Nebraska, as a telegram yesterday evening to Mr V F Alkire announced. It is also said Mrs Boblitz is improving.


Last night at a little after one o'clock the startled scream of several locomotive whistles and the shop whistle gave a fire alarm. It was not of a serious nature, being in one of the coal tipples in West yards and was soon under control. The town fire alarm was not sounded, as it was found unnecessary.


Prof Van Dyke received the following telegram from Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Best wishes for the successful production of "Koanzaland," from composer and publisher."

(Signed) Earl V Moore

M M Root

Mr Moore, the composer, and Mrs Root, the publisher, have given their aid and advice since the production of "Koanzaland" was contemplated.


Piedmont Co No 10, U R, Knights of Pythias, was inspected and officers was installed by Col M Smith, of Keyser. The following officers were installed. Capt, Norris Bruce; first lieut, C L Davis; first sergeant, James T Cole; second sergeant, O Cheshire; third sergeant, P H Goshorn; fourth sergeant, A J Clark; fifth sergeant, W A Bryant. A banquet followed.


Miss Bessie Stickley, daughter of Joseph Stickley, who resided here for a number of years, was married last week to Mr Parren Parsons, a prosperous young farmer at her late home in Moorefield. Many friends announce most hearty congratulations.


The second common school examination will be held Thursday and Friday, April 10-11, in each of the districts as follows:

Cabin Run-Eureka

Frankfort-Alaska, Ridgeley


New Creek-Keyser High School

Piedmont-Kight School

Elk-Elk Garden


There will be special Passion Week services at the Methodist Episcopal Church on Davis street each night this week except Saturday night. The subject for tonight.

Monday night-Will be "Last Acts of Healing"

Everybody is cordially invited to attend these services

Tuesday night-"The Last Discourses"

Wednesday night-"Waiting"

Thursday night-"Gethsemane"

Friday night-"Calvary"


Services for Holy Week:

There will be brief services with special addresses, in Emmanuel Church Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (March 17, 18, 19) at 7:30. Confirmation Lectures on the Doctrine and Worship of the Episcopal Church will be given after these services. The public is cordially invited to attend the services and the lectures.

R E L Strider, Rector


The best fresh seeds for garden, lawn and field, grown by one of the most reliable seedman in the world at Frye & Sons.


A telegram was received here this week announcing the death of Jas Wright VanMeter, youngest son of Mr and Mrs D P VanMeter, at his home in Kewande, Canada. The young man had only been sick a few days. The many friends of Mr and Mrs VanMeter will join us in extending sympathy to them, in their dark hour of trial.

Jas H Roger's sawmill was destroyed by fire last Saturday evening in a very mysterious manner. He had been sawing back of the Old Fields and had only been away from the mill a short time.

Circuit Court was in session on Tuesday of this week. One case was tried between H Riley Heishman and Geo W Luttrell, in which the former was given a verdict for $80. Several chancery orders were entered.

George W Pollock, assistant post master of Grafton and Miss Ruth Cole daughter of John A Cole, were married at the home of the bride, Wednesday by Rev A F Richardson pastor of St Pauls Lutheran Church. Mr Pollock is a son of Mr and Mrs R D Pollock, of this place and his many friends will join us in extending congratulations.

Herman Sions, son of Mr and Mrs P F Sions, of this place, was quietly married last Wednesday, in Missouri, to Miss Lillian Whitenberg. They arrived here Monday evening, where they will make their home.

I Wellington Pope and Miss G Combs, both of Hardy county, were quietly married at the St Johns Lutheran parsonage at Akron Ohio, March 6th 1913. They expect to make their future home in Akron.

Willis Hott, son of D G Hott, Kirby, died suddenly Friday morning, after a short illness. Rev J Saville preached the funeral Sunday at Hotts Chapel. Mr Hott was a brother of Mrs Dick Davis, of that place.


For the asking you will get a Peerless pattern free-see Weavea's ad

E R Connell, the jeweler, has contracted for the agency for the Royal Typewriter

Geo Lynch of 98 B Street, has contracted with Mrs Fred Davis to work on the farm up New Creek

Horace Meneffee and wife were in Cumberland last night, attending a play at the Maryland Theater

Mr H G Wilson's many friends will be pleased to learn that she is greatly improved in health

Mrs J A Glaze has spent the week in Cumberland

Mrs Jas Dawson of Martinsburg is the guest of her daughter, Mrs Roy Warner, Mineral street

Miss Lillie Wagoner left last night for a visit among relatives in Cincinnati.

Mrs Fred Davis is visiting friends in Grafton

Miss Mattie Stewart went to Gormania today to visit relatives

Mrs Virginia Kalbaugh of Westernport has been visiting her daughter Mrs I H Offner for several days

Christian Helmick, who fell in a cinder pit and severely sprained his ankle while firing an engine in the B&O yard early in the week, is now able to hobble around the streets with the aid of a stick

The chicken and waffle supper at the First M E Church drew a large crowd, and the net proceeds show up good.

Keyser's so called champion shot at Kauffmans shooting gallery yesterday took to cold water when a South Keyser visitor offered to put up some cash on the result.

Prepare for your Sunday dinner by purchasing at Harrison's Meat Market

The Young Peoples Guild of the Presbyterian Church will take orders for Rag Rugs, orders to be left with Mrs C K Devries

Lemuel Reynolds of Twin Mountain was successfully operated on today at Hoffman Hospital for appendicitis

Dr E V Romig is arranging to build a home on Halde avenue, instead of Hughes street as had been previously stated.

Mr H Foote Johnson of Columbus Ohio came in Sunday morning to see home folks

Mr Robert Santemyer is visiting his parents in Virginia

Mrs Oscar Fazenbaker and children have returned home from a few days visit at Cumberland

Mrs Will Rafter of Cumberland is visiting her sister Mrs L L Gaston

Mrs Milton Fertney who came down to see her sister, Mrs Harry Adams, who is ill, has returned to her home at Moundsville

H M Wells has just completed a beautiful piece of hall decorating in the home of Geo H Reynolds on Alice street

A nice of painting has added to the exterior beauty of the home of Mr F E Hutchinson, Mr B E Wells did the work

Mrs Wilbert Gorver and little son of Ridgeley are here on a visit to her aunt, Mrs Geo W Bane

T B Frye has been indisposed on account of bronchitis for several days

J B Leatherman of Burlington, a prosperous farmer, was in Keyser today with a load of farm products

W B Coffroth of Elkins, visited his home here Sunday

Miss Beatrice Stover of Cumberland was a week end guest of Miss Effie Cather on Piedmont street

Mr and Mrs Oscar Spotts and Mrs Basil Martin were Cumberland visitors today

I M Wells is advertising a very attractive line of wallpaper

The Mountain View Orchard Company is advertising a select list of choice, standard varieties of apple and peach trees

The body of Mrs J W Rittenhouse who died suddenly at her home on St Cloud street, last Thursday morning, was taken away today on No 6 and will be buried Wednesday evening at Savan Pa, her former home.

Mr and Mrs Frank Garber and child of Geary, Indiana, are here on a visit. Mr Gerber is travelling machinist for a division of the B&O railroad out of that place.