"Nick" Sunshine, an Italian, who is a familiar character about Cumberland, having figured in several petty larceny cases, was arrested yesterday at that place in connection with the Sprinkle's store robbery Monday night in addition to being concerned the robbery of Wilson of Keyser, W Va, and Suter of Piedmont, W Va stores last week. Several articles identified as the stolen property of the different stores was found in Sunshine's possession when he was arrested.

  When questioned by Chief Irvine as to where he got the articles, Sunshine replied that they were given to him to sell by Charles Ralston, James Lewis and Albert Rexrode, the three young men who were arrested on Tuesday night charged with robbing the above named stores.

  Chief of Police Davis and Mr Wilosn, who was robbed, went to Cumberland this morning, and this evening brought to the jail here, the four prisoners, who will be held awaiting the action of the Mineral County Grand Jury, which convenes in June.


  Today some passerby on the banks of the Potomac discovered the body of a man, lodged against a barrel in the North Branch a short distance above the "Halfway House."

  The gruesome find was reported here and at Piedmont and Westernport.

  The authorities at the latter place will take charge of the body this evening as soon as the coroner arrives there from Cumberland, when some sensational developments are anticipated.


The Keyser City Baseball Team will open their season with the W Va Prep School Saturday, May 17th. A big parade will be held beginning at 1:30pm, Saturday afternoon prior to the game. The mayor and town council will lead the parade and will be followed by McIlwee's Concert Band , both baseball teams, and twenty autmobiles. The Keyser Fire Department is earnestly requested to join in the parade. Two automobiles will be provided for parties known as "Has Been" Baseball players, consisting of "Mighty Nethkin", "Granny" Gull, "Stick" Batdorf, "Ginger", "Warhorse" Hodges, "Shorty" Wagley, and several others who have been put on the baseball pension list on account of old age and being too stiff to keep up with the young bloods that now compose the Keyser Baseball team. The "Has Beens" will no doubt enjoy the game immensely.


  Mrs L P McNemar received a message today noting that her brother M T Davis had dropped dead at his home at Colony, Kansas, on May 12th. Mr Davis who formerly owned a fine farm at Frankfort, this county, went west only a year ago.


  A big fox chase on Knobley Mountain opposite Gerstell on Friday night, was enjoyed by the following parties: Dr Robert Gerstell, and son Robert and daughter Miss Nellie, and Mr Eugene Gerstell and daughters Misses Hannah and Elsie, of Gerstell, Misses Mary Vossler and Lillian Jordan, Prof. E F Van Dyke and Pope Jordan of Keyser.

  The party met at the hospitable home of Dr Robert Gerstell at Rock Ledge Farms with a pack of 15 or more good fox hounds, and soon they trailed reynard to his lair and the chase was on. For several hours the baying of the pack made merry music, while the fox circled on Knobley Mountain. When tired they rested by a campfire until early morn.


  The Keyser Jewelers will close their stores every evening at six o'clock during the summer months, except Saturday night, payday and the day after payday.

The Young Men's Bible Class of the Lutheran Church will hold a Box Supper and social Friday night, May 16th, in the church hall. The public is invited.

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  Today the doors were opened to the public in a new grocery store in the large room, corner Main and Center streets, just vacated by the First National Bank, which has been remodeled for the business.

  The owners are W C Schaffenaker and son, Clatus Schaffenbaker, who will operate under the firm style of W C Schaffenaker & Son.

  Both the father and son have for several years been employed by L C McDonald in his general store. They know the trade and have friends, hence we predict for them success. They will no doubt so conduct their business as to merit it.


  Fine line of Woolens in all the new patterns to select from. Expert tailoring guaranteed. Cleaning and pressing. JACOB SAUER. 115 Armstrong St.



  These are the words of the prize poem accepted by the Semi-Centennial Committee; the music for which is by F H Innes, well known band master of Chicago. Preparations are now being mad to send out the words and music to all of the schools and organizations throughout the state so that they may become familiar with the words and air in time to play and sing the song at the celebration June 20.

There are lands of milk and honey,
There are lands with ruins gray,
There are lands where only money,
May command the right of way;
There's a land where beauty reigns,
And where manhood shall forever
Have more worth than golden gains,


Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware
Each may seem a fairyland to the people dwelling there;
But no country holds a candle
To the state that has the handle-
*W-E-S-T V-I-R-G-
You can guess the rest, and so , all together, sing it, Oh,
You grand old West Virginia.

There is one place of all places
That upon the map are shown
Where the girls claim all the graces
And all glory as their own;
Where at night time or in day time
Honor wi?? Ringing cheer,
Where the whole year is a playtime
And where valor still is dear.


Colorado, Minnesota, Maine, New York, Connecticut,
Arkansas, and North Dakota, all are very splendid-but
There's no state that holds a candle
To the state that has the handle-
*W-E-S-T V-I-R-G-
You can guess the rest, and so , all together, sing it, Oh,
You grand old West Virginia.

Oh, the Yankee lean and lanky,
May excel in many ways
And the plowboys and the cowboys
Of the west may merit praise;
I've a very high opinion
Of the Dixie lass and lad
But the lucky West Virginian
Has good reason to be glad.


California, Indiana, Texas, Utah, Tennessee
Oklahoma, and Montana, each a splendid state may be;
But no country holds a candle
To the state that has the handle-
*W-E-S-T V-I-R-G-
You can guess the rest, and so , all together, sing it, Oh,
You grand old West Virginia.

*To be sung like college yell.


  A joint meeting, a reunion of the Blue and the Gray, will be held at Gettysburg Pa; July 1st to 4th. This is planned to be the greatest of its kind ever held in this country, except as to the number in attendance. Time has so decimated the ranks that there are today of these veterans only tens where once there were thousands.


  At No 29 Armstrong street, Mr W B Burgess has opened a grocery store and restaurant. This is the property he bought a couple years ago of Mrs Potter and for a short time operated a similar business. He then rented to Basil Martin, who conducted a grocery store until he moved to the opposite side of the street a week ago.

  Mr Burgess has renovated and improve the building, both the store room and the living rooms upstairs, which latter he also occupies. His nice 9-room house on Orchard street he has rented to Mr Bashore.


  W J Morningstar, a B&O brakeman, who was severely injured some time ago by a fall on a car in passing over his train and was in the hospital for some time, after having worked about three weeks since April 15th when he reported for duty, has suffered a relapse and is again in a serious condition at the hospital.


  Deputy Marshal Brown Tuesday morning took John W Kimble, a convicted moonshiner from Martinsburg, to the Grant county jail at Maysville W Va, where the prisoner will serve six months. He will also pay a fine of $300, in accordance with the sentence of Judge Dayton Kimble was suffering from a tumor when convicted and the court allowed him to be taken to the City Hospital, Martinsburg, where the tumor was removed. Tuesday he was well enough to be moved to jail.


  In the primaries of May 20th a voter is allowed to vote for only three candidates for councilmen, the actual number to be selected in June. If you vote for more your ballot will be lost.

J A Glaze, proprietor of the J A Glaze Amusement Co, advises us that on May the 6th, a large and modern new Ferris Wheel, making a full car of Q D stuff was shipped to him from the factory. This, he expects, to arrive any day. However, lest there be some disappointment, he is erecting his last year's Ferris Wheel on the Reynold's lot adjoining the post office Building, facing Davis St. He will have also his famous Merry-Go-Round which will make up an essential part of the amusements in the Keyser Fireman's Fair which opens tomorrow night for a week.

  Mr Glaze has an attraction that proved a big success at numerous big fairs the past several years. He has his own private car, a remodeled, standard day coach. He is giving the people clean amusements, and is making a big success financially of it.


Mrs Lincoln Robinson was a Cumberland visitor Saturday.

Mrs Maud Gurd returned Saturday evening from Cumberland, where she has been visiting.

Mrs Margaret Reeves of Piedmont spent Saturday and Sunday here with her parents, Mr and Mrs P Dorsey.

Mrs Nettie Chandler of Glady, is visiting her mother, Mrs Carrie Sharpless.

Mrs Will Martin has returned to her visit to Youngstown Ohio.

Master Lawrence Kidwell has returned home, after being treated at the Hoffman Hospital and is well again.

Mr and Mrs John Wolford and daughter spent Sunday at Piedmont.

Mrs Curtis of Pittsburgh is the guest of her sister, Mrs Dr L L Edgewell.

Mrs Chadwick of South Cumberland spent Sunday with friends in McCoole and Keyser.

Mrs W H Crabtree has gone to Uniontown, Pa, to visit for a month her twin sister, Mrs A C Fout.

B V Inskeep, a graduate from he commercial department of the Prep School, is home on a short vacation. He has been away eight months at Jenkins Ky, where he has had a position as bookkeeper for the Consolidated Coal Company. He is making good.

The Prep. Baseball team will play Terra Alta at that place in Decoration Day.

B F Zacot, while cranking an auto today, had his wrist dislocated by the crank "kicking."

Mrs Tony Phillips of Thomas spent Sunday here with friends.

Mr and Mrs Alonzo Umstot of Hutchinson Kas, who has been visiting relatives in this county, came o=in this morning and are spending the day with Mrs A R Rinehart.

Miss Harris and Miss Minnie Bright, of the Hoffman Hospital, spent Sunday at the home of Miss Harris in Piedmont.

Mr and Mrs Maurice Jones and son, Estes, of Williamsport, spent Sunday at Col W E Crooks.

Mrs Carl Miller of Fairmont, is spending a few days here with her husband, who holds a position with B&O at this place.

C L Wiseman, the well known painter and paper hanger, of McCoole, has typhoid fever.

Mr and Mrs Arthur Wells spent today in Cumberland.

W J Morningstar, a B&O brakeman, seriously injured some time ago, reported for duty today.

Oliver Conrad, stepfather of NJ and Col. W E Crooks, arrived here from his home at Washington ??Ohio today. He will go to Purgittsville on Decoration Day to strew flowers on the grave of his wife, who died on May 29th 1912.

Zack Arnold, who lives up New Creek, was operated on Saturday at the Hoffman Hospital.

William Knowles Cooper, of Washington DC, has accepted the invitation to deliver the memorial address at Berkeley Springs on May30. The exercises will be under the auspices of George D Summers Post, Grand Army of the Republic.

A slightly used high grade piano for sale at a great reduction in price. Convenient terms.

W C Pifer, 65 Armstrong St.

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Wm Martin, wife and son, accompanied by their guest, James I Sherman, a sailor in the USS Dixie, went to Westernport this morning to visit Mrs Martin's mother.

Attorney A H Sincell and N U Bond, of Oakland, were here a short time Sunday on their return from Pocahontas County, where they had been completing some final details in the formation of a lumber company that has holdings of thousands of acres of virgin forest that will cut millions on top of millions of feet of lumber. Mr Sincell called on his brothers, John T and George Sincell, here.

Small Boy Philosophy---"I don't mind school, But I do think it's a silly waste of time asking you questions when they know all the answers already. I never ask a question if I know the answer." Manchester Guardian.





16 JULY 2002